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JUNE 2017

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Cover Photo... GDCTA Gala Awards Photo courtesy of Rather be Riding Photography

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JUNE 2017

6 2016 GALA WRAP UP Photos and final results from the 2016 season







by Kloie Hicks






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2016 GDCTA AWARD WINNERS USEF/USDF Rec. Dressage Jr./ Yr. Training Champion Jimmy Casey/Rhythm and Blues Reserve Grace Watkins/SPA Shaemus 3rd Madeline Tincher/Zennadu 4th Deja Robinson/Push My Buttons 5th Esontay Mitchell/Cody 6th Erica Milbourn/Sunni Side Up 7th Caitlyn Bennett/Hocus Pocus 8th Katherine McFarland/Port’s Cover Girl AA Training Chamption Kelly Slack/Seron SRF Reserve Lisha Marshall/Gotham 3rd Holly Carter/Harlequin 4th Mary Brennan/Le Vian 5th Jessica Howington/Ti Amo 6th Tracy Sperry/MT Fahim Saruk 7th Susan Collins/Feuerlicht 8th Kelli Agnew/Jovee Mercedez 9th Brooke Thomason/Regant 10th Jessica Howington/Izaak Open Training Champion Marjolein Geven/Weltmeister W Reserve Ryan Garza/Disco’s World Man 3rd Erin McCloud/Veyron 4th Melissa Vaughn/Sandaro 5th Laura Sevriens/Genevieve HF 6th Anne Zaharias/ Xiomara SF 7th Ryan Garza/Linghs Sinclair 8th Jessica Souther/Botticelli CDF Jr/Yr First Champion Emma Klevesahl/Coney Island Style Reserve Isabella Braden/Quite Frankly 3rd Madeline Tincher/Zennadu 4th Jimmy Casey/Rhythm And Blues

AA First Champion Pamela Hardin/Quaterjack Reserve Johanna Fowler/Solomon 3rd Carol Glover/Athalia 4th Kelly Slack/SeronSRF 5th Naida-Ann Mirza/Coraco de Leao HM 6th Vanessa Vidal/Femke-Klaske fan’e Olde Hoek 7th Lauren Abernathy/Big Bear’s Omega 8th Ginger Gilmore-Childress/Killian’s Red 9th Fiona Williams/Milagro 10th Carol Morgan/Johanna Open First Champion Marjolein Geven/Weltmeister W Reserve Anne Zaharias/Crescendo 3rd Stephanie Hartigan/Clever 4th Kayce Redmond/Flo 5th Sophie David/Tough Of the Guinness Blues 6th Andrea Manos/Ecossias 7th Richard Sauerman/Gabriel JF 8th Samantha Bielaswki/Titan’s Legend 9th Anne Zaharias/Ebony Brookside 10th Lynn Marks/Death by Chocolate Open Freestyle First Champion Carol Glover/Athalia Reserve JD Sosa/Royal Heartbreaker Jr./Yr. Second Champion Margaret Putnal/Hero Reserve Ariel Shahar/B A Travelin Man

USEF/USDF Rec. Dressage

AA Prix St. Georges Champion Kimberly Keeton/Accolade Reserve Janie Montgomery/Viriato 3rd Lyne Marcotte/Tango II 4th Shari O’Halloran/Casandra G Open Prix St. Georges Champion Hokan Thorn/Django Reserve Julie Cochran/Necia 3rd Leah Marks/Casin 4th Anne Margaret Meyers/Teseo Z AA Intermediare 1 Champion Carden Burdette/Sir Frederico Reserve Martine Duff/Artistic 3rd Kimberly Keeton/Accolade Open Intermediare 1 Champion Marjolein Geven/Sir Frederico Reserve Kimberly Sosbee/Donauwaltzer AA Intermediare 2 Champion Holly Spencer/Festina Reserve Christi Meyers/Veva Rose Open Intermediare 2 Champion Karen Lipp/Whitney Reserve Ryan Garza/Zon Primaire AA Grand Prix Champion Phyllis Sumner/Wilby Reserve Leigh Kent-Scherzer/Sir Luckas 3rd Joni Zeccola/Moses Open Grand Prix Champion Richard Sauerman/Vincent Reserve Shelley Rahiya/Corilanus Open Freeseyle Grand Prix Champion Phyllis Sumner/Wilby Jr. FEI Champion Marline Syribeys/Hollywood Reserve Juliet Hess/Diano 3rd Juliet Hess/Hobbart 4th Emily Hewitt/What’s Up dela Ferme Rose

