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Reunion News (For everyone who attended Prospect Valley School)

March 2012


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Mary & Larry Baumgartner with family and friends in Malibu, California

Laverne Scheid Wallace with friends

Carol Patton Rice and family

Chuck & Judy Sargent

Prospect Valley Cardinals

Sherri Sigwardt 1

Larry Greenhagen

Marilyn and Grandkids

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Louise Reichert Shepherd & Family

Diann Coy & Husband

Ray Washburn (upper right) & Friends

Marcella & Dorothy Davis

Betty Weickum Kersen

Linda Lott Law

Mary Jurgensmeier

Donna Trupp Weber

Craig Goble, Ginny & grandchild

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Howard Horii and wife

Barbara Brown Mackery

Berry Trupp

Diane & Jack Goble 2

Doris Ann Huwa Schlidt

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Ruhl Family Reunion

Connie Mitzel Maul & Grandson

Ken Vogel

Gene Calvert and Grandson

JoAnne Ishida Sato &Family

Nancy Suppes

Betty Amen Mitro

Dorothy Lott Firestein & Husband

Ken Pierson


The Brown Sisters


Jean Mallory Kipp & daughters

Eric Cody & Family

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Members of the Davis Family at Ruby Dell’s Memorial Service

Jim Zimbelman

Mary Ann Lott Murray

Richie & Patty Huwa

Jim & Charlotte Tegtman

Frank & Joyce Tegtman

David Schlidt

Randall Ball

Robert Sauer

Shirley Huwa & Family

Shirley Kuhrt Haines & Husband

4 Robert Zimbelman

Patsy Huwa Bowen

Janet Huwa Mock Ted Zimbelman

Trips and Fun! by Bill & Nancy Scheid Ickes Our Hawaiian Vacation 2010 In October 2010 my husband, Bill and I took a vacation to Hawaii with our good friends Mary and Wilbur Wafel from Keenesburg. Mary and Wilbur were celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary and we have been friends since BK, before kids. We flew to Honolulu and spent a couple of days being tourists before our cruise of the Hawaiian Islands started. We went to the WWII memorials and played on the beach at Wakiki. We visited all the islands on Norwegian Pride of America. It was the first cruise experience for all of us. Each island is unique in its own way and they are all beautiful. We went to Volcanoes National Park, took the road to Hanna which is a very curvy ride but beautiful views. Saw taro fields, sampled taro candy and cookies and kona coffee. We took a day trip to Waimea Canyon which is the Grand Canyon of Hawaii. Kauai the Garden Island was my favorite. We spent seven days on the cruise then returned to Honolulu and spent another two days driving all over the island. We went to a luau, visited the Dole Plantation, Diamond Head and Waima Valley which is a tropical garden that looks like a dinosaur could step out of the foliage at any time. Of course we must have visited every ABC souvenir store on each island!!!! We also learned how to make an orchid lei which I threw into the ocean to make sure I can return to the islands sometime!!!!!!! Nancy Scheid Ickes Baja,


Our Vacation to Baja, CA 2011 In April 2011, my husband Bill and I took a road trip to San Felipe, Baja California. San Felipe is about a two hour drive south of Mexicalli, AZ. A friend of mine from Boeing, where I use to work, owns a house in a gated community about seven miles out of San Felipe and let us stay in their beautiful home. They have access to a private beach, golf course, pool and dining facilities on the club grounds. We shopped and ate lots of shrimp and of course played in the Sea of Cortez for about a week. On our way home we came back thru CA, Nevada and stopped in St. George, Utah to visit our son Rob and his wife Sonia. Right outside St. George is Zion National Park so we took a side trip. It was very beautiful there and we beat all the tourists for the season. We had a great time and hope to do it again. Nancy Scheid Ickes

Enjoying Life! I belong to the Colorado Spring Alumnae Panhellenic Association (sorority organization). Our organization hosts an American Girl Doll Fashion Show each year in October. We select a beneficiary to support. This year we are supporting Kid Power of Colorado Springs which is an organization that teaches young people to use their own power to stay safe from abuse, assault and abduction. I have been co-chairman of this event for the past four years. We select 60 models between the ages of 5-10 who carry American Girl dolls and model the same clothes that the dolls are wearing. We put on two shows at a hotel in Colorado Springs (this year it is at the Cheyenne Mountain Resort) and have between 700 and 900 guests. For the past two years we have been able to give over $4000.00 each year to our beneficiary Kid Power of Colorado Springs to help with their cause. Nancy Scheid Ickes

