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Prospect Valley High School REUNION NEWS

August 2007 #2

Message From the Committee PROSPECT VALLEY HIGH SCHOOL REUNION Plans are for September - 2008 The response to a PVHS Reunion has been great and many suggested that we extend this reunion to

Anyone Who Attended Prospect Valley School. If you graduated or attended PV School and are interested in the details, please get in contact with Sherry Sargent Stickle, class of 1960, at the address listed below. We will put you on the list to receive the newsletter and information regarding the reunion. George Davis, class of 1960, is doing the newsletter. With the help of the committee and class representatives, we will bring you fun and interesting articles about former classmates and teachers. We are setting up a reunion fund to help cover the cost of printing and postage. Funds will also be used for reunion start up and preliminary operating expenses. Pass this reunion news to your classmates, relatives and friends. HOPE TO HEAR FROM YOU. Marilyn Sargent Haffner Treasurer

George Davis Chairman

Sherry Sargent Stickle Secretary

Class of 1960

Class of 1960

Class of 1958

Assisting the Committee Are Class Representatives We currently have Reps for Pre 1950, 1953 & 56-61 classes. As we proceed, we will need help from other classes. The class Rep will help in locating, contacting and helping with details of the reunion. Access to email is important. If you are willing to offer assistance, please contact Sherry Stickle.

Donations If you would like to contribute to the PVHS Reunion Fund, here's how! Send your contributions to the Reunion Treasurer, Marilyn Sargent Haffner. We will list contributors in the class reunion promotional materials and programs in exchange for your donations. You will become a member of the prestigious “Cardinal Club� with all the honors and privileges pertaining thereto. There will be a full & open accounting of all funds. (Donated by Hans & Lucile Arnusch)

Thank you Hans & Lucile from the committee and all PVHS Alumni

Current Cardinal Club Members Jimmie Baumgartner Gloris Sargent-Griffin Polly Scheid Ferguson Dick Scheid Marilyn Sargent Haffner George Davis Celeste Martinez Garduno Sherry Sargent Stickle Ted Zimbelman Jim Davis Sharon Brown Hervold Frank Tegtman Hans Arnusch Herb Weickum Ken Pierson Pat Ruhl Bass Melba Keller Johnston Charles & Barbara Wagner Kathy Bumpus Baes Dorothy Zimbelman Kern Betty Amen Mitro Marcella Davis

Special Thanks to Dr. Marvin Wade, Superintendent of Schools Weld County School District Re-3(J) for his support of this reunion.

Future Cardinal Club Members This Space Reserved For YOU!!

Still Searching for the Following Former Students


Class of 1961 Shirley Erker Jim Shimizum C. Klausner

Marilyn The reunion has already started for me. Making contact with fellow PVHS classmates has been so much fun. The phone calls, emails and personal contacts, have brought back so many wonderful memories. It was fun talking with Jimmie Baumgartner, who now lives in Arizona. He was one of those, from the class of 1958, with whom I went through all 12 grades, all in the same building. Seeing Frank Tegtman, having lunch with Pat Ruhl Bass, being in contact with Marcella Davis, and several others, after all these years. You can‘t beat the memories of attending a small farming community school. The school was the center of the community and family. We may not have realized it at the time, but we were lucky to have been a part of this. I have kept in contact with several of my classmates over the years. I will write more next newsletter.

Class of 1960 Wanda Reagan

(continued) Verlin Henry Marilyn Alberts Barbara Warden Gloria Luna Peggy Schied

Fusako Watanabe

Class of 1954

Doris Halligan Elma Becker Esther Yeager Richard Piper Eddie Kersen Mary Altergott Charles Nielsen

Athel Norfleet

Geraldine Kauffman Katherine Ketsen Bonnie Reichert Patrica Cone Elaine Hadley Wanda Halligan Rolland Judd

Class of 1955

Class of 1952

Mary Smith Verna Warden Irene Vigil Jim Smith Randall Henry

Dolores Heinle Amelia Vigil Doria Buchholz Mary Ann Lott Diana Alarcon Betty Weickum Judy Ibbotson

Class of 1958 Doris Ann Beckel

Brenda Cooper David Pelz

Class of 1956

Shirley Baumgartner

Violet Hlad

The Search Continues Class of 1944 Need Class List

Class of 1948 Need Class List

Class of 1943– & 42 Need Class Lists

Class of 1947 Need Class List

Can You Identify This Picture? If you have memories of this bus write them down and send to George Davis. We will publish comments in the next Newsletter.

