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Collected Remarks

April 2019

Wild Horses Find Refuge with 3 Georgia Horsewomen by Amy Carter When the Tooth is Found to be Long by Bill Woods The Success Cycle by Taleen Hanna

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†—Ž–”‡••ƒ‰‡ ͳ͡ – Ž‹Â?‹…– Kathy Connelly & Betsy Steiner ͳ͚ – ”ƒ‹Â?‹Â?‰ ”ƒÂ?–• ͳ͝ – ‘Â?‘”•

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GDCTA Adult Camp ** 4 days of intense training ** and lots of fun with your horse! July 25-28, 2019 WHERE: Brandreth Farms

470 Brandreth Farms Dr Talking Rock, GA

WHO: Adult riders of all levels FOCUS: Dressage

SCHEDULE: Your trainers will be Jessie Steiner, Cynthia Thaxton, Bryan Tweed and Beth Stelzleni. Camp (10 participants maximum) includes: - All 4 days: private lessons, with Jessie Steiner - lunch - stall


- Thursday: private seat lesson with Cynthia Thaxton (longeing) - Friday: Sports Counseling for Equestrians lecture plus lesson with Bryan Tweed - Saturday: Better dressage through cavaletti training with Beth Stelzleni (no jumping)

COST: GDCTA Members: $1100 / Non-members $1200 Auditors are invited on Saturday and Sunday: $20 per day

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QUESTIONS: Peri Lambros plambros@bellsouth.net / 678-372-4105 4

After some hard work, we eventually ended on the numbers, and this shows how failure actually helped me. Recently, we ventured out to our first show of the season, and it just wasn’t right. Long story short, I fell off (on cross country, of course!). I got ahead of myself, so in turn got a wakeup call. I needed this fall AND failure to teach me! I went home, worked very hard to better my riding, physically, and mentally. At the time, I was mad at myself and the world for that fall, but now I am so thankful for it. I look at it as an opportunity to learn something. After this major failure, I would now know exactly what I needed to work on.

The cycle of success goes like this. Try, fail, learn, improve, repeat. My teacher, Mrs. Nerswick, shared this cycle with me and it made me realize that no matter how bad it may be, there is a way out and you will grow because of it.

Failures are just another step in the cycle of success. The more important thing is, after failing, we learn. From there we improve greatly because of the failure and what we took away from the experience. And of course, after that, we continue in the cycle. Getting discouraged about failures is a waste of time and here’s why: It’s just one step closer to learning, improving, and getting better. Failures are ok. If anything, failures are great things. They show that you are working hard as well as growing. In our riding, we do fail. Don’t stop in the middle of the cycle. Don’t get down on yourself for failing. Think of what you gained. Failure is just one step in the cycle. If you don’t try, you don’t fail, you don’t learn, and so you don’t improve. As Robert F. Kennedy said, “Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly.” Stay determined and keep going through the failures, focus on what you learn from them, and look forward to making more mistakes.

Ash and Taleen As riders, we sometimes tend get stuck in the “fail” part of the cycle of success. Naturally, humans look at failures as bad things. We exclude them from social media posts, we say it was a bad day and although it might have been a bad day, something was learned. My horse, Sir Sebastian (aka Ash), is an OTTB, and he is 8 years old. I still consider him green, even though he’s eight. With the help of my trainer, Doreen Durr, we have taken his training pretty slow and easy. I bought him with the basics already taught, so it was my job to teach him from there. I’ve had him for a little over a year, and boy let me tell you, it's been one heck of a ride. We didn’t complete our first couple of shows, cross country was always biting us in the butt!

If you don’t try, you don’t fail, you don’t learn, and so you don’t improve. 7

Here you'll find What You Need to Know! Find more at GDCTA.org.

