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Volume 34 - Issue 5

May - June 2008

SCUTTLEBUTT Central Indiana Marine Family News There will be no June Scuttlebutt. See you in July!

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From the Helm A message from Commandant Bud Albright Hiram I. Bearss Det. #089 Recent Events: Our detachment was represented at the division conference held in Louisville, KY from 24-27 April. I was joined by the President of our Ladies Auxiliary, Martha Albright, our Web Sergeant and Judge Advocate, Lloyd Louks, our Senior Vice Commandant, Tom Terpinas, and our past Commandant, Russ Eaglin. The Kentuckiana Detachment from Louisville hosted the event for the first time and did a terrific job. I’d like to recognize and commend their efforts! • At the conference I learned that when a DD 214 is turned into us with a membership application, we must return it to the applicant or get his/her permission to destroy it. Announcements/Upcoming Events: • Petitions for the USMC license plate are trickling in. I challenge you to download a copy of the petition from Russ’s blog,, and get some signatures! Bring it to work or throw your uniform on and take a few hours to solicit signatures outside a local business (ensure you obtain permission first). We have quite a few Marine Roses in the office that may draw attention (and donations) from fellow Marines. We want at least 2000 signatures. See me for more details. • We are locked on for the CarmelFest 4th of July Parade and the Derby Days Parade in Morristown on 26 July. See page 3 for more details about the parades. • We still don’t have any new information on the State Convention other than the fact that it will be held from June 6th8th in Richmond, IN. For more information, see page 4 or visit • We were awarded two battle streamers last year at the National Conference and somehow they got lost and we never received them. I am working on getting us replacements • We still need of an Awards Officer to take over for SSgt Myers—you will have plenty of help in this position! • The Book of the Month is Utmost Savagery: Three Days of Tarawa by Col. Joseph H. AlexanInside This Edition der. From the Helm…………………………… 1 •

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2008 Mini-Marathon OneAmerica 500 Festival Mini-Marathon Fundraiser Update By Melissa Jacobs Good news Leaguers—we’ve hit the 30% mark—we’re almost 1/3 of the way there! Actually we $4,000 might be closer, but if you donated in the month of April, it’s possible that I haven’t accounted for it yet because I missed the April membership meeting. Your donation will be included in the July edition of the Scuttlebutt (there will not be a June issue). By the time you read this, I will be finished with the mini! As I write this edition of the ScuttleI still have 2 days to go. I’m $1249 butt, ready, but I hear it might be cold and rainy on race day. Honestly though, have you EVER heard of a Marine who’s afraid of a little drizzle? I’ll provide a recap on the race in the July edition to include a grand total of the donations received.

Leaguers Who Donated: Hazen & Diana Ward Non-Leaguers Who Donated: Kevin Jacobs, Tim Nilles, Debbie Toburen, Bob Aichele, Jim & Martha Fairfield See page 2 or for a mini contribution form.


The editor gives her sincerest apologies to LTC Jim Girdley, pictured on the left next to Mayor Gregory Ballard (center) and Philip “The Gunny” Fowler (right). LTC Girdley’s name was incorrect in the April Scuttlebutt (it Semper Fidelis, Bud Albright, was listed as Tim instead of Jim). Semper Fidelis! 317.546.7228


MAY 3, 2008

Melissa Jacobs, Captain USMCR 2007 Results: 2 hrs 10 min

Pledge a Marine to Run the OneAmerica 500 Festival Mini Marathon With a Marine Corps Flag!

100% of your contributions will go toward the community service initiatives of the Hiram I. Bearss Detachment #089 in Indianapolis, Indiana

**Your contribution is tax deductible!!** What is the Marine Corps League? A veterans/military service organization that was chartered by an act of Congress for the purposes of: • Promoting the interests of the U.S. Marine Corps, • Providing camaraderie and assistance to Marines and their families, and • Preserving the traditions of the U.S. Marine Corps. For More Information About the League, Please Visit:


Name: Address: Phone Number: Email Address: $10




Other: _________

Please make checks payable to: MCL HIB Detachment #089 and write “Mini” on the memo line.