Class of 1946 Need Class List Class of 1945 Leona Greenemeyer

FORMER PVHS STUDENTS THIS IS YOUR CORNER This is your invitation to contribute to the PVHS Newsletter. We know that each and every one of you has a special memory from your high school years. Maybe a special Junior or Senior play, a special sports memory, graduation, prom, a special teacher, or just a special moment you just want to share. Be it serious or funny let us know. The response to our first newsletter was great, as you can see from this newsletter. So just send your items to one of the committee members, either by e-mail or regular mail. We are waiting to hear from you.

Eddie Zimbelamn

Mabel Weickum Louise Harris

Class of 1951

Class of 1950 Masanito Okada Lorene Zimbelman Josephine Alarcon

Dorothy Sirios Robert Alarcon Alice Eckardt

Contact Information

Need Class List

Class of 1949

Lucille Luna

Pre-50‘s Please Contact Joy Keller Vitgenos 303-650-5830 Also send copy to George Davis

George Davis is working on a master list of all former students. If you have information about any missing or unaccounted students, please contact George. His address is on the front page. Hope to Hear From You!!

If you have email, send address to to get special reunion updates.

Help Spread The News!!! Tell PVHS Friends About The Reunion Eugene Eisenbarth (50) says, “PVHS Reunion is a good Idea”. (His 57 Chevy was the envy of every kid in Prospect Valley)

Jean Mallory Kipp Class Rep 1953

Attitude is Everything!!!

The committee for the P.V. Reunion asked me to write a short article about the class of '53. We left high school as a class of 16 students. We did not stay in close touch much to our regret. We had our first reunion in 1993. Couldn't believe that 40 years had passed. There were still 15 living. Only Judith Milan had left us at that time. We had all lost touch with Lucille Luna. Still have not located her. Since that time we have gotten together several times but in the past year we have lost 2 of our beloved class mates, Shirley Jean Zimbelman Schreiner and Les Monard. Whenever one or more of our out of state classmates come to Colorado we get as many as we can together and have lunch. It helps us keep in touch. As far as we know at this time our class still numbers 13. Not bad for 54 years. Thanks for "listening". Jean Mallory Kipp

Can you identify these people?

Hans Arnusch Class Rep 1961 The old Statler Brothers song says "the class of '57 had its dreams". That can probably be said for every graduating class and the class of '61 is certainly no exception. We graduated at a time when the world around us was headed for drastic changes, good and bad. Now, forty-six years later, isn't it about time to get together and talk about those high school days? Which of our dreams came true, and what are the changes in our lives that are even better than we could have ever imagined back in '61? A multi-year class reunion being planned for the fall of 2008 will give us an opportunity to revisit our youth and celebrate our lives since. We will have a chance to become reacquainted with not only the members of our own class, but also with the classes before ours. It may have been years since you have been to the Prospect Valley area; you have got to see all the changes in order to believe them. The Keenesburg and Hudson areas have changed as well. Please begin now to make plans for a visit to the "old stomping grounds" in the fall of 2008. You will be glad you did.

Hi George, I was surprised to get the notice of a Class Reunion. I filled out the questionnaire and mailed it back. I think it would be great to see everyone. Since it is to be a year from September, I really don't know if I will be physically able to make it. Guess I will wait and see. What do you say to a Class Mate, that you haven't seen or heard from in 47 years? Looking at your picture, you have really changed. You look Well, and Happy. That is what is important! I believe that Success is being Happy. There isn't enough Happiness in the World today! Later Gator, when your legs are straighter. Kathy Bumpus Baes Class of 1960

