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2010 DOWNTOWN &BEYOND Annual Report on the State of Economic Development in the Camden Special Services District


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Late one Friday afternoon this past December, I walked along Washington Street from Cooper Commons Park toward Broadway. The sun had long since set, but the street was alive. Not the kind of “alive” that one might expect having read about Camden in the newspaper—drug dealers and gun-toting criminals patrolling their sets. Instead, the street was alive with the chatter of city residents and local employees who were walking the two blocks from an outdoor holiday concert to an art gallery in a formerly abandoned storefront. Children, parents, workers, young, and old strolled together from a recently remade park, past vacant lots that had been reclaimed and greened, past new streetscaping and holiday lights on the porches of historically-restored homes, to a streetcorner that just six months earlier was the heart of the city’s trade in methadone. And they came for the music and the art! It has been just over one year since I became President of the Greater Camden Partnership and this was the clearest sign I had yet seen that our strategy to revitalize the city was taking hold and that palpable change was under way. This is not to say that the transformation is attributable to GCP alone. True to our name, we have engaged in a partner-based approach that is unapologetically focused on a single goal—revitalizing Camden by leveraging the economic development potential of the city’s anchor institutions. Across the country, anchor-led development has proven to be a sustainable and catalyzing strategy for economic development, and over the past year GCP has explicitly shifted its focus to the formulation and execution of such a strategy for Camden. The report that follows offers the first of what will be an annual snapshot of economic development in the city, with a specific focus on the recent activity of our anchor institutions in the downtown and the area around Lourdes Hospital. 2009 was an important year for GCP. Our Camden Special Services District (CSSD) clean and safe program expanded to add two new commercial corridors, and we launched a vacant lot initiative that greened 81 properties in just six weeks. GCP also began the development of an employer-assisted housing program and advanced several key “bricks and mortar” projects: the Salvation Army broke ground on its 120,000 square foot Kroc Community Center; a stakeholder group completed plans for a 15-acre transit village near Lourdes Hospital; and planning work began on a mixed-use transit hub in the heart of downtown. This year GCP also revived the Broadway Main Street Program, which seeks to restore the historical arts and retail heart of South Jersey. In addition to the art gallery and caroling on Broadway, GCP partnered with Symphony in C and Cooper Hospital for a fall concert series and supported the county’s summer jazz series on the waterfront. In 2010, we will continue to build on these successes as we look forward to the arrival of new political leadership in both Trenton and Camden City Hall. I would be remiss if I did not close with two special words of thanks. First, I would like to thank the GCP staff and CSSD ambassadors to whom I am truly indebted for their service and commitment. Second, I must acknowledge our dedicated funders and supporting organizations, all of whom are listed at the back of this report. We are humbled by your unwaivering support, particularly in this difficult economic time. I hope you find this report to be a useful resource. For more information on what is happening in the “Downtown and Beyond” please visit our website at or email me at


Warmest regards,


Dave Foster President


Camden is a hub of commerce, government, culture, and transportation for Southern New Jersey. It sits on the east bank of the Delaware River, opposite Penn’s Landing and only a ten minute train ride from the arts, restaurants, shopping, and businesses of Center City Philadelphia. A modern light rail line reaches Trenton in less than 40 minutes and, from there, travelers can continue to Newark Liberty International Airport or New York City. Philadelphia International Airport and the region’s sports complex are 15 minutes away by car. Bucks

Downtown Camden


Philadelphia Camden City








Top Employers

Every day, downtown Camden comes alive with

technology-related businesses to the area.

thousands of employees, students, and small

An example of this is the recently opened

business owners. The central business district

Waterfront Technology Center, where the New

and its surroundings are home to a variety

Jersey Economic Development Authority is

of employers that, together, draw a diverse

partnering with Rutgers University to run a

and well-educated workforce from the city

Lourdes Medical Center


South Jersey Port Corporation


educational institutions, often known as the

Cambell Soup Company


“eds and meds,” but these are only a sample of

Camden continues to serve as the most important civic center in southern New Jersey.

L-3 Communications


the organizations of all sizes that are playing

small business incubator currently housing

important roles in Camden’s resurgence.

more than 40 startups. The Center offers

Cooper University Hospital


itself, southern New Jersey, and southeastern Pennsylvania. Many of the city’s best jobs are

Rutgers University


Virtua Health


associated with its anchor healthcare and higher

subsidized rent, professional mentoring, Government Center

Source: Employer Self-Reported Numbers

Campbell Soup Company Gateway Campus

to newly formed companies and their Some of this activity has benefited the

employees. It also provides access to venture

municipality for many years. Camden continues

capital and other supportive services.

to serve as the most important civic center in southern New Jersey. This is evident in agencies and employees who are based in the

On a smaller scale, an increasingly vibrant mix

city. The prominence of government entities is

of retailers is adding to the diversity of street

on the expansion of the Campbell Soup

visible in the skyline as well - City Hall and the

life around the city. From the Broadway corridor

U.S. District Courthouse are two of the region’s

to the ground floor of the Victor Building, new

most recognizable structures.

businesses are recognizing the opportunities

Gateway Campus. The $90 million development will consist of an 80,000

that a resurgent Camden represents and are

square foot expansion to existing facilities with an emphasis on employee services

Private Sector

choosing to bet on the city’s success. Residents have maintained a keen sense of history as well;

such as a cafeteria, company store, and conference space. The project anchors a

The promising news doesn’t end at the public

mainstays such as Hank’s Bar and Grill and

planned 100-acre office park, the recipient

sector. Private employers have expanded and

Shirley’s Brass Rail on Market Street never fail to

of $23 million worth of infrastructure

retrenched in the city during the past decade as

draw reliable crowds and are always a good spot

investment from the State of New Jersey.

well. Indeed, 2009 brought the most unequivocal

to catch up with friends and colleagues.

