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GDCTA TRAINERS’ SYMPOSIUM - in Review Based on the overwhelmingly positive remarks on Facebook, the GDCTA TRAINERS’ SYMPOSIUM: Solutions for Dressage Training Collaborative with Anne Gribbons, Jeremy Steinberg, and Chris Hickey was a smashing success!

GDCTA Trainers Symposium was super special! Thank you to Anne Gribbons, Jeremy Steinberg, and Chris Hickey for inspiring our selected trainers. So much education in one weekend!! Thanks to everyone behind the scenes that did the work to make the magic happen. Thanks to the Dressage Foundation for giving GDCTA a grant to help put on this program! ~Julie Shannon, VP Dressage, GDCTA

I had such a wonderful time at the GDCTA Trainers symposium this weekend. Such a wonderful experience to have 3 incredible trainers helping me! I felt like I couldn’t soak it up enough! Thank you, Julie Shannon, so much for organizing! ~Julie Cochran

Big thanks to Julie, GDCTA, Shannondale and all the crew that worked to put on this wonderful educational opportunity. It is quite rare to be able to work with three clinicians in one weekend with different, yet complementary perspectives, and to be able to see the progress made with each rider and horse. Their collective ability to quickly

with Caroline Broadley and June Brewer Photos by Chris Hutchings [Shannondale Farm]! Hope to be back again soon. ~Marjolein Geven

point out flaws in a kind way, and help the rider/trainer find exercises to improve the weak areas was truly amazing. Would love to see this become a 3-day, perhaps annual, undertaking for GDCTA. ~Lynne Jones

Thank you, Julie, for this amazing opportunity. A buffet of information that was relatable and insightful for all types of horses. I came away with a new perspective and renewed focus. It is so important as a trainer and instructor that we look very closely at our approach and constantly evaluate each horse and their needs; and most important, not dwell on what used to be, but see what is and where we need to be going. So thankful to have met some great people in the process. ~Anne Zaharias

It was fantastic! Both riding and watching! Thank you, Julie, for organizing and hosting this and giving us an opportunity to learn from the best! I always love coming to your beautiful

This symposium was the most educational clinic event that I have ever attended, not only for my horse Coracao and my trainer Julie Cochran, but also for me. I learned so much watching all of the other horse and rider combinations. The format was great and all three clinicians were awesome! Thank you for hosting this fantastic symposium! ~Naida Mirza

Julie, thank you so much for organizing and hosting this clinic. It took a lot of work and kept you from being able to ride yourself. Your sacrifice helped a lot of people enjoy a great symposium at a great venue with wonderful trainers. ~Christy Scotch

Thank you, Julie, for helping to create such a wonderful learning environment this weekend! It was a huge treat to ride with three of the best trainers in the US!! I loved the clear and concise approach to bring out the best in each horse and rider pair. I took pages and pages of notes and I’m already looking forward to riding Casin and continuing what we learned over the past few days. Thank you for the opportunity. ~Leah Marks

This weekend was great. I enjoyed each of the leading trainer’s perspectives and opinions and appreciated the diversity. Thank

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Collected Remarks - April 2018  

Collected Remarks is the official publication of the Georgia Dressage and Combined Training Association, Inc. (GDCTA).

Collected Remarks - April 2018  

Collected Remarks is the official publication of the Georgia Dressage and Combined Training Association, Inc. (GDCTA).

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