GOOD TO HEAR FROM YOU KATHY!!! I Love Your Positive Attitude! George Barbara Brown Mackery New York City Omygosh, I am interested, but didn’t receive the questionnaire. And now I can’t download the form to complete and mail to Sherry. Can you just forward this to her? I’m traveling again and won’t have access to my mail or email for a week or two. And my IT guy hasn't yet made my new BlackBerry email compatible. How fun to see familiar names on your email list; hope they all are able to make the reunion. By the way, I’m holding you to that lunch—any chance of your being in NYC? Class of 1960

Lorraine Baumgartner Witt Class of 1955 “PVHS Reunion—Good Idea” Charlotte Figg Venhuisen (61) Nice idea, hope it will happen”

Celeste Martinez Garduno Class Rep for 1956 I graduated in 1956 along with Gloris and Shirley Sargent, Kenny Vogel, Rodney Hofferber, Athel Norfleet, Ronnie Troop and Marvin Zimbelman. I sincerely would like to help with any arrangements you think I can assist with so write an e-mail note whenever you need to. One of the fondest memories is going to my senior year in Prospect Valley after having attended the first three years of high school in New Mexico. All my friends had graduated in 1955, my boyfriend in high school had been killed in an auto accident, so Mom decided that I should go live with my Uncle Bob and Aunt Ursula Ortega in Roggen. We lived in a railroad car, next to the tracks. First day of school was just so scary. Here I came from an all Hispanic school, village and culture. I'm thrown right into a school that was predominantly German and English. I thought I would die of loneliness.... until the Halloween Party!!!! I was reluctant to go not knowing my classmates all that well, but we had so much fun, especially playing post office. From that day forward, I was part of them, never feeling anything but welcome. After graduation I went to live with my sister in Minnesota but was so lonely I came back to Roggen and stayed with Gloris' parents, Mr. and Mr. Bill Sargent Sr. I always felt they were my second family and continue to stay in touch with Gloris and Sherry. I am now retired from Public Service Company of New Mexico, our electric and gas utility. I write articles for a Bi-lingual magazine known as "La Herencia del Norte" (The Heritage of the North). I go swimming five times a week and have joined the "Silver Sneakers" an exercise program for those over 60--- much fun. Celeste

Memories From Charlie Wagner Junior and Senior class plays...what fun they were especially the night time practices. Senior class prom planning and decorating (remember the days we took off from school to pick out invitations, decorations etc...) Senior class sneak day and Charlie had a car accident coming down off Lookout Mountain. Charlie losing a contact lens on the basketball floor and stopping games til he could find it...I still wear them. enough for now, see ya

Comments Larry Erker (60) Commented his brother Floyd in Sterling, CO, is trying to find Wanda Reagan's address as well as that of their cousin Shirley Erker (thinks she's around Stratton, CO.) Said he'd keep us posted. Richard Ishida (61) Requested that Judy Gibson, Barbara Erker, Charlotte Klausner & Janet (Janette) Blick be invited. It was very interesting to read the story of George and Ted & about PVHS history in the newsletter.. Gloris Sargent-Griffin (56) "This newsletter was great! I loved the pictures! Think this kind of promo will generate lots more interest! I'd love to go, God willing!" Hey George, I received my newsletter, a little damaged, but salvageable. I gasped when I saw the picture of you and Teddy. He is a clone of his father!!! Oh my gosh, I couldn't believe it. I was saddened to learn that the only male who graduated in our class, Gene Sirios, had died. There were other deaths that I obviously didn't know about, but which shocked me. It's too easy to think our classmates are still young and immune from the realities of life, which includes death. Shari (Brown) Hervold Class of 1959

Melba Keller Johnston writes; ―I was excited when I read about the reunion in the paper. I cannot promise to be there, but I will do my best‖.

Pat Ruhl Bass Class Rep 1959 Hello to everyone from the class of 1959 representative! I would love to see everyone, especially my classmates, as I have totally lost touch with everyone since graduation. We were such a small class and have lost one of ours guys, Gene Sirios. Please come Barbara, Sharon, Eleanor, Dolores, and Lona! With over a year to plan, we have lots of time to make arrangements. I'm looking forward to seeing you there! Pat

Marvin Zimbelman ('56) Interested in Reunion: "Yes, if am still in the USA." He also wants the reunion to be for anyone who at any time attended P.V. schools.

