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Spring Education Encore January 18 - February 22 Registration begins December 7

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What is Education Encore? “No Stress! No Tests! No Grades! Just Fun!”

Education Encore is offered by Corporate College at Gulf Coast State College and provides non-credit enrichment classes on a variety of topics for active and senior adults. The learning environment is fun and stress-free while offering diversity, insight, and wisdom.

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Important Information


8:00 A.M. – 8:45 A.M. Orientation & Welcome

Visit the Encore Welcome Station on the second floor of Student Union East (SUE) to obtain your name tags. Find participant folder containing a current class schedule, class locations, and hand-outs placed on the tables of the chairs in the Conference Center. Opening day coffee is courtesy of Gulf Coast State College Foundation.

Prepaid Lunch Cards - $42 (six lunches) Available beginning on first day of registration, December 7, 8:00 A.M. - 1:30 P.M. (Note: Gulf Coast State College is closed December 24 - Jan 1 and Jan 21 ) • Purchase in-person from Cafeteria in the Student Union East building on the first floor, 8:00 A.M. - 1:30 P.M. • Prepaid cards must be presented for each lunch. • Prepaid lunches will be delivered to the conference center (no waiting in line). • Other lunch options: Bring your lunch or buy Grab n’ Go items ranging in price from $1.99 - $5.99.

Spring 2019 3

Frequently Asked Questions Who can participate? Education Encore is for adults. You are not required to have Florida residency. When is it offered? Education Encore is available during the fall and spring semesters. Classes in each semester meet for six consecutive Fridays. How do I register online? Follow instructions on page 13. What is the cost? The fee for participants is $92 for the six-week program, which includes four classes each Friday. Whether you attend one class or all four, the fee for participants is $92 for the six-week program. Where are the classes held? Each course description includes the abbreviated classroom location. Participants will receive class location changes in the packets distributed at orientation. Where can I get the course offerings and other information about upcoming Education Encore? A packet including course information and any necessary changes will be in the seats of the conference center chairs the morning of orientation. Anyone missing orientation can pick up a packet at the Advisory Table, 2nd Floor, Student Union East. What about special needs? Gulf Coast State College is committed to equal access/equal opportunity in its programs, activities, and employment. For additional information, visit or call the Student Accessibility Resource Office 850747-3243. Contact us! If you would like more information, give us a call at 850-872-3823 or toll-free at 1-800-311-3685 ext. 3823. You can also visit 4 | Education Encore

Refunds A full refund is available for participants requesting by 4:00 p.m. five work days before the first day of class. GCSC reserves the right to cancel courses and/or the program due to insufficient enrollment.

POINTS OF INTEREST The Wellness Building The Wellness Center includes a pool, a hydrotherapy pool, and a fully-equipped weight and fitness room. Please check availability for the facilities. Use of the facilities is for students enrolled in classes during the current term of use. (Please note that you will need to present your student I.D.) Bookstore Browse through the large selection of supplies, textbooks and campus must-haves. The bookstore also offers official Gulf Coast State College apparel and Commodores merchandise. Library The College library provides research materials including more than 80,000 books, 900 journal subscriptions, and internet access. Athletic Events Enjoy watching the Commodores take on the competition in baseball, basketball, softball, and volleyball. No matter what your favorite sport, the games are sure to be tons of fun. Amelia G. Tapper Center For The Arts See some of Gulf Coast State College’s most talented students performing on the Amelia Center Main Stage. The Visual & Performing Arts Division sponsors several theatre and concerts each semester. As an Encore participant, you may attend many of these events free of charge or at a discounted rate.

