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Camping at the Central Station Remember those times when you're fed up of all the stress and drama of the urban life and you simply long for an escape? Well, certainly you're not alone as more and more people are going back to nature to replenish the diminishing soul; in the heart of a rainforest lies the adeptly named Central Station – the perfect retreat for everyone. Fast Facts * The lush site was the former central Forestry Department station from 1920 to 1959. * The many cottages found on the site were built for the stationed department's personnel. * Central Station was originally established as a forestry camp. Today, the beautiful rainforest presents a display (story broads and data panels) which explains the development of the island, the many flora and fauna found within the site, info center, and a breezy picnic area. Also, central station features a short boardwalk around Wanggoolba Creek through the rainforest, perfect for those sightseeing and introverted moments. Relax the sight and ears; put on your sunglasses and IPod and walk along the strategically placed boardwalks, experiencing the tranquility of the many magnificent rainforest, which are pleasantly waiting throughout the central station. The station contains magnificent trees, huge kauri, rough barked satinay, brush box, hundreds of airy piccabeen palms, plus many more all rising magnificently towards the sun. Learn some information on kitchen renovations sunshine coast. Picnics may be basic but you'll be surprised to enjoy it on a new level while in the central station. The lush site will provide the whole gang with scenic boardwalk through the rain forest along the banks of the Wanggoolba Creek. In addition, you can visit the central station's plantations of many pine trees, which contributes to the perfect setting for that long-delayed camping aims. Before you knew it, you're already planning a camping escape to this site during the holiday season. Fraser Island is simply gorgeous and huge, and so it will cost you several days to fully see its beauty and experience the thrills. Camping is among the best ways to explore the island to its entirety. You will have an option to choose whether you'll go public or private camping, and then the management will allocate you your campground on the island. Note that permits should first be granted from the Department of Environment and Resource Management. Know more about lifestyle builder Sunshine Coast. Before satisfaction would be yours, first thing first: there are several camping tips you should ponder: If you have exotic pets at home (e.g. cats, turtles, rabbits, etc), they are not allowed from the recreation sites (although guide dogs for the disabled are OK given permit was granted). Camping within a 100 meters of a lake or 50 meters of creeks is absolutely forbidden. Campsites should not be cleared, digging trenches and cutting trees for tent poles is a big NO-NO. Fuel stoves are preferable than wood fires as they are easy to put out (or if there are woods provided, you can use them). You will find many wild animals in the campgrounds like dingoes, do not encourage them with food. Your trash should be disposed in bins provided by the management. As detergents and soaps pollutes lakes and streams, any use of them is prohibited. Human waste should be buried if toilet is unavailable. Be quiet as giving respect to the place and the other campers. Waters should be boiled before consuming. Last but most importantly, is to be careful in reading signs and brochures. Central Station features a host of facilities such as BBQ facilities, guide, public toilet, shaded area, sheltered area, and the visitor information center. With these simple info and rules, you can enjoy the well-deserved break, experiencing the peace and serenity that only central station could deliver.

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Camping at the Central Station  
Camping at the Central Station  

Remember those times when you're fed up of all the stress and drama of the urban life and you simply long for an escape? Well, certainly you...