UNDECIDED ABOUT ALL THIS REUNION STUFF?? ―Ready or Not, someday it will all come to an end. There will be no more sunrises, no minutes, hours or days. All the things you collected, whether treasured or forgotten, will pass to someone else. Your wealth, fame and temporal power will shrivel to irrelevance. It will not matter what you owned or what you were owed. Your grudges, resentments, frustrations, and jealousies will finally disappear. So, too, your hopes, ambitions, plans, and to-do lists will expire. The wins and losses that once seemed so important will fade away. It won't matter where you came from, or on what side of the tracks you lived, at the end. It won't matter whether you were beautiful or brilliant. Even your gender and skin color will be irrelevant. So what will matter? How will the value of your days be measured? What will matter is not what you bought, but what you built; not what you got, but what you gave. What will matter is not your success, but your significance. What will matter is not what you learned, but what you taught. What will matter is every act of integrity, compassion, courage or sacrifice that enriched, empowered or encouraged others to emulate your example. What will matter is not your competence, but your character. What will matter is not how many people you knew, but how many will feel a lasting loss when you're gone. What will matter is not your memories, but the memories that live in those who loved you. What will matter is how long you will be remembered, by whom and for what. Living a life that matters doesn't happen by accident. It's not a matter of circumstance but of choice. Choose to live a life that matters�. Author - Michael Josephson

Dave Wagner -Class of 1961 I just got my package about the Prospect Valley reunion in yesterdays mail. It made my day reading about the possibilities of having a get together. It sounds great. Sherran (Zimbelman) and I have now been married for 43 years. We have 4 grown kids and 3 grandkids ages 7 to 15. We've pretty much become Okies since I ended up here after a few years after college and with kids one tends to put down roots. I'm still working fulltime but can sure plan to get to Colorado next year. It would be awesome to see everyone and learn how their lives have gone. I don't know who got their heads together to get this thing rolling, but I would like to encourage you and each of them to make it happen. I'm trying to think if there's some way that either I or Sherran can help. I know it will take some work. (I also know it takes money and I should be able to help in that way). It's great hearing from you. Keep me posted. Thanks and regards, David (Dewey)

J. Kenneth Vogel ( 56) I just received the letter from George Davis today and thought I would respond via email first. I'll complete the questionnaire and send that off to you within the next few days. I'll include my contact information in this email. The idea of a reunion is exciting. It appears that there are only six of us left from the class of '56 and we have never had a reunion that I know of, so it would be fun to be able to visit with so many people from that period of time. Robert Sauer (61) "Difficult time to come since school is in session, but if time works out, will see if I could make it."

Linda Calvert Bennett ('60) "What a wonderful surprise to get the news about the proposed class reunion! Wow! I was really happy to hear that! I sure hope there will be a reunion as is being proposed. It will be good to see everyone! Can you believe it's been 47 years since our high school graduation? I'll be looking forward to going to Colorado for the Sept. 2008 Class Reunion!"

Guess Who I Found In Denver? By George Davis

Who is this guy? As I questioned him I learned some very interesting information. He graduated in 1960. He spent two years in the Army and served in Viet Nam. Soon after arriving in Viet Nam, he was assigned to operate a bulldozer. He was working one day and his sergeant let out a loud yell ―get off the Cat, they‗re shooting at you‖. He dove off and buried himself under the dozer. He said, ―this place is dangerous‖!! After the tour with Uncle Sam, he married a girl (Joyce) from the other team (Skippers). He went to work for IBM. During his time with IBM he worked at the Boulder plant and later transferred to Texas. In the late 90‘s he retired from IBM and decided Colorado was a great place to live. He bought a home in Peyton, CO. After a few years he got bored with retirement. He bought a truck and is doing custom hauling around his community. Who is this Guy?? I think it might be Frank Tegtman. Yeah, it is Frank.

