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HOME LAUNDRY & GARMENT CARE More capacious, more intelligent, more caring, more versatile, more energy efficient… Home Laundry is offering a great deal more to 21st century consumers

IN BUSINESS John Reddington on Sales Aids

GEORGE COLE GETS CONNECTED Is it a TV or a PC? And does 3D have a passive or an active future in the home? George Cole looks at “Smart” TV, and at the 3D “format war” that threatens to slow down the takeup of 3DTV in UK households

FROM THE BENCH As the demand for technical servicing changes, where are the opportunities of the future?

BACKCHAT Samsung’s Nick Portlock gives a 2-minute interview


Your votes have been counted, and in this issue GC presents the UK’s top electrical products, as selected by readers of GC Magazine






Radio sounds better in colour






Bringing a splash of colour to any room this Spring, the new EVOKE Mio collection combines a great-sounding portable digital and FM radio with chic design and five fresh new colour schemes: Teal, Lava, Grape, Cherry and Noir. Features an aux input for iPod/MP3 player, kitchen timer and alarm and takes an optional ChargePAK for portable listening. 0845 148 9002

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Home Laundry & Garment Care

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Alan Bennett on the changing face of servicing / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / /


Industry comment and a 2-minute interview from Samsung Electronics UK General Manager, Home Appliances Nick Portlock


The UK’s top Major Appliances, Consumer Electronics and Small Appliances Products as voted by the Get Connected

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Trade Readership


The best-tasting chips, super quick, without the oil slick

Additional product features include: In-built Timer – preset cooking times of up to 30 mins Adjustable Temperature Control – cooks food at steady rate up to 200°C Integrated Air Filter – diffuses cooking smells Food Separator Accessory – lets you “fry” multiple foods at once Removable, dishwasher-safe parts and non-stick surfaces 60-day complete satisfaction money-back guarantee

Contact 0800 331 6015 or visit for further information

MAY 2011

Philips airfryer comes complete with a recipe book, and additional recipes can be found on Philips MyKitchen – – a website that encourages consumers to cook healthy, nutritional and tasty meals and provides a host of culinary tricks and handy time-saving tips.


The new Philips airfryer is a revolution in home cooking that fries a variety of tasty, healthy meals – from the best-tasting chips to chicken nuggets, meat and tempura prawns – in next to no time in a low-fat environment. The airfryer’s secret is its patented Rapid Air Technology, which combines fast-circulating hot air with a grill function to create delicious chips with up to 80% less fat. Philips airfryer also comes top on taste for even the most discerning chip lovers. In a test conducted amongst fried-food fans, twothirds preferred the crispy texture and taste of airfryer fries over those produced in an appliance from another leading brand. The airfryer requires just 3 minutes to heat up and prepares a batch of crispy chips in just 12 minutes. It also does away with the odour that traditional frying creates.



Marlinda Conway Editor in Chief



MAY 2011

early half way through another year, and, with nearly three years behind us since the global banking system collapsed, the roof fell in on the world economy and the business community – in the UK and elsewhere – was left to assess the damage and get things up and running again, it’s difficult to remember a time when expressions such as “tough trading conditions,” “challenging environment,” “difficult times” and “current economic pressures” were not the over-used clichés they have now become. Retailers who have survived into the middle of 2011 have a certain right to be proud of the achievement, but that has to be tinged with an anxiety that – to use another one of those clichés - “we’re not out of the woods yet.” But this, we are told, is a time of opportunity. A time to seize the day, to take advantage of the fact that the competition has been thinned out by recession, to move boldly into the areas that will form the foundation of the “new order,” and to reassemble the structures of prosperity using the tools available in the 21st century. Those tools must surely, for electrical retailers and their partners, include the internet, and in particular its power to support, augment and develop bricks-and-mortar outlets. The John Lewis model, for example, is one to be studied. For small businesses, however, “seizing the day” may require a certain amount of investment, and it still appears that sources of funding – in particular the banks – will be focusing on rebuilding and re-feathering their own nests before there’s anything available for the rest of us. On the positive side, it’s worth remembering that we are in a particularly golden period of great electrical products, as the last six months’ launches in MDA and CE have demonstrated. TVs, Blu-ray players, fridges, cookers, washing machines will always be needed, they’re better value than they have ever been, and the British public has to buy them from someone. It’s also heartening that, in these “difficult times”, the industry has responded so well to this year’s Get Connected Products of the Year Awards. Votes from Get Connected readers have surpassed last year’s record numbers, and it’s a testament to the high regard in which the GC Product of the Year logo is held that there have been an unprecedented number of requests from winning manufacturers for its use in promotion material and on products in-store. And for those who were nominated but did not secure enough readers’ votes to win the final accolade, a word of comfort from one manufacturer: “Knowing the process of selection for the nominations, it is probably the most rigorous and careful of any awards scheme in this industry, and I think I’d rather have a product nominated in this competition than to win a final award in any other scheme.” Thanks for your participation, and congratulations to all the nominees as well as the eventual winners.


Terry Heath Editorial & Publishing Director

Will Dobson Creative Director

James McIntosh Consumer Consultant

Lynne Henry Communications Officer, GfK Marketing Services

George Cole Consumer Electronics Consultant

Graham Southern Advertising Sales

Average net circulation for the 12 issues distributed between Jan-Dec 2008 is 6,228

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The complete dishwashing range! The Haier TFE3 range comes in both 12 and 9 place settings and in white, silver and black. Other key features of these dishwashers include: AAA rated, LED display with countdown timer, delay timer (1-24 hours), variable wash temperatures (40/45/50/55/65/70), 7 programs, single dial selector, half wash load (upper rack), 3 in 1 and height adjustable upper basket


Haier’s Stainless Steel Dishwasher (DW12-CFE2SS)

Comes with the following features: AAA rated, LED lights to indicate wash progress, Half wash load (upper rack), Rapid wash (32 mins) Delay timer, Height adjustable upper baskets


Haier’s New Dishwashing Innovations Haier will be launching a completely new 14 place dishwashing range in stunning mirror glass red, white and black as well as stainless steel. With an energy efficiency of A+, low water consumption and new stylish touch controls, these dishwashers would suit any home.



0114 254 2400


0845 052 9030


01244 535 929

*Source Euromonitor International Limited; retail volume sales in units based on 2010 data

Haier UK Head Office: Tel: 01483 411817 Email: het_uk@haiereurope


a w.h


om c . er


“Things are far from rosy on the high street”



MAY 2011



hile consumers basked in the April sunshine uncertainty rained on the retail parade. The BRC reported retail sales values up 5.2% on a like-for-like basis from April 2010, lifted by the Easter trading period, but said that when the results for March and April were considered together they largely cancel each other out. Sales fell 1.9% in March 2011, according to the organisation’s monthly survey, against a 6.6% rise in the same month last year. Although April food sales returned to growth and other sectors benefited from the warm weather, big-ticket items such as expensive electrical goods were said to be “hard hit” and often promotion-led amid continued consumer uncertainty about job and income prospects. Non-food non-store (internet, mail-order and phone) sales were 13.7% higher than a year ago, recovering from an exceptionally small 7.5% gain in March, but taking the two months together, the BRC reported that underlying growth was “little changed” from earlier this year. In a separate survey conducted by the CBI the volume of high street sales rose in April compared with a year ago as retailers had expected, but the pace of growth remained subdued. The organisation found that 45% of retailers saw volumes rise in the year to April, while 24% said they fell. The resulting balance of +21% was in line with expectations, but no growth is expected in May. “Despite slightly better year-on-year sales growth in April, this survey shows things are far from rosy on the high street,” commented Ian McCafferty, CBI Chief Economic Adviser. “For the third month in a row, retailers considered sales to be unseasonably poor, stocks are running quite high and orders with suppliers are expected to fall.

“With few signs of demand picking up rapidly in the coming months, conditions on the high street look like remaining tough for retailers.” The CBI said that nearly all retailing sub-sectors saw a modest improvement in volume growth in the year to April but sales of durable household goods including bigticket electrical items continued to fall, albeit at a slower pace than last month. The pressure on electricals was also highlighted in an earlier report by Morgan Stanley, which stated that “the UK electrical retailing industry as a whole has now fallen into losses”. In its analysis, Morgan Stanley said the rapid rise in online penetration and the grocers targeting non-food categories such as electricals meant that the addressable market for specialists is shrinking. Adding to the high street’s woes, the KPMG/Synovate Retail Think Tank (RTT) said “things are going to get worse before they get better,” as it reported that the first quarter of 2011 marked the reversal of the mini recovery in retail health, which started in Q4 2009. The Retail Health Index (RHI) fell two points to 85, one point further than predicted. The RTT attributed the worse-thanexpected decline largely to the softening of demand brought about by consumers reining in spending in response to unforeseen increases in petrol prices and a drop in disposable incomes as the gap between living costs and wage inflation grows. Retail margins also suffered in the quarter as retailers extended winter sales, absorbed the VAT increase and promoted more heavily. On the RTT’s prediction that retail health will deteriorate a further point to 84 in Q2, Synovate’s Tim Denison said: “This is crunch time. Footfall is down, consumer confidence is waning, disposable income is declining as high inflation bites and talk of interest rates

going up jangles the nerves further. Retailers will need to be on their mettle to read and respond to shopper idiosyncrasies in the months ahead.” Further unsettling news during April came from business advisory firm Deloitte who reported that first-quarter 2011 retail administrations increased by 30% to 60, compared with 46 in the same period last year. The figure represented the highest number of retailers to enter administration in a single quarter in the past two years. Lee Manning, reorganisation services partner at Deloitte, said “it comes as no surprise that retail has been worst affected. The sector is heavily reliant on buoyant consumer spending and the increase in VAT and the Government’s austerity measures are undoubtedly hitting it hard. In particular, smaller retailers are likely to be feeling the pinch more so than ever as they often have little grounds to negotiate flexible credit terms with suppliers and may find it difficult to raise funding.” Manning added that the trend in retail administrations was very much in line with the general direction of the market. “Overall,” he said, “the first quarter of 2011 saw an increase of 21% on the previous quarter, with a total of 557 companies falling into administration compared with 438 in Q4 2010. These figures indicate that we are not out of the woods yet.” On a brighter note, the Office for National Statistics estimated that economic activity in the first-quarter of the year managed modest growth of 0.5%. This quarter’s ONS figures had been awaited with special anxiety, given that the UK economy unexpectedly contracted by 0.5% in the last quarter of 2010, and it was with some relief that two consecutive quarters of contraction had been avoided, allaying (for now) fears of a double-dip recession.


