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July/August 2013


Presidents Message By Josh Heptig

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Highlights from Al Glaze 8 Tri Chapter Event


Tri Chapter Highlights


Official Publication of the Golf Course Superintendents Association of Central California. The purpose of this publication is information and education for the membership. Published bi-monthly by GCSACC 5322 N. Leonard Clovis, CA 93619 Phone (559) 298-4853 Fax (559) 298-6957 Email Bob Schneiderhan, Newsletter Chairman Mike Scott, CGCS, Editor

Why do we belong to the GCSAA and our related chapters? This was a question that was asked on our recent survey and many answers came back as because we are required to have this membership. This answer primarily pertained to the dual membership requirement for chapter affiliation. I understand being required to belong to a chapter could be viewed as a burden, but members of our local region have more in common with us than someone from South Carolina for instance. These members can help provide

us with solutions to problems that affect us all. We are all more busy and our time is more valuable than ever it seems. Our National and Chapter memberships are resources that can be used when we need them. If you are not sure what those resources are then contact one of your Board Members and ask them or contact Jeff Jensen our National Field Staff Representative and discover the plethora of resources at your fingertips. The largest resource we have is people. People are what make our

industry thrive. Think about it, people maintain your turf, people provide the service at the pro shop and restaurant, people sell us products to perform our jobs better, and people are our customers who purchase our products and services that allow us to have jobs in the first place. Through the GCSAA we form an association of passionate professionals that are tasked with providing quality playing conditions for our customers in an effort to protect the environment and grow the game of golf. This associa(Continued on page 2)

2013 Al Glaze Memorial Scholarship And Research Tournament by Brian Daum Another year has passed and another successful Al Glaze Scholarship and Research Tournament is in the books. If you didn’t make it, you missed out because it was nothing short of SPECTACULAR! From the moment you stepped out of

your car and had a GCSACC board member asking if you need help with your clubs, you knew it was going to be a good day! Kudos goes out to Paul Barr and his staff on having the newly renovated San Luis Country Club in such great shape,

never had a bad lie on the tightly mowed Kikuyu grass/weed!!! And the Greens, you know the Greens are great when Bill Galli makes every putt he looks at (sorry Bill)! Although Bill’s putter was on fire it wasn’t enough as his (Continued on page 3)


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President’s Message-Continued from page 1 Josh Heptig GCSACC President

tion provides all superintendents and our facilities valuable information to keep us on the forefront of our industry needs and requirements. For instance, without GCSAA we would all be individually trying to keep up with governmental regulations and requirements. I for one do not have the time, let alone the knowledge to read through the legal documents and pick out the ones that pertain to our industry, but the GCSAA and our chapter hire individuals that specialize in these services for our benefit and the benefit of our facilities. We are a brotherhood of people with the same professional goal…to tend to the turf to serve our customers. I recently held an event at one of our courses that required additional superintendent support. After making some calls, I had 6 fellow superintendents that were willing to help out for 5 hours on a Saturday to make sure that some kids had fun learning about what we do and how we do it. I owe these individuals deeply and cannot thank them enough for their support! Thanks again to each of you, you know who you are. The Rounds 4 Research program has been established to help provide turf research for our industry. Together we can help make sure that improvements continue to be made to help make our lives easier, but also keep turf programs afloat

throughout the country. Our state is at a critical crossroads, as two years ago Dr. Frank Wong left for the east coast, Dr. Harivandi in the Bay area retired this past June, and the future of Cal Poly’s turfgrass program is uncertain. Our state has critical need for this research as we face Pictured above are some of the chemical regulations, water shortGCSACC participants in the Live ages, nutrient issues with ground Green Day at Morro Bay Golf Course. water, and too many more items to From left Josh Heptig, Bob Schneiderlist here. han, Andy Cordova, Tony Rudge, and My point is that we all need Albert Nunes. each other and the GCSAA is, in my opinion, a great organization to help bring us together. If your opinion is different please give me a call as I want to hear your feedback so that it can be relayed to GCSAA National as your ideas may lead to new programs or thoughts to benefit us all. If we all work together the load does not seem as heavy. Don’t be afraid to ask for some help from time to time as we cannot do it all alone. You have Josh Heptig is interviewed by ESPN „s Golf Talk friends waiting in the wings to help at the drop of a hat, sometimes all you have to do is ask. Best Wishes! Pictured at right is Josh Heptig with two of the very special attendees of the Live Green Day.