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Life in Prospect Valley 50’s


This PVS Reunion News is about you. We need to hear your story so we can publish. How about an article about your first bike. I have mine almost done and thought it would be fun to use it next Newsletter. msh

Gene & Vonnie Calvert My Mom and Dad farmed in Iowa for over 15 years after they were married and then sold the farm in 1947. Dad built a travel trailer and loaded all their things in it and hooked it to the bumper of their 35 Ford. They loaded us 4 kids in it and headed west with many trials on the road and having to unload most of the weight off the trailer. They were in Idaho and could not decide which way to go, (no plan) they flipped a coin and it said south, so they headed for Arizona. It was Highway 89 down through Utah and Arizona, and when they got to Wickenburg it was so hot, they turned around in the middle of the road and headed back to Utah. They bought a little motel and cafe in Hatch, Utah next to Bryce Canyon, a beautiful place. We were only there for a couple of years and they were real tired of the restaurant business, so they sold out and moved to Blythe, Ca. where Dad operated a bulldozer leveling land. Then Mom got homesick for Iowa, so we moved all the way back there, still towing the trailer behind the 35 Ford. They bought a huge 2 story house there (13 rooms) and Dad cleared the land and built, by himself, another Motel on US Highway 6 in Ladora Iowa. Well, we were there about 3 years when they both got homesick for the west! , so here we go again, but just 3 kids, my oldest sister had gotten married. This time we got to Fruita, Colorado, where they bought another motel on US hwy 6. Dad found out he could not live there after he developed sinus trouble from the Colorado River and all the irrigation, so they sold the motel and once again looked around in Arizona, around Winslow where he went when he got sick. Didn't like it there and went across Az and up to Colorado and were headed NE on Hwy 6 when they stayed a couple of days in Roggen. Dad felt great there and they wound up buying the motel there. Dad remodeled it and built the house and then the service station. I was in the 5th grade when we moved there and went to the little school until I started to PVHS.

Mom and Dad ran the Motel until he retired in 1970. Gene

Thought you might be interested in these pictures of my parents Frontier Service Station and Motel in Roggen in the mid 50's to put in the PVHS newsletter.. Dad is fueling and checking under the hood, and me washing windshields, (WHAT IS THAT????) Remember those days? Checked all the tires also. All for a buck or two of gasoline. It was 25.9 at that time if I remember right. Seems like they made 5 or 6 cents a gallon on it. Gene


Roggen, Colorado

Beet Harvest Memories in the Valley There once was a very sweet sugar beet named Sally who grew up in a wonderful place called Prospect Valley. Her seed was planted in that rich, fertile Colorado soil alongside so many others who would witness the farmer’s toil. Sally was singled out when farmers came to thin the row knowing she was something special and that she would grow. And grow she did, fed by the cool, sparkling water from the well. Just how big she would grow only time would really tell. All through the summer she grew with lofty green leaves above as she basked in the warm fertile soil that she had come to love. The warm Colorado sun made her green leaves grow and grow while sugar filled her body in the ground down below. Come fall she knew that she would leave her place in the field and with all the others, travel to some far off place her sugar to yield. She was proud to be a beet that would easily win the prize While her green leafy tops reached out to the blue Colorado skies. Fall came, and with it harvest time in every sugar beet field as farmers watched to see how much sugar their beets would yield. Green leafy tops gave way as Sally was lifted from her earthen place and she knew that soon her sugar would put a smile on someone’s face. On the truck and off to that place where all sugar beets go, to be weighed and tested so the farmers will soon know whether or not their hard work has earned them the prize of the best sugar beets under the blue Prospect Valley skies. Sally has done her job and has done it very well. Her sugar is simply the best as any tongue can tell. Yes, of all the beet fields in the Valley hers was tops, the very best of all the other sugar beet crops. So, a tip of the hat to Sally for a job well done. Her sugar makes eating cereal a lot more fun. Next year there is certain to be another Sally as sugar beets grow in Prospect Valley. Ken Vogel

When I was in the 5th or 6th grade I wrote a story about a sugar beet named Sally. I have no idea where that story is, but I searched my memory and came up with this little piece that I think contains some of that original story in it. At 73 yrs of age I was trying to think like a 5th or 6th grader - but then maybe that's where my brain is these days! :-) Anyway, I'm attaching the piece for your amusement. 8

Send us your Happy Memories !