Marcella Davis Class Rep for 1957 Wow, has it been 5 years since we had our class reunion? At the last reunion we had a great time catching up on 45 years. This reunion is going to be bigger and better and we don't want to miss it. Looking forward to seeing each of you.... Just to let you know what is going on in my life. I recently returned from a trip to California and Oregon. While in Oregon I and 4 other people ranging in age from 65-75 hiked the Rogue River Wilderness Area. We hiked approximately 40 miles in 4 days hiking from lodge to lodge. The first day was the hardest, hiking 12 miles, it was hot and dry, but we made it. We were even able to raft half a day. I had promised myself years ago that I would never raft again, but there I was with no choice except to hike 22 miles, guess what I chose. Actually, this experience was much better than the Arkansas River in Colorado. I have hiked for years and have hiked most of the Colorado Trail, total mileage is 500 miles. I have been blessed and been able to do a lot of traveling. I have found that life is good if you work at making it that way. One of the main things is to have a good attitude regardless of all the set backs that comes into ones life. Actually, set backs are good if we come out of them a BETTER Person rather than a BITTER Person, as we all know it is up to us how we handle problems. See you soon!!!! Dear Marilyn, We saw in the paper that you were planning a PVHS reunion. We would very much like to attend, health permitting. We were in the class of 1945 - a long time ago. Bless you for doing the planning - we will watch the paper for dates, etc. Thank you. Albert and Esther Becker

Memories by Richard Ishida Hi Classmates of Prospect Valley High School Had a short telephone visit with Sherry (Sargent) Stickle, expressing how delightful it was to read the newsletter and see some faces of former classmates. We talked about various topics from who was coming to the reunion, each of whom I am very excited to see and visit with, to the changes that have taken place in the community. One of the changes that residents of this area want to keep open and not lose, for various reasons, is the Prospect Valley School which was an elementary school at the time of its closure. The Principal at that time was Mr. Bill Knies, a wonderful person, who now resides somewhere in Arizona. Oh yes, Mr. Wayne Ball lives in Greeley, for those of you who had him for Ag. I, II, III and IV. Reminds me about the time when those of us enrolled in Ag. had to go over to Dewey Wagner's place to castrate the young pigs he was raising. Once the class and Mr. Ball arrived and walked to where the young male pigs were, Mr. Ball proceeded to show the class how to lay the young pig on its back in the “V” shaped cradle that was at hand in the pig pen; hold a testicle between your thumb and index finger with one hand and in the other hand, guess what? Yes, the, hopefully, sharp Knife. Mr. Ball showed the class in attendance how to do the process to its completion. Next, it was each of our turn to illustrate that we knew what and how to do this new experience. Now the thing that made this lesson so funny was what happened when it was Kenny Zimbelman’s turn and he was given the Knife. You will need to ask when we see you at the REUNION! With the closing of the Prospect Valley School, the thing that was, and is still, part of this school and community is the mascot, the Red Cardinal. It became the mascot for the new charter school which the residents of the Prospect Valley, Keenesburg, Roggen and Hudson communities organized and had built on donated ground from Mike Coan. The new charter school is on WCRd 65 about two miles south of Hwy 52 in Prospect Valley. It started with grades K-6 with 20 or less students in each grade level. Today, the school has a gym and the addition of 7th and 8th grades. There are students on a waiting list to attend because the maximum enrollment is 20 per grade level. The name of this school is Cardinal Community Charter School with a painted sign on it showing a red Cardinal that is not so quiet or calm looking, but one who has a fighting spirit of survival, like the one illustrated on the Newsletter. Hope to see all of you, my classmates, and others, of course, at the get-together for these few days of the rest of our lives….Keep safe, healthy, happy and cool!!! A song comes to mind entitled “Memories.” Whether all the lyrics might relate I don’t know, but its first few words do. Anyway, see you later and hope to hear from you soon….

