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Georgia Dressage and Combined Training Association, Inc. September 2018

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STORIES 7 - Well-Deserved Recognition 8 - WDAA Congratulations 9 - LSI High Point Winners 12-13 – New York State of Mind by Caroline Garren 16-19 – How Saddle Fit Affects My Horse, Part II by Emily Shealy 28-43 – Special Section - Dressage Championships

There are many ways individuals, companies, and organizations contribute to our organization, all of which help us create great experiences for our members. We could not host events or shows without such generous participation from these sponsors. We invite you to take a moment to view our sponsor logos below and click on the Sponsors website page for a complete list gdcta.org/gdcta-sponsors. Please consider supporting these generous organizations.

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New Century Club members: Robin Peterson (74) & her mare, Cupid’s Cash (28). Riding the Introductory B test at Oxer Farm under L graduate Sally Cerews, they received a score of 64.688%

PHOTO: Sandra Carnet




Here you'll find What You Need to Know! Find more at GDCTA.org.

GDCTA SUMMER FINALS Results: www.gdcta.org/results-archive Lisa Seger Insurance Adult Amateur Medal Champion Jennifer Galbraith Zero to Hero 70.682% Lisa Seger Insurance Adult Amateur Medal Reserve Champion Kayla Born Sage Advice 67.955% From Kim Stayton, PresidentWDAGA: On behalf of the entire crew at WDAGA, we want to say thank you for a wonderful show! You guys run such a smooth show and everyone truly enjoyed their time. Your gatekeeper at Ring 1 was EXCEPTIONAL. She was always offering us a cold cup of water after our rides, and always offering to help in any way needed. I would love for you let her know how much she made our experiences even better. I hope the judges were pleased with our horses; I know everyone was pleased with their scores. One more thing, Nancy Conley and her horse Truly Unsurpassed, who showed on Saturday, are currently the ONLY Gold Medal holders in the USA for western dressage! Many people ringside who saw her test were blown away at that little western horse’s ability. (See page 8) We are so grateful to you and the whole GDCTA for including us and showing us a great time. We look forward to next year!

permanent positions, but are either 1- or 2-year positions.

SHOWS Schooling Shows:  Oct 26-28 D4K ATL Youth Festival at the Horse Park USEF/USDF:  Region 3 Dressage Championships & ANFD at the Horse Park

board, attend a meeting or contact the nominating committee: Amanda Garner 404-245-6688 GDCTAcollegiateprogram@gmail.com

Liz Molloy 770-634-4089 missliz@taramiaridingschool.com


If you are interested in joining the

Nov 3-4 Kathy Connelly Dressage at Shannondale Farm Nov 17-18 Stephen Bradley Eventing at Full Gallop Farm

YEARBOOK The inaugural issue of the GDCTA yearbook was released. Additional copies are available for purchase


here: http://bit.ly/gdctayrbk

Save the Date! January 26, 2019 at the Alpharetta Marriott

or on the Facebook page.

JOIN THE GDCTA COMMUNITY BOARD OF DIRECTORS It's nomination time! The board of directors is the governing body of a nonprofit. Individuals who sit on the board are responsible for overseeing the organization’s activities. Board members meet monthly on the 3rd Monday to discuss and vote on the affairs of the organization. Board memberships are not set up to be


GDCTA Facebook page: www.facebook.com/gdcta/ GDCTA Youth Facebook page: www.facebook.com/gdctayouth/ GDCTA Facebook Group: www.facebook.com/groups/gdcta/ GDCTA Instagram: @gdcta @gdctayouth

Well-Deserved Recognition for One of Our Own Congratulations go to Rebecca Bowman, GDCTA Board member, who, this month, was honored by the Mustang Heritage Foundation. The Mustang Heritage Foundation was founded to support the Bureau of Land Management Wild Horse & Burro Program by facilitating the adoption of excess mustangs and burros.

