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The College Press —————Friday, 22nd March 2013 Issue 4 Volume 8—————

The Easter Issue Celebration of Music Night

World Book Day!

We Are Newbridge College 1

College Press Editorial Team Editors: Ciara Maher Sorcha Lavelle-Walsh Student Contributors:

Sam Burke Sarah Coller David Devaney Elise Morrissey Pat Morrin

Special Thanks To: Mr. Doyle


Editorial Hi Everyone, For those of you who actually stuck to your lent promises, you’re nearly there! It’s Cream Egg Season so soon we can all indulge in some well-deserved chocolate! Also, commiserations to many of the College sports teams this term on some very narrow losses at varying levels in their competitions! Better luck next year! :) Until next term, Ciara and Sorcha :)


World Book Day World Book Day 2013 recently took place. We live in a world that is now filled with media like internet, movies, TV and video games. We see less and less people reading. We become engrossed in Films such as “Twilight” and “The Hunger Games” (these films were originally books and still in print if you’re interested!) If so many books are adapted into film, why bother reading? Here are my top ten reasons to read:


A book is generally 100% better than

the film.


Reading will make you smarter.


Your vocabulary

will be good and stuff!


You can experience

whole new worlds and enter the lives of vivid and exciting characters. 4

#6. Some books are impossible to put down, like my own personal favourite, “The history of Glue” #7. If you want to be able to write, you have to be able to read. #8. They are forms of escape. #9. You can read books anywhere, using the laptop in the bath leads to problems. #10. Carry a great novel with you at all times, people will immediately think you are more intelligent than you possibly are.

“I find television very educating. Every time somebody turns on the set, I go into the other room and read a book.” Groucho Marx 'abibliophobia' Definition: the fear of run-

People who read are less likely to develop Alzheimer's compared with

ning out of things to read!

those who do not

… now if I could just remember where I left that book.


An tseachtain seo caite rinne pobal na scoile ar fad sár-iarracht chun Seachtain Na Gaeilge a cheiliúradh. I mbliana, ritheann Seachtain na Gaeilge ón 4ú -17ú Márta agus is am fíor speisialta é don Ghaeilge mar tá Bliain na Gaeilge 2013 á cheiliúradh againn freisin. Maisíodh an scoil ar fad don ócáid agus ghlac gach duine le spiorad na Gaeilge don tseachtain. Cruthaíodh atmaisféar iontach sa scoil le linn na tréimhse ar fad. Bhí ceol traidisiúnta againn san áit shóisialta gach lá agus fiú taispeánadh biachlár na caifitéire as Gaeilge don tseachtain. Bhí eachtraí éagsúla ar siúl ag daltaí na scoile le linn na seachtaine freisin. Ghlac roinnt daltaí páirt sna hagallaimh ‘Fáinne Óir’ ar an gCéadaoin agus rinne Gráinne Carr, Niamh Jordan agus Jeannette OMeara jab iontach ag eagrú céilí le haghaidh lucht na dara bliana ar an Aoine. Dúirt cuid mhaith díobh gurbh é sin buaicphointe na seachtaine ar fad. Eagraíodh díospóireachtaí sóisearacha agus sinsearacha ar an Déardaoin san amharclann. Bhain gach duine an-sult astu agus bhí tacaíocht iontach ag 6

na foirne go léir. Bhí argointí den scoth ag gach duine agus bronnadh uibheacha Cásca ar na buaiteoirí. Chomh maith leis sin eagraíodh cluichí pheil Ghaelacha , Tóraíocht Taisce don Chéad Bhliain agus Tráth na gceist sna ranganna éagsúla. Ar an iomlán, bhí Seachtain na Gaeilge ar fheabhas againn anseo i gColáiste an Droichid Nua, lán le himeachtaí corraitheacha agus spiorad na Gaeilge. Tá aip Seachtain na Gaeilge 2013 ar fáil don iPhone anois ar iTunes agus is féidir leat na himeachtaí go léir a bhíonn ar siúl i do cheantar agus ar fud na tire a fháil ann. Ní féidir a shéanadh ach go raibh Seachtain na Gaeilge bríomhar, taitneamhach againn go léir i mbliana; tá súil againn go léir go leanfaidh spiorad na Gaeilge sa scoil i rith Bliain na Gaeilge ar fad.

Le Elise Morrissey


Hockey Happenings: The 2012/13 season wraps up... and more.. .

