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Free your music ELECTRIC DESIGN The design element that made icons of such products as the iPod is now an essential ingredient across all MDA, CE and SKA products. Design is about aesthetics, function, perception, aspiration. And it is a potent, many-faceted aid to sales

FLOORCARE The sector is flagging a little in volume, but the all-important sales value curve is climbing upward, indicating that floorcare is winning the battle to convince consumers that paying more for a quality product is a sound investment. GC examines this complex and crowded market

GEORGE COLE GETS CONNECTED Intellectual property rights is an increasingly grey area in the digital age. George Cole looks at developments that could affect everyone in the UK who owns a recording or downloading device

IN BUSINESS John Reddington unravels and elucidates the sales acronym AICDA in the last of the current series

Enjoy listening….

FROM THE BENCH When electricity goes bad. Alan Bennett looks at the consequences and remedies for glitches in the domestic electricity supply

BACKCHAT Indesit’s head of training Joyce Baker gives a 2-minute interview

        

       


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The Neff Neff SlideAway SlideAway®® door door does does exactly exactly The what its its name name suggests. suggests. When When you you open open what the oven, oven, itit slides slides smoothly smoothly away away into into the the compartment compartment below below in in an an eff effortlessly ortlessly the light action. action. Which Which means means your your customers customers light can baste baste and and turn turn food food without without having having can to lean lean over over aa hot hot oven oven door. door. So So they they can can to give even even the the trickiest trickiest of of dishes dishes all all the the give pampering they they deserve. deserve. To To fifind nd out out more more pampering about working working with with Neff Neff,, or or ifif you you would would about like to to request request further further information information on on our our like latest products, products, please please call call 01908 01908 328352. 328352. latest


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Marlinda Conway Editor in Chief


JUNE 2011



his magazine – and particularly this editorial comment page – acquired a bit of a reputation for “bank bashing” during the darkest days of the recession. It’s not a reputation we’re ashamed to acknowledge now, and judging by the huge and supportive reaction from our readership, the majority of small and medium-sized businesses in this country agreed that our banks had let us all down and owed us more (some say as much as £500 billion more) than a dismissive wave and a “terribly sorry, chaps, but let’s move on now,” as they planned their next round of bonuses. But since it’s become clear that neither the Government nor the business community can do anything about it, and the expression “bank bashing” is being used as a disparaging label for anyone who is antisocial enough to persist in holding “unhelpful” grudges and refuses to “move on,” we have given up suggesting that there’s still an account to be settled. Being more constructive, we did advocate the idea that separating high-risk, high-reward “casino” banking from the less exciting but more reliable world of retail banking might be better suited to the funding needs of small and medium-sized businesses. It’s an idea that’s been floated in Government and banking circles, but given the recent track-record of effective banking reform, don’t hold your breath. There was a time, within living memory, when call centres and remote, tick-box, standardised, centralised, impersonal decision-making processes were not the norm for most banks; a time when local branch managers, with local knowledge and a personal acquaintance with local businesses and their proprietors, had the authority to make local decisions about small business funding. When we asked readers of Get Connected if they thought a return to that time would help their businesses,

more than seven out of ten said “yes.” To be fair, the question was slightly weighted: “Would you rather have Sir Fred Goodwin or Captain Mainwaring looking after your business banking?” (You may remember Sir Fred was the focus of a great deal of banker demonization as, still in his fifties, he stepped down as head of a failed UK bank and insisted on taking with him a pension that was worth, annually, as much as many small business people make in a decade of work.) Bizarrely, his name, which had quickly faded from the headlines, popped up again recently in connection with that other fashionable preserve of the rich and famous – a “super injunction” covering an alleged inappropriate relationship with a work colleague that, if revealed, might have “a negative impact on his personal life and career.” Nevertheless, local, steady, knowledgeable banking conducted by real people you can talk to and who know you and your business seems to be an attractive proposition for many SMEs. So we were interested to note that a bank claiming to offer just that opened its 100th branch in the UK last month. Anders Bouvin, UK chief of the Swedish bank Handelsbanken, said “this milestone has been reached thanks to us sticking to our knitting, offering traditional community banking based on close personal relationships with customers. 96% of all credit decisions are taken by the branch managers,” he added. “Handelsbanken couldn’t be more different to a UK high street bank. When do you meet a decision-maker at a high street branch?” We can’t recommend it, because we have no first-hand experience, and, with just 100 branches in the UK, finding one locally is a matter of chance. But it is interesting to see that the local model is being promoted, and it would be interesting to hear from any of our business readers who do have first-hand experience. Could it catch on as a model to be adopted by the UK high street banks in the future?

Terry Heath Editorial & Publishing Director

Will Dobson Creative Director

James McIntosh Consumer Consultant

Lynne Henry Communications Officer, GfK Marketing Services

George Cole Consumer Electronics Consultant

Graham Southern Advertising Sales

Average net circulation for the 12 issues distributed between Jan-Dec 2008 is 6,228

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Industry comment and a 2-minute interview from Indesit’s head of training Joyce Baker



uaranteeing great tasting results every time, and easy to operate and clean, the Gelatiera from premium Italian brand, Gaggia, prepares gelato in just thirty minutes. Motorised paddles churn the ice-cream leaving it smooth and creamy and producing a real, authentic Italian experience at home. The Gelatiera perfectly balances a creamy consistency with the distinct classic taste of the finest Italian hand-made gelato. Ready to use in five minutes, the machine has a built-in freezer so you don’t have to re-freeze the bowl and can leave the cooling system on until ready to enjoy. Robustly built, the machine has the capacity to produce up to 600g of ice-cream and also comes with an additional bowl meaning you can make multiple batches. Jo Pratt, presenter and celebrity chef, comments: “There is something really indulgent about making your own ice-cream at home and with the Gaggia Gelatiera you can be adventurous with your flavours and seriously impress family and friends.” To support the launch of the Gelatiera, Jo has created some delicious recipes that are sure to whet the appetite.

JUNE 2011

pure indulgence


This summer, help your customers unwind and indulge in delicious quality ice-cream at home.



Argos reports 9.6% drop in like-for-like sales

May retail figures “back to reality”


he latest BRC-KPMG Sales Monitor for May 2011 showed a like-for-like drop in sales value of 2.1% compared to the same month last year. A late Easter and extra bank holiday distorted the previous 2 months’ retail figures, and May, according to BRC director general Stephen Robertson, “is a more realistic reflection of how tough conditions on the high street really are.” Non-food sales were “much weaker,” said the BRC, and “big-ticket purchases suffered most and were often promotion-led.” Non-food non-store (internet, mail order and telephone) sales continued to grow, but at a slower rate. Sales growth in May 2011 compared to May 2010 was 10.4%, whereas May 2010 achieved 20% growth compared to May 2009.

Consumers shun Britain’s high streets A new report has revealed that less than half of UK consumers are proud of their local town centre and 25% of people used to be, but aren’t any more, finding vacant shops a “turnoff ” and discouraged by high prices and the lack of choice. The report carried out by in conjunction with research firm EasyInsites showed that two in ten shoppers have already turned their backs on their local high street, while just 6% remain loyal. The main reasons given were a poor choice of shops (41%), high prices (29%) and shabbiness (12%). 22% also found the high cost of parking an issue, while 25% lamented the fact that the recession has caused shops to close down. 69% said that boarded up and vacant shops are the biggest culprit for making high streets look shabby, and blamed high rents (66%), high rates

(60%) and small businesses’ inability to compete with the big retailers (64%) for the high number of empty shops throughout the UK. 67% of consumers support the idea of an independent Government Review headed by retail guru Mary Portas, and as part of the rescue plan would like to see free car parking to encourage shoppers back into town (76%), more variety (41%), cleaner streets (54%) and fewer charity shops (42%). Ann Robinson, Director of Consumer Policy at, said: “The good thing is that 97% of consumers care about their local town centre – they want to see it thrive and they would like to be able to spend their money there. We are living in financially difficult times so anything that can relieve this pressure, such as free car parking for shoppers, will go down well.”


JUNE 2011

The end for Comet?


Kesa Electricals is reported to be considering selling off its UK Comet chain to concentrate on its profitable French business Darty, with its shares listed only in Paris. At the time of this magazine going to press, unconfirmed reports said that Comet had circulated a confidential list of 22 stores it wants to sell. The catalogue was said to contain some of the retailer’s best UK stores on prime retail parks, including its Scottish flagship outlet on Edinburgh’s Maybury Retail

Park and stores on Manchester’s Trafford Park and Reading’s Forbury Road. Last year Comet implemented a turnaround strategy for the business, but it wasn’t enough to lift fourth-quarter revenues and profits. On May 11 the Group reported like-for-like sales at its UK stores for the 3 months to 30 April 2011 fell 15.2%, an acceleration of the 7.3% sales decline in the previous quarter. Managing director Hugh Harvey resigned and was replaced by commercial director Bob Darke.

Home Retail Group, owner of the Argos and Homebase outlets, has issued an interim management statement for the 13 weeks 27 February to 28 May 2011 showing like-for-like sales at Argos for the period fell 9.6% to £817 million. Consumer electronics was identified as responsible “for the majority of the reduction in sales.” Home Retail Group chief executive Terry Duddy said: “For Argos, the consumer electronics market represents a substantial proportion of its sales and has experienced a further significant decline. The difficulty of this market, together with the volatility of overall sales, has made the balance of the year more difficult to predict.”

See for the stories behind the news…

 Government looks for high street fix Mary Portas to conduct “independent review”

 Government high street initiative must support all, says BRC Success must not be penalised; choice must not be restricted

 Ten years of hard times to come for retailers? Item Club warns of a decade of slow retail growth

 UK economic policy given the OK by IMF International Monetary Fund says “steady as she goes”


Get in Touch Shop price inflation slows

with Consumer Electronics Unlimited

Overall shop price inflation slowed to 2.3% in May from 2.5% in April due to weak demand and lower prices in the non-food sector. The BRC-Nielsen Shop Price Index showed that food inflation increased to 4.9% from 4.7% month-on-month while non-food fell 0.4% to 0.8%.

