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Exclusive Invitation to Join Cartella Bella, the world’s most exclusive Luxury Vacation Destination Club. Enjoy Luxury World Wide...

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on the


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in the Mountains

Golf in just about any location Be on your own

Relax at

Private Island

Country Vineyards or in Big Cities

PO Box 7374, Ventura, CA93006 800-982-7707




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Image © Timothy Richardson

Contents 100TCUS2:25 may

CONTENTS On the cover: André Balazs (photograph Timothy Richardson)

34 The Palms Playboy It’s difficult to sum up GEORGE JOHN MALOOF, Jr. in three words, but playboy should be in there

36 The Coffee Colossus HOWARD SCHULTZ (or how to succeed in business by really trying)

40 Diamonds are a Man’s Fast Fortune MARK VADON left Harvard with “no interest” in business. 100Thousand Club asks: what went right?

164 Peerless Talking with the Michelin-star laden THOMAS KELLER

176 The Secret of my Success

68 Mr Property


Every one a winner. Just how does ANDRÉ BALAZS do it?

Image © Steve Pyke

32 The Rise and Rise of Mrs. Clean Image © Martynka Wawrzyniak

How former equity analyst SALLIE KRAWCHECK became the toast of Wall St.

92 Design Is What Design Does Julia Puppe talks with furniture store scion ERIC VILLENCY

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Contents 100TCUS2:25 may



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CONTENTS 60 Live Well Unfettered privacy and relaxed elegance: why we all want to live in a luxury community

66 Living the [Dream] Life The Cliffs Communities – a palette of choices for any passion


78 O, Canada Canada recorded a 9.4 percent increase in average house prices last year. Sarah Chambers explains why

118 Paradise Cost


David Stewart looks at the realities of vacation home ownership

134 Yours, Whenever Your spare time is a precious. Spend it wisely with fractional ownership

78 142 Shopping Strike Georgetown, Washington DC


172 The Passion How to turn your passion for collecting into a valuable collection

86 Cool-Mart How Art Basel became buying as Bacchanalia

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Contents 100TCUS2:25 may



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104 Virgin Island Eva Hagberg on her favorite Caribbean destination: the glorious


and gloriously unspoilt St. Lucia

110 36 Hours in Montréal French has long been the langue d’amour, but you don’t need to go to France (again) for a romantic getaway…

114 Come Fly With Me… A private jet service that’s as flexible as your lifestyle


116 Travel light Let somebody else carry your bags and they will arrive on time all the time, says Adam Clausen

119 The Ultimate Luxury Island Destination Turquoise waters and a refined lifestyle? Check out The Somerset, and check-in


120 Mexican Jewel Rebecca Goozee on Los Cabos, “a beautiful desert landscape with a startlingly rich marine environment”

132 A Top Choice for Savvy Travelers The Los Cabos Tourism Board reports on a successful year

100 Feel Good Travel Forget textbook “voluntourism” and check out Exquisite Safaris




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Contents 100TCUS2:25 may



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CONTENTS OBJECTS OF DESIRE A 100Thousand Club look at life’s little pleasures 48 After Work Relax and replenish with the finest spirits and cigars

52 Road Hog The return of Triumph, and the kit to be seen in

54 Truly Scrumptious Six stunning pieces for the party girl in you

56 Carry On It is a fact of life that things need carrying. So carry them beautifully

84 Sexy Beast The Lamborghini Murciélago LP640 Roadster

50 Classic with a Twist Why this season’s best watches look a little familiar

160 The Shark The Porsche Design and Fearless Yacht mash up we’ve dreamed about




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Tourbillon Différentiel Exclusive DeWitt caliber DW 6005, IRM patented, manufactured in Vandœuvres



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Editors Note 100TCUS new:21MAY



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Welcome to the Club


00Thousand Club is all about inspiration. Where you live, where you holiday, what you wear, eat and drive: these are the modern preoccupa-

tions. We wanted to go a little deeper. Spreadsheets and management dashboards are best left in the office or to Dilbert (who’s a lot funnier about them than I can be). 100Thousand Club is a celebration of everything else that happens, inside and outside of work. This issue we talk with three thoroughly modern business people: hotelier and property developer Andre Balazs (anybody with a portfolio that includes Chateau Marmont and who uses a beaver as a salesman is good by me); internet jeweller and Tiffany-in-waiting Mark Vadon, who tells us how he’s looking to grow his business into the billions before he buys a diamond bath; and Manhattan artisan Eric Villency, on the practical genius of a design classic. We’ve also got our usual portfolio of prime property, stunning travel destinations and the beautiful things that have inspired us this issue. There’s more, of course. But I’ll let you discover it for yourself. Enjoy the magazine,

Adam Burns, Editor-in-Chief

THE EDITOR’S NOTE Adam Burns at Goldbrick House, Bristol, UK Clothes courtesy John Anthony




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100Thousand Club US Director


Assistant Editor


Born: 2/13/79 Based: New York City Contact: Worked for: Conde Nast Traveller, CITY magazine, Harpers Bazaar, Vogue Studied: University of British Colombia, MBA Northwestern University Chicago Next trip: India Best trip: Holidays in Brazil, 2004

Born: 3/27/69 Based: New York City Contact: Worked for: Empire, Men’s Health, FHM, Maxim Studied: Purdue University Next trip: London Best trip: Around Tuscany in a Ferrari. As good as it sounds

Born: 12/15/70 Based: New York City Contact: Worked for: San Francisco Examiner, SF Social Magazine Studied: San Francisco State University, semester exchange in Ljubljana, Slovenia Next trip: Wine tour of the Chilean vineyards Best trip: Six week Maharaja tour of India

Born: 11/12/71 Based: Grand Bahama Contact: Worked for: CITY magazine, Conde Nast Traveller, Destinations Studied: Tokyo Metropolitan University Next trip: Istanbul for you Best trip: St. Lucia aged 8. It was everything that Tokyo is not: relaxed, lush, I loved it









Born: 1/31/71 Based: New York City Contact: Worked for: L’officiel, Vogue, Movado, Audemars Piguet / Bulgari, MTV Studied: Engineering school, Lausanne, Switzerland Next trip: Sonoma, CA Best trip: Brazil

Born: 7/5/68 Based: Bristol, UK Contact: Worked for: Audi, Land Rover, Hyundai Studied: King’s College, London Next trip: New Zealand Best trip: Morocco with my family

Born: 7/18/51 Based: New York, NY Contact: Worked for: Hyatt Hotels, Gensler Architects, Architectural Digest, The New York Times, Domus, Interior Design, Tod Williams Billie Tsien and Associates, Abitare, Diller + Scofidio, etc. Studied: UCLA School of Architecture and Urban Planning Next trip: Moscow, Russia Best trip: Venice, Italy; December, 2004

Born: 6/17/73 Based: New York and Sydney Australia Contact: info Worked for: Vogue, Harpers Bazaar, InStyle, Madison, Cosmopolitan, Speedo, etc. Studied: Photography/ Photomedia at UWS, Sydney, Australia Next trip: Paris, France Best trip: Patagonia, South America, Machu Picchu, Barcelona, Spain, South Island in New Zealand, my first time to New York, etc.


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PEOPLE Who we’re Watching

The Rise and Rise of Mrs. Clean In March of this year, Sallie Krawcheck became the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer for Citi Global Wealth Management.


he is now responsible for Citi Private Bank, Citi Investment Research, and Citi Smith Barney – all of which comprise one of the largest research and wealth management businesses in the world, with nearly $1.4 trillion in client assets. Not bad for a former equity analyst, dubbed ‘Mrs. Clean’ thanks to her

frank demeanor and focus on ethics. Krawcheck’s ascent is already the stuff of Wall Street legend, though she’s

just 42. She started out as a research analyst evaluating the shares of finan-

cial institutions. Consistently top ranked, she rose to become CEO of the Sanford C. Bernstein

research boutique. Because Bernstein is purely a research firm – no underwriting or investment banking – it came through the scandals of the bull market with its reputation pristine, and Krawcheck landed on the cover of Fortune under the headline “In Search of the Last Honest Analyst”. That’s not a bad bit of publicity to have behind you, and when former Citigroup (Research) chief Sandy Weill wanted to clean up his tarnished Salomon Smith Barney, he hired Krawcheck to be its CEO. She ran that business for two years before becoming Citigroup’s CFO in November 2004. From one side of the desk to the other in no time at all – from where did Krawcheck get her mojo? “I grew up in Charleston, a very genteel, very Southern city. But I will say there’s something about going to an all-girls school in Charleston that’s tougher than Wall Street. You don’t know what it’s like. I had the glasses, the braces, the corrective shoes. I was half-Jewish, half-WASPy. I couldn’t have been further outcast. There was nothing they could do to me at Salomon Brothers in the 80s that was worse than the seventh grade.” In 2002, Krawcheck was recognized as one of Time magazine’s “Global Business Influentials” and, in 2003, Fortune magazine named her the “Most Influential Person Under the Age of 40.” For five straight years, from 2002 to 2006, Fortune also recognized Sallie as one of the “Most Powerful Women” in business. Forbes magazine, in 2006, listed her as #6 in the rank of the “World’s 100 Most Powerful Women.” Perhaps we all need a tough seventh grade. n


Sallie Krawcheck: Queen of all she surveys Image © Steve Pyke

100 Thousand Club

Krawcheck Ed P32,33.indd 32

4/6/07 08:50:23


100 Thousand Club

Krawcheck Ed P32,33.indd 33


1/6/07 14:09:21

PEOPLE Who we’re Watching


100 Thousand Club

Maloof Ed P34,35.indd 34

1/6/07 14:31:37


George Maloof: Another tough day in the office Image © Michael Lewis/Corbis

The Palms Playboy It’s difficult to sum up George John Maloof, Jr. in three words, but playboy should be in there. Not for its seedy, over-the-hill ‘grown up that never grew up’ connotations, but for its original meaning, when the word was shiny and new in the late 50s/early 60s. (Coincidentally, the last time casinos were as glamorous and sexy as Maloof’s Las Vegas fantasyland, the Palms Hotel and Casino).


t’s important to get that distinction

Why? As Maloof said: “If you have the

right, because Maloof is much more than

girls, you are going to get the guys.” Or in his

a barroom lothario. He is Executive Vice

case, the girls: is he still single? “If I was mar-

President of the Maloof Companies and

ried and had children and I had to go home

head of the hotels division, co-owner of

everyday at six, I couldn’t hang with Paris

the Sacramento Kings, the Sacramento

Hilton or Leonardo DiCaprio or whoever is

Monarchs, and the Palms Hotel and

in town. To create this brand, to understand

Casino in Las Vegas with his brothers Gavin Maloof, Joe Maloof, Phil Maloof and sister of Adrienne Maloof-Nassif.

this lifestyle, you have to live it.” Maloof recently oversaw the opening of the Palms’ latest addition, Fantasy Towers,

But most importantly, he’s credited with

and the groundbreaking of the Palms Place

creating the Palms brand and putting a little

construction, a separate building connected

sin back into sin city. Giving Vegas the sass and

to the Palms by a moving sky bridge.

the sex that it’s been missing for far too long.

What next? Maloof says Las Vegas remains

Maloof opened his first casino in Central

the most intriguing market, despite the high

City, Colorado before returning to Vegas to

cost of Strip-area real estate. “If there’s a top

open the Fiesta Casino in 1994. He built the

of the list [of opportunities], it’s Las Vegas.

430-room Palms resort in 2001 with $265

What’s great about Las Vegas is it’s a fluid

million in family money. The boutique hotel

place. There are always opportunities, new

returns more than $50 million in annual prof-

things all the time. The strategy is to keep in

its and boasts stripper poles in private rooms.

the game.”

It also has an unashamed hiring policy: if you’re a good-looking girl, it helps.

We hope he does. The world needs playboys. n 100 Thousand Club

Maloof Ed P34,35.indd 35


4/6/07 08:38:52

PEOPLE Who we’re Watching

Starbucks Chairman Howard Schultz: “I have a history of people closing doors and me saying, ‘No, it’s still open’” Image © Robyn Twomey/ Corbis Outline


100 Thousand Club

Schultz Ed P36,37 36

4/6/07 16:05:20


The Coffee Colossus Starbucks was a three-shop outfit in Seattle when it caught Howard Schultz’s eye in 1979. He was selling housewares and they were ordering more of his coffee makers than any department store. The short story is: he decided to pay a visit and the rest is history. But the longer version tells us more about what it takes to really succeed in business, on your own terms, and with your own dream.


chultz left that first meeting

case for them to reconsider. He used every-

on a high. He loved the com-

thing he had learned in the past year to un-

pany and he loved Seattle.

derstand their reluctance and address them

He called back and asked

with their perspective in mind.

about job opportunities.

“I tried to appeal to their sensibility about

There were none. But Schul-

the company... hire people who have skills and

tz wouldn’t quit. He spent a

experiences and perhaps competencies that are

year meeting and talking with the owners.

different than your own, and don’t be afraid to

“I think that sometimes the difference

change that mix, as long as there’s a common

between success and failure, winning and

goal and everyone leaves their ego at the door.”

losing, is a very fi ne line between those people

He also had learned that, while the op-

who will continue to move forward,” Schultz

portunities were very tangible to him, he

says. “I have a history of people closing doors

needed to reduce the hopped-up talk about

and me saying, ‘No, it’s still open’.”


By 1982, Schultz had convinced the

“They had three stores in Seattle. I was

Starbucks brass to let him present his ideas

talking about changing the world. I mean, I

on expanding the company. If they bought

could see that that would scare them a little

his plan, they bought him as their head of

bit. And over time, I said, ‘OK, let’s take one

marketing. His pitch went well but his plan

step at a time, and let’s build something that

was deemed too risky and not in line with the

really can be great. And, let’s take it at your

owners’ vision.

own pace.”

Schultz’s next move represents one of

Within a day the job was his. (Three years

the prevailing traits of great entrepreneurs.

later, Schultz, again faced with management

Where others would have quit, he gave the

indifference over expansion, left to start his

closed door another kick. He called up one

own company. In 1987 he bought Starbucks.

of the co-founders and made an impassioned

The rest is history). n

100 Thousand Club

Schultz Ed P36,37 37


4/6/07 16:05:32

100KUS2_River Rock_DPS


3:24 pm

Page 38

100KUS2_River Rock_DPS


3:24 pm

Page 39

PEOPLE Diamonds are a Man’s Fast Fortune

Diamonds are a Man’s


Fortune Mark Vadon left Harvard with a BA in social theory and “no interest” in going into business. “I was studying social theory and Native American race relations – some pretty out-there academic areas.”



100 Thousand Club

Mark Vadon Ed P40,41,43,44,46,47.indd 40

4/6/07 13:50:39

Photo: Eric Millette/BigShotStock


Mark Vadon, CEO, Blue Nile and a very expensive Martini

100 Thousand Club

Mark Vadon Ed P40,41,43,44,46,47.indd 41


4/6/07 13:50:53

100KUS2_Hilton Los Cabos


3:28 pm

Page 42

Diamonds are a Man’s Fast Fortune PEOPLE


e wanted to go into Native American land law and was all set for law school when he got sidetracked by Bain & Company, where he worked in the consulting practice for consumer products. “I worked with a lot of consumer packaged goods firms and in the food industry, and later

in the leveraged buyout field.” No interest in business turned into enjoyment turned into a driving force. Mark decided not to go to law school “and three or four years later, I was on track to go to business school and went and did that instead.” Suddenly he had an MBA from Stanford, a love of business, and plenty of experience from a job that involved “thinking a lot about brands and how to develop

them”. Mark wanted to leave Bain, he wanted to start his own business – and he wanted to get engaged. No matter how much money you have, choosing the perfect engagement ring to sweep your fiancée off her feet may be the most emotionally taxing, confusing and frustrating quest you have ever embarked upon. Certainly the weeks spent shopping at numerous jewelry stores never helped Mark. So he tried his luck online – which proved lucky indeed. “I was looking for an engagement ring in 1998, and I ran into a guy who was selling engagement rings over the Internet. He had a small jewelry store and a pretty successful website, and I Blue Nile sells more engagement and wedding rings than Tiffany, at prices up to 40 percent lower

wound up buying an engagement ring from him. The combination of quality – which was as good or better than the upscale jewelers – and value, provided a shopping experience superior to anything else I’d found.” Internet Diamonds offered the ring and, more importantly, the service and information Mark was looking for. On the retailer’s website, each diamond was pictured with an independent grading certificate ranking cut, clarity, color, and carat. Mark was sold. “I lived in San Francisco at the time and he [the owner of Internet Diamonds] was in Seattle. The next time I was in Seattle on business I met with him, and wound up making an offer to buy his business. In the beginning, it wasn’t that I was interested in jewelry at all. I was a consumer who was having a hard time shopping for diamonds and found a better way.” His offer to buy Internet Diamonds in early 1999 was accepted. Blue Nile was born. Just eight years later, Mark’s company sells more engagement and wedding rings than Tiffany – the difference being that Blue Nile’s prices are up to 40 percent lower. Born of frustration, Blue Nile has made the leap from living room idea to $300 million revenue business. Vitally, Mark is still obsessed with driving it forwards. Eight years ago, all Blue Nile sold was engagement rings. They still make up about 70 percent of business, but today the company’s stock also includes loose and rare colored diamonds, high-end pearls, and sterling silver, gold, and platinum jewelry. “We’ll stay laser focused on fine diamonds. We want customers to know that we’re experts in this area. But for the guy who bought his engagement ring from us and had a wonderful experience, we want to be able to help him on other fine jewelry purchases as well.” Last year Blue Nile missed Q4, but it came storming back in Q1 of this year with profits that topped Wooster estimates. Mark plays it cool on the ups and downs: “I spend a lot more time thinking about what this business will look like 20 years from now than which quarters were good and which ones weren’t. 100 Thousand Club

Mark Vadon Ed P40,41,43,44,46,47.indd 43


1/6/07 15:01:04

PEOPLE Diamonds are a Man’s Fast Fortune

“I respect and like Tiffany... but we’re trying to build a Tiffany for the next generation” “Wall Street looks at businesses and thinks of them as spreadsheets. The reality is, they’re not. You’re going to have periods where things work well and the numbers line up, and you’re going to have periods where they don’t. We’re trying to focus much more on the long-term vision. “We try to learn from everything we do. As a company, we are still very entrepreneurial, we’re constantly testing new things and trying to figure out what works.” Perhaps surprisingly for a modern business, Blue Nile doesn’t spend much on marketing. Its customers are the retailer’s sales force. With every friend a customer tells about buying diamonds online, they drive Mark’s business forward. But how does he overcome the ‘feel factor’? Though online buyers get a lot more diamond for their dollar than they would in brick-and-mortar stores, they are denied the pleasure of holding the jewelry in their hands and seeing it sparkle in the sun, let alone trying a piece on. Instead, they pay first and see their jewelry only when it tumbles out of the overnight FedEx package (or Vadon: focused on informed, confusion-free jewelry sales

when it’s escorted from an armored truck by armed guard, if your diamonds are worth

Photo: Eric Millette/BigShotStock

$50,000 or more). Mark Vadon doesn’t believe a happy buy is all about romancing the stone. He’s focused on informed, confusion-free jewelry sales: “We try to give consumers all the education and visualization through pictures of what that product’s going to look like. When they get it and it’s not exactly what they want, we’re there to exchange the product or return their money.” That only around six percent of purchases are actually returned speaks for itself. Who buys from Blue Nile? Well, with a lifestyle that’s far less exotic than his business suggests, Mark resembles his own typical customer. “Our customers tend not to be the glamorous types. What we usually have are serious business people. Last month, we sold to a Fortune 10 president, to a very well-known leveraged buyout person, and to a NASA scientist; those are the types of people who have bought from us.” It turns out that this king of bling isn’t bathing in a diamond bath, nor brushing his teeth with diamond toothpaste (for ice-white smiles). Recently married to Mattie Iverson Vadon, an up-and-coming artist, he lives a pretty quiet life and loves to spend his Sunday mornings cooking breakfast and hanging out in his wife’s studio, where she paints and he reads. From time to time, he adds to his art collection, which includes paintings by Jamie Bollenbach. More enthusiastically, he is planning to build Blue Nile into a multi-billion-dollarrevenue business. Once he achieves this, he may well reconsider the diamond bath. n


100 Thousand Club

Mark Vadon Ed P40,41,43,44,46,47.indd 44

4/6/07 13:50:58

100KUS2_Marquis Jet


3:29 pm

Page 45

Photo: Eric Millette/BigShotStock

PEOPLE Diamonds are a Man’s Fast Fortune

Mark Vadon: the man with the Midas touch? Blue Nile has been named “Forbes Favorite” online jeweler for seven consecutive years and “Best Indulgence” by TIME magazine. He’s doing something right.


