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TV IN 2011 With 3D, “Smart” TV giving access to online services and three more major digital switchovers scheduled for 2011, George Cole looks at what manufacturers see as the front runners in this exciting year

INDUCTION HOBS Induction hobs’ growth has outpaced all other hob categories in a difficult cooking market over 2010, and the technology is poised for further expansion in 2011 as its benefits become more widely known

IN BUSINESS A new, regular business column from entrepreneur John Reddington

DOING THE BUSINESS Apollo managers talk about the huge benefits of a warranty sales strategy

BACKCHAT Industry eavesdroppings and a 2-minute interview


THE GC PRODUCTS OF THE YEAR AWARDS 2011 The Nominations, and your chance to vote for your choices



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The Neff FlexInduction hob is designed to give your customers complete flexibility. As well as two standard zones, it boasts a large flexible zone that can accommodate several pans of various shapes and sizes all at the same time. Furthermore, the FlexInduction zone uses four unique independent induction coils to give consistent heat wherever a saucepan is placed within it. To find out more about working with Neff or if you would like further information on our newest products, please call us on 01908 328 352.



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TV in 2011

George Cole examines the crucial TV sector to find which of the many technological innovations will be driving the market in 2011 / / / / / / / / /

George Cole Gets Connected

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Induction Hobs

For a long time hovering on the brink of a mainstream breakthrough in the conservative UK cooking market, Induction is performing well and making converts as it becomes more widely understood / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / /

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Introducing John Reddington, a successful entrepreneur and industry stalwart who will be contributing a regular business column to GC / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / /

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Managers at retail chain Apollo explain why, and how, warranties are turning a fine profit in difficult trading conditions / / / / / / / / / / / / / / /

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The GfK facts and figures on the induction hobs market / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / /

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Alan Bennett identifies some unwelcome bright spots in the TV picture / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / /

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Industry comment and a 2-minute interview with ShopJimmy’s Jimmy Vosika / / / /

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JAN/FEB 2011

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towards the end of this year’s gruelling Sony dealer event in Scotland, the focus on 3D and smart TV was clear. The company’s commitment to dealing with, training and rewarding the retail partners who perform best, announced last year at the same event, is, according to Andy Benson, delivering incremental results. Mohit Parasher believes that the CE industry has the products and the propositions to “bring value back into the market.” He believes that there are opportunities to capture a bigger slice of consumers’ discretionary spending power. “What is shaping my thinking,” he said, “is the bigger picture, the bigger share of discretionary spend that can be captured. We have to stop the race to the bottom.” That “race to the bottom” is a blight that has been draining the UK CE sector of profit, in the pursuit of share, for many years. If price continues to rule, 3D and smart TV will go the same way as all the other valuable technological innovations in CE that have excited the market for a brief time, only to be commoditised, discounted and thrust aside by the next big thing. Any manufacturer who invests in training and retailer support as well as product development, and is committed to helping customers understand what’s on offer and why it’s good for them, has to be doing the trade some good. It’s frightening, for example, that so many consumers still believe that, just because they’ve got built-in Freeview and an HD ready TV set, they’re watching HD TV when they’re not (see “TV in 2011” feature in this issue). And while we’re on consumer understanding of technologies, induction hobs appear, after a long presence in the UK market, to be making headway on the strength of growing consumer understanding. Long may that continue, too.


Terry Heath Editorial & Publishing Director

ith this year’s CES in Las Vegas already a memory (albeit, for some, still a vivid one), the 2011 agenda for the UK’s vital TV sector has, according to the major manufacturers, placed two items at the top: 3DTV and “Smart” TV. 3D – for all the complex issues that come with it – is at least a clearly understandable concept. “Smart” TV – the name that the industry seems to have adopted to encompass the world of internet connectivity, access to a huge and growing variety of content, ondemand services and social networking with the TV as the central hub – is a much more multi-faceted proposition for consumers and retailers. It has the potential to be all things to all men (and women and children). That is its great strength. But also its weakness at point of sale. Where there is much to offer, the temptation is to offer it all, every time, to every prospective customer. Enthusiasm is a premium asset for any sales person, but in this case it has to be tempered with the ability to listen, to understand, and to answer the key question for each individual customer: that question is not “what can it do?”, but “what can it do for ME?” There are almost as many answers as there are customers, and telling is only part of it. Showing is the clincher. Any retailer who isn’t equipped with the in-store connections to demonstrate, to hand over the remote to the customer and let them see how easy it is for them to access exactly what they want, is missing a vital trick. Customer confusion is the enemy of new technology. Customers who are directed to precisely the benefits they care about, and are shown that they can operate the technology easily, will not be confused. Talking to Mohit Parasher, newly installed MD of Sony UK and Ireland Sales Company, and Andy Benson, Sony’s commercial director,



January sales above seasonal norms

VAT rise has little impact on non-food prices UK shop price inflation rose to its highest level in a year and a half as commodity prices pushed up the price of food, yet the VAT increase in non-food goods had “little effect”, according to the BRC. The BRC-Nielsen Shop Price Index recorded an overall rise to 2.5% in January from 2.1% in December, with food accelerating to 4.6% from 4.0% in December and non-food rising from 1.1% to 1.3%. The rate of inflation in electrical goods fell. The BRC said the impact of the VAT increase was almost entirely lost among the unusually high number of post-Christmas discounts and promotions. “The rate of inflation for non-food goods - mainly the ones subject to VAT - was only 0.2 percentage points higher after the VAT rise than before, showing retailers generally took the hit on behalf of customers. But with a range of other cost pressures also squeezing margins, retailers will struggle to go on absorbing it,” commented Stephen Robertson, British Retail Consortium Director General. “Rising commodity prices continue to push up food inflation, now to its highest for a year and a half. Even so,” he added, “shop prices are still rising more slowly than other wider measures of inflation that include petrol, utilities and services.”

retra commits to 2011 training programmes


JAN/FEB 2011

Industry body retra has announced it will be continuing its training schedule into 2011 with sales training, shop manager’s training and delivery/installation training on the agenda. 20 training days for members and their staff will be run by George Morton of Top Level Solutions. retra chief executive Bryan Lovewell commented that the association has focused on training “in a very big way.” In just over three years, more than 2,500 delegates have passed through its programmes. “2011 is going to be a tough year, but it is very important from our members’ perspective that they maximise every sale. The retra training courses are a vital tool in their arsenal,” he said.


MDA growth returns in 2010 Growth in major appliances turned the corner in 2010, registering rises of 2% in volume and 5% in value compared to 2009, according to industry analyst GfK. While value grew in all eight market categories, the key drivers were the core replacement markets of home laundry and refrigeration. Overall, both freestanding and built-in appliances recorded a value lift of 5% over the period. GfK’s Anthony Williams said: “An exceptional last quarter boosted market value by 8% compared to Q4 2009, which translates as an additional £57million. The flurry of activity for all major appliance markets towards the end of the year was a clear sign that consumers were keen to make their big-ticket purchases earlier than usual, ahead of January and the VAT increase. Many will argue that the VAT increase makes little difference to the cost of goods; however, consumer perception is that any saving is still better than no saving at all.”

Volume sales on the high street rose in January compared to a year ago, in line with retailers’ expectations, but the pace of growth is starting to slow, according to the CBI. Sales of durable household goods fell particularly sharply. The industry body’s Distributive Trades Survey, which covers the two week period from 4 January, showed a balance of +37%, compared with +56% in December, with the three-month moving average remaining unchanged from the previous month at +45%. Sales were still above seasonal norms in January but to a lesser extent than in December.With the prospect of rising prices and weakening consumer confidence, the majority of retailers said they expect growth to ease further in February. CBI Chief Economic Adviser Ian McCafferty said the survey captures an interesting period for retailers, spanning the introduction of the VAT rise and price reductions during the post-Christmas sales. “The lure of seasonal sales and price discounting may have helped mitigate some of the impact of the VAT increase on volumes,” he said. “However, retailers expect the pace of sales growth to slow further next month, and orders placed with suppliers have flattened out. “Consumer demand is expected to be weak in the coming months, as the spending power of households is hit by a combination of sharply rising prices and weak wage growth. Retailers can expect a challenging period ahead.”

New to BCG say hello to GE We won’t be beaten on price on GE products, another great addition to the BCG family




Image shown PJU25YGXESV Profile Side by Side

, GE


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Additional display terms available until 31st March 2011. To qualify for display pricing, products must remain on display for a minimum term of six months. Monogram display pricing is based on three pieces being displayed, one of which must be a range cooker. For display pricing on Monogram, please speak to your local BCG Area Sales Manager.

For more information, please speak to our New Business and Development Team

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Toshiba recorded net sales of

Whirlpool Corporation

Philips Electronics’ Q4 2010 net

¥4,669.6 billion (US$57,649.6 million) for the first 9 months of its FY ending 31 March 2011, an increase of ¥209.6 billion on the same period last year. Operating income was ¥142.3 billion, an improvement of ¥125.7 billion and the highest ever posted by the company for an April to December period. Net income rose by ¥108.5 billion to ¥40.2 billion.

announced Q4 net earnings of $171 million compared to $95 million during the same period last year and operating profit up from $199 million to $202 million. Sales increased 4% to $5.0 billion. The company posted annual net sales of $18.4 billion, an increase of 7% from the prior year. Whirlpool Europe’s Q4 sales fell 4% on the previous year to $922 million. Unit demand rose by an estimated 2%. The region achieved a Q4 operating profit of $29 million compared to $19 million in 2009.

income rose 79% to €465 million against the same period in 2009 on sales of €7.4 billion, a nominal increase of 2%. Comparable sales, however, declined by 4%. In its Consumer Lifestyle Division, which includes TV, Small Appliances and Personal Care, overall comparable sales fell by 11% (6% excl. TVs). 4th quarter EBITA of €873 million brought EBITA for the full year to a record 10%.

Sharp posted profits of ¥7.1 billion for the last three months of 2010, a significant turnaround from 2009’s substantial losses. Sales in the third quarter were ¥825.4 billion, up from ¥735.3 billion in the same quarter a year ago. Operating income rose from ¥21 billion to ¥23 billion across the same comparative periods.