AA Second Champion Chandilyn Smilth/Ascenso Reserve Holly/Sommers/Tvauri 3rd Dayle Holleger/El Rouge 4th Megan Kraski/Ricochet 5th Angela Jett/Shall We Dance 6th Linda Light/Extra Innings 7th JD Sosa/Royal Heartbreaker Open Second Champion Stephanie Hartigan/Clever Reserve Leah Marks/PopTart 3rd Jennifer Roberts/Hochadel’s Diamond Girl Open Freestyle Second Champion Lisa Harders/Cuchicheo TRF AA Third Champion Carol Wrtz/Marco von Laar Reserve Kathy Duffy/Heathcliff 4 3rd Dana Cravey/Infanta 4th Cheryl Williams/Branstock’s Ryujin 5th Patricia Borders/Oh Fiddledeedee 6th Evelyn Dinkins/Fleetwood B 7th Lyn Davis/Dahlia Ace Open Third Champion Emily Copeland/Lucca Reserve Paula Nanni Dunson/Solaguayre Contry Knight 3rd Danielle Perry/Jasmine 4th Claire Coman/Piks Pyaar Open Freestyle Third Champion Heidi Caldwell/Katinka Reserve Patricia Borders/Oh Fiddledeedee AA Fourth Champion Patricia Borders/Oh Fiddledeedee Open Fourth Champion Kayce Redmond/Royal Remedy



USEF/USDF Rec. Dressage

AA Novice Champion Nicole Andres/Fernhill Stateside Reserve Robert Jett/Shenandoah King 3rd Jean Fowler/NZ Bay of Islands 4th Jeff Lewis/Beau Riley 5th Rohena Armstrong/Sullivan Ballou 6th Jennifer Kozel/Prime Time Open Novice Champion Tawn Edwards/Inca GS Reserve Lee Ann Gilson/Crack the Code 3rd Dawn Buis/Simply Sealy Jr./Yr. Training Champion Leila Saxe/Mr Bojangles Reserve Jessie Schwartz/WHF Kitaro 3rd Ivie Cullen-Dean/Fernhill Five-Star 4th Hayden Jones/Ragtime Blues 5th Sierra Shurtz/Zach Eyed Pea 6th Adriene Singleton/Raku 7th Ivie Cullen-Dean/Fernhill Divergent 8th Hannah Ledford/Danny Boy AA Training Champion Carla Jimmerson/Valley Greek Carlin LeBeau Reserve Kimberly Keeton/Keysoe 3rd Wisti Nelson/Mr Barron 4th Karen Kreider/Wapz Voodoo Open Training Champion Erin Flynn-Mobley/Divine Legacy Reserve Werner Geven/Reddy or Not 3rd Werner Geven/L’Avventura 4th Lauren Eckardt/Irish Rose 5th Brittany Kart/Filomena 6th Samantha Bielawski/Stick with Richie Jr./Yr. Prelim Champion Emma Keller/Take it to the Max Reserve Ivie Cullen-Dean/Wish Upon A Star 3rd Aki Joy Maruyama/J’espere AA Prelim Champion Kimberly Keeton/Keysoe

Yr. FEI Champion Rebecca Roman/Ultimo Reserve Emma Sevreins/Nido King 3rd Emily Smith/Dublin Open 4 Yr Old Champion Karen Lipp/Bailanda Reserve Abbey Dondanville/King of Harts Open 6 Yr Old Champion Hannah Hewitt/Fidens Reserve Emily Copeland/Falera Hacal Open Developing Champion Michelle Gibson, Don Fredo