This commercial space promises to

private commitments to date as the Campbell

provide attractive options for businesses that may be interested in relocating to the district. It also highlights the power of anchor employers to act as catalysts

Soup Company undertook a large scale expansion of their Camden headquarters (see inset), and Susquehanna Bank chose Camden as

for positive change in their communities.

the headquarters for its regional operations. At

Cambell, based in Camden since the

the same time, a burgeoning technology sector

company’s founding in 1869, is one of the

is beginning to take root. L-3 Communications

city’s largest supporters and has been a

has long anchored its portion of the downtown.

tireless champion of its revitalization for

It continues to pursue its research and

many years.

development of secure communications systems in the city, and its presence has drawn other



the variety of local, county, state, and federal

As 2009 drew to a close, work continued Company’s world headquarters at its


business services, and management assistance




Today, the core of Camden’s economy is a dense concentration of higher education and healthcare “anchor” institutions that are playing a vital role in the city’s economic recovery while making major contributions to its civic and cultural fabric. In neighborhoods across downtown and beyond, their newly opened and planned facilities offer tangible evidence of progress that is already well underway. The anchorbased development strategy that Camden has elected to undertake has a proven track record of success in cities across the country. As anchors invest in their communities, each dollar generates multiplier effects that ripple outwards in the form of jobs, neighborhood stabilization, housing stock improvement, and public safety. Since 2002, the city’s anchors have spent or committed more than $600 million on physical development projects in the city. The impact of this presence goes far beyond improvements to infrastructure. Anchors are making large investments in Camden’s human capital by administering training and recruitment programs, and by supporting community organizations and after school programs. They are improving their neighborhoods by developing commercial, residential, and retail property as well as new parks, plazas, and other public spaces. They 1


are stimulating the city’s economy by creating opportunities for city businesses and vendors through their purchases of local goods and services. For these reasons and more, the story of anchor activity in Camden during 2009 offers a look at just how far the city has already come. CAMcare Health Corporation Anchoring the eastern edge of downtown, CAMcare Health Corporation (CAMcare) is a crucial part of the city’s medical service network. Since 1978, CAMcare has served as a government-subsidized provider of healthcare





for Camden’s underserved and uninsured

population. Its $11 million Gateway Health Center

It is geared toward adults who are not eligible

was one of the first major anchor-led capital

for financial aid, but who cannot afford to pay for

projects in the downtown area following the

schooling. Literacy, career skills, and General

passage of the Camden Recovery Act in 2002.

Education Development (GED) Examination

Today, CAMcare is the city’s largest provider of

preparation are among the studies available

primary care and dental services and presently

through the 14-week Gateway courses, which

provides these services to nearly one in three

are offered at churches, community centers, and

residents in the community. Over the past

other locations throughout the area. In addition,

year, CAMcare has implemented cutting-edge

CCC manages the Adult Basic Skills program,

Since 2002, the city’s anchors have spent or committed more than $600 million on phyical development projects in the city.

which prepares adults for the GED Examination

Electronic Medical Records (EMR) technology,

settings. Since the course’s introduction in

expanded its locations, and added new specialty

2004, more than 500 students have enrolled.

services. CAMcare also used funding from

2009 also saw the first graduates of the

the Recovery & Reinvestment Act of 2009

Practical Nursing program, which is designed

to upgrade its existing facilities, increase

to facilitate the transition from nurse’s aide to

The projected 2012 opening of the new

its services, and improve its Information

registered nurse.

Cooper Medical School of Rowan University

and assists with learning English as a second language. Finally, CCC continues its commitment to helping the residents of Camden find wellpaying jobs with a path to upward mobility through its nursing programs. The Certified Nursing Aide (CNA) program makes students eligible for entry-level healthcare employment in hospitals, long-term-care facilities, and other

in Cooper Plaza will be a landmark for the

Technology infrastructure. CAMcare continues to be a leader in partnering with the community

Health Sciences Campus

Cooper University Hospital

and other health services providers in promoting

neighborhood and for the city of Camden as a whole. When it opens its doors, the building will be the latest component of

the integration of health services for all age

As the city’s largest employer, Cooper University

what is emerging as a dynamic center of


Hospital has long played a central role in the

health science research in southern New

success of Camden. Among the most well

Jersey. Located just three blocks from the

respected healthcare institutions in the region,

new medical school, the Coriell Institute

Cooper was recognized in 2009 as one of the

for Medical Research is using genetic

Camden County College (CCC) continues to

nation’s top hospitals by the National Research

analysis to assist patients in making healthy

build on the momentum it has established since

Corporation - an honor it has received each of

lifestyle choices as part of its Personalized

opening the state-of-the-art Camden Technology

the past four years. This summer, the hospital

Center in 2004. The center is the flagship facility

partnered with the Greater Camden Partnership

at CCC’s downtown campus and represents

to launch the Clean and Safe Cooper Plaza

its ongoing commitment to the city. After its

program. This program places uniformed

Complimenting these efforts, the New

extensive infrastructure investments earlier this

continued on page 8

Jersey Economic Development Authority

Camden County College

decade, CCC has been able to focus on its many human development initiatives, including the

Medicine Collaborative. Cooper University Hospital, the anchor of the growing campus, has announced the construction of a new cancer center nearby.

has set aside the fifth floor of its successful Credits for page 6: 1 CAMcare Health Corporation

Community Gateway Program. More than 1,400

2 Rendering of the Cooper Medical School of Rowan

residents of Camden and its environs have been

University 3 Camden County College students

served by this program since its launch in 2002.

4 Rutgers University–Camden

Waterfront Technology Center for wet lab space that will provide important additional resources to the city’s researchers. DOWNTOWN AND BEYOND 2010


ambassadors in newly restored and re-opened

avoid institutional care. Additionally, Lourdes is

Cooper Commons Park during business hours

moving forward as a partner in the Lourdes/

to remove trash, power-wash sidewalks, clean

PATCO Transit Village @ Ferry Avenue (see

graffiti, and provide an “eyes on the street”

page 16). This 15-acre project will dramatically

presence. The focus on Cooper Plaza is an

improve Lourdes’ link to the PATCO train system

important element of Cooper’s efforts to invest

and will integrate the medical center into a new

in the communities around its campus. This

mixed-use urban community.

commitment is embodied in the soon to be opened condominium building, known as “The

Rowan University

Cooper,” that is under construction at 7th and

New Leadership at Rutgers-Camden: Wendell E. Pritchett

In June 2009, Wendell E. Pritchett, a noted scholar in urban history and policy, and an experienced government and university

New Streets. The 25-unit structure will offer

In February, Rowan’s Board of Trustees approved

high quality market rate housing options to

the purchase of the landmark First Camden

Cooper employees and other city residents.