By Sarah Coller

Here’s an update on the hockey happenings since our last issue! This month, we’ve wrapped up most of our leagues/cups/plates and will play in friendly tournaments and in-house leagues for the rest of the year.

1ST YEAR HOCKEY: The 1st Year As came very close to kicking Loreto Beaufort, one of the Premier Leinster League hockey schools, right out of the league! Unfortunately, all Loreto needed was a draw and with the score being 1-1 at full time, the girls said goodbye to their first league in Newbridge College. However, they’ll have many more leagues in their next few years at the College, on the astroturf! The 1st Year Bs had a very successful league season, beating Santa Sabina 2-1 in the Leinster League playoffs. They progressed to the quarter finals, where they met with another Premier school, Loreto Bray. This match went to silver goal penalties, resulting in a Newbridge victory. They then went on to meet St. Andrew’s in a nail-biter of a semi-final, where they fought valiantly but were unfortunately beaten narrowly in the last minute, leaving the final score barely 1-0 to St. Andrew’s. Well done for getting that far girls! The 1st Year Cs finished off their season with two friendly matches in St. Leo’s in Carlow. They drew the first game and narrowly lost by a goal in the second. Considering most of these players have only 8

starting playing hockey this year, their progression is impressive and we hope they’ll keep up the sport next year – onwards and upwards girls!

MINOR HOCKEY: The Minor As beat Loreto Foxrock 1-0 in their last Leinster League game, with jubilation all round, especially on their own turf! The next week they refocused for their Leinster Plate quarter-final, but were unfortunately beaten by St. Joseph’s of Cluny 2-0. They look forward to the Junior season next year. The Minor Bs bowed out of their season gracefully with an unfortunate 2-1 loss vs. Alexandra College, the reigning All-Ireland champions. Despite this, the girls managed to slot away an impressive goal, with the final score being 2-1. Well done! The Minor Cs had a tough season despite showing impressive skill and steady improvement throughout the year. They ended their Leinster League run with a loss to Newpark Comprehensive 3-1, a team notorious for their skills. Hard luck girls, heads up for next year!

JUNIOR HOCKEY: The Junior A’s Leinster League brought them to the semi-finals vs. Mount Sackville. Unfortunately it wasn’t to be their day and the Newbridge girls suffered their 3rd penalty defeat in two seasons losing 4-2. An agonising defeat with possession stats of 80% yet somehow contrived to lose this game. The Ireland v Scotland rugby game the previous Sunday comes to mind. However the team put their heads down and trained hard for their Leinster Plate quarterfinal the following week vs. Newpark Comprehensive and this time


around it paid off! The game looked like a draw until the 55 th minute, when Newbridge made the final score 2-1. The next week they progressed to the semi-finals vs. Our Ladies Grove, staged in UCD. The girls took nothing for granted and played to their strengths, resulting in a 2-1 victory. At the time of going to press, this team are now travelling to the Leinster Plate FINALS and we wish them the best of luck. Do the school proud! The Junior Bs finished up the Leinster League season with a lovely win over Johnscottus 2-1. Congratulations girls, a nice note to finish on! SENIOR HOCKEY: The Senior As Leinster League campaign finished up with a tough match vs. Newpark Comprehensive in January. The girls fought valiantly only to pull up short with a final score of 2-1. The following month they began their Leinster Plate campaign with a fantastic victory over Premier school, Loreto on the Green. A frustrating 60 minutes of play led to a 0-0 score, where the silver goal rule was applied and to no avail, so the penalties began. The Newbridge penalty takers were superior and led the girls home to victory. Later that month, they clashed with St. Killian’s in the quarter-final, only to unfortunately be beaten. The team thoroughly enjoyed their season, especially the 6th years because this was their last NC match. They will hopefully hold the College banner high at university hockey next year! The girls will now compete in the Dominican Cup Tournament in April. The Senior Bs enjoyed an eventful season, bowing out of the Leinster League in late January will an unfortunate loss against Loreto Dalkey. The final score was 1-0, not a reflection in the slightest of the girls’ determination. Well done! 10