USEF/USEA Rec. C.T. Jr./Yr. Beginner Novice Champion Emilia Holbel/Bigtime Graffiti Reserve Ellie Bizot/Ziggy Stardust 3rd Ava Vojnovic/Pony Boy 4th Sierra Shurtz/President Elect AA Beginner Novice Champion Jean Roten/Scout It Out Reserve Kelly Young/Shaqir 3rd Jennifer Boshart/Bright Idea 4th Valerie Levin/Harley 5th Betty Smith/Sundance Kid 6th Courtney Cook/Crossed Arrow’s Honey Open Beginner Novice Champion Tawn Edwards/WHF Wilhelmina Reserve Tawn Edwards/Inca GS Jr./Yr. Novice Champion Avery Lewis/The ManxMan Reserve Grace Smith/M&M FcFlurry 3rd Catherine Shu/Parrelo 4th Sean Pye/Star Shrek 5th Claire Howard/Who’s Your Daddy 6th Lauren Wright/Balios



5th Sara Blackwell/Sassy O’Toole 5th Keri-lyn Thomas/San La Rouge Open Prelim 8th Cailyn E. Sneed/Paris Champion Erin Flynn-Mobley/Three’s A Ruckus 9th Eryn Caldwell/Jeffrey Reserve Lauren Eckardt/Bigtime Chesterland’s 10th Rori Fernandez/Hershey Kisses Inspiration AA Training 3rd Nicola Buckingham/Could’ve Been and Jerrys Champion India Wilkinson/RF Payday 4th Lauren Eckardt/Skey Skippa VIP Reserve Jessica Fuller Stewart/Gypsy’s Twisted 5th Lauren Eckardt/Fernhill Purcuit Wrench 6th Samantha Bielawski/Daddy’s Chocolate Mousse 3rd Nan Buckner/Forever Blue 7th Samantha Bielawski/Stick with Richie 4th Donna Judge/Koda Open Intermediate Pro Training Champion Samantha Bielawski/Daddy’s Chocolate Champion Lori Thomas/ Sterling Mousse Reserve Lee Ann Gilson/Newsworthy Reserve Erin Flynn-Mobley/Three’s A Ruckus Junior First Champion Samantha Ayoub/Princeton AA First Champion Judy Wissing/Cash Junior Intro Champion Eryn Caldwell/Jeffrey Pro First Jill Palenzuela/Pascal Reserve Claire Brehm/The Riddler Champion 3rd Abby Pawson/Ellie Mae Junior Second Jordan Loggins/Gaston 4th Heather Roberts/Lady Liberty Champion 5th Tessa Geven/Dinky AA Second Ann Leonard/Gin Rummy 6th Campbell Turner/Smart Little Stuff Champion 7th Jaycee Thomas/Heart of Hidalgo Junior Freestyle 8th Brittany Hylton/Set The Bar Champion Daniella Tomaselli/VF Nevada Pepper 9th Alex Brust/Bacardi Pro Freestyle Lori Thomas/Sterling 10th Kloie Hicks/Hand Me Down Rose Champion AA Intro Champion Andrea Carroll/Zahrena’s Legacy Reserve Marie Rumsey/24 Carrot 3rd Denise Masters/Iron Man Pro Intro Champion Brittany Childers/Colors of the Wind Junior Training Champion Abby Griffin/Hannah Champion Lee Ann Loven/Bulletproof Titanium Reserve Daniella Tomaselli/VF Nevada Pepper ALL GALA PHOTOGRAPHY DONE BY 3rd Erica Eades/Wang O Tango RATHER BE RIDING PHOTOGRAPHY. 4th Katilyn Brittendall/Ballardo

Schooling Show Dressage


Schooling Show C.T.

Pro Tadpole Champion Diane Smith/Tovah Reserve Brittany Childers/Colors Of The Wind Junior Beginner Novice Champion Aubrey Bachtel/So Not A Monday Reserve Taleen Hanna/Elvis 3rd Taleen Hanna/Flashpoint 4th Ashley Selembo/Timely Impulse 5th Saylor Runyon/Freedom 6th Catherine Watry/Apollo 7th Mackenzie Branson/Reason To Believe 8th Liesel Fazekas/Leap of Faith AA Beginner Novice Champion Ainsley Jacobs/JJ Spot Pro Beginner Novice Champion Marlene Young/Phantom’s Dark Knight Junior Novice Champion Piper Runyon/Prineton Reserve Lindsay Wilson/Stormin In Style 3rd Brianna Moon/Adventure Time 4th Ava Vojnovic/Pony Boy 5th Taylor Thompson/Sparky 6th Taleen Hanna/Flashpoint 7th Sophie Greenberg/Temperance 8th Catherine Watry/Apollo AA Novice Champion Heather Moffett/Dragon Slayer Reserve Kelli Jackson/Rivendell

