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Volume 37 - Issue 2

February 2011



From the Helm….


by Jim Wade

A good Sea-story comes from my experiences at Camp Hansen, Okinawa that happened to a very good buck Sergeant names Sgt. (Shortie) not his real name. He was very short but a squared away marine. This particular day, he was Sergeant of the Guard, and he Before moving here I was told how mild called the three Corporals of the guard into the guard shack. He told the winters were in Indiana. They lied! I us that we had become lazy at our routine of the manual of could have stayed in New York and been treated to a winter arms. Now I'm going to explain the manual of arms. With the pistol, like this! Although were I lived near Syracuse is getting ham- in its side holster, at the command of present arms, you un-flap the mered this year so I guess I shouldn’t complain. I hope you are top of the side holster with your left hand, and draw the weapon, holding it at a 45 degree angle upward, you release the loaded magasurviving this winter, and are looking forward to spring as zine and tuck it into your belt, then with your left hand, pull the slide eagerly as I am. to the rear and lock it, and look into the chamber to make sure its completely un-loaded, and then look straight ahead. Many things are happening this month, Pan Cake Breakfast, Sgt. Shortie does this first, then the three Corporals of the guard do IWO JIMA Recognition ceremony, Membership and Staff it exactly like he did. Meetings. I hope you can find the time to participate in them Now here is where he makes his mistake, and he had told us to "Do as much as you can. The Barracks work is done for the most exactly like I do." part, now it’s down to getting a few small things finished. You are supposed to let the slide go forward, pull the trigger on the Thanks again to all who made this happen. empty weapon, then insert the loaded magazine and put the pistol back into its holster. But instead of doing that, Sgt. Shortie inserts the loaded magazine We have a committee planning a June 25th Open House for all into the pistol, lets the slide go forward, stripping a round into the and the Neighborhood, so watch for announcements on this. chamber and pulls the trigger, which fired a .45 caliber round into the Parades season will be upon us before we know it, and we hope roof of the guard shack, and the three of us do exactly like he had told to have our honor guard in place by then if we can get DOD to us to do. We inserted the loaded magazines into our weapons and release the hold on M-1 rifles from TACOM. Still looking for Sgt. Shortie starts screaming, "STOP, STOP, please don't do as I a Sgt. Of the Guard for it and some dedicated volunteers to be did", and we are all laughing. To tell you the truth, we should have on it. If interested, please contact me. rushed it, and all three of us fired our weapons through that roof too. _______________________________________________________

Gary Nasby- Commandant Hiram I. Bearss Det. #089

March 12-13 will be the Department Spring Conference in Chesterton. Plan to attend if you can. April 1-2 our Detachment will be hosting the Central Division Conference in Beech Grove, at the LaQuinta. You will be receiving a call before then asking for volunteers. If you can donate some time. The experience will be worth it, and you will meet Marines and Leaguers from our surrounding states.

SEND YOUR SEA STORY TO THE EDITOR– ________________________________________________________ HELP! We are looking for help with Interior design/ decorating at the new Barracks. We want to make the hall more appealing to prospective renters. First impressions are a large part of the decision making when planning an event. Any member, or friend of a member, or friend of a friend (get the idea?) who would like to offer some free advice on what we could do to enhance the hall would be most appreciated. The hall has been renovated, but it needs this improvement to turn it into a 1st class rental facility. If you can offer this help , please contact us at 317-546-7228 and leave a message or call me at 317-855-8798. Thanks.

Lastly I know of only one Marine in distress or sick from the Detachment. He is Jim Roberts, who had a heart attack last week and after a procedure at the VA is now home resting. Keep Jim in your thoughts and Prayers. If you ever know of someone having problems please take the time to let me know so I can get assistance and aid offered to them. Thank You.

Got to go...Ice storm coming in!! I am available at for your comments and discussion: Phone- (317) 855-8798

E-Mail– Semper Fidelis- Gary D. Nasby 1

Mark Your Calendar!

February 10 19 23 24

(Thur) 1900-Membership Meeting @ Marine Barracks Indy– PITCH-IN DINNER HOUR 1800 (Sat) o800-1200 Pancake / Biskets & Gravy Breakfast– @ Marine Barracks Indy (WED) 1730- MCCC MEETING @ HESLAR ARMORY (Thur) 1800– HIB Staff Meeting @ Marine Barracks Indy


10 (Thur) 1900-Membership Meeting @ Marine Barracks Indy– PITCH-IN DINNER HOUR 1800


Indy 1500 Gun Show @ State Fair Grounds

19 (Sat) 0800-PANCAKE


@ Marine Barracks Indy


19 (Sat) 1300-1400..1 Marine Div. meeting @Marine Barracks 24 (Thur) 1800– HIB Staff Meeting @ Marine Barracks Indy 30 (WED) 1730- MCCC MEETING @ HESLAR ARMORY

HIB MCL OFFICER ROSTER Commandant Sr. Vice Commandant Jr. Vice Commandant Adjutant/Paymaster Judge Advocate Jr. Past Commandant Chaplain Sergeant at Arms

Gary Nasby James Wade Connie Hamm Melissa Jacobs Greg Troxell Bud Albright Jesus Quintana, Jr David Hansell


Do you have news that you what to share? Contact the Editor:

HIB MCL COMMITTEE ROSTER VAVS Representative Raffles Scuttlebutt / WebSgt Christmas Banquet Boy Scout Eagle Awards Parades/Gaming Young Marines Liaison Honor Guard Museum Director