100 Thousand Club

Mark Vadon Ed P40,41,43,44,46,47.indd 46

4/6/07 13:51:14


IN HIS OWN WORDS A conversation with Mark Vadon

Where did the name Blue Nile come from? The existing business we bought was called Internet Diamonds, which is pretty straightforward. You knew what we did. But we were looking for something that was perhaps a little more flexible as a brand so we could launch product lines outside of diamonds, and hopefully have an aspirational quality to it. Blue Nile was the name we developed and have been using now for almost eight years. What sets you apart from other jewelers? We offer much more information than you’re going to get anywhere else. We want our customers to be experts when shopping for jewelry. We provide selection you can’t find in a store. On our Website today there are more than 50,000 certified diamonds available. Our jewelry is priced much more reasonably, and we give an experience that, most of our customers believe is far superior to what they would get in a traditional store. There’s no pressure. We want to empower customers to be in control of the purchase. What do you think of Tiffany & Co.? I actually really respect and like Tiffany, both as a brand and as a company. The CEO is an extraordinary person. We view Tiffany in a lot of ways as our role model. Of course we compete with them, but at the same time, we’re trying to build a Tiffany for that next generation of consumers who love the Internet experience; who want the quality of product and of brand that a Tiffany would offer, but at a more accessible price so the experience can apply to a broader audience. This year you were listed among Forbes’ America’s best 200 small companies list. What next? We are trying to build Blue Nile into a multi-billion-dollar-revenue business. Over the next six years, it’s realistic for us to expect to have a billion dollars in revenue. So our goal is to take what we’re doing now and just keep making it bigger – just keep serving more customers every year. So maybe this year, we were one of Forbes’ best small companies. Over time, we aspire to be an iconic consumer brand that’s doing a great job for customers. If we do that well, hopefully we can be one of Forbes’ best big companies as well.

100 Thousand Club

Mark Vadon Ed P40,41,43,44,46,47.indd 47


1/6/07 15:01:28


AF TER WORK It’s been tough sorting through the nominees, but this issue’s 100Thousand Club spirit and cigar winners are: BULLDOG London dry gin (a world best mojito del pierro); PALMES D’OR Champagne (the prestige cuvee celebrates its 20th anniversary with an exceptional vintage); BLANTON’s single barrel bourbon (after food, after work, after whatever, Blanton’s flavor profile puts it in a league of its own); And ROCKY PATEL’s cigars are smooth, smooth, smooth (smoking well right now: the Vintage 1990). You’ve got to love the guy – he sure knows how to blend.


100 Thousand Club

SS_LAYOUT_29_MAY.indd 48

1/6/07 14:18:43

Castello AD P49:21MAY



Page 49

Castello di Casole This is Tuscany. Past. Present. Perfect.

In the heart of Tuscany, Castello di Casole is four thousand, two hundred acres untouched except by history. Commanding the most important hilltops are epic Tuscan farmhouses, each painstakingly restored. These residences are remarkable indoors and out... graceful expressions of art and architecture. There is also a legendary castle, soon to be a 5-star boutique hotel and spa in the grand European tradition. This is Tuscany. Past. Present. Perfect. We invite you to be a part of this remarkable experience either as a whole owner or through our residential interest program. For more information call 1-866-963-5005 or visit

A Signature Development of Timbers Resorts

Timbers Club Snowmass

The Rocks Scottsdale

Castello di Casole Tuscany

Botany Bay St. Thomas

Residences at Esperanza Cabo San Lucas

One Steamboat Place Steamboat Springs

This advertisement does not constitute an offer to sell or the solicitation of an offer to purchase to residents of the state of NY or NJ or in any other state where registration is required and is not yet complete. We are pledged to the letter and spirit of the U.S. policy for the achievement of equal housing opportunity throughout the nation.

OBJECTS OF DESIRE Classic with a Twist

CL ASSIC WITH A T WIST A good watch is one of life’s many pleasures – especially if you have one for all outfits. PATEK PHILIPPE has relaunched a simple classic (in platinum and rose or white gold): perfect with a Tom Ford tailored tux. For weekend adventurers, MONTBLANC’s Timewalker Chronograph Automatic channels Indiana Jones. And IWC has housed its superb perpetual mechanism – the most widely sold in history – in this season’s hot shape. For those who like their wrists with a little more look-at-me, JACOB the jeweller has done it again – see above for what the best-dressed Hip Hop


CEOs are wearing.

100 Thousand Club

SS_LAYOUT_29_MAY.indd 50

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100 Thousand Club

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1/6/07 14:18:36

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r ic





ROAD HOG The world’s largest capacity production motorcycle, the TRIUMPH ROCKET III gets a facelift this summer. The Rocket III is a 100Thousand Club favorite (“Ah, the cruiser,” said our features ed with a wistful smile) because of the way it delivers power through the range and unashamed big bike styling. Stay sharp with DAINESE’S SUPERFLY jacket (composite shoulder, elbow and spine armor, double-necked thermal lining and vintage Italian cowhide); a pair of legendary BMW ATLANTIS 2 touring gloves; and an ARAI RX7 CORSAIR helmet with state-of-the-art shell construction. Take care out there.



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w w w.t


k /u s a


e ain


100 Thousand Club

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100KUS2_Regent Seven Seas Cruises


3:31 pm

Page 53


From large crowds to small groups.

From mass-market to personal

discovery. From one-size-fits-all

to one-of-a-kind. There’s a difference

between an ordinary cruise and

the luxury cruise experience of

Regent Seven Seas.

And it makes all the difference.

Luxury Goes Exploring®






For information and reservations, please call 1.877.505.5497 | or see your travel professional


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v.c o


OBJECTS OF DESIRE Truly Scrumptious


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T R U LY S C R U M P T I O U S If jewelry were women this spread would be X-rated – these are the sexiest seven we’ve seen for some time. From LEVIEV’s outrageously simple sapphire and yellow diamond necklaces (look again at those lines) to ASPREY’s deceptively modern take on tradition, a new cut that incorporates the ‘A’ of Asprey. The almost malleable Saddle ring from SASHA PRIMAK – you want to touch it, you know you do – or the more orthodox, structural beauty of a HARRY WINSTON sapphire? Tough choice, take both. Or love and be loved in Winstons’s new floral, feminine cascades (Vine earrings and Wreath necklace pictured).



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w in




100 Thousand Club

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100 Thousand Club

SS_LAYOUT_29_MAY.indd 55


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anc w w.n

y g on

z al e z

.c o m

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an am

ar k s

.c o m

C A R RY O N It is a fact of life that things need carrying. Carry them beautifully in this year’s most versatile bags. ETRO’s crocodile and calf leather messenger bag is everything a man needs plus style. While DIOR’s calf leather and cotton canvas messenger is so understated it hurts (in a good way). For you, the queen

of all things exotic has turned her attentions to the perfect summer bag – this NANCY GONZALEZ ruched croc satchel is practical, tactile and tricked out with luxe details. Or choose designer to the stars LANA MARKS and her delicious, sassy Concord clutch in (very) hot yellow.


100 Thousand Club

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100KUS2_River Rock_SPFC


4:42 pm

Page 57

100KUS2_The Cliffs Communities_2


4:53 pm

Page 58

100KUS2_The Cliffs Communities_2


4:53 pm

Page 59




Page 60



Luxury communities offer unfettered privacy and relaxed elegance, which may be the reason why they have become so popular over recent years. They are a safe and secure place to settle down and raise a family, and enjoy a charming yet exclusive lifestyle.


100 Thousand Club




Page 61



he idea of a luxury community may seem relatively modern, but this is not a new phenomenon. Romans built walls around their towns and even today walled towns and cities remain across much of Europe and

North Africa, San Gimignano in the gorgeous rolling hills of Tuscany, for example, Dubrovnik in Croatia or Marrakech in Morocco. Why are walls and gates used? In Roman times the answer was to distinguish between civilization and chaos, and many would argue that things haven’t changed. But while most luxury communities are gated or walled, not all are; some may simply be in a remote location such as in a forest or on an island, with security provided. That feeling of security is among the many reasons why more and more people are choosing to invest in this type of community. Nothing is completely secure, of course, but gates and walls are an effective deterrent to criminal activity – certainly the crime rates in such communities are much lower than in similar value urban neighborhoods. Another reason that luxury communities are becoming more popular is that they are just that – communities. Rather than living an anonymous life side by side with other people who happen to live on your street, your life can be fully integrated with neighbors, friends

Above: Luxury communities often come with very special amenities Left: Security and privacy are assured without sacrificing neighborly values

and family all on your doorstep. And as the innate social atmosphere in every town or village thrives, so it adds to the feeling of a secure environment.

Privacy Luxury communities today are as much about privacy and exclusivity as safety. If you are looking for a sanctuary from the stresses of everyday life and a haven 100 Thousand Club





Page 62


Communal pools provide a safe and relaxing family environment

of peace and tranquility, then a property within a luxury community could be for you. Privacy is a much sought after luxury in today’s society, but it is virtually guaranteed here due to likeminded neighbors.

Luxury In 2005, it was estimated that 18 percent of housing units were in private communities, with 60 percent of new homes falling into that category. Numbers are growing as homeowners exercise their right to raise families in safer, cleaner and better-kept environments. Luxury communities typically combine multimillion-dollar homes – graceful townhouses, spacious condominiums or sprawling estate houses – with around-the-clock security, concierges and world-class golf courses and spas. Most are located in a desirable city area, beside a beach or within a lush forest. River Rock in North Carolina for example, is an exclusive Blue Ridge Mountain community encompassing 4,000 acres of forest, creeks and waterfalls. River Rock is in the process of being opened up to the public and consists of five villages, spread out around the forest, connected via country roads and rural parkways. 62

100 Thousand Club




Page 63


Each village has its own specific amenities (al-

uated within California’s Montage Laguna

though all amenities are open to all villagers).

Beach Resort and Spa. Offering a unique ocean

Mauna Kea Resort in Hawaii, meanwhile,

living opportunity, the community was inspired

topped the 2006 Forbes ‘Most Expensive

by artists who settled in this beautiful, pristine

Gated Communities’ list for available proper-

location over 100 years ago.

ties, at $35million. The resort has two breath-

For the fortunate few living in one of the

taking white-sand beaches, 36 holes of

28 estate lots or villas, luxury living within a

championship golf and the many amenities of

world-class resort can become a reality. Ameni-

two luxurious hotels –including nine restau-

ties at the resort include the glorious gardens,

rants, spa facilities and an ocean-side tennis

spectacular swimming pools and fabulous din-

garden. The service is truly exceptional and

ing as well as the oceanfront spa that includes

homeowners will find themselves basking in a

whirlpools, a full-service salon and a plethora

world of grandeur and exclusivity.

of health and beauty treatments. You are also

The two top-priced homes last year were Wai’ula’ula – which sits on nine acres and offers

guaranteed the impeccable service that resort guests receive.

7,105 square feet of living space, a caretaker’s

Luxury communities are an alternative

cottage and access to private white sand beaches

way of living, encompassing tranquility and

– and Hale Pilialoha (wine cellar, spacious chef’s

peacefulness with a sense of security and so-

kitchen, three guesthouses containing six

cial wellbeing. They offer a safe place to raise a

suites, and four-car garage).

young family, with many exceptional ameni-

If you would rather not relocate to Hawaii,

ties – such as championship level golf and

there are many communities in locations all

world-class spa facilities – for the adults and

over mainland US, from California to Florida.

elaborate playgrounds, water sports and

One such place is the Montage Residences, sit-

horse-riding for the children.

Ocean living: inspired by artists, enjoyed by you

100 Thousand Club


100KUS2_Mountain Air_2


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100KUS2_Mountain Air_2


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TRAVEL Living the [Dream] Life


t’s been called the most comprehensive, impressive private club membership in the world. Legendary golfer and world traveler Gary Player – who recently an-

nounced he was moving his family and company here on account of the incomparable quality of life – has dubbed it “the Switzerland of America”. Drawing its members from 46 of the 50 states and more than 10 countries across the globe, professional sports figures, Fortune 500 CEOs and over 3,000 other affluent families are living their dreams here. No, this isn’t heaven, but it may well be utopia on earth. It’s called The Cliffs Communities, and if you haven’t heard of it, you will and you should. Spanning 20,000 acres in the Western Carolinas – at the leading edge of the Blue Ridge Mountains, tucked in a woodland paradise of 14 state parks, three national forests, and one national park – The Cliffs is a collection of seven private, gated luxury residential communities begun in 1991 by Jim Anthony. Each community has a distinct setting: two are atop mountains; one is in a lush valley with towering peaks; one is minutes from the heart of the city of Asheville, North Carolina; and the remaining three are situated on an 18,500-acre freshwater mountain lake recognized as one of the most pristine in the Southeast. All seven communities are located within a short drive of one another, and membership in one community opens the door to privileges within all seven. At last count, the membership included more than $150 million of completed amenities, with much more planned. Membership perks include access to The Cliffs’ international lodges in British

Living the [Dream] Life The Cliffs Communities offer a palette of choices for any passion. 66

Columbia and Chile, as well as a complimentary year in PinnacleCare, the nation’s leading healthcare group that provides trustee-level access to the world’s fi nest physicians. For as serene of a setting as it offers, The Cliffs’ members are positively abuzz with activity. The Cliffs’ clubs offer more than 1,500 unique events annually for its members to enjoy and engage, running the gamut from traditional golf tournaments to healthy gourmet

100 Thousand Club

The Cliffs Ed P66,67 66

5/6/07 14:00:07


cooking classes taught by the Senior Executive

ingly well cared for, and enrolled within The

owners and resort guests. The Cliffs offers

Chef Victor Carducci; from group Pilates to

Cliffs Residential Rental Program.

a world-class Medical Advisory Board that

whitewater rafting; from wine tastings to the

Showcasing sweeping views of the Blue

includes leaders in preventive medicine, pedi-

weekly ‘mountain mixer’ that draws residents

Ridge Mountains and Lake Keowee, Keowee

atrics, geriatrics, women’s health and sports

to watch the sunset over homemade dishes and

Springs’ Lodge and 20,000 square-feet Spa will

medicine from pre-eminent medical centers

great bottles brought from their own cellars.

bring the outdoors in with indoor/outdoor

of excellence.

Golfing here is a four-season sport, thanks to the unique isothermal breezes

treatment rooms and a woodland-themed décor inspired by the natural landscape.

So, what is it really like to live here? There’s no better way to describe it than The Cliffs’ res-

that have created a mild microclimate – most

Some resort guests may find respite at the

idents already have – not as merely living, but

days it averages in the 80s in the summer

two world-class restaurants in the Lodge, one

panoramic living. Living with purpose, fulfill-

and 50s in the two-and-a-half month winter.

of which is being developed in partnership

ment, and abundance, as everyone deserves.

