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Volume 33—Issue 3

April 2007


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From the Helm

Upcoming Events

A message from Commandant Bud Albright Hiram I. Bearss Det. #089

Mark Your Calendars! Support Your Comrades and Your Community!

Announcements: We have had some problems with memberships (both new and renewals), so if you or someone you know is experiencing a membership issue, please contact Fred Axthelm or me at 317.546.7228 and we will work with you on resolving the problem. There are several steps to the membership process, so just keep in mind that it takes some time to complete it. Do not be overly concerned if you don’t receive your membership card right away. In fact, sending a new application directly to national will only slow the process down. The best bet when submitting a new application is to give it to one of the officers or bring it to the next membership meeting (2nd Thursday of every month). Also, remember that if you want to become a life member, your current dues must be up to date.

14 April The Indiana Marine Families are gathering to support local Marines, other service members, and their families at the Pendleton Am Vets Post 26 located at 939 S. Broadway in Pendleton, IN 46064. The pitch-in begins at 1200 and will be followed by a meet and greet and Q&A session. Contact Linda Wright at for more information.

15 April Fort Harrison Veteran’s Center Open House from 1300-1800. The organizations of the Veteran’s Center will showcase their groups to community citizens and leaders. Medal of Honor recipient, Sammy L. Davis will speak at the event.

20 April

1st MarDiv Association dinner association at Ponderosa Steak House (next to Kroger) at 5519 West 38th Recent Events: We had a good turnout from our de- St.; 317-388-1716. The meeting will begin at 1600 and tachment at the Spring Conference in Marion, IN in spouses and guests are welcome! March. Also, we had a fairly successful gun show in 28 April March. The Texas Hold’Em had a decent turnout but The Loyalty Day Parade in Noblesville, IN. Particicould have been better. Some have said they didn’t pants will line up at 1000 and step off at 1100. Contact know about it, so if you are interested in attending the Tony Mungovan if you’d like to represent the Corps: next one, make sure you pay attention to the Scuttlebutt 317-821-3863. and other types of advertisement—or just ask someone!

5 May

OneAmerica 500 Fest—Pledge a leaguer to run with Announcements: We are in the process of possibly a Marine Corps Flag! See page 3 for details. holding a mess night for the detachment some time this 1-3 June year. If you have never been to a mess night stay tuned Guns, knives, military arms, sporting arms, door prizes, milifor more information! taria, military surplus, and gunsmithing on premises, just to name a few attractions! The Indiana State Fairgrounds, 1202 We are fast approaching warm weather and it is time to East 38th Street, Indianapolis, IN 46205. do something with our concession trailer. We are in the process of obtaining proper licenses for it. Also, 8-10 June plans are underway to get the trailer painted and de- Department of Indiana 2007 State Convention, hosted by The caled. If you have any ideas, or know people at venues Southern Indiana Leatherneck Detachment #931, in Jasper, IN. where we might be See page 4 for details. able to raise some Inside This Edition funds to complete From the Helm……………………………1 this project, let us Upcoming Events……………………….. 1 know! Leaguer Spotlight………………………. 2 A Look Back in Time……………......... 4 April/May Calendar of Events……….. 5 Scuttlebutt Sponsors………………….. 6-8

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Semper Fidelis, Bud Albright 1

Leaguer Spotlight

Fred Axthelm Leaguers Celebrate 60th Wedding Anniversary

I was born in central Ohio in 1935 and was raised on the home farm. I joined the Marine Corps on January 28, 1957 and completed boot camp in San Diego. I served during peacetime as a basic rifleman. I went to Subic Bay, Philippines for one year, then I went to NAS Barbers Pointe, Hawaii for a year. I was discharged from Camp Lejeune on January 27, 1960 after the last 5 months of my three year hitch. When I got out, I moved to Detroit, Michigan and got married. I raised 3 children in Michigan and made a living in machine shops, aerospace, gear making, etc. Some of the gears that I helped make are used in NASA space shuttles. I lost my wife in 1999, but met a woman from Indy on the internet in 2000. We are still going strong. What do you miss most about being a Marine? I knew what was expected of me at all times, and I miss the travel and camaraderie. What do you like most about being a Civilian? It’s hard to decide—I have lived a good life! What is the best advice you have ever received? Keep your mouth shut and do as you are told. What do you like to do in your free time? I like going out to eat and spending time on my computer.