Sony reported net income down to ¥83 billion (£627 million) for the quarter to 31 December, compared to ¥90 billion in the same quarter of 2009, and cut its full-year revenue forecast from ¥7.4 trillion to ¥7.2 trillion. Consumer, Professional & Devices sales – which include domestic TV – were up 4.2% compared to the same quarter last year, but operating income fell from ¥50.8 billion in 2009 to ¥26.8 billion in 2010.


JAN/FEB 2011

Panasonic recorded a net income


of ¥40 billion (£303 million) for the three months to December 2010, an increase on the ¥32.3 billion for the same quarter last year, but below analysts’ expectations. Subsidiary Sanyo Electric reported a net loss of ¥9.21 billion, a deepening of the ¥7.38 billion loss in the same quarter last year. Lower sales and production volumes led to a 5% fall in turnover and an EBIT loss for Loewe in its fiscal year to 31 December 2010. The Group posted sales of €307.3 million and a negative EBIT of €5.3 million compared to a positive €13.5 million in 2009.

Electrolux posted Group net income up 53% to 3.99 billion kronor on sales of 106 billion kronor. Net income for the fourth-quarter rose 2% on the prior year, to 677 million kronor, but exchange rates had a negative effect on sales. Net sales fell 2% to 27.5 billion kronor – a rise of 1.6% in comparable currencies. BSkyB reported pre-tax profits up 26% to £467 million in the second half of 2010. Revenues rose 15% to £3.2 billion and the number of customers passed the 10 million mark. Demand for HD TV services grew by 68% compared to a year ago, to 3.5 million.

LG Electronics recorded consolidated third quarter 2010 revenues down 2% on Q3 2009 to KRW 13.4 trillion (USD 11.3 billion) and a net profit of KRW 8 billion. LG Home Entertainment Company reported record flat-panel TV shipments: 6.6 million units represented a rise of 37%. Revenues grew 9% to KRW 5.4 trillion and operating profit was recorded at KRW 123 billion. LG Home Appliance Company achieved 9% growth yearover-year on sales of KRW 2.8 trillion and an operating profit of KRW 67 billion. In Mobile Communications, revenues dropped by 30%.

Groupe SEB reported solid end of year results for 2010, with like-for-like sales up 15% to €3.65 billion. Sales in the Group’s home market of France rose 3.9%, while growth in other Western European countries increased by 8.2%. Kesa Electricals posted a drop of 4% in like-for-like sales for the period 1 November 2010 to 18 January 2011and cautioned that adjusted profit before tax is expected to be towards the lower end of market expectations. Sales at Comet fell 7.3% (LFL). Dixons Retail reported total Group sales down 1% in local currency and like-for-like sales down 2% for the 12 weeks to 8 January 2011. UK operations performed well, despite the pre-Christmas weather conditions which reduced sales by an estimated 2%. Full year underlying profit before tax is now expected to be around the bottom end of current forecasts, in the range of £100 million to £110 million. Like-for-like sales at Argos fell 4.9% in the 18 weeks to 1 January 2011, with poor performances in televisions and video gaming. The retailer said sales of laptops and tablets were excellent, and good growth was achieved in white goods.

Haier launches its Independent Display Programme Dear Retailer, Haier is investing in the UK to become one of the top household electrical appliance brands within the next five years. Haier aims to position itself on the following core values: design, energy efficiency and providing innovative and meaningful lifestyle solutions for UK households. With 27 years’ heritage as a white and brown goods manufacturer, Haier has brought to market award-winning design (the world’s first three-door combi fridge freezer) and developed real innovation (the world’s first fully wireless HDTV). Haier invests 4% of its turnover every year in R&D (where it has eight R&D centres worldwide), meaning innovation will continue to be central to Haier’s future in the UK. Haier will offer you a complete product range, two-year guarantee on all products (exclusive to the independent channel), POS, training support and a stock/display plan with special discounts. If you are interested in working with a brand that is committed to innovation and quality, and want to find out more about the Haier Independent Display Programme, then please contact Haier or one of our distributors below. I wish you all a successful 2011,

Jeff Moody Sales and Marketing Director – Haier UK

0114 254 2400

Haier_Jan11_ad_with signature2.indd 1

0118 912 6000

01264 334596

Haier UK Head Office: Haier Europe UK, First Floor The Mill, Abbey Mill Business Park, Lower Eashing, Godalming, Surrey GU7 2QJ Tel: 01483 411817

20/01/2011 10:55


Haier reinforces commitment to independent channel

Business failures fall 18% during 2010 The annual rate of company insolvencies fell for the first time in two years as the financial health of UK businesses improved, according to the latest Insolvency Index from global information services company Experian®. The total number of insolvencies fell by 18%, from 24,209 in 2009 to 19,946 in 2010. The UK business community finished 2010 stronger than it started the year. The average financial strength score fell from 81.16 in January to its lowest point of 80.70 in May, but recovered in December to reach a full year high of 81.35.

Record number of people have “no spare cash” The proportion of UK consumers claiming to have “no spare cash” rose 6% to 27% at the end of 2010, compared to the previous year, according to the BRC/Nielsen Consumer Confidence Survey. The result was the highest since the poll began in 2005. The survey also revealed that overall consumer confidence was lower at the end of 2010 than the beginning, although there was a marginal increase in sentiment in the final quarter. The Index rose two points to 77. The BRC attributed the rise to consumers feeling “slightly” more positive about their job prospects and personal finances and less negative about spending. Director General Stephen Robertson, however, said: “I‘d be surprised if this modest improvement in sentiment lasts.” Robertson maintained that many people put their concerns to one side at the onset of Christmas, so worries about jobs and money may briefly have seemed a bit less pressing. “A significant and permanent strengthening of consumer confidence is clearly some way off,“ he added.

Gadget Show Live Professional to launch at Birmingham’s NEC The Gadget Show Live has announced it is to launch an exhibition for trade visitors, which will take place on Tuesday 12 April 2011, a day ahead of the fiveday consumer event at the NEC in Birmingham. According to the organisers, GSL Professional has been developed to provide a UK platform for exhibitors to launch products only previously seen at CES in the US and more than 250 exhibitors will be present at the event. Visitors will have the chance to take part in free seminars and presentations and a ‘HUB Theatre’ will host sessions on the latest technology for specific sectors, from education and local government through to custom installers, architects, facilities managers and network specialists.  Further information can be obtained at:

Chinese brand Haier has announced the launch of a dedicated display programme for independent electrical retailers. The move follows a series of new appointments and initiatives to support retailers and help drive sales in the UK. Jeff Moody, Sales & Marketing Director for Haier UK, said: “We value the quality of service and sales expertise proposed by independents who really know how to communicate the unique features of Haier products, which are often poorly promoted during sales in other retail channels. “We look forward to driving our presence in this market and plan to work hard to provide the support required to make indies’ jobs easier,” he added.  Retailers wishing to participate in the display programme can obtain information from James Osborne at Haier UK (Tel: 01483 411810 / email: het_uk@ or via the brand’s distributors: Inman, Portway, Westcoast.

Notebook growth continues to rise Industry analyst GfK has revealed that 70,000 more Notebooks were sold in the UK in the final quarter of 2010 than in the same period the previous year. Sales rose by 12% in value and 5% in volume, despite a tough comparable period in which Windows 7 was introduced and rapid growth of lower priced Netbooks was recorded. GfK IT Account Manager Christopher Kennedy-Sloane said that, regardless of the distractions of new products such as tablets, “this growth proves that the UK consumer remains committed to the Notebook as their chosen main computing device.”

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D&G reaches 5 million UK customers milestone Domestic & General celebrated a ’milestone’ achievement when the company presented its fivemillionth customer Mrs Janet Gallie of Epsom with a £500 voucher for an Indesit appliance of her choice, plus a 5-year extended warranty. Group Chief Executive John Pearmund said: “We are extremely pleased to have reached the milestone of five million UK customers, and especially proud that in our last customer survey we received post-repair satisfaction ratings of over 94%. We know how highly people value our services, and we hope that many more people like Mrs Gallie will look to us to help make their lives even easier.“

A D&G spokesperson commented that the Group’s growth is “largely due to a very strong performance by our Repair Plus One product, which allows customers to buy a plan that protects them for their immediate breakdown and any subsequent breakdowns over the following year. “We have also secured a number of new clients and partnerships from across a variety of markets,“ he added. Mrs Gallie, pictured above with D&G Group Chief Executive John Pearmund, said: “We bought our warranty cover to ensure our peace of mind if anything should go wrong with our new fridge, and never dreamt it would lead to this.“

“Totally focused” Onkyo bestselling HCR brand of 2010 Onkyo is claiming the title of the UK’s bestselling home cinema receiver brand for the third consecutive year, following figures released for 2010 by industry analyst GfK. The company grew its market share to 29% from 27.6% in the year prior. Despite a “challenging” year because of the global recession, the number of home cinema receivers sold in the UK market rose from 92,000 in 2009 to 105,000 in 2010, according to Onkyo UK general manager David Anderson. The firm’s growth in this area,” he said, “is proof that as times get tough consumers put their faith in brands that consistently deliver top performance and value for money. British home cinema fans are voting with their wallets.” Anderson pointed out that Onkyo is a relatively small company in the global consumer electronics arena “but our key advantage is that we’re staffed

by enthusiasts at every level who are completely committed to achieving excellence in home cinema and hi-fi. “We don’t make flatscreen TVs, motorbikes, or in-car hi-fi…,” he added. “There are no distractions. We’re totally focused on what excites us and that’s why we do it better than anyone else.” Anderson also noted the brand’s “supreme level” of customer support: “When you buy an Onkyo receiver it’s the beginning of your relationship with the brand, not the end. People appreciate this attitude and it has not gone unnoticed by our excellent dealer network. Retailers are always the first to recognise when a brand has lost direction or forgotten what is truly important… ours understand Onkyo and know what it stands for.” Anderson added that Onkyo has now set a target to expand its share of the UK hi-fi sector.

Former Sirius members join CI(H) Buying and marketing group CI(H) has gained another two members following an ongoing recruitment drive aimed at the cream of the independent retail community. The Discount Appliance Centre of Newark in Nottinghamshire and H J Knee of Trowbridge in Wiltshire (pictured above) are reported to be the first dealers to come across from the Sirius Buying Group. Pete Cook, managing director of the Discount Appliance Centre, said: “The power of CI(H) was too big for us to ignore. The main reason we’ve joined is to benefit from the more expansive product range than my former group could offer.”

