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Danny Gonzalez (956) 407-1865 Education University of Texas At San Antonio College of Architecture, Construction and Planning Bachelors of Science in Architecture

Aug 2016 - May 2020

Work Experience UTSA Department of Construction Science Office Clerk San Antonio, TX Whataburger Restaurants Team Member San Antonio, TX

Jan 2019 - May 2019

April 2017 - Dec 2018

Organizations American Institute of Architecture Students at UTSA Treasurer

Aug 2016 - May 2019

Awards 2019 IES Dallas Student Lighting Design competition. Owner’s Choice award and 5th place award Skills Revit AutoCAD Sketch-Up, Photoshop llustrator Indesign Enscape Lumion Lighting analysis

Aug 2016 - May 2019



2 | Turtle Rescue and Recreational Center

1 | Raffaello Education Institute

3 | Wadden Sea Resort

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4 | Lighting Strikes Pendent

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2 | TURTLE RESCUE AND RECREAT Galveston, TX Animal Hospital Fall 2018 Professor Lewis Group Project Turtle Island Rescue and Recreational Center mission is to engage people in the conservation efforts through education, outreach, habitat protection efforts, school visits, recreational activities and public events. The building configuration was designed into two sections. One private for the care of turtles and offices and the other for public visitors and recreation yet acting as a one whole where public and private are able to interact and experience the building to achieve the main objective of conserving the ocean and marine wildlife. Additionally there is a two main levels where the lower area is for the Kayak Rental Facility and the rest of the building is on a higher level to protect from possible floods.


View from the river on the west side.


In response to the weather conditions in Galveston we used materials such as treated wood for the structure, aluminum for the shading devices, and metal siding to prevent damage such as rust. On the roof for example, solar panels capture the sun and the metal panels helps reflect the sun to provide better energy efficiency.


1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16.

Turtle Rescue Center Scrub Room X-ray Room Surgery/Exam Lab Storage Quarantine Reception Kitchen Cafe Kayak Facility Mechanical Observation Deck Office Conference Room Education Center



15. 14.




2. 1.

3. 4.

The spaces are organized into three main areas. First is the private area for the care of the turtles this includes spaces 1-7 on the floor plan. South from the Turtle Rescue Center is where the public visitors are welcomed. In these two public areas we have spaces 8-10 and 16 which houses the Education center and some cafe spaces. In the last space is the Kayak Facility number 11 on the floor plan.









Section through Reception Area.


East Elevation

West Elevation

North Elevation

South Elevation 11


View from Outdoor Amphitheater.

View from the Visitor Entrance.

View of the Kayak Facility.



View from Observation Deck into Turtle Rescue Center.

Reception Area.

View of the Cafe.


1 | RAFFAELLO EDUCATION INSTITU , Italy Program -School Fall 2019 Professor Ohlenbusch Group Project Looking at the given site was the challenge of dealing with three drastic level changes. The upper street leads to the main entrance that opens to the first school of science. Underneath houses the larger program spaces such as the gym and the large auditorium which open out to the park that connects the upper street to the lower areas. The second school of Literature is at the lower end of the site and connecting the two schools are the common spaces such as the library and the cafeteria. The park follows under the bridge that connects the two schools. The placements of the windows were designed so that in a classroom the glare is eliminated by placing the windows at the corners to light the walls and reflect the light into the room.


View from the lower street west side.


Birds Eye View

Program Orientation

Uninterrupted View between programs


Outdoor circulation.

Building Form Diagram The building is orientated towards the main view out to the valley. The school is divided into three categories that include a school for the Sciences. a school for the literature, and common facilities. The two schools are placed parallel to each other as well as positioned so that both have a clear view of the landscape. Connecting the two is the common facilities such as library and lobby. In the exterior the flow between the lower hight of elevation and the upper hight of elevation was made to be a smooth transition by including green spaces through and under the bridge that houses the common facilities.


KEY Library Large Auditorium Kitchen/Cafeteria Services Gym Music Room WC Classrooms Laboratories

Sixth Floor

Common Room OďŹƒces Meeting Room Administration Lockers Small Auditorium Large Laboratories

Fourth Floor

In the lower areas that get buried by the slope of the landscape shown in the lower floor plan are program spaces that do not require much natural light such as the auditorium. On the Fourth level floor plan a clear distinction of the organization of the schools is clearly shown.

Second Floor 19

Lab Classroom


Section through classrooms east to west.

Roof Top Garden

Cafeteria Kitchen

Large Lab

Small Auditorium Storage


Roof Top Garden Library Common Space

Section showing elevation rise under bridge.



Large Auditorium

Section across the center west to east.


View from th


he upper street level south side.

View from the cafeteria looking west.

Typical classroom.


3 | WADDEN SEA RESORT Denmark Hotel and Spa Fall 2018 Professor Nishimoto The proposed project situated next to the Wadden Sea National park in Denmark is a Spa Resort. The building is organized into four different wings. Each wing with their own group of programs such as the north wing for the hotel rooms, south wing for dinning, the west wing for the amenities, and the east wing for the lobby and chapel. The wings each revolve out from a center glass courtyard and only connect in the corners. This gives the glass courtyard views out off to the horizon in each direction. The building is made of poured in place concrete that enhances the wings rectilinear form of geometry. Each with their own unique articulation that responds to the program. The guest can walk up to the third level to give them the ability to look out to the views of the landscape and of the spaces below.


View from the river on the west side.


East Elevation

South Elevation

West Elevation

North Elevation

Section C

Section A

Section B

Section D

All of the elevations and section drawings are aligned by the central courtyard to emphasis the organization of a central area with radiating spaces.


1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13.

Lobby Chapel Restaurant Kitchen Bar Indoor Pool Outdoor Pool Locker/Restroom Winter Garden Vegetable Garden Guest Rooms Suites Spa






12. 1.






3. 4.


Central Courtyard.


Outdoor Pool.


4 | LIGHTING STRIKES PENDENT Pysical Model Light Pendent Spring 2019 Professor Suk Looking at modern lighting applications and how they achieve a simplicity of a very thin line of glow such as in new cars today or in linear led lighting in modern architecture. I used this idea and took advantage of the properties of a piece of acrylic and how if you shine a light at one point it will shine light throughout the whole piece but only to its edges. Creating a effect that looks like the middle is not being shine and only the edges. The structure is a central pole that all of the acrylic pieces are binded too which is covered by thin wood veneer pieces. To light it, LED strip light is attached to the ends of the acrylic.


Wood Covers

Wood Top Support

Spine and Binders

Wood Bottom Support



Isometric View

Top View

Side View


Picture taken from directly below.


Picture taken from below at an angle.


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