Tampa Spur Tampa is an unincorporated community in Weld County, Colorado. The rural community is served by the 80643 ZIP Code. Old timers in the area report that Tampa was a departure point for an old railroad spur called the Tampa Spur. Tampa was located on the old CB&Q line (now BNSF, Burlington Northern, Santa Fe), about halfway between Roggen and Keenesburg. Old timers advise that the Tampa Spur was a 1.5 mile long railroad spur between Tampa and a place to the south called Sheehan, near the Prospect Valley, and that the spur functioned as a sugar beet dump. (A beet dump was an elevated facility that allowed farmers to deposit newly harvested produce into open railroad cars.) According to reports, the Tampa Spur was built in 1882. It was still on the railroad maps in 1983, but does not appear on current railroad maps. (Wikipedia) (It is reported by unconfirmed sources that during the 1950’s – 60’s, local teenagers would place their cars on the tracks and travel the 1.5 miles without the benefit of steering. Apparently, they were smart enough to attempt this after beet harvest was finished.)

The Bill Lott Farm Great Western Sugar Beet Publication

Sugar Beet Dump

Farm trucks used by farmers to haul their beets to the dump.

Meet a 21st Century Prospect Valley Farmer: Marc Arnusch Our family has been farming in the United States Since 1952. His family is involved in his operation including his wife Jill, son Brett and his father Hans Arnusch (Class of 1961). Marc’s operation including a 1,800 acre diversified row crop farming operation located in Prospect Valley, CO. “We produce a number of crops including sugar beets, corn for grain and silage, wheat, sunflowers, alfalfa and dry onions. In addition to our farming operation, we process and ship our onion crop, along with onions grown by several other area producers. Currently we package and ship onions to 19 different States.”


See the entire article describing Marc’s operation at:

Sad News To Report

George Edward Weickum, Jr., 75, of Eaton, died Saturday, January 14 at North Colorado Medical Center. George was born July 9, 1936 in Keenesburg, Colorado to George Edward Weickum, Sr. and Lydia (Dreith) Weickum. George grew up in the Keenesburg area, where he attended school. After his education, he farmed and milked cows on his family's farm. On June 3, 1958, he married Betty Jean Rhoads at Grace Lutheran Church in Hudson. After their marriage, they lived on the Cuykendall Ranch near Roggen. They later moved to Barnesville, where George worked for Jack Wells Ranch. Then, George worked at Greeley Producers, until his retirement in April 2011. George enjoyed trap shooting, he was a member of Pawnee Sportsman Club, and he also enjoyed marksmanship, black powder/muzzle loading, all types of fishing, camping, woodworking, traveling and cruises. George is survived by his wife, Betty; two daughters, Sherie (Ken) Craft of Greeley and Debra (Robert) Gray of Cheyenne, WY; four sisters, Betty (Edwin) Kersen of Arlington, TX, Geraldine Cooper of Orchard, CO, Patricia Corbett of La Salle and Jacquelyn Hessler of Belmont, CA; one brother, Robert (Brenda) Weickum of Newnan, Georgia; three grandchildren, Jami (Gabe) Evans of Loveland and Cory Rusch and Christopher Craft both of Greeley and 2 great-grandchildren. He is also survived by numerous nieces and nephews. George is preceded in death by his parents and a sister, Cheryl Weickum.

Leah Englehardt November 15, 1919 - January 13, 2012 Leah Englehardt of Keenesburg died January 13, 2012 in Hospice of Northern Colorado. She was born November 15, 1919 to John and Ann Marie (Ramer) Webber in Rexburg, Idaho. The family moved to the Longmont-Broomfield area when she was around 3 years old, and she grew up on several farms there. Leah and Albert were married on June 19, 1937. They celebrated 63 years of marriage before he died January 11, 2001. She was always at Al's Side. 10