National Bank & Trust building at the corner of

Finally, Cooper University Hospital, along with

Cooper Street and Broadway. The facility, which

Our Lady of Lourdes Health System and Virtua

is undergoing renovations, will serve as the

Health, recently launched the Camden Health

new home of the university’s Camden campus,

Information Exchange (HIE), an electronic

currently celebrating its 40th anniversary in

medical records interface that will allow

the city. When complete, the building will allow

Camden’s healthcare providers to access

the Camden campus to triple its enrollment to

patient data from various sources. The HIE will

1,500 students and expand its course offerings.

facilitate improved patient care and the sharing

In June, Rowan and Cooper University Hospital

of detailed clinical data among community

announced a partnership to create Cooper

providers, the three major health systems in

Medical School of Rowan University, a new,

Camden, referring lab and radiology groups, and

four-year allopathic medical school in Camden.

other healthcare data providers in the region.

While the medical school is gearing up for the accreditation process and commencing the

administrator, became chancellor of Rutgers University–

Our Lady of Lourdes Medical Center

to his position

Our Lady of Lourdes Medical Center is a key

of the plan, Rowan and Cooper will construct a

as chancellor,

Camden institution that has provided regional

new, 160,000 square foot, $100 million medical

Pritchett taught

health care for more than 50 years. Lourdes

school building near Cooper Hospital at South

at the University

recently completed a $60 million campus

Broadway and Benson Street.

of Pennsylvania

expansion and is working with the adjacent

law school from 2001-09 and served as deputy


Parkside neighborhood on housing and

Rutgers University–Camden

infrastructure improvements. Lourdes opened the LIFE at Lourdes program in 2009, which

During spring 2009, Rutgers–Camden

Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter. In 2007,

is the newest healthcare choice for seniors

celebrated the completion of a $37 million

Pritchett chaired the Urban Policy Task

living in Camden County. LIFE at Lourdes is

project that constructed a new School of

Force for U.S. Senator Barack Obama’s

one of the first Programs of All-Inclusive Care

Law facility and deeply renovated the existing

presidential campaign. Pritchett brings

for the Elderly (PACE) in New Jersey. It is

1972 structure. The Rutgers–Camden Scarlet

keen perspective on how Rutgers–Camden

based on a national model that coorinates all

Raptors received a makeover to their nest

can become a critical partner in the

needed preventive, primary, acute, and long

when the campus’s Athletic and Recreation

advancement of the region.

term care services for nursing home eligible

Center opened in September after a year-long

seniors, enabling them to “age in place” and

renovation. In an effort to build a critical mass

chief of staff and director of policy for


search for a founding dean, the first class of 40 students is expected to begin in 2012. As part

Camden. Previous

of residential students in the city’s university district, the Camden County Improvement Authority is working to build a 350-bed graduate housing complex. In addition, Rutgers–Camden Chancellor Wendell Pritchett has stated that Rutgers will seek to add further undergraduate housing as part of the campus’s overall plan to expand to 7,500 students. The University’s newly appointed and first director of economic development, Gregory Gamble, who started work in May 2009, is overseeing much of this activity. Recognizing the critical need for higher education to help the city and the state meet the soaring demand for qualified nurses, Rutgers–Camden announced in September plans to create a comprehensive School of Nursing that would provide a four-year BSN program, RN to BSN degree completion, and a graduate education program. During the fall, Rutgers–Camden received final approval to introduce PhD programs in public affairs and computational and integrative biology, thereby attracting students from across the nation and around the world to Camden. Throughout the year, Rutgers–Camden launched multiple initiatives that sought to engage the Camden community. For example, the Senator Walter Rand Institute for Public Affairs





partnered with the North Camden neighborhood to craft a plan to convert vacant lots into community gardens. Additionally, the Rutgers Future Scholars program welcomed another cohort of 50 Camden public school students in 2009. The continued on page 11

Credits for this page: 1 Rutgers–Camden Campus 2 Our Lady of Lourdes Medical Center 3 Weekly Farmers’ Market at Virtua Camden 4 Rutgers–Camden classroom





progam provides mentoring for the scholars as

Camden Higher Education

they advance through high school and, upon

& Healthcare Task Force

Good Beginnings

successful admission to Rutgers, will cover their tuition for four years of undergraduate study.

Recognizing that the future of the city’s economic development requires a coordinated


strategy on the part of the city’s anchor institutions, the eight leading “Eds and Meds”

There is nothing unusual about Camden’s anchor institutions looking beyond their campuses to develop programs that benefit the larger community. Among the

Virtua’s long history of serving the Camden

came together in 2002 to form the Camden

most promising of these initiatives are

community began more than 150 years ago with

Higher Education & Healthcare Task Force.

the educational partnerships that city

the opening of the first West Jersey Hospital

This group meets monthly to chart strategy,

universities and hospitals are forming with

in 1855. Today, Virtua Camden supports the

coordinate projects, and ensure a free flow of

local elementary and high schools.

community as a vibrant multi-purpose facility of

information among its constituent members.

health care and social services.