The Cliffs’ members enjoy belonging to the

with James Beard Hall of Famer Gray Kunz

That’s The Cliffs’ definition of Wellness, on

only club in America with two Jack Nicklaus

of Manhattan’s Café Gray and, formerly, Le-

which its communities have taken shape and

Signature Golf Courses and two Tom Fazio

spinasse. Or by dropping off the children at

excelled with the most discerning buyers. To

designs, plus three others, one of which

KidFit, the 8,000 square-feet activity center

see it is to believe it – the spirit and camarade-

was rated fourth most scenic in the nation

that will boast a water park, climbing center,

rie here are undeniable and intoxicating.

behind Augusta National, Pebble Beach,

and computer zone for the hard-to-please

It’s no surprise that The Cliffs’ collection

and Cypress Point. The Cliffs has been des-

“tweens”. Or by spending quality time on

of communities has earned the attention

ignated among ‘America’s Top 10 Private

the Fazio course, whose design provides

of national golf and lifestyle publications

Golf Communities’ for two years running by Travel + Leisure Golf magazine. But it’s not just a community for golfers. A team of wellness experts at The Cliffs includes the former Director of Fitness for Pebble Beach, nutritionists, and exercise and conditioning specialists. In fact, the number one amenity here is parks, trails, and green space. Inside its gates, The Cliffs has currently reserved close to 2,500 acres of private parks and groomed trails for walking, hiking, and biking. Pair with that a state-of-the-art Wellness Center in each community, Equestrian Center, Nature Centers, and Marinas con-

Gary Player has dubbed The Cliffs Communities “the Switzerland of America”. It’s easy to see why

necting residents via The Cliffs’ own intercommunity water taxi, and you can see why

three sets of six holes appropriate for those

across America and, increasingly, interna-

members never have a dull moment.

priceless afternoon barefoot games with the

tionally. Though the honors and accolades

Wellness at The Cliffs is not only growing

family or a robust round of 18 for the tra-

run pages long, The Cliffs’ Developer Jim

but is making history in the process. In 2008,

ditional foursome. Or by bagging all of this

Anthony remains humble: “We can never

it will open the Keowee Springs Lodge and

and retreating to the Beach Club, set at the

improve what our Creator has given us, and

Spa, America’s first luxury family wellness

lake’s shore with water so clear and clean it’s

we can never replace it. If we preserve the

resort. Among the resort’s finer features is an

considered drinkable.

land and treat it with integrity, success will

elite, limited collection of private resort resi-

A world-class resort and destination spa,

follow.” Actions always speak louder than

dences, including spacious Lakefront Estates,

The Cliffs at Keowee Springs will draw resi-

words, and at The Cliffs, they have mastered

Lakeview Villas, and Lodge Cottages ranging

dents from around the country and provide a

the art of over-delivering on a life most only

in price from $1 million to over $4 million.

pristine environment to optimize the health

dream they could have. n

Residences come fully furnished and expertly

and wellbeing of every member of your family.

decorated, with GEM cars to traverse the

At the heart of the Keowee Springs Lodge and

For more information about The Cliffs, schedule

pedestrian pathways connecting the resort’s

Spa will be a Medical/Wellness Center, of-

a private tour by calling 866.205.9215 or by

amenities. All are maintenance-free, exceed-

fering a comprehensive menu of services to

visiting 100 Thousand Club

The Cliffs Ed P66,67 67


5/6/07 14:21:32

PROPERTY Mr Property

Chateau Marmont: the guardian of rich Hollywood lore is still keeping secrets, thanks to Balazs

Mr Property Interview by DAVID USBORNE


When André Balazs sold the apartments in his 40 Mercer development, they went within days without costing a single advertising dollar. He’s also rich and handsome. How the heck does he do it? André Balazs is up on the roof when I arrive at the country pile he bought last year with his then girlfriend, the actress Uma Thurman, on the Hudson River

about two hours north of New York City. He yells down a greeting and a few moments later he is at the front door. I glimpse a luminous hallway and beyond it, through French windows, a swimming pool and wide lawns. But first we have the grounds to inspect. This is a slightly different Balazs to the one I met a couple of weeks ago over Camparis in the lobby of his flagship hotel, The Mercer, in the SoHo district of Manhattan. His hair is mildly dishevelled – he was on the roof with his resident handyman to discuss repairs – and a section of frayed lining is peeking from the back of his country squire jacket. Somewhere in the course of exploring the estate, The Locusts, we even manage to mislay his pet Chihuahua, Gilles. (The handyman retrieves the lost pooch a little later.) He and Uma bought this sprawling place on a whim. They were at a weekend auction of its contents 18 months ago, when someone whispered that the whole estate, previously owned by the Astor family and most recently by Bob Guccione, the founder of Penthouse, might be for sale. Balazs called his banker on Sunday and by Monday he had an offer on the table. Within weeks, The Locusts, including the house, scores of farm buildings, cottages, ruined greenhouses and 55 acres of land, was his. Impulse plays some role in the trajectory of every successful tycoon. Meet Balazs, 50, in any other setting, however – our third encounter will be in his book-lined office in the Puck Building in SoHo – and you will


100 Thousand Club

Andre Balasz Ed P68,69,70,71,73,74,76.indd 68

1/6/07 16:01:20


100 Thousand Club

Andre Balasz Ed P68,69,70,71,73,74,76.indd 69


1/6/07 16:01:28

PROPERTY Mr Property

site to develop or a towel-rail design – comes only after exhaustive calculation and calibration. “You can’t just knock these things off,” he says flatly, at last settled into an armchair in the main house at The Locusts after our hour-long walk exploring the abandoned barns, walled gardens and milking parlors of what was once a huge working farm. “You have to settle on the right product.” The right products have so far included not just the hotels, all of which have become muststays for discerning scenesters and sophisticates, but also two residential buildings in New York (a third apartment building in the Wall Street neighborhood is on its way, and he has put in a bid for a building on Savile Row in London that he hopes will be his first hotel outside the States). Inside The Locusts house, a more familiar Balazs reemerges – the impeccable man-abouttown with Prada fashion taste, disarming good looks and, of course, a public image boosted by his on/off association with The 75-room Mercer, purchased as a vacant warehouse, which established Balazs’ reputation


see something very different. The

a film actress whose beauty in

owner not just of the Mercer but

person surpasses even what you

of a string of some of the most

see on the screen.

aesthetically thrilling hotels in

Even though his own im-

America, including three Stan-

provements to the place – such

dard hotels in Los Angeles and

as the dazzling kitchen floor in

Miami as well as the venerable

tiny trapezoid, white and cara-

Raleigh on South Beach and the

mel ceramic tiles are only half

Chateau Marmont, the favorite

done – it is already the sexiest

of generations of misbehaving

private home you are ever likely

celebrities, on Sunset Boulevard,

to visit, with languorous curved

he is a man whose every business

walls and views to the Hudson,

move – whether choosing a new

which here turns a wide bend

100 Thousand Club

Andre Balasz Ed P68,69,70,71,73,74,76.indd 70

1/6/07 16:01:44


and resembles a lake more than a

eventually discovered the greater

river. Before we talk, he suggests

challenge of hotels with his ac-

a drink. I have done my research

quisition in 1990 of the Chateau

and agree to a glass of rosé. I

Marmont. While the guardian of

know in advance he will bring out

rich Hollywood lore – Jean Harlow

a bottle of spectacular Domaine

slept with Clark Gable in one of its

Ott from Provence, famously his

suites and Greta Garbo was once

favorite label.

a long-term resident as was John

In spite of his French-sound-

Belushi before he killed himself in

ing name, Balazs is the son of

one of its private bungalows – the

Hungarian immigrants who fled

massive faux-European castle had

first to Sweden during the Second

fallen into sad disrepair.

World War before eventually set-

People go to clubs and restau-

tling in Cambridge, Massachus-

rants for a couple of hours or so,

setts, where his father taught at

but the experiences of guests in a

Harvard Medical School. After

hotel can last 24 hours or more

reading humanities at Cornell

and, Balazs explains, can range

University, he went on to take a

“from the deeply personal mo-

joint business and journalism

ments, to the public moments,

post-graduate course at Co-

the business moments and the

lumbia University in New York.

friendship moments. It means

Instead of pursuing journalism,

trying to provide every kind of

however, the young Balazs joined

nuanced space and thinking

his father in founding a suc-

about how to provide the best

cessful biotech company called

environments for each of those

Biomatrix, based in New Jersey.

activities to unfold. That’s what

Drawn to the faster pace of Man-

fascinates me. It is not just allow-

hattan, he moved to SoHo in

ing them to unfold but stimulat-

1984, at that time still a mostly

ing their unfolding.”

raw neighborhood of cast-iron

The Marmont has been over-

manufacturing buildings that

hauled from top to bottom and

had nothing to do with the fren-

new improvements are made

zied hub of fashion outlets and

every year. But Balazs believes

high-end restaurants that it has

that the soul of what it once was

become today.

is intact. “Now people go in and

Balazs, who was previously

say, ‘Oh, isn’t this amazing, isn’t

married to Katie Ford, founder

it a genius thing that they’ve kept

of the Ford Modeling Agency,

it all?’ But frankly there isn’t a

with whom he has two daughters,

surface there that is original. A

stumbled into his hospitality-im-

lot of it is creating a fantasy that

presario life when a friend invited

everything feels just authentic

him to become an investor in a

and just right.”

now defunct Manhattan night-

But it was arguably the 75-

club named MK. From there he

room Mercer, purchased as a

progressed to restaurants and

vacant warehouse, which estab-

The striking baroque/deco Raleigh pool from above Image © Nikolas Koenig

The Terrace at Balazs’ Raleigh Hotel, South Beach: “I don’t think it ever does any harm in any business to feel that there is someone there who cares about it” Image © Nikolas Koenig

100 Thousand Club

Andre Balasz Ed P68,69,70,71,73,74,76.indd 71


1/6/07 16:01:52

100KUS2_Dream Boat


1:02 pm

Page 72

Mr Property PROPERTY

William Beaver House is the first new from-the-ground-up luxury residential tower in the financial district near Wall Street. It may also be the first to be sold by an anthropomorphic beaver. The open lobby at William Beaver House creates a hotel-like environment

lished Balazs’ reputation as one

What is common to every

under way today on a New York

of the industry’s most admired

Balazs property, at least, is a

Standard in the Meatpacking

tastemakers. Rupert Murdoch

sense of whimsy and overt sexi-

District, a neighborhood distin-

and Calvin Klein both lived in

ness. In one hotel you will find

guished in part by an abandoned

the hotel for extended periods.

showers with glass on all sides

and elevated freight railway

Settle in its lobby still today,

visible to the bedroom. Another

called the Hi-Line that the city

with its understated living room-

has bathrooms complete with a

has promised to grass over and

library atmosphere, and you will

large sculpture of a foot in black

turn into a kind of park in the

surely spy if not film stars (this

foam rubber. Yet Balazs rarely

sky. The Hi-Line will run directly

is where Russell Crowe got into

repeats himself. He strives, he

through the hotel lobby.

trouble hurling a telephone at

says, to imbue each project with

“One of the few luxuries left

a front-desk employee) then at

something that speaks either to

is travel,” he explains. “And the

least leaders of the fashion and

the locale or to the history of

aspect of travel that is luxurious is

entertainment worlds.

the building itself, if it isn’t new.

not the movement, but the being

Like Ian Schrager, who we

What seems like a gimmick in

there. So I think that one of the

can blame for spawning the

the Standard Hotel on Sunset

things that most matters and will

awful “Boutique Hotel” moniker

in West Hollywood – a scant-

matter increasingly is that when

after his serial collaborations

ily clad model prone in a vitrine

you are in some place you actu-

with the minimalist-chic French

behind the front desk – is actu-

ally feel like you are there, that

designer Philippe Starck, Balazs

ally meant to pay homage to a

the ‘there’ is very different from

creates hotels that are everything

time when the neighborhood

whence you came. When you’re

the chain hotels – the Hyatts and

was the territory of street-walk-

in London, you should feel like

Marriotts – are not.

ers and voyeurs. Construction is

you’re in London. That unleashes

100 Thousand Club

Andre Balasz Ed P68,69,70,71,73,74,76.indd 73


1/6/07 16:02:16

PROPERTY Mr Property


a whole creative process. There

of the designer, is part of what

should be no confusion whatever

creates it. It’s true in luxury

between London and New York

goods stores and in good food

or even between SoHo and Wall

stores. It leaves a palpable sense

Street. What has been fun for me

that someone cares.”

about this is that we have always

He says he achieves that sense

looked at this as not just what city

of care in a number of ways. First,

or what neighborhood you’re in,

Balazs has control of each proj-

but even what building.”

ect from inception all the way

It is not unimpressive that

to completion – and beyond in

when the apartments were put

the case of hotels which must

on sale for 40 Mercer, designed

then be managed. Much more

by French architect Jean Nouvel,

usually, a developer will erect a

almost every one sold within days

hotel structure and then deliver

without Balazs spending a dollar

it to a different firm to manage

on advertising. Some of the units

it. There is no continuity in the

ran to $15 million. He has never

creative process. In a way, he says,

pretended to have mass-market

he is like an old-time Hollywood

appeal, but apparently there is

boss looking for the next big hit.

a large enough following out

“The dream emanates from me

there that trusts him to deliver

but how to articulate the dream

products of quality and supe-

is big collaboration. I liken the

rior design. They like the fact,

production of a great residence

in other words, that his name is

or a great hotel to how a fi lm

attached to them.

used to be made. In the old days

“I don’t think it ever does

the studio head would think up

any harm in any business to feel

a story, hire a writer to write it

that there is someone there who

up, hire a director to direct the

cares about it. If you look at any

thing, hire the lighting and set

business, fashion being the most

designers and then the actors.

obvious, the aura, or the reality

The look and feel depends on

André Balazs – owner of a string of some of the most aesthetically thrilling hotels in America

100 Thousand Club

Andre Balasz Ed P68,69,70,71,73,74,76.indd 74

1/6/07 16:02:39



5:03 pm

Page 75

PROPERTY Mr Property

The lounge at Chateau Marmont: “There isn’t a surface there that is is creating a fantasy that everything feels just authentic and just right” Image © Nikolas Koenig

how you assemble the team.”

Balazs is also hoping to

And he is obsessive about every

make a virtue out of the slightly

detail. A bathroom wall must

abandoned feel that falls over

be the right size to take the tiles

Lower Manhattan at nights and

he has chosen, so none of them

at weekends when the financial

has to be cut. That would spoil

workers have all gone. He has


built into William Beaver an

Both the Nouvel building

array of public spaces, from a 24-

and another recently completed

hour restaurant, to be overseen

residential building in SoHo, One

by Giorgio Deluca of Dean &

Kenmare Square, were originally

Deluca fame, to a screening room

conceived as hotels but Balazs

and nightclub, spa areas, squash

reconfigured them into apart-

court, small dog park and even a

ments after banks suddenly went

Jacuzzi with a glass bottom di-

cold on tourism after the 9/11

rectly above the main entrance.

terror attacks. The third will be

He agrees that once the place is

William Beaver House, the first

ready in 2008 it will offer almost

new from-the-ground-up luxury

as many leisure opportunities as

residential tower in the financial

a cruise ship.

district near Wall Street. At a

When I suggest that all that

third meeting, this time in his

is missing is an ice rink, he cries,

Puck Building office, Balazs does

“Damn it. You don’t mind if I

his pitch about the project, which

take that idea do you?” (I don’t

will offer more than 300 apart-

actually flatter myself that he

ments to buyers with $2 million

hadn’t thought of this before.

or so to spare. Partly, he says, it

But if he thus wants to flatter me,

has to go with the neighborhood,

I won’t object.) n

which, he says, reminds him of


SoHo 20 years ago. “It looks like

100Thousand Club would like

a film set down there. But it’s real

to thank David Usborne and The

and it has a grit. For those of us

Independent. Interview © 2007

who like urbanness there is noth-

Independent News and Media

ing like it.”


100 Thousand Club

Andre Balasz Ed P68,69,70,71,73,74,76.indd 76

1/6/07 16:02:39

100KUS2_Sea to Sky Premier Properties


5:08 pm

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CANADA 2 new txt final:25APR07



Page 78


O, Canada According to property investment group Assetz, Canada recorded a 9.4 percent increase in average house prices last year – and it has been voted ‘best place to live’ several years running by the United Nations. Sarah Chambers knows why.


ccording to Martin Sadler of international property group Assetz International, Canada is on the way to becoming “one of the great year-round destinations”. There’s the skiing, of course, with a season that lasts from November until June (considerably longer than in Europe). But increasingly there’s the golf, the mountain trails, the fishing, the golf… you get the picture.

If you want a property here, however, better move quickly. Canada’s

two largest real estate companies issued reports about recreational properties only last month, and while bargains can still be found for those willing to travel and buy seasonal properties, prices are climbing in most parts of the country.


The 2007 Re/Max Recreational Property Report says starting prices for waterfront properties are more than $500,000 in 31 percent of the recreational

Ski in the morning, golf in the afternoon, relax at night

property markets, and that only seven markets offer waterfront properties starting at less than $250,000. Re/Max says aging baby boomers, which represent about one-third of Canada’s population and control 45 percent of its wealth, are driving the recreational property market. Some are preparing for their re-


100 Thousand Club

100KUS2_Place D'armes Hotels Suites


5:10 pm

Page 79

CANADA 2 new txt final:25APR07



Page 80


tirement years, while others are looking for a

fractional ownership projects are also gaining in

second home in which to spend time with

popularity, and even land-lease properties are gar-

family and friends.

nering attention, says Re/Max.

“Baby boomers are investing in the future –

Another reason why Canada’s cottage mar-

both from a lifestyle perspective and an eco-

kets are booming is because of an influx of pur-

nomic standpoint,” says Eldon Ash, regional di-

chasers from the United States, Europe, and

rector at Re/Max of Western Canada.

Australia. 46 percent of the markets surveyed

“Tremendous equity gains have been realized in

have foreign investors buying there.

recent years as demand for recreational proper-

“Compared to similar properties in the

ties across the country swells. Given the aging

US and overseas, we are extremely competi-

of the population, this trend is expected to con-

tive,” says Polzler. “In coveted recreational

tinue for at least the next five to 10 years as baby

property areas throughout the US, waterfront

boomers move through the cycle.”

prices in the double-digit million-dollar

A Royal LePage report lists some of the hottest cottage areas in Canada, including the Moore Point area in Ontario, where cottages cost up to $3 million; Chester, N.S., which has top-end properties for $1.5 million; and Okanagan Lake in Kelowna, B.C, where small waterfront condos start at $500,000 and year-round waterfront properties range from $1 million to $5 million. Royal LePage says the big attraction in Kelowna is the recreational lifestyle and the climate. “For example, in April you can ski in the morning, golf in the afternoon and be cruising in your boat at the early evening – all in the same day,” says the report. “It’s been said that money made in stocks and bonds typically works its way into real estate,” says Michael Polzler, executive vice-president for Re/Max Ontario, Atlantic Canada. “This year is a prime example, as economic performance and stock market profits have propped up activity in most Canadian markets. The boomer attitude is go big or stay home.” Re/Max says that some of the other most expensive markets include Invermere, B.C., starting at $2.5 million; Whistler, B.C. at $1.1 million; the Bala and Port Carling areas in Ontario’s cottage country, starting at $500,000; and the Port Elgin/Kincardine/Goderich area of Ontario, starting at $400,000. The report says that purchasers who can’t afford the most popular areas are opting for smaller lakes and riverfront properties. Timeshare and 80

100 Thousand Club

range are quite commonplace.”

100KUS2_El-Ad Canada


5:12 pm

Page 81

100KUS2_Domaine Development


5:14 pm

Page 82

CANADA 2 new txt final:25APR07



Page 83


Business not pleasure? Looking at Canadian recreational property for investment purposes? Chad Horowitz checks out the hotspots. oyal LePage lists George’s Lake, Newfoundland, on the western part of

And those are just works on paper. The real action, and where the Core

the province and a 20-minute drive from Cornerbrook, as “the ideal

sensibility resonates the most is at the weekly cultural programs such as Core

spot for cottage goers seeking affordable waterfront property. Prices

Films that gathers members in a cushy three-bandshell theater with banks of


range from $75,000 to $90,000 for a seasonal 50-year-old waterfront cottage.”

large seats (or small sofas).

Molega Lake in Nova Scotia offers cottages in the $120,000 to $140,000

The 60-person screening room is but one of a collection of jaw dropping

range. For that you can get a standard two-bedroom waterfront cottage on an

spaces in the five-story venue. A restaurant by Craft boasts dramatic private

acre of land. The lake is 90 minutes from Halifax.

and public spaces, the lounge and bar host a stunning oversized blown glass

In Quebec, your best bet is Lake Selby, an hour’s drive from Montreal, which

chandelier, a fitness center and spa are clean, warm and modern. Honey-col-

offers a 1,000 sq. ft. waterfront cottage for $250,000. Large motorized water

ored die-cut wood paneling weave through the rooms. It’s all the world of

vehicles are not allowed on the lake.