Changes at Armour Home Glenn McClelland, Divisional Managing Director of Armour Home, has been made redundant following a review of the Division’s senior management structure by the Board of Armour Group plc. A statement from Armour said that McClelland’s responsibilities and duties will be “incorporated within George Dexter’s role as Chief Executive of the Group and, where necessary, delegated to other members of the executive management team within Armour Home.” In April this year Armour Group announced that it expected to report a loss for the full year to 31 August 2011 due to sluggish demand in the UK market. In response to the trading difficulties, “appropriate actions” to mitigate the downside impact on the Group’s financial performance would be taken including a restructuring.

Aberdeen retailer in administration James B Stephen and David J Hill of BDO LLP have been appointed joint administrators of Aberdeen-based retailer Bruce Millers after the company failed to find a buyer. The long-established business, which includes Musical Instruments, an A/V Department and a Coffee Shop, had been put up for sale in May this year with the intention of selling the business as a whole, although Director Charles Miller is reported to have said that the company would look at selling the parts separately if a buyer couldn’t be found. The Musical Instruments side of the business was said to be in “good shape”, but other areas had put pressure on the company. The Union Street store, which has traded since 1900, closed with the loss of 50 jobs.

Discover the latest consumer electronics and home appliance innovations at the industry‘s leading global trend show. Don‘t miss this opportunity

UK online retail market reaches £300 billion £300 billion has been spent online since the year 2000 and electricals has continued to be one of the strongest performing sectors, increasing by 996% since February 2002 and showing consistently strong growth in the past three to four years, according to a report by the Interactive Media in Retail Group (IMRG). The IMRG Capgemini e-Retail Sales Index, launched in April 2000, showed that the annual value of the market grew from £0.8bn in that year to £58.8bn in 2010 – a rise of 6,600%. IMRG said it expects the total online market will be worth £69bn in 2011, and CEO James Roper commented that this figure is predicted to “easily double” within four years.

to get in touch with sales managers from top international brands and lay the groundwork for your commercial success.

Contact: Overseas Trade Show Agencies Ltd. Tel. +44 (0)20 7886 3121 ·

Berlin, 2 –7 Sep 2011


BSH reports record revenue and profit for 2010 Bosch und Siemens Hausgeräte GmbH has reported record revenue and profit levels for 2010 and “a good start” to 2011 with a 7% like-for-like rise in turnover in the first four months of the year. At the company’s annual press conference in Munich, CEO Dr. Kurt-Ludwig Gutberlet said: “BSH is the world market leader in the efficient home appliance and built-in appliances business, and with over 900 patents registered to its name in 2010, the company may claim technological leadership of its business field too.” 2010 revenue rose 8% to €9 billion, while EBIT increased by almost €170 million to top €700 million.

Sony confirms net loss for fiscal year Sony has issued official financial results for the year to 31 March 2011 showing losses of £1.9 billion. In February, Sony forecast a profit of £532 million for the year, recovering from a loss of £310 million in the previous year, but the business has since felt the effects of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan plus the security breach that forced the shut-down of the PlayStation Network. Sony has now posted losses for three consecutive years, but predicts a return to profit in the current financial year, with further cost-cutting measures contributing to a forecast £600 million profit for the year to 31 March 2012.

Miele falls foul of ASA Haier opens first Premium appliance brand Miele has been banned from making misleading claims about its S4 and S7 vacuum cleaners, following a complaint made by Dyson. The Advertising Standards Authority ruled that Miele’s brochure statements: “power to pick up every particle” and “perfect for an allergy free environment” are not backed up with evidence. Statements relating to suction power – “The S4 delivers up to 2000 W of suction power” and “The S7 comes with an impressive 1800 W of suction power” – were also deemed to be misleading, and a statement relating to the use of active charcoal to absorb dustbag odours was found by an “expert” engaged by the ASA to have lacked any published proof that – although industry practice to use charcoal to absorb odours – the practice in fact worked in vacuum cleaners. Challenger James Dyson said: “People want energyefficient technology that works. They don’t want to be misled.”

UK warehouse

Chinese brand Haier has opened its first UK warehouse, giving it the capacity to hold stock in the UK for the first time. European transport and logistics specialist Norbert Dentressangle has been appointed to co-ordinate the company’s UK logistics and operations at the Aylesford, Kentbased facility. “These new facilities will enable Haier to better service its UK clients, and in particular the independent retail channel,” commented Jeff Moody, Sales and Marketing Director for Haier UK and Ireland. “The support offered by Norbert Dentressangle will allow Haier to adapt more easily to the needs of each customer.”

See for the stories behind the news…

 Sony and BBC in 3D Wimbledon Finals 2011 Tennis Finals confirmed as first 3D programmes on BBC


JUNE 2011

 KEF rocks for ChildLine


UK’s Johan Coorg to ride the States to raise funds for children’s counselling service

 Refrigeration survey reveals UK buying habits Eco credentials an essential part of the buying process

 Armour support scheme hailed a success New initiative trialled by Inverurie-based independent

 Marathon man raises money for Mind Cromwell’s Dave McLaughlin runs for national charity

Apple presents iCloud service Apple boss Steve Jobs came back from medical leave to present Apple’s new iCloud service at the company’s annual developers’ conference in San Francisco, stressing that the web-based iCloud had become necessary because “the PC is no longer the digital hub of users’ digital lives.” The new service will be able to co-ordinate content across Apple devices. Contacts, calendar and mail applications have been re-written so that changes will be replicated across users’ other Apple devices, and music, books and apps purchased, for example, will similarly be shared on all devices. The iCloud is not, said Mr Jobs, “just a hard disk in the sky. We are demoting the PC and Mac to be just a device, and moving the digital hub centre of your digital life to the cloud.”  Read the full story at

‘Technology Exposed’ event returns to Ascot racecourse The Midwich Group has confirmed that its annual reseller showcase ‘Technology Exposed’ will take place at Ascot racecourse on the 21st and 22nd September. Technology Exposed will host stands from up to 80 of the world’s leading brands showing the latest innovations across a broad range of technological solutions, including printers and scanners, imaging products, digital voice recorders, consumer electronics, digital signage, home automation, video conferencing, 3D technology, pro audio and IP security solutions. To register and find out more about Technology Exposed visit:



Technology distributor Widget UK Ltd has been appointed sole UK distributor of Orbitsound’s soundbar range.

De Dietrich has announced a formal partnership with Woking-based Tante Marie School of Cookery following its involvement in the first part of a threephase refurbishment programme of the establishment. Belling has confirmed it will be the exclusive Kitchen Appliance Supplier to the 2011 BBC Good Food Shows. Belling appliances will be used in all of the kitchens and live demonstration theatres at the events, which attract 250,000 visitors each year. Beko has appointed Laura Selten as Home Laundry Product Manager. She comes to the company from Arctic, the Romanian subsidiary of the Arçelik Group.

Loewe UK Ltd has added two new account managers to its sales team: Simon East, who takes responsibility for the South West, and Francisco Janes, who will cover the South East. Whirlpool’s MAX 35 microwave oven has gained an online Which? Best Buy award, gaining a score of 99% for reliability. Kenwood’s Quad Blade Mini Chopper has been awarded a Which? Best Buy, scoring top marks in the categories of performance, design, ease of use and instructions.

Indesit Brand Director Ian Moverley has been appointed Brand Director for Hotpoint too, responsible for developing and implementing the overall brand strategy for Hotpoint.

Smeg has announced its involvement with the Wimbledon 2011 Lawn Tennis Championships with the sponsorship of a number of top players. A competition will run on Smeg’s website during the Championship fortnight, offering visitors the chance to win a 1950s retro-style FAB28QB fridge containing strawberries and cream.

BBG-Peerless has been appointed UK distributor for the Case Logic brand to Independent Retailers and Department Stores.

Zanussi’s ZCV661MWC and ZCG561FW freestanding cookers, ZVE6004F ceramic hob, ZWI2125 and ZWI1125 built-in washing machines have received Which? Best Buys.

Fisher & Paykel has returned to full-year profit after restructuring its operations and reducing debts and costs. The business posted an audited Group net profit after tax of NZ$33.5 million (£16.4 million) for the financial year ended 31 March 2011, compared to a loss of NZ$83.3 million for the previous year. Group revenue declined 4% to NZ$1.12 billion. F&P appliances earnings were at the upper end of the forecast range of NZ$15 to NZ$25 million. Zanussi is running a multi-element campaign in association with Finish detergent to increase dishwasher consideration. All activity will drive traffic towards the campaign microsite at www.stopwashingup. com, which also features video diaries from ten first-time dishwasher owners. The James Dyson Foundation is extending its support to students studying design and engineering in the UK with a donation totalling £1 million, spread over three years. The sum is intended to encourage young people to pursue their interest in design and engineering further and to boost the support already offered by the Foundation.

The latest technology, free 5 year Guarantee, gorgeous designs. Please contact us on 0845 555 1101 and find out why Linsar is The British brand for the independent dealer.

Plug, Play, Record Live TV functions (via USB). Free USB key for all registered products*. *Terms and Conditions apply - see for details

be inspired...


