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Volume 2014 - Issue 3

March 2014


From the Helm

Winners of Marine Museum Bus Trip Raffle Drawn February 13, 2014

Gary D. Nasby- Commandant Hiram I. Bearss Det. #089

1st Place Winner of $1,200 Al Wright 2nd Place Winner of $600 was Marybeth Bjekich 3rd Place Winner of $300 was Michael Turner _________________________________________________

Customs and Traditions Battle Color of the Marine Corps Marine Barracks, Washington, D.C., holds the official Battle Color of the Marine Corps. A duplicate is maintained in the office of the Commandant of the Marine Corps in the Pentagon. The Battle Color bears the same fifty streamers authorized for the Marine Corps as a whole. These streamers represent U.S. and foreign unit awards as well as those periods of service, expeditions, and campaigns in which the Marine Corps has participated from the American Revolution to today.

"Sarge", Military Order of Devil Dogs, Pack of Indiana, and Hiram I Bearss, Det. 089, Pound 111 Mascot, today went to be with Chesty. 12/30/2007 to 3/05/2014. R.I.P. Sarge, my faithful friend and companion.

During the Marine Corps' first 150 years, Marines in the field carried a variety of flags. It was not until 18 April 1925 that Marine Corps Order Number 4 designated gold and scarlet as the official colors of the U.S. Marine Corps. These colors, however, were not reflected in the official Marine Corps flag until 18 January 1939 when a new design incorporating the new colors was approved. This design was essentially that of today's Marine Corps standard, and was the result of a two-year study concerning the design of a standard Marine Corps flag, and the units to which such a flag should be issued.

In this issue of the newsletter I am going take liberty to share with you a personal note. Sarge, my friend and companion for the past 6 years had to be euthanized last Wednesday, March 5th. In the span of a couple of weeks he showed signs of a neurological problem, which was diagnosed as a glioma tumor on his spinal cord in the neck area by MRI. It was and continues to be a sad time for Lori and I. Those of you that are dog lovers will miss him, and even those of you that are not will still miss his slobber. He loved and greeted everyone he met, and will be missed by many. Lori and I thank those of you who have contacted us to express your thoughts. We especially want to thank the Mizell’s and the Troxell’s for their presence on his last day.

The 54 colored streamers which adorn the Battle Color represent the history and accomplishments of the Marine Corps. The newest streamers to be added to the Battle Color are the Afghanistan and Iraq Campaign Streamers.

Sarge, I know you are with the other Marine Mascot Bulldogs up there guarding the perimeter, and taking care of our brother Marines up there. Because we know that “All Dogs Go To Heaven”, especially Bullies! I am available at for your comments and discussion: Semper Fidelis- Gary D. Nasby Phone- (317) 855-8798 E-Mail– 1


Commentary by Jim Wade Central Division Aide de Campe Words of Wisdom for up-coming Leaders Being a Marine Leader is very special. It means that you have been chosen to be the head of some unit, Detachment or Department. I suggest that you do extensive planning of every operation as if it was combat related. Plan to advance in a positive way, and never use the term “I did”. Look back at some of the Marine Corps Commandant’s messages. They always say “we”. From the life of Chesty Puller, when his unit was marching out of the trap at Chosin Reservoir, he shouted encouragement to every unit to cheer his men, yelling until he was hoarse: “Don’t forget that you are 1 st Marines! Not all the Communist in hell can overrun you”. Always be FAIR. Never let any personal grudge or individual dislike hinder your judgment. Remember that you are dealing with a special breed…MARINE. That means give due respect. Several times I have seen where a personal grudge has caused units of the League to nearly tear apart, all because of a very disrespectful dressing down that should not have occurred. If extremely harsh, unjustified words are used against a Marine, he will go on the defensive for one second, then his reaction will be OFFENSIVE. That is how he is Trained. You as a leader may come up with great ideas to push your unit forward and accomplish a great mission, but give credit where it is due and that is to your men. Your Drill Instructor made you and possibly your NCO Leadership Instructor polished you into a unit leader, but you didn’t do it alone. The individual was left behind when you enlisted. From that day forward, you have been a member of a UNIT. You are a member of a Fireteam, Squad, Gun Crew, Flight Crew, Recon Team, but you are not an individual except when you are promoted, or decorated for a specific mission accomplished. I am asking you to be selfless, not a promoter of your own achievements. Always give your men credit for what they do. Can you imagine, after a battle of a Company, where several were wounded and killed, the Company Commander would never claim credit for HIS accomplishments. There are always others who see how well you have done. Let them do the praise on your accomplishments, never yourself. If you are the first man there, and the last to leave, there will be many who will see this as a selfless sacrifice that you make, and they will speak highly of you. Be slow to condemn and quick to praise. Use well chosen words to encourage. Be the real Leader, out in front always, and taking the high ground. Don’t win the argument, but lose the battle. If you get mad, STOP, and say, excuse me for a moment and step away. Control your emotions, then resume your discussion. Study the Guidebook for Marines, and the traits of Leadership. Integrity, Knowledge, Courage, Decisiveness, Dependability, Initiative, Tact, Justice, Enthusiasm, Bearing, Endurance, Unselfishness, Loyalty, Judgement. Always remember that Justice is: That which is Right. Most criminals never think ahead to know what the end result of their action will be. That is why you must think ahead before you act. I rely heavily on the words of our Founding Fathers. I have read Thomas Paine’s writings Common Sense and The Crisis. Our Nation became the leader of the Free World because of the men who first formed us as a FREE NATION. Take my advise and read the entire Constitution, the Bill of Rights and the Declaration of Independence. Your knowledge of the ruling of Free Men will help you to become a just leader. One of my favorite quotes is : the Plains of Hesitation are filled with the whitened bones of all those who had Victory within their grasp, but sat down to rest. As we were all trained in Marksmanship, in like manner, set your sights on any objective, align those sight in order to hit it perfectly and know that you have done your best.