Junior Amoeba Champion Keri-Lyn Thomas/San La Rouge Reserve Allyson Reid/Sterling’s Diamonds and Pearls 3rd Campbell Turner/Smart Little Stuf 4th Jessica Savage/Kiki 5th Callie O’Bannon/High Hopes RS 6th Brittany Hylton/Set The Bar 7th Erin Fowler/Charming Charlie 8th Anna Simmons/My Fair Lady 9th Ashlyn Nunnally/Cowboy’s Magic Fairy Dust 10th Heather Roberts/Lady Liberty AA Amoeba Champion Lori Thomas/Sterling Reserve Jessie Martin/Fool Me Once 3rd Elaine Fowler/Tango Two 4th Kelda Kemp/Kirby Pro Amoeba Champion Jessica Runkle/Bewitched Junior Tadpole Champion Caroline Cox/Sterling’s Braveheart Reserve Tessa Geven/Dinky 3rd Isabelle Paul/Sterling’s Mr. Smarty Pants 4th Halee Naughton/Shiloh 5th Cailey Johnson/Branstock Riddle 6th Madalyn Ellis/Sterling’s Paint The Town 7th Isabella Paul/Sterling’s Sleeping Beauty 8th Miranda Levin/Black Jack 9th Anna Girard/Rock Ridge Request 10th Cailyn Sneed/Paris AA Tadpole Champion Vicki Dice/Mr. Jennings Reserve Michelle L. Allen/The Knights Carousel 3rd Court Fowler/Tremor 4th Ann Browning/Paint It Blak AA Tadpole Champion Dasha Meeks/Morgan

Special Awards Volunteer of the Year Kathy Duffy President’s Award Kelley DeLaPerriere Most Popular Barn Basket Eurimports Most Unique Barn Basket “Hot Diggity Dog” 12& Under Excellent Awards Schooling Dressage Clair Brehm Schooling CT Tessa Geven Recognized Eventing Lily Grace Draper


Letterman Jacket Winners Eventing Dressage Ellie Bizot Caitlyn Bennet Leah Elgart Isabelle Braden Ivie Cullen-Dean Caroline Garren Emilia Holbel Juliett Hess Clair Howard Emily Hewitt Mikensey Johansen Emma Klevesahl Hayden Jones Erica Milbourne Sean Pye Esontay Mitchell Jessie Schwarts Remy Pair Catherine Shu Margaret Putnal Adriene Singleton Deja Robinson

Eventing Dressage Grace Smith Sophia Ruggiero Emma Sevriens Madeline Tincher Grace Watkins Double Threat Winners Lettered in both Dressage and Eventing Avery Lewis Leila Saxe Sarah Bowman


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Lisa Seger Insurance Best Score Award Winners USEF/USDF Recognized Dressage AA First Pamela Hardin/Quarterjack 77.59% Jr/Yr Training Jimmy Casey/Rhythm and Blues 74.55% Open Training Marjolein Geven/Weltmeister W 83.41% FEI I1 Carden Burdette/Sir Frederico 73.82% USEF/USEA Recognized Combined Training AA Novice Jean Fowler/NS Bay of Islands 25.40 Jr/Yr Novice Leila Saxe/Mr. Bojangles 23.00 Open Beginner Novice Tawn Edwards/WHF Wilhelmina 15.8





t its December 19th, 2016 board meeting, the GDCTA board voted to create a Collegiate Best Score Award Program for 2017. Under this program, yearend awards will be presented to the highest scoring collegiate rider in each of the GDCTA competition levels. • All Full- and part-time college students at two-or four-year accredited institutions at the time of the competition in which the score is earned are eligible to receive the award. • To have their score included, riders would be required to submit a photocopy of their valid student ID along with their rider report form and indicate that they would like their score to count towards the Collegiate Best Score Program. • For scores from competitions

taking place during the summer months to count, riders must have been an enrolled college student in the preceding spring semester or be an enrolled college student in the immediate following fall semester. • Riders would join GDCTA as a junior, adult amateur, or professional member and pay the appropriate junior, adult amateur, or professional membership fee. • The collegiate best score award would be a separate award given in addition to any other GDCTA awards won as a junior, adult amateur, or professional. • All other GDCTA rules regarding membership, fees, and participation in the awards program would apply (i.e. riders must be members of


