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Bal Swan Children’s Center  2009 Annual Report

Dear Friends We are constantly focused on providing the best for our students and families. We do all that we can to support the preschool children who attend Bal Swan by nurturing their growth and development and ensuring their health, happiness and safety in our care. As an entity, our activities are focused on carefully planning for the future, providing the best facilities, staff and infrastructure available and strengthening our programs and services to meet the needs of each student we serve.  Our efforts are focused on the unique qualities and needs of each child and grounded in our belief that given the proper support, environment, and tools, each child will flourish and attain his/her own measure of success. At Bal Swan, we believe that our innovative philosophy of blending typical and challenged Ethan (4)

students in an inclusive environment, profoundly benefits each and every child we serve.  It was a very big year at Bal Swan. The Board of Directors and Staff devoted dozens of hours to creating a Core Ideology and Envisioned Future document that will be the basis for strategic planning for the school. The document is currently used to provide direction and help identify opportunities for future growth.  We are proud to have completed multiple upgrades and improvements to our facility and grounds thanks to generous grant funding. Our children now enjoy “The Backyard,” featuring beautiful green grass, a white picket fence and plenty of free space to run. We created a Sensory Park with massive boulders, large plants with various textures and smells. We also completed some renovations to the original building. If you have not come by recently please plan a visit to see our beautiful, state-ofthe-art facility.  Once again, Bal Swan Children’s Center is proud to be the only preschool in Broomfield to receive a four-star quality rating by Qualistar, a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the quality of preschool education. Of the thousands of preschools statewide, there are only 76 in Colorado with a four-star rating.  We’ve done a lot in the past year, but we are not about to sit back and rest. We are continuing to strengthen our day-to-day programs, and constantly making improvements to ensure that Bal Swan remains the best preschool. None of this would be possible without the parents, volunteers, corporations, generous individuals and philanthropic organizations who donate time or money to support the children who attend Bal Swan. Please accept our sincere thanks to each of you for your continued support.

Brian Scott Conly Executive Director

For the past 46 years, the focus of Bal Swan Children’s Center has been to create an environment that is “the best” for children. Today our vision remains clearly focused on providing research driven approaches delivered by a nurturing staff whose primary concern is doing what is best for our Bal Swan kids. We are a private, non-profit organization offering early childhood care and education to children from infancy to twelve years of age. Our innovative programming blends children with challenges with typical peers in a fully inclusive environment. Thirty percent of our students have a variety of disabilities and 70 percent are typical preschoolers.  Our students come from Adams, Arapahoe, Boulder, Broomfield, Denver and Jefferson counties. We have contracts to provide services for children with disabilities in the Boulder Valley RE-2 School District, the Adams District 12 Colorado Preschool Program (CPP), St. Vrain, Brighton, North Metro Community Services and other Community Centered Boards.  Bal Swan’s on-site staff is comprised of early childhood education teachers, physical therapists, occupational therapists, a psychologist, speech therapists and a registered nurse. We provide public and private warm-water therapy, swimming lessons, parenting skills training, as well as family counseling and support services. Bal Swan’s therapy services are available to children throughout the community.  At Bal Swan Children’s Center, our

Xander (4)

Patricia, team-teaches full day 31/2 - 41/2 year olds

philosophy of inclusion and equality extends beyond the classroom. We are proud to be an equal opportunity employer in our selection of employees, volunteers, and consultants.


Commitment Bal Swan is committed to the following Core Values: To provide a caring, nurturing environment To strive for unequivocal excellence To pioneer services that meet the needs of our community To embrace children of all abilities


Achievements Our Board of Directors created a strategic plan to ensure our continued excellence and carry Bal Swan into the future. Bal Swan served 392 children; of those, 119 were challenged. Our scholarship program made it possible for 24 children to attend Bal Swan with $59,069.58 in scholarship monies granted. Class size remains small, and the teacher-to-student ratio in all our rooms exceeds state requirements. All of the students attending Bal Swan Children’s Center were able to use our warm-water therapy pool during class time. The 45 professional Bal Swan staff members have worked at the school an average of 6 years each. Bal Swan offered year-round programming ensuring that families continued to receive programs during the summer months. Children with special needs received private therapy services even if they were not attending preschool at Bal Swan.