Mark Your Calendar!

March 8-9 Sat-Sun) Dept. of IN Spring Conference, Michigan City Michiana Marines 13 (Thur) HIB Membership Meeting 1900- (PitchIn dinner 1800)-Election 2014 HIB Officers 14-16 (Fri-Sun) Indy 1500 Gun Show @ State Fair Grounds 21 Friday Sweet Adeline Singers @ MBI 2000-2300 22 (Sat) UTAH CCW Permit class @ MBI 0900-1400 27 (Thur) Staff Meeting-1800 April 3-6 (Thur-Sun) Central Div. Conference, Frankfort, Kentucky 10 (Thur) HIB Membership Meeting 1900- (PitchIn dinner 1800)-Installation of 2014 HIB Officers 24 (Thur) Staff Meeting-1800

Do you have news that you want to share? Contact the Editor:

HIB MCL Officer Roster Commandant Gary Nasby Sr. Vice Commandant Tim Hutchison Jr. Vice Commandant John Lund Adj/PayMaster Mike Wukitsch Judge Advocate Oran Lakin Chaplain Jesus Quintana, Jr Sergeant at Arms Mike Regan Jr. Past Commandant Bud Albright

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Central Indiana Marine Points of Contact MCL DEPT of IN Cmdt- Ann Hunsinger– 765-977-5062 Marine Corps League H.I. Bearss Det: Office 317-546-7228 HIB Commandant Gary Nasby 317-855-8798 HIB Chaplain Jesus Quintana 317-445-9509 Nat Mar Cor Museum, St IN Liaison: Russ Eaglin 317-201-7066 1st Marine Division Association: Guy Miller 317-293-7594 3rd Marine Division Association: Russ Eaglin 317-201-7066 Montford Point Association: Robert D. Smith 317-924-9790 Woman Marine Association: Connie Hamm 317-345-0070 Marine Inspector Instructor: 1st Sgt Wooten 317-923-1584

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Central Indiana Young Marines 8050 Winterset Circle Indianapolis, IN 46214 -Indiana-YoungMarines/400169293380790?fref=ts


This Month in History Selected March Dates of Marine Corps Historical Significance 2 March 1867: Jacob Zeilin, Colonel Commandant of the Marine Corps from 30 June 1864, was this date promoted to the rank of Brigadier General Commandant, the first time Congress authorized this rank for the Marine Corps. The statute, however, was repealed in June 1874 so that the rank of Commandant would again revert to colonel upon Zeilin's retirement. 8 March 1965: The 9th Marine Expeditionary Brigade landed at DaNang, Republic of Vietnam as the first U.S. ground combat troops to be committed to that conflict. The 3,500 men arrived both across the beach with Battalion Landing Team 3/9, and at DaNang Airfield with Battalion Landing Team 1/3. 11 March 1778: Marines participated the action when the Continental Navy frigate Boston, enroute to France, sighted, engaged, and captured the British merchant shipMartha. As the drum of the Boston beat to arms, John Adams seized a musket and joined the Marines on deck until the frigate's captain, Samuel Tucker, sent him below for safety. 13 March 1943: The first group of 71 Women Marine officer candidates arrived at the U.S. Midshipmen School (Women's Reserve) at Mount Holyoke College in South Hadley, Massachusetts. The Navy's willingness to share training facilities enabled the Marine Corps to begin training Marine Corps Women's Reserve officers just one month after the creation of the MCWR was announced. 17 March 1967: The first woman Marine to report to Vietnam for duty, Master Sergeant Barbara J. Dulinsky, began her 18hour flight to Bien Hoa, 30 miles north of Saigon. MSgt Dulinsky and the other officer and enlisted Women Marines that followed were assigned to the Military Assistance Command, Vietnam (MACV) based in Saigon. Most worked with the Marine Corps Personnel Section providing administrative support to Marines assigned as far north as the DMZ, but two Lieutenant Colonels, Ruth Reinholz and Ruth O'Holleran, served as historians with the Military History Branch, Secretary Joint Staff, MACV. 25 March 1945: After 35 days of bitter fighting, the amphibious assault on the rocky fortress of Iwo Jima finally appeared over. On the night of 25 March, however, a 300-man Japanese force launched a vicious final counterattack in the vicinity of Airfield Number 2. Army pilots, Seabees and Marines of the 5th Pioneer Battalion and 28th Marines fought the fanatical Japanese force till morning but suffered heavy casualties --more than l00 killed and another 200 American wounded. Nearly all of the Japanese force was killed in the battle. 27 March 1953: The 5th Marines, supported by the 2d Battalion, 7th Marines, in the first full day of fighting after the Chinese assault the previous evening of Outpost Vegas on Korea's western front, counterattacked to regain enemy-held positions. Companies E and F of 2/7 , down to only three platoons between them, managed to regain partial control of Outpost Vegas that day. 31 March 1801: On this date, LtCol Commandant William W. Burrows rode with president Thomas Jefferson to look for "a proper place to fix the Marine Barracks on." President Jefferson was a personal friend of the Commandant, and deeply interested in the welfare of the Corps and accompanied Burrows on horseback on the morning of 31 March. They chose a square in Southeast Washington, at 8th and I streets, because it lay near the Navy Yard and was within easy marching distance of the Capitol.