The Task Force is chaired by Lou Bezich,

LEAP Academy University Charter School

Vice President of Administrative Services for

was established in 1997 as a partnership

Virtua employees served more than 82,000

Camden County College, and includes the seven

patients last year in family medicine, dental

institutions listed above as well as the University

care, podiatric care, occupational health,

of Medicine & Dentistry of New Jersey.

with Rutgers University. It serves 780 students from kindergarten through twelfth grade and, in cooperation with Rutgers, hosts a 90-student preschool

physical therapy, children’s mental health,

program. Since 2005, all four of LEAP’s

and emergency care. With an emphasis on

graduating classes have attained 100%

prevention and education, programs like Give

college acceptance. The new Lanning

a Kid a Smile Day promoted the importance

Square Elementary School is also

of dental care and offered free check-ups to

receiving substantial support from the

uninsured children under 12.

city’s anchors, which are developing community-based educational and service

In 2009, Virtua began a multi-million dollar expansion and renovation of its emergency

programs that will support the school’s mission when it opens its doors in 2012.

department. It will include a 50 percent increase in the number of beds, expanded lab diagnostic testing, and enhanced workspace and waiting areas. It is scheduled for completion this year. Virtua Camden shares its campus with more than 15 educational and social service agencies, many of which joined in special events hosted there during 2009. The seasonal weekly Farmers’ Market at Virtua Camden provided a much-needed local option for a variety of fresh produce, and its Community Day offered free health screening and education for people of all ages.




Camden is known throughout the region for the

stones brought from around the world in the

attractions that draw millions of visitors to its

holds of sailing ships, the museum is a tribute

waterfront each year. Away from the Delaware,

to Camden’s seafaring heritage. To complete

though, the city is emerging as a regional center

the journey through maritime history, explorers

for cultural and artistic offerings unrivaled in

can continue on to the waterfront and take a

South Jersey. Nearly all of these venues are

tour of the USS New Jersey, America’s most

conveniently reachable on foot or via public

decorated battleship.

transportation, making Camden easy to explore even over the course of an afternoon.

While on the waterfront, kids may enjoy the Camden Children’s Garden and Camden

Upon arrival at the Walter Rand Transportation

Adventure Aquarium. The Children’s Garden

Center, visitors will find themselves only a

offers a host of natural splendors to dazzle and

block away from the heart of Camden’s

inspire the green thumbs of the future and is

Broadway Main Street. Broadway’s current revitalization marries a rich architectural history with a presently blossoming art and music scene. Proceeding down the street, guests The Symphony

can admire the artwork displayed in many of Broadway’s storefronts and stop in one of GCP’s

Comes to Camden

temporary art galleries to enjoy a full exhibit featuring local and regional artists. Following

After entertaining audiences in South

the success of the gallery on Main Street during

sure to delight the young and young at heart.

Jersey for more than 50 years, the

the 2009 holiday festival, GCP will be hosting a

With its dozens of aquatic exhibits and shows,

Haddonfield Symphony chose to make a

series of similar galleries throughout the spring

the Adventure Aquarium allows guests to get

bold change. One of only three full-time

of 2010.

up close and personal with some of the most

training orchestras in the United States, the Symphony was well-established in the region and drew healthy crowds to

wonderful and weird creatures of the deep. Strolling down Broadway, one may hear the sound of music in the air. Only a block off

For sports fans, no day in Camden would be

the main corridor, the beautiful new Cooper

complete without a visit to Campbell’s Field, the

orchestra found one when it moved its

Commons Park hosts weekly fall and spring

waterfront home of Camden’s own Riversharks

2006-07 season to Camden, taking up

open air concerts by Camden’s own Symphony

baseball team. If they don’t win, it’s a shame, but

residence at the Gordon Theater on

in C (see inset).

patrons can still head across the street and relax

its concerts each year. The only thing it lacked was a permanent home. The

at the popular Victor’s Pub after the game for

the campus of Rutgers University. The relationship proved so successful that,

Broadway’s cultural treasures don’t stop there.

in 2007, the Haddonfield Symphony

For the theater buff, the South Camden Theater

changed its name to Symphony in C and,

Company’s brand-new Star Theater will open

As the sun sets behind the Philadelphia skyline

its doors in the spring of 2010. Situated in the

across the Delaware River, the excitement

historic Waterfront South district, it will be

in Camden is far from over. The campus

the cultural centerpiece of South Broadway’s

of Rutgers–Camden, just blocks from the

dramatic revitalization.

waterfront, is home to the Stedman Gallery, a

in 2008, moved all of its operations to Camden. Though some predicted that the symphony’s mostly suburban audience would be reluctant to follow it into the city, the exact opposite turned out to be the


drinks and great food.

showcase presented by Rutgers–Camden Center

case. Ticket sales increased by 15% for


...the city is emerging as a regional center for cultural and artistic offerings unrivaled in South Jersey.

both the 2006-07 and 2007-08 seasons

While in Waterfront South, visitors can stretch

for the Arts. The gallery serves as a focal

and by an additional 5% in 2009.

their sea-legs at Camden’s Maritime Museum.

point for the visual and performing arts in

Located in a church that was built using ballast

the region, from international touring artists

and companies to local theater and studentauthored works. 900,000

To end the evening, visitors can follow the crowd to the Susquehanna Bank Center, the eleventh largest concert venue in America. As host to

800,000 700,000

some of the biggest acts in music today – from


Lady GaGa to Tim McGraw and everything in


between – it isn’t hard to find a show that will thrill the entire family.



400,000 300,000






0 Adventure Aquarium

Susquehanna Bank Center

Campbell’s Field

Battleship NJ

Symphony in C






Existing Building PATCO Route PATCO Station RiverLINE Route

Camden River Shark’s Stadium

RiverLINE Stop NJ Transit Local Bus Route NJ Transit Local Bus Number Rutgers Camden

Map Courtesy of Kitchen & Associates


Victor Building City Hall






Camcare 452

L3 Communications L3 Communications

453 451

City Hall 457

Walter Rand Transportation Center

457 452




457 452

New Jersey State Aquarium


Waterfront Technology Center

Camden County Jail

451 Broadway


Cooper Hospital




Tweeter Center


Lanning Sq. School





USS Battleship New Jersey










Camden has a multi-modal transportation

more than $3 million to improve the station

infrastructure that would be the envy of most

and its surrounding environment. A key goal of

urban centers. Interstates 676 and 295 provide

this project, already in the design phase, is to

handling breakbulk and dry bulk cargoes such as

easy access by car to Philadelphia and points

rationalize the pedestrian and vehicular traffic

wood products, steel products, various minerals

along the eastern seaboard. Air travelers can

flow in and around the facility so that customers

and ores, cement, recycled metals, fresh fruit,

reach both Philadelphia and Newark Liberty

can move easily and safely between city streets

cocoa beans, and project cargo.