Instructor: Tim Gagnon Student Union West (SUW) 267 CRN: 91002 Beginning Bridge – TWO periods Never played bridge before? This class will focus on the fundamentals of Bridge. Participants will play a game originating in the 1930s and is still one of the most popular cards games in the world. Instructor: Sally Cook Student Union West (SUW) 302 CRN: 91003

PERIOD ONE 9:00 A.M. – 10:15 A.M. 100 Years of Bay County History: Volume II NEW In April of 2013, Bay County celebrated its centennial. This course will journey through the decades since 1913 as pioneer families established lasting communities within the county. Entertaining tales, lasting legends and local characters provide the color to Bay County’s history. The course will examine the economic influences responsible for progress and the cultural and educational opportunities present locally. Instructor: Dr. Glenda J. Walters Student Union East (SUE) 10 Private Dining Rm CRN: 91073 All About the Books - NEW This course is a celebration of books in a wellread life: reading, discussing and analyzing them. Suggested reading materials include My Life With Bob: Flawed Heroine Keeps Book of Books, Plot Ensues (2017) by Pamela Paul; and I’d Rather Be Reading: The Delights and Dilemmas of the Reading Life (2018), by Anne Bogel. Instructor: Laura Roesch Student Union West (SUW) 349 CRN: 91074 Art History: The Renaissance Masters - NEW The Renaissance saw the rise of arguably the greatest artists of all time. Their artistic, scientific and philosophical contributions helped shape modern Western culture and inspire to this day. We will look into the lives and masterpieces of several key artists from this era.

Beginning & Intermediate Bird Watching The focus of this class will be on identification of birds in Bay and surrounding counties. Topics will include selection of proper equipment, the use of field guides, and online data management. Techniques will be presented for attracting more species of backyard birds. Tips will include identification by sight, sound, habitats, and behavior. Classroom instruction will be supplemented by an on-campus bird walk and a field trip. Instructor: Dr. Norman Capra Student Union West (SUW) 266 CRN: 91004 Beginning Watercolor – TWO periods The course will help participants find the right subject, gain the right perspective and paint with passion. Techniques will be demonstrated and practiced. Students will be encouraged to bring work and find solutions with one-on-one help. Supply List located at Instructor: Deblyn Ceeley Student Union East (SUE) 244 CRN: 91005 Build Your Best Story - NEW Each week, delve deeper into the story you want to write — whether you’re interested in writing a family story, a personal memoir or a piece of fiction. Develop the building blocks to make the most of your work, and by the end of the term you’ll have a completed, layered piece of work to share. Instructor: Tony Simmons Student Union West (SUW) 268 CRN: 91006 Spring 2019 5

Chair Yoga Chair Yoga has all the health benefits of yoga while emphasizing safety. Postures are modified using a chair, either seated or for support in standing poses. The course is designed for those finding it difficult to sit or get up from the floor. The course activities help anyone interested in improving his or her physical and mental well-being. Instructor: Mary Gene Smith Wellness (WELL) 145 CRN: 91007 Enameled Jewelry: Exploring Color and Pattern – FOUR Periods - NEW Learn the skills necessary to become confident and successful with enameling using a torch. Beginning with metal preparation and fabrication, students will create rich and colorful surfaces on enamel using layered opaque and transparent enamels. Surface design techniques includes graffito, stenciling, rubber stamping and adding elements such as seed beads, microbeads, glass threads, and frit. All levels welcome. Included in the $45 kit fee is a beginning package of enamels. Students will need to purchase additional colors. Instructor: Mary K. McGraw Student Union East (SUE) 243 CRN: 91009 & CRN: 91041 for $45 supply fee Florida Native Plants: Their Importance & How to Incorporate Them into a Home Landscape - NEW Our native plants have evolved alongside of our local wildlife and are adapted to the soils and environmental conditions of our area. They have important roles in sustaining our pollinators, birds and other wildlife. These roles will be discussed as well as native plants that thrive in our area. Techniques to incorporate them into a home landscape will also be a topic. Instructor: Jody Wood-Putnam Student Union West (SUW) 347 CRN: 91040

