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Vicki Yauch Vicki’s vibrant to subtle paintings, in different mediums, show the passion and strength of the artist. From abstract to realistic, softness to bold, these paintings bring joy. Vicki’s grandmother taught her to paint in oil when she was 10 years old. Always creating through many other artistic endeavors, such as Interior Design, Landscape Design, she strives to create beauty in all she does. Painting brings gratification, pleasure, and bliss to this artist.

Watercolor & Oil

These beautiful watercolors and oils are achieved using multiple transparency techniques along with traditional methods. To produce the bright alcohol inks, she uses a straw or blow dryer to move the


paint, and tiny brushes and pens.

Alcohol Ink 480.529.3849 /

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Vicki Yauch Art Brochure  

Vicki Yauch Art Brochure  

Profile for gdisain