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August 2008


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From the Helm

What Has HIB Been Up To Lately?

A message from Commandant Bud Albright Hiram I. Bearss Det. #089 Recent Events: • The detachment lent the parade trailer to the Wortman Lowe detachment for the Morristown Derby Days Parade on the 26th of July. The trailer won second place in the Best Float category. It was a small town parade but well attended. Announcements/Upcoming Events: th • Our next parade is scheduled for the 30 of August. This is the Miracle Mile Parade, which was a staple on the Southside of Indy for many years but was suspended in 1957. It was revived in 2007 and promises to be one of the largest parades in Indiana this year. Mayor Ballard & his wife will be the grand marshals of the parade. • Russ Eaglin has taken over Quartermaster duties. Thanks Russ!! If there is anything you want or need in the way of uniforms or other items, contact Russ by calling the League Office (317-546-7228). • We have a small supply of baseball caps and other novelty items for sale in the office. See me if there is anything you are looking for. • We need to come up with 4 volunteers to help set up chairs at the Indiana War Memorial for the Veterans Day ceremony on the 11th of November. You will have to be there by 8:30 am. If you can help, let me know. • We can still use some help at the Golden Age Games sponsored by the VA center. Contact Diana Ward or me if you can help out. Book of the Month: • Hell is Upon Us – D-Day in the Pacific – Saipan to Guam, June-August 1944 by Victor Brooks. See page 2 for a synopsis of the book. Semper Fidelis, Bud Albright, 317.546.7228

The CarmelFest Parade (Carmel) and the “Salute to Heroes” event at Grace Assembly Church (Greenwood)

Top Left: Leaguers Tom Terpinas, Don Myers, Lloyd Louks, Bob Kidwell and Bud Albright attend the CarmelFest Parade (4 July). Top Right: our concession and souvenir stand at work at the Salute to Heroes at Grace Assembly Church (29 June). Bottom Left: It’s going to take more than a little rain to scare CarmelFest Parade attendees away! Bottom Right: a group picture at the CarmelFest Parade.

Thank you, Tom “Doc” Terpinas, for your contribution to the Mini. Your donation fell between $25 and $99.99, which makes you a Gold Contributor. Thank you, and Semper Fidelis!!--Melissa Inside This Edition

Have you visited yet?? If not, you’re missing tons of information about Marines, the Marine Corps League, and news that impacts Marines1 web! To prove it to -and it’s all consolidated into one easy-to-navigate location on the you, I decided to use the information posted out on for nearly all of the stories contained in this edition. Enjoy!--Melissa Jacobs, SB Editor

VA On-line Claims………………………. 2 GI Bill Update………………………..….. 2, 4 Lejeune Water Study Registry………. 3 Aug-Oct Calendar of Events..………… 4 Taste of Home Cookbook………...……5 Scuttlebutt Sponsors……………………5-8

Hell Is Upon Us - D-Day in the Pacific By Victor Brooks

The story of the "other" D-Day invasion (this one in the Pacific Ocean) that would turn the tide of the war against Japan. On June 14th 1944, just nine days after the D-Day invasion of Normandy, another mighty fleet steamed towards its own D-Day landing. A huge US flotilla of 800 ships carrying 162,000 men was about to attempt to smash into the outer defenses of the Japanese Empire. Their target was the Marianas Island group, which included Saipan, home to an important Japanese base and a large population of Japanese civilians, and Guam, the first American territory captured in the aftermath of Pearl Harbor. During the next eight weeks, tens of thousands of men, hundreds of planes and dozens of major warships were locked in mortal combat. When it was over, 60,000 Japanese ground troops and most of the carrier air power of the Imperial Navy were annihilated, Japan's leader, Tojo, was thrown out of office in disgrace and the newly captured enemy airfields were being transformed into launching bases for the B-29s that would carry the conventional and, later, atomic bombs to Japan, turning the land of the Rising Sun into a charred cinder. This synopsis can be read at:

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16 July 2008 VA Announces On-Line Claims Applications WASHINGTON – The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) announced today that on-line applications are now accepted from veterans, survivors and other claimants filing initial applications for disability compensation, pension, education, and vocational rehabilitation and employment benefits without the additional requirement to submit a signed paper copy of the application. Effective immediately, VA will now process applications received through its on-line application website (VONAPP) without the claimant's signature. The electronic application will be sufficient authentication of the claimant’s application for benefits. Normal development procedures and rules of evidence will still apply to all VONAPP applications. VONAPP ( is a Webbased system that benefits both internal and external users. Veterans, survivors and other claimants seeking compensation, pension, education, or vocational rehabilitation benefits can apply electronically without the constraints of location, postage cost, and time delays in mail delivery. VONAPP reduces the number of incomplete applications received by VA, decreasing the need for additional development by VA claims processors. The on-line application also provides a link to apply for VA health care benefits and much more. Over 3.7 million veterans and beneficiaries receive compensation and pension benefits from VA and approximately 523,000 students receive education benefits. Approximately 90,000 disabled veterans participate in VA’s Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment program. For more information about VA benefits, go to VA’s website at call our toll-free number at 1-800827-1000.

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Senate Passes War Funding, New GI Bill By Rick Maze - Staff writer Posted : Monday Jun 30, 2008 7:08:29 EDT

A war funding bill including $162 billion for the military’s combat-related expenses and a $63 billion overhaul of GI Bill education benefits passed Congress on Thursday and was headed to the White House to be signed into law. While there had been many warnings over several months of work on the measure of a possible presidential veto of HR 2642 for a variety of reasons, White House officials have assured Congress that President Bush will sign it. The signing will bring an end to a Pentagon cash-flow crisis that threatened to disrupt military and civilian payroll, cancel or delay maintenance, and postpone nonessential training and travel. And, for the first time since the Vietnam War, there will be a completely free veterans’ education benefit program that pays enough to fully cover the cost of getting a four-year college degree. There was a lot of back-patting as the Senate gave final approval to the measure with a 92-6 vote, but the lawmaker getting and appearing to deserve the greatest praise for the GI Bill initiative was Sen. Jim Webb, D-VA, a freshman senator and Vietnam veteran who said he was just trying to give combat veterans the benefits they deserve.

“Eighteen months ago, we began with the simple concept that those who have been serving since 9/11 should have the same opportunity for a first-class educational future as those who Do you have news that you what to share? 2 served during World War II,” Webb said before the vote. “Today, we have accomplished that goal. Contact the Editor, Melissa Jacobs, at:

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!RETRACTION! Page 2 of the July 2008 Scuttlebutt stated that Leaguer Loren Minnix received the Distinguished Service Award for his duties as the Associate Chaplain for the VA Medical Center. He actually won the award for his work with the Wounded Warriors Program, for his appointment as the Associate Chaplain of the HIB Detachment, and for his volunteer work at the VA Medical Center.

Camp Lejeune Water Study Registry Press Release - Oct. 24, 2007 United States Marine Corps Division of Public Affairs

HEADQUARTERS MARINE CORPS - Former residents and employees of Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune, N.C., can now register at the official Marine Corps water study website for notification and information purposes regarding past drinking water contamination. The web registration is a tool intended to assist the Marine Corps in obtaining current addresses of Marines, dependents and civilians that lived or worked at Camp Lejeune prior to 1987. Once registered, at the official site, the Marine Corps will be able to send individuals updates regarding the study by letter mail or email.