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Forever Young - NEW Regular exercise helps control blood pressure, body weight and cholesterol levels, and cuts the risk for hardening of the arteries, heart attack and stroke. It conditions muscles, tendons, ligaments and bones to help fight osteoporosis,keep your body limber and stabilize your joints, thus lowering the risk of everyday injury. We combine low-impact cardio dance, muscular conditioning ,and flexibility exercise. This is an energetic and fun class! Instructor: Emiko Mooney Wellness (WELL) 137 CRN: 91069 Islam in America: History, Culture and Politics This course will overview the history of Islam and its religious and cultural practices. It will cover the beginning of Islam in America, the waves of immigration to the United States, and contemporary socio-political issues faced by Muslims in the West. Instructor: Hiba Rahim Student Union West (SUW) 259 CRN: 91010 Legal Briefs Get the “inside story” from a prominent criminal defense attorney on what is happening locally, nationally and worldwide. Hear about which laws apply and how they impact citizens. The class will look at both sides of the story, probe the humor, consider the facts and the hearsay. Be prepared to be challenged to find the truth! Instructor: Dustin Stephenson Student Union East (SUE) 231 CRN: 91008

More than Musketeers: Fencing in the Modern Era - NEW A generalized introduction to the sport of fencing, participants will learn a brief history of the sport as well as more modern and current events. Student will be introduced to the basics of the sport: footwork and stance. The class will include warm ups, stretching, footwork and instruction. Come prepared to move! Sneakers are required. Students with a history of cardiac events or current medical issues relating to their cardiac health must provide a letter from their doctor or cardiologist clearing them to participate. Instructor: Lauren Cebello Wellness (WELL) 133 CRN: 91072 Underwater World of Northwest Florida Dive in and explore the underwater habitat of St. Andrews Bay and the Gulf. The course includes student interaction with the instructor while viewing underwater videography, including artificial reefs, natural limestone bottoms, and their flora and fauna. Guest lecturers may be involved with expertise in seashells and shell collecting. Instructor: Bob Stapleton Student Union West (SUW) 265 CRN: 91011

PERIOD TWO 10:30 A.M. – 11:45 A.M. Beginning Bridge – (Continued) Beginning Watercolor (Continued) EnameledJewelry: Exploring Color and Pattern – NEW (Continued) Bill of Rights This course reviews people, events, and ideas that shaped the U.S. Constitution and enhances appreciation of its complexity and importance. Instructor(s): Judge Tom Ellinor, Judge Don Sirmons, & Mike Stone, Esq. Student Union East (SUE) 231 CRN: 91012

Drawing with Charcoal! You will be amazed at what you can draw with just a burnt piece of wood! Charcoal drawing has been a staple of the art world since the dawn of man. This project based course will challenge beginners and experts alike with fun drawing exercises and expert instruction. Supply List located at Instructor: Tim Gagnon Student Union West (SUW) 267 CRN: 91013 Fishing Florida: Basics & Beyond! – NEW Fishing is the number one outdoor activity in Florida. The focus of the class is making your time on the water productive & enjoyable! Inshore, offshore, surf and pier fishing will be discussed. Participants will learn how to maintain their tackle with species-specific techniques covering where and when to fish. Instructor: Ron Barwick Student Union West (SUW) 265 CRN: 91049 Make Your Money Last - NEW People are now living longer than ever. This class will share tips and ideas to make sure your money will last as long as you do! The class covers the basics of retirement planning and includes investing, estate planning, and postretirement money management. Instructor: Steve Moss Student Union West (SUW) 347 CRN: 91038 Meditation Learn basic techniques for mental, physical, and spiritual balance through specific guided meditation exercises. Journaling and self-study will be introduced as well as the concepts in Yoga Nidra; which is seeking a goal called San Kalpa. Students are to bring blankets, pillows, towels, eye pillow, or anything else to make the meditation more comfortable. Instructor: Kathleen Jansen Wellness (WELL) 137 CRN: 91014

Spring 2019 7

The Tony Awards - NEW Get front row seats to see the best of Broadway musicals for the last 70 years: Rodgers and Hammerstein to Lin-Manuel Miranda. Instructor: Gord Carruth Student Union East (SUE) 10 Private Dining Rm CRN: 91046

