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Double Island Point To answer the many questions surrounding the curious identity of the site, double island point got its name courtesy of Captain Cook, who was passing on it on May 18 1770, and he based it on the island's shape. Double Island Point was originally named “Fiddle Head� but was later changed by the captain (we're thinking maybe Captain Cook thought the name sounded so idle and dead). Turn south on the magnificent Rainbow Beach and find the Double Island Point. With beautiful and great stretches of unspoiled sandy beaches and fishing spots, the island is among the best water spots in the region perfect for countless water activities. The point attracts many marine creatures, particularly dolphins and whales, which are a common sight to these shores on the months of July to November. If you enjoy diving and perhaps the easy-breezy snorkeling, then WolfRock will definitely deliver. A breathtaking formation of four volcanic pinnacles and is simply regarded (and rated) as one of country's top 10 dive spots, Wolfrock is nestled a short distance from the island. Go to renovations sunshine coast. While the southern point caters to diving and swimming aficionados, find that the north shore is a surfer's paradise. Consider a good swell, right-hander breaks over sand, and as much as 300 meters in perfect conditions. Pretty amazing, isn't it? On the other hand, you may find the site lacking the usual comfy features like accommodation, let alone a guesthouse or a motel. But worry no more because the many hectares of national park and amazing beaches are perfect for setting-up camping tents to host other activities like sightseeing and the ever-enjoyable fishing. To get to the island you must travel one and a half hours from Brisbane. There is a Shell Driveway Service Station situated in the corner of Poinciana Ave and Moorindil St. in case you need to refuel. Moorindil Street will then take you to the Noosa River Vehicular Ferry, which will take you to a short trip along the spectacular waters and sight of the Noosa River. The ferry operates from 0600 to 2200 hr, Mondays through Fridays (on weekends they service from 0600 to 2359 hr). You should also come and visit sunshine coast builder. If you're coming from the Rainbow Beach, you will need to journey Freshwater Track and Teewah Beach. Double Island Point is famous for its all-important functioning lighthouse. Back when it was built in 1884, it has gone through several fuel modifications; burned oil first, vaporized kerosene in 1923, then converted to electric power, and in 1992 it got a taste of the solar power. To reach the historic lighthouse, you should park at the very end of the beach and pace on the sign posted track about 600 meters. Consider this as another adventure as the beginning and end sections will prove to be quite challenging, for they are steep. This means you will need your energy, water, some comfortable outfit and you're good to go. If it's your lucky day, then be enthralled to be in the company of the fantastic Blue Tiger butterflies fluttering in the She-oak trees as they make their migration each year from North Queensland to South East Queensland around March-April. Simply, the sight is really to behold. Double Island Point has its historical imprint, endowed with breathtaking sites, crystal clear waters, super-colorful marine life and plants, and fantastic camping sites, and they are just a drive away! Australia's unique lands and seas are just sitting there, waiting to be experienced by those appreciative enough to acknowledge the beauty of nature. If you're not going to visit these sites today, then when?

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Double Island Point  
Double Island Point  

To answer the many questions surrounding the curious identity of the site, double island point got its name courtesy of Captain Cook, who wa...