It is a special treat to have this world-class rider, trainer, coach with us again! Accessible to all levels. Auditors encouraged to attend.


GDCTA at the time of competition, etc.) “USEA-sanctioned Collegiate Eventing has existed for several years, and is a great program for college riders at the rated level, but what is missing is an opportunity for riding and competing for college students at the local level. Those students who, for various reasons (time, financial status, skill level, horse availability, etc.) are not able to pursue eventing at the rated level, but still enjoy the sport. That’s who the GDCTA collegiate best score award aims to serve,” says Amanda Garner, author of the collegiate proposal. Also at the December Board meeting, Amanda Garner and Lauren Turner were appointed cochairs of the new Collegiate Programs committee. ✴

Rider’s position (keeping in balance with horse). This is where the judge gives you an idea on how A TRAINING GUIDE FOR THE your position is while riding this test. Were you crouched forward in INTRODUCTORY LEVEL TESTS the fetal position? Were you braced By Danielle Perry with your feet forward and leanhere are 6 Collective Marks ward with suppleness o the back ing back? Did you balance mostly in the Introductory Tests. It is and steady tempo. This is where the on the reins? Did you post with the more information that you can get judge gives input on did the horse reins and how did this affect the from the judge to identify areas for go forward steadily and without a horses head and general movement? improvement in your training and lot of kicking and grunting from If you feel that your body is bouncy next test. It also gives you an idea the rider. Or was the horse racand unsteady then that might be how the training is going on both ing around so fast that it created a a lower score and a comment that sides of the horse. Each horse has breeze? In general a horse that goes supports it for example – followa stiff side and a hollow side. Dres- forward and appears to be moving ing seat needed especially in canter. sage training or flat work helps get steady and easily is what the judge This might mean some lunge line the horse evenly developed on both is looking for. lessons to help your seat stay glued sides. Also remember this is a stateSubmission (acceptance of steady to the saddle in the canter instead ment on the day. You may or may contact, attention and confidence) of bouncing out of the saddle. If you not have had your best presentation – The judge is giving their impreswere fairly quiet and following your on show day and the collectives give sion of the ‘partnership’ between horses’ motion then it may return a a description of what the judge saw you and your horse. Did the horse good score. that day. It doesn’t mean that there snatch the reins away, shake its Rider’s effectives of the aids wasn’t improvement from the last head, put its head in the air most of (correct bend and preparation of test or from where the horse was a the test? That’s an indication some transition) This score and commonth ago. It’s what the judge saw work needs to be done on your ment is where the judge can tell you that day. So take heart and enjoy the communication with the rein aids did your aids work and were they journey and lean a little bit more in with your horse. Or did the horse effective? Did you actually bend the collectives. go nicely into the rein and was your horse in the direction it was Gaits (freedom and regularity). listening to you throughout the test? turning and also in the direction The judge is trying to describe how That’s a good partnership example. it was trotting on the circles? For the horse moves in this test while At this stage of training and deexample when the horse is trotting carrying the rider. Are the two gaits velopment a level balance is OK. to the left was the horses head bent regular, steady and meet the basic This is a straight line from elbow to to the right looking outside of the criteria of the gait? Does the walk the rein to the horse’s mouth and arena or at the judge? That’s pretty have 4 beats? Does the trot have doesn’t mean ‘on the bit’. Of course much a giveaway that the horse was two beats? If you had some trouble it’s only a few inches of difference not listening or understanding your in the walk getting the horse to between the horse being above the aids at that moment. You may have stretch over its back or over track bit with its nose in their or dropa quiet and following seat which is this score may go down. It tells the ping its poll down behind the bit good but were you just a passenger judge how supple the horses back that gives the indication of the con- during the test or were your aids reis that day. If the trot to was erratic nection at this stage. It’s also OK if ally communicating with the horse on the left circle but steady on the there is some unsteadiness and that all the way through? right the gait score might also be the following comes and goes in the Geometry and accuracy (correct lower as this is a combination of the rein and hand. There are physical size and shape of circles and turns). two gaits you rode in the test. If all cues the judge uses for this score at This is another clue as to the qualthe gaits were fairly good and steady this level but in essence did the ride ity of your circles and turns. Acyou might get a higher score. give the judge the overall imprescuracy is a large component of this Impulsion (desire to move forsion of calmness and tranquility. test level and if you have a lot of