A Second Look at Classic Tales - NEW Creating new ways to tell traditional folk and fairy tales with characters and situations ready to spin into new stories is the goal of this class. It offers explorations, resources, crafting ideas, and lots of laughter. Instructor: Pat Nease Student Union West (SUW) 268 CRN: 91071 Skylab America’s First Space Station - NEW Skylab was our first long term human space habitation. Launched in 1973, it was in trouble from the beginning. At Mach 1, the meteoroid/ thermal shield ripped off, taking a solar array with it. The first of the crew was launched 10 days later. They were in orbit more than 84 days. Skylab reentered the atmosphere as an uncontrolled satellite in 1979. Instructor: Don O’Neal Student Union West (SWU) 266 CRN: 91075 Slavery, The True Story - NEW Slavery was a dark period in the history of the United States. Most people think they know the real story about slavery, but they don’t. Come and discover little known and obscure facts and truths about slavery. Instructor: Matthew Shack Student Union West (SUW) 259 CRN: 91015 8 | Education Encore

Yoga Students learn Hatha Yoga poses and asanas using controlled breathing and meditation to achieve muscular strength, endurance, and relaxation. Yoga is beneficial regardless of your physical condition, age, or abilities. Wear stretchable or loose-fitting clothing and bring a Yoga mat. Instructor: Mary Gene Smith Wellness (WELL) 145 CRN: 91017 Yoga For Healthy Aging - NEW The course includes lectures and discussions on the benefits of Yoga for Healthy Aging. Yoga posture demonstrations and practice including modifications help make the poses accessible as our bodies age. Instructor: Mary Jo Capra Wellness (WELL) 133 CRN: 91037

PERIOD THREE 1:00 P.M. – 2:15 P.M. Enameled Jewelry: Exploring Color and Pattern – NEW (Continued) 7 Ways to Capture Your Life Story to Pass On - NEW Leave your children or the world a legacy! Learn to capture memories from your life, and those who went before. Include almost-forgotten family or personal stories of historical significance, and precious tidbits of personal detail, to be cherished for a lifetime. Experiment with your writing skills through fun and unusual exercises in a safe environment. You will finish more motivated than ever to leave a priceless heirloom! Instructor: Pat Sabiston Student Union West (SUW) 268 CRN: 91018

Appreciation of Disney Animation - NEW This class provides a survey of the history and progress of the Disney Animation Studios. Covering the 1930’s to current day, we study the successes and failures of the studio’s nearly 100-year reign. Learn about animation styles, technology developments, downfalls, and resurgences in the films kids of all ages have enjoyed for decades. Instructor: Matt Greene & Cole Schneider Student Union West (SUW) 259 CRN: 91019

Intermediate Bridge – TWO Periods This class is for social bridge players who want to improve to the next level. The introduction of the Stayman Convention, Strong Teo, opening bids, review of overcalls, take out doubles, and pre-emptive bidding. Prerequisite: Current Bridge player. Instructor: Sally Cook Student Union West (SUW) 302 CRN: 91020

BEAM! - NEW Be Everything And More! This course is a fun and inspirational wellness and dance movement class that strengthens body, mind, and spirit connections. It promotes and celebrates potential leading to lighter and brighter ways of being in the world. Please bring water & a towel. Instructor: Tara Dent Wellness (WELL) 133 CRN: 91045 Computer Basics & Beyond - NEW This class will make using computers easy and understandable. Topics will include basic set up, maintenance, and troubleshooting of a computer. Navigating the internet and setting up Wi-Fi as well as everyday computer applications, such as word and email services will also be discussed. Instructor: TBD Student Union East (SUE) 246 CRN: 91064 Dollars, Euros and More! - NEW! The foreign currency class features a characterization of people travelling abroad or buying high ticket items from abroad. Research the fluctuations in cost compared to the US dollar. Class members will compete with each other by practicing with dummy accounts in the world currency markets. Instructor: Adam Killick Student Union West (SUW) 347 CRN: 91070