Please mail your pledges to: Marine Corps League, Hiram I. Bearss Detachment #089 PO Box 2351 Indianapolis, IN 46206-2351


Veterans Cemetery at Marine Corps Air Station Miramar, 1 April 2008 Record of Decision signed

Leaguer Spotlight

Jesus Quintana and Diana Ward

Today, Tuesday 1 April 2008, the Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Installations and Environment, the Honorable B. J. ongrats, Jesus and Diana! On 28 April 2008, Jesus and PENN, signed the Record of Decision for the establishment on Diana received the following volunteer awards from the Marine Corps Air Station Miramar of a National Veterans Richard L. Roudebush VA Medical Center: Cemetery Annex (an annex of Ft Rosecrans, San Diego, Veter♦ Jesus received a certificate for 21 years of service (5922 ans Cemetery). hours!!) ♦ Diana received an Outstanding Merit Award plaque and By 2009, the first interments on MCAS Miramar can be conpin for 15 years of service (8750 hours!!) ducted by the National Cemetery Administration of the DepartThe “Volunteers are Shining Stars” Volunteer Recognition ment of Veterans Affairs. The VA will construct and operate Ceremony was held at the Fort Harrison State Park. Of all the the new Veterans Cemetery on some 300 acres of MCAS volunteers at the VA Center, Jesus was in the top 5 or 6 for Miramar that lies south and east of the intersection of Miramar volunteer hours performed and Diana was in the top 3 or 4 Road and Nobel Drive, at the farthest western parcel of MCAS for volunteer hours performed. It’s Leaguers like Jesus and Miramar property. The total site provided by the Marine Corps Diana that make Marines look so good!! to the VA will yield a minimum of 50,000 casketed gravesites and 40,000 columbarium niches, which will be built out in a ‘Devil Dog’ term taking a beating phased development over a few years, and will exist as a National Veterans Cemetery on U.S. Marine Corps property under Marine Corps Times a Land Use Agreement that will be finalized by 10 April, next By Andrew Tilghman - Staff writer Posted : Monday Apr 28, 2008 22:27:46 EDT week. The VA's National Cemetery Administration will soon publish notice to the public of its plans and schedule, and will Listen up, Devil Dogs. Oh yeah, that got your attell the Veterans of the San Diego area where they can obtain tention. Perhaps it even got your blood boiling? Or the ongoing story of this crucially needed and priceless addimaybe you didn’t notice the big double-D. tion to the region.


Lately, reactions to the Corps’ longtime nickname generally depend on the age of the Marine listening.

This culminating approval concludes a five year partnering endeavor by Marine Corps Air Station Miramar and Department of Veterans Affairs, and I know that this news is received by many of you who have loyally supported this initiative with the same pride, gratitude, confidence, and recommitment that I experience and am privileged to share with you today.

A generational divide is opening around the term “Devil Dog,” which came into use 90 years ago on the battlefields of France. While it’s been a term of colloquial endearment for generations of leathernecks, some of the newest and youngest Marines say they’re tired of being called Devil Dogs. They even take offense at the term. That came as a surprise to former Staff Sgt. Glenn Kirst, a 34-year-old financial advisor in Milwaukee who joined the Corps in 1991 and spent 10 years on active duty. He was out shopping with his girlfriend a few weeks ago when the pair passed a Marine in the parking lot of a Best Buy store.

God Bless America! Semper Fidelis, Jack Harkins Installations & Logistics Marine Corps Air Station Miramar

Kirst grinned and nodded at the Marine, sporting a “USMC” T-shirt and close-cropped hair as he walked with a girlfriend. “I said ‘Hey, there’s another Devil Dog,’” Kirst recalled. The Marine gave him a blank stare and the Marine’s girlfriend got angry. “She started shouting at me. ‘Before you make a comment like that, why don’t you grow some f---ing balls and serve your country.’”

