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November 2009




From the Helm….

Las Vegas Sun– 10/21/2009 Retired Marine holds suspected bank robber for police

Bud Albright- Hiram I. Bearss Det. #089 From the Commandant

The detachment will be taking part in several events during November both for the Marine Corps Birthday and Veterans Day celebration. Pay attention to these events that you should get via email. Or you can call me. We are going to have our annual Christmas party on the 12th of December. Tony worked hard on reducing the cost of the party this year per request from most of the members to do so. It will only be $12.50 per person. It will be the same caterer that we used last year so the meal while not as fancy should be good. Any question about the party should be directed to me or Tony. We do need a count on who plans to attend so please RSVP to myself or Tony (317-727-9566). You will be able to pay at the door this year. It will be at our building this year so come and join us for a good time. We have decided not to furnish liqueur this year so bring your own. Beer and soft drinks will be in the cooler for a small donation. We will not be having a staff meeting in November or December due to the holiday schedule. If you have an issue that’s needs attention before January contact myself or one of the officers and we will endeavor to take care of your concerns. We now have life size mannequins in the museum. Don Myers needs some period uniforms for them. If you have anything contact Don as to what you have. We plan on having our monthly BBQ in November but will not do one in December. November menu will be pork. We can always use some help at these BBQ’s especially setting up and tearing down. Contact Gary Nasby or myself on this. Long sleeve shirts are now in as far as uniforms are concerned. Book of the month is Colder than Hell author Joseph R. Owen. This and other books should be in our library. If you do not see what you want let me know.

A retired Marine who said he heard a bank robber threaten to shoot a woman Wednesday morning held the man in a choke hold until law enforcement officers arrived. At about 10 a.m., 59-year-old Gary Mattson went into the Summerlin branch of WaMu/Chase Bank at 9911 W. Charleston Blvd. near Hualapai Avenue. As a man with cash in both fists headed for the door, Mattson heard the man with the money say, "I have a gun, I will shoot you," to a woman in the bank. Mattson, who is 6-feet tall and about 200 pounds, said he took two steps toward the man and spun him around, then placed him in a choke hold until the man passed out. "The money was blowing around the parking lot," Mattson said. "I guess my Marine training, the fight or flight instinct, kicked in. I had to do something. After all, he threatened a woman." Metro Police officers and FBI agents arrived in moments and took the man into custody, Mattson said. Mattson, who splits his time between Las Vegas and Chicago, praised the response of law enforcement and said he doesn't consider himself a hero. The suspected robber didn't have a gun, but was armed with a ball peen hammer and was wearing sunglasses as a disguise, Mattson said. Special Agent Joseph Dickey of the FBI's Las Vegas branch confirmed the bank robbery, but said the man arrested won't be identified until he is charged. He is expected to appear in federal court Thursday morning and his name and the charges against him will be released, Dickey said. Editor Note: Marine Mattson is a Life Member of Hiram I. Bearss– Life Member #2013, March 1984

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November 7 (SAT) 1900 Marine Corps Birthday Ball @ Downtown Hyatt Regency Hotel 10 Sat) USMC 234TH BIRTHDAY 10 (Tues) 1100 USMC Birthday Celebration @ VA, RM. C1202 11 (WED) 1100 Indianapolis Veterans Day Parade 12 (THURS) 1900– HIB Membership Meeting & MODD GROWL@ Marine Barracks Indy 14 (Sat) 0900– Care Package Party 21 (SAT) 1100– Pork BBQ (held 3rd Saturday of each Month)@ Marine Barracks Indy 25 (Wed) 1730—MCCC Meeting @ Heslar Armory 26 (Thurs) Thanksgiving December 10 (THURS) 1900– HIB Membership Meeting @ Marine Barracks Indy 12 (SAT) 1900– Christmas Party & Awards Banquet @ Marine Barracks Indy 24 (THUR) CHRISTMAS EVE-NO STAFF MEETING 25 (FRI) CHRISTMAS

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HIB Meeting minutes, & Official documents from National MCL, MODD, & HIB can be downloaded from here…………………………… The Detachment is becoming more and more involved with events, fund raisers, and support to the community and Marines in need. If you are not involved, ask yourself why? The detachment needs all of it’s members to be involved in some way to be successful. Look at the events that are scheduled and if you can help at any of them , or in any way, contact one of the listed Officers of the detachment. SAEPE EXPERTUS (Often Tested) , SEMPER FIDELIS (Always Faithful), FRATRES AETERNI (Brothers Forever)....OOHRAH!

You can help your Detachment Bring your old empty Ink or Toner cartridge to Marine Barracks Indy, and place in the Box by Commandants office. We can recycle ANY ink cartridge - no matter which brand! This includes Brother®, Epson® and Canon ink or toner cartridges, up to 10 per calendar month per customer and receive $3 back in Staples Rewards per cartridge That we can use to purchase items in any Staples. ………..THANK YOU………... 2

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ABC.PRO Core Values Integrity, Honesty, Ethical Behavior, Trustworthiness, Family-Oriented, Competency, Enjoyment, Strive for Win-Win, Satisfaction - Self & Customer Gary Nasby

1665 Farm Meadow Drive Greenwood, IN 46143 Phone: 317-885-7522 Fax: 317-885-7584 Email:; Web:

Member Number: 116341 This ad is in honor of the best Marine I know, my dad, Bud Albright, Commandant of the HIB detachment, Indianapolis, IN. - W. Dexter Albright


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Visit - for a donation form. Visit— for more info Have questions ? Call toll-free seven days a week at 1-800-237-5714. will make arrangements to conveniently and quickly pick-up your vehicle or boat donation at no cost to you. They handle the title transfer requirements and provide you with a tax deductible vehicle or vessel donation receipt at the time of pick-up! Making a car donation is quick and easy! Donate a car and you'll feel great about supporting Us, The Hiram I. Bearss , Marine Corps League—Detachment #089, and the worthwhile causes we support! To view them…….

“This Day In Marine Corps History” : BOOK REVIEW by DON MYERS: “I AM A SOLDIER TOO” An interesting human interest story of a seriously wounded female soldier in Iraq. You will quickly understand an important truth in this very honest and forthright book. It is an indictment of the stupidity of middle management leadership ranks of the US Army. If this young teenager did nothing else she sure as hell changed the convoy policy overnight because of her brutal capture, rape and savagery of her captors. On the flip side Iraqi medical personnel went above and beyond the oath of caring by saving Jessica’s life and keeping the insurgents at bay. The national hype this event created caused another black eye to the Army public relations type that did their level best to cover the Army’s ass from what really happened and tried to make a hero of a very terrified girl. I think what impressed me more was the coming together of a small West Virginia community that eventually embraced and entire state and nation. 5

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Please cutout this form and send completed form with check payable to MCL/MFCI Plank Owner to: Marine Foundation of Central Indiana, P.O. Box 501615, Indianapolis, IN 46250-6615. If you wish to pay with a credit card via PayPal go to For further information please call (317) 546-7228, or go to 6

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