Samsung_Ecobubble_Get_Connected_AD:Layout 1



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Samsung presents Ecobubble, the first washing machine to generate cleaning bubbles that penetrate fabrics faster. With Ecobubble washing machines cold water washes like hot water - and that means smaller energy bills. We will be making sure your customers know about the benefits with a major TV and press advertising campaign breaking in June. * Free 5 year warranty is available by redemption on the WF1124XAC and WF0804X8E models only. 30% of energy use is based on Super Eco Wash programme vs. Cotton 40째 programme. (VDE Germany/5007399-2528-0012/148745/IEC 60456 Ed.5/4kg Wash Load/WF1124

Free 5 year warranty on selected models*


BSH introduces new Dealer Sony shows PSP successor Partner Programme Sony has unveiled the successor to its PlayStation Portable BSH is to initiate a Dealer Partner Programme intended to differentiate between the appliances in the Neff Siemens and Bosch ranges, with Premium Collections – or ‘Partner Products’ – being made available to participating retailers. In addition to benefitting from exclusive sales of the BSH Premium Products, qualifying retailers will have access to high-end marketing and communication material and “special innovations” from the brand or brands concerned.

console, the next-generation PlayStation Vita, promising launch in Japan, the US and Europe “by the end of the year.” The unit features WiFi and 3G data connections, a touch screen and front and rear touch controls. No pricing is available yet for the UK, but the Vita will retail in the US at around $249 (£150) for the WiFi only version and $299 (£183) for the 3G model. The PS Vita will spearhead Sony’s drive to recapture a portion of the portable gaming market that has migrated to mobile phones.

Indesit Company marks Hotpoint centenary



JUNE 2011


ndesit Company welcomed around 650 independent retailers, kitchen specialists and multiples from across the UK and Ireland to its 2011 product launch held in London during May. The theme of the event ‘@ 100’ marked an important anniversary for the Italian company as the Hotpoint brand celebrated its first 100 years. Opening the presentation, Managing Director John Morrissey said the launch set the scene for the business to grow in the market for years to come: “…meeting the demands of consumers today and tomorrow, not just living on our heritage.” Indesit Company Marketing Director Adam Woolf spoke of the strong emphasis placed on the development of products, stating that a third of the Group’s investment was in R&D, and design patents had grown 30% year-on-year. In 2011, more than 300 products will be introduced. Selected appliances will be supported by a £10 million “multimedia explosion” in the second half of the year. An exciting development for the Hotpoint brand is the introduction of a new premium built-in range. LUCE, “inspired by minimalist Italian design and passion for cooking,” will be available mainly through kitchen specialists from July 2011 and supported by the company’s “biggest ever” above-the-line marketing campaign. John Morrissey told GC that Hotpoint was “capped” in terms of spec, price and perception, hence the development of LUCE, “a brand that is all about the fully integrated kitchen and Hotpoint’s challenge to the big premium names in the cooking market, with a strong Italian brand.” Indesit Company also unveiled ‘Cannon by Hotpoint’ – joint branding which, according to Morrissey, will “broaden the perspective of Hotpoint in the cooking market.” The move is a strategic one that should strengthen both brands: Cannon is a niche brand which already

commands much loyalty from retailers and consumers, but under the Hotpoint umbrella it will benefit from additional budget spend. 2011 brings a “revolution” across Hotpoint’s entire freestanding laundry range. The Aqualtis collection is being re-launched with new styling, the introduction of A+++ energy ratings and 11kg washing machines (Hotpoint’s biggest capacity yet) and a new A+++ heat pump tumble dryer has been added to the range. Washing machines incorporate an insulated Fibretech tub inside a titanium drum for enhanced care of coloured, dark and white fabrics. Hotpoint’s Ultima, Aquarius+ and Aquarius ranges have also been redesigned. Matching washing machines and tumble dryers have a wide porthole for easier loading, specialist anti-allergy programmes and a unique four-phase anti-stain programme. Indesit, voted the UK’s most reliable cooking brand by Which? last year, presented the first redesign of its freestanding range in nine years and the first for built-in in seven years. Modern styling, new colours and improved energy efficiencies have been applied across the entire portfolio. In cooling, both Hotpoint and Indesit exhibited brand new ranges of freestanding, total no frost, 60cm fridge freezers. Appliances incorporate new, advanced technology that extends the shelf life of foodstuffs, provides additional storage and saves more on energy. Indesit Company celebrated its 2011 launch in the knowledge that Hotpoint had been named the UK’s most trusted large kitchen appliance brand for the eleventh consecutive year. In a Reader’s Digest survey conducted amongst 1,000 UK residents, the brand scored 23% of the large kitchen appliances category vote – 5% more than the secondplaced name. Sister brand Indesit gained seventh place in the survey.




New thinking • Appliances with curve appeal

Introducing NewStyle from Hotpoint. A range of Built-In appliances: single and double ovens, hobs and hoods with a striking new aesthetic that combines smooth curves, meticulous detailing and an exceptional finish. The NewStyle oven range is a pleasure to use - from the smooth feel of the door mechanism and the curve of the handle to the ergonomically designed controls. The SH89P single oven features 8 Cooking Programmes and a Fast Clean Pyrolytic cycle. NewStyle Hobs co-ordinate effortlessly with the style of the ovens and come in a range of 75cm or 60cm widths. Whilst our HS6EIX Hood combines style and intelligent features such as delay timer, filter alert and booster. Winner of the Get Connected Product of the Year Award Cooking Category.

NewStyle Get Connected ad.indd 1

9/5/11 15:27:24


NEFF_4c_ohneClaim_08.eps, 100m, 63y 29k

Neff CircoTherm : ®

the established benchmark for all fan ovens


is a name synonymous with pioneering invention and leading expertise in cooking. For those who love to cook, it’s a name that has inspired confidence for generations, delivering not only timeless, sophisticated style but a thorough understanding of what today’s consumers want: ease of use, outstanding functionality and reliability, impeccable build quality and, above all, the constant development of ideas and technologies that are relevant to modern lifestyles.

The unique effectiveness of the CircoTherm® principle CircoTherm® works by drawing air in from the oven via a powerful fan, heating it and forcing it back into the oven cavity via strategically placed ducts in the rear wall. The oven achieves heat-up to the desired temperature more quickly, and evenly distributes the heat on shelf positions 1, 3 and 4. A complete three-course meal can be cooked at the same time on the three shelf levels without cross-transfer of flavours. The outstanding benefits of the CircoTherm® forced air system include:

 The lower temperatures required mean less spitting, less soiling and easier cleaning  Pre-heating is not always required so there is a saving in time and energy  Fast heat distribution means foods such as meats seal quickly, shrink less and remain moist and succulent  The powerful ring element, unique back panel and unique cast aluminium fan are engineered for high performance and reliability, and each fan is individually “balanced” to maintain smooth, even, efficient rotation  Even, constant heat on all three shelf levels makes CircoTherm® ideal for batch baking of, for example, cakes, biscuits and muffins, with capacity for up to 45 biscuits or three trays of bread rolls  Items such as bacon, sausages or fish fingers which normally need watching and frequent turning will cook perfectly on multiple shelf levels without having to be turned  A-20% energy efficiency on most main ovens, saving energy bills and helping the environment 14

True pioneering is not about technological gimmicks, but real, enduring advances in performance and convenience. Neff introduced the revolutionary CircoTherm® concept of forced air cooking 40 years ago, and it is a testament to the idea and the technology that today, while many manufacturers have paid Neff the compliment of imitation, CircoTherm® remains the original system to which others aspire. The benchmark for all fan ovens.

Expert training and product demonstration Lynn Williams, Neff’s experienced senior home economist, is a powerful ambassador of Neff’s unique performance and convenience benefits, and her team travels the country demonstrating and training on the great cooking results and ease of use from the consumers’ viewpoint. “In essence”, she says, “the forced air system is about delivering quick and even heat LYNN WILLIAMS, SENIOR HOME ECONOMIST distribution, which CircoTherm® does extremely effectively. I love using CircoTherm® as this is really important to me when I’m cooking more delicate items such as soufflé or things that need relatively little cooking time such as buscuits.” The even heat distribution is also perfect for longer cooking times. “Many other systems,” says Lynn, “will dry out items over time, but CircoTherm® delivers moist results, so I know I can get great roast pork with perfect crackling or a delicious roast beef joint that is beautifully juicy and tender inside but crisp on the outside.” And she reminds retailers: “Your customers



can cook items with strong odours at the same time. I’m so confident I regularly cook garlic bread and my favourite meringue roulade at the same time, because I know the smell won’t transfer. “Encourage your customers to use the specially designed Neff Universal Pan at all times,” she advises. “The special shape ensures that any fat and juices collect in the middle of it. This reduces the chance of fat splashing out, keeping the oven cleaner over time.”

Heritage and future vision working together Neff’s peerless reputation has been achieved through a skilful combination of proud heritage and cutting-edge technological solutions. Trust in a brand takes time to establish, and when, as in Neff, it is combined with progressive, intelligent development of relevant technologies, retailers have a powerful sales story to tell. The latest generation of Neff ovens – all of which feature CircoTherm® - represent the constant brand philosophy of expertise in the service of great cooking appliances that are timelessly elegant, easy to live with and make life better for their owners. The Series 5 U16E74 double oven, for example, has CircoTherm® in both cavities, as well as other unique Neff features such as the Telescopic FlexiRail system, NeffLight and the Revolution handle. Selected models throughout the Neff range of single ovens – including the Series 5

NeffNavigator B46W74, B46C74 and B46E74 – also feature these outstanding Neff innovations, giving retailers a powerful array of choices to suit discerning customers. Mike Jarrett, Neff’s sales director, is committed to MIKE JARRETT, SALES DIRECTOR enthusing Neff’s retail partners with the mutual benefits of selling a brand that comes with a heritage that exudes quality and has a track-record of inventive cooking solutions. “CircoTherm®, introduced to the UK almost 40 years ago,” he says, “remains the original and the best fan system around. Generations of home cooks have relied on its expertise to guarantee their cooking results, and Neff has never let them down.” Complementing the ovens ranges are equally stylish and cutting-edge hobs and hoods, giving customers a total, integrated choice of cooking appliances within a brand they know they can trust.

SOME NEFF “FIRSTS” NeffLight® – An increased level of internal oven lighting, achieved with two halogen spotlights and a system of mirrors within the door. Users can see, clearly and easily, what’s happening in the oven without opening the door.