The Senior As would like to thank their supporters for joining them this month at their quarter-final in St. Killian’s, it was great to have you all their! The Astro-Turf Facilities are well underway in being constructed and I know every hockey player (including myself!) gets a shiver up their spine thinking about all the amazing seasons to come for Newbridge College on those pitches! To keep updated on the progress and opening ceremony details, check out The school website’s hockey section has been totally revamped, go have a peek! The team jackets have spread club wide, they are looking fab! Just make sure to whip them off during class time, keep it on the pitches ;) For any of you who didn’t know, there is now a fully functioning Student Hockey Council, supervised by Janis Feeney. We meet once a month in Mr. Falvey’s classroom. If you have any hockey related issues or ideas, contact your team representative (usually the captain, just check out the list on the school website.) 11


Memories from the 2012/13 season‌


h e Frenc h t o t s n Flynn, tulatio Congra team, Roisin eill ng via O N debati ell, Oli who beat s s u R ill Sam b O Ne the semi o R & Brown e College in rench er Belved the Alliance F on n final of petitio m ill o c g n They w . g debati n i n ve he sday e ool in t Wedne sent our sch on the pr e now re gainst Loreto final a green.

uck to our Very Hard L ckey team Junior A Ho eaten 2-0 in who were b ll the ongrats to a C l. a in F te the Pla d lots to t season an a re g a n o squad mpletion with the co to rd a rw look fo will be pitch which ro st a w e n of our season. for the new g in n n ru d up an

ur o o e t k luc Colleg d Har idge ho br New team w us in f Gol sented t re bu was t rep inal i f ly e be! e t h a o t n t u nt ort unf ot mea n



r and o i n e the S n o t k c ams i u l e t d y r b Ha r p Rug u uarte C Q r o d i n n Ju emi a S p u our C t r e i g e l h l t We’ next s ’ l e Final! a Mich n o e g reven year!

CONGR ATS to the Con team w cern De ho wer bate e victorio Tuesda u s last y, 19th March Gerrad a g a inst St. ’s. The team w thank M o u ld like t s. Kelly o and Ms for the . Murp huge am hy ount of suppor w o rk and t they h ave bee n through giving out the year.


We Are Newbridge College All 800-odd of us students represent Newbridge College. Be it on the hockey pitch, the rugby pitch, the stage, on debating teams, on golf courses, in equestrian, on athletic tracks, on basketball courts, the list is endless! (Bearing in mind this is excluding academic accomplishments!) Great success has been achieved in these activities this year. In order to continue succeeding as a school, we need to show support where it’s due! We are known for our incredible support systems at rugby matches in particular, as every supporter chants and encourages the team even when the score board isn’t in our favour. After our senior cup rugby team worked so hard to have Michael’s rob us of yet another deserved win, our team were in despair after that last whistle blew but I can imagine they felt a slight sense of comfort seeing all the encouraging faces from their fellow school mates’, as they cheered… “We’ll never die, we’ll never die…”


This kind of encouragement and ‘school spirit’ (if we want to get cheesy about it) should be shown across the boards. We are all representing Newbridge College. It shouldn’t be the case where comments are posted on Facebook or Twitter, belittling a well-earned victory. Whether it’s Newbridge College vs. St. Killian’s or Blackrock, a victory should be celebrated in all areas of the school and losses should be acknowledged with a “better luck next time” attitude. We are lucky to be a part of a school that offers so many activities but let’s bear in mind it’s not Newbridge College Rugby vs. Newbridge College Hockey or French debating vs. Concern debating! We are Newbridge College so show your support when and where you can for all these activities and I’m sure we’ll start to see more victories!