Intermediate Watercolor Painting – TWO Periods This course is an intermediate approach to watercolor painting. Students will be led by finding the right subject, getting the right perspective and painting what they love. Intermediate painting techniques will be demonstrated and practiced. Supply List located at Instructor: Deblyn Ceeley Student Union East (SUE) 244 CRN: 91021 Music and Wellness - NEW Music is a powerful art form used in centuries past and in the present to help bring healing and wellness to the body, mind, and spirit. We will explore the many ways music assists us in self-reflection and can be used as a creative approach to achieving a more mindful way of life through listening, singing, drumming, writing, and mindfulness exercises. Begin your mindfulness and wellness journey with music! Instructor: Colleen Cox Wellness (WELL) 137 CRN: 91068 Spring 2019 9

Physics is Everything This course explains Physics at a fundamental level using in-class demonstrations, internet videos, and animations. It is fun, informative, and eye opening how Physics plays such an important role in our everyday life. Topics vary and are easy to comprehend. Each Encore semester will involve new and different material. Instructor: Jerry Blimbaum Student Union West (SUW) 265 CRN: 91022 Reading About Race: Coming to Terms with Implicit Bias - NEW What is race? Let’s talk about our ideals of freedom and equality, the social construction of racism, and the concept of unconscious bias, in the context of contemporary books, articles, and experience. A list of suggested materials for discussion will be provided. Instructor: Heather Ogilvie Student Union West (SUW) 349 CRN: 91066 Social Media: Staying Connected Love it or hate it, social media is here to stay! Get up-to-date on the latest social media best practices using Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. Learn how to use these popular social media apps and what social media is all about. Let’s get social and have fun! Instructor: TBD Student Union West (SUW) 266 CRN: 91065 Still Life Painting – TWO periods – NEW Still Life Painting is a proud tradition in the Visual Arts. In this project based course, you will learn to “paint what you see” with easily mastered techniques with instruction from a professional Artist. Each week, students will enjoy painting from a brand new Still Life display. Oils or Acrylic paints. Supply List located at Instructor: Tim Gagnon Student Union West (SUW) 267 CRN: 91023

10 | Education Encore

Surprises in the World - NEW Explore what you may not know about Berlin, The Netherlands, Provence, Florence/Rome, Cambodia, and a city no one has visited. Participants will discover new surprises each week! Instructor: Gord Carruth Student Union East (SUE) 10 Private Dining CRN: 91047 Yoga for Gardening - NEW If you are a gardener, you spend sunny days outdoors tending to your garden. Are you caring for and tending to the well-being of your body as carefully as you are caring for and tending to your garden? Yoga for gardening not only prevents injury and soreness but cultivates relaxation, meditation, balance, flexibility, acceptance, patience, and concentration. Learn to match each of your habitual gardening movements with yogic movements that protect, support, open, restore, align, balance, activate, and strengthen. All levels welcome. Instructor: Rebecca Fox Wellness (WELL) 145 CRN: 91043

PERIOD FOUR 2:30 P.M. – 3:45 P.M. Enameled Jewelry: Exploring Color and Pattern – NEW (Continued) Intermediate Watercolor Painting (Continued) Intermediate Bridge (Continued) Still Life Painting (Continued) Amateur Astronomy - NEW In this course, astronomy is approached from the viewpoint of the hands-on amateur. Some topics include: setting up a free computer planetarium to locate eclipses and other sky events; choosing good but inexpensive telescopes; understanding astronomy in the current news; the imaging revolution; and observing deep-sky objects. Internet and book resources for Astronomy are described. Telescope not needed. Instructor: Dr. Harold Suiter Student Union West (SUW) 265 CRN: 91039

The Ancient Philosophy of Yoga - NEW This course explores the Eight Limbs of Yoga as a guide for you in living a meaningful, intentional ,and healthy life. While yoga asanas or postures are one of The Eight Limbs of Yoga, this course explores the ultimate goal of asana practice. Traditional yoga is a spiritual discipline that encourages optimum holistic well-being. Patanjali begins his instruction in the ancient Yoga Sutras with, “Yoga is the cessation of the fluctuation of the mind.� He prescribes these eight limbs of yoga in order to still our minds. The moving meditation of asana practice is often the beginning of our journey into the eight-fold path of yoga. Instructor: Rebecca Fox Wellness (WELL) 145 CRN: 91042 Aquatic Exercise This class helps participants learn the basics of aquatic exercise. Classes take place in the indoor heated pool located in the GCSC Wellness Center. Both the locker rooms and the pool are handicapped accessible. Wear a bathing suit and bring a lock and towel. SWIMMING SKILLS ARE NOT REQUIRED. Instructor: Anne Lehmeyer Wellness Pool CRN: 91024