Get in Touch with Consumer Electronics Unlimited

Comet sales fall 15%; MD Hugh Harvey stands down Comet owner Kesa Electricals reported like-for-like sales in the UK fell 15.2% in the three months to 30 April 2011, an acceleration of the 7.3% sales decline in the previous quarter. Comet, which is currently implementing a reorganisation plan involving the closure of 14 service centres and the potential loss of 400 jobs, is reported to be accelerating its store refit programme and expanding its Web offering. Managing director Hugh Harvey resigned at the beginning of May and was replaced by commercial director Bob Darke, and in January the services director and business support director left the company as part of the restructuring. Kesa said the UK market is particularly price-sensitive, and there continues to be a strong shift towards online purchasing. Looking ahead, CEO Thierry Falque-Pierrotin, commented: “We know the first quarter [to July 2011] is going to be tough. Turning around a retail company takes time. You can’t do it overnight.”

Dixons sales fall 2% in year to 30 April 2011 Dixons Retail issued a trading statement for the full year to 30 April 2011 showing Group total and like-for-like sales down 2% for the full year, with the second half having a steeper sales contraction of 4%. The Group issued a profits warning in March saying that profit for the year would be towards the lower end of expectations, and the £85 million Group profit before tax in this trading statement is in line with that earlier guidance. In the UK & Ireland, like-for-like sales fell 3% for the whole year, with a steeper 7% drop in the second half. Only the Nordics showed positive sales growth, achieving +5% like-for-like over the full year. Dixons announced in April that it would be exiting the troubled Spanish market and closing all of its PC City outlets in Spain.

Chief executive John Browett said: “With challenging economic headwinds continuing for many of our customers, we remain cautious on the outlook for the year ahead. Having had a strong World Cup performance as well as the exclusivity of the iPad last year, we have tough comparables ahead. However, through our Renewal & Transformation plans, our businesses are well placed to emerge from the current weak consumer environments ahead of our competitors.”

Discover the latest consumer electronics and home appliance innovations at the industry‘s leading global trend show. Don‘t miss this opportunity to get in touch with sales managers from top international brands and lay the groundwork for your commercial success.

PURE regional road shows PURE is running a series of regional road shows for independent retailers to showcase its current product range and introduce new regional Area Sales Executives. Events are taking place throughout the UK until the end of June. For further information, email or contact your Area Sales Executive; visit or call 0845 1489001.

Contact: Overseas Trade Show Agencies Ltd. Tel. +44 (0)20 7886 3000 ·

Berlin, 2 –7 Sep 2011


GDHA opens up service operation to third parties GDHA has launched a new service brand under which the company’s UK-based maintenance, repair and customer care operation will be available to thirdparty sources. The newly created Home Appliance Care, led by Customer Care Director Paula Hodkinson (pictured), is seen by GDHA as an opportunity for growth and the company believes it is effectively positioned to

plug the gaps that exist for manufacturers who do not have a UK customer care and after sales service in place. The fact of the matter is “we are good at service,” Hodkinson told GC. “Recognition for the quality and level of service provided led us to realise that we are experts at what we do. We have the knowhow and systems in place to make it easy for people to come on board.” Third-party service is not new to GDHA. According to Hodkinson, the company has worked it on a small scale for the past 4 to 5 years on electric heating, gas fires & boilers and white goods. Large investments have been made in its national fleet of 170 (and, uncommon in this industry, fully employed) regionally-based Gas Safe Certified engineers, and in new call-handling software for its 130-person customer contact centre so service can be taken to the next level. Hodkinson says she is looking for “reasonable sized” contracts for the new venture – i.e. 10,000 to 12,000 jobs per year – but if a contract for 20,000 to 30,000 jobs came up, she “wouldn’t turn it down.”

AEG Training Academy opens in Luton AEG has opened a state-of-the-art Training Academy as part of a multimillion investment to reinvigorate the brand. The Luton-based facility will host a range of courses from foundation to professional level, supplemented by a new E-excellence Centre offering comprehensive online learning packages. National Training Manager, Raymond Laidlaw, said the Academy will ensure all customers have the opportunity to learn more about the AEG Neue Kollektion ranges launched at the end of February this year. AEG also plans to launch a new mobile training academy at the end of July. “This will be an industry first where we can quite literally ‘deliver’ training on our retailers doorsteps,” commented Laidlaw. Reporting that more than a thousand key customers

have already planned in their training for 2011, Laidlaw added: “Successful product training is a partnership between retailer and manufacturer and I look forward to working with many of you on future projects in 2011.”

Welcome to the brand new: Email us today for your log in details so you can take advantage of the brand new site! Email our web team on

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TEL: 0844 854 6715

Domestic Appliance Distributors, Henry John House, Northway Lane, Ashchurch, Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, GL20 8JH

She explains that the venture allows businesses to see “tremendous” savings as they will not have to invest in building their customer service infrastructure from scratch. “Instead, these companies can invest in further developing the main aspect of their core business, leaving customer service deliverables in the hands of skilled experts.”

Philips reduces TV interests Philips Electronics is to place its loss-making TV arm into a joint venture with Hong Kong company TPV Technology, which supplies desktop and TV monitors. TPV will hold a 70% stake and Philips 30%, with the option to sell that to TPV after six years. Philips’ TV arm has been making losses for some years as its once leading position has been eroded by price competition. It is reported that losses for the division since the beginning of 2007 now amount to near a billion Euros, and this is depressing the Group’s overall financial performance. Net TV losses in the first quarter of 2011 were reported at €87 million and pulled Group profits down to €138 million, well below analysts forecasts and some €63 million down on the same period last year. Frans van Houten, who took over as chief executive on April 1 and is known for his expertise in business restructuring, said: “Finding a solution for our television business was our top priority and we strongly believe that the intended 30% - 70% joint venture with TPV will enable a return to profitability for the television business, and an increased portfolio focus for Philips in health and wellbeing.”


Independent tests find appliances bearing incorrect EU labels Pan-European testing carried out by the European Committee of Domestic Equipment Manufacturers (CECED) and the European Union has revealed that a number of domestic appliances are incorrectly labelled under the EU energy labelling system. The tests, carried out on refrigerators, freezers and freezer-refrigerator combinations, involved 80 appliances from 48 brands (40 manufacturers) purchased in various countries in the EU. The results showed that approximately 13% of appliances were rated an energy efficiency class too high and approximately 3% were declared two or more consumption classes better. For all five criteria, an overall error rate of 53% was reported. Dr. Kurt-Ludwig Gutberlet, Chairman of BSH, a CECED member whose appliances were certified as bearing fully accurate information, said: “Correct labelling, especially in relation to energy efficiency, is an important orientation aid when deciding to purchase an appliance. Consumers have a right to correct labelling. Furthermore, incorrect information leads to distortion of competition. “Only when consumers trust the label and accordingly opt for the most energy-efficient appliances can we as a sector effectively contribute to reducing European energy consumption.” Luigi Meli, general director of CECED, said: “The level of compliance with energy label requirements must improve. These results are disappointing but they do not detract from the industry’s position on this issue. Strong market surveillance is the best way to ensure a level playing field, fair competition for domestic equipment manufacturers operating within the Single Market and a high level of protection for the consumers.” Whirlpool EMEA president Bracken Darrell added: “Correct energy labelling is essential to give our final customers and our distributors a real choice based on true facts. The fact that our products passed the tests in all five categories reflects Whirlpool’s attention to sustainability issues and respect toward consumers.”

Glen Dimplex Home Appliances has appointed Vera Langley and Tracy Linsdell to oversee its Range Centre initiative which was launched in 2010. After 12 years with GDHA, Langley moves from her previous role as ASM for kitchen specialists and will cover the north of England. Linsdell, who also held an ASM role for the kitchen specialist sector, will support the south of England. Path Products has appointed Neil Gordon to the role of Commercial Director responsible for driving business for IXOS products and new brands that he will help develop within major UK retailers. AEG has launched a consumer press advertising campaign to reinforce the brand message of “superior performance, time after time”. Ads will appear in premium National Press supplements and a range of food, style, kitchen specialist and home interest titles. The new campaign is part of a multi-million pound marketing investment in the brand and includes trade press and online consumer advertising, complemented by promotional activities and a major ‘grassroots’ laundry campaign. Caple has announced a trade promotion running until 31st August 2011 in which retailers placing an order from its kitchen furniture

brochure, with a minimum spend of £1,500, will be entitled to a free dishwasher. Contact 01179 381 900 or visit for further information. Indesit has announced a sponsorship deal with Arsenal Football Club, commencing at the beginning of the 2011/2012 season. The company said the move represents an opportunity to consolidate its presence in some of Europe’s most strategic markets, citing the UK as an example of such. The Electrolux EUU11410 undercounter “A” rated freezer has been named a Which? Online Best Buy, scoring five stars on test for reliability, quietness and vibration and amassing an overall score of 83%. Red Dot, the design awards organisation, has given an Honourable Mention to Amica’s Platinum range of built-in ovens. The I-Cook timer and programmer, based specifically on the smartphone’s icon technology, and the Aqualytic self-cleaning system were singled out for special mention. PJH Group has promoted two of its depot sales managers to Regional Business Development Managers as part of a new sales team structure. David Sykes will manage the north and Adrian Clare the south.