Noble and Novella (Northcott) Beck were married March 23, 1947 at Speedway Christian Church. They are the parents of Noble Leslie Beck, Jr. and Novella Tolen. They have three grandchildren and two great-granddaughters. The League would like to congratulate Noble and Novella on their dedication to each other and thank them for their dedication to the League (the Becks are Scuttlebutt Boosters and Mini Marathon Contributors).

Recognizing Participants in League events


Getting members to donate their time to the League is always a challenge, so the Scuttlebutt would like to recognize those who attend and/or administer League events. Thank you!! And don’t forget we have an important conference on 8-10 June (see page 4 for details)—we hope to see you there! GUN SHOW 16-18 MAR Commandant Bud Albright, Sr. Vice Commandant Tom “Doc” Terpinas, Quartermaster Bill Shreiner, Jr. Vice Commandant/Historian Fred Axthelm, Judge Advocate Lloyd Louks, Stare & Stripes Director Jim Wade, and members: Diana Ward, Donald Canatsey, Annabell Brunton, Mike Wright, Connie Hamm, and John Deck,

MCL DEPT OF IN SPRING CONFERENCE 10-11 MAR Commandant Bud Albright, Adjutant/Paymaster Philip Fowler, Quartermaster Bill Schreiner, Past Commandant Russ Eaglin, State Commandant Fred with (left) Brian Cushman of Troop 335 and (right) Taylor Bernie Loechel, Stars and Stripes Director Jim Wade, and members: ConWoodward of Troop 227. Both troops are from Fortville, IN. nie Hamm, Martha Albright, and Jeff Milner.


*This phone number was incorrect in the March issue—It has since been corrected. Thank you for your patience!

HIB MCL OFFICER ROSTER Commandant Sr. Vice Commandant Jr. Vice Commandant Adjutant/Paymaster Past Commandant Chaplain Sergeant at Arms Judge Advocate

Bud Albright Tom Terpinas Fred Axthelm Philip Fowler Russ Eaglin Jesus Quintana, Jr. David Hansell Lloyd Louks

HIB MCL COMMITTEE ROSTER VAVS Representative VAVS Deputy Scuttlebutt Editor Asst. Scuttlebutt Editor Boy Scout Eagle Awards Parades Young Marines Liaison Budget and Finance Christmas Banquet


Jesus Quintana, Jr. Hazen Ward Melissa Jacobs Brian Griffith Fred Axthelm Tony Mungovan Jim Wade Philip Fowler Tony Mungovan

Stars and Stripes Raffles Awards Historian Toys For Tots MCL Svc. Officer Young Marines Quartermaster

Jim Wade Dan Switzer Vacant Fred Axthelm Bud Albright Diane Wards Mac Magana Bill Schreiner

Commandant’s message on tattoos

3. To that end, I directed a thorough revision of our tattoo policy. The

Date signed: 03/19/2007

policy changes resulting from this review will be announced in a MarAdmin, released concurrently with this Almar. Commanders must

Subject: Changes to the Marine Corps tattoo policy

ensure their Marines are educated regarding changes to the Marine

1. High standards of professional military appearance

Corps tattoo policy.

remain a part of our Marine Corps heritage. We serve

4. Semper Fidelis, James T. Conway, General, U.S. Marine Corps,

proudly in every region of the world, in peace and in combat, fulfilling

Commandant of the Marine Corps.

our role of America’s ambassadors and defenders of freedom. The

eyes of America and the world continually focus upon us and they According to MARADMIN 198/07 "... Marines are prohibited from tatexpect that the Marine Corps will maintain the highest professional toos or brands on the head and neck. Sleeve tattoos are likewise prostandards at all times.

hibited. “ Visit for the entire policy.

2. Recently, I have become concerned over the growing trend of tat-

“I must have been living right for God to have allowed me to be a Marine for all these years.” — Gene Duncan, USMC Retired many represent pride for our Corps or remembrance of fallen comtooing in our Corps. I understand many tattoos are in good taste and rades; however, I believe tattoos of an excessive nature do not represent our traditional values. Some Marines have taken the liberty of tattooing themselves to a point that is contrary to our professional demeanor and the high standards America has come to expect from us. Marines must understand that acquiring excessive tattoos may adversely affect both their retention and assignment to special duty.