Hoover supports retailers with new consumer ad. campaign Hoover has announced it is to invest £1million in an advertising campaign to introduce its new range of built-in and freestanding appliances direct to consumers. The company hasn’t specified which media will be used for the above-the-line activity, but it will run from May through to the end of 2011. Hoover will be exhibiting its new product collection at KBB London 2011, which takes place at Excel from 15th to 17th May.



“Wills and Kate” side-by-side… “Commemorative tea towels are so 1981,” commented GDHA, distributor for GE appliances in the UK, as it unveiled “the ultimate” in Royal Wedding memorabilia – a 5’9” side-by-side fridge freezer emblazoned with one of the official engagement photographs of Prince William and Kate Middleton. The “Wills and Kate” fridge was created following feedback on Facebook from GE’s UK fans, who were asked for the design they would most like to see on one of the brand’s newly launched customisable appliances. “As expected, the Royal Wedding has really captured the UK’s imagination and it was no


JAN/FEB 2011

BSH confirms appointment of new CEO


BSH has confirmed that Michael Steinle, a Group veteran of nearly thirty years, has succeeded Uwe Hanneck as Chief Executive Officer of the Bosch and Siemens Home Appliances Group in the UK. Hanneck, who held the role of CEO from 1990, retired at the end of 2010. Michael Steinle started his career with BSH in 1982 as a graduate trainee at Siemens Electrogeräte GmbH in Munich and was then employed as an Area Sales Manager for the company. In 1987 he became Sales Manager of Siemens, responsible for the kitchen retail side of the business, and was subsequently promoted to Sales Manager for built-in appliances. Between 1996 and 1999 Steinle was International Sales Manager for all BSH brands before progressing to the role of General Manager for the Bosch brand of home appliances in Germany. From 2002 he was based in Stockholm, where he held the post of CEO of BSH Hushallsapparater AB in Northern Europe. In a statement, the company said that Steinle is known to be “constructive and optimistic in outlook and his style of management is characterised by insightful perception and problem solving abilities.”

surprise that a William and Kate commemorative fridge was a popular choice,” commented David Garden, Commercial Director for GE at Glen Dimplex Home Appliances. “It certainly wipes the floor with your usual commemorative tea towels and mugs and is most definitely one of the most novel Royal Wedding products we have seen. Who knows, it may appeal to die-hard fans or maybe even Prince Charles and Camilla will order one as a wedding gift for the couple.” The new GIU21XGYFKB fridge freezer from GE can be personalised to meet specific colour schemes and design trends using removable panels designed and manufactured to individual requirements.

Beko’s four-door fridge freezer, model ref: GNE114610X, has been awarded Best Buy status by Which? magazine. The product received an overall score of 71% and gained a full 5-star rating for its quiet operation and low vibration, fridge and freezer temperature stability and ease of defrosting.

Good Housekeeping (GHI) has named Gorenje’s WA60125 the “Best Eco Washing Machine”, praising it as the most energy efficient on test amongst 12 other models from brands such as Miele, AEG and Samsung. GHI said the machine was the most water efficient of those tested – using an average of 54 litres for a standard wash – and the cost of a 40°C cotton wash came in at just 7.6p. Premium MDA manufacturer Miele has been pronounced the best domestic appliance brand in the 2011 Which? home appliance reliability survey. Miele come top in five out of ten categories against competition from top-end rivals such as Neff, Siemens, Bosch and Sebo. Miele achieved the ‘best brand overall’ status in Washing Machines, Tumble Dryers, Dishwashers, Freezers and Cylinder Vacuum Cleaners.

 Whirlpool’s MAX 38 microwave with Crisp® technology and Jet Defrost has been awarded a Which? Best Buy. The magazine commented that the retro-looking combi with 600W quartz grill “looks more like a TV than a microwave,” and it “cooks, grills and defrosts so well that if fully deserves its Best Buy status.” Three laundry products from the AEGElectrolux/Zanussi stable have won top Awards from two of the UK’s leading consumer product test organizations – the Good Housekeeping Institute and Which? Magazine. The products are: the AEG-Electrolux LAVAMAT L84950A3 Washing Machine (GHI Tried and Tested overall winner); the Zanussi ZWF16581 Washing Machine (GHI Best Budget Buy); and the Zanussi ZWF14791 Washing Machine (Which? Best Buy). Electrolux’s “Vac from the Sea” project, which recovers plastic from the world’s oceans for the manufacture of vacuum cleaners, has received the annual “Gullklypa” (touch/pinch of gold) Award from the Keep Norway Clean organisation.

Warming to warranty As the industry’s leading warranty specialist we know that the key ingredients for success are in the planning and preparation. With dedicated UK contact centres, an unrivalled repair network and impressive customer service ratings, there has never been a better time to turn up the heat on warranty sales with Domestic & General.

Dimplex Rockport electric fire The new Rockport electric fire from Dimplex’s ‘Display and Demonstrate’ range for independent retailers is finished in cast iron with stainless steel effect canopy and features the brand’s award-winning low energy Optiflame® LED flame effect. The unit comes both with coal and white pebble fire-bed options and incorporates low energy LED lamps designed to last the product’s lifetime. All products in Dimplex’s Display and Demonstrate range hold an extended 3-year guarantee. 

Concealed 2kW fan heater with half heat setting / Thermostatic control

Flat-to-wall or Inset installation (55mm depth)

Fits 16” and 18” fireplaces and all conventional flues

BEAB approved

0845 601 5111

SEBO FELIX ROSSO vacuum cleaner The latest addition to SEBO’s FELIX range of vacuum cleaners is the ruby red ROSSO – light, powerful and suitable both for carpets and wooden floors. ROSSO’s slim-line body and flexible neck make it easy to steer around fixtures and furnishings, and its L-shaped head slips under radiators and cleans right up to edges. The unit also incorporates an advanced S-Class Filtration system, so is ideal for allergy sufferers. 

Comfortable carrying handle

Ready-to-use hose with extra-long crevice nozzle / Stair and Upholstery Turbo brush

Adjustable telescopic handle / 9.5 metre cable

01494 465533

Gaggenau AC 402 ceiling ventilation system


JAN/FEB 2011

The key features of this new Gaggenau ceiling ventilation system are its minimalist design and flexible configuration options. It is a modular system that offers tailormade solutions for kitchen design requirements, comprising separate control, lighting and filter modules. Combined with up to two remote fan units and eight filter modules, each control unit achieves an extraction rate of between 950 and 2800 m³/h. Lighting, too, can be selected according to indiviudal preferences as the control unit is available with or without illumination. AC 402 can also be combined with external lighting systems.


Ducted extraction or recirculation versions

Patented rim extraction filters / Quiet operation / Remote control

Fitting options: flush-to-ceiling or built into kitchen cabinetry

Available February 2011

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Alphason Yatai & Tensai TV stands Alphason has created two new stand designs to complement the Sony BRAVIA Monolithic LX, NX and HX Series TVs. Yatai is a low-level stand with smooth gloss finish; Tensai (pictured) comes in 3 sizes and mirrors the 6-degree angle of the Sony’s Monolithic design. 

Toughened safety glass

Cable management

Push-to-open drawer

Concealed fitting for 4-way power block

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PURE ONE Flow DAB/internet radio

Vax LiFE Multipack

Enhanced audio performance

25 hours of listening per charge when fitted with ChargePAK® E1

The Vax LiFE Multipack cordless cleaning system comprises an upright cleaner and handheld vac with inbuilt crevice tool and dusting brush. Both units are powered by an advanced Lithium ion battery that maintains consistently strong suction until completely drained. LiFE Multipack retails at £199.99 and holds a 6-year guarantee.

30 digital and FM presets / kitchen and sleep timers

3.5mm input for iPod/MP3 player / headphone socket

18V battery / Charging time 3 hours

Upright: runtime 13 mins with brush-bar on / 15 mins with brushbar off

Weight 3.4kg / capacity 1L

Handheld: runtime 12 mins / weight 1.5kg / capacity 0.4L

PURE has launched its most affordable portable internet-connected digital radio with Flow technology. The ONE Flow offers all the benefits associated with DAB and internet radio and provides access to PURE’s cloud-based music service and the facility to stream music direct from a Wi-Fi enabled computer. (SRP £99.99).

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Fagor 6CFi-4GLS four-burner gas on glass hob The 2011 collection of Fagor built-in appliances incorporates this stylish 60cm four-burner gas on glass hob, fashioned with a bevelled edge and featuring heavyweight cast-iron pan supports. 

Burners: 1 x simmer (1.0 kW), 2 x semi rapid (1.75 kW), 1 x rapid (3.0 kW)

Automatic integrated ignition / Flame failure safety gas cutoff

LPG conversion kit included

5-year guarantee

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product of the month      Side Opening Style from Belling BI60SOXL built-in electric oven Chosen for: Style and ease of use

Additional features of the BI60SOXL include:     

58-litre capacity Variable grill A-class energy rating Sturdy, vertical handle Stylish black finish

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Belling has added this side opening 60cm fanned oven to its built-in collection of appliances. The product can be installed at eye level, or for wheelchair users or those with limited mobility it can be built under for easy access to the oven cavity. The oven door has a large viewing window, so monitoring the progress of the cooking process is trouble-free, and an LED clock and programmer feature large graphics in bold blue, which is proven to be the last colour recognised by people who are losing their sight. Inside the cavity, two shelves with telescopic sliders provide safe and easy access to dishes. To take the strain out of cleaning, the oven door comes with removable inner glass and the cavity is finished with easy clean enamel. Steve Dickson, commercial manager for Belling, says: “We want all of our customers to get the best out of their Belling appliances so we are always developing new products that make the cooking process easier and more enjoyable. The BI60SOXL can be installed at eye level to make grilling easier and to reduce strain on the back when it comes to lifting the Sunday roast. For wheelchair users, the product is equally flexible and can be built under for improved access to the cavity.”



