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GCS Weekly News International Peace Day

Term 1, Issue 22, 22-9-2011

Each year, 21 September marks Peace Day; a day for wide-scale community action, and a day for UN agencies and aid organisations to safely carry out lifesaving work. Yesterday, we recognized the occasion with an assembly about what the day means and how we can make a difference.

Water and Hats Please ensure all children have a water bottle and hat with them when they are preparing for the school day. Students are encouraged to drink a lot of water during the day and must wear a hat if they want to play outside.

School Lunches All students will be going home with an order form for school lunches today. From October 2nd we will implement a pre-order/prepaid system. Orders and payment will need to be made by Thursday each week and given to reception.. Order forms will be available in the cafeteria and in the PYP classrooms from next week—please see below a letter from Dante explaining the process and the menu.

Principal’s Coffee Morning Today we had a very successful coffee morning with many parents attending. Huge thank you to Jo Baker from Expat Woman for coming to talk to us about life in Dubai generally and her experiences and answering so many questions from new and existing parents! We really appreciate your time!

Travelling Home Parents, please make sure your children are aware each morning of how they will be getting home after school and reiterate to them how important it is to stick to the plan. If they are going to get a lift with a friend ensure yourselves and the school is aware of the change of plan.

School Timings Please note that Tuesday we close the school at 1:15 for all classes. Otherwise timings are as follows: KG1/KG2: 8:30am—2:30pm G1-G5: 7:50am—2:30pm G6-G12: 7:50am—3:20pm PYP children with siblings finishing at 3:20 can be supervised in the library until 3:30pm each day if required.

Italian Club Some families have approached the school wanting to start an Italian Cultural club for Italian families. If this is something you are interested in, please contact: Ms. Debora Somialiana Losapio: or Ms. Pinuccia :

Grade 6 Science Grade 6 Science are learning about laboratory safety and how important our five senses are in the lab. Ms. A Wyness Science and Math Teacher

Admissions Team Please note that we need to register your children with the Ministry of Education, therefore if you have not already submitted the following documents, please drop them at reception; 2 Copies of student’s birth certificate (stamped and translated if not in English or Arabic and authenticated if issued from other countries other than United States of America, Australia, Canada and West Europe.) Copy of any diagnostic testing or educational assessment Copy of last full year and most recent school reports, signed and stamped on the school’s letterhead 6 passport sized photographs 1 copy of mother/legal guardian’s passport and residence visa and 1 copy of father/legal guardian’s passport and residence visa 2 copies of student’s passport and residence visa Student medical record Transfer certificate. For students coming from other countries other than United States of America, Australia, Canada, and West Europe, the transfer certificate should be attested from the Ministry of education, the UAE Embassy and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the country from which the school certificate is issued. For students coming from GCC countries, the Transfer Certficate must be stamped by the Ministry of Education in the GCC country the student was at school in. Language choice Questionnaire (please find on our website) Medical information pack, this form must be completed so that our Nurse can log all students details in our medical book. (please find on our website).


If you have any questions, please contact the Admissions Team on 04 885 6600 or at:

Dear Parents, Dante is at Greenfield Community School! Our food is all natural, healthy, additive and preservative free and where possible, calorie controlled. We just want to provide sandwiches like the ones you would make at home for yourself. We don’t cut off our crusts (when you taste our bread you will see why) and we don’t cut corners when it comes to taste and nutrition. If it tastes like lemons it means it contains lemons; not some artificial lemon flavouring. The best way to control what goes into our food is to make it ourselves; so we do. From the vegetarian delights to the roasted chicken; everything is homemade. When someone suggested we provide food for kids we thought it was a pretty good idea. So here we are. We will always offer a range of sandwiches, salads, fruity things and healthy snacks to keep them going throughout the school day (by the way tuna is great brain food so stock up before you have an exam). All you need to do is order each week what your child wants for lunch and we will bring them their own packed lunch, how cool is that?! Now Mum and Dad don’t have to get up extra early every morning to prepare school lunches! How will this work? Well it is quite simple really! 1. Dante will send home an envelope with all students 2. Choose all your yummy selections for each day, or for select days, and fill it in on the envelope 3. Make sure all the correct details are on the envelope including name and class 4. Hand the envelope in at reception or at the class teacher by Thursday of each week. Make sure you seal it with the money safely inside And what happens next week, Will Dante send me another envelope?..........NO 5. Dante will have envelopes available at the school for parents or students to collect either from the cafeteria, teacher or reception in order to reduce wastage. MMMM, doesn’t this just look yummy!


In the simplest terms DANTE is a wholesome fast food provider, but scratch beneath the surface and DANTE is more than that:

DANTE food is not just ‘wholesome’ - it is delicious and of premium quality unrivalled in the UAE.

DANTE is not just ‘fast’ - we are convenient; natural food that is both comforting and within easy retail reach of our consumers. DANTE are not just ‘suppliers’ - we are passionate, dedicated individuals who believe in raising the bar when it comes to school menus. Our Food:

DANTE will consistently offer a superior range of sandwiches and savouries. What makes us different is that all our food is additive and preservative-free, and being all handcrafted DANTE can guarantee its customers the quality and freshness that is our trademark. (And we don’t like peanuts)

Where food comes from matters – how it was grown, what they added afterwards, and its environmental impact. That’s why we pay attention to details. We’ve researched the origins of our ingredients and how they got here to give you the healthiest, most sustainable product possible. For this reason we use organic products wherever we can.

Our sandwiches are both traditional and daring. We are innovative and adaptable but always with the emphasis on what our customers tell us they want. With a close eye on seasonal availability we are able to produce all our food with the ripest and most nutritious ingredients possible. We make it fresh and sell it fresh. Simple.

This is how the system works, cool or what?



MAD SCIENCE IS COMING TO GCS!!!!!!!! In association with Libra, Mad Science are coming to GCS, If your budding young scientists want to take part in the exciting experiments then register your interest now. Mad Science will be running at GCS during term time, times and dates to be confirmed. Please register your interest with Richard in the Libra office or at

ADULT SWIM LESSONS The Libra Swim Academy is pleased to announce that we have begun Adult Beginner and Adult Improver lessons at GCS. The Beginner lessons will be for non-swimmers to being learning how to swim and the Improver lessons will be for those who wish to improve their technique or simply keep fit. If you are interested, please contact Richard

NEW RDM We would like to introduce to you our new Libra Relationship Development Manager Richard O'Mahoney who will be in charge of all aspects of the Libra activities at Greenfield Community School. He will be at the school daily to help register children for the activities as well as answer any questions you may have. Richard's Drop in times at GCS are : Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday from 1.00-4.00. Feel free to drop by to make payments, discuss Libra activities on offer or any other queries you may have during these times. If these times are unsuitable or you have any questions then do not hesitate to contact Richard at the above email address.

Payments: Libra Payment Policy is available online at Libra accept all major credit cards, cash or cheques made payable to LIBRA SPORT.

Website: For more information please visit Email: Telephone: Libra Office 800LIBRA (800 54272) Libra


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