Kameron (4)

Our school provided free appointments with our resident psychologist for parents and staff, helping to ensure that emotional needs are identified and addressed. Therapists began working in the classroom with teachers insuring that every child who attends Bal Swan benefits directly from our therapy departments expertise. We surveyed our families and learned that 99.5% of them are extremely happy with the relationship between them and their child’s teacher. We created a parent education program that helps parents handle challenging behavior at home, using the same techniques that we use in school. Our first session was a huge success and continues to demonstrate the power of consistency.


“Thank you to our wonderful and supportive volunteers, staff, sponsors, donors, and attendees. Our events are successful because of each and every participant.” - Sunny Justice

Sunny Justice, Development Director

Sheridan (4)

Fundraisers The Bal Swan Ball and Golf 4 Kidz, are the largest fundraisers conducted by the school with support from local area businesses, Bal Swan staff, parents and volunteers. Money raised from these events provide critical education and therapy assistance to the more than 400 children Bal Swan Children’s Center serves each year.




Golf 4 Kidz, the school’s annual golf tournament, is held each year in June. The latest tournament was an overwhelming success with 218 participants. The Broadlands Golf Course in Broomfield donated the use of the course to Bal Swan for one full day. This generous gift enables us to retain nearly all of the proceeds from the event. We also have been fortunate to have Hunter Douglas and its vendors return year after year to support Golf 4 Kidz. Hunter Douglas (with the active support of its employees) has been the title sponsor of the event for more than 19 years.

Bal Swan


More than 535 people attended the 44th annual Bal Swan Ball, Dinner and Auction. The theme was “Hats Off to Bal Swan.” Proceeds from the Bal Swan Ball support the Center’s therapy services and preschool programming. The Bal Swan Ball is one of the most anticipated events each year in the Broomfield community. Each donor, volunteer and participant is vital to the success of this memorable and magical evening held in the spirit of helping Bal Swan continue to provide unmatched educational programs and services for children. Special thanks to our Title Sponsor Spectrum Land Company, LLC.



Family Story

When Ashok and I moved to Broomfield after living in Virginia for nine years, Broomfield seemed a very foreign place to us. We were not familiar with the local area at all and did not have those vital connections to give us referrals and let us know about the reputation of the local schools. We struggled as parents with the decision of where to send Dev, our oldest child, to school. Many hours went into researching and visiting prospective schools. As much as we were concerned about what would be a good fit for Dev, we also struggled with what we as parents were really looking for in a school.

Sanjay (3) and Vanessa, teaches mixed age class of 2 & 3 years olds

 We knew we wanted a safe environment and we wanted him to have play and social time as well as academic challenges. Fortunately for us, Bal Swan came highly recommended by our only close friends in the area. So we took the time to take a tour and check it out. We really appreciated the Bal Swan introduction and tour Mr. Brian gave us and were pretty much sold right then. What sold me even more was after that, when Dev repeatedly asked, “When can I go to Bal Swan?”  We started at Bal Swan in the summer and Dev found a home away from home. He felt secure and thrived in Ms. Janet and Ms. Hope’s class. Not only was he loved for who he really was, but we saw an enormous amount of growth as a 3, 4 and 5 year old. They worked with him and us to help create a well rounded happy preschooler. Every day, he wanted to go to school and everyday he came home as an artist, a leader, a fireman and countless other things. They fostered and protected his sweet spirit and gave him something that I’m not sure he could get at most other places.  The most growth I saw was in his acceptance and questions about other students and friends in his class. He had honest questions about why his friend Jordan’s legs didn’t work and why she was in a wheelchair, and why his friend Jacob had trouble with his speech. What parent wouldn’t be thrilled that their child was learning about acceptance and diversity? Bal Swan was so good for our family that even after we moved to Erie, we didn’t hesitate making the 15 minute drive to take Dev to school there. Dev is now in Kindergarten and began with confidence and with many tools to help him succeed. I definitely attribute his success to the strong staff and teachers at Bal Swan.  Dev’s brother Sanjay is now at Bal Swan and loves it. It is familiar and he didn’t even hesitate as a new student because we had always taken Dev there and everyone already knew his name. He was nurtured even before he started. We are excited for Sanjay and look forward to many more years at Bal Swan. His story is yet to be written, but I have a feeling it will be another one of success.