The mission of the Mustang Heritage Foundation is to create and promote programs and activities that provide information and education about wild horses, elevate their image and desirability, provide opportunities to become involved in the wild horse experience and secure adequate numbers of caring homes for excess horses. The Mustang Heritage Foundation has created a variety of programs including the Extreme Mustang Makeover, Trainer Incentive Program, Veterans and Mustangs, and more... and as a result, more than 9000 mustangs have been placed into loving homes through their programs. I'm excited and honored to be invited to join the Mustang Heritage Foundation as an ambassador in 2019 along with Cat Zimmerman and Ken Schwab. Also excited to be the trainer that placed the most TIP (Trainer Incentive Program) Challenge horses in 2018 (95). Thank you to everyone who adopted and helped make it happen. A special mention to Spring Milbourn for the huge help. ~Rebecca Bowman

Join Rebecca and the mustangs for the Mustang Open taking place October 12-14 at Chattahoochee Hills Eventing in Fairburn, Georgia. MUSTANG OPEN A competition of BLM-branded mustangs, the Mustang Open competition is for adults and youth who want to

continue to compete and showcase the abilities of their mustangs. Details can be found on the show website: https://bgonewhiteline.com/2018-mustang-heritagetip-challenge-2018-mustang-heritage-open-show/


The Western Dressage Association of America would like to congratulate the FIRST Horse Lifetime Points and Awards Program SUPREME CHAMPION - Truly Unsurpassed and proud owner Nancy Conley. I want to thank the GDCTA for hosting a WDAA-recognized show that allowed me to acquire the level test s that Truly Unsurpassed needed to earn her WDAA Supreme Championship. She is the first horse but not the last to reach this prestigious award in the Western Dressage World. I want to thank all of my WDAGA friends that support and that are inspired of want we do. Thank you all and especially to Randy Conley for being super supported! I am so proud of Truly Unsurpassed for being a willing partner in this Western Dressage journey. . . She is awesome! Thank you for this wonderful experience. All of you! We are not done yet ~Nancy Conley

GDCTA AWARDS CHAIR Recognized & Schooling Shows Caren Caverly ccaverly@comcast.net 770-713-4025

Congratulations to our Labor Day Classic I Lisa Seger Insurance High Point Winners 9/1/2018

Training Level Jr/YR: Virginia Woodcock 69.318% AA: Jessica Twiggs 78.409% Open: Ashley Wimmer 75.962 First Level Jr/YR: Caitlyn Bennett 66.667% AA: Jessica Twiggs 75.147% Open: Katie Stoy 73.235% Second Level Jr/YR: Madison Leonard 64.024% AA: Margaret Lindsay 65.244% Open: Marjolein Geven 74.697% Third Level Jr/YR: Juliette Cain 68.974% AA: Jennifer Evans 66.515% Open: Marjolein Geven 71.970% Fourth Level AA: Lisa Kapp 66.667% Open: Shelley Rahiya 70.667%

FEI: Jr/YR: Kylie Dickinson (PSG) 62.941% AA: Katherine Lewis (I1) 71.324% Open: Katie Poag (I1) 70.147%


Jamie Comstock


TeamEquinety.com/Roo 10

Lendon Gray’s Dressage4Kids 6th Annual Atlanta Youth Dressage Festival October 26th – 28th, 2018

Georgia International Horse Park, Conyers, GA

WHAT: This unique educationally themed weekend consists of a 2-

day TEAM Clinic, an interactive dinner, and competition. TEAM stands for Training, Education & Mentoring and is taught by Lendon Gray and Jos Sevriens. On Saturday evening, competitors and family are invited to join Lendon Gray and a featured speaker for dinner and conversation. These top athletes will inspire our youth by sharing their journeys of becoming high performance riders, otherwise known as “Preparedness meets Opportunity.” Sunday’s competition, a GDCTArecognized schooling show, consists of 3 elements, including 1) one written test 2) one dressage test and 3) one dressage equitation class. Each section is worth 100 points for an overall high score that wins.

Turn Out Inspection: Prior to rider’s first mounted endeavor, riders may present themselves for inspection of horse, tack, and rider where designated.