Sherry Sargent Stickle, Class Rep

Class Motto: Knowledge comes but Wisdom Lingers Class Flower: Powder Blue Carnation Class Colors: Powder Blue & Silver

HELP ME OUT FELLOW CLASSMATES! Please search the storehouse of your memories & share your school remembrances for publication in our newsletter. By our newsletter, I mean all of us who attended PVHS. (My memory ain‘t what it used to be!) How about memories of your best school buddy/buddies, class clown, school activities, sports (remember the competition between the Cardinals & the Keenesburg Skippers?), secret crushes, favorite/most influential teacher for The Teacher‘s Corner, etc., etc. Pictures would be a great contribution. Speaking of pictures, when looking at the adorable faces (mine, not so adorable--looked like I was ready to rip somebody‘s head off!) in our elementary school group picture which was attached to the 1 st newsletter you received, I noted that some of us ‗60 graduates went through all 12 years together! Gary Baumgartner, JoAnne Baumgartner, Betty Lou Croissant, George Davis, Clyde Maul, John Sauer, Paul Scheid, Polly Scheid, Frank Tegtman, Delores Trupp & Charles Wagner. Do any of you from this group remember marching single file from the church basement, where we began 1 st grade, to our new classroom in the Quonset hut addition of the school? Some of my earliest recollections of myself were of getting in trouble for talking too much. I remember Miss Edwards, our 2nd grade teacher, calling me ―Chatter Box. ― She was very kind--not all our teachers took it so lightly. In the early years, there were times I stood in the corner, made trips to the principal‘s office & got more than one ―whuppin‗‖ from more than one teacher. Chewing gum in class was also a pretty serious offense. Some of us had to stick it on our nose (of course, I did). Today‘s teachers should be so lucky to have such problems to deal with! I have such fond memories of Delores and I spending time together learning to dance and going to ―town‖ together after school. Another of my best buddies was JoAnne. We were a tap dancing duo, had so many fun sleepovers, double and triple dated in HS (often with our brothers, Billy and Jimmie (both 58) and helped lead our dedicated Pep Club members in cheering for the PVHS Cardinals. George may deny this (I have the pictures to prove it), but his white Ford convertible was used in a watermelon swiping episode. Bet you never shared this little tidbit in your position as Superintendent of Schools, did you, George? Gary (aka ―Moose‖) was one of our nicest, kindest, funniest classmates. I think he may have been one of the accomplices in the watermelon heist. I was so saddened to learn of his passing a few years ago. Sadly, we also lost another 60 graduate, Duane Knowlton. How well I remember the Brown sisters: Barbara (60), Sharon (59) and Faith (61). They were blessed with beautiful singing voices and absolutely great senses of humor. I think they sang at our graduation ceremony. Barbara, do you remember how sick you got at Lakeside? Can‘t recall what ride did that to you. (Lakeside is 100 years old this year!) I recall when JoAnne and I were competing for some HS position, Lona Bauer (59) was my campaign manager and Sharon was JoAnne‘s. Sharon came up with a poster in response to something Lona and I put together, that said, ―All that glitters is not gold.‖ That has always stuck in my mind. Was so sorry to learn of Faith‘s passing; she was a dear friend to me and a very special person. I remember Paul & Polly very, very well. We not only went all through school together, but were also ―across-the-road‖ neighbors. Between our families, there was always someone to play with as youngsters. My sister Gloris (56), Brother Billy (58) and I never wanted for a playmate. We played so much tag, hide-and-go-seek, and we girls made mass quantities of mud pies. Those were the days before our old B&W TV sets kept so many riveted to shows like Your Hit Parade, The Honeymooners, Ozzie & Harriet, etc. Remember what fun rehearsing and performing our senior play, ―Headin‘ for a Weddin‗,‖ was? We played a bunch of hillbillies from Virginia (no offense, VA residents). Anyone have any fond memories of that theatrical event? How about the prom and all the preparations involved in decorating the gym, getting outfits and trying to get a date? Any stories to share? . What memories do you have of our senior trip to Phoenix? I recall lots of swimming, horseback riding and more swimming (what heat!). We who rode in Frankie Tegtman‘s car had so much fun! I did get in trouble with him for climbing over the seat (naughty monkey!). Learned real quick that was a no-no; Frankie loved his car! That whole trip was such a good time! When I say that, I hope I speak for all of us: Kathy Bumpus, Linda Calvert, Betty Lou Croissant, Larry Erker (my friend, senior prom date and co-chairperson on the Student Council), Joan Evers, Clyde Maul, Carol Patton, John Sauer and Wanda Reagan, as well as those previously mentioned. (continued next page)

