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knowledge that has been used since prehistoric times. The designer as storyteller, but then in a contemporary remix. This development is internationally dubbed visual storytelling and is not only appropriate for editorial illustrations and data visualisations, but

that the designer has a very important function (editor and director) in a society dominated by images.

for almost every type of graphic expression. Visual storytelling broadens the profession of graphic design. Other disciplines such as photography and animation are mixed with new image forms, frequently on a crossmedia platform.

by biologist Frans de Waal: ‘Greed is out, empathy is in’. This rather tongue-in-cheek statement encapsulates the challenges a new transparent society is facing and trying to change.

Graphic Design Festival Breda (GDFB) shows how and why contemporary designers translate a message into a story. The festival aims to show what role a designer plays in positioning the elements of a story and how these stories are experienced by the public. In this way it becomes clear

Greed is out As premise for the new visual stories that will be commissioned by the festival, we are taking a statement

For the third edition of GDFB we invited 45 designers to visually interpret the statement ‘greed is out, empathy is in’. They all interpreted the statement in a unique way, causing the project to provide insight in the way contemporary designers use their creativity and skills to visualize a message.

GDFB2012 - Poster Project  

Each festival GDFB commissions designers to create challenging posters. In 2012 51 designers responded to the phrase 'Greed is out, Empathy...

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