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Sustainability Course Guide Winter 2013

Sustainability Course Guide, Winter 2013 | v.I | n.1

Sustainability Course Guide was created by: PowerSave Campus in collabora on with Sustainability Manager Meaghan Smith. Winter 2013

What is Sustainability? Throughout the sustainability course guide we refer to courses either as sustainability focused or sustainability related. But what does “sustainability” really mean? The term sustainability can mean many different things; there is no one, simple defini on. However, for the purpose of this project we referred to the most widely quoted defini on of sustainability provided by the United Na ons. They view sustainability as “mee ng the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future genera ons to meet their own needs.” This compiled list of sustainable courses represents the courses that teach concepts rela ng to or focusing on sustainability, chosen by us, reviewed by professors and approved by department heads.

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Sustainability Course Guide, Winter 2013 | v.I | n.1

College of Agriculture Agriculture: (U) • AG 101, Agriculture and Modern World (U) • AG 401, Ethical Issues in Food, Agriculture and Apparel Industries Animal and Veterinary Sciences: (U) • AVS 311, The Animals Industries and Society Foods and Nutri on: (U) • FN 228, Food and Culture (U) • FN 346/346 L, Community Nutri on Service Learning / Lab Interna onal Agriculture: (U) • IA 101, Global Resources for Food Plant Sciences: (U) • PLT 232, Irriga on and Water Management (U) • PLT 311, Plants and Civiliza on (U) • PLT 333, Integrated Pest Management (U) • PLT 352/352L, Soil materials and Management / Lab

5 College of Business Administra on Business: (G) • GBA 671, Management Seminar (G) • GBA 672, Directed Study in Management Seminar Interna onal Business and Marke ng: (U) • MHR 318, Mul cultural Organiza onal Behavior Management and Human Resources: (U) • MHR 451, Interna onal Compara ve Management (U) • MHR 452, Emerging Issues in Management

Sustainability Course Guide, Winter 2013 | v.I | n.1

College of Educa on and Integra ve Studies Ethnic and Women’s Studies: (U) • EWS 140, Introduc on to Ethnic Studies (U) • EWS 145, Study of Women and Men in Society (U) • EWS 203, Na ve American Experience (U) • EWS 280, Community Service Learning – Service Learning (U) • EWS 301, Ethnic Iden ty (U) • EWS 402, Chicano/La no Contemporary Issues (U) • EWS 403, Na ve American Contemporary Issues (U) • EWS 404, Asian American Contemporary Issues (U) • EWS 425, Gender, Iden ty, and Technology (U) • TED 407, Educa on in Diverse Society Interdisciplinary General Educa on: (U) • IGE 221, Ways of Coexis ng: Reform and Revolu on Liberal Studies: (U) • LS 401, Liberal Studies Seminar (U) • LS 461, Senior Project I

7 College of Engineering Chemical and Materials Engineering: (U) • CHE 202/212L, Stoichiometry II / Lab Civil Engineering: (U) • CE 433/L, Structural Design-Timber / Lab (U) • CE 451, Engineering Hydrology Engineering: (U) • EGR 402, Ethical Considera ons in Technology and Applied Science (U) • EGR 445, Role of Design Professionals in Society Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering: (U) • MFE 201/L, Manufacturing Systems Processes Mechanical Engineering: (U) • ME 307, Alterna ve Energy Systems (U) • ME 418/L, Air Condi oning / Lab

Sustainability Course Guide, Winter 2013 | v.I | n.1

College of Environmental Design Architecture: (U) • ARC 202/202L, Architectural Design / Lab (U) • ARC 302/302L, Architectural Design / Lab (U) • ARC 331/331A, Environmental Controls / Seminar (U) • ARC 332/332A, Structures / Seminar (U) • ARC 402/402L, Topics in Architectural Design / Lab (G) • ARC 505/505L, Architectural Design / Lab (G) • ARC 602/602L, Advanced Architectural Design / Lab Landscape Architecture: (U) • LA 102/102L, Introduc on to Landscape Design / Lab (U) • LA 202/202L, Basic Landscape Design / Lab (U) • LA 242/242L, Plant Materials and Design / Lab (U) • LA 302/302L, Intermediate Landscape Design / Lab (U) • LA 332/332L, Landscape Construc on / Lab (U) • LA 342/342L, Plan ng Design/ Lab (G) • LA 602/602L, Landscape Design and Natural Process / Lab

9 Regenera ve Studies: (U) • RS 301, Life Support Processes (U) • RS 302, Global Regenera ve Systems (U) • RS 414/414L, Current Applica ons in Regenera ve Studies / Lab (G) • RS 540/540L, Methods and Applica ons for Regenera ve Studies / Lab (G) • RS 550, Seminar in Research Methods I (G) • RS 640, Coali on Building (G) • RS 691, Directed Research (G) • RS 692, Independent Study (G) • RS 695, Masters Project (G) • RS 696, Masters Thesis Urban and Regional Planning: (U) • URP 102/102A, Process and Theory of Planning / Ac vity (U) • URP 335/335A, Urban Land Use Planning and Theory / Ac vity (U) • URP 352, Intergovernmental Framework for Planning (U) • URP 431S/431SL, Community Planning Studio I Service Learning / Lab (U) • URP 432S/432L, Community Planning Studio II Service Learning / Lab (U) • URP 466, Urban Growth Management (U) • URP 487, Environmental Factors in Regional Planning (G) • URP 534, Urban Housing and Community Development (G) • URP 551, Social and Poli cal Planning Policy