accuracy in the test you can clean up points here. If there wasn’t so much accuracy then you might feel the pinch of a lower score here again. Riding a round, balanced, 20 M circle is a challenge not to be underestimated. You can also see in the lower right hand of the back of the test under the Collective Marks a box with a diagram of a 20 M A visionary leader, Scott Hassler is circle for the small arena and one a widely respected and sought-after for the large arena. This gives you educator, trainer, and horseman. an idea of how important accuracy Scott has a richly diverse backof riding geometry is as the comground that covers every sporthorse mittee who wrote the test took the discipline. His coaching method time to draw it out for you. It helps inspires and encourages horses and you learn to use both the inside and riders to make the most out of their outside aids to keep the horse either work. We are excited to be able to on the circle, bent in the corner or offer his expertise in an unrestricted on a straight line. clinic. The collective marks are like a This will be an outstanding opporframe around the picture of your tunity for all—pro, test. It gives you more ideas on junior, and adult amateur riders— where to plan exercises in your alike to focus, progress skills, and prepare for upcoming competitions. training rides to help improve your IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO RIDE, PLEASE CONTACT balance and your horses balance. JULIE SHANNON JULIE@SHANNONDALE.COM / 770-569-9555 It’s also really fun to see good comments and marks on the test that give you an idea on what you’re doing well! ✴




Bio: Danielle M Perry is a USDF Bronze and Silver Medalist and has her USDF Stephen Bradley Eventing C l i n i c L Graduate with Distinction. She’s accepted into the USEF’s ‘Little r’ June 17 -18 judging program. She runs a successINFORMATION: PERI LAMBROS 678-372-4105 ful training and sales barn – RevelaPLAMBROS@BELLSOUTH.NET earned, it’s about the journey that you take to get there. tionFarm.com in Alpharetta, GA and is It’s not about the competition level or ribbons GDCTA.ORG always accepting new clients or horses ~Stephen Bradley for training.

INFORMATION: Peri Lambros 678-372-4105 / plambros@bellsouth.net 19 GDCTA.org



show jump rounds in the past and they will tell you there was lots of luck involved that could have been improved with dressage training. It wasn’t uncommon for Louie and me to tap a few rails and have them bounce back into cups. But that is a s an Eventer, dressage is only one phase out of three but your rare occasion at the Preliminary level since there are an extra 4 inches dressage score will always be the for your horse’s toes to clear in both baseline for your overall points. show jumping and cross country. When I started Eventing I saw With the extra 4 inches it becomes dressage as something that had to even more important that you stay be done before we could go to the jumping, therefore I didn’t put dres- on top of the balance as well as the sage training in my everyday riding. quality of the canter throughout your courses. This led to some unbalanced show I was so excited to receive the jumping rounds and the occasional GDCTA Dressage Training Grant in rushed cross country run. While 2016 and really begin on my jourlucky, unbalanced rounds might ney into understanding more about still get decent results at the lower dressage. The learning experience levels of Eventing, in the upper I have had with dressage and my levels it can be very hard to have dressage trainer Cassidy Nutter, has successful and safe rounds if your turned my riding around completehorse doesn’t have solid dressage ly. All of a sudden I feel like I have training. During the fall of 2016 Louie and complete control of my horse’s body I moved up to the Preliminary level on the flat and over fences as well as complete control over my body too, and I quickly learned how your dressage work affects your jumping. and my horse’s body and mouth feel If you have a weak and unbalanced soft, supple and more rideable on horse you wont be able to have suc- cross country. Like anything with riding this cessful, clear rounds. You can ask didn’t happen “all of a sudden” of anyone I’ve ridden with about my