SlideAway® Door – A design unique to Neff. The door slides smoothly away under the oven, creating better, safer access to the oven cavity and more valuable space in the kitchen. Now available in full-sized ovens with a 67-litre capacity, and featuring smoother closing mechanism and cushioned closing action. FlexiRail System – An important innovation designed to give demanding 21st century consumers a more versatile, safer, more convenient way to cook. The system features a pair of telescopic rails which will take a wire shelf or roasting pan and are full extendable, allowing the user to safely and easily pull dishes – including a heavy roast or casserole dish – out on the robust rails for basting or stirring, without having to remove them from the oven. The telescopic rails can be positioned at the most suitable height for the dish being cooked, and repositioned when required for different cooking demands.

Revolution Handle – Making opening the oven door safer and easier, the Revolution Handle is an intelligent and ingenious design that rotates towards the user as the oven is opened, eliminating awkward movement of the wrist. The handle remains visible at the top of the oven when the door is fully opened.


100m, 63y 29k Call:NEFF_4c_ohneClaim_08.eps, 01908 328352 or visit:


KEF Blade Single Apparent Source speaker The KEF Blade – the result of five years’ R&D – is claimed to be “an engineering tour de force.” At the heart of the product is a Single Apparent Source driver configuration, which the company says is a “perfect extension of the new, fully pistonic KEF Uni-Q® MF/HF array which brings the bass drivers into the picture for the first time, combining to form a seamless point source driver array handling the entire frequency range.” 

Tangerine Waveguide

New Bass Technologies/4 Bass Units with Force Cancelling

Distinctive Design with Glass Reinforced Composite Cabinet

Available July/August

SRP £20,000

01622 672 261

Maytag MNN20FCGI7 side-by-side fridge freezer This side-by-side fridge freezer from Maytag sports a black and stainless steel finish, behind which lies the brand’s capacity- and energy-saving technologies. The MNN20FCGI7 is driven by Maytag’s efficient IntelliSense® system, which restores temperature five times faster than conventional appliances. The newly designed ice maker located in the freezer door creates 20% more space in the compartment. The unit boasts an ‘A+’ energy rating and a low noise level of 45 dB(A). 

20 ft³ of frost free fridge and freezer space

Full electronic control and intuitive LCD user interface

Multi-flow air distribution system

Multi-zone cooling with adjustable humidity controlled crisper drawer / Adjustable zero degree drawer (4°C to 0°C)

Microban® anti-bacterial filter system

0844 499 0101

Samsung has introduced a “world first” in cooking technology with the launch of a split cavity oven which simultaneously cooks at two separate temperatures with the option of using steam. The Dual Cook Steam oven has a total capacity of 65L which can be divided into a 32L lower section and 30L upper section. The divider seals both cavities so independent cooking programmes can run without the transfer of odours or flavours. 

Intuitive LED control panel

65 automatic cooking menus (40 Easy Auto and 25 Auto Steam Add)

1-litre water tank – enough to steam cook for up to one hour

Triple A-rated for energy efficiency

01932 455000

Whirlpool white glass Glamour range

Bosch BSGL3205GB cylinder vacuum cleaner This new 2000W vacuum cleaner from Bosch is said to make light work of cleaning soft furnishings and keeping carpets clear of pet hairs. It incorporates Bosch’s superior AirClean 2 filtration and “Airsafe” system, in which the hermetically-sealed motor, filters and seals work together to control airflow through the appliance. RRP £139.99. 

Metal telescopic tube / On-board tools

Four-litre dustbag

Soft-coated swivel wheels

10-metre operating radius

Available in cayenne red metallic finish

0844 892 8979


Samsung Dual Cook Steam oven

Whirlpool’s Glamour range has been extended to include an oven, hood and side-by-side fridge freezer finished in white glass. The builtin multifunction oven has a generous 67-litre capacity and features Whirlpool’s 3.5” i-Touch control panel in high resolution colour. 

6th Sense® technology controls the cooking process

Ready2cook technology saves up to 20% in energy and up to 26% in cooking time

Cook3 system allows cooking on three levels without odour transfer

30 pre-programmed recipes

Defrost and keep warm functions

0208 649 5000


Samsung 12kg Eco Bubble VRT washing machine Samsung’s flagship 12kg Eco Bubble VRT washing machine is now available to the UK market. The appliance boasts Samsung’s Vibration Reduction Technology (VRT) and Quiet Drive motor, which comes with a ten year guarantee. Eco Bubble technology is claimed to give the same wash performance with cold water as standard machines offer with hot water. It uses a ‘bubble generator’ to produce a rich foam that penetrates faster and deeper into fabrics, providing energy-saving and care-enhancing benefits in cool temperatures and a superior wash performance in hot temperatures.

A+++ rated

3.5-inch colour LCD controller

15 programmes include: Quick Wash, Wool (Wool Mark) and Delicates

Options include: Rinse+, Prewash, Time Saving, Easy Iron, Intensive and Soak

Water consumption 78 litres / Noise level 52dB (wash), 72dB (spin)

01932 455000

Fujifilm FinePix F550 compact camera The FujiFilm FinePix F550 EXR is a premium compact camera said to be perfect for the discerning point-and-shoot photographer or D-SLR user travelling light. The device has an advanced 16-megapixel CMOS sensor, RAW capture facility, advanced GPS functions, a 15x wide-angle zoom lens and improved user interface. 

3-inch rear LCD

Advanced anti-blur technologies

Full resolution high speed shooting at 8fps / Full HD movie capture

Advanced 27 scene mode EXR Auto / Film simulation modes

360° motion panorama

0844 553 2322

2 x 120 W / 4 ohms ICEpower® Amplifier

CD Player (MP3/WMA compliant), FM / DAB / DAB+ tuner

Optical digital input, 2 analogue stereo inputs (RCA), USB input (MP3/WMA compliant) MP3 analogue input (3.5 mm mini-jack)

Headphone output (3.5 mm mini-jack), Pre-amplifier output, Subwoofer output

Lighting sensor

Remote control

0121 511 1128

Limited edition Vita Audio R1 MkII DAB/DAB+/FM radio Vita Audio has introduced a limited edition R1 MkII DAB/DAB+/FM radio finished in ‘Selfridges’ summery yellow. The model has a total production run of just 2000 units, each individually numbered to show its exclusivity, and is available in the UK through Selfridges and other “carefully selected” outlets. The R1 MkII has an easy to read, large format display that automatically adjusts to suit ambient light conditions, multi-function dual alarm and a switchable auxiliary input for other audio devices. Additional features include:

10 station presets

9 watts nominal power output

3.5” custom high-fidelity drive unit

Exclusive RotoDial control with soft illumination

Stereo headphone output

01702 601410

JUNE 2011

The stylish Elipson Music Centre is a 330mm diameter unit finished in brushed aluminium with elegant touch-screen front panel. It incorporates a high-quality 16 bit / 44 Khz stereo uncompressed 2.4Ghz band receiver for lossless connection to a PC, laptop or tablet via USB dongle or 30 pin dongle for iPhone®, iPod® or iPad®. The Music Centre is available from Lawton Trading, along with a complete package option which includes Planet L speakers, USB and iPhone dongles.


Elipson Music Centre



There was a time when designer labels on household appliances were limited to high-end products, and names such as Renzo Piano and Conran, for example, were status symbols that only the well-heeled could afford. But the move to promote style, techniques and technologies developed in-house, where some of the most talented, albeit not so well known, designers reside, has extended consumer choice to the point where most householders can achieve a “designer” look in the home


JUNE 2011



reat design is difficult to define. Most consumers consider it in a subjective rather than objective manner, so personality and taste tend to outweigh fact or evidence. But when sold as a package, the design message can be extraordinarily powerful. Think Apple, for instance, and the power of the ‘i’. Can you recall another brand that has amassed such a loyal band of reverential, yielding followers across such a wide demographic? Martin Lindstrom, a 2009 recipient of TIME Magazine’s ‘World’s 100 Most Influential People’ and author of ‘Buyology: Truth and lies about why we buy’, says consumers are more than ready to throw rationality aside and believe in Apple. Brands such as Apple and Gucci, for example, “tickle the ‘God spot’,” he believes. It is interesting that Lindstrom’s theory equates religion with design/branding; whilst consumers like to express their individuality and status in the products they own, decision-making is steeped in orthodoxy and submission to peer pressure. This is not to say that people live in a world of “keeping up with the Joneses”, but it would be erroneous to assume that, during the purchase process, some do not wonder what “the Joneses” will think of their choice. Conformity and the need to ‘fit in’ is, for many, an inherent safety net. In Buyology, Lindstrom states that “the

successful brands of the future will offer consumers the same ingredients that the world’s great religions serve up, including mystery, powerful storytelling, sensory appeal, and a ‘sense of belonging’….. They will create a constellation of their own icons, rituals, and in some cases, branded language. They will inspire church-like evangelism in their users…..” A “sense of belonging” is a potent draw. In an increasingly celebrity-obsessed world where social networking leads and users follow users – influencing, inspiring, creating opinions, beliefs and bonds – the “design message”, the “package”, is the commanding muscle, the energy and supremacy of the brand.

The “i’s” have it As the saying goes: “Where Apple [for this purpose] leads, others follow”, and the brand’s story bears this out. CE adversaries strove to emulate the achievement of the iPod, the iPhone, the iPad, and to share in Apple’s trumpeted success. And as everything ‘i’ is perceived to have super-status qualities, major domestic appliance manufacturers followed, too. Gorenje, for example, introduced the Apple-licensed Made for iPod refrigerator with integrated dock and speakers and the iGorenje web portal, initially intended to offer various content optimised for display on the iPod Touch; Whirlpool named the high resolution

3.5” control panel on its Glamour Range ovens the ‘I-Touch’, and Siemens recently introduced a washing machine with an intelligent dosing system, aptly named the iDOS. One of Apple’s principal concerns has always been in the way users interface with its products – a fundamental element of any design project and the result of which can be seen in a varying products in retail stores today. “The user interface has to be seen as part of the core element of products and as a rangedifferentiation element,” remarks AEG Senior Design Manager Hans Strohmeier. “The display usability aspect and the interface layout is part of the product experience and first impression for the consumer on the shop floor.” Speaking about the design brief for AEG’s recently launched Neue Kollection and the key technical advances that most influenced the designs, Strohmeier pinpoints in particular: “The big, dark glass display areas and touch controls as key technology at the top level of the range.” This, he says, “ensures a clear and purist user interface on the panel. In combination with the metal inlay, the dark glass user interface becomes a semi-professional and easy to clean surface impression. It’s a material valency which adds visual quality to the technical quality and performance of the product.” Importantly, Strohmeier adds that part of the brief stated: “The value of a product will be created with a good balance between aesthetic, functional and easily understandable interfaces and performance features.”