TV IN 2011

LED and HD have legs

With so much that’s new in the crucial TV sector – such as 3D, “Smart” TV development and fresh content – George Cole looks at where we might be going in 2011, and where the sales and profits lie for retailers


JAN/FEB 2011



he television market shows no sign of slowing down when it comes to innovation and new products, with at least two new services set to be launched in 2011. The YouView service – backed by the BBC, ITV and others – will combine the Freeview service with the internet, with a single set-top box offering both digital terrestrial TV services and online offerings like Catch-Up TV (such as BBC iPlayer). Virgin Media is launching Virgin Media TV Powered by Tivo, which will store up to 500 hours of TV on a PVR. So what do TV manufacturers see as this year’s leading TV technologies? For Steve Lucas, Panasonic’s technical specialist, it’s “3D and IPTV. 3D offers a new way for people to experience TV. Whenever a new technology emerges in cinema, people want to watch it at home. IPTV offers a wide range of services which are easy to access from the living room, rather than a PC.”

Smart and 3-dimensional Graham North, Humax’s commercial director, says “the big thing for 2011 will be connected TV, where users can access a wealth of broadcast or online content whenever and wherever it suits them. The biggest development we’ll see in the connected TV is its push into the digital terrestrial market.” Humax has unveiled a TV portal for on-

demand content and internet services via its Freeview HD boxes. Glenn Zanoni, Toshiba’s TV product manager, says: “The key focus in 2011 will be innovative content, like the new IPTV platforms and internet-based TV content. Image quality will continue to be a primary driver – 3DTV, Full HD 1080p resolution and other imaging technologies will continue to be key focuses going forward.”

“We have pushed HD Ready TVs to the consumer, but have not really explained what ‘ready’ means” Tom Henderson, Philips’ TV/AVM trade marketing manager, notes that 3D is one of the most significant of recent developments in the TV market and 3D will continue to expand through the company’s 2011 range, with more 3D ready and 3DTV sets coming to market. “This should also be the year in which Internet connectivity for TVs becomes a key feature,” he adds. “We have partnered with Loewe and Sharp to offer an open standard for Internet TVs with NetTV offering a choice of optimised content services or free access to any site on the web. The NetTV service will continue to develop in 2011.”

Home appliance manufacturer Haier sees LED technology becoming more dominant due to its sharper images, greater energy efficiency and thinner design that provides more space for customers. It also thinks that Internet enabled televisions - especially on smaller screen sizes and wireless televisions will lead the way. freesat’s marketing manager James Atkins says the focus this year will be high definition and helping people understand the various elements of the freesat service, including IPTV services like BBC iPlayer. For Nick Webb, Samsung’s CTV product manager, “we see Smart TV as the key driver for 2011. Giving the consumer greater viewing options through their TVs is a compelling reason to purchase a new TV.” Freeview and freesat continue to be key drivers in the TV market. “Both Freeview and freesat have performed well in 2010, ending the year with high profile advertising campaigns to really drive awareness with consumers across the UK,” says Humax’s North. “We will see connected TV becoming available on more TVs and settop boxes offering freesat and Freeview. “We will increase the number of models offering Freeview HD,” says Panasonic’s Lucas. Samsung’s Webb adds: “With three major geographical digital switchovers in 2011 [Anglia, Central and Yorkshire], Freeview becomes an even more important service for the consumer.”

3D issues There is certainly lots of excitement in the TV market, but some surveys suggest that there are still issues to contend with. A PCR channel survey of independent






retailers found that less than a quarter believed that 3DTV would take off in 2011, while a YouGov poll taken last summer found that only 2% of UK consumers showed an interest in purchasing a 3D television. “Around 70% of our independent retailers are purchasing 3DTV sets, so the indication is that


the independent sector does support 3D TV,” says Panasonic’s Lucas. “As availability of 3D entertainment grows, it will naturally increase the demand for 3DTV.” Toshiba’s Zanoni says that with minimal 3D content available throughout 2010, and with the technology positioned as a top end feature, it was unlikely to become

mainstream in the space of one year, but adds that “content will be a critical driver. We’ve recently seen the launch of Sky 3D and there is a continued focus from all manufacturers to push this technology forward. As 3D content and technology develops, we’re confident that it will remain a key force of the market going forward. 3D will likely remain an event-driven experience in the short term.” Humax’s North says “we believe that there

The British Alternative be inspired... Please contact us on 0845 555 1101 and find out why Linsar is THE BRITISH brand for the INDEPENDENT

Plug, Play, Record Live TV functions (via USB). Free USB key for all registered products*. *Terms and Conditions apply - see for details

TV IN 2011


is an opportunity for 3DTV to take off, but it’s not likely to be used for everyday viewing, but rather for films or major events. Additional content, including portal services, will have more appeal to the consumer than 3DTV.” freesat’s Atkins warns that “the industry is very excited about new technology, but there’s a danger of running before you can walk.” Philips’ Henderson notes that 3DTV is still at an embryonic stage and, as with all new technology, it will take time to become a mass market format. “There has been a huge amount of interest from consumers, and as more consumers experience 3D, that interest will continue to grow,” he adds.


Henderson says 3D Ready TVs “allow consumers to invest in 3D TVs before purchasing an optional 3D expansion pack. This approach has protected the consumer and means they can easily move to 3D when ready. It also means that there is now a sizeable pool of 3D-capable TVs in the market, giving the content companies and broadcasters the confidence to commit to the format by making the best 3D content available - which in turn will encourage more consumers to buy into the technology.”


JAN/FEB 2011

Making 3D more affordable


Samsung’s Webb notes that his company offers 3DTV across a variety of platforms – LED, LCD and Plasma. “This strategy continues in 2011, with the technology moving further down the range so that 3D is affordable for all.” Webb notes that 3DTV technology is still in its infancy, but with Sky and Virgin now broadcasting more 3D programmes, and movie studios producing more 3D films (more than 60 estimated for 2011 alone), lack of content is no longer an issue.

Consumers need to understand HD With so many recent major TV developments to contend with – digital, HD, 3D and IPTV – it’s little wonder that some consumers are

confused. A BVA survey found that millions of people with HD Ready sets still don’t realise that they need an HD source – such as an HDTV service or Blu-ray player - in order to watch HD content. So who is responsible for this situation – manufacturers, retailers, the media – or all three? Panasonic’s Lucas says: “A lot has been done by manufacturers and retailers to promote and explain HD. We have a full-time training team visiting independent retailers and multiples explaining the benefits of HD, and we will continue to do this to make HD as easy to understand as possible.” Freesat’s Atkins says: “When the first HD Ready sets were launched eight years ago, there were no HD services available, so sales assistants didn’t focus on the source as the key message. But if you buy an HD Ready set today, the sales person will tell you that you need an HD source.” Atkins adds that the problem was compounded because many HD Ready sets had built-in Freeview tuners, and so when Freeview HD arrived, some viewers naturally assumed they could receive the service on their existing equipment. Humax’s North says that it’s disappointing that so many people with HD Ready sets don’t realise they can’t receive HD without an additional HD service or box, “I think the blame lies with manufacturers and retailers, as well as the media. As an industry, we have pushed HD Ready TVs to the consumer, but have not really explained what ‘ready’ means. It is important that broadcasters’ campaigns clearly explain what is required for the consumer to receive HD.”

“3DTV is still at an embryonic stage, and it will take time to become a mass market format” North adds that Sky deserves credit for its consumer education approach, highlighting the need for an HD set-top box to enable HD content to be received. “Humax has tried to help with the education by supporting local DSO regions with informative brochures detailing the type of product required to receive the latest services,” North says. Toshiba’s Zanoni also thinks that all parties have a part to play. “It’s in the interests of manufacturers, retailers and broadcasters/ media to actively promote awareness of, and education around, the benefits to consumers.”

Getting smarter Smart TVs and IPTV will receive a major push this year, but with a number of different models for IPTV services available - including portals (such as Samsung’s Internet@TV and Panasonic’s VieraCast), Google TV (supported by Sony), iPlayer and YouTube access (such as freesat and YouView) - which models have the best chance of success with consumers? freesat’s Atkins says IPTV is an exciting development, but he’s worried that the range of platforms means that, “Consumers are going to have to make product choices based on the services they offer. That’s a confusing proposition for consumers; imagine if you had to buy a Sony TV to receive BBC, and a Samsung set to get ITV.” Philips’ Henderson contends that “to date, any system that seeks to control what internet content consumers can access, proves very unpopular and ultimately fails. Philips was the first to adopt an open platform – Net TV - that combines optimised, tailored content, with easy access to any site on the web. We believe that IPTV will come of age in 2011 and that the open platform approach will be critical to its ultimate success.” But for Humax’s North, “the IPTV services that will have the most success will be those that offer the best content. This does not mean quantity, but that content has to be quality and worth watching. Portals that can offer this will be successful and will gain consumer traction. Humax remains unconvinced about open portals that allow the consumer to pull down anything from the web. This may result in a bad experience, as well as a lack of control over the content that children can access.” Toshiba’s Zanoni says “it won’t be enough to just host a wide array of content options; content will need to be relevant and delivered in a user friendly manner. Panasonic’s Lucas agrees: “The best chance of success lies with the system that offers ease of use and compelling content.”


George Cole ” George Cole pinpoints hotspots in the world of consumer electronics. E-mail:



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glasses. FRP 3DTVs have a polarised film

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the downside is that, unless you are sitting

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makes the sets cheaper to manufacture

Toshiba – uses a frame sequential system

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(LG says the 3DTV sets should be around

to transmit separate left and right images

multiple viewing and offers a wide viewing

20-30% cheaper than those using a glass

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substrate). The passive system also means

glasses equipped with LCD shutters that

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screen glasses-free 3DTV sets in Japan (12-

FPR lenses for spectacle wearers. The 3DTV

separate images, allowing our brains to

and 20-inch versions) but larger versions

passive system isn’t perfect (resolution is

create a 3D image.

will be launched in the next financial year.

reduced, although LG claims that its new

Auto-stereoscopic 3DTV is the Holy Grail

technology can offer “Full HD” resolution)

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for TV manufacturers, but I reckon it will

and viewers still need to wear glasses, but

Full HD resolution, hence it’s the technology

be five to ten years before effective price-

it could be just the boost that the 3DTV

adopted for Blu-ray 3D content. But there

competitive systems are widespread.

market needs. It will be interesting to see

Supporters of active technology point

are some downsides to the active system: the 3D glasses are expensive (some leave

In the shorter term, LG’s Film-type Patterned Retarder technology (FPR) looks

other 3DTV manufacturers respond to the arrival of the first FPR televisions.

little, if any, change from £100 per pair); the various active systems on the market are


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What will the post-DVD, post-Blu-ray

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by digital rights management (DRM)

or crosstalk (whereby ghost images are

music world, and some wonder if the video

technology although DECE says it will be


world is next in line for the big shift from

flexible, allowing the content to be played on

physical media to digital media. The Digital

up to a dozen different devices. Six major

3DTV systems were displayed that could

Entertainment Content Ecosystem (DECE),

Hollywood studios support Ultraviolet,

put the squeeze on 3DTV active systems.

a consortium of more than 50 companies

although Disney has not joined them.