Amy and Ashok Mudukutore



Family Story

Jillian (4)

In December of 2005 my husband and I received a beautiful little red-headed invitation to a world that is now so close to our hearts. Jillian Morgan was born four days before Christmas and she has taught us so many lessons about strength, endurance, fear, love, compassion, and patience. People said many things to us after her birth, including “God gives special children to special families,” “People with Down syndrome are just always so happy,” and “I’m so sorry” among other comments. What we have learned over time is that people need to know Jillian…they need to know her and many other children like her. If you know Jillian, you can’t believe that anyone ever said they were sorry when she was born. If you get to know Jillian, then you know that despite the fact that she has Down syndrome, she actually feels a full range of emotions just like

the rest of us. And if you take the time to know Jillian, then you know that we are made special because Jillian is in our lives. The people at Bal Swan know this about Jillian and many children who have come before her.  Inclusive education is important because Jillian learns best in an environment where she is surrounded by kids of all abilities. All of the kids learn to accept every child for the unique gifts he or she possesses. Studies done on inclusion have proven what the pioneers at Bal Swan knew years ago…inclusion breeds success and confidence in people with different abilities and fosters leadership, compassion and understanding in all children.  Individualized education is also very important for Jillian. Her teachers at Bal Swan take the time to assess what her particular needs are and teach her at her level, providing valuable therapy services to help her meet her educational goals. You know that your child is in the right school when the teachers and therapists can teach you things that you did not know about your own child’s abilities.  Love of children is evident from every staff person at Bal Swan, and throughout the school from the moment you walk in. All the people at Bal Swan clearly love what they do and love children. What a positive environment for all of our kids!  Jillian loves going to Bal Swan. Each morning, she looks at me and asks, “Friends?” If it is not a school-day, she is totally disappointed. When we arrive in her classroom, the teachers greet her warmly and many children approach her to give her a personal greeting and welcoming. She proudly announces “Hello Guys!” as she makes her way to the sink to wash her hands. Any observer would see how very comfortable she is here at Bal Swan. This is an example of excellent inclusion at work. She is not  pampered or treated  differently, but instead expected to  do what all  of her classmates do. I never have to worry that people at Bal Swan will look at her and see only the fact that she has Down syndrome. Instead, they see what we see...a smart, verbal, funny, engaging, strong, determined little girl who is destined to go places.  Like all parents, David and I want all three of our kids to have all the opportunities that life can offer. We want our kids to live in a better world, a more accepting and loving world. For Jillian’s sake, this world needs to be one that knows and values people with developmental disabilities and who will fight for civil rights issues. Bal Swan sets the foundation for generations of preschoolers who will grow up to be advocates for people with differences to be valued members of our society. Thank you Bal Swan!

Alexis Ball

“Compassion, kindness and empathy are not an obvious part of the curriculum at Bal Swan, nor can it be taught, yet it is just this kind of personal growth that I have witnessed in my rambunctious toddler. Bal Swan is a great school that creates wonderful beginnings for each child who walks, roll, or is carried through its doors.” — Jenni Weaver, current Bal Swan parent


of Service

Projected Daily Cost of Providing Services to Children at Bal Swan During the 2008-2009 School Year:

Daanya (3)

Bal Swan Children’s Center provides students with disabilities full services in speech therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, and warmwater therapy. Because of our commitment to offer services to families at an affordable price, there is a disparity between the income we receive and the cost to provide these services. Through the support of our generous donor community, we are able to cover the difference between what we charge families for the services we provide and the actual cost of these services.

Average Daily Shortfall per Child with Challenges: Average Yearly Shortfall per Child with Challenges: Average Daily Shortfall per Child with typical needs: Average Yearly Shortfall per Child with typical needs:

[$49.15] [$3,292.72] [$4.81] [$322.26]


Stella (4)

Donors Bal Swan received support during the period of July 1, 2008, through June 30, 2009, from the following: Bal F. Swan Visionary Society $10,000 or more Anonymous Donor Broomfield Community Foundation George and Mary Kay Cavanaugh of the Allen Company City and County of Broomfield Daniels Fund William and Dorothy Gillespie JJ Huddart Charitable Trust Kenny Foundation The Levy Family Rev. Trust Boettcher Foundation, Qualistar Early Learning Center Rose Foundation Ronald and Nanette Talarico Temple Hoyne Buell Foundation Virginia W. Hill Foundation Marlene Politzer Progressive Society $5,000 or more Amir and Shireen Hoda Hunter Douglas Hurley and Claire Mitchell Jon Sainsbury Sill-Terhar Motors Jeff and Cayle Townsend of Townsend Retirement Specialists Gifts $1,000 or more Doug and Claudia Baesler Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corp. Paula Barber and the Barber Family Trust Sam S. Bloom Foundation John and Beth Bosio of Restoration Specialists, Inc. Randy and Brook Brogle The Broomfielder Trevor Brown   