Class WT—Walk-Trot Division: 2011 USEF Introductory Test B; Riders in this division may not cross enter into another division. Class AA—USEF Training Level: 2011 USEF Training Level, Test 2 Class 11—USEF First Level: 2011 USEF First Level, Test 2 Class 22—USEF Second Level: 2011 USEF Second Level, Test 2 Class 33—FEI Children’s, Pony, Junior and Young Rider: as determined by entries *ALL TESTS MUST BE RIDDEN FROM MEMORY ~ All Tests Ridden in Standard Arena except Introductory Level.

Awards: Grand Champion and

Reserve Ribbons for Overall Highest Score per Division and place ribbons (Intro, Training, etc.); Ribbons for each Section: Written Test, Equitation Class, and Dressage Test separately. Several High Score and Special Awards.


Liz Molloy (770) 634-4089

Required Reading List/Written Test:

Age is determined by FEI Rules ALL AGES: Rules from Official Prize List will be on the Written Test AND Rules of Riding in the Ring with Others 11 and Under 2nd Edition of the “USPC Manual of Horsemanship: D Level” by Susan Harris; Section 2, Chapters, 10-13, Pages 236-309. Ages 12-15 USEF Dressage Attire and Equipment, www.usef.org/formspubs/sAH3nOVD85c/dressage-attire- equipment-booklet); Training Horses the Ingrid Klimke Way by Ingrid Klimke, Pages 1-112. Ages 16 -21 USEF Dressage Attire and Equipment, www.usef.org/formspubs/sAH3nOVD85c/dressage-attire- equipment-booklet); Training Horses the Ingrid Klimke Way by Ingrid Klimke, Pages 1-161.



Full Prize List coming soon at www.gdcta.org Youth Programs page. Closing Date: Oct. 20, 2018

New York State of Mind By Caroline Garren After the horses arrived in New York, everyone sprang into action unpacking, retrieving bridle numbers, seeing friends on other teams, caring for the horses and, of course, preparing for the jog.

Participating in a Junior Olympicsstyle competition in the CDI format is such a great experience in many respects. Competitors from all the disciplines must jog their horses to prove they are fit, and, in dressage, we compete with six judges.

This summer, my horse Bell Angelo and I were honored to represent Region 3 in in the FEI North American Youth Championships, Junior Division, at Old Salem Farm in New York. The journey to this year’s NAYC was a long one. My family and I purchased Bell Angelo early in 2015, and together we have shown all the way from First Level through the FEI Junior Level. Last year, we competed at NAJYRC in Saugerties, New York, and were happy to make it into the ribbons. Fortunately, this year Bell Angelo and I had much stronger qualifying scores, and we were both more comfortable competing at the FEI Level.

The journey to North American Championships is strenuous for both horses and riders. Each pair must obtain at least three qualifying scores for the team test, three for the individual test, a minimum freestyle score and be within the top four qualifiers for their region. In addition to the qualifying season, the trek to New York was arduous, necessitating the coordination of professional horse shipping, frenetic packing and a long trailer ride.

Medalists even have press conferences with the equestrian media. This provides excellent exposure to Olympic-style competition for youth riders who have not had the opportunity to compete in CDIs . As competition starts, everyone begins to settle in. The first day is the team competition during which riders compete for their region. Each team has four riders, and, with one drop score, the highest team average wins.

This was by far the most nerve wracking day of competition. I was showing dead last. Just before I went into the arena, the announcer said, “Region 2 has moved into first”.

Since my usual practice is not to find out what my competition has scored before my rides, I had no inkling of the kind of score I would need to help my team get into the medals.

I rode my heart out. Bell Angelo and I were blessed to have a pretty clean ride, and I learned that my wonderful Region 3 teammates, Isabelle Braden, Juliette Cain, and Melanie Doughty, had great rides as well. Region 3 ended up winning Gold! My teammates and I could not have been more elated as we mounted the podium for our National Anthem.

The final and by far the most fun day of competition was the Freestyle. The competitors pick such lively, exciting music, and it is so fun to go down to the ring and watch your friends. My music this year was Spanish guitar for walk, a Train instrumental for trot and a Shakira instrumental for canter. After a full week of competition, energy management for both me and Bell Angelo was my biggest concern.

I went into the test to have fun, and I had the best time. We danced to a Bronze Medal, the perfect icing on the cake after amazing week that seemed almost surreal.