TEL: 0844 854 6715

Domestic Appliance Distributors, Henry John House, Northway Lane, Ashchurch, Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, GL20 8JH


GDHA creates new independent retailer support initiative for GE Appliances Glen Dimplex Home Appliances is rolling out a new in-store support initiative to selected independent retailers of GE Appliances to help communicate the benefits and features of its side-by-side

Indesit Company recorded sales

in the three months to 31 March up 7.2% to €644 million. EBIT improved15.6% to reach €40.5 million and net profit increased 25.3% to €20 million. Net financial indebtedness fell to €309m, against €383m in the prior year. In Western Europe (WE), shipment trends were negative in all countries except the UK, which saw an increase of 3.6%. Retail prices also declined with the sole exception of the UK, where they rose 2.9%. Overall WE sales for the region increased 1.6%, with “very positive” growth of €5.5 million in Service revenues recorded in the UK, mainly due to a rise in sales of extended warranties.


MAY 2011

Samsung Electronics


announced revenues up 7% to KRW 36.99 trillion on a consolidated basis for the first quarter ended 31 March 2011. Consolidated net income fell 30% against Q1 2010, to KRW 2.78 trillion, and a consolidated operating profit of KRW 2.95 trillion was recorded. Operating profit for Digital Media & Appliances turned around from the previous quarter to register KRW 0.10 trillion on revenue of KRW 13.52 trillion. Shipments of flat panel TVs fell 31% to 8.8 million units (Q-on-Q) amid weak seasonality, but profit was driven by increased sales of LED TVs, which now make up 39% of TV sales. In the appliance sector, emerging market growth and brisk sales of premium refrigerators, washing machines and air conditioners in Europe drove up revenue by 13%.

Sharp Electronics reported net

sales up 9.7% to ¥3,021.9 billion for the

refrigeration products. The initiative provides extra training, signage and POS materials to those retailers displaying at least three products. David Garden, Commercial

year ended 31 March 2011 and a net income of ¥19.4 billion – 4.4 times that of the prior year. Operating income increased by 52% to ¥78.8 billion. The company failed however to meet its forecast for the year after sales suffered a steep decline in the wake of the Japan earthquake.

BSkyB posted revenues up 14% in

the nine months to 31 March 2011, following a strong third quarter. Sales rose from £4,232 million to £4,833 million while adjusted EBITDA increased 19% to £1,030 million. Adjusted operating profit rose 24% to £790 million and operating margin expanded 130 basis points to 16.3%.

Amazon announced sales up 38% to $9.86 billion for the first quarter ended March 31 2011, compared with $7.13 billion in the same period last year. Worldwide Electronics and Other General Merchandise grew 59% to $5.59 billion, but total net income decreased 33% to $201 million in the quarter. LG Electronics recorded firstquarter sales down 4% to KRW 13.16 trillion and a net loss of KRW 16 million compared to a KRW 675 billion profit on the same quarter last year. Home Entertainment shipments increased but revenue declined 4.8% to KRW 5.28 billion due to a slower season and decreased average selling prices. Mobile Communications sales fell 8.3% to KRW 2.91 billion. Shipments declined 10% to 24.5 million units but profitability improved due to increased smartphone sales and cuts in overheads. In Home

Director for GE Appliances at GDHA, believes the new scheme will enable GE products to “really stand out from the crowd.” It is expected to be rolled out to approximately 16 retailers around the UK.

Appliances, revenues rose 13.4% to KRW 2.699 billion due to rising sales in North America and emerging markets.

Whirlpool Corporation

posted a first-quarter rise in net earnings of $169 million compared with $164 million on the same period in 2010, while sales grew from $4.3 billion to $4.4 billion. Europe, Middle East and Africa reported sales of $743 million, a 0.6% increase on the prior year.

Electrolux reported first-quarter

profits down by more than half due to rising material costs and pressure on prices. Income fell 53% to SEK 457 million on sales of SEK 23,436 – a drop of 7% on Q1 2010. In comparable currencies, net sales rose 0.9%. Demand in most of the company’s main markets showed good growth, with “stable development” in Europe and a near 10% increase in emerging markets.

Panasonic recorded net income for the year to 31 March 2011 at ¥74.02 billion, compared to a ¥103.47 billion loss in the previous year. Income at the main AV products division increased 32% to ¥114.9 billion, profit at the domestic appliances division rose 40% to ¥92.3 billion. Operating profit increased 60% to ¥305.25 billion and revenue rose 17% to ¥8.693 trillion. Argos owner Home Retail Group’s full year results to February 2011 showed profits down nearly 10% to £265.2 million. Like-for-like revenues at Argos fell 5.6% on declining sales of TVs, gaming and big-ticket home-related goods. Computers and white goods


Sales Aids

In this month’s column, John Reddington looks at things beginning with “P” that, collectively, are your Sales Aids


Particularly in our industry this has to be one of the most important. The art of demonstrating the product and its various operations is vitally important. How often do mystery shoppers report that the salesperson “talked” but didn’t “show”! Remember to learn about the product: what it does; how it differs from its competition; its unique selling features... But remember as well not to go over the top with technical jargon. Look at your customer, ask questions, estimate his/ her knowledge and establish specific needs. And don’t just demonstrate. There is nothing like “hands on” experience to enthuse a customer, so, for example, hand over the remote control and let them get a feel for the product and become involved with the sales process. The product is king ... don’t forget it !

Presentation This Sales Aid takes two forms. For sales people out on the road it’s the Sales Binder/Presenter where all the information is stored on the product range, together with supporting information. For retail sales staff it’s the sales support material provided by the manufacturer and/or your retail outlet, plus – crucially - the way you present yourself, your demonstration and your product. There are also some sensitive points to keep in mind... personal hygiene for one. Lots of talking can encourage bad breath, so always be aware and have mints handy. Personal freshness is a key factor, and

Point Of Sale This covers brochures, posters and other types of display material designed to be seen and consulted by your customers. It’s very important both for retailers and manufacturers. Remember, approximately 85% of information that reaches the brain arrives via the eyes, so use the “props” that are provided. They make the selling process that much easier. And do consider the old adage: “we have two ears and one mouth” and in the selling business we should use them in those proportions - 66% listening, 33% talking. Manufacturer reviews are an essential part of the POS argument. They carry an unqualified endorsement of how an independent reviewer found the product’s performance. Reprints placed in stack cards act as silent salesmen. Use them. They work !

Pen How simple is this ... the pen! Used for pointing (especially useful if you bite your nails!), the pen can act as an extension to the finger for pointing out certain features of the product, or to pinpoint passages in a review, article or brochure. It’s easier to follow and more precise than a finger.

You’ll also need to use your pen to complete the paperwork, whether this is an order, a finance agreement... whatever. In the fmcg business we were always trained to carry two pens in our inside pocket (never the top pocket of a jacket ... you’ll look like Harry Hill!) ... just in case the buyer didn’t have one to hand. And if it has a product brand logo or your shop’s logo on it, so much the better. It’s doing yet another job for you.

Plan Sales Slip This might be unfamiliar to retail sales people, though manufacturers’ reps will know it as a term used by the fmcg industry to mean “order form.” For retail sales people it can mean the invoice or whatever documents you use to close the sale with the consumer. In short, it should be to hand, it can be used to summarise the sales points and it’s one of the things your Pen is used on.

Still relevant Some of the retail sales people we meet during training question whether these sales “rules,” processes and “Aids” are still relevant in the 21st century. But experience proves over and over again that having some structure and clarity in the sales process pays dividends. I witnessed probably one of the best presentations this last month that I have seen in my 40 years in this industry. The person involved used every one of the above sales aids and did it to perfection. I can’t name him but it was a very professional sales pitch. The man in question is young and certain of a successful career.

COMPETITION WINNER JOHN LLOYD OF BIG RED Our first competition in the March issue, SALES PRESENTS BRIAN sponsored by Vogels and asking for an DIXON RIGHT WITH HIS explanation of the AICDA acronym, produced £100 VOGELSSPONSORED SHOPPING VOUCHER. a good crop of answers but also revealed that not as many sales people as one would think are familiar with it. In fact, we had a crop of answers from people who had clearly Googled it and taken the first answer, which happens to be “Activation-Induced Cytidine Deaminase.” It’s an enzyme, apparently, but the moral Well done also to our two runners-up: here is: if you get an answer like that to a question about sales procedures, enquire further before writing it down. Joan Guyll, Battle Electricals & Computer, 8 Market Square, Battle Of those who did get it right - and remembered to do “I am a good salesperson because I always aim to the “Complete the sentence” tie-breaker, the winner is: obtain a win-win situation: i.e. the customer usually ends up buying more than she/he intended and goes Brian Dixon, out the door happy with her/his purchases.” Eric Alcock Ltd, 14 Hightown, Crewe, Cheshire Answer to competition tie breaker is: Attention, Interest, Anthony Mitchell, Conviction, Desire, Action. And the winning tie-breaker: “I am a good salesman because I always sell myself not 24 London Road, Shipston on Stour, Warks “I am a good salesperson because I am happy, just the product. And I always use the acronym A I C D humorous, hopeful and honest.” A, which has always been very successful for me.”

MAY 2011


if you smoke, be aware that the smell of tobacco can cling to your clothes. To a non-smoker this can be quite off-putting. I remember an incident where Nick Alsbury and I visited a garage to purchase a new vehicle, and the young sales person lost the sale before he even started as both his breath and clothes were heavily tainted with tobacco.



try to bring into these articles an illustrative “real life” story wherever I can, but this month there’s a tinge of sadness. During the 1970s I was headhunted by Harman International to be UK Sales Manager of their new operation. They had purchased Tannoy as founder Guy Fountain had just passed on, and for me it was an exciting time as we handled brands such as Tannoy, Ortofon (my favourite), TEAC, Kenwood, JBL, Harman Kardon and a couple of others. At my first CES Show in 1976 in Chicago I met Sidney Harman who, with Bernard Kardon, founded HK (as it became known). Sad, then, to see in The Times in April that Sidney Harman had passed away. He was a great enthusiast and motivator as well as a very shrewd businessman ... and still working at the age of 92! The name will always be associated in my mind with a time of great learning and opportunity. On, then, to “Sales Aids” (not a problem you need to go to the doctor with!) Last month’s competition asked you what letter all the main Sales Aids begin with, and to name as many as you could think of. How many of these did you get:


Loewe Individual Compose 3D TV Loewe has introduced a range of 3D LCD TVs with LED backlighting and 400Hz picture quality. The new Individual Compose models will be available in 40, 46 and 55-inch screen sizes in High Gloss White, Aluminium Black and Aluminium Silver finishes. 