International airports by private or public

and public transit.

Port Figures (2008) South Jersey Port Corporation is a leader in


transportation links. Camden’s ports continue


to be vibrant centers of economic activity and

Walter Rand also figures prominently in the plans


the RiverLink ferry, joining Penn’s Landing

of the Delaware River Port Authority (DRPA)



to the Camden Waterfront, served more than

which, in the spring of 2009, announced a


300,000 passengers in 2009. Perhaps most

three-pronged development strategy to greatly

notable, though, is the city’s extensive local and

increase the public transportation options

regional public transportation system. Together,

for Camden residents. DRPA, among other

these resources provide a sturdy framework for

responsibilities, operates the PATCO high speed

Camden’s future growth and development.

rail line that links center city Philadelphia to

1,648,152 301,048



Source: South Jersey Port Corporation

PATCO Ridership

Camden and terminates in Lindenwold, NJ. The

Total Ridership

Average Weekday Ridership

Average Weekday Walter Rand












routes 42 and 55, stopping in Camden before

2009 (est.)

role in moving individuals around the city,

continuing on to Philadelphia. Finally, DRPA

Source: Delaware River Port Authority

whether they are students utilizing its stops

is exploring several options for improving its

serving Rutgers University, or visitors entering

linkage with NJ Transit’s Atlantic City Line and

via the Walter Rand Transportation Center and

the Atlantic City International Airport.

The newest addition to this compliment is NJ

agency will leverage this existing infrastructure

Transit’s RiverLINE which has already become

by building a light rail line between the Walter

indispensable to both residents and commuters.

Rand Transportation Center and Glassboro, NJ.

First opening in 2004, it provides inexpensive

In addition, it will bring bus rapid transit to the

and reliable light rail service between Trenton

region, introducing two lines that will run along

and the Camden waterfront. It plays an important

RiverLINE Ridership Total Ridership

Average Weekday



continuing on to the Aquarium, Susquehanna Bank Center, or other destinations on the Delaware River.


Source: New Jersey Transit RiverLINE

The Walter Rand Transportation Center sits at the heart of downtown Camden, at the intersection of Rutgers, Rowan, Camden County College, Cooper University Hospital, and City Hall. Serving over 1000 NJ Transit buses per day, the center is a key transfer point for both the PATCO high speed line and the RiverLINE. It is also the gateway through which many workers and visitors first enter the city, and is an important link in the daily commutes of many others. Recognizing the role the center plays in the city’s transportation network, NJ Transit has already committed DOWNTOWN AND BEYOND 2010



Across Camden, substantial development projects are under way or in late-stage planning. These investments have only accelerated in recent years and are giving rise to a city comprised of multiple districts, each with a distinct character, serving as home to a specialized collection of complimentary uses. University District The university district, running along Cooper Street from the Camden Waterfront to Haddon Avenue is the spine of the strongest aggregation of educational institutions in the region. The Rutgers University-Camden campus, Camden County College’s downtown Camden facilities, the Rowan University at Camden educational facilities, and the LEAP Academy Charter Schools bring approximately 10,000 students Lourdes/PATCO Transit Village

to this area each day. Significant expansions of these educational institutions have occured

@ Ferry Avenue

in the past several years, and additional educational services, housing, and commercial

Although it serves as a key hub for healthcare and employment in the region, Our Lady

development are planned for both sides of Cooper Street.

of Lourdes Medical Center has long been separated from the nearby Ferry Avenue

Waterfront District

PATCO station by a collection of industrial and warehouse buildings. In 2008, GCP

For more than 20 years Camden’s downtown

launched a planning initiative that brought

waterfront district has been evolving as a major

together Lourdes, Grapevine Development,

regional mixed-use center on the Delaware

the Delaware River Port Authority, and the Camden Redevelopment Agency to craft a master plan for the 15 acres on Haddon Avenue between the medical center and

River. Already-constructed attractions include the Susquehanna Bank Performing Arts Center, the Adventure Aquarium and Children’s Garden,

this important public transit hub. This team

the Battleship New Jersey, and Campbell’s

completed its work in 2009 and will soon

Field (home of the Camden Riversharks

begin the development of a transit-based

baseball team). An estimated 3,000,000

mixed-use project that provides better

people visited the Camden waterfront in 2008.

pedestrian access to PATCO, further medical

Luxury apartments have been constructed in

center expansion, a new parking garage,

the renovated RCA Victor “Nipper” Building

as many as 300 new housing units, and a

and an additional 1200 new housing units

mixture of office and retail spaces that will frame an attractive new gateway to Camden from the eastern suburbs.

with unparalleled views of the Philadelphia skyline have been master planned between the


Delaware River and Delaware Avenue.


Technology District

district in downtown Camden on Haddon Avenue at Martin Luther King Boulevard. The

Kroc Center

Anchoring the city’s technology district, L-3

Coriell Institute for Scientific Research and

Communications employs more than 1,000

the University of Medicine and Dentistry of

workers in two buildings developed in the 1990’s

New Jersey are part of the campus. CUH has

along Federal Street in downtown Camden. The

completed a $300 million expansion and plans

ambitious projects in the city’s history. The

New Jersey Economic Development Authority

are underway for the joint development of

Center will be built on 24 reclaimed acres of

recently completed a 100,000 square foot

new medical research and academic buildings

the Harrison Avenue Landfill in the Cramer

Technolgy Center also on Federal Street, and

on Broadway, including the new four-year

Hill neighborhood and is slated to open in have only accelerated in recent years and are giving rise to a city comprised of multiple districts...

Cooper Medical School of Rowan University.