Leah Englehardt (continued) Leah worked on the farm as well as kept her house and yard immaculate. She loved to cook, can, sew, quilt and embroider. Leah worked 10 years cooking at the Prospect Valley School, when it was a grade school through high school. She loved working there, especially the kids. Everything was made from scratch and the kids had great meals back then. Leah loved her family they were the most important thing in her and Al's life. Having only one child, their 3 granddaughters were her delight, and when they married and had their families, Gramma was always interested and involved with their activities and interests. Leah and Al traveled with their pick up and trailer throughout the states for about 10 years. After that, they parked their trailer at Red Feather Lakes. She and Al spent many years commuting from their farm to the mountains. She was a member of Zoar Congregational Church in Prospect Valley, Zoar Ladies Aid and a long time member of Grange. Leah lived in her home, north of Prospect Valley for 53 years, until last year when she moved to the Aladdin Assisted Living in Keenesburg. Ruby Dell Huwa passed away January 14th, 2012. She grew up and attended school in Prospect Valley, where her parents (H.F. & Ruby Davis) lived. On Nov 14, 1948, she married Harold Huwa at the Prospect Valley Community Church. She was a farm wife and homemaker, and she and Harold had four children. In 1983 Ruby and Harold moved from Prospect to Phoenix, where she worked for a real estate school and later for a title company until her retirement in 1997. In 2007, she and Harold moved to Greeley. Later they move to Ft Collins to reside in an assisted living apartment. She is survived by her husband of 63 years, Harold; son Rusty of Phoenix; daughters Patsy of Littleton and Juanita of Greeley; brothers Jim and George of Arizona; sisters Dorothy of Mass. and Marcella of AZ. She was proceeded in death by her son, Randy; and an infant brother, Henry Floyd Davis, Jr.

“An older sister is a friend and defender - a listener, conspirator, a counselor and a sharer of delights. And sorrows too.� Pam Brown

Continued: Sad News to Report John Evan Epple, Sr., 85, of Keenesburg died peacefully on February 18, 2012 at Eben-Ezer Lutheran Care Center in Brush, CO after courageously enduring Alzheimer's disease for several years. He was born April 7, 1926 on the Epple Ranch southeast of Roggen, CO to John H. and Ruth (Beals) Epple. Raised on the family ranch, he attended grade school at nearby Kiowa School and received his high school diploma from Prospect Valley High School in 1945. Drafted into the U.S. Navy in October, 1944 to serve during World War II, John was on the Battleships U.S.S. Nevada and the U.S.S. General H. W. Buttner, transporting troops back from China. John married Marian Jean Knox on March 31, 1948 at St. Francis de Sales Church in Denver. While raising their family, they farmed and ranched with John's brother growing dry land wheat and Hereford cattle. An avid outdoorsman, John made many happy memories elk hunting, fishing and camping. In 1980, John and Marian retired from the ranch and moved to Keenesburg. They enjoyed traveling around the world and spent several winters in their motor home in the southern United States. John was a member of Sacred Heart Catholic parish and Knights of Columbus where he was grand knight, district deputy, and state warden. He was a member of Fourth Degree Knights of Columbus and served on the Consumer Oil Co. and Roggen Farmer's Elevator boards. He was also a member of the Homestead Grange (68 years) and American Legion Post 180. John is survived by his wife and three sons: Jack (John, Jr.) and wife, Diana, of Keenesburg, Nolan and wife, Michael Anne, of Denver and Bill and wife, Linda, of Roggen; seven grandchildren: Adrienne (Dwaine) Barclay, Allison Epple, Philip Epple, Katherine Epple, Michele (Wade) Turner, Crystal (Bob) Crowley and Stephen (Amber) Epple; and ten great-grandchildren. He is also survived by his brother, Russell Epple of Fort Morgan. John was preceded in death by his daughter, Nancy Jane, on July 5, 1964.

Linnebur, Mike, 87, of Roggen, passed away on January 31, 2012. He was born on August 19, 1924 in Garden Plain, KS to Fred and Lena Linnebur. He attended school in Garden Plain and later married Bertha "Toots" Kersen on June 6, 1950 in Roggen. Mike has farmed in the Roggen area since 1952 and has lived in the same area for the majority of his life. He served his country in the US Marines, 1st Marine Battalion in the Pacific Theater and was present during the Peleliu and Okinawa Island conflicts. He was a proud driver of the Amphibian Tank. Mike was a lifetime member of the Brighton Elks PBOE #1586 and a lifetime member of Sacred Heart Catholic Church. In his free time, he loved to fish and hike. Mike is survived by his loving wife of 61 years, Toots, of Northglenn; children, Kathi (Gary Underwood) Linnebur of Thornton, Mike (Melanie) Linnebur of Littleton, Cindi (Bob Sandridge) Linnebur of Lakewood, Patti Linnebur and good friend, Guy Pease of Lakewood; sister, Rose Yaksaw of Andale, KS; nine grandchildren, Eric, Adam, Tyler, Caleb, Matt, Luke, Jamie, Kayla, and Kayce and three great-grandchildren. He is preceded in death by one son, Ed, in 1999.