500GB DR+ hard disk

Loewe MediaPortal / MediaNet / MediaText

Conversion of 2D content to full 3D

Surround sound options up to 7.1

01294 315 0000

Meridian Media Core 600 digital media system The Media Core 600 Sooloos digital media system from Meridian Audio features the most powerful Sooloos system core to date. It incorporates a pair of 2TB hard disk drives and provides enough primary storage for around 5000 CD albums, while automatically maintaining a mirror copy of music collections. 

Internet radio and streamed music services

Connects to a range of control options

Incorporates six high-performance audio end-points

Suggested retail price £6,000

MAY 2011

AEG MaxiKlasse™ 493321-MN freestanding cooker


The new collection of designer chimney hoods from Bosch is manufactured in Germany and available across the brand’s three ranges: Avantixx, Classixx and Exxcel. The Exxcel curved glass canopy hood, model number DWA09E750B, features: 

Stainless steel and glass finish

690m3/h extraction rate / 42 dBA noise level

Halogen lights

90cm and 60cm versions available

0844 892 8979

Boston Acoustics TVEE Model 25 soundbar system

01480 445678


Bosch Exxcel curved glass canopy hood

This AEG AA-rated freestanding cooker features a MaxiSense™ induction hob with flexible zones, providing maximum cooking space and a choice of positions for different sized pans. The 74-litre main oven has 8 functions and a ‘Stop and Go’ feature which gives instant control. ESP £1,199. 

Fully programmable timer

Automatic heat up (Automax)

CataLuxe™ liners

Triple-glazed Isofront doors

5-year guarantee

08445 611611

Boston Acoustics has introduced this £299.90 virtual surround sound TV and music audio system which comprises a slim soundbar and wireless subwoofer with out-of-the-box one-wire hookup. Reportedly capable of delivering powerful, room-filling sound, the TVee Model 25 is designed to be simple, intuitive and totally flexible, incorporating Boston’s “Play Smart®” product approach. A variety of features designed to enhance the TV and music experience include: 

Dolby Digital 5.1 decoding / Digitally Optimized Virtual Surround processing

Dedicated Music Mode

Front panel input button

System power: 150 watts RMS

02890 279830


Indesit Prime 2011 washing machines The 2011 range of A-rated Prime washing machines from Indesit (PWE91672, PWE91472 and PWE91272) have a 9kg capacity with spin speeds up to 1600rpm, digital displays and 24-hour delay timers. All offer a choice of programmes – from a super-quick 15 minute express wash to outdoor wear and sports cycles – and sensor technology optimizes water and energy consumption for the most efficient wash. Model PWE91672 features: 

16 programmes / Variable temperature and spin

Easy iron, extra rinse and cool wash options

Water consumption 69 litres / Energy consumption 1.36 kWh

EST recommended

08000 921 922

Haier MyZone fridge freezer

De Dietrich DTiM1000C 90cm ‘Piano’ induction hob

Haier’s A+ rated MyZone fridge freezer is now available in the UK market. The product has an independent middle drawer which can be used either as a fridge or freezer compartment, with a range of temperatures from +5°C to -18°C. It is available in a stylish mirrored glass finish, in red (AFD626TGR), black (AFD626TGB), white (AFD626TGW) & Inox Silver (AFD626TF).

The new ‘Piano’ hob from De Dietrich is claimed to be the world’s most advanced zoneless induction hob, featuring total zoneless technology and a range of ‘intelligent’ control options. It has a full colour 250,000 pixel TFT touchscreen, 15 power levels plus boost function, auto pan detection and a host of additional safety features.

Total no-frost

LCD display with touch control

Long-life LED tower lighting

Net capacity: Fridge section 158L, MyZone section 37L, Freezer section 58L

EXPERT cooking option uses entire 81cm x 40cm cooking area and caters for up to 5 pans

PIANO cooking option converts hob into three separate cooking zones

SOLO cooking option uses a single temperature across the entire zone – ideal for warming food at lower heat settings

01256 308 067

01483 411810

Average water consumption 11 litres

Steam programme

Jet Pro cleaning system with 24 rotating jets

Removable, height adjustable ProComfort third level wash rack

0844 499 010


Maytag’s new freestanding MDW 710 AGW dishwasher with 13 place settings features the brand’s patented IntelliSense® technology, which automatically selects the most economical and effective programme according to the level of soiling, adjusting the water, temperature and time to deliver an A+ energy rating and optimal performance.

MAY 2011

Maytag freestanding MDW 710 AGW dishwasher




There is no doubt that 21st century home laundry and garment care appliances have transformed the old concept of “washday” in UK homes - even where such an oldfashioned schedule of domestic tasks still exists in a society now used to a more convenient, ondemand, flexible, chore-minimising lifestyle. Technology has delivered home laundry processes that are faster, more hygienic, more caring of fabrics, more eco-friendly and more intelligent, minimising the need for human effort



MAY 2011

rom dirty laundry to crisp, fresh garments and linen is now a matter of loading the machine, pressing the button and letting the machine get on with it, and the appliances are so outstandingly better in terms of performance, intelligent programming refinements and energy efficiency that retailers can have a problem just listing and explaining the massive advances in features and benefits that make a modern home laundry appliance such excellent value for money. And even though that most disliked of household chores – ironing – has not entirely escaped the need for human application, modern washing and drying programmes have decreased (no pun intended) the ironing requirement, and today’s steam irons and steam generators reduce the time and effort spent at the ironing board.


Versatility, adaptability, capacity With bigger load capacities being one of the big stories of home laundry development over the past few years - 8, 9, 10 and even 11kg machines are now available within standard external dimensions - it is tempting to assume that consumer demand is for bigger, less frequent washes, and that manufacturers have responded simply by focusing on

making the “super washday” possible. But this is very far from the whole truth. The ability to wash – and dry – a lot of clothes in one go is important, but it is one of a number of varied requirements of 21st century life, and manufacturers, while offering greater capacity, are also delivering – often in the same machine – the convenience of quicker, smaller, more energy efficient, more ecofriendly washes, so that consumers feel able to wash a single shirt or a couple of specialprogramme delicate items as the need of the moment dictates, without having to feel guilty about the effect on the environment or the electricity bill. So most manufacturers agree that 21st century home laundry appliances are about both capacity – the ability to handle bigger loads efficiently – and versatility – the ability to handle frequent, small, sometimes specialist, spur-of-the-moment washing needs quickly and economically. As product marketing manager premium at Maytag Caroline Guillermard says: “The latest washers, with their larger capacities, mean you can do bigger loads less often and very economically. However, amazing electronic control also means they are very


15234_Green_Generation_GET_Connected:v1 19/4/11 18:06 Page 1 15234_Green_Generation_GET_Connected:v1 19/4/11 18:06 Page 1


Whirlpool is a registered trademark of Whirlpool U.S.A.


Whirlpool is a registered trademark of Whirlpool U.S.A. Whirlpool is a registered trademark of Whirlpool U.S.A.


Sensor technology delivering Sensor technology delivering Sensor technology delivering outstanding performance outstanding performance outstanding performance while saving resources while saving resources while saving resources

™ ™ PowerClean MaxMax Humidity andand temperature energy rating PowerClean Humidity temperature A-30%* A-30%* energy rating ™ PowerClean Max Humidity and temperature A-30%* energy rating rotating jet sprays and sensor control and detergent dosing rotating jet sprays and sensor control and detergent dosing ™ technology rotating jet sprays and sensor control and detergent dosing AquaSteam recommendation AquaSteam™ technology recommendation AquaSteam™ technology recommendation *30%*30% Saving compared to A to energy ratedrated washing machine Saving compared A energy washing machine *30% Saving compared to A energy rated washing machine


The NEW AEG ProTex PLUS washing machine L98699FL ensures precise and gentle washing for exceptional care of clothes Our research shows that AEG ProTex PLUS protects clothes 30% better than previous models. To deliver this, the ProTex system combines several advances in washing technology like the Optisense wash system & Advanced washing technology to ensure there’s no over-washing. It also uses just the


MAY 2011

adept at washing the smallest, most delicate load without costing the earth. They are very flexible, incredibly smart and adaptable, saving resources and time during every wash.” And for that urgent must-have-now item, “one can set the garment on a speed wash (15 minutes) or simply refresh it in under 20 minutes before popping it on to wear once more.” Neff sales director Mike Jarrett reinforces the versatility factor: “Washing has become ‘as and when’ with quick programmes like Rapid 15 available. Also the wash frequency has increased because of the speed factor, but in turn it means smaller volumes are washed more frequently (despite the interest in large capacity machines). This underlines the need for machines that are energy and water efficient as savings are critical.” And Beko head of buying and product Les Wicks contends that “with consumer lifestyles becoming



right amount of water, detergent and time for outstanding clothes care that will keep them looking like new for longer. This super-efficient washing machine has an outstanding A+++-20% Energy rating. Trade Sales Telephone number: 08445 610610

increasingly hectic, people are looking for greater flexibility from their laundry appliances as well as user-friendly time saving features so they can fit in the laundry at a time that’s convenient.” He cites Beko’s Fastwash programmes that can wash a 2kg load in 14 minutes and a full 8kg load in 28 minutes.