Beginning American Sign Language - NEW An introduction to the basic skills in production and comprehension of Sign Language, including finger spelling and numbers, conversational ability and culturally appropriate behaviors to ASL grammar. Instructor: Yolanda Tingler Student Union East (SUE) 10 Private Dining Rm CRN: 91044 Current Foreign Policy Topics - NEW This course is an interactive class that discusses current foreign policy issues and their relevancy to the country and to you. Each week we will cover 3-4 current global topics including: summaries of the person, place or event; what US foreign policy is or should be and its relevancy to you. The course is led by a retired career intelligence officer with global experience. Audience interaction will be highly encouraged. Instructor: Rich Filippi Student Union East (SUE) 231 CRN: 91026

Encore is making a splash this spring!

Spring 2019 11

Introduction to Shakespeare - NEW In this course, students will be introduced to the greatest writer of all time by reviewing five of Shakespeare’s plays throughout the semester— basically one per week after the first introductory week, which will include an investigation of his background, the Elizabethan era, and his poetry. Plays will be selected by the class, but should include a comedy, a tragedy, and a history. Students will be encouraged to review each play, preferably by reading it; every effort will be made to arrange a viewing of the play prior to discussion. Instructor: Robert Lamphear Student Union West (SUW) 349 CRN: 91034 Monarch Butterflies: The Original “Snowbird” - NEW The flight south from Canada is made not only by our Canadian friends but also by the Monarch Butterfly. This course will focus on its journey south with all its perils and the structure and function of the butterfly, the story of egg to butterfly life cycle. We will discuss milkweed habitats, the effects of habitat loss, and what can we do to help. Resources will include videos of the miraculous metamorphosis of the beautiful jeweled chrysalis of the Monarch, caterpillars and chrysalis. Hopefully butterflies will be available for observation! Instructor: Linda Kitner Student Union West (SUW) 266 CRN: 91025 Off the Beaten Path w/ Adam! - NEW In this course, Adam takes participants back in history with stories from local communities and abroad. The instructor will present videos on Devil’s Loop (local story about Hurricane Ivan 2004), Last Ferry to Bunker Creek (1989 story of how last cable ferry was discontinued leaving residents of Bunker Island in Walton County isolated) and more. Instructor: Adam Killick Student Union West (SUW) 347 CRN: 91048

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Simplify Smart Phones - NEW Learn how to deal with smart phones and understand their features. The class will cover how to use Android and Apple Phones. Participants will learn everything from taking pictures and making calls to downloading apps and customizing their home page. Instructor: TBD Student Union East (SUE) 246 CRN: 91063 Stories that Serve - NEW In this course, participants discuss a series of books that inspire the reader to reflection, direction, and action in his/her own life. These stories convey life lessons, legacy building and self-reflection. The first story will be The Alchemist, by Paulo Coelho. A story about the wisdom of listening to our hearts, recognizing opportunity and pursuing our dreams. The book has sold millions of copies and was featured in the Summer 2018 Great American Read list. Instructor: Catherine MacKay Student Union West (SUW) 268 CRN: 91067 Florida Seafood at Your Fingertips - NEW Floridians eat nearly twice as much seafood as consumers in the rest of the nation. Market choices are more plentiful than ever, but so are questions. What’s imported and what’s local? Is my choice nutritious and safe to eat? How do I fix the fish I purchased at the seafood market? During this class, participants will learn about nutrition and health benefits of seafood. Special emphasis will be given to the variety and seasonality of Florida seafood harvested locally. Participants will have opportunity to sample prepared seafood recipes. Instructor: Scott Jackson Student Union East (SUE) 232 CRN: 91062

REGISTRATION INFORMATION Spring 2019, Education Encore January 18 - February 22 Cost $92.00 - 4-WAYS TO REGISTER 1.) ONLINE REGISTRATION - Opens Dec 7

Follow the online enrollment instructions.

