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GDCTA Training Grants

The GDCTA Grant was established to provide funding support for GDCTA memberriders who are working to sharpen their riding skills. Four grants of $800* each will be offered to GDCTA members for concentrated work with a trainer of their choice within one year of receiving the grant award.

One GDCTA grant will be awarded in each of the following categories:

Adult Amateur – Dressage


Combined Training



• GDCTA members in good standing.

• US Citizen or permanent US resident holding Green card

• Involvement in a regular riding program with active instruction over the last three years

Closing Date: June 1, 2019

Winner Announcement: July 1, 2019

Be sure to check the website for the application and all the requirements.


Congratulations from The Equestrian Journal on your Grant Award from GDCTA!

In 2019, each GDCTA grant recipient will also receive a special journal donated by The Equestrian Journal. Journaling is a great tool to help you organize your thoughts and record your progress.

As you embark on your upcoming training, we hope to support your efforts to learn and grow from each experience with your horse. The Equestrian Journal is a great tool to organize your thoughts from daily sessions, track progress and habits on weekly basis, and process the big picture perspective each month.

The Equestrian Journal - One Component of a Well-Rounded Training Program

Monthly, Weekly, and Daily guided methods designed to help you:

Record Your Training Experiences

Practice Visualizations

Develop Awareness

Track Habits

Plan Your Goals in Sport or Pleasure

Improve Memory and Retention

Unlock Knowledge from Observations Gain Perspective on Progress

Customize Your Next Step in Training

Fulfill Your Potential