Lifestyle complement

to outdoor wear and sports programmes.” Baumatic marketing manager Rita Balestrazzi thinks that, “with most people now leading particularly hectic lifestyles and all members of the family working, the idea of sticking to just one fixed day for doing the laundry has all but disappeared. We’re now more

“…very flexible, incredibly smart Talking to manufacturers, the acknowledgement of today’s and adaptable, saving resources “hectic lifestyles” comes up time and time during every wash” and again, focusing the need for home laundry appliances inclined to switch on the washing machine to take the complications out of washing and to do a load after dinner during the week, provide safe, simple, anytime solutions to a which is why time-saving features on these range of lifestyle demands. Hotpoint brand appliances have become so important. ” This manager Iain Starkey believes “we are starting is where the energy-saving, intelligent sensing to see the development of laundry appliances technologies now built into most appliances that truly recognise how consumers live their come into their own. “Fuzzy logic technologies lives and handle their pressures, priorities and are growing in popularity,” says Balestrazzi, “as lifestyles.” For Hotpoint this has meant the this automatically adjusts water intake, water development of the new Aqualtis range (due temperature, wash time, rinse performance in June) that feature 11kg capacity, advanced and spin speed depending on the load, coloureds, delicates and special fabrics ensuring no more energy, detergent or water programming and, of growing importance, is used per wash than is absolutely necessary.” anti-allergy cycles. “Our customers,” says Starkey, “have told us that they want washing machines that handle coloureds without fading, look after precious fabrics and, for HOTPOINT’S NEW AQUALTIS NOW WITH 11KG MODELS people with sensitive skin and other allergies, completely wash away any potential irritants.” Sophistication plus capacity is also a priority at Indesit, where advertising and communications manager Libby Morley acknowledges: “People who have really active lifestyles need laundry products that do a fantastic job at any time, so they probably don’t have regular, scheduled wash days – it’s more likely to be a quick Sunday afternoon wash after football down the park, or an evening wash when you get in from the gym.” The new A-rated Prime series has 9kg capacity, plus “a choice of easy-to-use programmes from a super-quick 15 minute express wash

Warming to warranty As the industry’s leading warranty specialist we know that the key ingredients for success are in the planning and preparation. With dedicated UK contact centres, an unrivalled repair network and impressive customer service ratings, there has never been a better time to turn up the heat on warranty sales with Domestic & General.



Performance with convenience and energy saving Whirlpool, with its well-established and constantly developing “6th Sense” control system which automatically senses, controls and adapts various wash parameters to save time, energy and water, is focusing, through “intelligent” and user-intuitive programming options, on delivering convenience and performance, plus environmental benefits that do not force consumers into a tradeoff between their pocket and the future of the planet. “The consumer is looking for authentic quality living,” says product marketing manager, freestanding, Dean McKelvie, and cites the company’s survey which found “nine out of ten consumers

NEW Zanussi top of the range 8kg washing machine with JetSystem+ The New Zanussi ZWJ14591W features Jetsystem+ technology which saves time, energy, water and detergent by automatically adjusting water consumption, energy and cycle time to suit the laundry load size. So whether you wash 1 kg or 8kg you can be sure it will only use what it needs for great results. Its big 8kg capacity means you can whizz through the laundry and wash big items like king size duvets and bed linen too. It is Energy Efficient with an A+++ energy rating.


MAY 2011 Trade Sales : 08445 610610

agreed that the cost of buying versus the cost to the planet is a bigger factor when deciding to buy. The consumer felt guilty about the decision and would rather there was no trade-off [between price and environmental responsibility]. Whirlpool’s Green Generation ranges, introduced in 2010, include 6, 7 and 8kg washing machine models with 6th Sense control, LED digital displays and detergent dosing recommendation. The aim is a range of “affordably sustainable” appliances that offer consumers an intuitive way to rapidly select appropriate programmes according to the three criteria the majority of people use to sort their washing: colour, fabric type and special items. Whirlpool’s “lifestyle programmes” feature a simple selection of “black” for dark colours, “white” for whites and “light” for a assesses water hardness, degree of soiling, mixed light coloured load, plus additional load volume, drum size and type of textile and programmes for special fabric types. adjusts detergent dosing accordingly from a For Electrolux/AEG, the Optisense Wash liquid detergent chamber within the machine System is the intelligence that senses the wash that holds enough for 20 loads of laundry. load and adjusts for optimum performance and optimum water, time and energy usage. The AEG Neue Kollektion includes A-50% New age of laundry energy rated models, OptiSense, and the It’s clear that 21st century lifestyles have new ProTex drum design to combine best transformed how consumers regard the performance with maximum fabric care. “Top central domestic chore of home laundry. And end consumers,” says Chandrasekar Kunche, it is equally clear that manufacturers have local product manager, fabric care, Electrolux risen to the challenge by transforming their Major Appliances, “are product offerings looking for products to suit a fresh which are precise and set of consumer “Retailers should focus gentle so that clothes requirements. on the benefits which are not over- or underThe “Social and relate to the everyday washed, and which are technological situations of consumers” also energy efficient.” changes” that Ruth Energy saving, Ferguson, marketing garment care and manager at Gorenje, precise programming are top priorities at refers to, have produced a demand for “a Siemens, a brand with a long history of quality washing machine that is able to perform products and environmental responsibility. well, on demand, quickly and efficiently. “Generally people put a lot of thought into Fortunately,” she adds, “contemporary laundry buying their clothes,” says brand manager appliances feature technology ideal for Jane Massey. “They consider the fabric, the allowing consumer flexibility. Quick washes, cut, the colour and so on. And often individual time start delay options and large capacity items can be expensive. Customers should drums are key examples, allowing the be looking for a laundry appliance that consumer to wash more, less often, quickly protects their garments and helps them and at a time that suits them. Intelligent manage the many different textiles, colours technology also monitors loads, ensuring the and designs they have in their wardrobes. correct amount of water is used, and choosing Siemens’ washing machines include a range of the right programme for the load.” It appears programmes tailored perfectly to varying wash that simplicity, with much of the responsibility loads.” Specialist wool and silk programmes for programme selection switching from are part of Siemens’ fabric care options. And, the consumer to the appliance, has been says Massey, “because all Siemens’ domestic accomplished with built-in intelligence. The appliances are designed with the minimum process for the user may be simpler, but the impact to the environment in mind we’re technology that makes it so is the result of a already addressing the ‘green’ issue.” powerful body of research and development. Siemens’ new i-DOS detergent control Like all modern technology, the complicated system is a case in point. It automatically is dedicated to achieving simplicity. Gorenje




has echoed this idea with its own Simplicity range, prioritising ease of use and featuring 8kg capacity in both washer and dryer. “Retailers,” says Ferguson, “should focus on the benefits which relate to the everyday situations of consumers. For instance, by relating capacity to the average wash load size. Also point out energy savings to payback period: the energy savings from an A rated tumble dryer versus a C rated appliance will actually pay for the new A rated tumble dryer over a ten year period.” For Ken Humphrey, brand manager at Bosch, explaining the benefits of appliances such as the Exxcel 7 VarioPerfect washing machine with ActiveWater management, A+++ energy rating and a range of convenient, quick freshen and quick wash programmes (the super quick programme “washes ten men’s shirts in just 15 minutes”), is a matter of “understanding the customer’s needs. During a credit crunch/recession consumers tend to invest in products that will last rather than ‘bargains’ that need replacing within months.” Manufacturers’ research and innovation have been the driving forces behind the transformation of washday. As Haier points out, products in a world where washday is an outdated concept have to be “designed to be


flexible so that people can plan their laundry around their lives rather than their lives around laundry.” The Haier HW80-1401 8kg washing machine is cited as a product “perfectly adapted to modern requirements.” With A++ energy rating, delay timer, a range of programmes that can cope with silk, wool and other delicate fabrics, and a 40-minute quick wash, this is the forerunner of a premium 8kg washing machine with IC motor, anti-bacteria feature, auto weigh function and A+++ energy rating, due for UK launch in the second half of 2011. And Samsung has produced a washing innovation in the Eco Bubble, “the world’s

first washing machine to generate special bubbles, which help provide the same wash performance using cold water as standard washing machines offer at 40 degrees.”

Cool is cool The low-temperature wash has become established as a considerable contribution to energy saving, and collaboration between washing machine and detergent manufacturers has produced a further innovation – the cold wash. The energy benefits of low temperature washes are clear, but manufacturers have had to address

LAUNDRY HYGIENE SOLUTION FROM STATESMAN Statesman have developed a new Self-clean system program specifically designed to breakdown and cleanse out the excess soap and detergent deposits often experienced, using uniquely generated water and steam, keeping the machine running efficiently, hygienically and odour free. •

This program features on the stylish new ZXL series washing machines with 6kg and 7kg capacity models available

Statesman products all carry a FREE 2 Years Parts & Labour guarantee and are exclusive to Independents

The product range is constantly evolving, the Self-clean system is just one of a host of benefits that Statesman offers you.

Call now for further information or a copy of our new ‘2011 Collection’ brochure on

0844 848 5860

or visit us at

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9/5/11 15:47:38


concerns over hygiene and the effective elimination of allergens and bacteria, some of which can survive the lower temperatures of modern wash cycles. Most manufacturers whose machines have low temperature or cold wash cycles now offer a higher-temperature self cleaning cycle to ensure hygiene. As Simon Freear, country manager for Amica UK, says: “With the increasing demand for washing at lower temperatures, heavily encouraged by detergent manufacturers, washing machines with self-clean cycles will become much more commonplace. Everyday low temperature washing can be effective and is of course more environmentally friendly, but it can cause a build-up of bacteria, mould, dirt and odours in the drum and tank, which can shorten the life of any machine. Periodic maintenance with high temperature sterilisation via a self-clean cycle limits this build-up for continued, efficient washing.”

Hot opportunities Washer/dryers and tumble dryers are – especially in a country of uncertain climate – an important contribution to the convenience, speed and flexibility demanded by today’s consumers, but have in the past suffered from the perception that they are very heavy on energy, form a “bottleneck” in the laundry process because they can’t handle as big a load as the washing machine, and in some cases are not kind to fabrics. These things may have been true in the past, but manufacturers have invested an enormous amount of time and effort into bringing tumble drying into the energy efficient, fabric-nurturing 21st century.