The Marine Barracks "Online" Ships Store is now has the Marine Corps League, Hiram I. Bearss Detachment 089 logo available for Apparel, Accessories, Fleece, hats and visors. The Detachment ships store makes a small profit that will be reinvested into ships store merchandise. Start shopping now, go to:


Send money and completed tickets to– “Commandant-Marine Corps League, 550 S Audubon Road, Indianapolis, IN 46219” NAME-_____________________________ ADDRESS-___________________ _____________________________ _____________________________

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March 14th-15th-16th South Pavilion

May 30th-31st-June 1st Exposition Hall

August 29th-30th-31st Exposition Hall

October 17th-18th-19th South Pavilion



HIB member Harry Hirshman, a WWII China Marine that served on Okinawa, was visited by HIB Members on his 100th birthday at his daughter Jill’s house. Harry told some war stories, did some saluting and had a great time. Thanks for the invite Jill, and Semper Fi Harry!

HIB Members visited Harry later that week at his residence to present him the Good Citizens Gold Award, presented to Harry for his 100th Birthday, by National Commandant, Jim Touhy. The medal is the highest award given out by the Marine Corps League. Semper Fi Harry!



All Monies go to Marines and FMF Corpsman

HIB Meeting minutes, & Official documents from National MCL, MODD, & HIB can be downloaded from here‌


Next Gun Show…… Jan 17-19, ’14 @ State Fair Grounds– South Pavillion

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Audio Inferno LLC Mobile Entertainment Solutions (317) 407-6109 As a FREE service to our membership & their families, we will be publishing our members business cards in the electronic version of the “SCUTTLEBUTT�. Any member who has a business or service, please send me your business card, either by email or US Postal Service, and I will post it in all upcoming monthly Newsletters. As always. Feel free to make donations to the Detachment to help us carry out our mission in the support of Marines and their families, and other worthy causes we support. 15

Pound 111 Indianapolis, Indiana Pack of Indiana

Times: Approx 1900 (After HIB Staff Meetings)

Semper Woof Woof!




Pound Keeper

PDD Gary Nasby

Hiram I. Bears- Det. #089

Senior Vice Pound Keeper

DD Tim Hutchison

Hiram I. Bears- Det. #089

Jr. Vice Pound Keeper

DD Oran Lakin

Hiram I. Bears- Det. #089

Dog Robber

DD-Lloyd Louks

Hiram I. Bears- Det. #089

Smart Dog

PDD Mike Wukitsch

Hiram I. Bears- Det. #089

Mad Dog

PDD Bud Albright

Hiram I. Bears- Det. #089

Dog trainer

PDD Jesus Quintana

Hiram I. Bears- Det. #089

Police Dog

DD John Lund

Hiram I. Bears- Det. #089

Watch Dog

DD Steve McCrory

Hiram I. Bears- Det. #089

Jr. Past Pound Keeper

PDD Bud Albright

Hiram I. Bears- Det. #089

Pooper Scooper

PUP Harry Snyder

Hiram I. Bears- Det. #089

Dog Scratcher

PDD Mike Wukitsch

Hiram I. Bears- Det. #089

Barking Dog

PDD Gary Nasby

Hiram I. Bears- Det. #089






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Monthly newsletter of the Marine Corps League, Hiram I Bearss Detachment 089, Indianapolis, Indiana. March 2014 issue.

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