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A Walk to Remember at Eli Creek Much to the amazement of both locals and visitors, natural springs seems to spring everywhere in Fraser Island. The explanations goes that the island sits atop a vast reservoir of underground freshwater, which results to the abundance of natural springs that feed on freshwater streams, which are then endlessly poured into the Pacific Ocean to the east (and Hervey Bay to the west). On the island's famed 75 mile east surf beach, there are 200 creeks slithering into the Pacific Ocean, some are humongous, others are slim and can appear as wet sand from fore dun into the sea. When you visit the eastern shore you'll find the largest and easily most attractive Eli Creek. The famous creek have water collected from many kilometers inland as it sculpt its base, pouring some eight million liters of water daily into the waiting ocean. Get more information on builder sunshine coast. Unsurprisingly, Eli Creek is regarded among Fraser Island's hottest natural sites. Complete with scenic board walks perfect for strolling and sightseeing, the magnificent water spot sits a few kilometers north of Happy Valley. The board walks are situated strategically along the banks; feel the breeze on your face, see the blue sky mirror the vast ocean, and relive the good old days watching children splash and play in the creek. As the clear flowing water has been proven to be irresistible, Eli Creek has become a popular swimming area for children and adults. However, caution should be observed when driving because the fast-flowing water can lead to deep channels (you don't want to spend the whole day trying to be superman to lift weights). On times of high tide, it is recommended to take a break; only swim when you cross the creek at the lower end of the beach. A truly satisfying and invigorating encounter, letting the rush take you down the flowing creek from the bridge at the far end of the boardwalk will let you go back to the start again and again. Visit bathroom renovations sunshine coast. As the creek attracts people like sweet pollens to bees and butterflies, it is therefore understandable that rest places should be put up. Apart from the scenic pleasure brought by the board walks, picnic spots are present to cater the aftersplash moments of family and friends. Eli Creek sits comfortably in a tranquil setting surrounded by lush palms and trees, where resident Kingfishers do their 'fishing' and 'diving' business (much to the visitor's delight). At Eli Creek, life is simple and you can be yourself. Plus, you don't really have to spend big sums of money to enjoy; take the car, pack some food and you're ready to go. To get to Eli Creek you have to locate Fraser Island first. Just off Queensland's south central coast, Fraser Island has two main access points; the south thru Rainbow Beach and Hervey Bay from the west. From the two access points, you can drive your way to the beautiful Fraser Island, and at last understand why there's lingering word of mouth to the beauty that is Eli creek.

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A Walk to Remember at Eli Creek