Stonely Pelsinki Architects Neukomm (SPaN), a New York firm that counts

In the Rideau Lakes area of Ontario, $150,000 to $250,000 will get a

Calvin Klein among its clients. Their architectural coups – corrugated walls,

1,000 sq. ft. waterfront cottage, one hour from Ottawa. Royal LePage says some

a staircase that slices through floors and folds to become a bench – appear

islands in the Honey Harbour area are also available at $250,000. “Typically,

throughout. For the club’s interior elements, SPaN worked with Studio Sofield

the most affordable cottages feature 100 feet of waterfront, are usually quite

on custom furniture designs in sumptuous textiles. The total effect is a time-

rustic and are non-winterized,” says the company.

less, inviting, and a freshly modern take on a hideaway studded with world-

Starting prices across Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta are around $250,000. In B.C., Royal LePage says the best bargain is at Stack Lakes, in the

class art (think Hirst, Warhol, De Kooning). It’s no wonder it graced the cover of Interior Design.

Bridge Lake area, where properties start in the $200,000 to $250,000 range.

On Core Forums, members sound off on topical events, and Core Recom-

A sexy destination filled with A-listers is the backbone to a scheme by

mends is a veritable Zagat to lifestyle. Need a driver in Milan? Tap into the travel

Saunders to create a globe-encompassing socially motivated think tank, of

forum. Or unload a few bottles of Mouton Rothschild on the Exchange page.

sorts. Conversations, connections, and chance meetings could take place not

(Recently the “other” category offered ownership of the original Batmobile.)

only in the 55th Street space, but also anywhere in the world, at Core-spon-

There is, of course, no substitute for human contact, for buying someone

sored cultural events, and most often, over the internet, where neither traffic,

a drink, for a precious earful of overheard conversation (especially among this

nor time zones can stop the flow of ideas from member to member. Zoom out

crowd). And with all that in mind, and more still, Saunders is scouting locales

and members see The Core Experience, but in the day-to-day, they’re simply

with Core potential. LA is a strong contender; then again, recommendations for

living life, edited.

the best burger on the PCH are only a click away anyway. 

100 Thousand Club



SEXY Following its triumphant debut at the Geneva Motor Show in 2006, the Lamborghini Murciélago LP640 has been taking the world’s


roads by storm. The new version of this highly successful super-sports car features considerable innovations in terms of body design and mechanics. LP640 refers to its engine position – Longitudinale Posteriore – and to its power: 640 hp. That gives this devilishly handsome roadster a 0-100 time of 3.4 seconds and a top speed of 330 km/h. Designers and engineers have not only focused on reworking the engine, suspensions, gearbox, exhaust system, brakes and electronics, but also the interior and exterior design; improvements that make the Murciélago LP 640 the most extreme and fastest sports car in its class. For those wishing to flaunt the heart of their Murciélago LP640, an engine hood made of transparent glass can be supplied. The only problem you’ll have is trying to drive and look at the engine at the same time.n


100 Thousand Club

SS_LAYOUT_29_MAY.indd 84

1/6/07 14:55:40

> The 12-cylinder 640 hp

producing engine at the heart of the stunning LP640 Roadster – more refined and more powerful than ever before


> The body of the Murciélago

LP640 with its characteristic scissor doors is created from the prized union of sheet steel and honeycombed carbon fibre, glued and riveted together. Lamborghini promise “frame and chassis in perfect harmony”

< The fully customizable

cockpit is more spacious and the seats now ensure better comfort. The leather upholstery features some very stylish lozenge-shaped stitching

100 Thousand Club

SS_LAYOUT_29_MAY.indd 85


7/6/07 17:20:15




Page 86


Miami’s Art Deco district plays host to this year’s Art Basel Miami Beach


Art Basel is more than a sales opportunity, it’s buying as Bacchanalia.


s Guy Trebay opined in his article ‘An

and social highlight (especially this year,

Art Costco for Billionaires’: “It is

Keller’s last. He’s accepted a role as head of the

challenging trying to get a rise out of

Beyeler Foundation in spring 2008).

a crowd so aesthetically jaded that its

idea of a shocking performance is an artist ar-

What makes Art Basel in Basel and Miami

else shooting a dog (Tom Otterness), crawling

so special? “All the expert curators and collec-

into a cage with a live coyote (Joseph Beuys) or

tors agree that this fair is extraordinary when it

building a realistic sculpture of a man having

comes to quality,” says Keller, a sunny man who

carnal relations with a barnyard animal (Paul

teams beautifully cut suits with uptown sneak-

McCarthy).” Art Basel makes it look effortless.

ers. “Every year everyone thinks that the level

As you read this, Art 38 Basel is taking place (June 13-17 in Messe Basel, the Swiss Exhibi-

Amy O’Neill, Old Woman’s Shoe, Gallitzin/ PA, Photographed by Jason Fulford, 2007 (Courtesy Blancpain Art Contemporain, Genève)


100 Thousand Club

An extraordinary event

ranging to have himself shot (Chris Burden) or

cannot get any higher…and every year everyone is surprised – us included.”

tion Center). The New York Times has called

This is not, however, an art fair with any

it the “Olympics of the Art World”, and with

connotations of bargain basement. “The prices

300 leading art galleries from 30 countries on

are high but so is the quality, so they [the art-

all continents, it’s easy to see why.

works] are still being sold – even the works that

The art world is fraught with conflict and

cost several million dollars,” Keller explains.

intrigue, but on one thing we’re all agreed: Art

“Even complicated things that we’re showing at

Basel is the world’s premier modern and con-

Art Unlimited – large installations – are sold.”

temporary art fair. It’s such an established brand that Samuel Keller, the event’s director,

Miami heat

was able to open a second Art Basel in Miami a

On the opening day of last year’s Art Basel

few years ago because, as my favorite rumor has

Miami Beach, Norman Braman, the prominent

it, the international art world had nothing to

Florida philanthropist and businessman, who

do in winter. It is now the most important art

chairs the host committee, said that it was the

show on the American continent and a cultural

city’s privilege to be hosting the Super Bowl in




Page 87

Julian Opie, Ruth Smoking 3, 2006, Edition of 50, 121 x 80 cm (Courtesy Alan Cristea Gallery, London)



100 Thousand Club





Page 88


Clockwise from top left: Tim Rollins and K.O.S., Mass in a time of war – Gloria (after Haydn), 2005/ 06, 116.8 x 157.5 cm (Courtesy Galleria Raucci/ Santamaria, Napoli) Paul McCarthy, Santa with Butt Plug (Large), 2002, 609 x 280 x 240 cm, edition of 3 (Courtesy Hauser & Wirth Zürich, Zürich) Erwin Wurm, UFO, 2006 (Courtesy Galerie Krinzinger, Vienna, Xavier Hufkens, Brussels, Galerie Aurel Scheibler, Cologne) Andy Warhol, Repent and Sin No More!, 1985/1986, 203.2 x 182.9 cm (Courtesy Thomas Ammann Fine Art AG, Zürich)


a few weeks, but this was almost as big a deal:

Miami keep discreet about the total volume of

one that is not debated at senior management

“In fact, you could say it is the Super Bowl of

trading. Keller says it is impossible to keep ac-

level”. It took some 3,500 clients to the fair.

art fairs”.

curate track of dealers’ activities. But do the

Were they all there for the art? Karl

In truth, even this could be read as under-

math: the price tags on the market stalls run

Schweizer, the company’s head of art banking,

statement. According to the private aircraft com-

into the millions of dollars. There are museum-

concedes that art collecting has become a con-

pany NetJets, more than 200 flights were

quality Picassos, which don’t come cheap. And

stituent part of a certain lifestyle: “Here in

chartered to bring customers to Art Basel Miami

Keller points out that 99 percent of the galleries

Miami, it is not just the fair, it is the whole

Beach, which is actually more than for the Super

reapply to take part in Miami Basel every year,

package, the atmosphere, the climate, eating

Bowl and second only, in this shameless hierar-

which he says is the ultimate performance in-

under the palm trees, the swimming pools.”

chy of jet-set event management, to Oscar night.

dicator of a successful market.

It has been part of Sam Keller’s shrewdness

All week, millionaires lined the pools,

Miami Basel’s principal sponsor is the fi-

to recognize that link between art and lifestyle

beaches and fashionably austere hotel lobbies

nancial services group UBS, whose sponsorship

and play on it. Quite apart from a dozen alter-

of Miami Beach to do business. How much is it

of art is, according to its head of wealth man-

native fairs that have sprung up all round the

all worth? Unlike other art fairs, both Basel and

agement in the US, Marten Hoekstra, “the only

city, the main fair at Miami Basel was also com-

100 Thousand Club




Page 89




Page 90


plemented by a series of outside events that Keller characterizes as an “ecosystem”: a free concert on the beach (“Art Loves Music”); a screening of Easy Rider, introduced by its director and famed art collector Dennis Hopper (“Art Loves Film”); a street party in the city’s Design District (“Art Loves Design”). Art loves everybody in Miami, and the affection is reciprocated by partying punters who are happy to think their pleasure-seeking is allied to a higher purpose. There are, says Schweizer, various sectors of the market represented at Art Basel: traditional old money, interested in Old Masters and antiques; the wealthy, established entrepreneurial class, attracted by the modern classics that still fetch the highest prices; and now the new wealthy classes, typified by hedge fund managers, drawn to the freshness, glamour and irreverence of the very new. Tomas Saraceno, (detail) endless big (from the Uyuni series), 2006, 180 x 120 cm (Courtesy Andersen_S, Copenhagen)

The new millionaires, produced by strong wealth growth in the US, Asia and Europe, “want to be involved in contemporary issues, especially art”, says Schweizer. And art has correspondingly learnt to ease itself from its elitist, high culture position to sit alongside the popular culture art forms of music and cinema. There are the odd voices of dissent, people who want their fairs to be stealthy and their art quiet. They think that Art Basel perpetuates a lifestyle and not a deep love of art. They should shut up. Keller’s done a great job in popularizing a tricky process. Art and patronage are longterm bedfellows but their relationship changes. This is the latest – and by some way the most fun – incarnation. Long may it last. 

T H E D E TA I L S What: Art Basel Miami Beach Where: Sites are located in the Art Deco District When: December 6-9, 2007 This year: An exclusive selection of 200 leading art galleries from North America, Latin America, Europe, Africa and Asia will exhibit 20th and 21st century art works by over 1500 artists. Special exhiSamuel Keller, director of Art Basel: “Every year everyone thinks that the level cannot get any higher…and every year everyone is surprised – us included.”


100 Thousand Club

bitions will feature young galleries and video art.



5:16 pm

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100 Thousand Club

Page 92




Page 93



Your couch may be the latest in furniture couture, but if sitting on it makes you miserable, it’s time to change your designer. Julia Puppe talks with furniture store scion Eric Villency about the good, the bad and the fugly.


Eric Villency: furniture store scion, ex-Gucci model and urban artisan Image © Martynka Wawrzyniak

orn into a family of

instead – pieces he loved that

artists, Eric Villency’s

weren’t selling.



Villency’s house has an ever-

with creativity. His


changing interior of natural ma-

grandfather, Maurice Villency,


and father Robert began design-

peppered with his collection of

ing furniture in New York in

mid-century furniture. His fa-

1932. Some 50 years later, six-

vorite, an Arne Jacobsen Egg

year-old Eric chased people

Chair, is an original prototype re-

around the warehouse with a nail

upholstered in a mink. “It’s an

gun, playing with furniture like

over-the-top, unbelievable piece

other children play with toys.

that I can’t really sit on because




He may have got older – and

the material isn’t practical. But

the toys more expensive – but he

it’s just a decadent, gorgeous,

hasn’t changed: “When you live

beautiful, classic design, which is

in New York, you don’t get a

kind of me.”

chance to drive much because

At home, Villency’s favorite

traffic is dreadful. So to have a

pieces may be forgiven their cre-

bunch of cars in the garage is not

ative uselessness. At work the

exciting.” Peek in his and you’ll

furniture store junior embraces

find some of his design failures

practicality. No matter how ele100 Thousand Club


100KUS2_Robb & Stucky


5:19 pm

Page 94




Page 95

Design is What Design Does PROPERTY

Sophisticated design and contemporary architecture combine to winning effect in Villency’s unique flagship store on 57th street in Manhattan

gant his high-end furniture

clear and frosted glass frame the

going into finance – and went to

looks, if it’s not comfortable and

furniture on display.

study business at the University

durable, it won’t sell in any of his

Maurice Villency has come a

stores. “It’s the perfect balance

long way. Eric Villency has com-

Villency also came across

of form and function. That’s

pletely changed the company’s

modeling; or rather, modeling

what represents the best of de-

look and feel, giving it a fashion-

came across him. While going for


forward aesthetic – but his in-

a run, Eric was spotted by a pho-



of Wisconsin.


volvement very nearly didn’t

tographer who asked whether he

contemporary architecture com-

happen. When he left school,

wanted to be in an ad. “I said

bines to winning effect in Vil-

Villency wasn’t keen on going

‘sure’,” laughs Villency, and a year

lency’s unique flagship store on

into the family business. In

living in Italy was his reward (it’s

57th street in Manhattan, a full

search of his own identity, he

tough being handsome). He also

city block with a (primarily)

“succumbed” to peer-pressure –

got his first taste of how to com-

translucent façade. Windows of

most of his classmates were

bine creativity and commerce. 100 Thousand Club





Page 96

PROPERTY Design is What Design Does

“When there’s a photo shoot,

didn’t like it. “I thought it would

“That was a pretty progressive

there’s an art director, there are

be good to explore it and at least

way to introduce me into the

photographers, and make-up

learn about it. But what I really

company. I learned how to de-

artists. They are creating a prod-

learned was what I didn’t want to

sign furniture just like a con-

uct, and they’re all being paid.

do. I need to be creative. And then

tractor, carpenter or plumber

There’s budgets and time tables –

I started spending a lot of time

learn their jobs. They don’t go to

and that was a valuable experi-

with my father…”

school, they learn by doing it. I

ence for me because I got to see what goes into production.” Maurice Villency has come a long way. Eric Villency has completely changed the company’s look and feel: “The most inspiring thing is to take designs from different disciplines and reinterpret them”


100 Thousand Club

Dad taught him furniture the hard way, beginning at the

had a real practical immersion in design.”

Six months after graduation,

beginning with: it’s heavy. For

As a result, Villency loves de-

Villency waved goodbye to Calvin

five months, Villency was un-

sign, and as the host of iDesign

Klein and the glamorous world of

loading trucks at 5:00 a.m. Then

he gets to speak about it to a na-

fashion and beauty to get on with

Dad made him do everyone’s job

tion he believes is not showing

his career. He tried finance, but

in the company for up to a week.

the same love and appreciation.




Page 97

We know how to handle high maintenance


elcome to Global

thing you imagined it could be – and

Elite Concierge.

then some.

Our mission is to deliver the very

best that Las Vegas has to offer. Our Personal Concierges and VIP Hosts’ unparalleled combination of service, local knowledge and incredi-

From private jet chargers to restaurant reservations and sold out show tickets, if you celebrate life and take pleasure in a little flamboyance then we’re your perfect partner in the art of enjoyment. Contact us to find out more about

ble network of connections will ensure

making the most of your valuable leisure

your Las Vegas experience is every-

time, and get connected in Vegas.

4800 Nara Vista #101, Las Vegas, NV, 89103 (702) 419-8001 Elite: adj: selected as the best; a class of person enjoying superior status, “the elite of the society”. Of power and influence. Connected. One of the cognoscenti.




Page 98

PROPERTY Design is What Design Does

When you worked as a model, what fascinated you about the fashion industry? Seeing the business aspect. I had always been around people who were creative, but not necessarily saw that there’s a real economic component to it. It’s a business, and I think that’s the challenge. When you’re doing anything creatively it can never be pure art. At the end of the day, there needs to be that practicality. If you are going to convince someone to pay money for it, it needs some meat there, and it’s not just your own.


Would you describe yourself as a hands-on designer or are you more involved in the management side of the company?

I’m involved in both. That’s the challenge. When I wasn’t responsible for the overall company, I got to spend a lot more time designing and being involved with the creative direction of the company. That’s something that I love. As the president, I have to be much more involved in the actual running of the company. That’s not something my personality tends to gravitate towards. That’s not the sexy, fun part of the business. Part of me wishes I could spend my


whole day in the design shop.

How has the design world changed since the days of your grandfather?

The big thing is technology. It’s computers and the materials available. There are designs that I found from my grandfather’s scrapbook that he just couldn’t build structurally and because he didn’t have materials like carbon fiber or some of the materials where you can have cantilevered designs. That’s the nature of design, it keeps evolving.

Contemporary design needs to move the ball forward and needs to change – it needs to not just dwell on the past. It needs to explore new things.

Who do you consider to be the tastemakers in the design industry?


There are so many brilliant people working today, but I love Tadao Ando. He’s a brilliant architect, and he’s not classically trained, which shows that you can be creatively successful without having that classical background. Zaha Hadid is great. She has done fantastic theoretical work that’s taking design in a new direction. The Bouroullec brothers are really inspired. And Yves Behar, he does many different projects in many different areas, showing how many different disciplines you can enter as a designer. Fuse Project is his company, and he does furniture, industrial design, backpacks, shoes – it shows how many different worlds you can touch.

What next?

I’ve launched a new production facility called the Villency Atelier program. The way this company started was that you walked into my grandfather’s workshop, his “atelier.” You’d sit down, he’d pour you a glass of Scotch, start sketching things and custom make a piece for you. I was really drawn to this idea. So now you can come in to our Atelier with a sketch or a photo of any piece you like, and we’ll build it exactly the way you want. You can sit on the prototypes and be involved in the process. It’s really like having your own private design workshop.


100 Thousand Club




Page 99


In an effort to raise design-con-

take it and throw it on paper, can

towers designed by Richard

sciousness amongst his fellow

now be a wallpaper design. You

Meier). Or the Patek Philippe he

Americans, he has lectured at FIT

can cross all the different disci-

bought himself for his 30th

and MIT Sloan School of Man-

plines, and it’s never been easier.

birthday. “It’s handmade. The


The most inspiring thing is to

whole craft of it and the quality,

Villency keeps his own cul-

take designs from different disci-

for me that’s something I re-

tural awareness high with regular

plines and reinterpret them,” he

spond to, that I love. Even if I’m

trips to London, Milan, and

says with passion.

buying a baby toy for my son

Tokyo. He is inspired by the

This same passion for design

Ronan, I just can’t ever let it go. I

things he sees: a particular kind

– for quality and thought – comes

care that it has good design in it.”

of fabric, a detail from fashion,

out when he talks about his fa-

And so even the crib little Ronan

from interior design or architec-

vorite eatery in town (Perry St., in

sleeps in is a Maurice Villency,

ture. “An industrial design, if you

one of the sparely elegant glass

custom-made by the president himself. In an era of mass production, Villency is reawaking the spirit that started his company 75 years ago. His latest project, Villency Atelier, is all about being in the workshop and interacting with engineers, designers and craftspeople – people who will build whatever you conceive. “This is dedicated to high-quality craftsmanship, and being able to execute any design problem.” It’s a fitting point on which to end our discussion. Villency has to rush off to the airport with his family – wife Kimberly Guilfoyle, former prosecutor and anchor of The Lineup, and son Ronan. It is Memorial Day weekend, the couple’s anniversary, which they are due to spend at Cap Juluca in Anguilla. “We’ve been going a lot to island destinations. Places like St. Barts sometimes feel like you’re in a suburb of New York because you run into so many people you know and there’s so much nightlife. We live such hectic lives that we really like to relax and slow down. Anguilla is great because it has nice restaurants, it’s quiet, but it’s still a nice luxury experience.” And for once, Eric doesn’t even mention the word design.  100 Thousand Club





Page 100

TRAVEL Feel Good Travel


raditional “voluntourism” is hard work. Nobody doubts the rewards, but as a vacation? Thankfully, David Chamberlain has given the matter some thought – some, deep, soul-searching thought. And he’s come up with Exquisite Safaris. A private luxury tour company that creates the extravagant itinerary of your choice (expect to pay about $1,500 to $2,000

per person, per day) in such locales as Kenya, Vietnam, and Peru, Exquisite Safaris aims to “facilitate your international philanthropic family legacy”. The company promises to “personally transform” traveler and host while creating sustainability. It does this by tailoring a humanitarian element to your trip. For example, in between watching cheetahs on the plains of the Serengeti and getting pamperedwithspatreatments,youmayspendamorningteachingkidshowtoread. “Voluntourism is for people with more time than money,” says Exquisite founder David Chamberlain. “Our trips are for those who have it the other way around.