Sustainability Course Guide, Winter 2013 | v.I | n.1

College of Le ers, Arts, and Social Sciences Anthropology: (U) • ANT 102, Introduc on to Cultural Anthropology (U) • ANT 112, World Cultures via the Internet (U) • ANT 201, Human Nature / Human Affairs: A Biocultural View (U) • ANT 330, Archaeological Theory and Methods (U) • ANT 340/340A, Compara ve Primatology / Ac vity (U) • ANT 350, Environment, Technology and Culture (U) • ANT 353, Language and Culture (U) • ANT 358, Social Anthropology (U) • ANT 360, Magic, Shamanism, and Religion (U) • ANT 379, Cultural Areas of the World (U) • ANT 397, Cultural Resource Management (U) • ANT 400, Special Study for Upper Division Students (U) • ANT 405, The Anthropology of Gender (U) • ANT 461, Senior Colloquium (U) • ANT 491, Forensic Anthropology Economics: (U) • EC 435, Seminar in Environmental Economics Geography: (U) • GEO 102, Human Geography (U) • GEO 320/320A, Rural Geography / Ac vity (U) • GEO 351, Geography of California

11 College of Science Biological Sciences: (U) • BIO 110/ BIO 111L, Life Science / Lab (U) • BIO 115/115L, Basic Biology / Lab (U) • BIO 121/121L, Founda ons of Biology: Energy & Ma er - Cycles and Flows / Lab (U) • BIO 123/123L, Founda ons of Biology: Biodiversity / Lab (U) • BIO 230, Horizons & Biotechnology (U) • BIO 304, Environment & Society (U) • BIO 330/330L, Marine Biology / Lab (U) • BIO 340, Biodiversity Conserva on (U) • BIO 405, Regulatory Affairs and Safety Assessment (U) • BIO 410, Biophysics (U) • BOT 428/428L, Plant Physiology / Lab (U) • MIC 201/201L, Basic Microbiology / Lab (U) • MIC 330, General Epidemiology (U) • MIC 425/425L, Medical Mycology / Lab (U) • MIC 430/430L, General Virology / Lab (U) • ZOO 201/201L, Animal Biology / Lab (U) • ZOO 238/238L, Introduc on to Vertebrate Zoology / Lab (U) • ZOO 426/426L, Entomology / Lab (U) • ZOO 430/430L, Mammalogy / Lab Computer Science: (U) • CS 375, Computers & Society Geological Sciences: (U) • GSC 112, Time & Life (U) • GSC 304, Meteorology (U) • GSC 350, Natural Disasters (U) • GSC 360/360L, Groundwater Geology / Lab Physics: (U) • PHY 102, Fundamentals of Physics (U) • PHY 121/PHY 121L, College Physics / Lab (U) • PHY 122/PHY 122L, College Physics / Lab (U) • PHY 123/PHY 123L, College Physics / Lab (U) • PHY 131/PHY131L, General Physics / Lab (U) • PHY 132/PHY132L, General Physics / Lab (U) • PHY 133/PHY133L, General Physics / Lab (U) • PHY 302, Physics of Everyday Experience

Sustainability Course Guide, Winter 2013 | v.I | n.1

Looking Forward...

This is just the beginning of a great resource for the students at Cal Poly Pomona. The PowerSave Green Campus team has exci ng goals for the future sustainability course guides. We are currently working with Academic Affairs to create a course guide that provides students with a “sustainability pathway” throughout their college years. The guide would provide a path filled with approved sustainable courses that students could take star ng freshman year with their required general educa on courses. Theore cally, if a student were to finish this sustainable path throughout their stay at CPP, they would be rewarded with a cer ficate when they graduated signifying that they are well educated in sustainability concepts. In addi on, the PowerSave Green Campus team is hoping to merge the content of the course guide with the convenience of Cal Poly Pomona’s online catalog. Students would be able to iden fy approved sustainable courses by recognizing the green leaf icons used throughout this course guide next to the course tle on the CPP online catalog. The next sustainability course guide will be for Spring 2013.

Contact Informa on If you have any ques ons pertaining to the course guide, or are interested in working with the PowerSave Campus team, please contact us at any of the emails listed. Be sure to visit our website to learn more about our organiza on and how you can become more energy eďŹƒcient. PowerSave Green Campus Program Email: Take our sustainability pledge today! Be sure to visit our website at

Sustainability Course Guide, Winter 2013 | v.I | n.1

Sustainability Course Guide  
Sustainability Course Guide  

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