Ironically, one of them was unveiled by

including Sony, Microsoft, BSkyB, Panasonic,

Whether consumers will be happy to rent

Toshiba, which showed large screen sets

Samsung and Toshiba, is set to launch a

their videos on a “lifetime” basis rather than

(56- and 65-inch) which used a glasses-free

new digital content distribution system.

purchase a disc outright remains to be seen,

with a 3DTV set from another); the glasses

At this year’s CES Show in Las Vegas, two

or auto-stereoscopic 3DTV system. The

Called Ultraviolet, it will enable

but it’s an interesting development. The first

3DTV sets utilise a parallax barrier system,

consumers to purchase movies and videos

Ultraviolet-compatible products should

which uses a series of slits at the front of

that are stored online in a “digital locker”

reach the UK before the end of this year.


can be heavy and uncomfortable to wear

TV manufacturer’s system will not work

JAN/FEB 2011

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It is the Mercedes of cooktops; its cool, streamlined aesthetic exuding minimalist elegance, its handling safe, smooth and controlled. Form and function at its best.


JAN/FEB 2011


cceleration is fast and efficient, zero to 100°C in record time. Some models provide a power boost to enhance velocity, and some cruise along safely via intelligent technology that prevents over-heating – no manual intervention required. Overall, it performs like a well-honed V8. As for running costs, it’s easy on the pocket, operating at 90% energy efficiency, and it is practical too: a wipe over its refined, lustrous body with an E-cloth and that pristine, showroom condition is maintained. The induction hob is a very fine example of cooking technology. In popular parlance, “it’s to die for”, though many have yet to experience the inducement of clean, speedy, energy-saving cooking; the enticement of this cool talking-point whose powerful attributes nestle unobtrusively in the kitchen worktop. It is a dark horse awaiting its glory, and with sub-£400 models now on the market, that time may be drawing nearer. As Richard Walker, sales and marketing director for De Dietrich Kitchen Appliances (De Dietrich and Fagor brands) proposes: “Entry-level models such as Fagor’s 60cm iF-64R make induction a far more attractive prospect for consumers.”

But continued and proactive promotion by manufacturers, together with the ability to demonstrate the speed and safety of induction on the shop floor, has, as De Dietrich’s Walker notes, resulted in a continuing rise in sales. According to GfK, both volume and value growth is now outpacing all other types of hobs on the market, rising 26% and 31% respectively in the 12 months to November 2010 (see page 26 of this issue). While 60cm, 4-zone products remain the most popular choice for consumers, Gorenje marketing manager Ruth Ferguson says there is evidence that people are now starting to look beyond this standard configuration to obtain flexibility in design and the benefit of more cooking options. “We are seeing a trend towards bigger, more versatile 70-75cm hobs which offer more space and additional cooking zones,” she comments. “At the top of the scale, some manufacturers are offering hobs up to 100cm wide which make a real design statement in the kitchen.”

Turning the corner When induction was first introduced to the market it carried a prohibitively hefty price tag, and, says Rita Balestrazzi, marketing manager at Baumatic, “consumers were reluctant to pay over the odds for an appliance they didn’t quite understand.” Added to this is the fact that many didn’t – and some still don’t – appreciate the difference between induction and standard ceramic electric hobs: “All they see is black glass and a relatively high price,” explains Hotpoint brand manager Iain Starkey. SIEMENS’ TOUCHSLIDER HOB WITH ‘FLEXINDUCTION’ TECHNOLOGY



Dalia Haddad, product marketing manager for built-in at Whirlpool, also notes a trend for larger hob cooking areas, with demand for extra-large or flexible zones that can be “merged” or “joined up” to cater for large pasta pans or fish kettles. Flexible zones, which she describes as “the step before zoneless,” are a feature present in Whirlpool’s ACM 751 hob which is shortly due for launch. “This function allows you to lock two adjacent zones together making it easier to use larger cooking utensils SUB£400 APPLIANCES SUCH AS THE FAGOR IF64R WILL HELP BRING INDUCTION TO THE MASSES and pans. Both zones are activated at the same power as a single zone,” Haddad explains. The new Marc Newson for Smeg induction hobs offer “the ultimate Mixing fuel types in flexibility,” according to product development and training manager Gorenje’s Ruth Ferguson points out that although zoneless hobs tend Joan Fraser. The collection incorporates a five-zone hob which provides to be found at the premium end of the market, “it is likely that this a series of zone configurations by “grouping” specific zones together. It technology will filter through to other price points over time.” But for also features a 29cm ‘Giant multi zone’. those on a fairly tight budget, or for the technology-shy, she suggests From value-for-money brand Amica, the Inari “open zone” induction that mixed fuel hobs are “the ideal stepping stone” between gas and hob is reported to be the first to connect four heating zones of induction models. “Such appliances encourage consumers to think 210mm on a 600mm hob. A pan placed anywhere on the surface of about switching to induction, giving them the opportunity to test it the appliance will be automatically detected. Inari’s ‘bridge’ function out while also keeping the price down, which makes products more allows two heating zones to be controlled and treated as one, “a feature accessible to the lower and middle sections of the market. especially useful for large saucepans, casserole dishes and griddles.” “The independent retailer should certainly consider mixed fuel Pioneer of induction hob technology, and laying claim to being the products as an addition to their range,” she adds. first appliance brand to introduce the zoneless concept, De Dietrich Whirlpool’s Haddad also notes the virtue of mixed fuel hobs. She now has four models that incorporate ‘Continuum’ zones, ranging from says that her brand’s AKT 477 model offers consumers “the best of both 93cm standard width and linear versions to worlds,” especially those that enjoy wok a 65cm dual Continuum hob and a 40cm cooking and the drama created by a x 30cm modular option. Continuum gas flame. The AKT 477 has a powerful appliances were first launched in 2007. 4-crown wok burner. Richard Walker says “the beauty A second option for consumers of Continuum” is that it features two reluctant to commit wholly to autonomous temperature zones induction, or for those demanding which become a single overall zone at greater flexibility in their cooking the touch of the controls, thus offering styles, is a range of modular hobs. ultimate flexibility in terms of pan sizes. De Dietrich’s Walker suggests that A pasta pan or fish kettle, for example, “a popular alternative to the norm” is can be accommodated. a number of modular options sited As for standard-sized cookware, side by side in any configuration. Walker explains that multiple pans can “De Dietrich was the first brand to be sited anywhere on each zoneless incorporate in its collection a powerful area. “If a pan is moved, an integrated modular induction wok that can be power tracker ensures the power level installed with a 28cm single induction remains constant, while a ‘time elapsed’ zone and a versatile Continuum zone. indicator displays the amount of time Alternative modular hobs include a each pan has been in use. Direct access Teppan Yaki or gas wok.” RANGEMASTER’S TOLEDO INDUCTION 110 RANGE COOKER levels are standard across all De Dietrich Continuum models,” he adds. Freestanding induction appliances As more brands introduce flexible and zoneless hobs into their While induction is a main feature of the built-in category nowadays, collections, Mike Jarrett, sales director for Neff, cautions that retailers opinion is mixed as to whether the technology has taken off in should be wary of the term ‘full surface’, as most models on the market the freestanding sector. Sophie Davidson, product manager (food are actually restricted by the design and layout of the inductors. Neff, preparation and dish care) at Electrolux Major Appliances, says adoption he says, offers a “properly marked” full surface model (FlexInduction) “so has been slow – currently standing at 1.2% of FS electric cookers – “but there is no debate.” this is mostly due to the lack of models in the market.” FlexInduction delivers flexibility and versatility by providing a large Baumatic’s Rita Balestrazzi says it is an area of the market that still 380mm x 200mm zone on one side of the hob, which gives consistent needs to be tapped in to, but “definitely one for development in the heat across the whole surface of the zone and can accommodate the future.” Yet, Polly Beech, marketing executive for Rangemaster and placing of one very large pan or any combination of large, medium and Falcon, notes a “key trend” in induction on range cookers in the last small pans. Sophisticated pan detection technology identifies the size and year, both on traditional and contemporary-styled models. “One in four positioning of each pan and activates the right combination of specially Falcon range cookers sold last year featured an induction hob – an designed independent coils to achieve the most efficient cooking. increase of 16% from the previous year, which is excellent in the difficult Jarrett adds that Neff will be extending its FlexInduction range this market conditions faced,” she comments. And “despite the range cooker year as it has been so successful: “We can’t reveal more now, but suffice often being misconstrued as a traditional appliance, new technologies it to say that we will be unveiling some new ‘full surface’ models in 2011.” are continually being applied to our ranges to ensure they are as

JAN/FEB 2011

Flexible cooking areas



innovative and up-to-date as other cooking appliances.” Smeg’s Joan Fraser believes induction is one of the two main “must have” product developments in range cooking (pyrolitic being the other). Smeg is seeing the technology as a real growth area “and a trend that consumers are welcoming,” she says. “Cleaning is easier while energy consumption is reduced, and the quick reaction NEW WORLD’S NWELI60 ENTRYLEVEL 60CM INDUCTION HOB OFFERS 9 POWER of the cooking zones coupled LEVELS AND A ‘POWER BOOST’ FUNCTION with the increased safety of the cooking system makes induction hobs desirable to any cook.” Smeg’s A2PYID-6 Opera range cooker, launched in September 2010, incorporates an induction cooktop.


JAN/FEB 2011

The pros and cons


‘Plug and play’ induction from Stoves The 60cm Stoves SEH600i13AMP is a flush-fitting, touchcontrol electric ceramic induction hob, offering all the smarter, faster, safer, greener benefits one would expect from an induction appliance, with the added user-friendly benefit that it can simply be plugged in and turned on. As most induction hobs require hardwiring on a 32 amp supply, customers living in older properties will need to have their internal hardwiring upgraded at an additional cost to themselves. The launch of the Stoves SEH600i12AMP means that, for the first time, an induction hob can be installed as easily as a gas hob, making this new model ideal for the replacement market.