Consumers may not be fully aware of the strides that have been made, and retailers now have the opportunity to present the tumble drying process as a real, ecoresponsible and energy-efficient solution to the drying problem. Larger capacities up to 9kg take care of the “bottleneck” problem, and sophisticated heat pump technology, heat exchangers and super-efficient humidity sensor programmes keep energy and water consumption to a minimum while ensuring fabrics do not suffer from overheating. Drum design has also advanced, with several manufacturers producing – as they have for washing machines – internal drum patterns that are gentle on fabrics. Highly efficient condenser dryers also obviate the need for venting, and bigger capacities together with humidity sensing can also minimise creasing and reduce the need for ironing. It is definitely time for UK consumers to look at their drying options and consider anew the benefits of tumble drying, either as a

FULLY AUTOMATIC WASHING MACHINE MARKET 12 MONTHS TO MARCH 2011  Volume up 8% to 1.5 million units  Freestanding machines: 97% of market  Average price down 1% year-on-year to £309


MAY 2011

 6kg most popular with 40% of market by volume


 7kg up 6% to 24% of market by volume  8kg up 2.6% to 13.3% of market by volume  1200rpm spin speed 40% of market by volume  1400rpm spin speed 34% of market by volume  67% of fully automatic machines now have Start Delay (up 8% year-on-year)

standalone option where space allows, or as part of a washer/dryer appliance.

Smooth finish Ironing is still one of the UK’s most disliked chores, but steam irons and steam generators, a key part of the whole laundry and garment care spectrum, are also developing rapidly to make ironing quicker, easier and more efficient. As Alex Meir, marketing manager at Tefal brand owner Groupe SEB says: “Products that take the hassle out of ironing are key.” He notes that different kinds of consumer usage patterns are better catered for: “You now have a mix of families doing batch washing and ironing and individuals ironing one shirt a day for work. Tefal has a product suited for every need and price point. A high power stream generator for large ironing loads with lots of power and neat features to make the ironing quick and easy, or a good quality, fully featured steam iron to make light work of that daily shirt.” Bosch says “there has been a greater interest and increase in the sale of steam generators over the last 2-3 years. Overall the irons market has remained flat year-on-year, while value and average price have increased slightly.” Bosch concedes that “buying an iron will never be a treat for most consumers,” and it is often likely to be a distress purchase. However, there is always room for sellup in terms of design and performance, and “the key is for retailers to understand their customers’ needs. If, for example, the customer only has five shirts a week to iron for work but usually irons a shirt before going to work in the morning, a Bosch Premier Power iron with super-quick heat up time may be perfect. On the other hand, if you are ironing for a family of six, we’d recommend a steam generator, as the steam output and the continuous fill system means you don’t have to wait for ages for it to heat up or keep refilling the water, so you get through that ironing much quicker.”

The Platinum collection combines innovative technology and stunning aesthetics with environmental credentials. One day all kitchens will perform this well.


George Cole ” George Cole pinpoints hotspots in the world of consumer electronics. E-mail:



amsung is one of several companies offering internet access via smart televisions and selected Blu-ray players. Its first internet TV service, Internet@TV, offered users a


number of apps that allowed internet content and services (such as

The other week, I travelled abroad and

BBC iPlayer, YouTube) to be displayed on a TV screen. Internet@TV

dutifully packed my laptop, camera

has since been rebranded Smart TV. The latest Samsung Smart TVs

and phone. Alas, when I reached my

offer a new interface, called Smart Hub, that includes a neat Search

destination I discovered that, while I had

All facility that looks for content on your PC, the internet and other

packed the power chargers for the laptop

devices. Samsung is also planning to increase the number of Smart

and phone, I’d forgotten to include the

TV apps from around 100 today to more than 400 by the end of the

camera battery charger. Fortunately, I had

year. However, consumers who purchased last year’s Internet@TV

recently recharged the camera battery,

range will not be able to use the Smart Hub or Search All feature. I

but I still had to be careful about how

asked Michael Zöller, Samsung’s European marketing director, TV/

often I used my camera. It got me thinking

AV, whether Internet@TV owners could upgrade their sets to the

about the times when many digital

latest Smart TV offerings? “A TV is not a PC,” he said, “we want to

cameras could also use alkaline batteries

keep the living room TV as a living room TV. If you want to surf the

as a backup option. It would be good if

internet, please use your laptop. There is no upgrade facility.”

cameras offered a USB charging system,

Zöller says owners of last year’s Internet@TV sets can still access

so you could charge them on a laptop (and

most of the new apps, and if they want to upgrade to Smart Hub,

leave one charger behind) or if consumer

they can purchase one of Samsung’s latest Blu-ray players, which

electronics companies followed the mobile

have the feature built-in. It’s true that some DAB players can be

phone manufacturers’ lead.

upgraded via software updates, but doing this with a TV operating

It’s estimated that there are more than

system is another story, and Samsung is right to take this approach.

500 million mobile phones in the EU, and

The good news about consumer electronics products becoming

they use 30 different types of chargers.

more like computers is that many new features are being added to

But the EU Commission has encouraged

each new generation of product. The bad news is that there’s a good

fourteen of the main mobile manufacturers

chance our existing equipment might not be able to use all of them.

(including Apple, Nokia, Samsung and LG)


MAY 2011

to sign a memorandum of understanding



to develop a universal phone charger,

Zöller also revealed that Samsung is strongly committed to active

plan was to have the universal charger

3D technology, with no plans to offer passive 3D systems. He gives

on the market by “early 2011,” but at the

reasons for sticking to this principle: “If you are using a passive

time of writing, it has yet to appear. But

system, the viewing angle is restricted, you get black bars on the

a universal charger will be well worth

screen, which sacrifices picture quality. Another problem is that

waiting for. Instead of having to buy a

passive systems add a filter and so you need a bright backlight,

new handset and charger every time you

even in 2D mode. This increases power consumption. And I haven’t

purchase a new phone, you’ll be able to

even started talking about how only active systems offer Full HD

use your existing charger. And if you forget

technology.” Zöller has a point, but it’s a shame that a war has broken

your phone charger whilst abroad, there’s

out amongst companies supporting either active or passive 3D

a good chance that you’ll be able to use

technology. The last thing the fledgling 3D market needs right now is

someone else’s. Now that’s what I call a

a reason for consumers to hold off from buying 3DTVs.

good idea in action.

based on the Mini-USB standard. The



Servicing in 2011 Technical service is changing fast, says Alan Bennett technicians has moved from component-

paid £120 for the few minutes it took a

level repair of TV and audio equipment




teenager to spray a woodworm-infested

form quite a little network of their own. If

to wider-ranging and less complex

bedroom cupboard. We very seldom now

the price is right we are quite happy to do

operations. The reasons for this are many,

have complaints about our callout charge,

this with equipment we have not ourselves

most of them based on economic factors...

currently £50, even in this low-cost, low-

supplied, and programme the gear for best

wages area. For a state pensioner this is

possible performance and interoperation. I

Diminishing repairs

half the weekly income, regrettable but

know several freelance hooker-uppers who

In real terms the cost of all home electronic

necessary in today’s economic ambience

specialise in this kind of work, advertising

gear has plummeted, while the cost of

for businesses like ours.

in the local press and on the internet

skilled and tightly-focused labour has

The diversification of technicians

and doing quite well out of it, where the

steadily gone up, so that repair has become

takes many forms. With ladders strapped

equipment has been bought at the local

less viable. Setmakers and importers,

to the top of the delivery van, some

supermarket, multiple or via the internet,

cutting their costs to the bone – sometimes

good test equipment, and in some cases

and the punter has not a clue as to how

to stay in business at all – have reduced

newly-acquired skills, e.g. from CAI

to cope with the multiplicity of plugs and

their after-sales service almost to vanishing

training courses, they (or at least the

sockets and 80-page instruction books,

point in some cases, especially in the realms

younger amongst them!) can go aloft to do

some of which are only available from a

of technical advice and spares availability.

installation, repair and servicing of aerials

printer and computer. This installation and

This makes many repairs difficult and

and satellite dishes, an often-satisfying

connection function also embraces first-

some impossible, though the emergence of

business which can be very rewarding

line troubleshooting; many problems are

economy PCB suppliers like ShopJimmy has

financially, especially for ‘discrete’ or

down to incorrect settings, connections or

mitigated the spares supply problem.

‘bespoke’ installations. With terrestrial aerial

operating errors, ‘bad driving’.

The skills required for in-depth repair are

work, the pattern at present seems to be

being lost, while the necessary investment

a steadily increasing demand with a huge

On the bench

in jigs, tools and test equipment is high. In

crescendo at (and especially just after) the

Back at the ranch there are still many

addition to these, people are becoming used

time of digital switchover, followed by a ramp-

jobs for technicians short of high-tech

to scrapping and replacing hi-tech equipment

down of work to a lower but steady level.

full-blown repairs. First-line servicing, that

ever earlier, and everybody’s conscience

is dealing with dry soldered joints, bad

about landfill and Earth resources is being

Wires and cables

appeased by the now-compulsory recycling

Another opening for technical talent is the

with fitting PSU repair kits, can cure many

process, whose viability and economics,

wiring-up of customers’ homes with various

ills, as can software updating by the various

when transport and other factors are taken

link systems: for TV distribution networking

means available. As I wrote last month,

into account, are difficult (for me anyway) to

of signals coming from rooftop aerials and

where circumstances permit, repair and

understand. A gloomy picture indeed.

satellite dishes; and for broadband cable

refurbishment of second-hand equipment

hook-ups to smart TV sets and computers,

for resale can be very well worthwhile.


also LAN cable systems or wireless set-

capacitors, blown fuses and the like, along

Techno-guys can also test fuses,

To balance the loss of work for established

ups for the latter. All the better when the

batteries, zappers, power supplies,

technicians there are two factors. One is

cable, modem, amplifiers etc. are supplied

loudspeakers, cables and the like. They

that natural wastage reduces their numbers:

by you. A similar service is the installation

can do sums involving amps, ohms volts

many TV and audio engineers of the old

of cinema systems, for which training is

and watts and – AND – authoritatively

school are near, at or past retirement age.

offered by Cedia UK. For complete system

recommend accessories, cables and

The other is that most people seem to be

building it’s usually necessary to team up

problem-solvers. People generally have

unable to do anything the slightest bit

with a versatile local building/decorating

great faith in the knowledge and integrity of

technical for themselves, but have become

firm. In the same vein, though less complex,

a technician, in the shop, on the phone or at

conditioned to paying big money for one-

is the hook-up and installation of TV and

home. See that his van or car is stocked up

to-one attention, especially from skilled

home-entertainment boxes, which can

with the best bits!

