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Colorful times at the Rainbow Beach With just the name alone, Rainbow Beach leave its visitors anticipating. The beach is actually a town located approximately 265 kilometers north of Brisbane, 76 kilometers east of Gympie and 700 meters west of Fraser Island on the Cooloola Coast, Queensland, Australia. The town is pretty young, fully accessible just in the early 70's. What it lack in years of isolation, it makes up for irresistible natural wonders, among them is the most prized 74 different shades of colored sand found in the site. Rainbow beach is also gazetted Aboriginal sacred sites, which further add to its irresistible charm. Get some more information about lifestyle homes Sunshine Coast. Rainbow Beach is a young town with a modern and relaxed atmosphere. Owing to these reasons, the site has become very popular with holiday makers especially those four wheel drive aficionados, thrill-thirsty hang-gliders and the always cool backpackers. Apart from that, Rainbow Beach leads the quickest barge access to the world heritage and stunning Fraser Island. Why choose the shaky and lengthy route of other access points when you can gorge your eyes to the wonders of Rainbow Beach towards your destination? There are approximately 1000 permanent population residing in the Rainbow Beach. The local government, reacting to the increasing tourist arrival, has put up many facilities to cater tourists and backpackers. Few might have known, Rainbow Beach's original name was Back Beach; the site was re-christen based on the colored sands near the town, south of Fraser Island. The town had been gazetted in 1969 after it was established to service sand mining in the area. Those times are difficult as there was no road to Rainbow Beach, and the only access would be on a boat from Tin Can Bay. The transport was really slow and difficult (especially in bad weathers). Have more information about new home builder sunshine coast. The sand mining industry didn't last but Rainbow Beach proved to be not entirely dependent on it; as the loud machines ceased to operate in 1976, the town had become quiet and the many opportunities of activities have been realized, catapulting the once secluded town to an idyllic holiday destination. In addition, eco-tourism zone, fishing, perfect retirement getaway, and being the 'Gateway to Fraser Island' have all strengthen the appeal of Rainbow Beach to the world. Rainbow Beach is a pretty coastal town complete with modern holiday amenities with a range of accommodations. The Forty Mile Beach strip down the coast to Noosa is ceaselessly traversed by 4WD buffs. However, (if you happen to be one of the 4WD drivers) be careful when crossing Double Island Point as the site will require your skill and careful attention to tides and sand conditions. As a small laid-back town, Rainbow Beach may not cater to the cosmopolitan-style travelers. On the other hand, the beach-lovers and holidaymakers will find the hotels, motels, caravan parks perfect for them. There are a host of other things to do while in Rainbow Beach. First, take a visit to Carlo Sand Blow and experience spectacular views of The Coloured Sands, Double Island Point, and Tin Can Bay Inlet. If you come on a good day, be inspired and observe the hang gliders and paragliders take on the world literally as they take off and land on this spectacular piece of Nature. If you're in the mood for some legend then immerse yourself to the Legend of the Colored Sands. Walk along the beach heading to the dazzling Double Island Point, which will take you a kilometer or more in order to reach and see these legendary colored sand cliffs. Also, you can adjust your schedule and take a half-day tour to check the sand cliffs on a deeper glance, along with other surprises that can only be found in the Rainbow Beach.

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Colorful times at the Rainbow Beach  

With just the name alone, Rainbow Beach leave its visitors anticipating. The beach is actually a town located approximately 265 kilometers n...

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