BOARD OF DIRECTORS The next meeting will take place April 15 at 7:00 PM at Shannondale Farm 2395 Birmingham Rd Milton, GA

CLINICS - Tickets are on sale now!  April 20-21: Jeremy Steinberg http://bit.ly/JeremySteinberg2019

 Jun 22-23: Adult Dressage Clinic


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 Jul 25-28: Adult Dressage Camp



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When the Tooth is Found to be Long

(with apologies to Grace Slick and Paul Kantner) “We must all grow old but you can always act immature.” Those are words I live by, although allow me to suggest as riders we must make certain concessions to Mother Time. While you “may only be as old as you feel,” at some point an honest appraisal of how stiff, how creaky, and how fragile you really are is just part of facing reality. Sure, you used to climb on just about anything, but if you are in your 60s (or thereabouts), there is no shame in having someone younger and more expendable break that colt. I am a big fan of finding an “appropriate” horse—specifically one you can have fun on and not risk your life!



Twice I have judged USDF Century Rides. That’s an award you receive if the combined age of you and the horse you are showing totals 100 years or more. They don’t occur very frequently, and it’s always a big deal. A special ribbon is sent from headquarters in Kentucky, the show pauses, pictures are taken. Often a champagne cork pops; One hundred years! After one such occasional, I made some Photoshop adjustments to the celebratory picture and sent it to USDF. The rider thought it was hilarious, but the editors declared it in poor taste and deigned not to print it.

“Have you ridden before?” I asked them.

Another time I was judging a lady of 74 years when her horse misbehaved and dumped her onto the arena boards. Unfortunately, she left the show grounds in an ambulance and was later diagnosed with a broken back. That did not deter her. Ten years later I was judging at that same venue, and here she was again in my ring, this time at age 84, accomplishing her Century Ride. Alma was one tough cookie! Many years ago, at my first teaching job, we had a string of school horses, and we more or less taught all comers. A lesson had been scheduled over the phone, and my partner had made sure that I would be teaching it, not she. At the appointed time two sisters arrived. They had signed up for a fall foliage ride in Vermont and wanted to practice once before they embarked on their vacation.

“Oh, yes,” one assured me. “I rode in Spain 55 years ago.” The other sister piped up, “I remember riding 40 years ago.”

I chose old U-Haul and Constable for them—the most patient, docile creatures in the barn—and spent the next 45 minutes at the walk mostly just hoping to keep them alive. As the lesson concluded, greatly relieved I said, “Here, I’ll put them away for you.”


With that, as they went tottering off across the parking lot, lighting their cigarettes, I overheard one say to the other, “They weren’t very good horses. It was much easier the last time!”

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Kathy Connelly & Betsy Steiner an Adult Clinic: In-hand and Under-saddle Training to create a winning partnership with your horse June 22-23 Shannondale Farm 2395 Birmingham Rd Milton, GA

This is a GDCTA clinic with a FORMER USDF Adult Clinic Series format.

Auditor Options: $80 / Weekend - Both Full Days (Included Breakfast/ Lunch)

Kathy and Betsy work as a team to showcase the importance of partnership, communication, and patience, offering their expertise alongside praise, admiration, and endless encouragement.

$40 / Weekend - Both Half Days (Either AM or PM & No Meals)

$50 / Each day, all day (Included Breakfast/ Lunch) $25 / Each day, half day

Event hashtag #AdultClinicGDCTA

(Either AM or PM & No Meals)

Tickets are available on the website: www.gdcta.org/adultclinic

Congratulations from The Equestrian Journal on your Grant Award from GDCTA! As you embark on your upcoming training, we hope to support your efforts to learn and grow from each experience with your horse. The Equestrian Journal is a great tool to organize your thoughts from daily sessions, track progress and habits on weekly basis, and process the big picture perspective each month.

