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Who We Are. Backyard mammals is a collective of visual artists, that fuse and research topics as scattered as are their places of birth, a group that runs childhood visions of such extreme points as La Serena, QuilpuĂŠ, Constitution, ChiloĂŠ and Punta Arenas, visual memories that certainly reflected in the exploratory lines from those who put it together. Each exhibition is a space where the dialogue that even before the installation that unites them are usually deaf. Each silent and individual studio work meets the other, and thus begins a conversation unstructured and free of pretensions and non ostentatious, as those of our yard. For this opportunity the mammals presents three of its five members, Carolina Alvarez, Daniel Marceli, Sebastian plaza and Gerhardt Rubio. Each works from thematic and visual elements, that while there may seem distant, have points in common that match exactly in a sociological positions because all three put they intentions, around investigating the adaptive form of living things, like humans, animals, and plants.

Artist and Conceptual Proposals

Gerhardt Rubio Swaneck Editor and Visual Artist majoring in wooded geometric scenes. Gerhardt investigates mental spaces around curiously intertwine in parallel visions of a planet, which present the complete extinction of recognizable life forms. An invasion of geometric shapes and volumes inspired vortex mathematics and irregular polygons, coming to repopulate forests, grasslands and architecture loss. Seizing and making them play their quiet spaces, exposing this world we inhabit as an ordinary example futuristic society. These mental spaces are capable of generating a field of emotional reactions from the place, the subject and the artist. generating enhanced constructive interference between the work of art and those who contemplate. Assimilated finally claim Paul Klee: “Art does not reproduce the visible things, but it makes things visible.

Caro Alvarez Carcamo llustrator in bucolic scenes and seamstress. Carolina displayed the fusion of the species spasms as an wildlife apocalyptic as if both deities Flora y Fauna, or if you like stratification sets of species, began to seek new solutions to change the DNA of people in a particular world, bringing to life metamorphosised humans or if you want to animals with limbs suitable for intervene in society, fables portraying the moral instruction of this new species diaspora.

Daniel marceli Millan. Illustrator and graffiti artisanal artisit in salmons. Daniel on the other hand explores the issue of return or if you want to rebuild the local imaginary, re inhabiting with characters from his own childhood. “Taking the experience as a guide, we can not ignore that, as a inhabitants of an island (born and raised in ChiloĂŠ Island in southern Chile.) And being surrounded by water, do not exist myths in relation to the sea.â€?

Sebastiรกn Plaza Kutzbach. Masked designer and evenings compulsive weaver. Sebastiรกn Knitting is a method of therapy that allows me to bring together ideas and visions into a single object, when the characters are idealized in my mind, i begin immediately, to avoid losing the specifics that make it an authentic specimen. The crochet and stick are the only tools I need when to start composing, wool are slowly doing their job as they participate by arming individuals who, concerned about the skin that covers them, they begin to perceive this colorful material as his true epidermis, one that says more about them, than may reflect the other, the one its easy to blend into the cold and superficial. My main stimulus for this are the Peru folk masks at the same time are intervened with visual references of Japan, this helps me to experiment with new forms and colors that usually are not part of our continent.

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