course, but with many hours of hard work with Cassidy about once a week from August to January and on my own when I wasn’t in lessons. I was learning more and more about dressage. Cassidy’s training method is very aggressive from the leg and seat but light in the hand to promote a soft connection. She taught me to use exercises to work on simply changing the bend and direction, as this was our main focus with my horse, Louie. Louie’s gaits also completely changed for the better while in full dressage training. His uncomfortable 4-beated canter turned in to something like a hunter swinging 3 beat comfortable canter. It doesn’t only look better, but it’s so much easier to ride. His trot and walk didn’t need very much changing but even they became more active and forward leading to better scores on the flat. Before I really understood how to properly ride through certain movements in dressage, I wasn’t sure how my flat work was helping to improve my jumping or even my horse’s body. I have now realized my flat riding reflects how well my horse and I will jump around a

maxed-out cross country or show jumping course. Most of the time a soft and supple horse will jump much easier and happier than your braced and hollow horse, which will be shown in a dressage test. Whether you are a Dressage rider, an Eventer, or riding in any discipline, everyone should have dressage training worked into their everyday riding. Even while I gallop and condition Louie, I am constantly working on the shape of his gait as well as a soft connection that he learned in dressage training. In the past 8 months I have learned so much about how to properly train on the flat and how this helps your overall riding. Thank

you GDCTA for this opportunity to train with such an amazing trainer like Cassidy Nutter. I am so incredibly thankful that you were willing to give me a chance to expand my riding. ✴




n Friday when I got to Gibbes Farm, I was so excited but nervous. I didn’t know what to expect. We unloaded our horses and got them settled in their paddock. My horse is named Rosie. Saturday morning we got up really early. We got to the farm and I was not sure how the day would go. At least my turn was later in the day so I got to watch my friends go first. I noticed I was the only kid there. I was scared but Ms. Beth was so nice and Rosie and I did exactly what she asked of us. It was a lot of fun and we learned so much. Sunday I was not as nervous about being around new people or about the trainer, I was nervous about actually being on the cross country field and how me and Rosie were going to do. We had to jump over a ditch and it was Rosie’s first time seeing a ditch. She did great the first time except I think she thought she was a bunny because she literally hopped over the ditch. The second time she did better but Ms. Beth told us to walk over the ditch so Rosie could get used to it. Once we mastered the ditch

Ms. Beth added jumps and she included the ditch. Rosie and I did pretty good but we struggled with one jump. After that we went and worked on banks. They were good size banks but I was not nervous because Ms. Dawn has been teaching me how to go up and down banks for a long time. After the banks Ms. Beth had us jump a log it was the biggest log Rosie and I have ever jumped. I was really nervous and when we came to the jump we refused the jump. Ms. Beth had me turn Rosie the opposite way and make her go over the jump. I felt so high I thought I was at least 5 feet in the air. I was so happy and everyone was cheering. We then went to the water complex and got to go around the water. Then we got to do a jump course that included the water with a big log that you jump coming out of the water. It was so much fun and I felt amazing at the end of the day. On Monday we went back out to the cross country field and I was nervous but excited. Ms. Beth was going to let us gallop. I have never galloped before so I sat back and watched everyone as they galloped. Then when I felt ready I copied what they were doing and Rosie and I galloped for the first time. It felt amazing, Ms. Dawn and Ms. Beth 23

said I did a great job. We then went into the woods and were supposed to jump three jumps one right after the other we had a hard time. Rosie and I had to do a little course and we kept refusing this one jump and when I finally forced Rosie over it I fell off. I lost my Stirrup and I was already on the side of her neck so I had no choice. It hurt but I got up and Ms. Beth took us to another jump and told us to jump this jump to end the day on a good note. I had such a good time at this clinic. I learned so much about my riding and my technique. I learned so much from Ms. Beth and all the ladies I rode with. Ms. Cindy made me tear up because she said I was the one who gave her the confidence to jump the jumps. She said she saw my determination and that if a ten year old can jump these jumps she could too. That was so sweet of her to say. I would recommend this clinic to everyone you will learn so much. Thank you Ms. Beth for teaching me during this clinic and thank you Ms. Dawn for believing in me and knowing that I could do this clinic. ✴

