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Volume 1 Issue 4

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Howdy From the Folks in Charge

Delusions of Grandeur

Slamnesty was a great success! WORD recently teamed up with Amnesty International for a humanrights-themed poetry slam, and we are proud to report that many inspiring poems were presented. In addition, the Books of Hope project is reaching its final stages, and we hope to have some colorful and educational books to send to students in Uganda very soon. Thanks, as always, to those of you who have given us your written work for possible publication—keep it coming! Remember that our meetings are held after school on Wednesdays in Room 233. Now, we are very proud to announce the launch of our online publication blog! It can be found at, and will contain even more work from Marshall’s many talented writers. Go check it out!

Rosalind Akhurst

Best Wishes, Scott Anderson President

Dense Funsten Editor

There was a rule at the Golden Point apartment complex. It wasn’t written down, but it was faithfully obeyed by all of its tenants. It was the rule that no one would acknowledge anyone else’s current state of affairs, as that would lead them to have to come to terms with the fact that their own current state of affairs was just as bad, if not worse. And so the inhabitants of these flats went about their uneventful lives, never speaking to each other and just generally pretending that the world didn’t exist. Golden Point was a rather misleading name. The sign beside the drive was done in olive-green paint, with flaking gold lettering. The buildings were shabby and the rooms were filthy. Even the empty ones had a thick layer of dust and water stains marking the whitewashed walls. In Harold Spalding’s room specifically there were wrappers and beer cans strewn so thickly across the carpet that you couldn’t see it anymore. Not that you would want to; it was as grimy and as full of mouse droppings as the rest of the place. But Harold had learned not to mind the mess, and now managed to ignore it as successfully as he did his own life. For Harold, most days consisted of the same thing. Get up, have some breakfast (“breakfast” meaning whatever was in the pantry, whether that was stale cornflakes or week-old pizza slices), mope around a bit, watch some TV, mope around a bit more, maybe go and see if he had any mail, watch some more TV, have dinner, go to bed, repeat… Read the rest of Delusions of Grandeur on the GCM Word Blog at: GCMWORD.BLOGSPOT.COM!

Prompt: What is Your Favorite Day of the Week? Wednesday, maybe? Word is a high point. And the “hump day” condition helps. But an anecdote? Wednesday’s fairly anecdote-free, for me at least. And that’s part of it. It’s the day when you’re at last gotten into the week, into regularity, are not yet pining for its end, are not anymore the exhausted comer of its Monday start. It’s the “Normal Day,” but fun things occur, and that’s the essence of the Wednesday for me. It is a rare occasion to be angry about a Wednesday.

Brian Potter

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Word? Blog? WordBlog? In order to deliver more content, more often, the editors and I deemed it necessary to create a blog for publishing extended Word content and providing links for writing in general. Scott set it up about a day ago, so at the moment there isn’t a great deal to see or do, but be sure to check back for new stuff every once in awhile, even in between Word issues. As of now, you can read the entirety of the fantastic Delusions of Grandeur (which far exceeds the scope of our humble publication, as one-fourth of it could barely squeeze into the front page), which is well worth the few seconds it takes to type in the web address, If you would like to contribute to the blog, consider coming to a Word meeting, every Wednesday after school in room 233. We’re a gleefully rambunctious bunch and you’ll have a smashing time.

Keith Boylan Layout/Publicity

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Scott Anderson

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The fourth edition of Marshall's literary publication, containing a special announcement about the launch of the Word Blog as well as work b...

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