One Component of a Well-Rounded Training Program

Monthly, Weekly, and Daily guided methods designed to help you: Record Your Training Experiences Practice Visualizations Develop Awareness Track Habits Plan Your Goals in Sport or Pleasure

Improve Memory and Retention Unlock Knowledge from Observations Gain Perspective on Progress Customize Your Next Step in Training Fulfill Your Potential

“In the busy and exciting world of training horses, The Equestrian Journal has been a lifesaver that helps me keep track of the daily progress of both riders and horses. It is a tool that my riders and I will never go without!” - Jennifer Flowers, FEI Rider & Competitor USDF Silver & Bronze Medalist • USDF L Graduate

Available for purchase on Amazon, Facebook, and TheEquestrianJournal.com

NOW ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS~ GDCTA Training Grants The GDCTA Grant has been established to provide funding support for GDCTA member-riders who are working to sharpen their riding skills. Four grants of $800* each will be offered to GDCTA members for concentrated work with a trainer of their choice within one year of receiving the grant award. The grant is meant for a GDCTA members who have demonstrated exceptional commitment to and/or excellence in the sport as well as service and ambassadorship within the Association. Easy application – online or mail Apply before the June 1st deadline.


Barbara Taylor, Grant Program Committee Chair 404-274-4411 / haileysdq@gmail.com



Alternative Medicine for Horses By Brooke Taylor

I would venture to guess every horse owner out there has a story wherein they have attempted all available options to try to figure out why a horse is going lame, bucking, losing weight, gaining weight, having hoof problems etc. On any given day a horse could turn up with any one of the above issues seemingly out of nowhere. The frustrating thing about horse ailments is that so many symptoms align with multiple problems. And so, begins a painstaking trial and error for the trainer/owner/vet/farrier to try to find or eliminate what is causing the undesirable outcome. As anyone who has been through this can probably tell you, it requires the patience of Job, a team of specialists and occasionally a shot of whiskey to convince yourself to keep pouring money into the money pit. I have recently begun this battle with my own horse whose intermittent bucking has gone from bad to worse in the matter of just a few short months. We, of course, started with the obvious things like saddle fit and ulcers – both of which could have been the issue. However, after making changes to both we are still getting random bucking behavior. As we go down the laundry list of items to check before deciding that he is perhaps just too much horse for amateur me, I decided to go wildly off the reservation. Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. My neighbor happens to practice Reiki. I know virtually nothing about Reiki and must admit I am a skeptic. But, as desperation can drive you to try anything, I have fully opened my mind to the possibility of alternative healing powers. My neighbor is a wonderful person and was more than happy to help at my request. She even researched hand placement and chakras and energies as she had never practiced on a horse before. We had his first session last week and while I stood in the stall, ever the cynic, what I witnessed was very hard to cast aside.

She quietly approached him and put her hands on, and I could see him instantly relax. For a horse typically pacing the stall if his buddies leave, I now had a horse with head drooped, eyes closed and totally relaxed. There is not much else visible to the eye or ear. No chanting or humming or otherworldly incantations, just a human and a horse exchanging energy. If that didn’t convince me there could be something to this, then perhaps the fact that when she removed her hands, he gave a big, whole body shake and a massive yawn. I can’t say exactly what he experienced, but I know that it was positive. She reported tingling palms in areas around certain chakras. And while he didn’t directly speak to her, I don’t think he didn’t either. I haven’t ruled out actual medical science of course, but what I can say is that my horse is markedly more relaxed in the following days. So much so that other people have also noticed the difference in him under saddle. If I’m being honest, I think it may still be too early to tell if that, or one of the other solutions we have tried, is improving the behavior. From a skeptic’s point of view, I would offer that there are, seemingly, energies flowing which I cannot explain. And while I would never totally rely on alternative means of healing, I’ve become a believer that not everything needs to be explained for it to work.


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GDCTA-Recognized Schooling Shows (green=pending) 2019 Show Season Apr 20 AYDC Conyers, GA Liz Molloy missliz@taramiaridingschool.com Apr 20 Chatt Hills Fairburn, GA Hugh Lochore info@chatthillseventing.com May 4 Foxberry Farm 3-Phase Dallas, GA Kim Abernathy kimfoxberry@gmail.com May 4 LEAF Gainesville, GA Dana Ferguson allfergs2@yahoo.com May 11 Poplar Place Farm Hamilton, GA Launa DesPorts Launa@poplarplacefarm.com May 18 North Atlanta Equestrian Cartersville, GA Rebecca Bowman gallop766@aol.com May 18 Oxer Farm Clermont, GA Sandra Carnet scarnet@carnetstudio.com