Form and function Style is a major factor in consumers’ purchase choices, and the tactile draw of design-led products offers retailers the opportunity to capitalise on the good looks that, first and foremost, create appeal. But Whirlpool Brand Communication Manager Juliana Sado urges caution: “Design and style certainly add value,” she comments, “but beware the danger. Great design and stunning styling without functionality and sustainability is a recipe for disaster. Design and style afford added attraction but if the product fails to deliver on functionality then the credibility of the brand


care for the environment”; ‘Fusion’ – “an elegant encounter between glass and steel in a modern style, featuring cutting-edge technology and innovative functions”; ‘Ambient’ – “an innovative, high-performance, resource-efficient appliance range designed to meet the increasingly sophisticated demands of consumers, retail partners and designers”; ‘Glamour’ – an award-winning contemporary-styled collection available in black glass, white glass and soon to be launched in Bronze.

Design and colour

Ease of control In keeping with the important emphasis now placed on the user interface, Hotpoint, in redesigning its laundry ranges for 2011, paid specific attention to this aspect of consumer convenience. The remodelled interfaces are GORENJE’S KARIM RASHID COLLECTION WITH MOODLITE TECHNOLOGY


now higher and deeper for better visibility and easier access to the controls. Hotpoint Brand Manager Iain Starkey points out that the washing machines feature even larger portholes, an 11kg capacity, improved ergonomic handles, new and improved control panels and fascias. “But style doesn’t mean you have to compromise on performance,” he asserts. “The Aqualtis range boasts energy ratings up to A+++.” Tokyo-born designer Makio Hasuike was responsible for the creation of Hotpoint’s Aqualtis laundry range in 2005, incorporating features such as a tilted drum for easy loading and a distinctive-looking front door and control panel with digital LCD and LED displays. This year the designer and his team have completely redesigned the range to create “the latest evolution in washing and drying technology.” Starkey says the new collection offers “the ultimate in style and intelligence with new lines, new colours and new detailing.” Makio Hasuike, who has also extended his expertise to Hotpoint’s Ultima, Aquarius+ and Aquarius laundry ranges, has been based in Milan for more than 40 years. His groundbreaking design solutions have earned him a permanent exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

Contemporary design Hotpoint sister brand Indesit has opted to ensure that 2011 is “the year of the stylish kitchen” with the launch of a brand new range of built-in single ovens, double ovens and hobs by Giorgetto Giugiaro, one of the most iconic designers of recent times, with a portfolio covering industrial and engineering design for global brands and automotive design for supercar manufacturers such as Ferrari, Maserati and Lamborghini. “Giugiaro has brought exclusive Italian designer features and functions to the

JUNE 2011

While white, black and stainless steel finishes in major appliances have retained their established style status, there has also been an upsurge in vibrant colour choices, as can be seen in Smeg’s Marc Newson range. Newson’s unmistakable style emerges in the soft lines of products and in their user-friendly features. The collection, which comprises ovens, gas hobs and induction hobs, is characterised by an energetic and distinctive use of colour and by surfaces in stainless steel, glass and enamel. The pyrolitic FP610 ovens are available in colour choices ranging from monochromatic stainless steel, black and white finishes to bright shades of blue, yellow and green, enhanced by particularly intuitive and convenient displays showing large and clear graphics. According to Smeg, the product design was driven by “the search for maximum clarity, with immediately understandable symbols and simple-to-use commands.”


and the retailer will be harmed.” When considering product design, Whirlpool is one of many manufacturers who deem an understanding of end users fundamental to all projects and it has a dedicated department concentrating on the user experience. Milka Eskola, Design Leader, Global Consumer Design at Whirlpool Europe, says: “Our specialists do studies in our laboratories and in users’ homes, concentrating on the use of current products as well as users’ expectations for the future. The research helps the design team understand how people move and behave in the home, how they organise domestic tasks, and what they think and feel when performing simple, routine tasks.” Whirlpool believes that both men and women look for similar things, but their approach may differ. “For example,” explains Eskola, “women, with a multitasking attitude, might look for an easy-to-use interface since they have no time to learn how to use a product. Men might be looking into the number of features offered and might not mind reading the user manual to find out all the secrets of the machine.” Whirlpool designs come under four main areas: The ‘Carisma’ design can be seen in the Green Generation range, which is described by Juliana Sado as a collection of “resourceefficient, intuitive, design-led products that




Belling FSE60i freestanding cooker Cutting-edge technology has often been limited to expensive designer products, but Belling’s FSE60i was the first product to introduce induction to a freestanding product with mass market appeal. The winner of a Which? Best Buy award, the FSE60i is a freestanding double oven with an induction hotplate. This stylish freestanding oven is ideal for anyone wanting to upgrade to an induction hob but retain the added flexibility of a freestanding appliance. For peace of mind, the four-zone induction hotplate oven features a child lock, pan detection technology, a pan overheat sensor and a safety shutdown device. of the recently launched Simplicity range – a collection conceived after extensive research carried out to determine what consumers really want from their appliances. “The Simplicity range presents a stylish and unusual aesthetic – a beautiful matching black design that is carried across all the appliances in the collection, both built-in and freestanding,” says Ferguson. “We believe that this is of real interest to the consumer, as many are keen to have appliances that complement and match one another, offering a seamless appearance which is incredibly stylish. Furthermore, the mix of built-in and freestanding appliances with the same design allows the consumer to build up their collection over time, as and when they need to, without any disruption or incompatibility with the style-scheme they desire.”


new oven range including panoramic glass doors, ergonomic control dials, new stainless steel handles and flat, co-ordinated fascias,” comments Indesit Advertising and Communications Manager Libby Morley. Indesit’s 2011 collection of hobs has also been updated to exhibit a chic finish that co-ordinates with the ovens and includes a new 60cm frameless ceramic model. Morley says that “each element has been specifically designed to match perfectly, bringing a contemporary, streamlined look to any kitchen.”


JUNE 2011



Gorenje is another brand with product collections that bear the hallmark of recognised designers, and who has also engaged in colour to offer consumers a means of expression and customisation. Marketing Manager Ruth Ferguson maintains that consumers are keen to experiment with new finishes and designs, and for the many who want their appliances to stand out as a centrepiece for the kitchen “the Gorenje designed by Karim Rashid range is ideal.” The range features MoodLite technology in the form of an LED light strip, with a choice of seven different colours to suit mood or décor.

Gorenje has a history of working with design studios. The brand first launched into the UK market with its ‘silver line’ Pininfarina collection, which it later introduced in black – the colour that stands for distinctiveness, luxury and elegance, according to Paolo Pininfarina – and has since worked with Ora-Ïto on the creation of a range of major appliances bearing the Parisian designer’s name. But despite such collaborations, the company has a highly talented in-house design team which, amongst other innovative creations, was responsible for the development

Homemade style Seconding the motion for in-house design, Richard Walker, Sales & Marketing Director, De Dietrich Kitchen Appliances (De Dietrich and Fagor), says his brands do not currently work with “celebrity names” to design or endorse products, but they do employ some of the most talented and creative in-house design teams to develop appliance collections and have the benefit of sharing research and development information. Indeed, a number of Fagor appliances were derived from De Dietrich innovations – most notably induction hobs. AMICA’S STAINLESS STEEL AND BLACK GLASS ‘PLATINUM’ COLLECTION

11280 Trade Ad:Layout 1



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Indesit Advance by Giugiaro

With continuous focus on product design, respect for the environment and developing simple intelligent functionality, Indesit appliances are growing up.

Lamborghini, the new Advance Built-in range is not just beautiful but a practical co-ordinated solution that combines perfectly with the latest trends in kitchen design.

Styled by the award winning Italian car designer Giugiaro responsible for the supercars of Ferrari, Maserati and

Simple, stylish, original‌

For details on the complete Built-in and Freestanding range visit


For De Dietrich and Fagor, Walker maintains that the onus is on the overall design of appliances in relation to each other so each product fits into a design family which is perfectly co-ordinated. “The most important aspect for any householder is always the fit, feel and finish of appliances and whether they will ultimately look stylish in the kitchen.” However, “design is not necessarily just related to external features,” adds Walker. “All Fagor and De Dietrich appliances feature well thought-out and rigorously researched technologies, whether for the interior cavity of an oven or a space-efficient dishwasher.” Walker contends that De Dietrich is “widely regarded as one of the most technologically advanced appliance brands, with a collection of products that are both beautifully designed and feature genuine innovations that are of benefit to consumers.” He points out that the brand is the pioneer of induction technology and was the first to introduce intelligent appliances. “Now,” he says, “De Dietrich is the first to present full zoneless induction technology to the market.” This new creation from De Dietrich is the Piano induction hob, which offers “true zoneless cooking” for up to five pans and features automatic pan detection across the zone.