13.1 Miles For the League—OOH RAH!!

Melissa Jacobs, Scuttlebutt Editor, is running in the OneAmerica 500 Festival Mini-Marathon in Indianapolis, IN on 5 May 2007. The Mini is the largest half-marathon in the United States, and overall, the 8th largest running event in America. Melissa will show her pride in the Marine Corps League by running 13.1 miles with a Marine Corps flag.

Show your support by pledging her run!!

100% of the proceeds will go toward HIB MCL initiatives.


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Department of Indiana 2007 State Convention June 8-10 2007

Hosted by The Southern Indiana Leatherneck Detachment #931

• • •

Golf! MCL Tour! French Lick Casino!

The 2007 State Convention will be held at the Jasper Inn on June 8-10, 2007 Make your room reservations by calling (812) 4825555. Make sure that you mention that you are with the Marine Corps League so that you are booked and billed appropriately. Rates for the duration of the convention are $59.95 + tax if reservations are made before 15 April 2007. After that, the full room rate will be charged. Rooms are also available at reduced rates at the Days Inn by calling (812) 482-6000. For those first timers to Jasper, the Jasper Inn is located on the south side of Jasper, one block east of Hwy US. 231. The hotel has an indoor heated swimming pool, Jacuzzi, and exercise room. A hospitality suite will be available for gathering and two conference rooms have been set aside. Special events have been scheduled for Friday, June 8. All the usual activities you've come to expect from a state convention will also occur. As a special treat, the Awards Banquet will be held at the Sultan's Run Banquet Facility. Please go to the link listed below for detailed information and a registration form. The registration deadline is 15 April to participate in any of the special events. Please register early and join us in the fun on Friday! Please feel free to contact Dave Englert, Commandant of The Southern Indiana Leatherneck Det, #931, at (812) 357-2792. If you are not able to reach Dave, you may also contact the Senior Vice, Patrick Moriarty at (812) 695-5061. The detachment’s email address is Convention details are available online at:

A Look Back In Time:

The Month of April in the Corps


1. Be courteous to everyone, friendly to no one. 2. Decide to be aggressive enough, quickly enough. 3. Have a plan, including a fire plan and unit tactics. 4. Have at least one back-up plan, because the first one probably won’t work. 5. Be polite. Be professional. Be prepared to kill everyone you meet. 6. Do not attend a gunfight with a handgun whose caliber does not start with a “4.” 7. Anything worth shooting is worth shooting twice. Ammo is cheap. Life is expensive. 8. Move away from your attacker. Distance is your friend. (Lateral/diagonal movement preferred.) 9. Use cover and concealment as much as possible. 10. Flank your adversary when possible. Protect yours. 11. Always cheat; always win. The only unfair fight is the one you lose. 12. In ten years nobody will remember the details of caliber, stance or tactics. Just who lived. 13. If you are not shooting, you should be communicating, reloading, and revising your plan. 14. Someday someone may kill you with your own rifle, but they should have to beat you to death with it because it is empty. 15. Above all… don’t ever drop your guard.