The Nathan B. and Florence R. Burt Foundation The Chateaux at Fox Meadows Kim Cooper        The Denver Foundation Jon and Lisa Dodson Donelson Ciancio & Goodwin PC Exempla Healthcare Kevin and Kerry Fanger First Community Bank First National Bank Global Technology Resources Inc Tracy and Kori Gonzales Good Samaritan Medical Center            Kevin and Lisa Gouran Peter and Eveline Grady Thomas Halloran and Sara Rivenburgh Dean and Shawna Hinton Helen Holden Employees of IBM Jared Polis Foundation Gift Fund at The Community Foundation serving Boulder County Dennis and Janice Jones Jeffrey Karrane Mitchell and Penny Kennedy Kochevar Medical Massage Center Dennis Kuhl and Tien Cai Tom and Daria Ladtkow Kris and Christine Lettow Michelle and James Loucks Eric Mead and Joyce Larsen George and Kathleen Merilatt Trevor Minjarez and Cyndy Ciancio Norm and Betty Mooremeier MaryAnne Murphy of Front Range Eye Associates Tyler and Marce Olsen Paul and Cindy Orzech David and Pamela Piper

Amy, teaches Kindergarten Enrichment

Bill and Sandy Ray Gerald and Julia Reese Nick and Shanda Reifschneider Rollease Inc Lord Corporation Schafer Thomas Law, P.C. Christine Schneider Gene and Jennifer Spellman Rick and Janie Stoddard Justin and Tami Tuttle

UnitedHealthCare Ben and Katherine Vagher Matt Weadley and Cheryl McMath Wells Fargo Bank Wells Fargo Educational Matching Program Tim and Cheryl Williams Nick Zieser and Medallion Asset Management

Board of Directors:


President: David Kochevar

Owner, Kochevar Medical Massage Center

Vice President: Lisa Gouran

Vice President, Branch Manager, Great Western Bank


Treasurer: Amir Hoda

Vice President, Global Operations, Case Logic Inc.

Secretary: Mike Ferraro

Statement of Support, Revenue & Expenditures For Fiscal Year-End June 30, 2009

Senior Business Process Analyst, Maxtor Corporation Fundraising 36%

Members at Large:

Contracts for children with special needs 11%

Ken Chaiken, Owner, Loudmouth Media, LLC Deborah Davidson, Vice President, Business Development Officer, First National Bank

Other 2%


Tina Eichner, Managing Editor, Museum Store Association

Tuition and Fees 51%

Contributions......................................................................$ Grants..................................................................................$ United Way.........................................................................$ Service Contracts – Counties...........................................$ Tuition and Fees..................................................................$ Net revenues from special events...................................$ Investment income............................................................$ Therapy income.................................................................$ Miscellaneous income.......................................................$

Brian Hall, Branch President, Valley Bank & Trust – Westminster Nick Kliebenstein, Director of Client Services, SWS Business Exit Strategies

136,903 157,700 34,798 186,969 768,797 284,841 10,988 97, 243 19,787

TOTAL Support And Revenue:..........................................$ 1,698,026

Cyndy Cianco, Attorney/Shareholder, Donelson, Ciancio & Goodwin, P.C. Ty Fouchey, Human Resources, General Motors Corporation, Retired Paul, Orzech, Partner, Clifton Gunderson

Executive Staff: Brian Conly, Executive Director Marlene Politzer, Director Emeritus Patti Willardson, Director of Education Sunny Justice, Development Director Program services 82%

Fundraising & Capital Campaign 8% Management and general 10%


Program Services...............................................................$ 1,375,251 Fundraising & Capital Campaign....................................$ 129,456 Management and general..............................................$ 171,838 TOTAL Expenses..................................................................$ 1,676,545 Changes in Net Assets.......................................................$


Net Assets, Beginning of Year...........................................$ 2,753,576 Net Assets, End of Year......................................................$ 2,775,057 The excess funds were used to make updates to our gross motor gym, the addition of 6,000 sq. ft. of sod playing field and converting a multipurpose room into a classroom and a community outreach/teacher break room.

Mara (3)

1145 East 13th Avenue Broomfield, CO 80020 303.466.6308 Special Thanks to: David L. Cornwell Photography Tina Eichner Tonia Johnston Sunny Justice

1145 East 13th Avenue Broomfield, CO 80020

Christopher (3)

2009 Annual Report  

Bal Swan 2009 Annual Report

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