By Sorcha Lavelle-Walsh 17

Ski Trip 2013 By Paddy Morrin We started our Scandinavian odyssey on a cloudy Sunday morning in February. The excitement was palpable as we boarded a SAS airline to Oslo. It became apparent to me while on the plane that the Norwegian kronje rates were totally ridiculous as a standard packet of crisps was 100 Kronje? As we stepped on the snowy turf of Oslo there was sudden realisation of how cold it actually was with the temperature at minus 10. The hotel’s name was the Birkebieneren and the rooms were surprisingly spacious and luxurious with the Toilet having under floor heating which scalded the feet of many of my compatriots. The food was adequate with substantial helpings. On the first night we simply unpacked our extensive gear. Before we went we were all divided into Advanced, Intermediate and Beginner groups. We were fitted our ski gear which included Skis, Helmet, Boots (incredibly irritating) and poles. On the first day each group was allocated an instructor and they showed us the basics techniques at first. It was like the Grand National at first but then everyone seemed to get the correct technique. After a bruising but an enjoyable day’s skiing we went back to the warmth and comfort of our hotel rooms. That night the intended quiz was called off due to lack of interest. After dinner we were all rushed to bed by the enforcer Mr.King whose bellow could be heard all the way back in Newbridge. Day 2 was the catching on day as everyone seemed to be accomplishing the green slopes with some daredevils tackling steeper slopes. That night we went to the theatre like cinema in Lillehammer. We watched Zero Dark Thirty which lucky wasn’t dubbed in Norwegian. Day 3 we were introduced to Red and Blue slopes and the dreaded Off Piste which catches out the some of the experienced skiers. That night we went to Kirstens Hall to watch an Ice Hockey match which was entertaining until the never ending breaks in play kick in. On Day 4 most of us flew down from the peak to the very bottom in a matter of minutes with no causalities along the way. Newer and tougher Off Piste conquests were conquered with aplomb. That night we were treated with a scrumptious meal in a Restaurant/Night club in Lillehammer. Day 5 we attempted Black slopes which tested our mettle but by the end of the day they didn’t pose much of a threat. We went swimming and Shopping that night 18

and suddenly we all realized that it was the last day of our fantastic tour. Day 6 was easily the most enjoyable as we attempted every discipline and as our experience increased the more enjoyment we had. The day flew by us and then it was all over. That night we packed away our gear and we went to bed with the sound of Mr.King and his assistant Mr.Doyle’s orders still ringing in our ears. As we went home we realized that this trip was utterly brilliant in every way.

Newbridge vs St.Micheals Senior Cup Semi-Final The latest chapter of this epic rivalry was held at a misty and tense Donnybrook. With the anticipation at boiling point, the game kicked off and immediately the liffeysiders were in the Micheals 22 but their chances came to ill effect. As Newbridge battled for possession, the ball was given away and from that lost possession Micheals were in the Newbridge 22 for the first time and from their first entry into the ‘Bridge 22 they scored from relentless recycling of the ball with the Micheals prop barrelling in for a try (0-5). The Micheals Fly Half added the extras (0-7). From the ensuing kick-off Newbridge were right back in the fight with a stolen line out from McKnight and a JP drive and then the filthy Micheals pack gave a cynical penalty away which deserved a yellow card for the perpetrator. Healy bisected the uprights from the resulting penalty (3-7). The Bridge boys were heroic in defence and 19

they were awarded another penalty at halfway. With Healy in superb form they elected for the sticks but the resulting kick just dropped short. Newbridge put their bodies on the line with standout tackles from the aggressive Jake Howlett and number 8 Tom Brady but these moments of great bravery came to no avail as the relentless Micheals attack finally penetrated the Bridge defence with the Micheals scrum half squeezing in for a try (3-12). Their impressive fly half floated over the ensuing conversion (3-14). Then suddenly a lifeline as Newbridge were on the rack, Howlett again made an electric break and galloped into the Micheals 22 lifting the siege in the process. After a maul from a line out and a series of phases later the ball was shipped to JP in the corner and he dived in spectacularly for a tremendous try (8-14). Healy then showed his kicking ability with a superb kick from the touchline (10-14). At half time Newbridge seemed to be reinvigorated thanks to the brilliance of the Howlett break and subsequent score. Half Time (10-14). From the resumption Micheals upped the ante and were posing all kinds of threats in the ‘Bridge 22. After some brilliant offloading play Micheals were in again but the scorer was unbelievably held up by the ‘Bridge defence. But this gallant defence was finally breached by the Micheals fly half


who stepped outside and ran in for a comfortable try (1019). The out half added the extras (10-21). But still Newbridge fought manfully and very nearly scored when Matt O’Connor nearly went over in the corner but nevertheless this pressure was a brief as Micheals were controlling the game but they were beginning to show fatigue. With more crunching tackles from the impressive Jake Howlett and great foraging at ruck time by McKnight the Bridge was beginning to show their authority. With 65 minutes on the clock Sutton kicked impressively to the corner and with a great maul from the ensuing line out and numerous battering phases towards the try- line, it was visibly clear that the Micheals defence was beginning to creak under the relentless ‘Bridge pressure and after a number of cynical fouls the referee gave the Micheals centre a yellow card. Newbridge eked ever closer and finally crossed over with Ed Wynne barging over (15-21). Sub Robbie Mullen calmly slotted the conversion (17-21). With three minutes to go it was all to play for but Micheals unfortunately hung on to their brittle lead. The Final Score (17-21). A gallant campaign concludes at the semi , but in the opinion of this reporter, next year we will have our revenge! By Pat Morrin


Movies and Games of 2013 Bioshock Infinite:


After three years of waiting, the third Bioshock game is set to release on March 26th. And it will include all the technology, magic and gene splitting psychopaths we loved from the last two games.

