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Purpose of these Sessions These online professional learning sessions will:

 Build a community of teacher/learners beyond your school  Provide a framework for effective PLTs  Develop an effective process for Student Goal Setting  Provide confidence and skills in using Ultranet

The Learning Intention for today is...... Why should my students create authentic learning goals? The Success Criteria will include........ 1.I will be able to explain the benefit of student learning goals to my students and my colleagues 2. I will be able to understand how a PLT can effectively use a framework to set authentic goals

POLL Have you been in a Virtual Classroom before?

Where are we from?

Whole School Learning Goals Strategy Poll A. B. C. D. E.

All our students regularly set and review goals Some Classes set and review goals Students at risk set Learning Goals No, ad hoc at best, some teachers only Just before report time, maybe, not at all

School PLT Structure Poll A. Our PLTs meet week B. Our PLTs meet once/fortnight C. Our PLTs meet D. Our PLTs meet E. Our PLTs don’t

& plan strategically once a & plan strategically & plan strategically once/term but don’t plan strategically meet much

Learning Goals What are the benefits for Students? .... and Teachers? .... and Parents? Type your response here

WHY LEARNING GOALS? Learning Goals are not Performance Goals “In summary [Dweck] has found that children with learning goals … • choose challenging tasks regardless of whether they think they have high or low ability relative to other children • optimize their chances of success • tend to have an ‘incremental theory of intelligence’ • go more directly to generating possible strategies for mastering the task • attribute difficulty to unstable factors e.g. insufficient effort, even if they perceive themselves as having low ability • persist • and remain relatively unaffected by failure in terms of self-esteem …

Let’s watch a 2 minute video to see how PLTs might organise Learning Goals in a school via Web Tour


Response to the Video Put your hand up to grab the microphone a)What did you learn from Hayden? a)Could your current PLT benefit from this sort of long-term strategic planning? Next: VELS

VELS Victorian Essential Learning Standards

How to join iMasterclasses Design space... 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Join the Hume Region iMasterclass Design Space Go to Design Spaces Click Available Spaces tab Search by Space ID number (139211104) The space is Open access so click the Actions box and Join 6. After you have joined click on the title to open the space

In Episode 2 … In Episode 3… •Explore SMART Learning •Make SMART Goals available to Goals students, teacher and parents •Share the SMART Goals' 24/7.. template and some examples•Share how students put their of SMART Goals SMART Goals into Ultranet Wikis •Examine how to use SMART • Link students short-term SMART Goals in the classroom Goals to Student digital portfolios in Ultranet

Further research SMART Goals /studentreports/schools/personalgoals/ suppdevplg.htm or

How are you feeling about Student Goals now?

Open microphone/Questions

Thank You! •Libby Delbridge

•Brendan O’Brien


•Gail Stanley

iMasterclass episode 1 Pt1 Student Learning Goals  

iMasterclass episode 1 Pt1 Student Learning Goals

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