Marines ordered to stay longer in Afghanistan By LOLITA C. BALDOR, Associated Press Writer Tue Aug 5, 6:24 AM ET

WASHINGTON - The Pentagon has ordered roughly 1,250 Marines serving as trainers for the Afghan security forces to stay on the warfront almost a month longer to continue a mission that military leaders say is a top priority, according to a senior military official. In addition, Defense Secretary Robert Gates has authorized the deployment of up to 200 other troops to Afghani- A U.S. Marine breaks the door of a house durstan to support the ing a patrol in the town of Garmser in HelMarines. That in- mand Province of Afghanistan Wednesday, cludes eight helicop- July 9, 2008. (AP Photo/Rafiq Maqbool) ter crews that could be shifted from Iraq if commanders decide. The senior military official spoke to The Associated Press on Monday on condition of anonymity because the formal announcement has not yet been made.

The decision to extend the tour of the 2nd Battalion, 7th Marine Regiment in Afghanistan comes just a month after defense offiWhile the Marine Corps has obtained some personnel cials told the 24th Marine Expeditionary Unit that it would stay records of former residents and workers, many records an extra month in Afghanistan. are incomplete. We need all interested parties to register to ensure that our notification effort is as complete According to the official, the decision to hold the battalion there as possible. longer is part of an effort to capitalize on the gains the Marines have made in the training mission. The extension means that Taking care of Marines, sailors, and their families is a top priority for the Marine Corps. The Secretary of the the battalion would return home in late November. Navy and the Commandant of the Marine Corps are Asked about Gates' decision, Pentagon press secretary Geoff committed to reaching all former residents that may Morrell said the secretary was responding to a request from the have been exposed to unregulated chemicals in the commanders. base drinking water between 1957 and 1987. The Marine Corps fully supports the Agency for Toxic Substance and Disease Registry’s ongoing health study to determine whether exposure to these chemicals can be linked to any increased health risks. At the completion of the study in mid-2008, the Marine Corps will announce the results in conjunction with ATSDR.

Gates "is always pained to have to extend tours. He understands the effect that has on the families of our forces, but he also appreciates our commanders' need to make additional progress while the weather is still good in Afghanistan," Morrell said.

Gates' decision to send the other support forces comes after We encourage former base residents to register on-line weeks of discussions by top military leaders who scrambled to at or to find needed troops. He authorized Army Lt. Gen. Martin E. contact the Camp Lejeune Water Study Call Center for Dempsey, who is temporarily in charge of U.S. Central Comassistance or additional information. The Call Center mand, to shift up to eight helicopters and their crews from Iraq staff can be reached at (877) 261-9782, Monday to Afghanistan — four Cobra attack aircraft and four MH-53 heavy lift helicopters. through Friday, between 8:30 a.m. and 5 p.m., or by 3 email at The remainder of the support forces being deployed are For more information regarding the health study, con- smaller units, including engineers, (continued on page 5) tact the ATSDR information line at (888) 422-8737.

August - October Calendar of Events What are you waiting August for? Come on out and 22 (Fri) 1400-2000………… Indy Gun & Knife Show (Indiana State Fairgrounds) get involved, Marines!! 23 (Sat) 0800-1800…………Indy Gun & Knife Show (Indiana State Fairgrounds) 23 (Sat) 1200 - 1800……… Support Our Troops Family Day (Hamilton County 4H Fairgrounds) 23 (Sat) 0800 - 1800………Golden Age Games - Horseshoes Event (sponsored by the local Marine organizations) 24 (Sun) 0900-1500…………Indy Gun & Knife Show (Indiana State Fairgrounds) 27 (Wed) 1730………………… Marine Corps Coordinating Council Meeting (Heslar Armory) 28 (Thurs) 1900……………… HIB-MCL Staff Meeting (Veteran’s Center) 30 (Sat) 1300…………………… Miracle Mile Parade (visit for route) September 1 (Mon)……………………………… Labor Day 11 (Thurs) 1900……………… HIB-MCL Membership Meeting - Swearing In Ceremony - (Veteran’s Center) 24 (Wed) 1730………………… Marine Corps Coordinating Council Meeting (Heslar Armory) 25 (Thurs) 1900……………… HIB-MCL Staff Meeting (Veteran’s Center) October 4 (Sat)……………………………… Department of Indiana Fall Conference (Jasper, IN) 5 (Sun)……………………………… Department of Indiana Fall Conference (Jasper, IN) 9 (Thurs) 1900………………… HIB-MCL Membership Meeting (Veteran’s Center) 12 (Sun)……………………………… Columbus Day 23 (Thurs) 1900……………… HIB-MCL Staff Meeting (Veteran’s Center) 29 (Wed) 1730………………… Marine Corps Coordinating Council Meeting (Heslar Armory) 31 (Fri)……………………………… Halloween