4 July - CarmelFest 4th of July Parade in Carmel, IN. Lineup begins at 9:30 and step off is at 10:30. We will be pulling our trailer in the RE/MAX Ability Plus entourage. Everyone participating MUST sign off on a waiver. "Bec Hunter" (our host) will have waiver forms available at the MCL Cafeteria at 116th and Keystone until 10:00 AM that day. 26 July - Derby Days Parade in Morristown, IN. Line-up begins at 10:15 and we step off at 11:00. We will be riding our trailer with members of the Wortman-Lowe Detachment.

“I was stunned,” Kirst said. “I called my friend, who is a Marine captain in the infantry. He told me the term ‘Devil Dog’ is not used much anymore, and is usually used in a negative manner. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. “When I was in the Corps, I used the nickname Devil Dog like a badge of honor.” CULTURAL SHIFT?

Devil Dog has been a favorite Marine expression since the bloody Battle of Belleau Wood, a ferocious World War I engagement near Paris that also left the Corps with two of its most endearing quotes. “Retreat? Hell, we just got here,” exclaimed Capt. Lloyd W. Williams, as the French fell back. Similarly, then-Gunnery Sgt. Dan Daly refused to let his men give up, shouting his motivating (continued on page 5)


May - July Calendar of Events May 17 (Sat)……………………………… Armed Forces Day 22 (Thurs) 1900……………… HIB-MCL Staff Meeting (Veteran’s Center) 23 (Fri)……………………………… Salute to the Legends of the Corps (Lexington, KY) 26 (Mon)…………………………… Memorial Day 28 (Wed) 1730………………… Marine Corps Coordinating Council Meeting (Heslar Armory) 30 (Fri) 1400-2000………… Indy Gun & Knife Show (Indiana State Fairgrounds) 31 (Sat) 0800-1800………… Indy Gun & Knife Show (Indiana State Fairgrounds) June 1 (Sun) 0900-1500……………Indy Gun & Knife Show (Indiana State Fairgrounds) 6 (Fri)………………………………… Dept. Of Indiana Marine Corps League Convention (Richmond, IN) - See details below 7 (Sat)……………………………… Dept. Of Indiana Marine Corps League Convention (Richmond, IN) - See details below 8 (Sun)……………………………… Dept. Of Indiana Marine Corps League Convention (Richmond, IN) - See details below 12 (Thurs) 1900……………… HIB-MCL Membership Meeting (Veteran’s Center) 15 (Sun)……………………………… Father’s Day 25 (Wed) 1730………………… Marine Corps Coordinating Council Meeting (Heslar Armory) 26 (Thurs) 1900……………… HIB-MCL Staff Meeting (Veteran’s Center) July 4 (Fri)………………………………… Carmelfest 4th of July Parade (Carmel, IN) - see page 3 10 (Thurs) 1900……………… HIB-MCL Membership Meeting (Veteran’s Center) 24 (Thurs) 1900……………… HIB-MCL Staff Meeting (Veteran’s Center) 26 (Sat)…………………………… Derby Days Parade (Morristown, IN) - see page 3 30 (Wed) 1730………………… Marine Corps Coordinating Council Meeting (Heslar Armory)

DEPARTMENT OF INDIANA MARINE CORPS LEAGUE CONVENTION Hosted by the Whitewater Valley Detachment Richmond, IN Friday - Sunday, 6 - 8 June 2008 At the Holiday Inn at 5501 National Road, East 1-800-548-2473 Room Rate: $82.95/night Registration for the convention, luncheon, and the banquet fees will be $40 **Visit for a schedule of events**