MAY 2011

people. Last week my neighbour cheerfully



n recent years the role of most



” He clearly has a need for speed and is very competitive on the track, but that doesn’t stop him wanting to

make everything equal. He’s drifted into “cuddliness” since giving up the fearsomely demanding and gruelling sport of competitive rowing, but has maintained the passion and tenacity to have emerged victorious from even tougher competition. He’s Nick Portlock, general manager, home appliances, Samsung Electronics UK Ltd.

Why did you choose to work in the electrical industry? It wasn’t planned but I was always interested in the marketing and selling of consumer goods

What’s the best kind of punishment….? Any kind, as long as I’m not on the receiving end!

What was the greatest turning point in your life? Finding out I had beaten cancer in December 2010

You have been offered the opportunity to rule the world for a day, what would be the first change you would make? Gather all the powerhouse countries of the world, unite them, work on ending world hunger and find a way to make everything equal

Where do you see yourself in 5 years’ time? Happy, healthy and still working in this great industry

Hobbies? Karting and all forms of motor sport. I have competed in the British Karting Championship for the last 15 years

Is there anything about yourself that you would like to change? To be taller and a little less cuddly!

What’s the worst lie you’ve ever told? “No, Officer, I didn’t realise I was going that fast!”

Any hidden talents? I can recite every Formula One World Champion and the teams they raced for from 1966 to the present day

What makes you laugh? My eleven year old step-daughter who is wise beyond her years

What’s your greatest regret? Stopping rowing competitively in 1988. I’ve never been as fit since What historic figure do you identify with most? Blackadder’s Baldrick because I always have a “cunning plan” How would you describe yourself? Passionate, Tenacious, Loyal, Grumpy Petrol-head!

MAY 2011

How do you think others see you? Fair, Honest, Committed, Grumpy Petrol-head!


Favourite cuisine? Tex-Mex

What’s the worst thing that’s ever happened to you? Finding out I had Hodgkins Lymphoma in June 2010

You have been offered a leading role in a film of your choice, what character would you like to play? Maverick in ‘Top Gun’

Who in the industry would you like to spend time with? My Samsung White Goods team - the best in the industry


What surprises you? Life’s twists and turns

What’s your pet hate? Politics in the workplace. People who sit in the middle lane of motorways

Any particular fetishes? Roquefort cheese, Starbucks coffee What would you put into Room 101? All cancers What’s your greatest achievement? Representing Great Britain in rowing and sailing What sort of music do you like? New Order, Joy Division, Wang Chung, Simple Minds. I’m an 80s kid Favourite quote? “To come second is to be the first of the losers” - Ayrton Senna Who has been the greatest influence in your life? My wife, Nicky

Any bad habits? Speeding

Name your poison Australian Cabernet Shiraz

If you weren’t in your present position, what job would you choose to do? Formula One racing driver

What do you daydream about? Being a full-time racing driver

Favourite TV programme? 24. Fringe. BBC Formula One race coverage

Favourite holiday destination? Whistler, Canada - best skiing in the world

…and who deserves it? Anyone other than me!

What’s your greatest fear? Failure Whom do you most admire? Ayrton Senna and Lance Armstrong What’s your favourite piece of kit? My Arai GP5 race helmet What motto do you live by? “Racing is life... everything before and after is just waiting” Tomorrow I will… Continue to grow Samsung’s market share within the white goods industry

Electrical retailer:

“George Cole got it spot on in his column last month: the Internet is a great servant but a hard master, and if we – all retailers, manufacturers, distributors – in this electrical business don’t work together on keeping it as a controllable part of the mix, it will take over completely and there will be nowhere for customers to go for face-to-face advice, support and after sales service.”

Brown goods manufacturer:

“Selling big, selling fast, selling more is not the same as selling smart and making a reasonable profit. As an industry we have to decide what we really want.”

The votes of Get Connected readers – the retail professionals and service providers to the electrical industry – have been cast, counted and verified. The calculations have been completed, and the elite group who have the right to use the Get Connected Product of the Year 2011 logo has been decided. Get Connected and the independent Nominations Panel would like to thank all those who have participated this year, with special mention for the committed trade readership who have cast votes in what has become the industry’s most democratic and respected trade awards programme. In difficult times, such peer acknowledgement of outstanding products and concepts is even more important, and the number of votes cast in 2011 has substantially exceeded last year’s record poll. The winners of the Get Connected Products of the Year Awards 2011 are listed on the following pages, together with an extract from the Panel’s citation. Our congratulations to all of them.




De Dietrich Compact 45cm Steam Oven “This 25-litre compact oven not only has style, but delivers the added dimension of steam cooking (no plumbingin required) in a format that is easy to use, easy for consumers to understand, and easy for retailers to sell on its merits of versatility, high quality results and healthier eating that does not compromise on flavours.”

Baumatic P632BS Multifunction Built-in Oven “This oven, part of Baumatic’s Black-line collection, combines powerful use of design aesthetics and unique “real black” stainless steel finish with convenience, ease of use and versatility to create a very strong retail proposition either as a replacement item or as part of a new kitchen design concept.”

Hotpoint NewStyle cooking collection Beko OIM22500XP Built-in Pyro “Programme Clean” Oven “Beko has responded to the demands of the built-in market with an oven that offers a great deal of consumer value both aesthetically and in terms of increasingly sophisticated technology. The judges were particularly impressed with the quality feel from a brand known for its value products.”

“Hotpoint has ‘most trusted brand’ status in the UK, and this co-ordinated collection of aesthetically outstanding appliances succeeds in maintaining that heritage, while demonstrating that the brand is an innovator in cooking design and technology. This collection gives consumers and retailers the opportunity to stay in-brand and co-ordinated across the entire range of major cooking products.”

Rangemaster Professional+ 90 Range Cooker

NEFF_4c_ohneClaim_08.eps, 100m, 63y 29k

Neff Flexinduction Hob “With induction becoming more accepted, more understood and more sophisticated as the hob technology of the 21st century, Neff has produced a significant advance in induction functionality, well supported by clear, appealing and compelling consumer and retailer information that brings the benefits to life.”

“Rangemaster has built on the popularity of range cooking, and the positioning of the successful stainless steel Professional+, with a highly featured, capacious 90cm range in a choice of “statement” colours and a selection of fuel options and hob formats including induction. A strong proposition for retailers.”

Smeg Marc Newson Collection “Commissioning a respected designer to bring contemporary design and vibrant colour options to the kitchen in combination with enamel, stainless steel and glass surfaces, Smeg has captured the modern consumer taste for high functionality teamed with the ability to make a distinctive design statement in the heart of the home.”



AEG UltraOne Vacuum Cleaner The AEG UltraOne vacuum cleaner offers outstanding performance and is beautiful enough to win an IF Design Award. This technologically advanced, super-quiet vacuum cleaner has been engineered to perform at the highest level – for perfect results on carpets and hard floors. The cleaning performance of the UltraOne is extremely powerful and it has been given top scores in a wide number of cleaningperformance tests. From nozzle to outlet, the airflow has been sealed and optimised for efficiency. Combined with a powerful motor, this means extremely efficient vacuuming.

AEG ProTex Sensidry condenser dryer The AEG T96699ih ProTex Sensidry condenser dryer has new soft pattern drum design and in combination with special airflow system, guarantees gentle treatment and uniform drying. The dryer’s heat pump technology also contributes to gentle drying by drying at lower temperatures. And it makes ProTex one of the most energy efficient dryers on the market, with 50% less energy consumption than A-Class – the highest efficiency rating available from any manufacturer. It matches the AEG ProTex washing machines perfectly, with stainless steel panels, ‘hifi’ programme selectors and the round porthole design with glass door.

AEG ProClean Dishwasher The AEG ProClean F99009M0P dishwasher combines superior cleaning with the largest loadable space in the market. Thanks to a revolutionary wash system with a high speed rotating satellite arm, this model delivers the best wash results to every corner of the dishwasher! And inside you get 10 litres more space than an average dishwasher – so you can load more even awkward shaped and outsized dishes. Silent and efficient too! At just 39 decibels it is so quiet you can’t hear it running! And it only uses 0.99 kWh of energy and as little as 10 litres of water. Trade Sales Telephone number: 08445 610610 27

REFRIGERATION CATEGORY Beko 4-door Fridge/ Freezer GNE 114610X “Beko has taken a decisive position in the growing four-door cooling category with a model that is well designed, offers a good level of cooling technology, and has the added benefit of a ‘Flexi Zone’ compartment that can be easily switched between fridge, freezer, wine cooler or chiller functions to suit seasonal or other family requirements. Very good value in this competitive market.”

LG non-plumbed Water & Ice Fridge/Freezer “The LG non-plumbed Water & Ice Fridge/ Freezer makes its second successive appearance as a winner in these awards, which is testament to its lasting appeal and longevity as a strong sales proposition in this competitive, aspirational sector of the cooling market.”

DISHWASHING CATEGORY AEG ProClean Dishwasher Range “A highly efficient, virtually silent, water and energy saving concept from AEG that has a genuinely innovative wash system, plus what is claimed as the largest loadable space on the UK market. An outstanding sales proposition for both the new user and upgrade sectors of dishwashing.”

Gorenje Retro Collection “The Gorenje Retro refrigeration range combines modern cooling technology with ‘statement’ retro design in a wide choice of distinctive colours. The Retro collection has strong aesthetic appeal, and this is teamed with A++ and A+ class energy ratings, good thermal insulation and, as an added confidence booster, carries the Gorenje 5-year parts and labour guarantee.”

Rangemaster DxD four door refrigeration “This is a very strong entry into the four-door market with a product that has a very high specification, outstanding looks, big capacity, versatile storage options and the ability to make a powerful statement in any home. It comes in a choice of finishes and complements Rangemaster’s range cookers.”

Bosch Exxcel Aquastar Dishwashers “Bosch, always an outstanding brand in dishwashing, has delivered in the Exxcel AquaStar a versatile, efficient concept with A++ energy rating and the new ActiveWater technology which reduces water consumption to just 6.5 litres for a 13-place setting load. Another powerful reason to buy into dishwashers for the first time or to upgrade.”