The pros of induction cooking, such as speed, energy efficiency, and safety, have been well documented, but, apart from the need for Amongst its features, the SEH600i13AMP boasts 9 power compatible pans, are there any cons? And will consumers new to levels, pan detection and pan overheat detection, safety induction need to change their cooking habits? shutdown and a child lock. “To a degree, yes,” says Fraser, “Consumers would need to change their cooking habits to adapt to using induction technology. However, the For further information: changes should seem negligible compared with the overall benefits. The Tel: 0844 248 4149 accuracy and speed of induction hobs will result in consumers having to keep up with their hob rather than wait around for it. “Induction hobs are also fairly noiseless, which can be disconcerting The route to sales for cooks used to the sound of gas. An obvious point is the lack of flame So, consensus holds that the pros greatly outweigh the cons in switching on an induction hob, but this is only a drawback for cooks needing to to induction. One of the early obstacles, which still exists to a degree – use flame to flambé or char food.” the need (in some instances) to purchase compatible pans – has been De Dietrich’s Walker says there are “a few pitfalls” to contemplate for reduced by promotions offering free sets at point of purchase; there is those new to induction, “but these are easily overcome.” In relation to more induction-suited cookware now in stores; and a new accessory, an how people cook, “some initial training is required to understand and ‘Interface Induction Disc’ brought to the market by Whirlpool, is reported respect both the speed and safety aspects. to accommodate the use of any type of pan on an induction hob. “To our knowledge, no one has ever returned an induction hob Another early stumbling block, that of price, is also being overcome because it was either more controllable or too safe to use!” as induction moves into the sub-£400 bracket. Entry-level level products Indesit trade marketing manager Gina Gray highlights a criticism that are now available from a wide range of well-known brands. pans can’t be preheated (to seal meat, for example) because products As for other objections to purchase, Neff ’s Mike Jarrett believes the have built-in safety cut-offs. “But it’s easy to forget just how quickly an way around this is demonstration. “In our opinion, there is nothing more induction hob heats up,” she points effective than a ‘live’ induction hob out. “The pan is up to temperature demonstration. It says more about within seconds, so the meat can go the advantages of induction than any straight in. words can ever do.” “Another perceived disadvantage Conversion rates on demonstration is that the pan must be kept flat on are reported to be high, and Jarrett’s the hob to keep it hot, so those that words are echoed by a number like to use pans at an angle while of manufacturers. De Dietrich’s cooking may need to change the Walker: “We know that this [live habit. But that’s a small price to pay demonstration] results in sales compared with the convenience that conversions.” Hotpoint’s Starkey: an induction hob offers: easy to clean, “Seeing really is believing.” Steve cool to the touch and a staggering Dickson, commercial manager for 90% energy efficient.” Stoves and Belling: “Most [consumers] Electrolux’s Sophie Davidson adds are converted on the spot.” WHIRLPOOL ACM 751: A NEW, FOURZONE INDUCTION HOB WITH FLEXIBLE ZONES that cooking with a wok can be seen “Induction is recognised as being as a disadvantage with induction one of the quickest, safest, and most and is keen to point out that AEG is introducing a wok support as an efficient methods of cooking available. There is nothing more effective accessory in its Neue Kollection: “This stays in contact with the induction than a ‘live’ induction hob to show what it can do,” concludes Siemens hob but allows the natural movement of the wok to achieve best results.” brand manager Jane Massey.


Counting what counts From senior positions in blue-chip companies to the hands-on management of his own businesses, John Reddington has a breadth and depth of experience spanning more than four decades. His track record of success speaks for itself, so the opportunity to publish his regular “In Business” column for the benefit of Get Connected readers is particularly welcome.

The blue-chip years From school, his first job was in the accountancy department of his Local Authority in Lancashire. It did not, he says, “suit his character,” but on the principle that no experience is wasted, he acknowledges that it was a good basic grounding in financial disciplines in a structured work environment, and helped him to recognise the value – and the limitations – of accountsbased information. Looking for a more exciting and challenging future, he saw sales as the way to greater career

opportunities, and JOHN REDD with characteristic INGTON determination and thoroughness he set about applying for sales rep jobs. “I was turned down by hundreds,” he says, but eventually he was taken on by the Foods Division of Mars as a junior merchandiser (another name, he explains, for a trainee salesman). Mars made a massive and lasting impression on him. The professionalism and sophistication of the selection interview procedures, the “first class” induction process and generous attention and support from senior people, the ongoing training that taught him valuable sales and marketing techniques, were an outstanding example of how a structured company culture can nurture its people and maintain success. After four years of blue-chip Mars experience, he felt equipped for a move into non-food sales, and turned down the offer of a job with Kayser Bondor to take a sales position with the Rank Organisation, beginning his long association with the Consumer Electronics, and specifically the sound, industry. By the age of 24 he was UK sales manager, and in August 1975 was headhunted by Harman International (who had just acquired Tannoy). He set up a new division, and in 1979 was promoted to sales director. A serious car accident in 1980 took him out of work for a full year, but he was then approached to set up Ortofon UK as managing director. Following an attempted MBO at Ortofon, he joined Akai as sales and marketing director. After a year, and with structural changes imminent at Akai, he decided that he had acquired the necessary blue-chip experience and an understanding of people, and it was time to set up on his own. He launched JR Associates, and was soon helping and advising such clients as Vivanco and Alphason. The Alphason connection brought an opportunity to acquire a shareholding in the company, which he restructured during 1996-7 and took from strength to strength supplying hi-fi and CRT stands and then moving into flat panel furniture. Alphason was sold in 2006 to Armour, and John Reddington stayed on for 18 months to help with the transition.

Next month: John Reddington writes on Closing that Sale

JAN/FEB 2011


oday, John Reddington runs JR Associates, the successful management and recruitment consultancy he founded in 1993, and also Big Red Sales, set up in 2009 to provide an independent field sales force for key brands in the Consumer Electronics and accessories industries. He acknowledges that the success of his own enterprises owes a great deal to the first class induction, training, professional attitudes and procedures he was exposed to in his early career with big, bluechip organisations. Lessons he took with him as he moved through the corporate ranks to take up senior management and director-level positions with a number of household-name companies. Meticulous preparation, a firm grasp of essential business numbers and a clear-headed approach to hard business decisions are certainly a part of his working makeup. But equally important is the ability to understand people, to listen to them and to get the best from each one according to their individual personalities. It is a complex balance of art and science, perhaps best summed up in the words attributed to Albert Einstein: “Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted.” It’s a good starting point, but how does any business person identify what “counts” in any given situation? Essentially, it’s a product of experience, and, crucially, the willingness to learn from it. John Reddington’s experience has been a rich source of learning.

Lessons from experience “In my experience,” says John Reddington, “people in business mostly do things for two reasons - fear or greed.” Though he sees that as a somewhat harsh shorthand, it does acknowledge the basic “stick and carrot” principle. “I always work on the latter whenever possible,” he adds. “Generally, carrots work better than sticks, and I try to understand which buttons work for different individuals – money, status, a car…” Even firing, when it has to be done, can be done with sensitivity. He sees no benefit in harshness for its own sake, and there is every reason to part company on good terms, give a little more than expected and retain a loyalty that, one day in the future, could be useful. Making enemies for no good reason is not good business. Consideration for the opinions and aspirations of the workforce is also evident, for example, in his approach to targeting and projections. While some companies he has worked with “target down” by setting a required target figure and then telling employees what they have to achieve, John, in his own businesses, prefers to “target up” by going to his individual reps first and asking what they think they can do, discussing it and arriving at a mutually agreed number. “Then,” says John, “we gear our overhead accordingly.” While the blue-chip habits of meticulous planning, organisation and preparation are still extremely important, and rules and principles of sales and business are useful references, John Reddington still believes that they are not substitutes for intelligent thinking. “It’s got to be based on experience, on reality, not classroom scenarios. The ‘four types of close’, for example, is a useful salesman’s reference, but in real life everything is more flexible and undefined than that.” As an example, he cites a client visit he made with one of his young reps who was very well prepared and had a clear idea what he wanted to achieve. “We walked in, and the client immediately said: ‘Just the people we want to see!’ The rep smiled but then got on with his well prepared script. He should have responded with ‘great, what can we do for you?’, but he didn’t. The lesson is that you have to be adaptable, to think on your feet, to be ready to go with the client’s agenda and not cling to your prepared script at all costs. Always prepare, but always be prepared to adapt.”


In the coming months, this column will cover such topics as: Closing that Sale; Features and Benefits; Profit, Turnover or Both?; The Importance of Training. First, a brief introduction to John Reddington’s experience and approach to business.





In the first of this two-part Doing the Business feature on warranties, we look at how Apollo stores have taken their warranty sales to the next level.


ince becoming part of the Hughes empire the Apollo chain has developed a keen focus on warranty sales, making warranties as much a part of daily routine as they are company culture. The result has been a meteoric growth in revenue, margin and long-term customer loyalty, upon which the Apollo brand continues to build. Set against a market where the average UK High Street electrical retailer will sell a warranty with less than 2% of its major appliance or large screen TV sales, Apollo’s figures are eye-opening. Posting around 3% penetration in 2008, growing to 4.6% in 2009 and climbing to over 6% throughout 2010, Apollo has become a casebook study of how a chain of independent stores can maximise revenue and return on warranty sales.

Partnered with warranty service provider Domestic & General, Apollo’s success is down to making warranty sales an integral part of the business and employing many of the sales training methods and tips regularly discussed in D&G’s articles in GC. Jeff Griffiths, National Accounts Director at Domestic and General, tells us: “Apollo’s penetration figures remain at the top of D&G’s own independent retailer league table throughout the year. We traditionally see a drop in penetration over the Christmas period as time-pressed staff are keen to close the main deal and move on to the next customer. However, this year Apollo managed to completely reverse that trend, with warranty penetration reaching 6.9% of all major goods sales through December.” These staggering figures are despite several manufacturers offering promotional five-year guarantees over this period. “We do not see promotional guarantees as a complete roadblock to add-on warranty sales,” comments Dave Stokes, Apollo’s operations manager. “We actively sell Domestic & General plans on top of products with manufacturers’ extended guarantees by explaining the benefits, including cover for accidental damage, cover for wear and tear and the in-home repair or replace policy. We actively encourage customers to read the small print of the free guarantees because they will realise just how limited they are.”