Injustice, Gods among us: Ever wanted to see Batman smash Superman’s head into a wall? If so Injustice is your game. It’s a fighting game made by the makers of Mortal Kombat.

Dead Island Riptide: A sequel to 2011’s Dead Island. This one will take place on a different Island but with the same characters and it features all the zombie hacking we saw last time. This one comes out a month after bioshock on April 26th.

Assassins Creed 4 black flag: Get ready to take control of a Edward Kenway, a pirate assassin who will be sailing ships around the west Indies during the 18th century. Black Flag is said to be available on October 29th and Ubisoft is pulling out all the stops for it.

The Walking Dead season 2: Season 2 is scheduled to be released in Autumn. This is probably the game I’m most excited for. The first season had a gripping story with great characters and I hope that season has just as many surprises as the first, but I would say you should try season 1 before trying this one just to get used to it’s gameplay. 22

Monsters University:


Do you remember the movie Monsters Inc? Well after only 12 years we’re getting a prequel, Mike and Sully are in collage to learn how to scare kids.

The Lone Ranger: Johnny Depp plays the part of the native American warrior Tonto as he helps the ranger of the old west John Reid.

Star Trek Into Darkness: Sequel time, the crew of the Enterprise are off on another adventure to capture a mercenary with a weapon of mass destruction.

Iron Man 3: For all you superhero fans out there we have the third and final installment to the Iron Man trilogy. For the final confrontation Tony Stark faces off with a terrorist hell bent on destroying Stark industries.

Catching Fire: The sequel to the ever popular Hunger Games, Katniss and Peeta are getting thrown back into the lions den to face off in the most climactic of the Hunger Games known as the Quarter Quell.

All this and more you can look forward to in the coming months. By Sam Burke 23

A CELEBRATION OF MUSIC As I sat blissfully enjoying the music and atmosphere of our now annual Celebration of Music Night in the College theatre on the 14th March, two things crossed my mind. Firstly, we have an extraordinary amount of talent walking our hallowed halls in Newbridge College and secondly, faced with all of these musical prodigies, I realised I am utterly talentless :( Regardless, our celebration of Music night is something we should champion. The level of talent is so vast from the Junior and Senior choirs, string section, traditional music players to the solo performers. Music from an immense array of genres and tastes were showcased and the confidence and ease the individual students performed was awe inspiring. A Huge Congratulations should be offered to Miss O’Brien and Miss Coogan on organising such a fantastic night.

By Mr. Doyle 24

Epic Performance

Miss O’Brien – The New member of “THE SHIFT”


Love and Marriage There hadn’t been a winter like it in years, this persistent snow billowing about in all directions, smothering everything. The car had no choice but to lurch slowly on the ice, which promised fatal with the slightest misjudgement on Martin’s part. Tall dark pine trees loomed overhead to observe his attempt at this treacherous task. The night air was heavy, with the bitter cold ensuring headache and chills to anything living among it. He strained his eyes as he tried to peer out past the relentless snow and the rhythmic swishing of the window wipers. His excursion to town was evident with the all too familiar stench of hard liquor lingering stubbornly in the car, his head pounding and eyes watering, creating a further impairment of his vision. He tried to keep the car from plunging off the road. His hands stung with the blistering cold that had developed within the car, while he had been propped idly on a stool at McCarthy’s, downing his sixth shot of liquid medicine. He swallowed hard as he glanced fearfully over the side of the cliff ace and down at the 200 foot darkness below. After relocating to the mountains he had hoped that all his worries could be left behind and he and his wife could take time to figure everything out. A pang of hysteria hit him like a brick. The tears started to flow, leaving an irritant itch upon his cheek as he gripped the wheel vehemently in order to keep from plummeting to blackness. “How could I have been so stupid?” he blurted out to himself as he thought about his current relationship. He was struggling to hold on to his breath as he sobbed, almost choking. Martin drained the remains of “Tennessee’s finest” and carelessly tossed the bottle over the side, not bothered about its disappearance. In the distance at the very bottom of the valley he could see the lights of the main road which curved and curled resembling that of a large snake. He twisted his wedding ring around his finger generating a burning sensation, wondering what it all meant. “She is a snake, how she twists the truth to get what 26

