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Volume 38 - Issue 4

April 2012


From the Helm

Hiram I Bearss Marine Corps League Detachment #089 is taking a bus trip to the Marine Museum in Quantico on June 14-17, 2012

Gary Nasby- Commandant Hiram I. Bearss Det. #089

As I start my third year as Commandant of the Detachment, I would like to say thanks to my staff of Officers that have decided to also stay on and run the business of this Detachment again. The only change will be in a new Sgt. at Arms, with Marine Steve McCrory being newly elected. I have confidence that he will do a fine job, and wish to Thank Andy Campos for the job that he has done this past year in that position. Most of the appointed Officers will remain the same and a list of them can be found on the Commandants– From the Helm page :

Space is still available on the bus. If you are interested in making the trip, please view the information/itinerary and registration procedure on this page:

I hope to accomplish a few more things this year, but I still have not accomplished some from the past two years, member retention, and formation of our color guard. These two items will be my top priority this year. 20Marine%20Museum%20Bus% 20Trip.htm

Registration cutoff date is fast approachNext will be the Marine Barracks. Please read page ing. Sign up now if you wish to go. two, a letter form the Marine Foundation President, and Detachment member, Charlie Haislip. This should clear up many of the misconceptions that some members have expressed. We are heading towards the goal of being one Marine family in this building but have not reached it yet. And I hope we never do. We should always be striving to increase and grow our family of Marines, each and everyone of us. I am available at for your comments and discussion: Phone- (317) 855-8798 E-Mail–

Semper Fidelis- Gary D. Nasby


Who Owns “ Marine Barracks Indianapolis?” In simple terms there is one owner of Marine Barracks, Indianapolis. That primary owner is “WE” (or “US”), the Marines and Individuals who have invested their finances, resources and “sweat” to make Marine Barracks, Indianapolis a home for Marines and their Family Members. I don’t think I can say it much better than this. We wanted a home to call our own and a place to meet. A place we could show our Marine Corps Heritage. We have that home. It is a home open to every Marine Group who wishes to use the facility as place for meetings and fellowship-- including the Marine Foundation of Indiana, The Hiram I Bearss Detachment, Marine Corps League, The Central Indiana Young Marines, The First Marine Division Association and the Women Marine Association. Not to mention the beginnings of a pretty nice Museum. I believe that everyone who voted to acquire this facility recognized that this was a sound business decision. I also think it goes without saying that our desire to have a home does not come without responsibilities. The name that appears on the title of the property is the Marine Foundation of Indiana. This was to satisfy both legal responsibilities and the wishes of the Marine Corps League National Headquarters—that individual detachments should not own property. The Foundation assumed both the financial and managerial responsibilities for the Barracks. This includes the mortgage, property liability/fire insurance and maintenance of the facilities. The “Plank Program” was established to finance the acquisition and maintain the property. Additional funds were obtained through property donations and the sale of the English Avenue Property. On the expenditure side, we brought the property into compliance with ADA specification when we modified the restrooms. To make the facility more appealing to rent we renovated the kitchen and added a storage facility. All good sound business decisions increasing the overall value of the property. While the Marine Foundation assumed the financial accounting responsibilities for the “Plank Program” and “Barracks”, the money acquired—including any fundraising event ---for the Barracks, is accounted for separately within the financial records of the Foundation. And, those funds are used strictly for the Barracks. The Foundation has its own, separate financial accounting and mission requirements. The funding for the food for the BBQs and Breakfasts that we have as “FUNDRAISING EVENTS” is paid for from the “Plank Program”. As is all the kitchen and building supplies, i.e. plate, utensils, coffee, cups, toilet paper, soap, hall cleaning, etc. Consequently and naturally, the proceeds from these events go back into the “Plank Program”. (continued)

Besides the donations that we have and are still receiving for individual planks, these “FUNDRAISING EVENTS” and the funds we receive for renting the hall are the only source of income that “WE” have for the building. Additionally, HIB Detachment pays rent to the “Barracks” and pays for the utilities as their share of the building expenses. At some time we may need to adjust this arrangement when the Barracks is able to stand alone financially to sustain its self. The BBQs and the Pancake Breakfast are a good source of income. And, I might add a great social and fellowship event, but it is not steady income. We are renting the hall more often and the facility is gaining good publicity for attracting more rentals. All this is revenue is helping us to sustain the building and build some reserves for unforeseen events. We need to look at other means to raise funds. We have other large expenses that will be coming up, most noticeably the parking lot. The parking lot has not been sealed or cared for in over three years. If we do not take care of it soon we face a much more expensive repair. The current estimated cost for sealing and marking the parking lot is $5,800.00. We need to do it this year. The proceeds from the current “Gun/Safe Raffle” will help us with the parking lot. As this was intended to be an annual event we should be able to pay down our mortgage as well as make additional improvements to the property. I sincerely hope that this puts to rest any concerns and answers questions you may have regarding the operation of the Barracks, who owns the Barracks and the financial/ managerial responsibilities of the Barracks. If you have any additional questions or concerns I will welcome them. I would also welcome any and all suggestions on how to improve the “Barracks”. I will finish by saying that I am proud of Marine Barrack, Indianapolis. I am even more proud of all those individuals, Marines, Family Members and Friends that have stepped up with their sweat and resources to make the Barracks our home. It is no doubt that they made the Barracks what it is and will be in the future. Semper Fi, Charles Haislip LtCol Charles Haislip Plank Owner Marine Barracks, Indianapolis