Training Apollo’s Purchasing Director Jeremy Hughes states: “Staff training and motivational incentives are a fundamental part of the Apollo business model with all product and service sales, particularly where warranties are concerned.” Operations director Andy Pallant explains further: “From the outset we hold a team briefing every morning combined with proper short, medium and longer term warranty sales targets and bonuses. It is all about getting staff to focus on warranty sales, with real time


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league tables displaying warranty numbers store by store and company-wide. Results not only pay meaningful commissions, they also have a direct impact on the following year’s pay rise, based on targets for the store as a whole as well as individuals.

“We aim to really get staff believing in the warranty product from the outset,” adds Andy. “Benefits like accidental damage resonate particularly well with staff who themselves can see the benefits of a warranty if they were to accidentally damage their own TV, for example. We often use POS to underpin the accidental damage protection of our Domestic and General warranties, complete with an image of the family dog chewing up the TV remote control! Likewise, 10-month payment plans are a logical benefit for those on a set budget, particularly when you point out that a typical call-out alone might cost as much as the whole warranty for five years. These benefits are tangible to sales staff, and this makes the communication of those benefits to customers much more natural and convincing.”



Colleague support Alongside direct sales training, one of the most successful techniques employed by Apollo stores is a buddy system whereby lower performers are partnered up with top flight sales people who can really interact with customers on a personal level. This form of coaching is very effective in getting well trained but less interactive staff to close sales both of major goods and add-ons like warranties. Anecdotally, one Apollo manager highlighted a member of staff (name and store not disclosed to protect the guilty) who ‘could not sell warranties for toffee’. The answer was an afternoon’s sales training with Domestic & General and ongoing mentoring from some of the more successful sales staff. The result was over £600 in new warranty sales the following day, and he has been constantly on or over target ever since. Selling the benefits of a warranty product is often just a matter of confidence, especially for less experienced staff, and there is no better boost than to sell your first of the day. Andy highlights that this people-based approach to staff training and motivation is part of the Hughes and Apollo culture, noting that, while you can make people sell by simple managerial pressure, they will only sell while you are looking over their shoulder: “You have to identify and incentivise staff based on their individual motivations. Some staff sell for the commission and some staff really want customers to have the long term peace of mind a warranty brings. Other staff are motivated by the status of being at the top of the store or regional warranty sales league tables, and some are motivated simply by contributing to the KPIs of the business.

Apollo, in conjunction with Domestic & General, runs a very successful Malaga incentive, taking top warranty sales performers on a short break in the sun at a top Costa del Sol hotel. “The simple kudos of getting there motivates a lot of our staff,” says Dave Stokes. “The event is well regarded by those individuals successful enough to go, which

“…a meteoric growth in revenue, margin and long-term customer loyalty” encourages their following year performance, and it has a positive effect on the staff they talk to on their return. Many think ‘I want some of that’ and step up their warranty sales efforts and techniques accordingly. Malaga is a great and cost effective incentive running alongside all our other warranty sales incentives.” Apollo’s long term warranty success is undeniably linked to the overall focus the company puts on this high value and profitable value-add product. Building warranty sales into the daily work flow, ongoing training, mentoring, scaled commission, bonuses and high value incentives for the very top performers mean that staff naturally look at every customer as their next potential warranty sale. With Apollo’s warranty conversion running at over 6% and still growing, there can be no arguing that ingraining warranty sales as part of the corporate culture delivers superb returns.

Paul Hill, manager of Cannock Apollo branch: “We have daily briefings, daily and weekly figures posted on dry-wipe boards and encourage a ‘team game’ on overall warranty performance.We train staff to talk about the benefits of warranty throughout the main sale, and ensure there is a degree of controlled peer pressure on underperformers. Good commission drives money-focused staff and the Malaga trip is a massive incentive for staff.”

Martin Wyatt, manager of Wolverhampton Apollo branch: “Package deals advertised on POS work well for our staff. This might be a TV, plus stand, plus cables, plus screen cleaner, plus warranty for a price that need not even be discounted. The customer knows what they are getting for their money and trusts our ability to create great value and a coherent package. Many customers simply walk up and ask: ‘I’ll have that package deal please.’”

Mark Wardell, manager of Sutton Coldfield Apollo branch: “During quiet times we often double up on sales to share techniques and best practises to maximise warranty sales. Team briefings and congratulating those that are showing the best improvement, ongoing incentives such as bonuses and trips including Malaga - really highlight the benefits of leading your staff training with a carrot rather than a stick.”

Next month’s Doing the Business focuses on Gillmans, a single independent store in Gloucester likely to sell over 1500 Domestic & General warranty plans in 2011.

JAN/FEB 2011


Managers’ Tips


Peer to peer pressure, being part of the team and fighting for good position in the league tables can all motivate staff towards actively selling the benefits of a comprehensive protection product enthusiastically, rather than passively trying to add a warranty at the end of the sale.”



Induction hobs

Growth from Knowledge

The market for hobs grows in line with the built-in cooking sector, and when demand for kitchen refits grows, sales of hobs, hoods and built-in ovens experience an uplift. But the built-in markets took the biggest hit during the economic downturn and sales of hobs tumbled. However, GfK’s Seema Baines reports that a different picture has started to emerge, and induction hobs are outpacing their sector counterparts


lthough sales of hobs fell from a record high of £132 million in 2007 to £108 million in 2009, the more recent picture is looking healthier with the market showing growth of 4% in value terms over the 12 months to November 2010, and worth £112million. This value growth is partly due to a 7% increase in average prices year-on-year, but there is also evidence that consumers are looking at higher end products when they buy.

Induction hobs High value products like induction hobs are out of reach for many consumers, but improved understanding of the product, increased ranging and greater options in terms of price have helped the popularity of these products grow. With space in the kitchen now paramount in consumer decisions, the flexibility of having hobs and also hoods located away from the main oven has become increasingly important.


JAN/FEB 2011

Sector growth


Sales of induction hobs grew at an incredibly healthy rate of more than 31% in value in the 12 months to November 2010, valuing the sector at over £25 million. This suggests very little price erosion and a significant outpacing of the wider market. The market has shown consecutive month-on-month growth all year, with November gaining 26% in volume, well ahead of other hob types including gas fuelled units, which comprise the biggest sub-sector. This trend echoes the impressive rise of induction hobs since 2005 – sales have increased by more than 180%, firmly establishing induction as one of the most robust and fastest growing categories in major appliances.



  






        

Hob market overview



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Price Although more affordable products have been brought to market during this time, over 60% of products still exceed £500 and this price bracket is still in its ascendancy. Generally we would expect price erosion to kick in at some stage and 2011 is more likely to see a deceleration compared to previous years. Equally, induction hobs are no longer the sole domain of kitchen studios: mass merchandisers have contributed 11% worth of value to the category over the past year. This suggests that non-traditional retailers will help heighten visibility but, inevitably, the higher price-points will be driven down over the next twelve months.

 For further information please contact Seema Baines on +44 870 603 8100 or email



Spot drop What are the tolerances for faulty TV screen pixels? Can they be cured? Alan Bennett reports he incidence of TV screen

semiconductor at that point. This is done in

pixel defects is reducing as

production wherever possible. I’ve still got

manufacturing techniques improve,

a CRT jacker machine which zapped away

manufacturers have their own standards

but still they crop up, and viewers, once

leakage caused by conductive particles

for pixel defects. Some publish them clearly

having spotted them, can be difficult

between electrodes. I also remember the

on their trade websites, some even on their

to deal with. TV setmakers have very

terrifying process, used in my workshop

public pages. Toshiba and Philips are very

specific rejection criteria for under-

under guarantee by the regunning man,

up front on this, as can be seen on their

guarantee claims.

of beating the glass faceplate of a picture and atyourservice sites. Other

tube really hard with the sole of his shoe to

manufacturers seem to keep very quiet

dislodge particles from the shadow mask,

about bad pixels. What is sure is that none

A large TV screen contains over two million

thus curing black dots on the picture. Any

of them will exchange a screen unless it

pixels, each of which is made up of three

LCD and plasma screen dot picture faults

falls below the clearly defined standards

coloured dots (red, green, blue). Thus

are generally present from the start and

they set.

there is a total of well over six million dots

seldom come or go thereafter.

on screen, and if a few of them are faulty

The best way to see stuck pixels or cells

Possible cures

it’s still a tiny percentage of the whole. A

is to feed the screen with a black frame

There are various claims for pixel repair

complete ‘dead’ pixel makes a small black

from a pattern generator or pause a video

methods. Where the defect is a physical

dot on the picture, while a ‘stuck’ one

disc at a moment when the picture is all

one, like a foreign body, a rubbing or a

produces a much more intrusive (especially

dark, then look for white or coloured dots.

sharp tapping of the screen – getting

on dark scenes) small bright white dot. A

For best visibility of dead spots, get up a

progressively harder – on the bad spot

single dead element/dot/cell gives a small

full-screen white field and look for black or

with a small (say 5mm radius) rounded-end

coloured dot on screen (yellow, turquoise or

coloured dots. You need to be close to the

wand has been suggested and claimed to

purple) only when that part of the screen is

screen to see them well.

work. I would be afraid of damaging the

lit up: this is the least offensive defect. One

screen further in doing either of these

stuck-high element/dot/cell shows as a tiny


bright coloured dot – red, green or blue

Some setmakers in the top bracket only use

YouTube shows how to fix faulty pixels on a

– on all the time and thus again showing

screens with zero defects, selected from

up most on a dark part of the screen. My

the production run. Mass-market screens

picture above, shot in the workshop here,

can have a few pixel errors and still be

shows a green dot on a relatively small LCD

acceptable in the eyes of the manufacturer:


three bad cells on a 42-inch screen is one

plasma screen by hitting it with a baseball bat. Wow! Other methods seek to make a repair by electrical means: that is by feeding to the screen a special picture signal. It can come from a DVD or a software program – e.g. UDPixel and JS Screenfix. These cannot repair dead pixels, but are claimed to get rid of some kinds of bright or stuck pixels in LCD screens. They rapidly switch userselected colours on and off, thus agitating the appropriate dots and somehow effecting a cure. I have to confess that I have not tried them myself, but I would be very interested to hear from any reader who has, or indeed has cured pixel defects by rubbing or striking blows.