she wants,” Martin exclaimed trying to assure himself of how she is wrong and he the victim. “Well she’s my daughter too,” he shouted ferociously as the car picked up speed with the sudden outburst of emotion, before decelerating as he caught a glimpse of himself in the side mirror. “I’m a mess” he thought causing his mind to delve deeper into a feverish and sickly state. As Martin continued down the mountain he kept trying to figure out a way to get past the divorce papers, before it was too late, before his wife stole the one thing he still had going for him. Harper. Martin felt queasy and started to gag at the thought of how that woman was damaging his daughter, corrupting her innocence. Turning her against him. He remembered three days previous when his wife had strutted in through the kitchen and without saying a word gently dropped the papers on to his lap. She stood staring at him with a crooked grin, overviewing his disappointment, and enjoying every bit of it. She would claim that he is unfit to be a father and look for total custody over Harper. He felt sick at the possibility. His head started to spin and an agonising ache was developing behind his pale blue eyes. Something swelled inside him and without warning he purged up everything, as if some sort of alien was trying to get out pulling all of his guts with it. A thick layer of heavy vomit landed straight on his lap and clung to his unshaven face. A feeling of ominous dread engulfed him, the tyres sliding sporadically and violently with every small stone or rock that passed his way. He descended down the mountain, with the snow having transformed further into a blur. A shroud of white cloaked the windscreen, making the wipers near ineffective. For the former two years Martin had being living in the past, in a state of denial. He had refused to live in reality and couldn’t help reminiscing of when he and his wife had first met. A brief feeling of warmth blushed across his cheeks only to be shattered by the clenching of teeth. A sudden wave of jealousy swept over him when he thought of the way other men looked at her, not just in the office but in general. It frustrated him to think of how in a couple of months some total stranger would probably have his arm draped over her shoulder on a sofa, the fire roaring, it’s front row 27

audience, Harper. In need of a lift Martin fumbled in the glove compartment for some music, anything to calm the soul, something upbeat.” The Very Best of Frank Sinatra”. As Martin listened passively his mind began to ease, he became calmer. “He was the best of em,” stated Martin, almost gratefully, appreciating the effect his music had. Martin noticed something in the distance, flickering and fluttering rapidly. “Who could possibly be up at this time?” he wondered. There were no houses or businesses along this road for at least two miles. “What the hell is it,” muttered Martin, as he itched his furrowed brow. It was at least half a mile away, shifting in colour between a hellish red and a dazzling orange. A thick corridor of evergreens stood on either side, creating a sense of immense claustrophobia. Eager to find out Martin accelerated not thinking about the ice, his heart was beating incredibly fast, blood pulsated through his veins, his temples throbbed. As he drove he was plunged into darkness. The car lights went out. That single beckoning glimmer ahead demanded his full attention. Nothing else mattered. He could see a figure near the flickering, its arms outstretched, and almost grotesque like. It seemed to be a small woman or girl. Martin tried to swallow but was unable, his throat stung .The closer he got to the glimmer a thick, choking fog of smoke wrapped itself around the car and tore at Martin’s lungs, his eyes began to burn. A smell of tar and burning metal plagued his senses. A mixture of white and black obstructed his vision and it wasn’t until Martin was on top of the scene that he realised what it was. His heart sank. Martin rushed out of the car and tripped flat on to the hard, unforgiving ice. He began to crawl his heart pounding, eyes streaming. Harper rushed into his arms her hands were bleeding, and trembling as they clung onto her father. Her face was hot with her tears as they soaked into her soft blond hair. He didn’t question why she was here he simply hugged her, not wanting to let her go. He had been deaf, a buzzing in his ears. Harper didn’t stop wailing for her mother. Martin couldn’t believe what was happening as he gazed over at the blaze, the car over turned on its side. He 28