December 2011. The state-of-the-art 120,000

The adjacent Cooper Plaza neighborhood has

square foot facility will include outdoor soccer

experienced new park development and housing

and baseball fields, outdoor basketball courts,

has master planned the area for another five

In the very heart of downtown Camden is

buildings totaling an additional 500,000 square

City Hall, the Camden County Hall of Justice

feet of technology-focused tenants. Rutgers

and county government offices, the Federal

Camden is one of only eight centers in the

University and Drexel University operate

Courthouse and post office, and a State of

Northeast region. The Camden Kroc Center

40,000 square feet of incubator facilities in the

New Jersey office building. Forming the

is made possible by a $54 million grant from

Technology Center. The district is served by the

downtown civic and business district, all of

the estate of Mrs. Joan Kroc. The total cost

region’s most important fiber optics network,

these civic structures are within walking

providing high security communications services

distance of a multi-modal transportation center

to district tenants.

which includes The Walter Rand Transportation

rehabilitation as part of the campus’ evolution.

The Salvation Army Ray and Joan Kroc Corps Community Center is one of the most

a competition-sized indoor basketball court, an aquatic center with competition lanes and recreational water features, teen and senior

Downtown Civic and Business District

centers, a theatre, baby sitting and other child services, health and wellness facilities, a major fitness center, and a worship center.

to build the Community Center and fund its operating reserve is approximately $85 million. NJ Department of Environmental Protection is providing funds to the City of

Center, the PATCO High Speed Line, and the

Camden and the Camden Redevelopment

RiverLINE light rail. Several sites have been

Agency for site cleanup and environmental

designated for future private development

remediation, and the Camden Economic

Camden has been home to the Campbell Soup

to accomodate new office space, retail and

Recovery Board has approved a $5 million

Company, headquartered in the Campbell Soup

restaurant development.

grant for infrastructure construction. Camden

Campbell Soup Gateway District

gateway district, for more than 100 years. The

Salvation Army Co-commanders Majors

recent $70 million expansion of the headquarters

Paul and Alma Cain have launched a $10

increased Campbell’s employment in the city to well over 1,000 workers. New road and utility

million fundraising campaign to assure that the center will be available to all residents regardless of their ability to pay.

networks also serve the facility. Campbell has master planned the entire 100 acre district between Admiral Wilson Boulevard and Interstate 676 for additional business development and employment serving Camden and the region. Health Sciences District Cooper University Hospital (CUH) is the nucleus of a growing world class health sciences DOWNTOWN AND BEYOND 2010


Downtown Development Project Name / Description / Lead Agency / Completion Date


Campbell Soup Gateway Campus / 80,000 s.f., $90

11 Riverfront State Prison Demolition / Demolition of

million expansion and renovation of world headquarters;

prison and clearance of 17-acre waterfront

750,000 s.f. of additional office and research space /

site / Delaware River Port Authority & NJ Economic

Campbell Soup Co. / Mid 2010

Development Authority / Spring 2010


Rutgers University - Camden Law School / 53,000

s.f., $37 million academic facility / Rutgers / Complete

12 Cooper Hospital Expansion / $220+ million

construction of a new 10-story patient pavilion / Cooper University Hospital / Complete


Early Learning Research Academy / Four-story,

26,250 s.f., $8.5 million pre-school, learning center, and research lab / Rutgers / 2011

medical school facility / Cooper & Rowan / Fall 2012

Development Incentives 4

Wilson Building / Renovation of historic office

building (1926); 50,000 s.f. of office space and nearly Led by the New Jersey Economic Development Authority, a variety of public

6,000 of ground floor retail / Wilson Development Associates, LLC / TBD

agencies offer incentives that make Camden an attractive place to invest and to grow a business. Urban Transit Hub Tax Credit

projects located within a mile of Camden’s train stations.

14 Lanning Square Elementary School / $44.8 million

construction of a two-story school with a cafeteria, auditorium, gymnasium, media center and more than 30 classrooms; 90,000 s.f. facility serving about


Johnson Park Renovation / $2 million restoration of

public art and landscaping / Cooper’s Ferry Development

615 students / New Jersey Schools Development Authority / Fall 2012

Association & Rutgers / Complete

Provides a ten-year credit for up to the full cost of large commercial development

13 Cooper Medical School of Rowan University /

Construction of a 160,000+ s.f., $40+ million allopathic


Rutgers Graduate Dormitory / Parking and beds

for 350 graduate students; ground floor retail; precise location on Cooper St. TBD / Rutgers & Camden County Improvement Authority / Fall 2011

15 16 17 Cooper Commons Park, 7th St. Median Park,

and Triangle Park / Cooper Hospital and Camden County partnered to create more than $2 million in new park space to anchor the revitalization of the historic Cooper Plaza neighborhood / Camden County & Cooper /

5-4-3-2-1 Program Provides a per-square foot discount on rent


Radio Lofts / 86-unit loft condominium conversion of

to new tenants that sign a ten-year lease for

a 154,000 s.f., 11-story building previously owned by RCA

space in the city.

Victor / Dranoff Properties / TBD

Urban Enterprise Zone

[15] Complete [16] Complete [17] Spring 2010

18 Walt Whitman Visitors Center / Construction of

a $3 million, 9,000 s.f. visitors center / New Jersey 8

Rowan University Academic Building / Renovation

Provides sales tax relief and funding for

of historic 36,500 s.f. bank building for academic &

business growth and expansion.

institutional use / Rowan University / Fall 2011

Department of Environmental Protection, Division of Parks and Forestry / Mid-2010

19 The Cooper / $7 million, 4 story, 24 unit for-sale

Camden Empowerment Zone


Security Trust Building (senior housing) / $11.7

condo building (20 market-rate units), features 1 and

Provides low interest financing for business

million renovation of historic bank building; 35 units of

2 bedroom units and includes on-site parking / M&M


housing for seniors and 3,500 s.f. of ground floor retail /

Development LLC / Fall 2011

RPM Development Group / Spring 2010 More information on these and other


incentive programs is available at:


20 Walter Rand Transportation Center & 10 Roosevelt Plaza / Demolition of exiting parking and

Block N Improvements / $3 million upgrade of,,

office building adjacent to city hall; construction of

two-acre park / Camden Redevelopment Agency /

appearance and functionality of transit links /

Spring 2011

New Jersey Transit / Early 2011

transportation center and vicinity designed to improve



Announced Completed in 2009


Camden River Shark’s Stadium

Location TBD Map Courtesy of Kitchen & Associates

Rutgers Camden

2 5 Victor Building

3 8


7 9


City Hall

Camcare L3 Communications L3 Communications


10 City Hall Walter Rand Transportation Center

Camden County Jail

New Jersey State Aquarium

20 12

Waterfront Technology Center


Cooper Hospital


13 14





Tweeter Center

Lanning Sq. School

USS Battleship New Jersey




Across the country, urban areas have

Existing/Planned Acerage

rediscovered the power of public spaces. Thanks City Owned Open Space

233 acres

to the efforts of a broad coalition of nonprofits,

County Held Open Space

215 acres

community residents, and public agencies,

Planned Open Space

383 acres

Camden finds itself at the forefront of this trend. The city is in the midst of a historic rediscovery

Source: City of Camden / Camden County

and expansion of its parks and open spaces. Cooper’s Ferry Development Association and Camden County began this charge more than 20 years ago with a bold plan to reclaim the Delaware River waterfront for the residents of the city. In recent years, park development and reclamation has begun to spread through the downtown and into the neighborhoods, providing an important amenity for residents and a crucial stimulus for growth.

North Camden

Cramer Hill East Camden

Of all the initiatives that the city has announced, Roosevelt Plaza has captured the imagination of those who live and work in Camden due to

Downtown / Camden Special Services District

its position at the heart of downtown. Situated at the site of what is now the vacant Parkade building, the plaza will open up the western face

Lanning Square

of City Hall and provide an attractive “front door”

Cooper Plaza

to the city which will greet visitors arriving via a renovated PATCO station and provide a venue for a variety of community-based programming. Ultimately, Roosevelt Plaza will anchor new office, retail, and residential space built around it to form the core of a revitalized business and

Waterfront South

Whitman Park

government district in central Camden.


In addition, work continues toward the goal of creating the Camden Greenway - an uninterrupted 9.5 mile stretch of parkland Planned

traveling along the Delaware River, Cooper River,


and Newton Creek. The Greenway will provide opportunities for walking and bicycling to city residents while improving the visual appeal and environmental health of these important


waterways. Planners are currently designing the first phase of the Greenway, a bike loop that incorporates portions of Admiral Wilson Boulevard, Farhnam Park, and New Camden


Park. North of downtown, Cooper’s Ferry


Development Association is overseeing two major projects that are remaking the interface of the city with the Delaware River Waterfront - an important resource that residents have had only limited access to for many years. In North Camden, land that is currently vacant or unused is scheduled for transformation into a series of interlinked parks and recreational facilities which will create continuity with the attractions south of the Ben Franklin Bridge. Cramer Hill will see a similar renaissance of its own underutilized waterfront as green spaces and playing fields fill the areas around the Kroc Center and new mixed-use development. The addition of new open space is not the only way in which Camden is becoming greener. Throughout the city, a variety of initiatives are under way to breathe new life into the existing network of parks. In partnership with the city and county, Cooper’s Ferry is overseeing transformative upgrades to Von Neida Park in Cramer Hill, Farnham Park in Parkside, and Pyne Point Park in North Camden. The city’s commitment to safe and attractive open space goes beyond the acquisition and development of new parks. With generous support from the Jon Bon Jovi Soul Foundation, Delaware River Port Authority, the Annie E. Casey Foundation, and many other partners, the Greater





Camden Partnership organized the Camden Community GreenUp in the fall of 2009. This “clean and green” vacant lot stabilization program saw volunteers plant grass and trees on publiclyowned lots in the Cooper Plaza and Lanning Square neighborhoods. In just 11 weeks, GreenUp managed to mobilize more than 200 volunteers and reclaim 81 vacant lots. Today the lots are maintained by Camden residents employed by the Camden Special Services District.

Credits for this page: 1 Rendering of Cramer Hill area 2 Camden Greenway 3 Camden Community GreenUp 4 Rendering of Roosevelt Plaza




The Greater Camden Partnership organized the Camden Special Services District (CSSD)

Major Gains in Public Safety

in 2005 as a means of fostering economic development in the city’s downtown commercial

In 2009, incidents of major crime in Camden

district. CSSD is a traditional “clean and safe”

fell to their lowest level since 1969. This

program, designed to improve the physical

represents a 13% reduction from 2008 and

appearance of downtown Camden and adjacent

is attributable to the coordinated efforts of city, county, and state law enforcement and

areas in order to provide an enhanced sense

community-based programs such as the CSSD.

of safety and hospitality to visitors, residents, employees, and students. In doing so, the program benefits existing businesses and supports new investment. Additionally, the program creates job opportunities for Camden residents, as the CSSD hires its workers only from the Camden community.

North Camden

Cramer Hill East Camden

CSSD services, which range from picking up litter to giving directions, are supported by voluntary contributions, fees for services, and

Downtown / Camden Special Services District

grants from nearly thirty sources, including the major institutional anchors in the city, local government, and private businesses. CSSD

Lanning Square

does not duplicate the efforts of any other

Cooper Plaza

group or public agency. Although the program works closely with local government and law enforcement, it does not provide police services or take on the traditional responsibilities of the city government. Instead the program is designed to provide “enhanced” clean services (e.g., litter,

Waterfront South

Whitman Park

graffiti and weed removal) and a uniformed


presence on the street to increase safety and provide a resource for visitors and residents requiring assistance. The local hiring policy ensures that the CSSD workers care about the impact of their job and are a reliable source of River Road & 27th Street Triangle

information for residents and visitors.