I want to thank everyone who supported my magical year topped off by the NAYC. My parents, my trainer Karen Lipp, my friends at Top Hat Dressage, our Chefs d’Equipe, Liz Malloy and Sue Bender, and our wonderful sponsors, including the GDTCA. The second day of competition was the individual test. Fortunately, I was going second to last, a much more manageable position psychologically. My wonderful trainer, Karen Lipp, had meticulously drawn out the movements in the test using an application on her phone. Geometry and accuracy were going to be the deciding factors that day. Bell Angelo gave me the most wonderful, responsive and adjustable feeling in the test, and we won Gold! This moment was almost unfathomable coming from my ninth place finish the previous year. Being able to see the tangible results of a whole year’s worth of work was one of the most fulfilling moments I have ever experienced.

Southeast Schooling Show Championships and

Open Schooling Show at Chattahoochee Hills Eventing th


September 28 , 29 and 30th 2018 Friday September 28th

Opening Ceremonies, Featuring the Coweta County 4H Drill Team Parade of Championship Riders and

Welcome Party 6.30pm Saturday September 29th Amoeba through Beginner Novice 3 Phase and CT Sunday September 30


Intro C through Training Level Dressage Novice through Preliminary 3 Phase and CT First Level through Second Level Dressage

Saturday Evening Competitors Party and

Bouncy Ball Races

Team Relay Prize for the most Outrageous Dressed Team! Non-competitors can purchase tickets for Saturday night at the office $5.00 each Every competitor is invited to attend the events Saturday Award Ceremonies will be held early afternoon and evening. Sunday Award Ceremony will be held at the end of the event.



10045 Cedar Grove Rd, Chattahoochee Hills, GA 30213 14

CALENDAR (GDCTA events in red) USEF/USDF/USEA, 2018 Show Season Oct 1214

Sep 22 Nov 3-4 Nov 17-18


Clinics & Symposiums Kudzu Klinic: Jumping Kathy Connelly Dressage Stephen Bradley Eventing 

  Adairsville Milton Aiken 

   GA GA SC 


  Kathy Duffy Julie Shannon Peri Lambros 


  wkssduffy@bellsouth.net Julie@shannondale.com plambros@bellsouth.net 

GDCTA-Recognized Schooling Shows (green=pending), 2018 Show Season Sep 15 Sep 15 Sep 16 Sep 22 Sep 22 Sep 22 Sep 29-30

Oct 6-7 Oct 13 Oct 20 Oct 26-28 Oct 27 Oct 27 Nov 17-18 Nov 17 Dec 1 Dec 16

Foxberry Farm 3-Ph, CT, Dr LEAF GAHA CT, DR, WD, Hunters Poplar Place Farm Oxer Farm The Welcome Farm Fall

Dallas Gainesville Dallas Hamilton Clermont Roopville


Southeast Schooling Show Championship



Kim Abernathy Dana Ferguson Pagan Gilman Jennifer McClure Sandra Carnet Katharina Huenermann Penny Morse

kimfoxberry@gmail.com allfergs2@yahoo.com pagan@lisasegerinsurance.com show@poplarplacefarm.com scarnet@carnetstudio.com info@thewelcomefarm.com sessc@chatthillseventing.com

GDCTA-Recognized Schooling Shows (green=pending), 2019 Show Season

AYDC @ The Horse Park Full circle Horse Park Poplar Place Farm ATL Youth Festival LEAF NAE Chatt Hills HTPC Poplar Place Farm Silverthorn Farm

Conyers Pell City Hamilton Conyers Gainesville Cartersville Fairburn Covington Hamilton Athens


Liz Molloy Janice Ballard Jennifer McClure Liz Molloy Dana Ferguson Rebecca Bowman Penny Morse Christie Hanson Jennifer McClure Caroline Marlett

missliz@taramiaridingschool.com janice@fullcirclehorsepark.com show@poplarplacefarm.com missliz@taramiaridingschool.com allfergs2@yahoo.com gallop766@aol.COM sessc@chatthillseventing.com marensmewdow@gmail.com show@poplarplacefarm.com silverthornfarm@gmail.com