Send money and completed tickets to– “Commandant-Marine Corps League, 550 S Audubon Road, Indianapolis, IN 46219” NAME-_____________________________ ADDRESS-___________________ _____________________________ _____________________________

NAME-_____________________________ ADDRESS-___________________ _____________________________ _____________________________

NAME-_____________________________ ADDRESS-___________________ _____________________________ _____________________________




NAME-_____________________________ ADDRESS-___________________ _____________________________ _____________________________

NAME-_____________________________ ADDRESS-___________________ _____________________________ _____________________________

NAME-_____________________________ ADDRESS-___________________ _____________________________ _____________________________




2012 Schedule: June 1-3 August 24-26 October 19-21 3

APRIL 12- INSTALLATION OF 2012 OFFICERS—OPEN Meeting– All interested parties invited.

Mark Your Calendar!

April 12 (Thur) 1900-Membership Meeting @ Marine Barracks Indy– PITCH-IN DINNER HOUR 1800 13 (Fri) - 1600-2000- Pork & Brisket BBQ @ Marine Barracks Indy (PAGE 6) 26 (Thur) 1800– HIB Staff Meeting @ Marine Barracks Indy CANCELLED 25 (Wed) MCCC Meeting 1730 @ Heslar Armory

Do you have news that you what to share? Contact the Editor:

HIB MCL OFFICER ROSTER Commandant Gary Nasby Sr. Vice Commandant Jim Wade Jr. Vice Commandant Dave Hansell Adjutant Mike Wukitsch Paymaster Melissa Jacobs Judge Advocate Greg Troxell Chaplain Jesus Quintana, Jr Sergeant at Arms Andy Campos Jr. Past Commandant Bud Albright

HIB MCL COMMITTEE ROSTER VAVS Representative Raffles Scuttlebutt / WebSgt Christmas Banquet Boy Scout Eagle Awards Parades/Gaming Young Marines Liaison Honor Guard Museum Director

Jesus Quintana, Jr. Tony Mungovan Gary Nasby Tony Mungovan Fred Axthelm Tony Mungovan Tony Mungovan Jesus Quintana Doug Hardwick

Central Indiana Marine Points of Contact Marine Corps League H.I. Bearss Det: Office 317-546-7228 Commandant Gary Nasby 317-855-8798 Chaplain Jesus Quintana 317-445-9509 Nat Mar Cor Museum, St IN Liaison: Russ Eaglin 317-201-7066 1st Marine Division Association: Guy Miller 317-293-7594 3rd Marine Division Association: Russ Eaglin 317-201-7066 Montford Point Association: Robert D. Smith 317-924-9790 Woman Marine Association: Connie Hamm 317-345-0070 Marine Corps Coordinating Council: Bud Albright 317-956-2991 Marine Inspector Instructor: 1st Sgt Wooten 317-923-1584 Marine Recruiting Service: Maj. Langfeldt Marine For Life Program: Maj. Davis Christy 312 476-9616 Central Indiana Young Marines: Dave Heffner 317-341-3880 Editor, Scuttlebutt & HIB WebSgt: Gary Nasby 317 855-8798 MarCorScholarship Found: Capt Larry Slaugh 317-471-9577 PWC STAFF: 812-606-8783

VAVS Deputy Stars and Stripes Awards Historian Toys For Tots MCL Svc. Officer Quartermaster

Diana Ward Jim Wade Oran Lakin Fred Axthelm Bud Albright Diane Ward Bud Albright

HIB Meeting minutes, & Official documents from National MCL, MODD, & HIB can be downloaded from here…

Central Indiana Young Marines 8050 Winterset Circle Indianapolis, IN 46214 4

The Marine Barracks "Online" Ships Store is now has the Marine Corps League, Hiram I. Bearss Detachment 089 logo available for Apparel, Accessories, Fleece, hats and visors. The Detachment ships store makes a small profit that will be reinvested into ships store merchandise. Start shopping now, go to:

“PLANK OWNERS” Be Part of Making a Home for Marines and Family Members to Gather. Be Part of Preserving our Heritage and Traditions. Having the title of “Plank Owner” includes certain rights and privileges—including bragging rights of being part of the beginning of a new adventure for Marines in Indiana.