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Al Glaze Continued from page 1 CPS/Riverbend team of Bill Galli, Ron Toomajian, Mike Stieler & Danny Panaccia came in 2nd net. Oddly enough they lost to the John Deere Landscapes team who gets to take home the Toro trophy. Irene make sure we have a credit card on file for Eddie Amador, Guy Belchenko, Joel Clay & Bob Schneiderhan. I have a feeling that the trophy might have a mustache next year. Congratulations to both teams and also a special WELL DONE to the Gross winners who didn’t stay around to collect their trophy! Madera Country Club’s team of Clayton Bennett, Jesus Gonzalez, Tom Shepard & Brent Adam still probably don’t know they won the gross tournament! We will make sure that they get it though.

Golf was great but what made it spectacular for me were three key elements: 1. Seeing two of the three scholarship winners at the tournament. Eric Lewellen and Derek Stone are two energetic young men who are making names for themselves. Eric Lewellen is a Senior at Cal Poly majoring in Turfgrass Management who just happens to be apart of Paul Barr’s crew and 4th generation turfgrass manager Derek Stone is enrolled in the Penn State online Turf program. Cody Stewart, 3rd scholarship winner is also a Cal Poly senior in Turfgrass Management and is ranked #1 in his class just above Eric (are you going to let Cody beat you Eric?) 2. Meeting Al Glaze’s wife Marie. Having her come to the tournament

and ride around with Irene was amazing. She had picture albums and stories to tell which gave us all better knowledge on why this tournament is so important. We should all be so lucky as to have a wife as sweet as Marie!!! 3. The retirement of Joe Tompkins. Speeches and a roast of Joe from his pals was eye opening. These guys have been in the industry for many moons and still enjoy every minute of it. As Joe gave his final speech you could tell he was fighting hard to hold back tears of admiration & gratitude. Joe you will be missed but never forgotten! Thanks for all the years of dedication and fortitude!!!

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Thank You Letter From Cody Stewart 2013 Scholarship Recipient

As a Cal Poly Senior majoring in Environmental Horticulture Science, I know that college is an expensive learning experience. I am honored to receive a scholarship from the Golf Course Superintendents Association of Central California. The people that I have met within the turf industry have been nothing but helpful, very generous, and throughout my life they have been positively influential. I have made it this far due to people like this, and each member of the GCSACC that supports me is another person that I cannot wait to work with in the turf industry. Scholarships like this will not only help pay for rent, books, and even tuition but also fuels my passion to become part of the horticulture industry. Once again, thank you to each member that was involved in any way for my support.

Cody Stewart Turfgrass Management Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo (805) 512-1690


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Meeting Schedule September 9, 2013

December 7, 2013

Annual Meeting & Elections and

Annual Holiday Party Window’s On The Water Morro Bay, CA This is also the Annual Morro Bay Boat Parade Weekend

River Oaks G.C., Paso Robles, CA

October 14, 2013 Annual Charities Tournament Madera Country Club Host Superintendent Lowell Stone

January 2014 Winter Educational Symposium And Golf Tournament Location and Date to be Confirmed

TURF PRO 2013 Dairy Creek Golf Course 2990 Dairy Creek Rd. San Luis Obispo, CA September 11, 2013 November 13, 2013 Copper River Country Club 11500 N. Friant Rd. Fresno, CA September 12, 2013 November 14, 2013 For Additional Information Contact Mike Cline (559) 269-7342

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Around The Green by Mike Cline