3 April 1945: On Okinawa, Marines of the III Amphibious Corps continued to make good progress all along their front, clearing Zampa Misaki and seizing the Katchin Peninsula, thus effectively cutting the island in two. By this date (D+2), III AC elements had reached objectives thought originally to require 11 days to take. 5 April 1947: 5 Marine guards were killed and 8 wounded when attacked by Communist Chinese raiders near the Hsin Ho ammunition depot in Northern China. This last major clash between Marines of the 1st MarDiv and Communist forces occurred shortly after withdrawal and redeployment plans from China were issued for the 1st Division and 1st MAW on 1 April. 9 April 1942: 105 Marines among Americans on Bataan Death March. 10 April 1959: LtCol John H. Glenn, Jr. (pictured top left) was named as one of the original seven Project Mercury astronauts selected for space training. The seven astronauts, all volunteers, were selected by NASA from an initial group of 110 leading military test pilots. 3 years later, on 20 February 1962, Col Glenn would become the first American to orbit the Earth. 15 April 1962: Marine Corps operational involvement in the Vietnam War began on Palm Sunday when HMM-362 with its Sikorsky UH-34s arrived at Soc Trang in the Delta south of Saigon. The task unit was called "Shufly" and its first operational employment involved lifting Vietnamese troops into battle. 18 April 1983: 1 Marine Security Guard was killed and 7 were wounded USN when a large car bomb exploded just outside the U.S. Embassy in Beirut, 1. Go to Sea. Lebanon. 2. Drink coffee. 21 April 1951: Marine carrier-based airplanes made their first aerial con3. Send in the Marines. tact with enemy planes over the Korean front lines. Capt Philip C. Delong USA shot down 2 YAK fighters and 1stLt Harold D. Daigh destroyed 1 and 1. Select a new beret to wear. 2. Sew combat patch on right shoulder. damaged another in the heavily defended Pyongyang-Chinnanpo area. 3. Call in the Marines. Both pilots were with VMF-312 flying from the USS Bataan. USAF 27 April 1805: 1stLt Presley N. O'Bannon and 7 Marines lead an attack 1. Have a cocktail. and raise the American flag at Derna, Tripoli. 2. Adjust temperature on air-conditioner. 28 April 1993: The last A-6E Intruder departed from Marine Corps ser3. Form a committee to determine “what is a gunvice. Marine All Weather Attack Squadron 332 transferred the last Marine fight?” A-6E to St. Augustine, FL and prepared for the squadron's transition to 4. Requisition Marines on form DD1419 with copies the F/A-18D and eventual movement from Cherry Point to Beaufort, to Wing, Group, and Command in accordance with AFM 67-1, Vol. II, Part Two, Chapters 9 and 22. South Carolina. 4

Family, Fun, Camaraderie, Service April 2007 Sunday 1
















• 1900: HIB-MCL

• MCL Central Divi-

Saturday 7

• April Fool’s Day • Palm Sunday

8 • Easter Sunday

Mbrship Meeting (Veteran’s Center)


sion Conference (Moline, IL) • 1st MarDiv Association Bean Dinner/Auction

15 • MCL Central Division Conference (Moline, IL) • 1300-1800: Fort Harrison Veteran’s Center Open House (Veteran’s Center)





20 • 1600: 1st MarDiv Association Dinner Meeting (Ponderosa, 5519 W. 38th St)







• 1730: Marine

• 1900: HIB-MCL

• Earth Day

Corps Coordinating Council (Heslar Armory)


• Veteran’s Center Clean-Up

Day • MCL Central Division Con-

ference (Moline, IL) • 1200: Indiana Marine Family

Gathering (Pendleton , IN)


28 • 1000: Loyalty Day Parade

Staff Meeting (Veteran’s Center)



May 2007 Sunday


Tuesday 1

Wednesday 2

Thursday 3

Friday 4

Saturday 5 • OneAmerica 500 Festival:

Pledge a Marine to run 13.1 miles with a Marine Corps flag! 6







18 • 1600: 1st MarDiv Association Dinner Meeting (Ponderosa, 5519 W. 38th St)





1 June

2 June

• 1400-2000: Indy 1500

• 0800-1800: Indy 1500 Gun

10 • 1900: HIB-MCL

Mbrship Meeting (Veteran’s Center) 13 • Mother’s Day








• 1900: HIB-MCL

Staff Meeting (Veteran’s Center)


28 • Memorial Day


30 • 1730: Marine Corps Coordinating Council (Heslar Armory)



Gun & Knife Show

& Knife Show

East 8005 E. 30th St. West 4914 Rockville Rd. South 5129 S. Emerson Ave.

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The Mutter Marines give thanks, respect, honor and tribute to our Warriors and their families, past and present. Thanks to all for your service and sacrifice. Semper Fidelis


Crown Hill Funeral Home and Cemetery has prepared a

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To help families organize all of their important documents and records. Having a Planning Guide completed for your family is the finest gift of protection you can give your loved ones. To obtain your free copy with no obligation, contact: Russ Eaglin at 317-925-8231.

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