Updates on GDCTA.org/calendar-of-events All scores received at any USEF/USDF recognized show or USEA Horse Trial in the USA are eligible for inclusion in our Awards Program. All scores received at any GDCTA-recognized schooling show are eligible for inclusion in our Awards Program as long as they are sent in on time, on the correct form, and otherwise conform to the rules for that discipline. 15 15






@CUatXTack www.CUatXTack.com

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Micaela Leslie Laura Jessica Lori L. Caryl Sandra Beverly Rebecca Erin Isabelle Mary Charlotte Nan Carden Fred M. Allison Pat Susan Lucy Meghan Theresa Sandra Rhonda Dana Richard Susan Emily Seth Karen Mary Bess Susan M. Leeanna Lily Grace Martine Paula Rebecca Justine Kellie Liesel Judith C. Paula Miranda Ciera Abigail Devon Jean Corbett

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Futral Gampfer Gaspar Gilman Goodwin Gower Gravlee Hall Haralson Harwell Henson Hess Hewitt Hinson Hollis Hook Hudson Huestis Huff Jackson Johansen Jones Kane Kent-Scherzer Kestle, DVM Kinsley Kline Krakovsky Lawson Levin McAllister McNeil Melcher Meyers Mitchell Montgomery Morgan Morgan Mueller Murphy Murray Nelson Niss O'Neal-Olsen Palmer Pepe


Marlene Patricia V. Janie Robin G Margaret Shelley Gillian Alexa Aubrey Leila Holly Betty G. Kimberly Schisler Susan Helena Elizabeth Richard Brad Paige Alethea Claudia Jennifer Joanna Marie Sylvia Chandilyn India Cheryl Rachael M. Linda Sara Virginia Lauren Haduya Marlene E. Hallie

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Stephen Bradley Eventing Clinics June 16-17: Poplar Place Farm, Hamilton, GA November 17-18: Full Gallop Farm, Aiken, SC It is always a special treat to have this worldclass rider/trainer,/coach with us. Stephen is an exceptional horseman and trainer. He takes pride in being in tune with his horses’ health and welfare, and he understands how to help his horses and their people reach their full potential. Stephen enjoys teaching all levels of riders from beginners to the advanced competitor. His enthusiasm, talent for communication, and ability to inspire confidence in the horse and rider especially make him a hit with the pony clubbers! When training with Stephen, you can be confident that you will receive expert instruction for your level of riding.

Format will be gridwork and, as time allows, course work

on Saturday and XC on Sunday. Groups of 4-6 riders. Beverages and lunch both days are included. Bring medical armband and jump vest for Sunday



Peri Lambros plambros@bellsouth.net 678-372-4105


GAIG/USDF Region 3 Dressage Championships & Atlanta National Fall Dressage October 12-14, 2018 Hosted by Georgia Dressage & Combined Training Association


Mark Your Calendars Now for The Great American/USDF Regional Dressage Championships hosted by GDCTA What: The Great American Insurance Group/USDF Region 3 Dressage Championship & Atlanta National Fall Dressage shows hosted by Georgia Dressage and Combined Training Association When: Where:

October 12-14, 2018 Georgia International Horse Park

Prize List:


Sponsors, Vendors, Advertisers welcome! India Wilkinson - indiawilkinson@comcast.net 404-394-7950







Region 3 Dressage Championships is back with us this year October 12-14 at the Horse Park. We need your help to make this show as inviting as it has been in the past! GDCTA will gladly help those of you who commit to all three days with a hotel room to reduce your travel and bonus points if you have a student or friend who is willing to come and work with you. Due to room limits, we require double (or more) occupancy in the rooms so if there is someone you are willing to room with, please let me know. We would love to have you even if it’s a half day so don't shy away even if you can only give an hour or two. Please share with friends/students in your barns we will need all hands on deck, and then some. Come and watch some amazing rides and show our region GDCTA’s Southern hospitality. 

This is what we need: Awards/Ribbons & Test Desk: If you need to be indoors with air conditioning, we can use you at the

awards table. If you are showing and only have a few moments, we can still use you here in between your rides. Ideally, I'd like to have 14 people committed to pop to help with these quick events in the morning and again around lunch time.