For those of you who have lived in the San Joaquin Valley for any time, I can say this has been one of the hottest summers I can remember, maybe not in days over 100 degrees, but in days of 109 degrees and hotter. Brutal!! Lots going on around the chapter this issue so without further fanfare, let’s get to it. Longtime Visalia Country Club Superintendent Mike Swing resigned from the Country Club and moved down the road a few miles to Valley Oaks Golf Course, the Visalia Municipal course managed by CourseCo. I had time to visit with Mike and he seems very relaxed and excited to try out some of the agronomic programs he’s been thinking about for years. Good luck Mike and we look forward to good things at Valley Oaks. To that end, Visalia Country Club has not hired a new superintendent as of this printing, but we hear an offer is about to be made. Don’t know who the candidates are but once we find out we will let you know. La Purisma Golf Course in Lompoc California has been sold by Ken Hunter to a group out of Santa Barbara. Jason Pautsch who has been director of golf operation for both Hunter Ranch Golf Course and La Purisma Golf Course will remain with Hunter Ranch and former Hunter Ranch Superintendent Tony Rudge will move down to La Purisma with the new ownership. I’ve heard that there are big plans for the course so it will be exciting to watch this course evolve over the next few

months and years. Congratulations Tony! The clubhouse at Stevenson Ranch Golf Course was destroyed by a fire that is believed to have started in the kitchen. Loss to the clubhouse has been placed at $1,000,000, but golf operations are back up and running without a missed beat. The club will work out of a temporary building while the clubhouse is rebuilt. We recently had a retirement dinner for Joe Tompkins in conjunction with the Al Glaze Scholarship Tournament at San Luis Obispo Golf and Country Club. I want to say this dinner was unique in that the attendees where people who all came into the industry at about the same time as Joe when he first started at Sunnyside Country Club. Chuck Tally, Bob Dalton, Bill Griffith, Mike McGraw, Pete Prentice, and myself where in attendance with our better halves to roast Joe, and fill Debbi’s head with story upon story that probably should not have been told. Jason Pautch was in attendance and I think he marveled at all the dirt we all had on Joe. San Luis Obispo Golf and Country Club is a better place because of Joe, and I know he has mixed feeling about retirement, but new superintendent Paul Bar will keep the bar that Joe set on high and add a few new goals of his own. Congratulations Joe and best of wishes on your retirement. This month’s featured superintendent is Brett Miller of Tulare Golf Course. Brett has been at Tulare Golf Course for over 15 years, 14 years of which have been

as Superintendent. I caught up with Brett on a mild summer day in Tulare and here are; 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Superintendent Brett Miller 1. First job in golf? My first job in golf was as an afternoon waterman at Kings Country Club working for Bob Dalton. I was a student at COS and wanted to become a Golf Course Architect. Kings Country Club was doing some remodeling while I was there and the shaper on the job said unless your name is Nicklaus or Palmer, you might want to consider becoming a superintendent. 2. What was your first management job in golf? My first management job in golf was in 1996 when I was the assistant superintendent working for Eric Aller. Eric left the course to go to work for the City of Clovis, and his replacement, Jay Jamison was only on the property for about 1 year and moved on and the next thing I know I’m the new superintendent. 3. What do you like to do when you’re not at work? When I’m not at work I love to spend time with my wife and kids, play golf, and work on the local baseball fields for all the youth baseball players in Tulare. 4. Who is your favorite sports team and why? (Continued on page 7)


Around The Green

Continued from page 6 5. If you could pick one meal, what would it be? My favorite meal is a big juicy Rib eye Steak cooked in my back yard the way I like it. 6. What’s your favorite part of being a golf course superintendent? My favorite part of the job is working outside, I could not stand to be tied to a desk.

Brett Miller Tulare Golf Course

My favorite sports team is the Atlanta Braves because I have always been a big Dale Murphy fan so when he became the center fielder for the Braves, they became my team.

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7. What’s your least favorite part of being a golf course superintendent? My least favorite part of the job goes hand in hand with working outside, I hate working on the course when it is 110 degrees that is no fun at all.

For over 80 years the specialty seed source for: -Native Grasses and Wildflowers -Kikuyu, Paspalum, Hybrid Bermuda -Bentgrasses, Fine Fescues, Ryegrasses Golf Course Representatives: Jim Culley 213-268-3193 Don Lewis 213-247-3266 Home Office: 800-621-0315

8. What’s your favorite band? My favorite band is or should I say singer is Kenny Chesney. 9. What’s your favorite song? My favorite song is also from Kenny, “My old Blue Chair”. 10. What’s your favorite movie? My favorite movie is “The Preachers Wife” Don’t Ask! That ends our trip around the chapter but if you hear something you think is interesting, let me know, and I hope to see you “Around the Green”

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TEE-OFF News Highlights From Al Glaze 2013 At right Joe Tompkins was roasted by several of his dearest friends.