May 18 Full Circle Farm Pell City, AL Janice Ballard janice@fullcirclehorsepark.com May 18 AYDC Conyers, GA Liz Molloy missliz@taramiaridingschool.com Jun 1 Big Cheese HT, CT, Dr Athens, GA Caroline Marlett silverthornfarm@gmail.com Jun 1 AYDC Conyers, GA Liz Molloy missliz@taramiaridingschool.com Jun 1 LEAF Gainesville, GA Dana Ferguson allfergs2@yahoo.com Jun 8 Chatt Hills Fairburn, GA Hugh Lochore info@chatthillseventing.com Jun 15 Foxberry Farm 3-Phase Dallas, GA Kim Abernathy kimfoxberry@gmail.com Jun 22 Oxer Farm Clermont, GA Sandra Carnet scarnet@carnetstudio.com

Caren Caverly GDCTA AWARDS CHAIR - Recognized & Schooling Shows ccaverly@comcast.net 770-713-4025

Jeremy Steinberg Dressage Clinic April 19-21

Shannondale Farm 2395 Birmingham Rd Milton, Georgia TICKETS:


GDCTA is so pleased to be hosting another dressage clinic with Jeremy Steinberg! Jeremy Steinberg made his first appearance at a national venue in 1996 at the USDF Young Rider Championship where he earned Individual Gold and helped to win the Team Silver for Region 6. Since then, he has gained much attention in regional and national dressage press as "one to watch" among world class US competitors. He has been featured by numerous magazines over the years. Jeremy enjoys teaching, emphasizing an environment conducive to learning classical dressage and good horsemanship. His goal is for students to understand the basic philosophies of dressage, enabling them to work successfully with their own horses. #jeremysteinbergGDCTA


Georgia Dressage and Combined Training Association Regular Meeting March 18, 2019 

 

President Caren Caverly called the regular meeting of the GDCTA to order on March 18, 2019 at 7:00 pm at Shannondale Farm, 2395 Birmingham Rd, Alpharetta, GA 30004. Recording Secretary, Joanne Morse, performed roll call. A quorum of the board consisting of Caren Caverly, Peri Lambros, Julie Shannon, Erin McCloud, Liz Molloy, Joanne Morse, Rebecca Bowman, Amanda Garner, Susan Collis, Amanda Moretz, and Peter West were present. The minutes of the regular meeting for January 17, 2018 were sent and approved as corrected. V.P. of Combined Training: Rebecca Bowman, Hugh Lochore is creating a mockup of a GDCTA jump for the shows at Chattahoochee Hills. Gala Chairperson: Caren Caverly, There are still a few silent auction items that need to be picked up and paid for. A portion of the proceeds will go to the UGA vet school in the amount of $2200. Horse Show Recognition Chairperson: Chris Hutchings, There are several pending horse shows for this year. Only one show has been rained out. Organizers have been reminded that scores must be turned in promptly in order for theirs shows to be recognized. Regionals: Caren Caverly, Vendor rates for inside have been increased by the park. Our application to host for next year has been sent in. Kudzu Klinic: Erin McCloud, Erin has several ideas for clinics for this year. Currently working on finalizing details and scheduling. Education and Young Horse Chairperson: Julie Shannon, Jeremy Steinberg clinic coming up on April 19-21. Betsy Steiner and Kathy Connelly are doing an Adult clinic (using the former USDF Adult Clinic format) together on June 22-23. Charlotte Bredahl and Anne Gribbons doing a Trainer Symposium on November 1-2. Collegiate: Amanda Garner, The collegiate check box is on the membership form now. This is allowing Amanda to have a list of participating members making contact easier.

Grant Chairperson: Barbara Taylor, Amanda Moretz will be contacting Barbara to assist with grants. NEW BUSINESS There are many committee positions available for GDCTA members to join. Peri Lambros is organizing an adult rider camp to be hosted later on in the year. More details to come. The GDCTA Affiliate status with USEA is being made current and a representative from USEA will be sending us files to more easily tabulate yearend awards for eventers.


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Collected Remarks - April 2019