could see a frail figure slumped with its neck contorted in such a way that it looked like the head had been swallowed by the earth. It was her. Martin kept blinking as he tried to establish what he was seeing. He glanced back at Harper almost reluctantly, wanting not to confirm what he was seeing as truth. The smell of burning tar and toxic fumes ravaged his nostrils and left a horrific taste to harass his tongue. Something clicked inside of him. He rushed over to the wreckage and was lashed viciously with a searing heat upon arrival. He felt as if his flesh was going to blister and peel from his bones. Martin was temporarily shielded from the heat as he rotated about the car to reach the driver’s seat. Martin kicked furiously at the windscreen, half of which was shattered and lay in a heap of shards. He pulled his wife frantically out of the car and dragged her a couple of metres off of the road. Her breathing was diminishing to a desperate rasp as she struggled for breath, yet maintained a definite rhythm, indicating to Martin that she would make it if they got to the hospital. Martin’s mind was seized by an immense feeling of relief. This was it, the answer. He felt his daughter’s presence peering out from the snow. Was this real, or was he in some otherworldly place, the fire dancing, teasing in its nature. He remembered his wife’s sly smirk as he scanned her face, looking for any sign of movement. He peered back over his shoulder at his daughter’s small doll like face.” This is how it’s going to be” a cold determination in his voice, while Sinatra’s soothing chorus of “Love and Marriage” could be heard resonating throughout the valley. Martin dragged his wife viciously in the direction of his car, carefully avoiding a splintered bottle of Tennessee’s finest, it’s torn wrapper staring straight up at him. He yanked the car door open and put his wife down on the backseat, watching her slouch backwards like an old ragdoll. Martin sat back into his car, his daughter crying. The key turned, he chose to turn deaf, as the mountain waited ominously, nature’s chief witness. A witness without speech. He wondered whether he would get to the hospital on time.

By David Devaney 29

Miscellany While walking through the Social Area I noticed a lot of posters requesting students to enter short story and essay competitions and it brought a smile to my face as I recalled a little humorous quotation which goes something like this:- An aspiring young writer once asked, “Should I put more fire into my stories?” “No, vice versa”, replied Somerset Maugham. So before consigning my little article to the fire, read on and I hope you enjoy it. I suppose I should be writing something with an Easter theme. However, I decided to give you the benefit of a little article on the English language which I came across recently. The bandage was wound around the wound. The farm was used to produce produce. The dump was so full that it had to refuse more refuse. We must polish the Polish furniture. He could lead if he would get the lead out. The soldier decided to desert his dessert in the desert. Since there is no time like the present, he thought it was time to present the present. A bass was painted on the head of the bass drum. When shot at, the dove dove into the bushes. I did not object to the object. The insurance was invalid for the invalid. There was a row among the oarsmen about how to row. They were too close to the door to close it. 30

Let's face it - English is a crazy language. There is no egg in eggplant, nor ham in hamburger (horse maybe!); neither apple nor pine in pineapple. English muffins weren't invented in England or French fries in France. Sweetmeats are candies while sweetbreads, which aren't sweet, are meat. We take English for granted. But if we explore its paradoxes, we find that quicksand can work slowly, boxing rings are square and a guinea pig is neither from Guinea nor is it a pig. And why is it that writers write but fingers don't fing, grocers don't groce and hammers don't ham? If the plural of tooth is teeth, why isn't the plural of booth, beeth? One goose, 2 geese. So one moose, 2 meese? One index, 2 indices? Doesn't it seem crazy that you can make amends but not one amend? If you have a bunch of odds and ends and get rid of all but one of them, what do you call it? If teachers taught, why didn't preachers praught? If a vegetarian eats vegetables, what does a humanitarian eat? Sometimes I think all the English speakers should be committed to an asylum for the verbally insane. In what language do people recite at a play and play at a recital? Ship by truck and send cargo by ship? Have noses that run and feet that smell? You have to marvel at the unique lunacy of a language in which your house can burn up as it burns down, in which you fill in a form by filling it out and in which, an alarm goes off by going on. English was invented by people, not computers, and it reflects the creativity of the human race, which, of course, is not a race at all. That is why, when the stars are out, they are visible, but when the lights are out, they are invisible. “If the English language made any sense, a catastrophe would be an apostrophe with fur.� Doug Larson.

Enjoy your holidays. 31

Newbridge College’s Second year debating league 2012/2013 Winning team: 2G Fionn O’Sullivan Celine Dignam Joyce Delaney

Runners Up: 2F Molly Rasmussen Niamh Hirekodi Lucy Byrne

Overall Best Speaker: Lucy Byrne

Special thank you to Miss Williams (class teacher of 2G & 2F) and Ciara Maher and Chloe O’Reilly who adjudicated the final.


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