Pictured above is host superintendent Paul Barr and Association President Josh Heptig. Pictured at right are Mike Basil, Bill Griffith, and Mike McGraw. Mike McGraw entertained the group with an “Ode to Joe” poem he had written

Golf Course Materials Topdressing Sand - Bunker Sand Decomposed Granite - Drain Rock 1/8” Minus Turf & Tee Bulk Humus Brush Removal Call for competitive rates

David Knott, Inc. (559) 449-8935 or (559) 760-5387


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Highlights From Al Glaze 2013 At left are the Toro Trophy winners. Joel Clay, Bob Schneiderhan and Guy Belchenko. Not pictured was Eddie Amador. Below is scholarship winner Derek Stone.

Pictured below with Marie Glaze, middle, are Joe Tompkins, Bob Dalton, Mike Basil, Mike McGraw, and Chuck Talley.

Pictured above is the 1st Place team from Madera C.C., Clayton Bennett, Jesus Gonzales, Tom Shepard, and Brent Adam. Below is the team of GCSAA Director, Rafael Barajas, CGCS, with Hector Barajas, Brook Gifford, and Junior Valdivia Bottom right is the team from Stockdale C.C. Michael Barber, Bill Foy, Harry Scott, Dennis Thelan, and they included Ron Barts.


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Tri Chapter Meeting Hosted by Phil Brown Spring Creek Country Club By Rob Williams Phil Brown has passionately filled the position of Golf Course Superintendent at Spring Creek Country Club since 2002. Having studied at the Cal Poly College of San Luis Obispo, his previous works have included the grow in and opening of Sierra Nevada Golf Ranch (now Genoa Lakes Resort) where he maintained the course for a further four years and also completed renovations at Genoa Lakes before taking the helm at Spring Creek Country Club. Phil's and his lovely wife Suzanne are proud parents of four grown children. Ashley, Brittany, Reid and Koryn who all have successful careers and families of their own. "Empty nesters baby!!!" Phil adds as he talks of world travels and

playing golf wherever they can pack their clubs. Spring Creek Country Club began construction of a 22,000 sq.ft. new club house in August of 2011, and the opening was held on the weekend of Mothers Day in 2012. The construction also included the rebuilding of the #1 tee complex and of the putting green Phil adds "Over the 11 years of being Superintendent here I’ve been involved in constructing new golf holes 11 & 18, New tee box complexes throughout the course, bunker renovations, completion of the cart path network throughout the course, installation of a new irrigation system (that’s 10 years old), expansions to the driving range tee, and clubhouse and parking lot land-

Phil Brown Photographed on one of his world travel adventures The Great Wall of China

scapes". A crew of 15 including an Assistant Superintendent, Mechanic and Assistant Mechanic have served Phil well, with several twenty year and one forty plus year men dedicated to maintaining the golf course and landscaping. When I asked Phil about his association over the years with the GCSAA and the Sierra Nevada Golf Course Superintendent Association, his local association, he replied "Over my thirty years in the industry I’ve met a tremendous amount of friends and colleagues that have made getting through the difficult times of our jobs much easier with their support and camaraderie. It helps to have a good support system when doing this type of work". It was a pleasure visiting Phil and Spring Creek Country Club for the Tri Chapter meeting. It was a wonderful event hosted by the Central California Chapter and The Tri Chapter Trophy for the Chapter Team Competition went to the Sierra Nevada Group.


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Tri Chapter Highlights Pictured at left is Jeremy Payne, Sierra Nevada GCSA President, Phil Brown Host Superintendent, and Tennessee McBroom, Central California Vice President.

Below is Pat Finlen, CGCS, GCSAA President and Northern California Representative along with Host Superintendent Phil Brown

At right Mike Swing, CGCS and Scott Furtak get ready for a round of golf.

At left Kevin Eppich gets a chance to catch up with Chuck Duran from Riverside G.C. Below Phil Brown and Corbett Rankin receive the Chapter Trophy for the Sierra Nevada Chapter

5322. N. Leonard Ave. Clovis, CA 93619









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