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GREG BUZZARD, PH.D. ____________________________________________________________________________________ (831-238-3003) Summary •

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Objective: VP of Engineering with an innovative software organization. Looking to create and bring impressive and thoughtful products to market by collaborating across the organization, building and leading fun, talented teams and driving effective and efficient processes. o Drove architecture, design and development for several industry leading device and system management products. Delivered all on-time and on-budget. o Drove innovations to achieve 140% revenue improvement in Mobile Device Management and 2.5x RoI improvement in Systems Management. o Reduced new product cycle 20% by working across teams to institute user story (and use case) driven requirements, and establishing efficient architecture and design review processes. o Passionate, energetic, technically and intellectually thoughtful leadership style. Works very effectively with a broad range of colleagues. Adept at working with, and motivating, bright people across and within teams to achieve stellar results and inspire others. o Continual focus on learning and improving own knowledge and similarly supporting others. Areas of expertise: managing and leading engineering and QA, product management, solutions, documentation and training. Excellent results in working both internally and with customers and excellent hands-on skills. Specific expertise: building and sustaining top-notch, diverse, geographically distributed teams, by both hiring new and growing existing team members. Morale, productivity, cohesiveness and delivery have all been excellent. Teams have ranged in size from a few to a hundred. Corporate experience: big and small, including Sun, HP, AT&T, BEA, InnoPath, Ready Systems. Skills: developing budgets, plans and leading teams to deliver highly innovative evolutionary and revolutionary products and cross-product technologies. Hands-on mentoring and coaching on customer research, product definition, architecture, design and implementation approaches. Product areas: End-to-end over the air device management for the mobile phone industry; enterprise and data center systems management and distributed internet services platforms. Key products delivered (with end-to-end customer focus and attention to detail): o InnoPath: iMDM Server (many key components), Smartphone Client, Server Simulator. o Sun: Sun Management Console, Solaris Enterprise Manager, Solaris Resource Container Manager, SNMP Agent, Sun Cluster Management Framework, Cacao (cross-product JMX-based framework). o AT&T: Geoplex internet services platform (several key components).

Experience in Brief • • • • • • • • •

Independent Consultant – Architecture, product design and engineering management: 2009. InnoPath Software – VP Technical Marketing (2008), Senior Director of Advanced Technology (2005–2007), Lead Architect (2004). Sun Microsystems – Director of Engineering (Systems Management, Sun Cluster): 2002-2004. BEA Systems – Technical Director, Research: 2000-2001. AT&T / Concert Communications – Director of Engineering, Director of Architecture: 1996-2000. Systems Integration Plus – CTO, Co-owner: 1995-1996. Hewlett-Packard Laboratories – Research Engineer and Team Manager: 1992-1995. Ready Systems – Engineer, Engineering Manager: 1989-1992. Naval Postgraduate School – Assistant Professor of Computer Science: 1988-1989.

Experience Independent Consultant—SF Bay Area, CA 2009–present • Providing architecture, product design and engineering management consultation to early-stage startups and small companies in the mobile web space. • Establishing solid innovative product plans and designs. • Establishing product and engineering development processes to anticipate growth, deliver with predictability and high quality, and meet evolving needs. • Developing and launching new products into the marketplace. InnoPath Software—Sunnyvale, CA VP Technical Marketing (2008), Senior Director of Advanced Technology (2005–2007), Lead Architect (2004) InnoPath develops and deploys end-to-end mobile device management solutions, which couple the InnoPath server with both the InnoPath client and simpler standards based clients. InnoPath’s technology directly supports 100s of millions of mobile phone users through tier 1 carrier customers such as Verizon, AT&T, KDDI, NTT/Docomo, T-Mobile and leading handset OEMs such as LG, Samsung, Toshiba and Sanyo. • Achieved 140% revenue improvement. Led creation and adoption of InnoPath’s mobile device management (MDM) server architecture. Transitioned InnoPath’s product line from a monolithic FOTA (firmware over the air) focus to an award winning, true end-to-end multi-service device management platform. • Identified $50M-250M ramp in annual per customer savings. Established and led on-site customer research efforts to clearly identify, analyze and quantify savings achievable from use of iMDM product. • Hired more than a dozen of the companies best and brightest who contributed many of the key server and client innovations. Built InnoPath’s architecture and advanced technology development team from scratch. • Built InnoPath’s standards presence from scratch to being a recognized leader among large and small companies in the OMA (Open Mobile Alliance) standards community • Drove creation and adoption of several key industry leading product innovations: workflow-driven device management, multi-tenancy, care portal, software management, service oriented architecture, advanced password management, development and adoption of common OMA DM protocol engine across product lines and server simulator sharing common code with production server. • Organized, managed and improved several key processes leading to significantly better organizational efficiency and greater product accuracy. Key items include scenario and user story oriented PRDs, use case specifications, architecture and design review processes, and end-to-end linkage of key QA tests to PRD user stories. • Led product team through development of 18 month roadmap and several resulting server and client PRDs. Sun Microsystems—Santa Clara, CA Director of Engineering (Systems Management, Sun Cluster): 2002-2004 • Delivered multiple releases of four different products, two components and horizontal technology into three other products, all on time and within budget (Sun MC, Patch Manager, SNMP agent, Solaris Enterprise Manager, Solaris resource container manager, Sun Cluster management framework, Cacao JMX framework). • Achieved 2.5x RoI improvement for Sun MC by leading transition of development to India, while retaining key US employees. • Managed overall plans and budgets from $5-12.5M. Led organization consisting of five engineering teams across five locations and four countries. • Merged disparate French and US teams to form unified group for developing and insinuating key horizontal technology (Cacao). • Managed/coached Solaris Enterprise Management team through effective resolution of significant customer issues with a small distributed team resulting in a one of the company’s best ROIs.

