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Hello, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for taking the time to look through our brochure and hope you will find it of interest.


Throughout, you will find a wealth of information on the Green Deal, our organisation the GDU (Green Deal Union) and ultimately how both can help you as a landlord. We believe that from any point of view, be it investment, legislative or environmental, it is a sound decision to take.

Our approach is to make the decision and implementation process as pain free and transparent as possible. At present we appreciate there may be a deal of confusion surrounding the Green Deal: s (OW DOES IT WORK s 7HO IS IT FOR s )S IT RISKY

We hope to answer all of these questions for you in this brochure, but more importantly hope we can answer the two most important questions: s (OW IS THIS GOING TO BENElT ME s 7HY THE '$5 Please enjoy the brochure and once again, we would like to say thank you from everyone at the GDU.

WHAT IS THE GREEN DEAL The Green Deal is a funding package which is being made available to each and every household in the UK. It will allow any household to undertake energy efficiency improvements at no upfront cost. It all sounds too good to be true, so the burning question is… Why does the Green Deal exist? It exists because our government has targets to meet by 2020 on carbon emission reduction. Our tired old housing stock is among the least efficient in Europe, and tackling this problem will be one of the biggest challenges the UK government faces. Measures involved are to include the like of New A-Rated Boilers, Double Glazing, Solar PV, Heating Controls and various types of Insulation. Provided the product’s lifetime saving is not outweighed by it’s cost it will be eligible for funding.

Measures installed are at no upfront cost but they are paid for by the bill payer. Generally payment terms will be between 10 and 25 years and they will be made through the savings which have been made on the bill. It is important to note that provided the golden rule is applied, the bill payer will still be better off and never worse off than before. Landlords wishing to undertake the Green Deal for their property portfolio will require each of their properties to be assessed. A Green Deal Assessment is basically an EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) with and OA (Occupancy Assessment). From this assessment it will be possible to decide which measures will be most suitable for the property to increase its efficiency.

A quote is then provided, complete with the GDAR (Green Deal Assessment Report). Providing the quotes are approved, work can then begin. Once all the measures have been installed, the assessor will provide a revised EPC of the property and work is complete. It has taken a long time for the Green Deal to be brought to reality, and every measure has been taken to ensure its success. GDA GDAR GDF GDP GDI


Green Deal Assessor Green Deal Advice Report Green Deal Finance Green Deal Provider Green Deal Installer

7(9 4(% '2%%. $%!, !3 ! ,!.$,/2$ As a Landlord there are many reasons to become involved with the Green Deal that may not be obvious: IMPROVED LIVING CONDITIONS If you have a flat, with single glazing, an old inefficient boiler and low levels of insulation it is likely to deter prospective tenants. By employing the Green Deal the quality of home you are offering tenants will be both improved and desirable. The opportunity of living in a home with an A-Rated boiler, double glazing and that is well insulated will be very attractive to prospective tenants. REDUCED MAINTENANCE The cost of maintaining your property is always a big consideration. By installing new and warranted products, these costs will be reduced significantly. The average annual Landlord maintenance bill has shown that plumbing and heating maintenance accounts for almost half the balance. PAYMENTS As a Landlord, it will not cost you to upgrade your property. It is the tenant who pays the energy bills, so it will be they who pay for the full costs of the Green Deal. This is not to say they are losing from the situation. The tenant will be living in an improved environment meanwhile your property will be brought into the 21st century both environmentally and legislatively, not to mention improved in value.

LEGISLATION By 2016 it will not be allowable to refuse reasonable request to improve a properties energy efficiency, where funding is available. By 2018 all privately rented properties will be expected to meet a minimum EPC rating “E”, where funding available will permit the property to reach this level. Please refer to the DECC (Department of Energy and Climate Change). 7(9 4(% '2%%. $%!, 5.)/. Why we are the best company for the job Good customer service is a term companies like to pride themselves on. GDU have constructed our whole service around making sure this is the minimum we can deliver. We understand that the whole process can seem confusing. Throughout, you will be allocated a Green Deal Union account manager, who will be you and your tenant’s single point of contact in the event of any problems which may arise. Through the online portal, it will be possible to track the progress of each property from first contact to completion using our unique process, Green Deal Tracker. Landlords and Tenants will enter their own Unique Reference Number for their property, and will immediately be shown their stage by stage progress. Showing every stage in it’s own category, here you will see each phase change from red to green as it is completed and approved. It will also hold any information for install dates and your account manager’s details. Customer Service Single point of contact Transparent Process Hassle free process Any interested parties should get in touch with their letting agent or contact the Green Deal Union directly.



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Green Deal Union brochure for Landlords

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