JUNE 2011

A new direction


At Belling, the use of induction technology has been taken to a different level. The brand created a “world first” when it produced the BI60i Eco Induction oven, which incorporates an induction hotplate in the cavity. Belling commercial manager Steve Dickson says the appliance is “our most outstanding designer product.” Belling applauds itself for creating a range of induction products priced to appeal to the mass market. “Product innovation has

Stoves built-in collection Leading cooking appliance manufacturer Stoves unveiled its new built-in collection of ovens and hobs in Autumn 2010. The new portfolio, consisting of nine single and double ovens and 13 hobs, is available in a choice of black or stainless steel finishes and the entire collection is Made in Britain. The portfolio of ovens includes 600mm, 700mm and 900mm heights with the same aesthetic applied both to gas and electric models, and the hob portfolio offers a product for every need. Stoves built-in collection received a Design Award in Get Connected’s Product of the Year Awards 2011.

always been top of the agenda for Belling,” comments Dickson, “and by setting up a specific innovations department within R&D we have a focused team of designers, design engineers and development engineers all working to deliver quality, advanced products to consumers. This in-house design capability allowed us to launch our own range of induction products, including the ‘world first’ BI60i.” He adds that, when tested against an A rated oven, the BI60i used 54% less energy when roasting a chicken, 60% less when cooking a casserole and 60% less when slow cooking, so the product considerably helps users to reduce their carbon emissions. Beko is another brand intent on bringing designer appeal to the mass market. The company marked its 21st year of trading in the UK with the launch of ranges of products with “a family look and a focus on design.” Les Wicks, Head of Product and Buying, says “the majority of design decisions were motivated by Beko’s desire to offer consumers what they want in terms of convenience and functionality,” and “with a number of consumers entertaining in the same spaces that they cook and do their daily chores, it is becoming increasingly important for appliances to look good, as well as perform well.” For retailers, Wicks believes that understanding the role appliances play in creating a stylish, hard-working kitchen generates the benefit of developing a positive relationship with customers. “Both want good looking products that offer additional value benefits,” he says, adding that the Beko ‘Black Collection’, a range of appliances in high gloss, piano black finish, has proved “extremely popular” amongst consumers looking to make a “definitive style-statement.”

Design classics MDA manufacturers are not alone in the quest for “designer” looks and appeal. SKA, Personal Appliances, Floorcare and CE manufacturers have also taken this route in search of creativity and product differentiation. PURE, for example, commissioned fashion designer Orla Kiely to apply pattern, colour and texture to its EVOKE Mio digital radio, dressing it with her signature stem print. The ‘EVOKE Mio by Orla Kiely’ has a walnut-veneered cabinet, cream fascia and is finished with a mirror-chromed handbag-style handle. A stylish leather tag completes the designer look. “I love to create quality and functional down-to-earth designs that integrate colour, pattern, texture, graphic control and rhythm that continually work and rework together,” comments Kiely. “Radio is also a passion, and PURE’s EVOKE Mio was the ideal product to apply my signature stem design to, as it is both practical and a thing of beauty that will complement any home interior design and sits perfectly within my homeware range.” A new entry to the audio sector, designed by internationally renowned Studio Conran and sold by Armour Home, the ‘Conran Audio Speaker Dock for iPods and iPhones’ is said to “harmonise with any décor whilst simultaneously projecting enough individual design flair to make you smile every time you see it.” The unit combines elegant design with high-quality audio performance engineered by award-winning hi-fi company Q Acoustics. Speaking about the development of the product, Sir Terence Conran, a leading figure in international design for more than fifty years, stated: “We hope we have created a contemporary design classic.”







ssors - Apr

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Not so dusty Floorcare as a category is proving remarkably resilient in difficult trading conditions. There’s been a year-on-year drop in volume, but encouragingly for retailers, total value is up and average unit price is climbing steeply towards the £100 mark. It’s clear that UK consumers are convinced – often through bitter experience – that a cheap cleaner isn’t a bargain unless it actually does the job, and investment in quality and performance makes good sense: ideal conditions for specialist electrical retailers to use their knowledge to sell up


JUNE 2011



ompared to March 2010, UK vacuum cleaner sales volumes are down more than 7% in March 2011. But value is climbing, and at £99 in March 2011 - £11 up on the same month in 2011 – average unit price is at its highest ever recorded, according to GfK, and is on its way to breaking the £100 barrier this year. That’s good news for retailers who do more than line up a selection of vacuum cleaners with price tickets attached. But this is a complex market, rich in choice, with uprights, cylinders, sticks and handhelds, both bagged and bagless, competing for attention with their own sets of benefits. Manufacturers and retailers largely agree, however, that performance is the No 1 priority for the vast majority of consumers. Confidence that it can do the job is paramount, followed closely by ease of use and convenience. “It is important,” one independent electrical retailer told GC, ELECTROLUX AIRSPEED “that the performance criteria should be DESIGNED FOR TODAY moving away from the traditional ‘big watts means big performance’ formula that has dogged the sector for so long. It’s easy for any mass merchandiser to range vacuum cleaners with a big number on the motor wattage and a low number on the price ticket, and it’s my job, as an electricals specialist, to explain why motor wattage is no longer the be-all and end-all as a measure of performance. The story is much more subtle now, and we have to introduce efficiency, air watts and features such as manoeuvrability, convenience, weight and ergonomics into the equation in a convincing way without confusing the issue for customers. Selling vacuum cleaners is more of an art than it used to be, and it can be much more rewarding in terms of per-sale takings. That’s good news for me and other specialist retailers who take the trouble to range well and make sure they know their cleaners.”

Going for winners Price will always be a driver for some buyers, but with the huge choice in floorcare now available the factors influencing buying decisions are rich with opportunity for sell-up. But choosing the winning stock items is vital. Uprights, traditionally the most popular choice in the UK, are still holding onto their lead over cylinders with 58.7% of volume and 53.1% of value in the year to March 2011. But bagless cylinders are where the growth is, with a 14% rise in value in the year to March 2011. For retailers, choice has to be based on a balance of proven sellers and growth SEBO AIRBELT D4: PART OF A TRUSTED FAMILY potential. And at the higher end of the market, where growth is most apparent, the added confidence of a trusted brand is a further buying incentive. “Customers are either choosing to buy the cheapest available or are trading up to good quality machines and brands, realising that in the long term they will save money thanks to reliability and better performance,” says Bosch Consumer Products Division category manager Jane Lee. “A trusted brand is still very important, specifically in this economic climate. Customers want to buy a brand that will last, as they don’t want to have to find the money for another vacuum cleaner six or 12 months later. Bosch,” adds Lee, “has stylish, versatile products that offer the performance and convenience the consumer expects. All our vacuum cleaners come with an adjustable floor tool, which can be used on all floor surfaces. Specific models offer an extra floor tool, such as the additional turbo brush for bagged models BSGL5PROGB Home Professional and BSGL5225GB Pet Hair & Carpet and the bagless BGS6235GB Power Ultra Automatic and BGS6225GB Power Pet Hair & Carpet.” Dyson managing director of GB & Ireland David Hollander concurs that: “People are buying longer-lasting, better quality machines. People are willing to pay for performance.” He cites Dyson’s reputation and heritage of technological innovation and the choices it generates for consumers: “Dyson develops technology and machines to suit all homes: small, medium and large. We’ve also recently extended support we offer dog owners to keep on top of moulting hair. The Dyson Groom tool connects to a Dyson vacuum cleaner – hygienically ROWENTA AIRFORCE: THE FUTURE IS CORDLESS?

“Powerful and effective with very good filter efficiency” Trisha Schofield, Head of Testing, Good Housekeeping Institute

SEBO Airbelt D Designed to give you more SEBO owners will testify that vacuum cleaners simply don’t come any better. The new SEBO Airbelt D is the latest addition to the range and is truly exceptional in its performance and features. Working in collaboration with Achim Heine, Professor of Design and member of the German Design Council, SEBO have created a striking new cylinder cleaner which dynamically combines form and function. Innovative features like the 15.5m reach and ErgoGrip handle make cleaning easier and more effective. And there is an added bonus – it looks good too. Behind the understated, stylish exterior lies a powerhouse of performance. For example, the new SEBO Turbofan motor uses the latest turbine technology to generate incredible suction. A technologically advanced cone shaped hose further boosts suction power, giving the highest levels of cleaning performance. Sound good so far? Find out how the new SEBO Airbelt D has been designed to make life easier, by going to to download the brochure.

The SEBO Airbelt D More capacity, more cleaning range, more performance.

15.5m cleaning range Extra range, extra convenience

6l bag capacity Extra long life bags

i-Power Integrated power control

SEBO The Floorcare Professionals For our complete range please call 01494 465533 or visit The SEBO range includes the X Series Uprights, Felix Uprights and K Series Cylinders. Made In Germany


“Selling vacuum cleaners is more of an art than it used to be”



capturing fly away hairs and allergens direct from the dog’s back.” The stronger uptake of cordless and handheld machines in the UK as performance improves is also expemplified in the DC35, “a lightweight, cordless vacuum cleaner. It’s convenient and versatile, and it’s become our fastest-selling machine.”


JUNE 2011

Making what’s wanted


The importance of performance, brand trust and continually developing technology is also emphasised by Nick Munton, Managing Director, Electrolux Floorcare (AEG and Electrolux brands). “People are very cautious at the moment about spending and this has had an effect on the overall market. Consumers are reluctant to spend money unless it is with brands that they trust. When they do buy they are trading up to product which will meet their needs and expectations. For AEG all our innovations have focus around reducing the peaks in irritation that customers face during usage. This is why we have paid special attention to innovations around manoeuvrability, cleaning performance and noise. For example the Ultra Silencer vacuum cleaner has only 68 decibels and is the world’s quietest vacuum cleaner. “Our consumer research,” he adds, “has identified that current bagless uprights are big and heavy to use. Consumers want a vacuum cleaner that’s easy to push/ pull, move under and around furniture and is easy to transport. That is why we developed AEG Nimble, our first upright bagless cleaner which has a smooth swivel

steering and turns around furniture with ease, putting less strain on the wrist and reducing the times you need to move heavy items around the home. Munton also mentions the recently-launched Electrolux Airspeed, with Twin Pipe technology that “moves high volumes of air directly from the floor to the dust bin and out again for a powerful, deep clean.” Further acknowledgement of the importance of design and technology tailored to changing UK demands is provided by Ian Griffiths, vacuum cleaner product manager at Panasonic, a brand that has an established and distinguished floorcare presence in the UK: “Panasonic,” he asserts, “strives to meet customers’ needs by developing models which are effective on hard flooring and carpet to reflect the modern home. During the development of our new Eco-Max range, we identified through extensive consumer research that suction is the most important feature to a customer for a vacuum cleaner. We therefore developed the Eco-Max motor to deliver one of the best suction powers on the market. In addition to this, the range of tools available is designed to meet all consumer needs, including a crevice tool, pet hair turbo brush and full staircase hose.” If customer loyalty is a measure of getting it right in floorcare, there is a select number of brands which, in a market where loyalty is increasingly rare, keep on inspiring confidence and bringing customers back for more. One of those brands is Sebo, which has an enviable reputation for keeping consumers “for life,” and holding on to its retail partners who say they are confident that selling a Sebo will always, eventually, lead to repeat business. Sebo, whose current ranges include the Felix Pet Hair uprights and the Airbelt D cylinder series, says that the secret of success in the UK is a direct, simple approach to consumer needs and attention to performance, ease of use and reliability details. The latest designs are based on designer Dieter Rams’ ten principles of good design, which are that good design must: be innovative; make a product useful; be aesthetic; make a product understandable; be unobtrusive; be honest; be long-lasting; be thorough down to the last detail; be environmentally friendly; be “as little design as possible”. Easy to say. Hard to do.