Feel Good Travel Forget textbook “voluntourism”, where your conscience is exorcised through hard exercise, and book yourself an exquisite experience. Author ROBERT ADDAMS


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“All we ask is that you be willing to commit at least morning or af-

and they received the blessings of the village elders. And her children

ternoon during your next luxury travel experience with the intent to

met the village’s children who, for the first time, could attend school.”

meet some of the most inspirational and culturally diverse people in

In addition, Chamberlain is fully committed to providing these hol-

the world.”

idays with the minimum environmental impact. “Local people in many

Though time spent in the trenches can be minimal, participants

of the most exotic destinations we visit are occupied fully with their

are frequently transformed. “We spent a week in the slums of

family’s daily survival and don’t have the bandwidth to consider the

Nairobi where we bought bags of rice and delivered them to or-

merits of eco-travel. We believe that seeding sustainable humanitarian

phanages, then we visited Tanzania where we saw 300,000 wilde-

projects that enable people to get beyond the daily march for survival

beests,” says Tom Dowd, CEO of industrial chemical company

is a prerequisite to conserving the environment.

Dowd and Guild Inc. Since his trip, Dowd has made significant contributions to relief organizations. Another client asked what could be done with a $10,000 donation in Zambia, a destination she wanted to visit with her family. “We suggested building a primary school,” says Chamberlain. “Nine months later, she brought her family to celebrate the opening of the school

“We are open to suggestions toward making the Exquisite Safaris experience more environmentally sound and we will utilize new methods, technology and eco-friendly accommodations as they become available.” Philanthropy and enjoyment in a low-impact package? All holidays should be like this. 

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Exclusive Invitation to Join Cartella Bella, the worldâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s most exclusive Luxury Vacation Destination Club. Enjoy Luxury World Wide...

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on the


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in the Mountains

Golf in just about any location Be on your own

Relax at

Private Island

Country Vineyards or in Big Cities

PO Box 7374, Ventura, CA93006 800-982-7707

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TRAVEL Virgin Island

Virgin Island 100Thousand Club’s Eric Lim on his favorite Caribbean destination: the glorious and gloriously unspoilt St. Lucia.


t. Lucia is a miracle. How has this small island – boasting some of the world’s finest resorts and best beaches – become one of the most popular vacation destinations in the Caribbean and yet, somehow, remained as I found it some 20 years ago: glorious,

low-key, unspoilt by mass tourism and with a thriving local community? St. Lucia’s glowering, towering mountain range that reaches half a mile into the sky, should have been its downfall. As anybody with half a brain in marketing will tell you (and forgive me if I sound like Bob Hope, but anybody in marketing has half a brain), people need pictures. The Pitons are St. Lucia incarnate: proud, vibrant, sun-kissed, lush. St. Lucia more than lives up to the paradisal Caribbean stereotype: a glorious mix of honey-sand beaches, translucent waters sheltering reefs swarming with tropical fish, verdant interior rainforests and a thriving culture that encompasses literature and theatre as well as music and dance.

St. Lucia still has a thriving local community and a strong sense of its own culture


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A View With A Room

Taking full advantage of its spectacular natural surroundings, Ladera offers a unique design in guest accommodations. Modeled on luxury tree-house living and a relaxed, barefoot lifestyle, the 6 villa suites and 21 suites were intentionally built without a fourth wall, yet were designed to be both sheltered and completely private. The design affords spectacular views of the Caribbean and unobstructed star gazing at night. Every accommodation features its own private plunge pool or villa swimming pool. Dasheene, Ladera’s restaurant, is noted throughout the Caribbean for its innovative kitchen and creative renderings of island cuisine. Dasheene’s menu is based on native ingredients and relies on the local bounty for its fresh, innovative take on West Indian dishes. Ladera has been at the forefront of St. Lucia’s “sustainable cooking” movement to encourage other local restaurants to use their native produce and products and to claim Caribbean cooking’s rightful place in World Cuisine.

Undeniably, one of Ladera’s most beautiful assets is it’s people. The dedicated 110 person staff are pleased to go above and beyond to make sure that your stay at Ladera is the experience you'd expect from the St. Lucia’s premiere resort hotel. For Ladera reservations, please call Ladera directly at toll free 866-290-0978 or visit our website

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Virgin Island TRAVEL

However, in contrast to other islands in the

If you’d rather take advantage of the

region, where the tourism infrastructure has

more established tourist facilities, those that

been steadily expanding since the 1960s, St.

do exist are splendidly high-end, with luxury

Lucia has only recently begun to attract visi-

hotels, world-class restaurants and large

tors in any number. As a result, tourism has

duty-free malls to indulge in the odd shop-

a much lower profile here, and this low-key

ping spree.

feel is one of the island’s biggest assets. With

Still, the best vacations shoot for a range of

little of the jaded hustle that can mar more

experiences, and there’s really no reason not to:

established Caribbean destinations, you’ll

St. Lucia’s 616 square kilometers are ripe for

find St. Lucia a relaxed, informal and incred-

exploration, and though a car is the optimum

ibly friendly place to visit, especially if you

way to get around, bus links to most areas are

venture out of the heavily touristed enclaves

good and taxis are always available.

in and around Rodney Bay and take the time

Watching giant leatherback turtles lay-

to explore Marigot Bay, Soufrière and – even

ing eggs by moonlight on Grande Anse

more authentic – the small villages of the At-

beach – the season starts in March – is a re-

lantic coast and the south.

markable spectacle.

Here, you’ll find plenty of inexpensive, no-

If it is beaches you’re after, you’ll proba-

frills guesthouses, roadside dining establish-

bly head first to the tourism strongholds of

ments and open-air village markets. This side

the northwest coast, where scores of hotels

of the island is also especially good for hiking.

and restaurants are clustered in Rodney Bay and on the stretch between that village and Gros Islet. Reef-fringed swaths of white sand along this stretch of coastline justify its ‘Golden Mile’ nickname. South of Rodney Bay, the bustling capital of Castries is also worth visiting, with its grassy town square named after St. Lucia’s Nobel Prize-winning author Derek Walcott, and a clamorous, colorful market that provides vivid insight into everyday island life. These days, visitors are gravitating more and more to the south of the island, where the pace is slower and the bays are lined with brightly painted fishing boats rather than the garish concrete of resort hotels. With a deepwater harbor framed by St. Lucia’s best-known landmark – the aforementioned Pitons – the attractive, laid-back town of Soufrière boasts gorgeous colonial architecture as well as unusual stretches of dark grey-brown volcanic sand. A fusion of French, British and African traditions, St. Lucia’s Creole culture is an intriguing mix: while the official language is English, the lingua franca is a mellifluous,

The more established tourist facilities are splendid – with luxury hotels, world-class restaurants and large duty-free malls. Or you can relax on your balcony overlooking the cool turquoise sea

French-based Patois that employs African vocabulary and structures. Similarly, the local cuisine blends French traditions with island ingredients, focusing on local seafood and root crops originally imported from Africa on slave ships. 100 Thousand Club


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TRAVEL Virgin Island

St. Lucia’s 616 square kilometers are ripe for exploration or relaxation

However, the most conspicuous – and exciting – expressions of St Lucia’s culture are its festivals, Christian in origin but African in character. Carnival is by far the biggest event, a colorful, animated round of frenetic parties, calypso contests and parades of revelers decked out in wild costumes portraying spirits and devils – probably most exuberantly celebrated in the Castries area. If you’re not lucky enough to be in St Lucia for Carnival, or for the more intimate summer saints’ festivals, you haven’t entirely missed out. The St Lucian propensity for partying is indulged each Friday when the tiny village of Gros Islet is overtaken by a classic West Indian ‘jump-up’, a street party where tourists and locals alike descend for a night of eating, drinking and dancing under the stars.  108

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WHEN TO GO For many visitors, St. Lucia’s biggest attraction is its tropical climate. During the mid-December to mid-April high season, the island is pleasantly hot, with little rain and constant northeasterly trade winds keeping the nights cool. Temperatures rise during the summer months, which can also be wet: the rainy season lasts from June to October, and during this time, short, heavy bursts of rain are matched by an increase in humidity; rainfall is nearly three times heavier in the central rainforests than along the coast. The rainy months also coincide with the hurricane season, which runs roughly from late August to October.

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TRAVEL 36 Hours in Montréal

36 Hours in Montréal




Don’t concern yourself with lug-

Take the Terrace Apartment

A true favorite of Montréalers,

Montréal offers serious shop-

gage. Universal Express (www.virtu-

Suite with private access via guest el-

Ferreira Café (1446 Rue Peel, 514-

ping, from chic to antique. Rue will come to your

evator at Hotel Le-St James (355 Rue

848-0988) was awarded the 1997

Sherbrooke is home to Holt Ren-

door and whisk your Vuitton

St. Jacques, 514-841-3111). Its wrap-

Grand prix by Commerce Design

frew (1300 Rue Sherbrooke Ouest,

straight to the hotel – so you can

around terrace offers up the Mon-

Montréal. This ambassador for Por-

514-842-5111), where Giorgio Ar-

step onboard your chartered JetDi-



tuguese cuisine boasts a fabulous

mani, Prada, Gucci, and Chanel are

rect ( flight and

panorama. Luxury Bruno Richard

decor and many delicacies, includ-

displayed with solemn tastefulness.

step off at Pierre Elliott Trudeau In-

linens will draw you to the bedroom.

ing customers’ choice, the mixed

Rare gemstones and beautifully

ternational Airport, where Hotel Le

No bad thing.



meat grill of quail, chouriço and

worked gold and platinum are on

St-James’s private chauffeur is await-

Also in the heart of old Mon-

lamb chops with Pont Neuf pota-

display at Kaufmann de Suisse

ing your arrival. Travel in the hotel’s

tréal, with its winding roads and

toes. But you’ve a busy afternoon

(2195 Crescent Street, 514-848-

limited edition Rolls-Royce Phan-

classic charm, is Le Place D’Armes

ahead, so resist the temptation and

0595). Also in the neighborhood is

tom, Maybach 57S or Bentley Con-

(55 Rue St. Jacques West, 514-842-

go for a lighter option: Chef

one of the most prominent Cana-

tinental GT, and arrive in style.

1887), a stunning boutique hotel

Marino Tavares’s own selection, the

dian designers of his generation,

created from three 19th century her-

Cataplana de poisons et fruit de

Vietnam born Andy Thê-Anh (120

itage buildings. The Balcony Suite

mer à la Portugaise.

De la Montagne, 514-842-4208),

with towering brick walls, chocolate

known for his impeccable suits,

brown wood and tan leather furni-

ultra-feminine blouses and drop-

ture offers a charming view of an-

dead gorgeous dresses.

cient Saint-Jacques Street.



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French has long been the langue d’amour, but you don’t need to go to France (again) for a romantic getaway. Montréal is the world’s second largest French-speaking city, after Paris, and it glows with as much vitality and excitement as any European capital. 36 hours of joie de vivre guaranteed.





Tired from shopping or just in

Devote yourself to the sinful

Montréal is a city of festivals,

Lit up like a jewel at night,

need of a little spoiling: Rainspa

pleasures of fine wine and cham-

a tradition that peaks with the In-

Casino de Montréal (1 Avenue

(55 Rue St. Jacques West, 514-282-

pagne. Choose your aperitif from

ternational Fireworks Festival in

du Casino Montréal, 514-392-

2727) inside Le Place D’Armes

over 500 entries on the wine list of

July, when every Saturday at

2746) on the Ile Notre-Dame is

sooths and calms your aching

BU Wine Bar (5245 Boulevard St-

10:00 p.m. you can watch one of

the largest in Quebec and among

muscles with the warm, fragrant

Laurent, 514-276-0249) and admire

the world’s best fireworks dis-

the ten largest in the world in

vapors of Montréal’s first ham-

the award-winning minimal interior,

plays. Dine on the stunning

terms of gaming equipment. Ex-

mam, a Turkish-inspired steam

designed by Machin-Machine. Or if

rooftop terrace of Les Remparts

cellent live entertainment, un-

bath. Or take the elevator down to

you prefer warm earth tones, rich

(93 Rue de la Commune Est, 514-

countable slot machines and

Spa St. James (2190 Crescent

woods and comfortable furniture,

392-1649) and indulge in a seven-

gaming tables, a Keno lounge, a

Street, 514-844-4590), the old

Narcisse wine bar (97 Rue de la

course gastronomic dinner while

Royal Ascot electronic horse rac-

Merchants Bank vault, trans-

Commune Est, 514-876-0081) will

you watch the sky explode with

ing track, and a high-limits gam-

formed into a peaceful candlelit

dazzle you with a feel that is both

color over the old port and the St-

ing area. There’s even a lounge

setting for the ultimate relaxation

trendy and classic. Equally popular

Lawrence River. Or try Restau-

for the risk-averse.

experience. Pampering with a per-

are the mouth-watering martinis

rant Nuances (1 Avenue du

sonal touch is also available in

and amazing ambiance of Le Place

Casino Montréal, 514-392-2708)

your hotel room. Book an insinu-

D’Armes’ Suite 701 (55 Rue St.

with its interior of vivid colors,

ating oil massage and your treat-

Jacques West, 514-842-1887).

soft textures, inspired folly and

ment will continue even after your

tangible modern elegance.

massotherapist has left.

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TRAVEL 36 Hours in Montréal




Music, fashion shows, and art –

The simple, unfettered joy of a

Wake up after your lazy Sun-

Leave your luggage at the hotel

the Time Supper Club (997 Rue St.

lazy morning: drench away the

day Brunch with the Old Port’s

(Universal Express will take care of

Jaques, 514-392-9292) has it all.

morning-after fatigue in your

fastest attraction: speed boating

it) and enjoy the short, 20-minute

Montréal’s fashion royalty regularly

green Chinese marble bathroom at

(Lachine Rapids Jet Boat Tours,

chauffeured ride to the airport,

gathers at the club to party the

Le-St James then head for Le Mon-

514 284 9607). Go on an exhila-

where your JetDirect travel coordi-

night away in style, getting intimate

tréalais (900 Rene Levesque Blvd.,

rating ride through the wildest

nator has ensured that your plane

in the mezzanine level VIP salon.

514 954 2261), where a vast buffet

stretches of the Lachine Rapids

is prepared with all the fine food,

Another favorite with the interna-

is available alongside delicious

that will leave you wet and want-

beverages, entertainment options

tional elite is Club Opera (32 Rue

Italian pastries, a selection of

ing more. Less dramatic but more

and other amenities you prefer. Set-

St-Catherine West, 514-842-2836).

cheeses, and a harpist (if you’re re-

glamorous, why not explore the

tle back and relive those memories

Hosts such as Denis Rodman and

ally hungry). Or try Verses Restau-

St-Laurent seaway on a private

of la vie en rose.

some of the world’s best DJs rock

rant (100 Rue St. Paul West,

cruise onboard the Le St-James

the house until the early hours –

514-788-4000) with its large win-

yacht? Disappear in one of the

and late arrival back in your Suite.

dows opening onto Rue St. Paul,

Mangusta 80’s three bedrooms,

Pour some of the hotel’s courtesy

the jewel in old Montréal’s crown.

each with an Italian marble bath-

champagne on your terrace while

room, or sip a glass of champagne

you watch the sun rise over the

bathed in sunlight on the deck.

Jacques-Cartier bridge. The rest is between you and those Bruno Richard linens.



100 Thousand Club

100KUS2_333 Sherbrooke


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TRAVEL Come Fly with Me The high-specification interior of a Dassault Falcon 50

COME FLY WITH ME… A private jet service that’s as flexible as your lifestyle. Sentient TravelCard Membership Becoming a Sentient TravelCard Member is remarkably simple:


entient Jet merged with JetDirect Aviation in April of this year, creating a full-service private aviation services company with

• Deposit funds and fly – choose between the Silver and Gold Membership levels • Call to book a flight – specify departure time and select size and category of jet • Membership account is debited – based on actual flight time

national infrastructure and the largest non-fractional fleet* of aircraft in the country, with more than 110 aircraft under man-

agement between the combined companies and their subsidiaries. What does this mean for you? It means extraordinary product flexibility and the combined companies’ continued commitment to service and safety.

Initial Deposit This is not a fee – all deposits are used entirely for flight hours and are fully refundable at any time:

The way to fly Sentient understands that no two trips are alike, which is why the company has pioneered a unique Membership Program that’s as flexible

• Silver Membership = $100,000 • Gold Membership = $250,000

as your lifestyle. “Members can choose from a light, mid or heavy jet for each individual trip,” says Steve Hankin, President and COO. “And they can book


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A Bombardier Challenger 601-3R – one of the many world-class private aircraft Members can access through the Sentient Program

flights with as little as 10 hours notice.” Sentient has guaranteed availability 365 days a year. “With no large up front capital investments, depreciating assets or acquisition costs, the Sentient Jet Program offers the ultimate in flexibility to those who fly privately,” says Hankin. “We are committed to providing our Members with a level of personalized service designed to make every flight an extraordinary experience.” 

Preferred Plus Card Membership The Preferred Plus Card was designed for individuals and corporations who are able to make a commitment to a certain level of flying for a twelve-month period:

• Purchase price = $150,000. The card is valid for one year from the date of purchase and is non-refundable. Once depleted, Members can simply purchase a new one. • Preferred Plus Members fly exclusively on aircraft in Sentient’s Preferred category. Aircraft that are certified in Sentient’s Preferred category are comparable to the U.S. fractional fleet with an average age of approximately four years, and are never older than ten years. • Preferred Plus Members enjoy discounted hourly rates – approximately six percent less than TravelCard rates.

