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The Key to success in Maths Maths is one of the subjects that most students fail; however, it is one of the easiest subject to pass if only you know how to do it. Many students don't know that they can learn how to pass in maths if they follow a few revision hints and tips. This article guides you through some of the exam success revision hints and tips. Be prepared Preparation is the key to success in any exam; make sure that you are adequately prepared before the exam. Have your pencils and pens all ready, never try to use untried pens, make sure that you use reliable pens. Write clearly Your handwriting counts, anything that your examiner cannot read be sure that she can't mark it. If you know that you write poorly take your time and write your exam neatly. Read the question A lot of students fail because they only read the question once or half way and think they have got it. Make sure that you read your question at least twice; it makes you understand what the examiner really wants. Time spent on reading questions is not wasted, it is easier to answer question that you fully understand. Accuracy Read your questions carefully and if the question asks for either 2 or 3 decimal places then make sure that your answer is accurate. Other important tips before the night of your maths exam make sure that you go to bed early and wake up early and finalize on your revision. A lot of students make the mistake of working late before the exam and end up waking up very exhausted. The immediately after you are issued with the paper it is important that you scan or read it quickly to have a glimpse of what is expected of you. Start answering the question and if you come across a difficult question skip it and attend to it later after you are through with the rest. After you are through with all the question don't sit arm folded go through your exam paper looking for any errors. For more information about GCSE Maths please go to

The Key to Success in Maths  

GCSE Maths Revision