Scribes: Need 2 scribes all three days. I would like to have another one on standby in the event of an emergency for other committed scribes as well. Standby scribe DOES NOT have to be on the grounds. I just need someone willing to hold the dates and come in the event of a scribe having an emergency. Stewards: Need 11 Stewards all 3 days. If you have a preference between warmup or show ring, let me know. I want to put

you where you are happiest.

Runners: Need 5 Runners Friday, 4 runners Saturday, and 4 runners Sunday. Gate Keepers: Need 7 each day. Farrier: We have one farrier on site every day. If you know a farrier who would like be on call, please give them my contact information. Set up and Take Down: If you are able or know someone who is able to help with set up (day tba) and take down (Sunday after the show), please contact Peri Lambros at 678-372-4105 or Plambros@bellsouth.net.

Heidi White, Volunteer Coordinator heidiann5683@yahoo.com / 706-248-6305 www.gdcta.org/volunteer 31


For your comfort and convenience, spectator tables will be available adjacent to the Covered Arena, site of the Saturday evening Freestyle Challenge, during the entire show. Reserved Table seating will be available from October 12-14, 2018. • Exclusive seating • Table for 8-10 • $500

Quantities are limited so place your order early.


Make checks payable: GDCTA

Credit cards accepted online: http://bit.ly/ringsidetable

No partial table orders accepted TABLE RESERVATION FORM Name on Table: # of Tables: Contact Name & Phone#: Contact Email:

Return this form with your entries, or make checks payable to GDCTA & send to: Peter West 20 Wild Turkey Lane Jasper, GA 30143



georgia dressage and combined training association hosts the GREAT AMERICAN INSURANCE GROUP / USDF REGION 3 DRESSAGE CHAMPIONSHIPS OCTOBER 12 - 14, 2018

sponsorship opportunities • Largest GAIG/USDF Regional Championships • held in the US

•Qualifier for the 2018 USDF Dressage Finals • 3600 USDF competitors/ members in Region which is the largest equestrian group member organization in the Southeast




Location inside inside outside trailer inside inside barn area inside inside outside tent barn area outside tent inside barn area inside outside trailer inside inside outside tent outside trailer outside trailer outside trailer inside inside outside trailer inside


You can help us support a stronger dressage community by competing, advertising in our program or being a class sponsor. As a class sponsor, your name will be announced at the time of the class and will be printed in a header above the class in the show program. Program advertising is available as well: See the price list below for ad sizes.

Deadline for advertising is SEPTEMBER 27, 2018 Program Advertising Business Card Quarter Page 3 ½ x 4 3/4 Half Page 4 ½ x 7 (horizontal) Full Page 7 x 10 Inside Back Cover 7 x 10 (First paid basis) Back Cover 7 x 10 (First paid basis) Inside Front Cover 7 x 10 (First paid basis) Center (Both Sides)

$75 $150 $250 $400 $500 $550 $ 600 $ 750

OtherAdvertising/Sponsorships Competitor Welcome Bags Competitor Party Sponsor Class Ribbons

(call) (call) (call)

Ads need to be high resolution PDF and emailed with form to Martie Healy contactmartie@gmail.com Name: Address: City:





Pay online www.gdcta.org or submit Credit Card Information or mail a check _ Card#: Billing Zip: Exp. Date: Name on Card: _ Signature: Advertisers assume liability for all content of printed advertisements and also assume responsibility for any claims arising thereof made against GDCTA. Merchant vendors agree to release GDCTA and Georgia International Horse Park for personal liability, loss or damage to exhibit or goods in connection with this event. Make check to GDCTA or fill in credit card info and mail with a copy of the form to:

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Collected Remarks - September  

Collected Remarks is the official publication of the Georgia Dressage and Combined Training Association, Inc. (GDCTA). Seeking GUEST AUTHOR...

Collected Remarks - September  

Collected Remarks is the official publication of the Georgia Dressage and Combined Training Association, Inc. (GDCTA). Seeking GUEST AUTHOR...

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