Cutting the cord It may be premature to say, as Rowenta boldly does with the launch of its AirForce cordless vacuum cleaner: “The cord is dead; Long live Cordless!” But as performance improves, secondary cleaners such as sticks and handheld cordless models – and, indeed “robotic” cleaners where performance




and reasonable pricing have brought them within reach for many more consumers – are becoming a more attractive proposition. The Rowenta Airforce, which claims to be a “lightweight, cordless, easy to use vacuum cleaner with all the power of a 2200w canister but none of the hassle,” is marketed as a secondary product for quick cleaning and easy storage. Dyson, of course, has upped the profile of handheld rechargeables with a range that does the job. And Samsung launched a 2-in-1 ultra lightweight upright cleaner series, the SS7550, in Budapest in February that is available in the UK market this summer. The 2-in-1, as the name implies, doubles as a cordless upright with a detachable handheld. With “secondary” cleaners becoming the norm in UK households (one for upstairs, one for down; for the car; for the second/mobile home; for “quick-clean” duties), and performance improving as technology responds to demand, the cordless has a growing presence in the UK and will continue to make inroads.


I clean all floor types

I clean dust, dirt and debris I am Roomba®, the robot that vacuums automatically

I clean along edges

I go under furniture

*Models 560, 580 & 581

Available exclusively from

I don’t clean like you, no. I’m a Robot, I calculate 64 times per second, I cover the whole floor multiple times. When it’s thoroughly clean, I clean the next room*. Or I go home to my Home Base™ to recharge. I can be easily programmed, I clean where you want, when you want*. I clean hard floors, rugs and carpets; I clean dirt, debris and pet hair. I have lots of patents worldwide; I have awards for design and engineering; I have friends and relations at NASA; I’m proud. But more proud of over 3 million owners. I call myself Roomba: they give me other names. You will too. Humans, eh?


2011 iRobot Corporation. All rights reserved. iRobot and Roomba are registered trademarks of iRobot Corporation. Home Base is a trademark of iRobot Corporation. +44 (0)844 557 3700


George Cole ” George Cole pinpoints hotspots in the world of consumer electronics. E-mail:



he report by Professor Hargreaves on intellectual

for copying rights, but Hargreaves says: “We see no

property (IP) law makes interesting reading for

economic argument for adding an extra charge to these

anyone interested in the issues of IP, copyright

devices in order to authorise reasonable private acts

and copying. There has always been a tension between

which are part of the normal use of devices. Indeed,

technology and content protection: witness the

without that copying, normal use of those devices would

reaction of rights owners when the cassette recorder,

be largely restricted to playing music or films bought

VHS deck, CD recorder, DVD recorder and MP3 player

online. We are not aware of strong evidence of harm to

arrived. In most cases, legal battles were fought to

rights holders done by this kind of private copying in the

try and prevent such products being launched, or

normal course of using digital equipment to play works.

harsh technical limitations were placed on them. I can

There is considerable evidence of overall public benefits

remember when Pioneer launched its first consumer

from consumer use.”

CD recorder – owners had to register their name and

Hargreaves says the

address with the retailer and discs were limited to 60

Government should

minutes recording times, so that an entire audio CD

introduce an exception

couldn’t be copied. Naturally, such ploys failed, and

to allow individuals

today most computers have a built-in CD burner, and

to make copies for

700MB CD-R discs (which can record up to 80 minutes

their own and their

of CD-quality audio), cost pennies.

immediate family’s use

The digitisation of media and the rise of the internet


JUNE 2011

have also made the copying, transferring and sharing


“It is difficult for anyone to understand why it is legal to lend a friend a book, but not a digital music file”

on different media. You can purchase Digital Rights Management (DRM)-

of content a doddle. The rise of portable audio players,

free music files from iTunes and Amazon, but what about

portable media players and multimedia-equipped

movies? If you purchase an iTunes movie, you can put it

smartphones means that millions of us are consuming

into your various iPod devices and up to five computers,

audio and video away from the home. This involves

but you can’t burn it onto a DVD and play it from the disc.

transferring audio and video files onto them, and that

Likewise, the Hollywood studios seem to have abandoned

is, technically, a breach of the law. As the Hargreaves

the Mandatory Managed Copy (MMC) system for Blu-ray

report points out: “Digital technology has enabled use

titles that was designed to allow owners to transfer a high

and reuse of material by private individuals in ways that

definition copy of the movie onto a computer or portable

they do not feel are wrong – such as sharing music tracks

media device. Instead, the movie industry has opted to

with immediate family members, or transferring a track

use the Digital Copy format (first used by DVD titles),

from a CD to play in the car. It is difficult for anyone to

which provides a lower-resolution, DRM-protected digital

understand why it is legal to lend a friend a book, but

movie file for copying or transferring. Meanwhile, the

not a digital music file....The copyright regime cannot be

internet is awash with tools that enable people to rip DVD

considered fit for the digital age when millions of citizens

and Blu-ray titles.

are in daily breach of copyright, simply for shifting a piece of music or video from one device to another.” Hargreaves considered some solutions to the dilemma.

The music and movie industries have rightly been criticised for seeing new technology often as a threat rather than an opportunity - witness the rise of MP3. But

One was to adopt the US Fair Rights legislation, which

you have got to have some sympathy with them. With

permits the copying of content for personal use. But

many of today’s young (and not so young) consumers

introducing such a law into the UK would be difficult,

wondering why they should pay for anything at all (“I can

concludes Hargreaves. Another option would be to

get it for free on the internet”), it does make you fearful for

charge a levy on hardware or blank media in exchange

the future of all media industries.



This month, the acronym that encapsulates the selling sequence explained in more detail JOHN REDDINGTON


he competition I set in the March issue was won by Brian Dixon from Crewe, who knew the meaning of the acronym A I C D A . It stands for the selling sequence: Attention; Interest; Conviction; Desire; Action . Whatever line of selling you are in these principles usually apply, so let’s look at them in more detail.


JUNE 2011

Attract Attention


This is the “acknowledgement welcome”, both for in-store sales staff and manufacturers’ representatives. Unfortunately, 90% of retail staff start the sequence with: “Can I help you Sir/Madam?”, and 90% of the time the answer will be “Just looking, thanks.” So be more creative, and observe before you charge in. Use your eyes: what is the customer looking at? Can you frame a question accordingly? The conversation can then get off to a more focused and friendly start, such as: “That Blu-ray player you’re looking at has got some great reviews. What sort of movies do you like? Let me demonstrate it for you”. Reps calling on a retailer often make the error of opening with: “How’s business, Bill?” And in these tough times 90% of answers are likely to be along the lines: “Dire ...don’t think I’m giving any orders”. So get attention in a more unusual and creative manner, such as: “It’s always great to have something new to talk about… wait till you see this!” It’s different and secures attention. Of course, you can tailor your approach to suit the specific circumstances. At one of my J R Associates training sessions with Shahsonic many years ago I was struggling to get my audience to participate, and offered a financial incentive to the member of staff (of which there were over 40 present) who gave the best acknowledgement. I walked round the room getting the same old attention gambits until one of the salesmen spotted my guitar tie. “Wow,” he said. “What a splendid tie ... do you play or are you just an enthusiast ?” Of course he picked up the prize, and the audience was mine for the rest of the evening.

Instigate Interest Stage two: you have your customer’s Attention, and it’s vital to capitalise on that by converting it to Interest. The secret here is to use intonation in your voice. Show interest and you’ll get it back. It’s key to captivate your customer with enthusiasm! Remember, there’s only one thing more contagious than enthusiasm: lack of enthusiasm (check out your accounts dept!). Engage as many of your customer’s senses as possible. Reps should show samples. Retailers, let the customer touch and feel the product; hand over the remote control; invite active participation; ask questions; gauge and respond to body language; keep that enthusiasm in your voice. It’s all part of the skill.

Carry Conviction …and mean what you say. If you think a product far outperforms that of a competitor, make sure you communicate your passion and belief. Sincerity is a major part of the equation. Some of the “real life” examples I have recounted in these articles date back many years, but within the last two months I witnessed at Coworth Park Hotel the best sales presentation I have seen in a very long time. All the ingredients were used to maximum effect to a major customer. If I had been able to record it and sell it on a training DVD then it would have made the John Cleese films seem somewhat dated. The conviction was there in abundance ... take a bow JA !