My late, great mother, Willetta, was one of the chaperones that made it even more special for me. Also, there were a few ―swell‖ (very commonly used adjective at the time), classmates I recall who for whatever reason didn‘t graduate with us--Ronnie Bertram and Dick Shuler. Anyone remember others who were a part of our class, but didn‗t graduate with us? Anyone know where they are now? Remember all the great 50s music? Buddy Holly, The Everly Brothers, Bill Haley and The Comets‘ Rock Around the Clock (one of my all-time favorites) as well as At the Hop. How about those sock hops in the gym? I remember so clearly dancing with my HS sweetheart, Allen Ruhl (58)--the best dancer in school (God rest his soul). His sister, Pat (59), reminded me of the great Connie Francis, Where the Boy Are; Who’s Sorry Now. What are some of your best memories of those frequent events? Girls, you gotta remember the poodle (and some tighter) skirts, neck scarves and little collars added to our sweaters--an idea we got from watching American Bandstand. Boys, you gotta remember the girls who wore them. We also got good dance moves from that very popular show--remember ―The Stroll?‖ OK, Class of 60, please give us the skinny on your school remembrances and/or updates on your lives since then. We need your input! I will take this opportunity to say how ―neat‖ it was to have all of you as classmates. If you still have your 60 yearbook (and can actually find it), check out what a great looking graduating class we had! Hoping to see those faces (more ―mature‖ with lots of ―laugh lines‖) at the 2008 REUNION! We owe special thanks to our classmate, George Davis, for initiating this whole idea, working so diligently on locating alumni and publishing our great newsletter. Please bear in mind that it costs money to get and keep the reunion and newsletter up and running. Donations of any amount will be very much appreciated. Thanks so much to those of you who are already members of The Cardinal Club. Those with computers, please take a minute to check out for a wonderful trip down Memory Lane! P.S. As evidenced by the size of this article, I still talk too much!

Teacher‘s Corner—

Coach Harry (Sam) Turner By Marilyn Sargent Haffner Coach Turner, as everyone knew him, came to Prospect Valley in the fall of 1948. He was responsible for coaching football, basketball, and baseball. He also taught several classes. I remember him as my U.S. History teacher. While at PVHS, he coached many winning teams. The one I remember was the basketball team of 1957. We made it all the way to the State championship game and lost by 4 points. He coached several other winning teams. I am sure several of you reading this could add your own special memory. In 1958, the Turner family moved to Branson, Missouri. For 31 years he coached football, basketball and baseball in Branson. He was also a classroom teacher. His wife, Mary shared with me, the fact that when he first came to Prospect Valley, he wasn‘t sure he had made the right choice. She said the community made them feel welcome and soon became a big part of their lives. She still remembers many people with a special fondness. Mary, was also active in the school and community. She worked in the school cafeteria when it first opened. She, along with Juanita Ball, wife of FFA instructor Wayne Ball, worked with many cheerleaders after school. I remember what a great support system they were, working with us to perfect our performance. Some of Sam‘s hobbies included fishing and playing golf. Mary shared with me that she had found a golf ball on their property this week, which brought back special memories for her. Sam and Mary raised 4 daughters, Christie, Donita, Jill and Andrea. Sam passed away in December of 2003

1957 Prospect Wins District Title Jim Tegtman shown nabbing rebound and beating out Hudson’s players. Prospect won the game and took the Columbine League Championship. The Cardinals had little trouble downing the Cowboys. Both teams played on even grounds with the rebounds. Dick Scheid collected 21 points for Prospect and the team mustered a 46 percentage from the field contrasted to 41 percent for the Hudson five.


Coach Turner shown being carried off the floor by the victorious Cardinals.

Cheerleaders Gone Wild !!