Siemens iQ 300 Dishwasher “An efficient, impeccably engineered 13-place setting dishwasher with six programmes, time delay function and the Siemens iQ technology that senses how full the machine is and adjusts water usage accordingly. A no-nonsense, reliable and proven dishwasher with a trusted name that is helping to drive the uptake of dishwashers in UK households.”



New thinking • Appliances with curve appeal

Introducing NewStyle from Hotpoint. A range of Built-In appliances: single and double ovens, hobs and hoods with a striking new aesthetic that combines smooth curves, meticulous detailing and an exceptional finish. The NewStyle oven range is a pleasure to use - from the smooth feel of the door mechanism and the curve of the handle to the ergonomically designed controls. The SH89P single oven features 8 Cooking Programmes and a Fast Clean Pyrolytic cycle. NewStyle Hobs co-ordinate effortlessly with the style of the ovens and come in a range of 75cm or 60cm widths. Whilst our HS6EIX Hood combines style and intelligent features such as delay timer, filter alert and booster. Winner of the Get Connected Product of the Year Award Cooking Category.

NewStyle Get Connected ad.indd 1

9/5/11 15:27:24

MDA RANGES CATEGORY Whirlpool Green Generation “In the Green Generation range of laundry, dishwashing and refrigeration appliances, Whirlpool has made a clear, integrated and identifiable move towards presenting consumers with an ecologically responsible approach to major electrical appliances that does not compromise on looks or performance. An excellent win-win proposition for retailers from an established and familiar brand.”


Humax FOXSAT-HDR freesat+ HD recorder “Humax has been a consistently powerful partner for retailers as digital switchover has progressed across the UK, and the brand has an outstanding reputation with consumers and retailers for quality and reliability. Humax was the first to launch a freesat+ digital TV recorder in the UK, and this, together with subsequent launches, has given retailers the ability to benefit from strong margins and sustained high sales volumes.”

LG 42LX6900 3D-ready TV The LG 42LX6900 is a 42-inch model that offers good value for the price and is a good entry point for consumers wanting to take the 3D plunge without spending too heavily. It is 3D ready, offers 1080p Full HD, TruMotion 200Hz, a built-in Freeview HD tuner and a Netcast direct internet connection. A lot of TV for the price and a valuable tool for retailers in the campaign to turn the UK on to 3D TV”

Panasonic Viera TX-P42G20B 3D ready Plasma TV “Panasonic is known for its outstanding Viera ranges of Plasma TVs, and in this 1080p, 5,000,000:1 dynamic contrast panel equipped with four HDMIs, dual Freesat/Freeview HD tuners and recording to USB, retailers have a very high quality Plasma TV that can be confidently recommended to all customers who have chosen the plasma panel option.”

HOME LAUNDRY & GARMENT CARE CATEGORY PURE Evoke digital radio family “Pure has been producing a consistently high standard of technology, functionality and design in the Evoke range for a number of years, creating a trusted family of high-quality digital radios that has an established presence in the market and has spawned a number of mainstream and “special edition” propositions for retailers.”

Bosch Ecologixx 7 condenser tumble dryers

AEG Sensidry condenser dryers “AEG’s Sensidry condenser dryers represent the latest generation of dryers that are helping to convince many more energy (and cost) conscious UK consumers that this is a viable investment in time-saving technology. With generous load capacity, advanced garment care features, humidity sensors and the latest in efficient heat pumps delivering up to 50% less energy consumption, these machines give retailers a great sales story.”



“The Bosch reputation for energy efficiency, reliability and ease of use is carried through in these latest manifestations of the Exologixx 7 series, where fresh contemporary design contains the A-40% energy efficiency, heat pump technology, choice of sensor programmes and added value features that have made the series an enduring winner for retailers.”

Humax, your digital switchover partner The award-winning range of Humax set-top boxes and recorders for Freeview and Freesat is designed to enable you to meet consumer demand and generate high volume sales. With high definition (HD) and on-demand content, advanced recording features and interactive services, there is a box to suit any TV viewer’s needs. Humax Trade: Working with you to grow your business Set up for the independent electrical retailer, Humax Trade is here to help you purchase, market and increase your sales of Humax’s digital TV products.

210x297_HDR_FOX T2_retailer.indd 1

Become a Humax Trade member to enjoy exclusive benefits: • Free next day delivery • After sales support, with a dedicated Humax account manager • Point of sale material and product collateral • Incentives and loyalty schemes • Two year warranty across the product range • Limited edition products To place your order, visit

04/03/2011 13:58

HOME LAUNDRY & GARMENT CARE CATEGORY CONTINUED... Hotpoint Aquarius 6Kg washing machine

Siemens iQ 300 series washing machines

“With the ‘Eco Tech’ symbol indicating Hotpoint’s commitment to higher performance with lower energy consumption, this 6Kg range with LED display, a choice of finishes and available in three spin speeds is at the heartland of consistent sales achievement and “most trusted” status that delivers benefits both to retailers and their customers.”

“In the iQ 300 series Siemens has produced a mid-range choice with the engineering, reliability and performance virtues that consumers have confidence in and retailers can rely upon to achieve consistent sales. A very well positioned and priced set of laundry products with added value technology.”


SMALL APPLIANCES CATEGORY KitchenAid Artisan stand mixer

AEG UltraOne Vacuum Cleaner

“KitchenAid has built a powerful reputation in the UK, and the Artisan mixer, a large-capacity mixer with direct drive technology, choice of colours, ease of use, versatility and retro looks is a high-end cooking tool with strong consumer appeal.”

“A very attractively designed, manoeuvrable vacuum cleaner with high performance test ratings, powerful motor and sealed airflow system, engineered to be effective on both hard and soft floors. An extremely strong stand-out proposition that ticks all the consumer boxes in this crowded and competitive market.”

Miele S5 Series “Miele makes outstanding vacuum cleaners, respected for their performance, engineering and durability, and the S5 cylinder cleaner series is packed with the technology and benefits that make it a confident choice for consumers who want assured reliability, performance and longevity.”

SPECIAL AWARDS CATEGORY The category for ideas, concepts and initiatives in the industry

SEBO Airbelt D “Sebo is one of a small handful of brands to have achieved iconic status among brand-loyal consumers and retailers, and the Airbelt D exhibits the durability, performance, engineering innovation and ease of use characteristics that continue to take the brand forward and inspire enormous loyalty.”


Beko/Blomberg commercial initiative for independent retailers “Beko has developed a very strong brand proposition for independent retailers with its added value affordable ranges, and the launch of the Blomberg brand with its exclusive threeyear CIH members’ deal has opened up a fresh commercial proposition for independent electrical retailers in the UK.”


“Powerful and effective with very good filter efficiency” Trisha Schofield, Head of Testing, Good Housekeeping Institute

SEBO Airbelt D Designed to give you more SEBO owners will testify that vacuum cleaners simply don’t come any better. The new SEBO Airbelt D is the latest addition to the range and is truly exceptional in its performance and features. Working in collaboration with Achim Heine, Professor of Design and member of the German Design Council, SEBO have created a striking new cylinder cleaner which dynamically combines form and function. Innovative features like the 15.5m reach and ErgoGrip handle make cleaning easier and more effective. And there is an added bonus – it looks good too. Behind the understated, stylish exterior lies a powerhouse of performance. For example, the new SEBO Turbofan motor uses the latest turbine technology to generate incredible suction. A technologically advanced cone shaped hose further boosts suction power, giving the highest levels of cleaning performance. Sound good so far? Find out how the new SEBO Airbelt D has been designed to make life easier, by going to to download the brochure.

The SEBO Airbelt D More capacity, more cleaning range, more performance.

15.5m cleaning range Extra range, extra convenience

6l bag capacity Extra long life bags

i-Power Integrated power control

SEBO The Floorcare Professionals For our complete range please call 01494 465533 or visit The SEBO range includes the X Series Uprights, Felix Uprights and K Series Cylinders. Made In Germany



BSH Customer Service “The BSH Customer Service initiative won an Award in this category in 2010, and is back with another win this year to prove that the initial investment in infrastructure continues to be matched by a sustained commitment to its trade partners.”


GDHA – Commitment to British Manufacture “Glen Dimplex Home Appliances has followed through on its pledge to manufacture as many of its products as possible - across its Stoves, Belling and New World brands – in the UK, and has achieved not only a powerful lift to the beleaguered UK manufacturing sector, but also a significant increase in product quality.”

A new category for this year acknowledging the importance of design to the industry Neff InLine Dishwasher Range

Dyson Air Multiplier Fan “Design is as much about engineering and functionality as aesthetics, and Dyson’s Air multiplier is a perfect example of a design that works better, looks better and adds value and consumer interest to an otherwise mundane category of electricals.”

“A superb aesthetic that integrates with Neff’s InLine kitchen design concept and brings the dishwasher into full design sympathy with other appliances in the range. An exceptionally well thought out and executed design statement.”

Haier 3D Fridge/Freezer “An example of how the synergy between functionality, engineering and aesthetics produces great design. These 3D fridge/freezers are already multi-award winners, and embody what the Haier brand has set out to achieve in the UK with its ‘design, quality, innovation’ brand statement.”

NEFF_4c_ohneClaim_08.eps, 100m, 63y 29k

PURE Evoke Marshall digital Radio “The Marshall family of amplifiers has a distinctive, evocative and iconic status that makes it instantly recognizable and conjures up a whole world of associations. Bringing the Marshall identity together with the PURE Evoke digital radio concept created a new icon for digital radio buyers and listeners.”

Stoves Built-In Collection “A very stylish, high quality and comprehensive range of cooking appliances that provides the choice, performance and aesthetics to capture the imagination of the aspirational UK kitchens market and satisfy the demand for design that looks stunning and works better.”

Sony BRAVIA Monolithic TV Range “With the Monolithic design concept, Sony has brought cutting-edge aesthetics, elegance and modernity to the world of home entertainment, in a way that matches and enhances the cuttingedge technologies inside these ultra modern, minimalist designs.”





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