BEA Systems—San Jose, CA Technical Director, Research: 2000-2001 • Developed vision, architecture and proof-of-concept prototypes of short-range wireless infrastructure. Created wireless in-store shopping proof-of-concept prototype utilizing PDAs, 802.11, Bluetooth and IR networking, WAP gateways and web application server. • Created detailed technology assessments, SWOT analyses and alerts in the areas of short-range wireless technology and application server appliances to help guide 2002 strategic plan. • Filed patents in the areas of maintaining session security across RF drops/rejoins, personalization and latency hiding techniques. AT&T / Concert Communications—Menlo Park, CA Director of Engineering, Director of Architecture: 1996-2000 — Concert Communications was a Global Joint Venture between AT&T and British Telecom for business IP services. • Led team to create the implementation architecture for IP service to span across AT&T, BT and Concert as well as Concert’s standards strategy. • Led the transfer of architecture and standards results into Concert development shops via prototypes and joint collaborations to support the launch of Concert. • Led architecture, design and development work that delivered key components for AT&Ts highly scalable, multitier IP services platform: registration, core data storage and handling, remote secure multi-system management, logging and performance test and analysis. • Led performance work for the AT&T platform that resulted in 10x improvement in login rate and 3-4x improvement in web page access rate. Systems Integration Plus—Scottsdale, AZ CTO, Co-owner: 1995-1996 • Led all technical and operational activities, developed business strategy and established key external relationships as co-owner of a systems integration and sales representation business focused on the embedded computer market. • Increased value-added engineering revenue several fold, drove substantial increases in margins and profits. • Led RFQ responses, and development and delivery of several software development and integration projects. • Developed internal and external web sites, led the creation and documentation of processes in advance of ISO9001 certification. Hewlett-Packard Laboratories—Palo Alto, CA Research Engineer and Team Manager: 1992-1995 • Led team inventing, designing and prototyping a communications subsystem for cluster computing. • Led team to achieve sub-17microsec application-to-application latencies, while preserving address space security, fault-isolation and recovery capabilities necessary for a commercial market – performance was competitive with the best university research prototypes, while adding memory protection and commercial robustness. • Presented this work at Hot Interconnects Symposium and OSDI conference. • Successfully transferred this technology to HP’s network product division. • Managed research relationships and several millions of dollars of research grants UC Berkeley, U. Arizona, OSF and U. Utah. Ready Systems—Sunnyvale, CA Engineer, engineering manager: 1989-1992 • Led development projects on industry leading VRTX real-time operating systems kernel. Designed and implemented network boot facility and automated multi-target software build environment. Developed code and led teams in the development of several network and serial device drivers.

Naval Postgraduate School—Monterey, CA Assistant Professor of Computer Science: 1988-1989 • Tenure track faculty member in the Department of Computer Science. Research focused on multicomputer communications. Developed and taught new course material on internetworking and network security and also taught computer architecture.

Programming Languages and Technologies C, C++, C#, Objective-C, Java, Python, Clustering, Oracle DB/RAC/DataGuard, MySQL, LDAP, J2EE, JSP, JMX, SNMP, GWT, Flex, Linux, Solaris, Windows/Visual Studio, Android, iPhone, OMA-DM, TCP/IP, SSL, PKI, GSM, CDMA, WiMax.

Education University of Michigan—Ann Arbor, MI Degrees in 1988, 1982 and 1981 • Ph.D. in Computer Engineering. Dissertation topic: high-performance communications for parallel and distributed systems. • M.S. in Electrical Engineering. • B.S. in Electrical Engineering.

Publications and Patents •

More than two dozen published papers, multiple patents and applications in the areas of mobile device management, short-range wireless infrastructure, IP services platforms, high-performance communications, operating systems and the Ada programming language. Several academic and industry conference presentations.

References •

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