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Are you thinking when you are looking at us, 24 lively children, no mind on the heads They just sit in their chair like sleeping in bed so much energy and they never listen you think “well it’s not my fault if it’s work their missin” but really Sir, really don’t treat us like that. Were each individual It’s not messing we’re at We try and retry and we usually fail Our concentration goes easily when you tell a long tale. Tosome good traits just a few we’re caring and generous class of the week too. Urara and Eoghan have the brains of a giant, Amy and Emily are just so kind. Tiarnán and Mark (H) never even squeak Nathan and Daniel boy they can speak Connor and Marc have such good humours, Roisin by 2, well I’ve heard good rumours. Aoife (M) and Ali are so pretty and sweet Peter and Paul are really so neat Laura and Bronagh are as caring as hell Maeve and Chata well they are as well. James and Antoine can tell a good joke. Alex well he’s just a crazy old yoke. You must see now Sir, so please don’t complain for in three weeks we will leave, it will be your loss not your gain.

A Crabbit old Teacher!!! What do you see 1V, What do you see? Are you thinking when you are looking at me, A cranky old teacher, Oh so wise, With intelligence and good looks that constantly surprise. Unpredictable of mood, with swings of temperament, Who seems to enjoy inflicting pain and torment. Who gives bad ticks which you just don‘t think is fair, But don’t you realise that it’s just because I care! (sort of) When I think of 1V my complaints are immense, A change of career would only make sense. The times I tell Daniel to turn around, Conor’s homework nowhere to be found. Laura and Bronagh so late, I think their avoiding my class and Alex is just a pain in my …. Face.

Aoife G The Lesson Chaos ruled OK in the classroom as bravely the teacher walked in the nooligans ignored him hid voice was lost in the din

Then sword in hand he hacked his way between the chattering rows "First come, first severed" he declared "fingers, feet or toes"

"The theme for today is violence and homework will be set I'm going to teach you a lesson one that you'll never forget"

He threw the sword at a latecomer it struck with deadly aim then pulling out a shotgun he continued with his game

He picked on a boy who was shouting and throttled him then and there then garrotted the girl behind him (the one with grotty hair)

The first blast cleared the backrow (where those who skive hang out) they collapsed like rubber dinghies when the plug's pulled out "Please may I leave the room sir?" a trembling vandal enquired "Of course you may" said teacher

put the gun to his temple and fired The Head popped a head round the doorway to see why a din was being made nodded understandingly then tossed in a grenade And when the ammo was well spent with blood on every chair Silence shuffled forward with its hands up in the air The teacher surveyed the carnage the dying and the dead He waggled a finger severely "Now let that be a lesson" he said Roger McGough

The list continues, my woes are many, Peter, Marc D, Aoife M and Emily, Paul, Mark H, Ali and Aoife G, Calling the roll and I wonder “Why me?” Urara, Meave, Antione and Roisín McC, Tiarnán, Roisin M and Chata-Mari, Nathan, Eoghan and of course Amy How can one class be so zany? My nagging, crankiness and attention to detail, The times I give out for not having your work, The times when your lack of attention drives me beserk, When I read your work and realise that you tend not to hear, Even though the instruction is nothing but clear. When marking and planning is how I spend my night, A life beyond teaching would be a delight. When I sometimes seem to make no impact at all, That often on deaf ears my words seem to fall. When you leave this school with no impact have I made,

By Mr. D

A Student’s Reply!!! What do you see teacher, what do you see? Why do complain about having 1V? We’re always behaved, caring and kind yet you act as if we’ve wound your mind. Giving us essays and short stories too I ask how much we are to do you always reply exactly the same “it’s quality not quantity” and I think wow this class is worse than geography. And shouting and screaming is there really do need? All we did was not know where to read and you cannot really blame us your lessons are boring I swear I could hear people yawning and snoring. As for the homework where to begin? hundreds of questions can I give a suggestion? You might well make us do bird imitations! So now Crabbit old teacher as you can see your not exactly a cup of tea the next any judge us just think again we’re not the only ones that are insane. Urara

A spirited, intelligent class called 1V. I suppose we annoy you and get on your last nerve, but did you think maybe it’s what you deserve? I know you’re a teacher and you can be uptight. But to tell you the truth we don’t give a... Damn. Relax Mr Doyle, put your feet up and rest. Please remember to be kind when marking our summer test. You did give bad ticks and a lot at that. But blame our parents that we are such brats. Look at the bright side Sir, it’s the end of the year, only three more weeks left, then you can cheer. Come on now Sir give more praise. Wait till you see our summer results, they are sure to amaze! Roisin M

Can’t you see teacher, can’t you see? How lucky you are to have a class like 1V?! Hyper we constantly are, even you have to say, we’ve come so mfar! From making you go to your angriest peak, To 1V being class of the week. We mostly listen, unless we get bored if that should happen, you better pray to the Lord. For when we get bored, the other teachers fret, the worst we can be, you haven’t seen yet! You have made an impact, I can tell you that and so you’re back you may pat. ‘Cos this year I’ve learned more about Jesus than I ever needed to know, I’d definitely know more than your average Joe. You have to admit you not going to forget us, even though we caused a fuss. Although we probably added a few wrinkles to your face, and also gave you a few headaches. To do good is all we mean and so for that you won’t be forgetting the class of 1V 2013! Amy What do you see Mr D. What do you see? What are you thinking looking at us? It is probably “I wish they would get hit with a bus.” Always so loud with screams and shouts how you always say “Nathan get out!!” The bad ticks you give more than any other teacher you would swear we were some kind of horrible creatures? When I think of you sir I feel like sick and then when I see you I try to run quick. The times you give out for not turning around, and when you are saying keep your four legs on the ground. Daniel, Connor, Alex and Nathan I think it is safe to say that you truly hate them. With their diaries piled high in the sky I’m sure you thought it would be easier to die. We are not all that bad with star student Peter D. He was the captain of our awesome debating team. You might not think much of us Mr D. But at the end of the day we are class of the week. Eoghan

What do you see?!?  
What do you see?!?  

1st year poetry project