A high level of personalized service is designed to make every flight an extraordinary experience

*All flights are operated by FAR Part 135 air carriers (“Operators”), who shall maintain full Operational Control at all times. Operators providing service for the Sentient Jet Membership Program must meet both FAA safety requirements and additional safety standards established by Sentient Jet, Inc. Some flights will be operated by one of the wholly-owned subsidiaries of JetDirect Aviation Holdings, LLC, the parent company of Sentient Jet, Inc., each as an individual FAR Part 135 air carrier with full Operational Control and each operating in full compliance with all FAA requirements and Sentient safety standards.

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TRAVEL Travel Light

Travel Light Let somebody else carry your bags and they will arrive on time all the time, says Adam Clausen.


ith the recent heightened security at airports, long lines, delays, and lost luggage are now commonplace. Lost luggage has become so expected by customers that most find themselves mumbling “I knew it; I just knew I shouldn’t have checked my luggage”.

Unfortunately, many airlines haven’t found a solution to the problem, and

haven’t made any real plans to. While travelers are forced to wait long hours to board planes that have been delayed, airlines are struggling to make sure each customer’s luggage reaches the same destination as they do.


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Worldwide, lost luggage is a massive problem: approximately one bag is lost or misplaced every two minutes. Solutions to the problem haven’t been provided by the airlines, so Universal Express founder Richard Altomare came up with an idea so unique that it might just solve most or all of the problems faced in airports today. After hurting his back carrying luggage through an airport, Altomare decided that the traveler would benefit from a service that separated passengers from their luggage, making any trip easier from start to finish. In 1998, Altomare’s company Universal Express, introduced a luggage transportation business under the name Luggage Express. Most customers find it a delight – a service that will alleviate some of the stress that comes with traveling. With one simple call, Luggage Express will pick up a client’s luggage, golf clubs, skis, bicycles, strollers, and meeting materials and have them shipped to the final destination of choice. Luggage Express’ sister company, Virtual Bellhop, is strictly dedicated to cruise ship passen-

Negotiations are currently

Times, Readers’ Digest and thou-

gers, serving both Crystal Cruises

underway with airlines to offer

sands of others across the country,

and Windstar Cruises, to name a

the luggage service for free to

as well as aired commentaries and

few. Virtual Bellhop picks up a

first-class and business class pas-

interviews with CNBC, ABC, and

customer’s baggage prior to

sengers. After airline acceptance,

Business Now. Luggage Express

boarding a cruise ship and deliv-

lost luggage rates will decline as

will probably be recognized by

ers it directly to the cabin.

will delays associated with lug-

other media as it takes travel to

Luggage transportation serv-

gage at airports. Security lines

the next level – certainly that next

ices will redefine how people

will get shorter and the need for

level will be defined by Luggage

travel worldwide. Significant

the TSA to interfere with travel-

Express and its luggage trans-

benefits to the airlines exist,

ers in airports will decline. Fi-

portation services. 

which include: customer satis-

nally, airports will run smoothly

faction, easier check-in, a secure

and the airline industry will be-

Adam Clausen is Senior Sales

alternative to curb-side check-in,

come profitable again.

Executive for Universal Express.

less congestion in the departure

Recently, Luggage Express

hall with less luggage to screen,

has gained public recognition

For more information visit

and it should minimize depar-

through print media such as, The or simply call

ture delays.

Wall Street Journal, New York


“Luggage Express will probably be recognized by other media as it takes travel to the next level”

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The Ultimate Luxury Island Destination

Paradise Cost

David Stewart looks at the realities of vacation home ownership.


or many, the thought of owning a vacation home evokes an

to which you are accustomed – yet the price tag may meet or exceed the

image of carefree walks along windswept beaches, or perhaps

value of your primary residence. For a savvy investor, this might not be

cozy campfires along the shore. Whatever the reason, vaca-

such a hurdle; however, the dollar signs do not stop at the home’s price

tion home ownership has long been a popular venture among

tag, you will need to furnish the home too.

folks who appreciate a leisurely escape from increasingly hectic lives. To get away from it all, and disconnect from the pressures of everyday


life can certainly be alluring. However, if you are thinking of joining

Then of course there are the recurring expenses such as utilities,

the ranks of vacation homeowners, there are a few things to consider

insurance, and taxes. While these costs are anticipated with vacation

before signing that deed.

home ownership, keep in mind that they entail additional responsibilities to stay on top of while you are not using your vacation property.

The price of escape Despite talks of real estate market volatility, quality vacation property remains at a premium. With the first segment of the baby boomer

This brings us to the logistics of vacation home ownership. A multitude of factors are involved in maintaining your vacation home, and a local property manager is a must have.

generation slated to retire within the next decade, we might see even greater competition for prime locations in the following years.


Unexpected events

While a bit of rustic flare can certainly add charm to your getaway,

Vacation properties are generally no more susceptible to catas-

you might find that your vacation home prospects lack the amenities

trophe than any other property. However, if a water main breaks and

100 Thousand Club

Cartella Bella Ed P118,119 118

1/6/07 15:15:01


Nestled along the turquoise waters of Turks and Caicos, The Somerset offers a refined lifestyle where timeless memories await. Every nuance of this multimillion-dollar resort has been gracefully executed and beautifully brought to life. As a recent inductee into the Condé Nast

infinity-edge pool, which seems to cascade

McGarrie brings a world of culinary exper-

Johansens’ luxury hotel guide for 2007 and

into the Atlantic itself. With lap currents, this

tise and Caribbean style. With clean white

one of the few select members of the Small

striking body of water invites you to refresh,

lines and mahogany finishes complementing

Luxury Hotels of the World, The Somerset

reinvigorate or relax as the waiter brings you

fresh island-inspired dishes, O’Soleil evokes

will fill your days and nights with the in-

a cool drink from the poolside bar.

the relaxed European elegance and charm

dulgence of five-star luxury. Recapture your

Enjoy some friendly competition on the

sense of paradise and play with an elegant

manicured croquet lawn or work off your

array of family-oriented amenities and per-

indulgences in the modern fitness center.

The perfect balance to O’Soleil’s mag-

sonal white glove services.

Sample the bounty of pursuits island holi-

nificent setting is the Pearl Lounge, named

that encompasses The Somerset’s enchanting surroundings.

At The Somerset, the opportunities are

days offer, including horseback riding on

for its exquisite mother-of-pearl inlaid bar

limitless — as are the family-friendly recre-

the beach, sailing, kayaking, snorkeling

top – ideal for lounging alfresco and enjoy-

ational luxuries. The silky white sands of

and diving.

ing specialty cocktails under the stars. At

the Grace Bay Beach provide stunning views

To the new, sophisticated atmosphere of

from every vantage point, especially the vast

O’Soleil Restaurant, Executive Chef Stephen

The Somerset, your every epicurean wish can be indulged. n

f loods your primary residence the problem is usually discovered

ingly popular among people who desire their own getaway, without the

right away.

hassles and headaches of solo ownership. If you’d rather be a vacationer than a property manager, options like fractional and destination club

The alternatives

vacation home ownership might be for you. n

If these pitfalls make you question your desire to be a vacation homeowner, be aware that there are other options. In recent years fractional

David Stewart is President of Choice Escapes and Cartella Bella

vacation home ownership and destination clubs have become increas-

Destination Clubs. 100 Thousand Club

Cartella Bella Ed P118,119 119


4/6/07 09:03:48




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Located on the southern tip of Mexico’s Baja California peninsula and bordered by the Sea of Cortes to the East and the Pacific Ocean to the West, Los Cabos combines a beautiful desert landscape with a startlingly rich marine environment. Author REBECCA GOOZEE


n the un-spoilt desert, sand dunes of epic proportions and stunning rock formations are littered with cactus and indigenous plants offering distinct colors and textures. Framed by miles of pristine, sandy beaches, the sparkling, crystal-clear waters are

full of teaming wildlife and are ripe for exploring the unique shipwrecks found here. The Sierra de la Laguna mountain range provides a spectacular backdrop to this unforgettable destination. Los Cabos consists of two small, but entirely different towns and the bit in between. San Jose del Cabo to the Northeast and Cabo San Lucas at the Southern tip bracket a twenty mile seacoast corridor offering exclusivity and perfectly placed luxury. Picturesque San Jose del Cabo represents the quieter, more historical and traditional side of Los Cabos with century-old adobe buildings, shady plazas and squares focused around the church built on the site of the original 18th century Jesuit mission. Cabo San Lucas, best known for its world famous rock formation ‘El Arco’, is a world away from San Jose. Fast paced and polished to perfection, San Lucas is a


100 Thousand Club


TRAVEL Mexican Jewel




Page 121


The stunning open air spa at Marquis Los Cabos

round-the-clock town with bustling shops, restaurants and nightclubs.


Beautiful luxury Francisco de Ulloa, Hernan Cortes’s navigator, came upon Cabo San Lucas in 1537. Following him, pirates discovered this trade route and Cabo was frequently under siege. San Jose del Cabo was founded in 1730 as a Jesuit mission (with all of the pirates, there must have been plenty of souls in need). But it wasn’t until the 1940s, when screen legends such as John Wayne and Bing Crosby flew here in private planes to fish and hunt, that Los Cabos appeared on the public radar. Now visitors come to relax, unwind and immerse themselves in unparalled luxury. There are numerous hotels in San Jose del Cabo, Cabo San Lucas and the ‘corridor’, each seemingly more beautiful than the next. Casa Natalia is situated in the historical heart of San Jose del Cabo, just minutes from outstanding beaches and a private beach club and is like staying in a (lovely) Mexican home. This full service luxury boutique hotel is impeccable. The European couple that own and run it welcome visitors and treat them like house guests from the moment they arrive. Choose one of the two Spa Suites and enjoy a king size bed, private terrace with a view of the garden or pool, hammock and an outdoor Jacuzzi. The hotel is also home to the fabulous Mi Cocina restaurant, one of the top dining 100 Thousand Club





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TRAVEL Mexican Jewel


100 Thousand Club




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Left: A bedroom at Las Ventanas al Paraíso

venues in Los Cabos, serving highly creative Euro-Mexican cuisine, seasonal specialties and fresh local seafood in a sophisticated setting. Alternatively you could try Las Ventanas al Paraiso (literally, “window to paradise”). This five-diamond resort lives up to its name; spectacular views from every suite focus on the natural element of water to enhance the stunning environment. World-class service is coupled with the ultimate personal attention – pampering. Poolside, butlers are ready to cool guests with mists of frosted Evian spray and refresh their palettes with complimentary refreshments. Fully charged and pre-loaded iPods are available as are location free TVs, allowing guests to watch their favorite programs or 100 Thousand Club





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TRAVEL Mexican Jewel

Los Cabos famous rock arch formation “El Arco”: where the Pacific meets the Sea of Cortes

surf the web and send e-mails wherever they are. Guests are offered a bed sheet menu, allowing them to choose the sheets of their choice. Also on site is the hotel’s ‘department of romance’, helping guests conceive, plan and create the ultimate unforgettable romantic experience. The two-bedroom ocean view spa suite is choice, offering a dedicated spa butler to coordinate your personalized spa program with an in-suite magnetic mattress, infrared sauna and treatment room. The suite also features two large king size bedrooms, two bathrooms, living room and full kitchen. The two-bedroom ocean view suite offers unlimited ocean views, dedicated butler service, two master bedrooms, spacious living area, full kitchen with wine cellar and two outdoor private jacuzzis. Las Ventanas al Paraiso offers a host of options for exquisite dining in the on site restaurants – but forget them. Ask for a private table for two on the beach where you can sit in glorious isolation listening to the lapping waves and basked in the glow of a warming bonfire. One five star restaurant definitely worth a visit, however, is La Panga Antigua in San Jose del Cabo. Award winning chef and co-owner Jacobo Turquie presents contemporary Mexican cuisine with a seafood twist. The focus is on quality and the oysters are divine. Taste one and believe. If you choose to dine in Cabo San Lucas then French Riviera should be your first stop. Presenting fine gourmet dining, it is rated as one of the best restaurants in Los Cabos. The architecture is complimented by the stunning 124

100 Thousand Club

100KUS2_Cabo Azul Ad


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TRAVEL Mexican Jewel

From top: Three views of Villa la Diosa de la Luna, a nominee for “Mexico’s Leading Villa” in the 2007 World Travel Awards. A room with a view; out on the deck; the villa at night

views of the famous ‘El Arco’ and the worldclass wines and magnificent cuisine all contribute to a magical evening. If you are only able to stay for a drink before you move on, indulge in an ice cream cocktail. The Tahitian (coconut, coffee, meringue, caramel and whiskey) is truly scrumptious. If it is a night out that you want then Cabo San Lucas is the place to be. Nikki Beach, the internationally recognized bar and club, has an electric atmosphere. It’s draped in beautiful people from noon onwards, sipping champagne and cocktails while soaking up the sun on plush lounge beds and under beach teepees. A fantastic place to socialize any time of day the delicious sushi and house mojitos are a must. As the sun sets, global dance and house music is played by resident DJs who know how to work a crowd. Feeling strong? Then continue on to Passion Lounge and Nightclub. Part of Nikki Beach, it features a separate lounge, club, VIP room and premium bar. But Los Cabos is more than sun and sand – there’s whale watching from late November to March, fantastic shopping and some of the finest fishing in the world. It also boasts some spectacular world-class golf courses. The Ocean Course at Cabo del Sol, one of three courses in the area designed by Jack Nicklaus, is in Golf Magazine’s top 100 courses in the world. Desert, mountains, ocean, mojitos and frosted Evian only a few hours from most US locations. Leave home now and meet me by the pool. Your day will be better for it. 126

100 Thousand Club

100KUS2_Los Cabos Tourism


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TRAVEL Mexican Jewel


HOTEL TWIN DOLPHIN This seaside retreat offers sweeping ocean views, and a serious escape from daily life, complete with ex-


ceptionally spacious, quiet and comfortable suites.

Rated in the top three places to stay in Los Cabos, Esperanza is unbelievably luxurious with truly at-

Transpeninsular Highway One Kilometer 12

tentive staff, set in a stunning location.

Cabo San Lucas

Carretera Transpeninsular km 7

Manzana 10, Punta Ballena


Cabo San Lucas


The Marquis Los Cabos is a breathtaking property

Some consider this to be the finest place to

in an immaculate condition. Privacy and attentive

dine in Los Cabos. Gourmet French-Mediter-

service is guaranteed.

ranean cuisine, world-class wines and impeccable service await all.

KM 21.5 Carretera Transpeninsular Fraccionamiento Cabo Real, Los Cabos

Carretera Transpeninsular KM 6.3

Cabo San Lucas

VILLA LA DIOSA DE LA LUNA A private villa combining extravagant luxury with stunning views of the Pacific. It sleeps 10 in five


opulent bedrooms with ocean views and includes a

Romantic candlelit tables overlook the ocean and

six person Jacuzzi and infinity swimming pool. Is a

the excellent international pacific-rim cuisine and

nominee for “Mexico's Leading Villa” for the 2007

extensive wine list offer a true delight in dining.

World Travel Awards,


Corredor Turistico KM 10, Los Cabos

A tranquil oasis in the heart of historic San Jose del Cabo. With just 18 rooms, staying at

Sheraton Hacienda del Mar


Casa Natalia is like being a guest in a genuine Mexican home.

EDITH’S Boulevard Mijares N. 4, San Jose del Cabo

Edith’s offers delightful dining under the stars with a sumptuous menu of grilled seafood and steak. Wally’s Special is a must – a delectable fish platter including lobster, garlic shrimp and the catch of


the day.

As the name suggests Las Ventanas al Paraiso is a window to paradise. The resort includes a world-

Camino a Playa El Medano

class spa and top cuisine.

Cabo San Lucas

KM 19.5 Carretera Transpeninsular, San Jose del Cabo

ONE AND ONLY PALMILLA This serene, elegant resort offers relaxed, discreet



Situated in the Marquis Los Cabos resort this is so-

Situated in the heart of downtown San Jose

phisticated, high-end elegance in its element.

del Cabo in a charming courtyard La Panga

Canto del Mar requires reservations months in ad-

Antigua offers delightful Mexican seafood with

vance due to limited seating.

superb hospitality.

KM 21.5 Carretera Transpeninsular

Zaragoza #20, Colonia Centro

Fraccionamiento Cabo Real

San José del Cabo

Los Cabos

luxury. KM 7.5 Carretera Transpeninsular San Jose del Cabo


100 Thousand Club

100KUS2_Universal Express


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TRAVEL Mexican Jewel

SUNSET DA MONA LISA Sunset cocktails or a romantic table for two with stunning views of the ocean and the arch are a


must. The Sunset da Mona Lisa combines fine Italian wines and cuisine with fresh seafood and the finest local ingredients.

Los Cabos is approximately a two and a half hour flight from Los Angeles, Dallas

Transpeninsular 6 KM Missiones del Cabo

and Mexico City and around three hours from East coast points.


Cabo San Lucas

American Airlines 800-433-7300


During late November to March, eight of the 11 Delta 800-221-1212

species of whale found worldwide can be found

in Los Cabos, due to the ideal climate, shallow

Continental Airlines 800-523-3273

ocean and abundant food sources which are the perfect breeding and nursery grounds, particularly for grey whales. Do a whale watching tour

Hot oceanfront bar with cocktails and tapas, cham-

including a one hour flight to Puerto Lopez Ma-

pagne cocktails and a spacious dance floor. Think chic and sexy.



teos at Bahia Magdelena, three hours of whale watching and lunch at $420 per adult. With an average of 350 days of sun every



year, anytime is a good time to visit Los

Diving in Los Cabos is a spec-

Fun, relaxed bar with plenty of rock and roll. A

Cabos. November to May is the best time to

tacular experience with ship

must try is the signature Cabo Wabo tequila.

pay a visit, but also the busiest, with aver-

wrecks, caves and reefs to ex-

age temperatures of 78F/25C – in the sum-

plore the abundant marine life

mer months the heat can be stifling.

including parrotfish, angelfish

and rays. Cabo Pulmo is a pristine marine reserve which is a must see, and for advanced


divers the Sand Falls is a daring dive in a submarine canyon. Diving is great all year round, although the best months are June to December due to the best


visibility and warmest water.

This is a peaceful, relatively secluded horseshoe shaped beach surrounded by craggy cliffs, and also



a protected marine sanctuary. It is an excellent

The most exclusive way to enjoy the waters of

place for diving and snorkeling or just relaxing on

Los Cabos is to rent a private yacht. There are

Remote and hidden behind the world-

the beach.

a number of luxury yachts available for private charter in the area, boasting luxurious interi-

renowned arch at Land’s End and sur-

must see. To get here you will need to


kayak or hire a water taxi from the marine.

Unfortunately unsuitable for swimming, the Costa

The captain will take you on a tour before

Azul Beach is home to the world famous surf break


you enjoy the photogenic wonder that is

Costa Azul and is a great beach for watching

If you want to stretch those sea legs step on dry

Lover’s Beach. Swimming and snorkeling

surfers in action. It is also perfect for walking,

land – you won’t get dryer than the desert!

are heavenly.

horseback riding and shore fishing.