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(continued from page 2 - New GI Bill)

I would like to emphasize that this is not simply an expansion of veterans’ educational benefits. This is a new program, a deserved program.” After a lot of debate, lawmakers have decided the new GI Bill program will be called the Post-9/11 Veterans Educational Assistance Act, the name Webb used when he first introduced the bill in January 2007, shortly after he took office. While the name is cumbersome and doesn’t appear suited for a spiffy acronym, congressional aides who worked on the bill said some veterans groups objected to calling it the 21st Century GI Bill of Rights, a name used by many supporters, because an education-only benefits plan is nothing like the original World War II GI Bill of Rights, which included education and unemployment benefits, loans to buy a home or start a business, and other readjustment benefits. 4 There is talk of naming the bill for Webb, but that has not yet happened. This story can be found at:

DEPARTMENT OF INDIANA MARINE CORPS LEAGUE FALL CONFERENCE Hosted by the Southern Indiana Leatherneck Detachment Jasper, IN When: Saturday - Sunday, 4-6 October 2008 Where: At the Jasper Inn and Convention Center (formerly the Holiday Inn) Reserve your room by calling: 1-800-872-3176 Room Rate: $69/night + Tax Registration fees: $5 For more information, visit:

Remembering the Taste of Home A Collection of Recipes by the Friends and Families of Our Military Servicemen, Women, and their Families--Past and Present. There is a special bond among those who have served our country. They have spent countless meals away from their homes and families, missing and wishing for a good warm home cooked meal. They have missed birthdays, anniversaries, holidays and many other special occasions. They gladly serve our country and fight for our freedom without hesitation. It is for this reason that we dedicate this cookbook to them! Without them, none of this would be possible. Copies of Remembering the Taste of Home Cookbook are $10 each. To order your cookbook, print and mail the form located at: All Proceeds Donated to Freedom Is Not Free (http:// Acknowledgement: Cookbook Committee: Myrtle Wheeler, Chairman; Tina Clouse, Co-Chairman; Lynne McKinney, Co-Chairman; Mark Clouse, Pictures & Design; Rose and Joe Shimek and Wendy Brown, Advertising & Promotion Assisting with Publishing and Promotion: Southern Belles, Marine Corps League Aux. and VFW Women's Aux.

(Cont, from page 3 - Marines in Afghanistan) route clearance troops and explosive ordnance disposal teams. It was not clear Monday whether those support forces also would return home in late November, or if they would stay longer in Afghanistan. The Pentagon announced in January that the Marine Expeditionary Unit, which is based at Camp Lejeune, was being ordered to Afghanistan, largely because efforts to press other NATO nations to increase their troop levels at the time had failed. The MEU has been fighting Taliban militants in the volatile south. At the same time, the 2nd Battalion, 7th Marine Regiment, which is based at 29 Palms, was ordered to deploy also. Gates has said he would not replace the Marines with other U.S. troops when they left later this year. But commanders have said they need three more combat brigades — or as many as 10,000 troops — to bolster the fight in Afghanistan. And U.S. officials have indicated5 they would like to send extra brigades there next year. Military leaders, however, have made it clear they need to free units from Iraq deployments in order to send more troops to Afghanistan. As security in Iraq continues to improve, officials have suggested that units initially headed for Iraq late this year or early next year could be sent to Afghanistan instead. (Story located at:

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Thanks to All for your Service and Sacrifice

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