GOAL– Payoff the building loan, and make improvements to the property. Yes! I wish to support the Marine Corps League/Marine Foundation of Central Indiana “Plank Program”. I am enclosing my pledge/donation of:

Check Category (1) Golden Teak ($5,000) (2)Philippine Teak ($2,000)

Pledger’s Name:


Company Name:

Military Branch:

Address: _________________________________________________________________

(3)Indo-China Teak ($1,000) (4)Burma-Teak ($500)


(5)Memorial Plank, Level:


Other Donations: $

Memorial Plank:




Please cutout this form and send completed form with check payable to MCL/MFI Plank Owner to: Marine Foundation of Indiana, 550 S Audubon Road, Indianapolis, IN 46219. If you wish to pay with a credit card via PayPal go to For further information please call (317) 546-7228, or go to 5

If your company has a matching gift program, please contact your HR Office for information.

Vets and families cope with post‐trauma c stress  By Edward T. Creagan, M.D.

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) can occur after someone goes through a traumatic event like combat, assault or disaster. The number of veterans dealing with PTSD is staggering. By some estimates, one in five vets returning from Iraq and Afghanistan experience symptoms of PTSD or major depression. Sadly many of these service members don't seek treatment because they fear it will harm their careers. Untreated, PTSD and depression can lead to cascading problems, such as drug use, marital problems, unemployment and even suicide. Veterans don't have to go it alone — Veterans Affairs (VA) has resources to help service members and their families. The VA website has information about coping with PTSD. There's also a hotline veterans can call for help: 1-800-2738255. So for veterans and anyone else suffering with PTSD or depression — take care of yourself and seek help if you need it. The resources are out there. Please keep sharing your experiences dealing with PTSD, including the tactics that have helped you cope.

Need more help?

If the stress in your life is more than you can cope with, get help right away.

   

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline1-800-273-TALK (8255) Go to the nearest hospital or emergency room Call your physician, health provider or clergy National Alliance on Mental Illnesswww.nami.org1-800-950-NAMI (6264)



Hundreds of Veterans and Researchers to answer questions...

Meeting Notice

1st Marine Division Indianapolis Chapter Saturday April 21th 2012 Marine Barracks Indy 550 South Audubon Road Time 12:00-13:00 For more Information Call Guy L Miller III 317-293-7594 Alfred J Wright 317-962-4966 Dan G Switzer 317-546-5744

Over 140 news and information Forums are available membering hundreds of veterans, military researchers and military family members to share info or ask questions. Membership is free. Zero Spam. Subscribing and unsubscribing is immediate. Discussion and News Forums: If you feel this info is helpful you should send a copy of this email to a friend or to the publisher of your Veteran's Organization newspaper. Contact Person for this posting: Roger Simpson, PIO Public Information Office: The American War Library: 16907 Brighton Avenue Gardena CA 90247-5420 Phone / Fax: 1-310-532-0634



As a FREE service to our membership, we will be publishing our members business cards in the electronic version of the “SCUTTLEBUTT”. Any member who has a business or service, please send me your business card, either by email or US Postal Service, and I will post it in all upcoming monthly Newsletters. As always. Feel free to make donations to the Detachment to help us carry out our mission in the support of Marines and their families, and other worthy causes we support.

Pickup Truck cover for sale: “Best Offer” Dimensions for camper are aprox -101 inches long and approximately 72 1/2 inches wide. Came off of Ford truck Black in color. No leaks. Proceeds to benefit “Wounded Warrior Big Game Event”. Call 317-546-7228 and leave message or email

This space is waiting for your advertisement Contact the editor to reserve 10

Next Gun Show…… January 13-15, 2012 @ Indiana State Fair Grounds– October Gun Show Winner: Jeff Mathis– Ticket # 011388


GROWL SCHEDULE FOR 2012: April 26th—June 28th—September 27th 2012. AT 1900 @ MARINE BARRACKS INDY



Pound Keeper

PDD Bud Albright

Senior Vice Pound Keeper

PDD Russ Eaglin

Jr. Vice Pound Keeper

PDD Gary Nasby

Dog Robber

DD- Dave Hansell

Smart Dog

PDD Mike Wukitsch

Mad Dog

DD Lloyd Louks

Dog Trainer

PDD Jesus Quintana

Police Dog

DD Jeff Milner

Watch Dog

DD Connie Hamm

Jr. Past Pound Keeper

PDD Russ Eaglin

Pooper Scooper

PUP Harry Snyder

Dog Scratcher

PDD Mike Wukitsch

Barking Dog

PDD Gary Nasby 12





The monthly newsletter of the Hiram I Bearss, Marine Corps League Detachment 089, Indianapolis, Indiana

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