Stimulate Desire The customer needs to be convinced that their life will be much better once they possess the product they’re considering purchasing. In our industry, with such exciting products that bring so much pleasure to us all, that’s not such a difficult task. Imagine selling in a much less interesting product arena ... for example a health shop. Where do you muster up the enthusiasm and passion for such products? You can’t demonstrate them as effectively as a wide screen TV, a Blu-ray player, a DAB radio or an induction hob. So it always dismays me to read the various mystery shop articles in our industry

press, where lethargy and disengagement are in such abundance. Good sales people never lose the desire to reach that great “I want it!” moment when the customer feels that desire for the product which results in inevitable purchase. Once that moment is reached, the fish in on the hook and price – which you should always leave to the very end of the presentation – becomes a minor detail.

Take Action This is all about Closing The Sale ... a subject we analysed in depth three months ago. Remember: if you can’t close you can’t sell – FACT! There are four types of close: Direct; Alternative (or choice); Assumptive; and Fear, all explained in detail previously. At Mars we used to describe the selling sequence as guiding the customer down a funnel, from the wide and inviting opening presented by the Attention gambit, through the narrowing focus of the process toward that point when the last drops enter the container – or, in our world, as we make that sale. The feeling of securing a successful business deal, no matter how big or small, is much more satisfying than order taking. And the customer also leaves with the memory of a good experience and a much better understanding of the product.

A few other quick tips ... SWAN – Sell What’s Available Now. Make sure what you try and sell is in stock and ready to go. Don’t try and sell a favourite product if you have none in stock: believe me it happens all the time. ABC – Always Be Closing. Look for those openings that allow you to ask for the business. TEAM – Together Everyone Achieves More. It’s about everyone pulling together... This is my last article for the current series of In Business. I hope you have enjoyed the “read” as much as I have enjoyed the “write.” Business is fun. It’s stimulating. It’s exciting. It’s an ever-changing world. Selling is a key element ... ENJOY IT !



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Mischief in the mains Alan Bennett describes some bad aspects of the mains power supply


e take the 230V domestic electricity supply very much for

Surges and spikes

granted. But it can be a demon,

The nastiest things a mains supply can

Mains-borne interference

produce are short sharp voltage spikes,

Interference of various types, over a wide

based home entertainment gear and PCs.

again most harmful to electronic – as

range of frequencies, may be carried in

A while ago we had a sudden spate of

opposed to simple electrical – equipment.

mains supplies. It’s generally manifest

equipment in for repair: everything from

‘Electronic’ is anything which uses

as radiation from cables rather than

TVs to toasters, from disc players to phone

semiconductors, microprocessors or

direct injection into equipment because

chargers. Some of it smelled of burned

memories, embracing PCs, all entertainment

the latter’s internal power supply – with

varnish, some had molten bits inside. Some

gear and such appliances as washing

its large low-impedance DC reservoir

had power supply sections blown apart. We

machines, which incorporate electronic

capacitors – acts as a filter. Some powerline

were able to resuscitate a few bits of this

control systems. Spikes can punch through

data networks, even those licensed by

gear, but much of it had to be scrapped. It

and break down insulation in the primary

Ofcom, can cause interference radiation

had all come from a small residential area

sections of power supply circuits. By

from cables to spoil DAB, FM and amateur

centred on a street-corner substation. I

various routes they can find their way to

radio reception. Shielded mains cable is not

don’t know what had happened in there

control-microprocessor chips, causing them

commonly available, but cures are generally

but it had certainly churned out a lot more

to derail at best (cured by a mains reset or

found in using screened signal leads and

than 230V that day. The electricity supply

reboot) or to fail completely, necessitating

double-screened (satellite) RF cable, and

company was incredibly difficult over

replacement, at worst. Memory chips

ensuring that mains and signal feeds are

compensation and equipment replacement,

likewise can suffer from data derangement

not routed together.

giving many of their customers a bad time.

(calling for re-programming) or internal breakdown. Replacement is the only cure

Prevention and cure

for the latter, followed by weary data

Mains spikes and surges may be held at

Seldom in the UK does something as

reloading unless – for instance in a TV, set-

bay by using suppressors, most easily

dramatic as that happen. More common are

top box or disc player – a pre-programmed

found in special 13A distributor socket

power cuts, in which the supply disappears

memory chip is available. This generally

strips. Locally-generated interference is

without warning, to the detriment of the

has to be specified per model because the

best suppressed at source where possible.

operation of PCs, in which data can be

data varies between different screen sizes,

For hi-fi and home cinema perfectionists

corrupted or lost altogether: computers do

features, hardware and sometimes even

there’s a wide range of very expensive

not like being shut down in a disorderly

production runs.

mains suppression and conditioning

JUNE 2011

manner! It’s much worse in some other



especially to delicate microprocessor-

Outages and brownouts



The very least that spikes and the like

equipment. How about a 1.5kW electronic

countries – a friend of mine who shoots and

can do is cause momentary blips on the

(switch-mode) mains pure sine-wave

edits videos on a Greek island has to use

sound and vision, for instance freezing

regenerator at £1500? Special mains plug

an expensive UPS (Uninterruptible Power

of a Freeview TV picture and squawks or

fuses, guaranteed not to cause interference

Supply). In rural areas of the UK fed from

clicks on sound. While dirty mains power

or degrade the electricity as it passes

overhead lines strung on poles cuts are

can be due to neighbouring electricity

through, at £34.99 for three? You need to

more common than in town, usually resulting

users, e.g. industrial premises, most often

give them time to burn in, I understand:

from the weather: wind and thunderstorms.

the offenders are right inside the house:

check them out at

Lightning in particular can superimpose

thermostats in boilers, freezers and fridges,

horrific voltage spikes on overhead power

central heating time switches, light dimmers,

accessories by manufacturers and

feeds, to play havoc as described below.

washing machines and others. The use of

enthusiast magazines have been incredible.

Brownouts are reductions in supply voltage, harmless to light bulbs, kettles and toasters, but life-threatening to electronic equipment using switch-mode power supplies; they can compensate for reasonable voltage reductions but get into trouble when they run out of road, as it were.

cube-shaped multi-way mains adapters

The Advertising Standards Authority

can cause trouble; strip-type distributors

upheld complaints against Russ Andrews

are better. Any common impedance in

Accessories Ltd. regarding their claims

the mains supply (for instance contact

for mains cords and spike suppressors,

resistance, extension leads) can impose the

failing them on grounds of Substantiation,

mains consumption ripple of one piece of

Truthfulness and Comparison:

equipment on another.


Some of the claims made for power

Flair for repair A great customer experience doesn’t just come down to fantastic products. At Domestic & General we understand how excellent after-sales care will improve customer loyalty to your brand. And with a 94% post-repair satisfaction rate, we’re expert at giving our customers and our partners something to smile about.



” She projects calm and professionalism, but enjoys a little drama, can sing “a bit” and believes she may be too emotional. If she were not delivering training for a major white goods brand, she could see herself delivering babies. Meet Joyce Baker, Head of Training at Indesit Company. Why did you choose to work in the electrical industry? I had been teaching Home Economics so it seemed a natural progression. Teaching people who actually want to learn! Who in the industry would you like to spend time with? Christine Knott from Beyond The Box, as everything she does is with such enthusiasm and energy What makes you laugh? My husband - sometimes What was the greatest turning point in your life? Accepting the job as Regional Training Manager with Hotpoint 14 years ago Hobbies? Cooking and going to the theatre. I have done a bit of Am Dram What’s your greatest regret? That my Dad never saw me progress to this job. I think he would have been proud How would you describe yourself? Confident but relaxed How do you think others see you? Calm and Professional What’s your pet hate? BOGOF in the supermarket. I only want one, so why not just make it half price?

You have been offered a leading role in a film of your choice. What character would you like to play? Barbra Streisand’s character, Dolly Levi, in “Hello Dolly” You have been offered the opportunity to rule the world for a day, what would be the first change you would make? Make the Super Rich pay to help the poor Is there anything about yourself that you would like to change? Not to be so emotional Do you have any hidden talents? A bit of singing Do you have any particular fetishes? Bleach! What’s your greatest achievement? Having two grown up kids who I am very proud of What sort of music do you like? Very varied music choices but lots of 70s Rock Who has been the greatest influence in your life? My late Dad

JUNE 2011

Name your poison Gin and Slim

If you weren’t in your present position, what job would you choose to do? A midwife


Do you have any bad habits? Lots!!

Favourite cuisine? Italian. I guess that’s been encouraged by working for an Italian company

What’s your favourite TV programme? Come Dine with Me

What’s your favourite holiday destination? Mexico and Majorca

What surprises you? That people expect to be trusted and yet are not always honest with others

What’s the worst thing that’s ever happened to you? My husband being made redundant


What do you daydream about? Holidays!

What’s the best kind of punishment… Isolation …and who deserves it? People who break your trust Where do you see yourself in 5 years’ time? Where I am now What’s your greatest fear? Being old and forgotten about in a care home Whom do you most admire? Princess Diana – she was truly inspirational What’s your favourite piece of kit? My makeup bag What motto do you live by? Treat others as you’d like to be treated yourself Tomorrow I will……. …get to the end of the to do list I’d set for today

Independent Electrical Retailer:

“The number of independent electrical retail outlets in the UK has more than halved in the last ten years, and it’s difficult not to feel like a dying breed with the internet and non-specialists like the supermarkets putting price above everything. The best products need selling on their merits, and I’d like a lot more support from the suppliers who claim to be making them.”

White Goods Manufacturer:

“We’re always looking for ways to train, support and incentivize our retail partners because they do the best job of explaining why two “white boxes” that look much the same are so different, and why it’s worth paying for the best.”

15718 maytag_GetConnected_June2011:15718



9 KG Count on the style, power and performance of Maytag® appliances to handle load after load, day after day. We know that dependability means something a little more to you than just commercial parts and pieces. It means having all the stuff you depend on, clean, spotless and dry – on time, every time. The way we put our machines together is never going to change. But we understand that the reason you depend on them is not only because of what we put inside them, but also because of what you put inside them. We get it.

*Normative Eco 50º programme. Status at February 2011.


The icon now all M Des perc pot


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Inte an i digi dev eve reco


Joh eluc the


Wh Ben and dom


Ind give

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