Jesus Quintana, Jr. Tony Mungovan Gary Nasby Tony Mungovan Fred Axthelm Tony Mungovan Tony Mungovan Jesus Quintana Doug Hardwick

Central Indiana Marine Points of Contact Marine Corps League H.I. Bearss Det: Office 317-546-7228 Commandant Gary Nasby 317-855-8798 Chaplain Jesus Quintana 317-445-9509 National Marine Corps Museum, State of IN Liaison: Russ Eaglin 317-201-7066 1st Marine Division Association: Guy Miller 317-293-7594 3rd Marine Division Association: Russ Eaglin 317-201-7066 Montford Point Association: Robert D. Smith 317-924-9790 Woman Marine Association: Connie Hamm 317-345-0070 Marine Corps Coordinating Council: Russ Eaglin 317-201-7066 Marine Inspector Instructor: Capt.1st Sgt Hess 317-923-1584 Marine Recruiting Service: Maj. Morrissey 317-698-5770 Marine For Life Program: Maj. Davis Christy (312) 476-9616 Central Indiana Young Marines: Buzz Smith 1-877-876-2838 Editor, Scuttlebutt & HIB WebSgt: Gary Nasby (317) 855-8798 Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation: Capt Larry Slaugh 317471-9577 PWC STAFF: GySgt Jacob Phillips 812-606-8783

VAVS Deputy Stars and Stripes Awards Historian Toys For Tots MCL Svc. Officer Quartermaster

Diana Ward/John Farrell Jim Wade Oran Lakin Fred Axthelm Bud Albright Diane Ward Bud Albright

HIB Meeting minutes, & Official documents from National MCL, MODD, & HIB can be downloaded from here…………………………… officialdocs.htm

Central Indiana Young Marines 8050 Winterset Circle Indianapolis, IN 46214 2

…...Next Gun Show…… March 18-20 @ Indiana State Fair Grounds

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Contest: Tell us where this is, and the year. Winner receives $5 in Ships Store Credit. We know some of you Marines have been here. Send your answer & submissions for future contests to– . Pictures can be of Marine Gear, places, events or Famous Marines. “PLANK OWNERS” Be Part of Making a Home for Marines and Family Members to Gather. Be Part of Preserving our Heritage and Traditions.

Having the title of “Plank Owner” includes certain rights and privileges—including bragging rights of being part of the beginning of a new adventure for Marines in Indiana.

GOAL- $200,000 Yes! I wish to support the Marine Corps League/Marine Foundation of Central Indiana “Plank Program”. I am enclosing my pledge/donation of:

Check Category (1) Golden Teak ($5,000) (2)Philippine Teak ($2,000)

Pledger’s Name:


Company Name:

Military Branch:

Address: _________________________________________________________________

(3)Indo-China Teak ($1,000) (4)Burma-Teak ($500)


(5)Memorial Plank, Level:


Other Donations: $

Memorial Plank:




Please cutout this form and send completed form with check payable to MCL/MFCI Plank Owner to: Marine Foundation of Central Indiana, P.O. Box 501615, Indianapolis, IN 46250-6615. If you wish to pay with a credit card via PayPal go to For further information please call (317) 546-7228, or go to 4

If your company has a matching gift program, please contact your HR Office for information.

NAME_____________________________ ADDRESS-___________________ _____________________________ _____________________________

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NAME_____________________________ ADDRESS-___________________ _____________________________ _____________________________

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Gun Raffle Drawing date: 20 March 2011 ( 1600) @ Indy 1500 Gun Show@ State Fair Grounds Tickets $1.00 each or 6 for $5.00 Choice of ONE: Olympic Arms Ar-15 Carbine (.223 Caliber) OR Henry 44 Magnum Rifle OR a weapon yet to be determined. Proceeds benefit Hiram I. Bearss MCL Det. 089 and the programs they support Send check or MO with completed tickets above to: Marine Corps League-HIB 550 South Audubon Road Indianapolis, IN 46219 **NOTE** PLEASE MAKE COPIES OF ABOVE TICKETS IF MORE ARE NEEDED**

Indy 1500 Gun Show 2011 dates: March 18-20, June 3-5, Aug. 26-28 Winner @ January Show– (Mark Thomas, Ticket #022729)

Pound 111 PDD Bud Albright– Pound Keeper PDD Russ Eaglin– Sr. Vice Pound Keeper PDD Gary Nasby– Jr. Vice Pound Keeper PDD Mike Wukitsch– Smart Dog & Dog Scratcher DD Lloyd Louks– Dog Robber PDD Jesus Quintana– Dog Trainer DD Connie Hamm– Watch Dog PDD Bernie Loechel– Mad Dog DD Jeff Milner– Police Dog Pup Dave Hansell– Barking Dog Pup Harry Snyder– Pooper Scooper

Reminder– If you haven’t paid your dues for 2010-2011, please do so. 5

Hey Marine– how about getting’ with the program and finding us some cars!

Donate A Car Program Marine Corps League Hiram I. Bearss Det. #089

Visit - for a donation form. Visit— for more info Have questions ? Call toll-free seven days a week at 1-800-237-5714. will make arrangements to conveniently and quickly pick-up your vehicle or boat donation at no cost to you. They handle the title transfer requirements and provide you with a tax deductible vehicle or vessel donation receipt at the time of pick-up! Making a car donation is quick and easy! Donate a car and you'll feel great about supporting Us, The Hiram I. Bearss , Marine Corps League—Detachment #089, and the worthwhile causes we support! To view what we support…….







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