Federal Street



Due to the overwhelming success of the

Haddon Avenue

downtown initiative, the Camden Urban

Mt. Ephraim Avenue

Enterprise Zone (UEZ) contracted with CSSD to

Kaighn Avenue

create the Neighborhood Improvement Program

Yorkship Square

in 2008. Under this initiative, CSSD expanded its “clean and safe” services to five of the city’s


key commercial corridors: Broadway, Federal


Street, Haddon Avenue, River Avenue, and Yorkship Square. CSSD Employee Profiles CSSD has several new programs planned for the upcoming year. These include an added

Jeovani Crespo

emphasis on landscaping in the downtown and

Jeovani Crespo has worked for the CSSD for one and a half years. He first worked

a new city-wide graffiti removal initiative. In

in the Cooper University Hospital area and has since moved to the Federal Street

addition to these developments, the UEZ

Route, which takes him around CAMcare and several other businesses. He enjoys

...the program benefits existing businesses and supports new investment.

working with the CSSD because it allows him to be outdoors and have the freedom to work at his own pace. Crespo’s most memorable CSSD experience comes from a normal cleaning day when he saw a car parked alongside the street. He noticed the vehicle had sparks coming from the bottom and then immediately recognized that an elderly man was asleep inside. After waking the man by tapping on his window, Crespo helped him out as the vehicle started to catch fire. The car was soon engulfed in flames, but a disaster was averted due to the high level of attentiveness the CSSD mandates.

has increased funding to the CSSD to expand the Neighborhood Improvement Program into

Keith Cross

two new commercial corridors: Mt. Ephriam

Keith Cross has worked for the CSSD for nearly two years. He is usually assigned

Avenue and Kaighn Avenue. The growth of

to the River Road Corridor, but he also supports other sections in the UEZ-

the coverage area will give CSSD even more capacity to enhance the economic climate across the city of Camden.

designated coverage area. He enjoys working with the CSSD because it gives him the opportunity to interact with people as well as to make a noticeable difference in his community. Cross has many memorable experiences from his tenure with the CSSD, but one that sticks out in his mind comes from his time as an ambassador. A young girl, who was walking by LEAP Academy, tripped, hit her head and was knocked unconscious. Acting on his CSSD-mandated first aid training, Cross checked to ensure that she was breathing properly and radioed for help. He stayed on the scene until medical help arrived. The CSSD program includes a regular training program for its workers, which equips them to handle these types of situations and many others.

CSSD 2009 Annual Downtown Performance Numbers Cleaning Activity Trash by Bag Count

Ambassador Activity 28,324

Trash by Pounds


Trash by Gallons


Hand Bills & Graffiti Removed Gum Removal Sweeps Landscaping Service Calls Vacant Lots Cleaned

989 84 136 75

Information Requests


Public Assists (Attractions)


Public Assists (Other)


Merchant Visits


Lost Items Returned


Crimes Reported


Loitering Warnings


Homeless Referrals


Source: Greater Camden Partnership




The Greater Camden Partnership is a 501(c)3

GCP Staff

Geoffery R. Forrest Director, Dresdener Robin

David Foster President and CEO

Robert Hockel Vice President of Operations, Virtua Health

Andrew Elliott Director, Camden Special Services District

Beth Kitchen Principal, Kitchen & Associates

Sue Brennan Senior Project Director, Broadway Main Street

Daniel Lombardo President & CEO, Volunteers of America

Shaneka Boucher Director, Administration

John Matheussen President & CEO, Delaware River Port Authority

non-profit organization that brings together the leading public, private and non-profit organizations from the region to develop and implement creative revitalization strategies for the city of Camden. The GCP was founded in 2001 to serve as a catalyst for the coordination of community leaders from Camden and from around the region based on a shared sense of social responsibility to the people of Camden and a recognition that the city will need to draw

Paul Laskow Director, Project Development and Marketing Mike Duffy Director, Sustainability Initiatives 2009 Interns

available at Jamar Byrd Robert George (Washington and Lee University) Jonathan McCann (United States Military Academy at West Point) Keiven Wright (United States Military Academy at West Point) Jason Stelmaszyk (Rutgers-Camden)

ha ty o Change w


Photography provided by


Sheila Roberts President, Cooper-Lanning Civic Association Joseph C. Salema The Katz Foundation

Joseph P. Tredinnick Regional Vice President, TD Bank John Walsh Executive Vice President, CMX Engineers Michael Willmann WMSH Marketing Communications

Richard Harris, Treasurer Rutgers-Camden, Walter Rand Institute

Raymond Yannuzzi President, Camden County College


Robert F. Zane Vice President, Real Estate Operations, Campbell Soup Company

James Bucci Genova, Burns & Vernoia Paul Cain Kroc Center Administrator, Salvation Army


Michael J. Rielly Vice President Human Resources, L-3 Communications

John Sheridan President & CEO, Cooper University Hospital

Joseph Balzano Executive Director, South Jersey Port Corporation


John Pyne Principal, Traffic Planning & Design


James Wallace, Secretary Our Lady of Lourdes Health System

w what to c han . Kno ow ge kn . u

Wendell Pritchett Chancellor, Rutgers University-Camden

Gloria Santiago Founder & Board Chair, LEAP Academy

James Carll, Vice Chairman Archer & Greiner

A special thank you to the following

Anthony Perno President, Cooper’s Ferry Development Association

GCP Board of Directors

Michael Camardo, Chairman Lockheed Martin (Retired)

Report written and compiled by Paul Laskow, Greater Camden Partnership

Bruce Paparone President, Paparone New Homes Chris Perks Dresdner Robin

upon external resources to effect a social and economic turnaround. More information is

Robert Mc Dermott Vicar General, Diocese of Camden

Ex Officio Dana Redd Mayor

Louis Cappelli Jr. Freeholder Director, Camden County

Additional Funders

Randy Cherkas Principal, Grapevine Development

H.F. ”Gerry” Lenfest

William Cornelius Vice President, PNC Bank

The Reinvestment Fund

Michael G. Coyle Regional Public Affairs Manager, PSE&G Donald Farish President, Rowan University

The Annie E. Casey Foundation The William Penn Foundation New Jersey Economic Development Authority Camden Urban Enterprise Zone Jon Bon Jovi Soul Foundation

2010 GCP Annual Report  
2010 GCP Annual Report  

A report on the state of economic development in Downtown Camden, NJ