2) IN-PERSON REGISTRATION Opens Dec 7 at the Corporate College Registration Desk, SUE, 2nd Floor 3) MAIL-IN REGISTRATIONS & PAYMENTS Mail your completed registration form with check or credit card information to: ATTN: Corporate College Gulf Coast State College 5230 West US Hwy 98 Panama City, FL 32401 850- 872-3823 4) FAX REGISTRATIONS Fax your completed registration form with credit card information to 850-747-3258 For registration confirmation of receipt please call 850-872-3823. Forms are available in the Corporate College Office, SUE, 2nd Floor and on the last page of the Education Encore Spring 2019 brochure. 3-WAYS TO PAY 1) Online with a credit card using PayPal 2) In-Person at Business Affairs office (1st floor Administration Bldg.) Mon – Fri, 8 am to 4 pm. 3) Mail-In: Checks and Registration forms may be mailed to the address below: ATTN: Corporate College Gulf Coast State College 5230 West US Hwy 98 Panama City, FL 32401 Fees are due no later than January 11, 2019. ONLINE ENROLLMENT INSTRUCTIONS To register online, you must have a Gulf Coast State College (GCSC) Student ID number. This number begins with an “A” and is followed by eight numbers, ex: A00xxxxxx, and can be found on your Student ID card or on a receipt/ class schedule. Student ID numbers are not given out via the phone.


After three unsuccessful attempts to LOG-IN to your USERNAME and/or PIN your account will be locked. If this occurs please use one of the other three methods to register for Encore classes. SECTION I. NEW STUDENT APPLICATION

STEP 1: STUDENT ID APPLICATION If you are a new student, please complete an online student ID application. Apply at: Click: STUDENT ID APPLICATION

Apply online 1) A SSN or Canadian SIN, date of birth, name, address and email are required on the application. 2) Click: Submit 3) Allow five business days to receive an email with your student ID number

STEP 2: NEW STUDENT PIN (Password) FIRST TIME USER SET-UP Go to Click: ONLINE REGISTRATION FOR ENCORE CLASSES NOTE: Choose Internet Explorer, Chrome or Firefox. Lighthouse is not compatible with Microsoft Edge Browser.

The link takes you to the GCSC Lighthouse User Login page. First Time Users: 1) Enter your new GCSC Student ID# (User ID) In the format: A00XXXXXX 2) Enter your 6-digit date of birth in the following format: MMDDYY (ex: June 16, 1954 would be 061654). Then click Login

User ID: PIN: Click: Login 3) Immediately you will be prompted to change your PIN. (Note: PINs and Security Questions are case sensitive.) 4) Your new PIN can be a combination of letters and at least one number. Use a minimum of 6 characters and a maximum of 16 characters New PIN: Re-enter new PIN: 5) Create a Security Question (at least 15 characters long) ex: In which state was I born? 6) Create an Answer (at least 4 characters long) Answer: Missouri. Spring 2019 13

User ID: A00xxxx Question: In which state was I born? Answer: Missouri Click: SUBMIT ANSWER 7) This question and answer will be used to verify your identity to reset your PIN. Choose a security question with an answer you will remember. 8) Continue to SECTION III: REGISTER FOR CLASSES or logout and complete your registration later. SECTION II. RETURNING STUDENTS WITH STUDENT ID#


2) At the Lighthouse User Login Page: Returning students with a GCSC STUDENT ID#: If you have not enrolled in a class in the last two years, your Student ID# may need to be refreshed – try it first to see if it is accepted. To check to see if your Student ID is still valid, enter your USER ID and PIN on the Login screen: User ID: PIN: Click: Login If your Student ID is no longer valid, send an email to requesting assistance. STEP 2: RETURNING STUDENTS – RESET PIN Lighthouse Student PINS expire every 60 days. After you enter your User ID select Forgot Pin? to avoid being locked out. User ID: PIN: Click: Forgot Pin?