Senior Class 1950

The Class of 1950

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Joy Keller Vigengont — Pre 1950‘s Rep George, here is what I have done toward finding the Pre 1950‘s classmates. I sent Grace (Bell) Hayes, a graduate of 1932, a birthday card, as she was 93 on July 23. My folks (Leonard & Ruby Keller) used to go visit her folks when I was about 4 years of age. I remember one time on a Sunday afternoon a visit was in order. When we got there, Grace and her older sister Laveda were polishing their finger and toe nails. They were like 13 and 15 and I was watching them and they were just laughing up a storm. They talked about how their class-mates would envy them with such pretty nails. I contacted a son of another one of my folks neighbors, Deloise and Grace Reed . Eldon is the son, he lives in Syracuse, Kansas. His Mother took care of my Mother when I was born. Eldon and his sister Marjorie both graduated from Prospect. Eldon graduated in about 1935 and Marj a year or two later. Marjorie is no longer with us. I wrote to her for many years until her passing. I am having a good time going back thru my memory bank and coming up with names of people that were graduates before me. I was in orchestra in the 4th violin section, I remember all the violinist that were in the sections ahead of myself. I realize a lot of them are gone, but I have a feeling there are still some of them around, I have Doris Shaklee Hull Wilson's address out in Torrance Calif. There was Blanch Ewertz (?) Wava Lewton (?) that were in classes ahead of me. I am still digging. Digging Friend: JOY

Guess Who I Found In Iowa? By George Davis On a recent trip to Iowa, my brother Jim and I had lunch with an old friend, Bob Mallory, class of 1946. Bob is very excited about the reunion and expects to attend. He sends greetings to all his former classmates. Bob proudly displays his Marine Corps cover, Semper Fi to PVHS Marines & Classmates!!!

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Weld Central High School—Fall 1961 ―What it was like when three rival schools consolidated‖ No one really cherished the idea of being consolidated into one large(?) school. I‘m sure this was the consensus of Keenesburg and Hudson as well. It may have been worse for them as they had to leave their schools and come to Prospect. The class of ‗61 was the last class to be known as Prospect Valley High School. The fall of ‘61 began Weld Central High School. We were in the class of ‘63 so we went to both. As the year began, there were still three separate schools as far as some of the students were concerned. And the cliques that were at each school were still there. In the beginning, it was difficult to get to know some of the other students. You already knew a lot of them, but there were a lot you didn‘t know. All that eventually changed though as everyone got to know everyone else at a different level than they knew them before through classes and sports. By the second year, it was almost one school. Some people just never did like change and to them it was still their school against the other two. I think sports was the most difficult area to come together (I was never a jock, so this was just an observation.) The people you despised as the opposition were now your teammates and you were supposed to get along with them and work with them as a team. Where there was once one quarterback, there were now three. There were also 24 starters that had to be narrowed to eight. Basketball and baseball had the same problems, a lot of guys fighting for a starting position where before they were almost guaranteed of the position. And during this time, they were supposed to remain friends? The classrooms were extremely crowded, so you may or may not know the people sitting around you. This was good in the sense that it forced you to get to know the other students. The desks were pushed up against each other front to back and you had to walk down the aisle sideways to get to your desk. Not all classrooms were this crowded, but most of them were. The hallways and cafeteria were also crowded and disorganized at first. Teachers. What can you say about the teachers. They were a combination of Prospect, Keenesburg, and Hudson teachers. Everyone had a favorite teacher but you may have lost him/her during the consolidation. One thing for certain was that each teacher that remained still had their favorite students from the school where they taught. I‘m sure some of the teachers had a difficult time also as most of them had never had ―large‖ classes before. One thing for certain. For the girls, there were a lot more guys to go around and for the guys, there were a lot more girls to go around. Everyone made new friends and some of these might be lifelong friends To some of you who do not realize it, Weld Central Rebels was almost the Weld Central Thunderbirds. I believe the names were nominated by the students, approved by the higher ups, then voted on by the students. The name Thunderbirds was the winner, but then a lot of students evidently began thinking about it and convinced the people in charge that another round of names and votes should be done. Several of us nominated Rebels and when the voting was over, Rebels it was. If this is incorrect, someone please send the correct information.

As remembered by, Chuck Sargent and Dave Sauer

Weld Central Rebel

Publication # 2  

August 2007

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