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with Mayors Andy Fox, Bill Koehler and Mark Rutherford With all three of you retiring from your city councils in November – what will you miss the most? FOX: As I think about the last 24 years on council and another term on the planning commission I’m actually ready to retire. I have enjoyed serving the community over the years and believe that we were able to accomplish many good things and make a positive difference in our City. Adding to our Open Space inventory, strong fiscal management policies, managed growth through Measure E and a community that is still consistently one of the safest in the nation, Thousand Oaks is a great place to live and raise a family. KOEHLER: The relationships that I have had the pleasure of developing over my 12 years on the Planning Commission and 13 years on the City Council. I will miss our city's tremendous staff that have become family to me. I will also miss taking part in the shaping of the next chapter of our city's growth. RUTHERFORD: Working with the city staff and finding creative solutions to resolve issues that make Westlake Village such a unique place to live.

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What were the top priority projects at your cities when first elected to council?

Can you share something that people may not know about you?

FOX: Concerns about over development. That’s why I authored Measure E. I’m very proud that after twenty plus years our quality of life and infrastructure have been maintained at an extremely high level in part due to the success of Measure E.

FOX: In my 20’s I was a Beatlemania guy. I played John Lennon. I played all the instruments and sang the vocal parts of John in the Beatles. At my daughter Susie’s wedding for the Father Daughter dance I recorded “In My Life” and we danced to it. Until the end when the DJ announced it was me singing the guests thought it was the Beatles. It was pretty cool.

KOEHLER: Certainly the most controversial would have been stopping the development of a private school that the county had approved just outside the eastern portion of our city. Not only would this have created a negative impact upon the rural character of our Old Agoura neighborhood, but also a financial burden upon our city. The other priority was the development of a master specific plan for the development of a town center which we named Agoura Village. RUTHERFORD: Building and opening of our City Hall and Library, developing passive and active parks (Foxfield, Westlake Village Community Park, dog park) and diversifing the city’s revenue sources.

KOEHLER: When I moved to Agoura Hills, I had no ambition to get involved in local politics. I joined our homeowners association at the urging of a few homeowners, and then was appointed to our city's Planning Commission by Denis Weber, a fellow Morrison Ranch homeowner. I certainly didn’t consider myself as someone with political aspirations. Looking back, to all the people who pushed me or helped me along this path, I thank you. RUTHERFORD: Love flying single engine planes, sailing/boating and dune buggying. My wife and I love to travel and I collect water from all over the world.

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