Desert safaris are a great way to explore the

rounded by towering rock walls this is a

ors and all the equipment and facilities you would expect.

beautiful desert landscape and a definite must.


100 Thousand Club

100KUS2_Elite Yatch Charters


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Los Cabos Tourism:21MAY



Page 132

TRAVEL Los Cabos: A top choice for savvy travelers

Los Cabos welcomed 1,355,837 airline passengers at San Jose del Cabo International Airport (SJD) in 2006 as compared to 1,229,303 in 2005, combined with an increase in the number in flights from 18,963 in 2005 to 20,898 in

Los Cabos: A Top Choice for Savvy Travelers

2006. Additionally, 554,184 sea-faring visitors

The Los Cabos Tourism Board reports on a successful year, new hotel developments, and additional flights.

231 deluxe oceanfront suites. Still under devel-

on 298 cruise ships enjoyed its bounties. New and exciting hotel offerings in Los Cabos include Villa del Arco (, opened in March 2006 and featuring opment at Villa del Arco and slated for completion in summer 2007, is the ‘Desert Spa’, which will be the largest luxury spa in Los Cabos. Also on the horizon in new and fashionable hotel openings in Los Cabos, is Cabo Azul (, which is scheduled to open its doors in September 2007. This elegantly designed vacation ownership development and resort will feature 332 villas, an impressive oceanfront tri-level infinity-edge swimming pool and a five-story open air church perfect for destination weddings. Well-established and venerable hotel brands in Los Cabos also report enhancements to their properties. The Hilton Los Cabos Beach & Golf Resort ( has been completely remodeled in lavish style and features authentic Mexican artistry in its deeply carved headboards and hand-hewn furniture. New brand ME by Melia launches ME Cabo (, which includes a signature YHI spa, Nikki Beach, VIP rooms on The


os Cabos has spent much of the year

Level, and Passion Club Restaurant and Lounge.

so far fortifying its position as Mex-

Casa del Mar (,

ico’s premier choice for upscale travel,

a superior boutique hotel, is also newly redesigned

with significant growth and achieve-

for 2007 and premiers at its property the first

ments. The Los Cabos Tourism Board reports that travel statistics for 2006 ended strong, proving the destination’s continued success.


100 Thousand Club

Guerlain Spa throughout all of Mexico. Los Cabos hotels additionally continue to garner international accolades. Most recently,

Tallies show tourism is up with 77,625 vis-

Andres Araya, the Managing Director of Las

itors to Los Cabos in December 2006 as com-

Ventanas al Paraíso ( was

pared to 74,769 in December 2005. Annual

named “One of the Finest Hoteliers Worldwide

hotel occupancy averaged 70 percent in 2006,

of 2006” by The American Academy of Hospi-

representing a gain of four percent despite an

tality Sciences. Tributes like these are a clear in-

increase in the number of hotel rooms present

dication of the high-quality experience that Los

throughout the destination from 9,998 in 2005

Cabos delivers.

to 10,982 in 2006. Annual average room rate

Leisure travelers as well as incentive and

also showed strong momentum as it grew 21

meeting planners have their highest expecta-

percent, from $166 in 2005 to $201 in 2006.

tions met when they visit Los Cabos. Few desti-

Los Cabos Tourism:21MAY



Page 133


nations rival Los Cabos in natural beauty, so-

Families, honeymooners, mature travelers,

phisticated resort and convention facilities, su-

golfers, eco-tourists, artists, photographers,

perior service, and thrilling recreational

sightseers and others find what they are look-

activities, Los Cabos is a simple, one-stop an-

ing for when they visit Los Cabos. Located at

swer to meeting planners’ needs for combining

the southern tip of Mexico’s Baja Peninsula,

high-level business and high-end fun.

Los Cabos offers travelers an exotic escape

Dreams Los Cabos Suites Golf Resort &

within easy reach of most US cities.

Spa ( also undergoes

With non-stop flights or convenient con-

a complete remodeling this year and debuts its

nections available from Los Angeles, Oak-

new state-of-the-art convention facility featur-

land, San Diego, San Francisco, San Jose

ing 8 ballrooms and boasting cutting edge

(effective March 2007) and Sacramento (ef-

technology in December 2007. Additionally

fective March 2007), California; Houston and

premiering in December will be resort’s dy-

Dallas, Texas; Portland, Oregon; Kansas City,

namic nightclub, “Desires Sports Bar” high-

Missouri; Atlanta, Chicago, Cincinnati, Den-

lighted by a large dance floor, big screen TVs,

ver, Detroit, Las Vegas, New York, Phoenix,

Live DJs and more.

Salt Lake City, Seattle and more, Los Cabos is

Golf enthusiasts will be excited to note

both accessible and exciting.

the opening of the course at Club Campestre San Jose (

For more about Los Cabos – and a copy of its

This stunning 18-hole gem architected by

informative travel planner – call 1-866-LOS-

Nicklaus Design firm is open to the public

CABOS or visit

and offers spectacular views of the Sea of Cortes from every hole. In addition to the destination’s awardwinning golf courses and legendary sport fishing, Los Cabos has just introduced several new tourism attractions. Cabo Adven-

“With resorts and suburb travel amenities, it’s little wonder that celebrities flock to Los Cabos when they are looking for the perfect vacation retreat”

tures introduces its 4x4 Desert Safari (, which takes visitors off-road on an exhilarating adventure to explore the desert landscape and visit typical Mexican towns along the way. The full-day excursion culminates with a delicious barbeque on the beach. Water lovers may wish to opt for one of the many boat charters located at the stunning Los Cabos marina. Here, tour operators offer a variety of cruises options including remarkable whale watching cruises January through March. One new and noteworthy choice is a wine and jazz cruise offered at sunset by Tropicat ( With resorts and suburb travel amenities like these, it’s little wonder that celebrities including Jennifer Aniston, Courtney Cox, Eva Longoria and Tony Parker, George Clooney, Bono and the members of U2, Oprah Winfrey, Sheryl Crow and more flock to Los Cabos when they are looking for the perfect vacation retreat. 100 Thousand Club





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Fractional ownership: all the benefits of ownership with none of the trouble (or at least, that’s the plan)


there is a certain amount of pres-

of the trouble (or

can make the most of the time

at least, that’s the plan). By em-

you have, without forking out for

ploying an asset management

the time you don’t.

ractional ownership allows you to

tige. However, busy social com-

enjoy all the ben-

mitments and hectic business

efits of owner-

lives leave little time for yachting.

ship, with none

Fractional ownership means you

company to look after mainte-

As a fractional owner you will

nance and security, shareholders

have access to a yacht for around

have less responsibility with the

30 days of the year, fully man-

same benefits. An equity stake

aged and with none of the usual

also means you stand to make a

maintenance costs associated

profit from your investment.

with full ownership. Although

There are many ways you can

services vary from company to

invest your fractional dollars, in-

company, generally the annual

cluding helicopters and private

fee pays for crew and manage-

jets, super cars and racehorses.

ment, who will sort out the finer

But two opportunities that stand

details such as insurance. All you

out are yachts and destination

need do is turn up.


In the world of yacht chartering, the emphasis is on privacy


and complete freedom to travel

There are many good reasons

the world. Elite Yacht Charters,

to own a yacht – it’s fun, sporting

based in Beverly Hills, specializes

and adventurous and of course

in luxury yacht charter and deals

Yours, Whenever Spare time is a precious commodity that should be spent wisely. Fractional ownership may help. Author REBECCA GOOZEE


100 Thousand Club




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Membership of a destination club affords you one of life’s increasingly scant luxuries – privacy

100 Thousand Club





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INTRODUCING ASPEN’S MOST EXCLUSIVE LUXURY RENTAL... a stunning mountain retreat located in the heart of town.



xperience the charm and sophistication of this

magnificent five bedroom, five and one half bath

residence – the perfect blend of comfort and elegance in an idyllic, quiet setting. This location is just blocks from the Wheeler Opera House and the finest restaurants in Aspen,

offering the ultimate in convenience. The complete array of luxurious amenities include: the rooftop hot tub, fully equipped office, media room, membership to exclusive health club and the use of luxury SUV.

For more information: Danielle Scholz Owner’s Agent 970 379 3894




Page 137

Yours, Whenever VICE

award winning Privilege 585. A

Destination clubs are an al-

truly beautiful yacht, the Privi-

ternative to returning to your

lege 585’s powerful rig and su-

second or third home, giving you

perb keels ensure an exhilarating

the option to enjoy home com-

time, while the luxurious cherry

forts in many more locations.

wood interior, real beds and seven

Residences are normally impec-

head showers mean there’s a lot

cably appointed and maintained,

more on offer.

with first class furnishings reflecting each individual prop-

Destination clubs Destination

only with the finest yachts




location. Homes are typically

clubs have sprung up in exclusive

comprised of spacious living

world-class resorts all over the

areas with stunning views, invit-

world, with popular locations in-

ing outside spaces (most with a

cluding Aspen, the Caribbean,

hot tub, pool, or both), luxuri-

Florence, Hawaii, Los Cabos and

ous king size bedrooms, whole

Paris. The concept behind them

house audio, stereo and wi-fi,

is that members have

personal computers and large

access to a flexible

LCD or plasma televisions.

With fractional ownership somebody else handles the hassle of home maintenance


erty’s character and unique




The best thing, however, is

picked, multi-million

that with fractional ownership

dollar residences com-

somebody else gets the hassle of

plete with top of the

home maintenance when you are

range amenities and

elsewhere. You can entrust a com-

throughout the world. Elite will

ergy Yachting offers

take care of every detail of your

shares in luxury cata-

five star vacation or corporate

marans. Six parties are invited to

exceptional service, at a time that

pany to do it on your behalf –

trip, so that when you step on

share an exclusive yacht, giving

suits them and for a price that’s

which means that you have more

board you can relax.

each investor the opportunity to


time to enjoy and relax rather

Every detail of your trip is

enjoy a fully crewed vacation the

In addition, membership af-

customized to your exact specifi-

world over. The highly experi-

fords you one of life’s increas-

cations. Once on board, you will

enced crew will take care of every-

ingly scant luxuries – privacy.

sail away, to discover a deserted

thing, ensuring you spend your

beach with a shimmering la-

time on board enjoying your sail-

goon, explore ancient ruins, play

ing experience. You are also in-

a round of golf and in the

vited to take the yacht out,

evening a six-course gourmet

providing you are fully qualified,

meal, prepared to cordon bleu

and enjoy the freedom of yacht


ownership. Through Synergy, in-

To ensure the ultimate in

vestors become shareholders and

service, the crew to guest ratio is

will have an arrangement of 30

almost 1 to 1 (on several yachts

days per year, for five years, after

the ratio is 2:1). All accommo-

which the boat is sold and the

dations, service and cuisine are

proceeds split between the in-

five star. All yachts are fully


crewed and the crew is ready to pamper you.

than worry. While living in a destination club is – or should be – easy, pick-

Synergy are currently offering shares in Sabore, a 60ft by 31ft, 100 Thousand Club





Page 138

VICE Yours, Whenever

ing and choosing one is not. The

tennis courts and seven restau-

choice is large and well heeled.

rants and bars.

Should you choose on service? If

Another elite destination club

so, consider Ultimate Resort,

mentioned by both Forbes and

which offers a five-star concierge

Robb Report is Solstice. Provid-

service to help you look after all

ing unlimited access to beach,

the minor details. They can, for


example, plan trips or excursions,

properties, their exclusive and ex-

pre-stock your kitchen and wine

tensive property list is comprised

cellar and organize spa or golf ac-

of homes typically worth around

tivities. In addition, a member of

six million dollars. You could

staff will collect you from the air-

only buy a bionic man with that

port in a limousine and ensure

30 years ago. Telluride, their

you have access to your own car

Basque Retreat, is an absolutely

for the duration of your stay.

stunning mountain hideaway.

Or should you choose on rec-

of estate with breath-

tess, for example, is

While living in a destination club is – or should be – easy, picking and choosing one is not

marketed as “an ultidestination

club” and was voted “Best of the Best, Among the Best Lux-



The property is 5,300 square feet

ommendation? Quin-



taking views of the San Juan Mountain Range. Stylish yet comfortable, it offers the perfect opportunity to coexist with nature.

ury Residence Clubs in 2006”, by

Two master suites and two guest

Robb Report and included in

rooms comfortably sleep eight,

Forbes’ “Most Expensive Mem-

while an oversized gourmet

bership Club” list.

kitchen with fireplace and 60”

Typical of the luxurious des-

Wolf range, private study, home

tinations on offer are The Villas

theater, a large great room for

on Canouan Island in the south-

dining and lounging, an outdoor

ern Caribbean. The island meas-

BBQ and an outdoor Jacuzzi will

ures just five square miles and

take care of your waking hours.

has beautiful white sand beaches

Did I mention that the two mas-

surrounded by a large coral reef

ter suites offer 17ft ceilings, pri-

and crystal clear waters, meaning

vate balconies, fireplaces and

it is perfect for snorkeling and

en-suite bathrooms with one in-

diving. The property boasts spec-

cluding a cast-iron Jacuzzi tub

tacular ocean views, a large ve-

and stonewalled dry sauna?


Thought not.





advantage of the outdoor space

There’s no point being rich if

and a private pool. If that wasn’t

you can’t enjoy it. And if variety is

enough, it is situated within a

the spice of life, then fractional

Raffles resort, giving you access

ownership may well be the

to a Trump International golf

shaker. Try it… see if it improves

course, a Raffles Amrita Spa, four

your flavor. 

100 Thousand Club

100KUS2_First Choice Yachting


12:51 pm

Page 139

100KUS2_Ultimate Resort


12:52 pm

Page 140

100KUS2_Ultimate Resort


12:52 pm

Page 141




Page 142

VICE Shopping Strike: Georgetown, Washington DC

Are You Experienced? eorgetown, Washington DC is a truly unique shopping experi-


satisfy even the most ardent of

ence boasting upscale boutiques, fantastic shopping malls and

shoppers. M Street and Wisconsin

all the usual high street stores. It has been overlooked for too

Avenue are the primary commercial

long, but Georgetown has a wide range of high-end shops for

corridors and their wide streets are

men and women to explore and it’s a growing mecca for serious (and seri-

lined with almost everything you

ously grown-up) shoppers. Excuse me while I kiss the sky.

could wish to find.

Georgetown, one of the oldest neighborhoods in Washington DC, is

When the sun sets and the legs

found in the northwest quadrant along the Potomac River waterfront. It

get weary, there are a number of

has served as a major port and commercial center since colonial times

venues in which to reflect on

although now it is more famous for it’s vibrant atmosphere and numer-

your purchases. The Degrees Bar

ous attractions.

at the Ritz-Carlton Georgetown

Georgetown University and George Washington University, The

is a fantastic place to enjoy a

Chesapeake and Ohio Canal and the National Cathedral – as well as

cocktail or sample from their de-

the White House – combine with a unique shopping experience, in-

licious tasting menu. There is

dulgent restaurants and luxurious hotels, to make for an exciting and

also a selection of fabulous,

interesting destination.

highly acclaimed restaurants to

In shopping terms, an eclectic collection awaits, serving almost every conceivable customer. From bountiful boutiques and charming souvenir stores to funky fashion jewelry and gorgeous art galleries, Georgetown will 142

100 Thousand Club

enjoy later in the evening. Go Georgetown. You won’t regret it.

100KUS2_Sanus Systems


12:58 pm

Page 143




Page 144

VICE Shopping Strike: Georgetown, Washington DC


MAURINE LITTLETON GALLERY This special little gallery is home to works from leading contemporary glass artists. While the gallery is primarily focused on glass it also features ceramics, metal and vitreographic prints made from glass plates. 1667 Wisconsin Avenue N.W. (202) 333 9307

KATHLEEN EWING GALLERY Established in 1976 this gallery represents significant contemporary photographers and also houses an extensive collection of 19th and 20th century vintage photographs. 1767 P Street N.W.

ADDISON/RIPLEY Opened in 1981, partners Christopher Addison and Sylvia Ripley have created this unique gallery, representing fine art prints, painting, sculpture and photography. There is also a chance to view changing exhibitions of internationally recognized artists. Definitely worth a visit. 1670 Wisconsin Avenue (202) 338 5180

PRADA GALLERY Jilma Prada is the owner and director of this truly interesting gallery devoted to Latin America and local artists. 1030 Wisconsin Avenue (202) 342 0067

KNEW GALLERY 1639 Wisconsin Avenue N.W. (202) 338 4588


100 Thousand Club




Page 145




Page 146

VICE Shopping Strike: Georgetown, Washington DC


URBAN CHIC A fabulous shop jam-packed with both established and up and coming designers. 1626 Wisconsin Avenue N.W. (202) 338 5398

SUGAR 1683 Wisconsin Avenue (202) 333 5331

PINK NOVEMBER BOUTIQUE 1529 Wisconsin Avenue N.W. (202) 333 1121

CLUB MONACO 3235 M Street N.W. (202) 965 2118

BETSEY JOHNSON 1319 Wisconsin Avenue (202) 338 4090

RALPH LAUREN RUGBY 1065 Wisconsin Avenue (202) 298 5928

RELISH A refined store for both men and women featuring European designers such as Marni, Comme de Garcons and Narcisco Rodriguez. Cadyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Alley N.W. (202) 333 5343


100 Thousand Club




Page 147

Shopping Strike: Georgetown, Washington DC VICE



SASSANOVA Beautiful shoes, beautiful shop.

ANN HAND Distinctive and instantly recognizable, Ann Hand’s jewelry reflects a personal sense of pride in our US heritage. Her signature pin the Liberty Eagle has been worn by important American women including several First Ladies, Congresswomen and Senators.

1641 Wisconsin Avenue (202) 471 4400

HU’S SHOES Fabulous footwear. 3005 M Street N.W. (202) 342 0202

4885 MacArthur Boulevard (202) 333 2979





A spa and luxury apothecary offering treatments and indulgent beauty products, this is a wonderful place to relax and take advantage of the supreme customer service. You will receive wonderfully honest advice on every single product available.

Kate was then awarded America’s New Fashion Talent in Accessories by the Council of Fashion Designers. The chain now offers beautiful paper, luggage, sunglasses and baby items to name but a few. A must visit.

This tiny, intimate little bookstore is definitely worth a visit. Situated in a narrow two-storey building it draws a crowd of professionals, professors and students and focuses on subject areas such as politics, literature, philosophy and poetry.