Schooling Shows. Shows in Green are pending GDCTA recognition. Check GDCTA.org for current status of these shows regarding GDCTA recognition or additional information. 2017 Awards Year

Date Event Jun/24/2017 Foxberry Farm 3-Phase Jun/24/2017 Oxer Farm Dressage Jun/24/2017 Shannondale Schooling Show Series 1 Jun/24/2017 Spotted Hills Farm Jul/01/2017 Poplar Place Farm Jul/08/2017 Shannondale Schooling Show Series 1 Jul/15/2017 LEAF Dressage Jul/15/2017 AYDC Dressage & CT Series at the Horse Park Jul/22/2017 Poplar Place Farm Jul/22/2017 Revelation Farm Western & Classical Dressage Jul/22/2017 NAE 3 Phase and Dressage Shows Aug/05/2017 Poplar Place Farm Aug/05/2017 Chatt Hills Aug/12/2017 Revelation Farm Western & Classical Dressage

Date Event Aug/13/2017 AYDC Dressage & CT Series at the Horse Park Aug/19/2017 GHF Schooling Show Aug/19/2017 Poplar Place Farm Aug/19/2017 Shannondale Schooling Show Series 1 Aug/26/2017 Union Hill CT Aug/26/2017 Oxer Farm Dressage Sep/02/2017 Poplar Place Farm Sep/09/2017 Revelation Farm Western & Classical Dressage Schooling Show Sep/09/2017 NAE 3 Phase and Dressage Shows Sep/09/2017 LEAF Dressage Sep/10/2017 AYDC Dressage & CT Series at the Horse Park Sep/23/2017 Foxberry Farm 3-Phase Sep/23/2017 Union Hill CT Sep/23/2017 The Welcome Farm Fall Classic

CLAYTON FREDERICKS EVENTING CLINIC August 19-20, 2017 Stableview, Aiken, SC





he Susanne Lauda Ride-A-Test clinic was held early this month by the GDCTA Youth Committee. The focus of the clinic was to give each rider the chance to ride a test of their choice, receive helpful feedback on it from a “L” Graduate with distinction, and ride the test again with a focus on the points they struggled with in the first test. The clinic was filled with riders of all ages and equines of all breeds and types. Laurie Wilson really got the excitement going with her adorable mule, Toby Jack, as they rode through their First Level tests. Supporting ponies in dressage,

Erica Milbourn rode her beautiful and versatile Mustang, Sunni Side Up. Along with her, was the mother-daughter pair Nancy and Anna Girard, both riding their trusty pony, Sandy. Others rode Paints, Warmbloods, and even an OTTB 22 days off the track with a first-time dressage rider.   The mix of people really showed how well balanced the clinician was, to work with so many different riders. I found Ms. Lauda’s feedback to be very helpful. My horse and I are a new pair to the show ring, and we had quite a few fine details that needed polishing. Ms. Lauda gave


me very helpful tips on how to gain incremental improvement. I learned so much from her, and she gave me advice that will not only help me at the level I ride now, but also future levels. I recommend doing Ride-A-Test clinics, as the environment is calm and understanding. GDCTA offers these clinics throughout the year. Everyone has something they need to work on, and a clinic is the perfect place to get that feedback. The GDCTA Youth Committee will be hosting a few more events this year. We hope to see you there! ✴

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The 2017 awards year began October 1, 2016 and ends September 30, 2017

2017 Competition Season Ends September 30, 2017 Check your scores on USDFScores.com, and if you locate any errors contact USDF. All score corrections must be reported to USDF no later than October 15, 2017 at 5:00 pm ET.

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Schooling Show Awards Chair Person

Ken Berry 4135 Big Creek Overlook Alpharetta GA 3005 404-735-5823 (before 9:00 PM) kenberry@outlook.com

Ken Berry 4135 Big Creek Overlook Alpharetta GA 3005 404-735-5823 (before 9:00 PM) kenberry@outlook.com





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