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(continued from page 3) motivating “Come on, you sons of bitches, Sgt. Maj. John Estrada, who served as the Corps’ top enlisted Marine do you want to live forever?” until his retirement last year, agreed that the term Devil Dog is “evolving.” As legend has it, this determination to win led one German prisoner to tell his captors the Marines reminded him of “Teufelshunde,” a Ger- “I don’t think it resonates well with today’s young Marines. Some folks man term translated as “devil dogs.” had issues with it,” Estrada said in a recent interview. “The young Marines did not understand the tradition and history of the term ‘Devil “Just try dropping the The Corps ran with it, using the term in a Dog,’ and they just reacted to it differently. The Marines you have popular recruiting poster that pitted a big today, it’s just a different generation and maybe they don’t look at the compliment ‘Devil Dog’ on anyone of any Marine bulldog against a tiny German term being used the same way.” rank above LCpl. You dachshund, the weenie dog fleeing with LOVE IT OR HATE IT will get the stink eye of his tail between his legs. A quiet debate about the connotations of Devil Dog is underway on death…” The strange — and seemingly sudden — Wikipedia, a popular — but not always factual — online encyclopedia shift in the meaning of the term has many where anyone can log in and edit individMarines confounded. ual articles. The entry for Devil Dog has “It is considered dichanged frequently in recent months. minutive, and is con“Just try dropping the compliment ‘Devil Dog’ on anyone of any rank Earlier this year, the entry explicitly said: sidered mildly insultabove [lance corporal.] You will get the stink eye of death. Just how “To call a U.S. Marine a ‘Devil Dog’ is ing when used by a this honorable moniker became derogatory, I have no idea,” wrote considered derogatory.” peer or slightly senior “Blogger X,” the pen name for a blog writer on the Marine Corps ReMarine.” serve Web site, in February. “It is considered a diminutive, and is considered mildly insulting when used by a His post drew some speculation from other Marines. peer or slightly senior Marine. Its use is most common at the Marine “I think the backlash against ‘Devil Dog’ does begin with the leader- Corps [School of Infantry], where it is the standard term of address for ship. [Noncommissioned officers] (myself included) use the following students.” phrase, ‘HEY, DEVIL DOG!’ to initiate a ‘correction’ when we don’t That was changed, however, by an anonymous editor a few weeks know exactly who the Marine may be. Thusly, hearing the phrase ago. On March 16, the Devil Dog article was revised to say that the Devil Dog creates a negative Pavlovian response in Marines. As they term “was once” considered derogatory, but “now it is far more acceptcome up in the Corps, the response stays,” one Marine wrote. able.” “We may be proud of the name, but nowadays it does carry a connoTo be sure, the term is not completely lost. The Corps still sanctions tation of condescension.” its use in many ways. There’s Camp Devil Dog at the School of InfanOne Marine major agreed that the new negative connotation stems try-East near Camp Lejeune, N.C. Marines in California host a race dubbed the “Devil Dog Duathalon.” The Military Order of the Devil from discipline. “It’s a preface to getting your ass chewed,” he said. Dogs is celebrating 75 years. Eric Reust, a former Marine who runs the Odyssey Tattoo shop in Jacksonville, N.C., said he’s still inking more than 100 Devil Dog images a year with no noticeable decline. “Marines are still comin’ in, ooh-rah, and they get the globe and anchor or a devil dog,” Reust said. Charles Melson, the Marine Corps’ chief historian, said he was unaware of any new negative connotation to Devil Dog. “It’s situational,” Melson said. “If the First Sergeant says ‘Hey, Devil Dog,’ then it’s the same thing as saying ‘Hey, slick.’ But if it’s between Marines of equal rank, it doesn’t have the same meaning. “To me, Devil Dog would refer to a ferocious nature, a fighter, someone who would never give up.” Instead, the phrase is often used to replace “hey, stupid” or worse. It’s not the first time in recent years that junior service members began taking offense at a generic term typically used in disciplinary settings. The Navy has had a similar problem with the term “shipmate.” Once a generic term for a fellow sailor, it is now perceived by many to be derogatory. That stems from some chiefs using it during corrections, “Get that rack squared away, shipmate!” or “What the hell did you just say to me, shipmate?” The junior enlisted sailors in turn use “shipmate” sarcastically with their peers. Last year, senior Navy officials grew concerned about the evolving use of the term “shipmate” and laid plans to reclaim it for general use. In October, they announced an essay-writing contest on the topic, “What being a shipmate means to me.” A goal for the contest is to “remove the negative stigma,” said Command Master Chief Tom Howard, Pacific Fleet’s top enlisted sailor, in a prepared statement. To read the complete story, visit news/2008/04/marine_devildog_042708w/


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