3059 M Street N.W. (202) 965 1300

3061 M Street N.W. (202) 333 8302

2814 Pennsylvania Avenue (202) 965 5200



A beautiful boutique hotel situated in the heart of the Georgetown. A sophisticated and stylish retreat, perfect for resting wearied feet. It also has the benefit of a roof top pool. 3000 M Street, NW (888) 587 2377

GEORGETOWN HILL INN THE HAY ADAMS With views overlooking the White House, Lafayette Square and St. John’s Church, this is a lavish yet elegant hotel. First class accommodation. Sixteenth & H Streets 202-638-6600

A sophisticated boutique hotel. Suites are equipped with full kitchens, cozy living rooms and jacuzzi tubs and offer an elegant alternative to a standard hotel room. 1832 Wisconsin Avenue (202) 298 6021

THE RIVER INN 924 Twenty-fifth Street N. W. (888) 874 0100 100 Thousand Club





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VICE Shopping Strike: Georgetown, Washington DC


HOTEL ROUGE A bold and vibrant hotel with fluffy rugs and leather headboards. Funky and friendly this hotel also offers in-room spa services. 1315 16th Street, NW 202.232.8000

RITZ-CARLTON GEORGETOWN 3100 South Street, N.W. (202) 912 4110

WILLARD INTERCONTINENTAL 1401 Pennsylvania Avenue (202) 628 9100




The hottest restaurant in town. Experience Executive Chef Terence Feury’s fire inspired American cuisine in the stylish, inviting and comfortable restaurant at the Ritz-Carlton. The perfect location for casual dining, special intimate occasions, business lunches or wine tasting. Sophisticated, casual attire recommended.

With spectacular views over Potomac this is a beautiful place to be. Inside you are offered high ceilings and warm lighting and outside there are three staggered dining levels leading to a waterfront bar. Beautiful.

3100 South Street, N.W. (202) 912 4110


50 Massachusetts Avenue (202) 682 9555

2800 Pennsylvania Avenue N.W. (202) 342 0444

NEILA 3206 N Street N.W. (202) 333 6353

CAFÉ MILANO For the young, rich and beautiful seeking a latenight hangout. 325 Prospect Street (202) 333 6183


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Voyage Partners Ad P149 149

1/6/07 15:52:55




VICE Fashion Special

Philip Treacy black topper with spotted bow. Armani Collezzioni ink blue wrapped dress


100 Thousand Club

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Sandrine Bourg hat. Jaeger black linen jacket. Laurence Coste mother of pearl multi-strand necklace.

The right hat provides a finishing touch to any outfit. Get a headstart on the fashionistas with this seasonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s haute headwear Photography SHELIA ROCK

TOP TRENDS 100 Thousand Club





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VICE Fashion Special

Le Corre hat. Anna Valentine ivory chiffon dress with sequin bib front. Robinson Pelham yellow gold ring with a Cabochon Rubellite


100 Thousand Club




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Misa Harada trilby with patent orchid. Burberry metallic coat and metallic skirt. Jimmy Choo metallic boots.

100 Thousand Club





VICE Fashion Special

Gabriela Ligenza portofoglio hat. English Eccentrics long black snowflake evening dress. Sifani citrine and yellow gold bangle.


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Eisenbl채tter & Triska hat.

100 Thousand Club





VICE Fashion Special

Borsalino couture hat. Akris white linen dress. Laurence Coste black jet multistrand necklace.


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Stephen Jones ‘Fouette’ hat. Christian Lacroix black tulip satin dress with sequin detail. Sifani diamond ring.

100 Thousand Club


Cartier Ad:100K Russia 2007



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Cartier Ad:100K Russia 2007



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Page 160

VICE The Shark



Author ADAM FRUCCI Additional Reporting MADI PUNGODI

Porsche Design and Miami-based boat maker Fearless have teamed up to build a yacht that makes a 911 look like, well, a pick-up truck. Frankly weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve been unable to take our eyes off these pictures.


100 Thousand Club






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100 Thousand Club





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VICE The Shark


nfortunately for you,

10 Dodge Viper engine that can hit top speeds

said, ‘You have a blank canvas’,” says Binder,

your Porsche isn’t as

of 88MPH.

and the German creatives set about designing a

much of a status sym-

The base model is 28 feet long (8.4 meters,

luxury racer that could dominate what they

bol as it used to be.

with room for five), but if that seems to com-

dubbed the “aquabahn”. The boat boasts a

Sure, it's still a pretty

mon a size for you they’re working on models

fiberglass hull with the sleek curves and lean sil-

hot car, but what with

up to 150 feet in length. Beware, however, the

houette of a European coupe, and its “uni-

the number of super-

28 footer starts at $300,000 – so those longer

tized”, or seamless, construction does away

rich getting higher every day, the size of the

ones sure as hell aren’t going to be cheap. But

with unsightly rivets that might slow it down.

population to whom such a car is chump

that’s the point, isn’t it?

The top speed may not break any world

change is ever increasing. You need to step up

According to Fearless Yachts’ CEO Jeffrey

records, but it will make you grateful for the

your game if you want to stay at the top of the

Binder, the two companies combined to “blend

food chain.

the best of performance, style, and design in

“The luxury of owning a Fearless Yacht

Latham precision steering controls.

Lucky for you, Porsche has just designed

order to establish a luxury brand for the boat-

could only be compared to the lifestyle of in-

its first-ever seacraft (the waterlogged 928 in

ing industry”. They may have done just that:

ternational jet setter, James Bond,” explains

Risky Business doesn’t count). Their new

check out the razor-clean, aggressive lines of the

Binder. For once, we’re happy to believe that

Fearless Yacht – launched in February at the

half-boat, half marine predator shown here.

line. Firing this thing up in the harbor is going

Miami Boat Show – has a 525-horsepower V-

How did it happen? “We reached out and

to be awesome. 

The Fearless 28 (left) and 68 (above): half-boat, half marine predator


100 Thousand Club




Page 163


G R E AT F I G U R E S Customized elegance, state-of-the-art materials and construction methods, and a new level of performance for the boating industry: how does the Porsche-designed Fearless 28 measure up?

Length Overall 27 ft 7 in (8.4 m) Beam 8 ft 6 in (2.59 m) Draught Down 38 in (0.97 m) Draught Up 24 in (0.61 m) Weight (approx) 6,000 lbs (2,722 Kg) Hull Type Twin Step, Deep V Standard Power 525 hp (381 kw) Max Power 550 hp (410 kw) Speed 80+ mph Range at 40 mph (est.) 164 miles Fuel 90 gal (340 L)

Optional equipment Engine: ILMOR V-10 Viper 550hp (410kw) Docking Assist: Integrated Bow Thruster Upgraded Premium Audio System Custom Design Myco/Fearless Trailer

Source: Fearless Yachts

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VICE Peerless

Peerless The sign on the wall of the Per Se kitchen reads ‘keep it clean and organized’. Thomas Keller is the master of this spotless domain, and he has a reputation as a precise, uncompromising chef that’s reflected in the gleaming work surfaces and aura of hushed concentration. Author MARIANA SPINOCCHIA


homas Keller, 51, is the chef and owner of two of the most



restaurants in the United States: the French Laundry in Yountville, California, and Per Se in New York.

Each currently holds three Michelin stars, making him the only American chef to have two three-star restaurants to his name. He is also chef and owner of Ad Hoc, Bouchon and Bouchon Bakery, also in Yountville; Bouchon in Las Vegas; and Bouchon Bakery in New York. Keller first learned to cook alongside his mother, in the Palm Beach restaurant that she managed, and later was a stagiere in France, at Taillevent, Guy Savoy and Le Pré Catelan. He cooked in New York in the 1980s, eventually opening his own restaurant, Rakel, before departing for the West Coast to become the executive chef at Checkers Hotel in Los Angeles. Keller purchased the French Laundry in 1994, to realize his vision of a French country restaurant in the Napa Valley. He is the author of two books, The French Laundry Cookbook and The Bouchon Cookbook, both published by Artisan, and has created his own line of tableware, in collaboration with Raynaud of Limoges, France. 100Thousand Club had some questions.

Thomas Keller, the only American chef to have two three-star restaurants to his name


100 Thousand Club




Page 165


Keller’s Las Vegas restaurant, Bouchon: “The kind of restaurant that I’ve enjoyed eating at throughout my years of cooking”

100 Thousand Club





Page 166

VICE Peerless

Q. What inspired you to open a bistro?

tory. To be sitting in that restaurant going back

A. I wanted to have the kind of restaurant that

generations and generations, imagining all the

I’ve enjoyed eating at throughout my years of

other people who have sat there, it’s almost like

cooking. We didn’t have that type of restaurant

being in the company of the ages. Not to men-

in the Napa Valley, so we opened Bouchon. It

tion that their chicken is just incredible, and

was an obvious kind of extension for a fine-din-

the foie gras. It’s that perfect kind of bistro, es-

ing chef, something that happens many times in

pecially on a Sunday afternoon in Paris.

Europe and throughout France; a fine-dining chef opens a casual restaurant because that's

Q. When did you first fall in love with bistro

what really he enjoys eating. You spend all day,


12, 14 hours a day, cooking refined food, you

A. It was here in New York City. I grew up in

want to go eat something that’s simple. My fa-

South Florida, so I didn’t have my first bistro

vorite meal is just the perfect Bibb lettuce salad,

experience until I walked into La Goulue in

a great roasted chicken, and a lemon tart.

Manhattan. If you're a cook, it’s like you’ve come home – that sense of hospitality, that


Q. What are your favorite bistros around the

sense of comfort, that sense of mystery, that


sense of history and tradition, all those things

A. Oh, that’s easy. For me, L’Ami Louis in Paris

wrapped up into one package, one ambience,

is certainly one of my favorite places to go. Not

one feeling. And then the food. It’s the food

only is the food great, but so is the sense of his-

that we all love.

100 Thousand Club

“It’s the food that we all love”




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VICE Peerless

Q. How do you translate your passion for

lifestyle. You can’t have the mentality of a cook

food to the food?

only at work. It’s really important to be setting

A. You have to be emotionally attached. I cook

examples all the way back. If you’re a cook in

because it fulfills something inside of me, sat-

this kitchen, your drawer at home, your sock

isfaction, gratitude, making somebody happy.

drawer, should be perfectly organized, because

It’s all wrapped up in those emotions, and eat-

when you come to work everything else is per-

ing should be the same. I understand in mod-

fectly organized.

ern society we can’t always be emotionally


connected to what we’re eating and what we’re

Q. What comes first: passion or precision?

doing, but there are those moments when we

A. You have to love what you’re doing. You have

have to sit back and appreciate it and say,

to be really excited about what you’re doing in

“Okay, this is that moment where I'm just

order to perfect it to the quality that you’re try-

going to relax and have this event”.

ing to represent.

Q. But at the same time you bring a lot of pre-

Q. What do you think about the phenomenon

cision to your cooking.

of the celebrity chef?

A. The kitchen, the restaurant’s a lifestyle. I

A. I don’t think about it too much. It is out of

think you really have to buy into that whole

our control, or out of my control. So, to expend

100 Thousand Club

One of Keller’s signature dishes, oysters and pearls

100KUS2_Lowes Le Concordel


1:04 pm

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VICE Peerless

energy on it is really kind of a waste of energy. I’d rather stay focused in the kitchen, setting examples and working with my staff on different things, working with my suppliers, being involved with people or with things that I can have an impact on. Q. Per Se has been an unqualified success, with four stars from the Times and so on. What kind of pressure did you feel coming into this project and the New York arena? A. Well, if I was going to do another fine-dining restaurant, New York was the place I was going to do it. It’s the place I grew up in my career. During my ten years in New York, I owned a restaurant and was the chef of two others. I really spent a lot of time in the city developing my technique, so the resources were here. I was recognized in the city. This project represented a real challenge, because it was a new project. We had the opportunity to build a restaurant from scratch, not take over an existing restaurant or an existing space, but actually create the space, and that was something that was certainly a lot of fun. The pressures are always there. They’re there every day regardless of where we are, whether we’re in French Laundry or whether we’re in Bouchon or whether we’re at Per Se. It’s a responsibility for what we’re trying to achieve and making sure that our guests are satisfied with that. I think one of the true meanings of success is creating a memory for somebody. Somebody leaves here and says, “Wow, that was a wonderful experience”. Q. What’s the next trend in dining? A. Good, good food is a good trend. Trends are problematic because they only last for a certain period of time. We don’t want to be involved in any trends, we want to be involved in a solid repertoire of great food, great service, great ambience. That’s the trend.  170

100 Thousand Club

100KUS2_Sheraton Hacienda


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Vice new:21MAY



Page 172

VICE The Passion

The Passion


ichael Mendelsohn, author of

While some of Mendelsohn’s no doubt

Life is Short, Art is Long, says in

earnest passion can seem a trifle flaky, he re-

the early pages of his book that he

tains an endearing sincerity and quickly backs

never expected to find out that he

up his more passionate musings with practical

had anything in common with William Randolph

suggestions as to how collectors can buy clev-

Hearst, Imelda Marcos or Queen Elizabeth II. He

erly while indulging their desires. He even sug-

does not have a big estate overlooking the ocean,

gests that passion felt for a piece can be a good

a thousand pairs of shoes lined up as far as the eye

indicator of its worth.

can see or an engagement any time soon to open the British parliament.

trapped in the Nasdaq stock market in the late

is that they are all “part of the same species”,

1990s – the artist de jour whom everyone swears

one he refers to as “accumulators of stuff”.

is the best investment ever is no less a potential market bubble than a dotcom,” he says.

as to his passion for collecting this “stuff ”.

He relates the cautionary tale of a Lon-

After all, art is not merely an investment, he

don-based pension fund that tried to become

points out; it is a love affair.

the first art-based mutual fund. The fund’s

The book is full of insights into what drives

return on investment was eight percent, but

him and others like him to accumulate. “A true

that came from only a few items. Everything

collector,” he says, “knows that collecting is a

else was a failure.

quasi-religion; a way of life that infuses the essence of one’s being. It is part concept, part process, and part belief, alternately emotional, intellectual and sometimes both at once.” 100 Thousand Club

ment to those speculators who found themselves

But what he shares with this illustrious trio

Mendelsohn leaves the reader in no doubt


“I compare people who buy art as an invest-

100KUS2_Tschuggen Grand Hotel


1:09 pm

Page 173

Vice new:21MAY



Page 174

VICE The Passion

Mendelsohn writes clearly and gives sensible advice about some of the rules and complications of art appraisal, trusts, foundations and insurance, and how to navigate the potential minefield of dealers and auctioneers. A well-known figure in art investment circles, Mendelsohn is the founder and president of Briddge Art Strategies, a prominent US art succession planning firm. He is also an art collector, philanthropist, lecturer and frequent writer on inheritance planning and preservation of assets. With his wife Gael, who collaborated on the book, he is one of the top 100 collectors in the US. Mendelsohn breaks down his thoughts on investment by tapping the brains of several other leading art collectors. One of the most interesting passages describes how art can be used as an asset diversification strategy and why such strategies are becoming more popular. Peter Hastings Falk, author of this section, says that what has recently caught the attention of financial managers is the ability of econometricians to be able to make sense of large amounts of transaction data regarding the art market. He points out the recent availability of art price information in both

Norma Roth highlights the perils of off-site

electronic and printed forms has provided a

storage in a passage called “a rainy day story”.

new dimension of access to a larger audience,

She relates how her collection, compiled over

as the art market becomes transparent for the

25 years, was threatened by the appearance of a

first time. Hastings Falk has provided advi-

small leak, which led to a tale of unscrupulous

sory services for collectors, corporations and

builders, Florida storms, inadequate insurance

artist estates for more than 30 years.

and a two-year clean-up operation.

Record prices, he adds, are rarely accidental.

Insurance and inventory are given compre-

The art market has attained the underpinning of

hensive treatment through, among others

increasingly commodity-like behavior which, in

things, more cautionary tales. One relates a

turn, has become the source of its consistency and

series of incidents that occurred when, in

security. This is probably the reason wild price

early 2006, the Milwaukee Art Museum pro-

fluctuation in the art market is rare.

vided the venue for a $30, all-you-can-drink Elizabeth

“Martinifest”. Almost 1,900 people showed

Clement, director of her own consultancy, on the

up, mainly a young crowd intent on drinking

value of obtaining an expert appraisal before buy-

their money’s worth. Several guests threw up

ing or selling at auction. She points out that first-

on or next to priceless works of art and some

half 2006 art sales at the two largest US auction

young men were seen climbing on Gaston

houses alone totaled a staggering $4 billion.

Lachaise’s sculpture “Standing Woman” and




Also included is a contribution by Alexandra Duch, who examines the relative merits of


making inappropriate gestures while photographing themselves with their cell phones.

public and private sales. And Suzy Peterfield-

The moral of this tale, says Mendelsohn, is

Ross looks at how market forces can depress

that collectors should check out a museum’s

auction results.

event policies before they loan a piece. 

100 Thousand Club

Passion investment is prominent across wine and art. And with wine you can drink the profits



1:10 pm

Page 175




Page 176

END WORD The Secret of my Success

The Secret of my Success Who inspires 100Thousand Club? This issue we’ve been talking about Richard Branson, so we decided to talk with him… Interview CARLEEN HAWN & JANE MARTINSON What has been your biggest mistake?

quite a lot of money to invest in alternative fuels.

human beings, individuals wanting to go into

I find it very difficult to think of mistakes; not

Over the next four years, we'll invest something

space. We think there are millions of people

that I don’t make any but because I was brought

like $1 billion in alternative fuels.

who’d love to go into space, and why shouldn’t

up to look only at the good things in life ... As for

they have that experience?

what lost the most money, probably Virgin Cola.

How do you organise your day?

It is still No 1 in Bangladesh though.

A third of my time promoting, a third on new ven-

gin be the first company to send people into space

tures and a third on fighting fires.

commercially?” Then we went out talking to every

And your best decision? Starting Virgin Atlantic.

Ten years ago I thought, “Right, how can Vir-

single person in the field, so that we’d learn the How do you decide what to invest in?

ins and outs of space travel. By the time Burt

I honestly invest in things that interest me or in

Rutan had his breakthrough, we were there. We

What’s the next big thing?

things that I want. The reason I moved into the

were the first on the scene.

I used to be skeptical of global warming, but now

airline business was that I flew a lot of other air-

I’m absolutely convinced that the world is spiral-

lines and I hated the experience. I felt we could

What would you like your legacy to be?

ing out of control. CO2 is like a bushfire that gets

create an airline that people wanted to fly [and]

To have created one of the most respected com-

bigger and bigger every year.

we made it with a difference.

panies in the world. Not necessarily the biggest.

thing about it must do something about it. Be-

Why space travel?

Who has most inspired you?

cause Virgin is involved with planes and trains, we

NASA has always looked at it as a government-

Apart from my parents, the late Freddie Laker and

have even more responsibility. So we’ve put aside

run research program – never thinking of it as

Nelson Mandela. 

All of us who are in a position to do some-


100 Thousand Club

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Page IBC1

100KUS2_River Rock_SPFC


1:12 pm

Page OBC1


A M E R I C A ’ S L U X U R Y L I F E S T Y L E M A G A Z I N E • S U M M E R 0 7 Luxury Vacation Destination Club. Enjoy Luxury World Wide....


A M E R I C A ’ S L U X U R Y L I F E S T Y L E M A G A Z I N E • S U M M E R 0 7 Luxury Vacation Destination Club. Enjoy Luxury World Wide....