Remembering Sandy When I referred to Sandy Erker in my snow article, it was with a special place in my heart. I remember what she said to me on graduation night, 1958. As she went through the line congratulating everyone she said to me, “Oh Marilyn, we are going to miss your big mouth”. We then laughed and she said, “I mean at the ball games, leading us in cheers”. Rest in Peace Dear Sandy. (Marilyn) 11

"True friendship is like sound health; the value of it is seldom known until it be lost." - Charles Caleb Colton

Continued: Sad News to Report Dorothy Belle Reichert, 101, of Greeley, CO passed away February 27, 2012 at Fairacres Manor in Greeley. She was born February 25th, 1911 in Bellville, KS to Clarence Emmett and Alta May (Henderson) Milner. On December 24, 1941 she married Alex Reichert of Johnstown, CO in Loveland, CO. Alex was drafted into the service of his country in March of 1942. He was discharged in November of 1945. After his discharge, they returned to Johnstown and Alex worked on area farms. In February of 1949 they moved to Keenesburg, CO and Prospect Valley, CO where Alex was engaged in farming for himself. In 1973 Alex retired from farming and they moved to Evans, CO and in 1980 they moved to Greeley. Dorothy loved to cook large family dinners, crocheting afghans for all the grandchildren and working in her yard growing beautiful flowers. Above all, was the love for her family. She was a longtime member of St. Paul’s Congregational Church where she taught Sunday school in the primary department for several years. She is survived by her daughter, Louise Shepherd and companion Jim Ruhl of Wiggins, CO; sons, Floyd (Janet) of Colorado Springs, CO and Marvin (Paula) of Windsor; eight grandchildren; eleven great grandchildren; five great-great grandchildren; a sister, Marie Lowe of Montrose, CO; and numerous nieces and nephews. She was preceded in death by her husband, Alex; parents; two infant sons; three sisters; and three brothers.

SNOW STORMS IN THE GOOD OLD DAYS The recent February snow storm had my mind going back to the snow storms we had while growing up in the valley. Such wonderful memories. I remember having a snow day from school and Gary using the tractor to round up all of his buddies. They would gather at our house and play cards, games, etc. The game of “pitch” usually ended with my jar of pennies being empty. The snow drifts in those days seemed so much larger than now. The large drift off the barn is remembered as being like a ski run. But when I go back to the valley and look at the red barn, it sure isn’t as big as it was in my mind. In the late 40’s daddy and Uncle Bill bought a movie camera and projector. Daddy had taken movies of Gary, Chuck and me sliding down that drift and having so much fun. As it turned out, when the film was sent in to be developed, it was lost in the mail. What a treasure that would be, if we had it today. A game of “Fox and Geese” was always a delight for young and old. We would build ours in Uncle Irvin’s field, right next to our house. We would run and play in the cold snow and then go in for hot cocoa with marshmallows. Another fun activity was being pulled on our sleds behind the tractor. Up and down the roads daddy would pull us. I remember the year we got a new sled for Christmas. This one we could guide with the foot rests on the front. WOW! We thought we were really lucky to have the latest version. Of course there was the building of the snowman. Who could make the biggest and best? Somehow, Gary always managed to come in first. I recall getting off the bus at school one morning and being hit in the face with a snowball. I remember who threw it, but I promise not to squeal. I had my mouth open (Sandy Erker would have laughed and said, “That’s our Marilyn”) and the snow filled my mouth. After some gasping and coughing, we were all laughing. We were in high school when this happened. It was all in fun and nobody was suspended. Marilyn

Memories of Prospect Valley


I thought about Prospect Valley today, Memories and images that wouldn’t go away. But I really didn’t want them to disappear, Even those that to my eyes brought a tear.

Some people have asked if there will be another reunion. What is your opinion? Ideas? Thoughts? I think everyone really enjoyed the past two reunions, when we spent a day visiting and having a picnic. LET US KNOW - Marilyn

(More to follow from Ken Vogel) 12

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PVS Publication #18  

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