Note: Security Questions and Answers are Case Sensitive! Answer the security question that you previously set up. Click: SUBMIT ANSWER 1) Clear existing NEW PIN field (box) of characters and in the blank field (box) type a NEW PIN. Ex: 419200. Then, re-enter your NEW PIN again in the next field (box) to confirm it. 2) Click: RESET PIN 3) Go to SECTION III: REGISTER FOR CLASSES 14 | Education Encore


STEP 1: REGISTER FOR CLASSES On the Lighthouse Welcome Screen: CLICK: Student Registration Registration/Drop/Add SELECT TERM: Non-Credit Corp Cl Spring 2019......Jan 02, 2019 - May 07, 2019 CLICK: SUBMIT STEP 2: ADD or DROP CLASSES

This will bring you to the Add Or Drop Classes web page. 1) Scroll down to: Add Classes Worksheet 2) Enter the CRN#s of the courses you want to take in the blank CRN fields (from 1 to 4 classes). CRN#s are listed in the Spring, 2019 Encore Brochure. If the CRN is not accepted, this means that the class in FULL. Select another class. 3) Remember to include any Supply Fee CRN# where necessary. 4) Click: SUBMIT CHANGES 5) In BLUE BOX located underneath Submit Changes, click Registration Fee Assessment to pay for your classes. REGISTRATION FEE ASSESSMENT

1) In BLUE BOX located underneath Total Charge: $92.00. 3) Click: CREDIT CARD PAYMENT 4) Select Spring 2019 Corp College 5) View Account Balance 6) Enter payment: $92.00 7) Click: PAY BY CREDIT 8) You will be directed to the PAY PAL website to enter your Credit Card information. VIEW SCHEDULE IN LIGHTHOUSE

1) Click: STUDENT 2) Click: REGISTRATION 3) Click: CONCISE STUDENT SCHEDULE 4) Print the schedule from your browser.

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Ethnicity: (Requested by the Federal Government) Are you Hispanic?  Yes  No (Citizenship) Choose one of the following:  US Citizen  Non-Resident Alien  Permanent Resident Alien Race: (Requested by the Federal Government) Choose one or more  White  Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander  Asian  Black/African American  American Indian/Alaska Native

Below, list the name and CRN number of classes selected. If you will not be attending a class during one of the time frames, write “no class” in that time frame. In case your preferred classes are full, list alternative classes. Period 1



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Payment Information Payment is made by:  Check or Money Order  MasterCard  Visa  American Express  Discover Card Number Cardholder’s Signature


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Refund information: Refund requests must be received by 12:00 pm five workdays before the first day of the class (excluding paid online classes). Send a refund request email to All refunds are issued by check to the person assigned to the student ID listed on the registration. Online classes and hybrid classes re non-refundable once access has been granted.

PA photo consent release form for use of images in all GCSC marketing materials is included in the participant folders provided at orientation. Complete and return to Corporate College. Notification of Collection and use of Social Security Number: FL statute 119.071(5); GCSC collects SSNs for use in performance of the College’s duties and responsibilities for the following purposes: identification, verification, & creation of student records necessary for conducting the College’s business; billing & payments; data collection; tax reporting. Federal law requires that we protect SSNs from disclosure to unauthorized parties. Federal legislation related to the Hope tax credit requires that all postsecondary institutions report the SSN of all postsecondary students to the IRS. A student may refuse to disclose his/her SSN to the College, but refusing to comply with the federal requirement may result in fines established by the IRS.

Spring 2019 15

Education Encore Spring 2019 catalog  

What is Education Encore? “No Stress! No Tests! No Grades! Just Fun!” Education Encore is offered by Corporate College at Gulf Coast State C...

Education Encore Spring 2019 catalog  

What is Education Encore? “No Stress! No Tests! No Grades! Just Fun!” Education Encore is offered by Corporate College at Gulf Coast State C...