These defects may be present on

in 2,000,000 or 0.0000005%. In fact the

any type of screen, and on LCD and

criteria for replacement under warranty

plasma types they generally arise from a

used by screen and setmakers are based on

microscopic impurity or pollution of the

visibility at normal viewing distance; on the

screen substrate at some point during

type and size of the defects; and whether

manufacture, resulting in a short- or open-

they are clustered together. A general

circuit switching transistor – e.g. a TFT

standard, ISO13406 –2, sets out to precisely

driver, or a physical defect which might be

specify four levels of acceptance; of these

repairable (see later). With some types of

most manufacturers work to type 2, having

stuck-pixel defect it may be possible to zap

a maximum of two dead pixels per million

them out in the factory by addressing the

and two clusters of dead colour dots. You

faulty dot and electrically blowing off the

can find more details in Wikipedia.

to any great extent. One site I found on

JAN/FEB 2011


Individual TV and computer monitor






” ShopJimmy, an environment-friendly reseller of TV parts, is headed by an “easily excitable” entrepreneur who has gained official recognition for turning what started as a hobby into a full-scale business venture. As a boss who sports his own individual style, he has given himself the unusual, yet apposite, title of Director of Partology. Meet Jimmy Vosika, the man who would rule the world for a year (at least!) Why did you choose to work in the electrical industry? I saw opportunities in electrical recycling whilst working for my father-in-law’s white goods recycling company Who in the industry would you like to spend time with? Sir Richard Branson. He is very inspirational and just a nice guy. I met him a few months ago What was the greatest turning point in your life? Having kids

What’s the best kind of punishment? The silent treatment Who deserves it? People who annoy me Where do you see yourself in 5 years’ time? Sitting in this same chair running this fun and exciting company

What would you put into Room 101? Vegetables

What surprises you? That someone is reading my answers!

What’s the worst lie you’ve ever told? I once faked an injury to get on TV

Do you have any hidden talents? I can solve the Rubik’s Cube

What’s your favourite piece of kit? My iPhone

What’s your greatest regret? That I never attended a business school

Do you have any particular fetishes? Ha ha. Let’s see… a Diet Coke fetish, I guess

What motto do you live by? You only live once; make the most of it

What historic figure do you identify with most? Wilbur and Orville Wright. They were pioneers How would you describe yourself? Easily excitable JAN/FEB 2011

Is there anything about yourself that you would like to change? My weight – but food is just too wonderful

What’s the worst thing that’s ever happened to you? I tried diet coke

Greatest fear? That TVs won’t always have large circuit boards

Hobbies? Flying (I’m a private pilot), computer programming, spending time with my family


You have been offered the opportunity to rule the world for a day, what would be the first change you would make? I would decree that I get to rule the world for at least another 364 days

Favourite holiday destination? A cruise ship. I don’t care where it’s heading

Favourite cuisine? Any Mexican food

What makes you laugh? My daughter


You have been offered a leading role in a film of your choice, what character would you like to play? The fighter pilot who gets the girl

How do you think others see you? As a guy who never stops working Pet hate? A full email inbox Do you have any bad habits? Yep! If you weren’t in your present position, what job would you choose to do? Computer programmer Favourite TV programme? Dragons’ Den

What’s your greatest achievement? Becoming an Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year

Tomorrow I will… something that makes me proud of who I am. 

What sort of music do you like? Rap/R&B Favourite quote? Of course, I can’t think of how it goes right now but Rodney Copperbottom said it in the movie “Robots”. Who has been the greatest influence in your life? Me Name your poison? Alcohol What do you daydream about? New ideas

Retail consultant:

“2011 will not be the year of trading down. It’s likely to be the era in which consumers seek more value for money – perhaps trading up but buying less often in order to fund more expensive purchases.”

Independent electrical retailer:

“This business used to support four families; now it struggles to support one.”


PRODUCTS OF THE YEAR AWARDS 2011 Vote for the best of the best in the industry Awards created for professionals, by professionals The Get Connected Products of the Year Awards, now in their seventh year, are the electrical industry’s most respected opportunity for electrical professionals to honour their peers, and a GC Product of the Year logo is recognised both within

HOW TO VOTE Look through the nominated products listed on the following pages. Select as many, in each category, as you judge are worthy to be “Products of the Year” Turn to the voting form on page 38, tick the boxes next to your selections, and complete your details (these are for verification purposes only and will not be divulged to any third party). POST the form to: GC Awards, Greyfriar Cottage, Winchester Road, Chawton, Alton, Hants. GU34 1SB OR VOTE ONLINE using the e-voting form at

consumer electronics, small appliances and special awards categories. All electrical products available in the UK market during 2010 were eligible, so you will find both new and well established products among the nominations. It is an outstanding achievement for any product or service to be nominated. Now, in the final stage of the Awards process, the Get Connected professional readership is invited to vote to decide which will claim the final accolade of Get Connected Products of the Year 2011.

The candidates are judged against a standard, so you may vote for as many – or as few – products as you wish in each category. The Closing date for receipt of your votes is: 10 April 2011. The winning products will be featured in the May 2011 issue of Get Connected Magazine. For a full explanation of the Awards system and criteria email:


The products chosen by the Awards Panel for nomination in the 2011 Awards are set out on the following pages, grouped in the familiar major appliances,

JAN/FEB 2011

the industry and by consumers as a badge of genuine merit.



Beko built in Pyro ‘Programme Clean’ Oven, OIM22500XP A fully featured oven with programmed cleaning, Beko’s ‘A’ rated multifunction 60cm single oven provides a large 65L capacity and 14 cooking functions. This includes two self-cleaning programmes for lightly soiled and heavily soiled ovens. The stainless steel removable oven door is fingerprint proof to ensure it can maintain its elegant aesthetic on the exterior. Making it safe and easy to use the oven, it boasts a telescopic shelf system, large viewing window and interior light. Cool to the touch, the large 65L capacity oven also features a four layer glass door. Designed to complement the existing Beko built-in range of appliances, it incorporates a stainless steel fascia and large display fully programmable LED timer.

Baumatic P632BS Multifunction Built-in Oven Made in the world’s first ever real black stainless steel, the Baumatic P632BS 60 cm Multifunction Oven is designed to impress. With its unique high gloss finish and sleek mirror glass door, the P632BS has an effortlessly chic and modern look that can instantly update any style of kitchen. Part of Baumatic’s Black-line collection, this ‘A’ rated energy efficient oven offers 9 cooking functions as well as an LED full programmer, which can count down the cooking time for you. Easy to use, the oven also has a WipeClean enamelled cavity, and a removable roof liner for quick and hassle-free cleaning.

Belling Gourmet Range Cooker Part of Belling’s contemporary collection of range cookers, the Gourmet combines good looks with functionality. Available in striking red, black, white or stainless steel, the 90cm Gourmet is a classic range cooker with a modern twist. British designed and manufactured, the ‘A’ rated, single cavity range cooker is perfect for those wanting to make a style statement. With a usable cooking capacity of 72 litres, a multifunction oven including conventional and fanned functions, energy efficient grill and five gas burner hob, the Gourmet has everything needed to create a culinary masterpiece. For ease of cleaning, the interior of the Gourmet features Easy Clean enamel and removable burners, pan supports, inner door glass, shelves and shelf runners – allowing easy access to clean every inch.

Candy USEE Oven The Candy USEE ovens, with multi-function ‘A’ energy rated performance, are already award winners for the innovative, patent-pending interior LED lighting technology that is recognized as a significant and relevant user benefit. Fourteen tiny white LED lights located in the glass door provide perfect illumination and total visibility throughout the oven cavity - which means you can keep a close eye on the cooking process without opening the door. Furthermore, this ingenious, visually stunning lighting system delivers incredibly low energy consumption compared to conventional ovenlighting - a saving of 95%.



Hotpoint NewStyle cooking collection

Electrolux EOB63100X Multifunction Oven

Hotpoint’s NewStyle cooking collection combines elegant design with intelligent features for a stylish cooking solution. The co-ordinated ovens, hobs and hoods are available in a choice of finishes including stainless steel, sleek black, crisp white and rich brown. NewStyle includes a range of single and double ovens, built-in and built-under, from simple three-function models with enamel interiors to the Fast Clean 8 Multifunction oven SH89PX. All ovens are A energy rated. The 60cm NewStyle hob has four burners and the five-burner 70cm hob includes a triple wok burner. The 60cm and 90cm hoods feature charcoal filters and halogen lighting.

The Electrolux EOB63100X is a perfect example of Scandinavian design with its clean, simple lines, energy efficient performance and functional features. Its sleek light bar design is a perfect complement to today’s modern kitchens. This multifunction oven combines Ultrafan® fan cooking with other cooking functions including fan controlled defrosting and turbo grilling which combines grill and fan for a spit roast effect.

De Dietrich Compact 45cm Steam Oven The 23 -litre De Dietrich Compact 45 Steam Oven (DOV745X) delivers the ultimate in healthy cooking. Easy to install with no need for plumbing, water moves by gravity within the cavity and glides onto the hot element of the oven, quietly producing the required steam. Eight pre-set temperature settings: meat, fish, vegetables, puddings, reheating, melting chocolate, defrost fish and meat range between 55º and 100°C, thus guaranteeing that each food type is cooked at the ideal ratio between temperature and length of cooking time. This brings out the best flavours and textures, while retaining all vitamins and mineral salts.

Leisure Range 90 Contemporary range cooker The Leisure Range 90 Contemporary is a stylish 90cm triple oven range cooker, available in dual fuel or electric options. It offers ‘A’ energy rated multifunction main and tall fan ovens, with a conventional top oven and grill. In addition, it boasts a five zone gas hob with a high output wok burner and griddle tray or five zone ceramic hob.

Rangemaster Professional+ 90 Range Cooker Recently launched in Black, Cream and Cranberry following the huge popularity of the Stainless Steel Professional+, this product is fast becoming Rangemaster’s key contemporary range.

All models are equipped with a programmable LED main oven timer, easy grip full metal control knobs, telescopic runner systems for flexibility and better control, diamond quality easy clean enamel oven interior and self clean catalytic liners.

Rated ‘A’ for energy efficiency, the 90cm width version includes double oven cooking with a large main oven and tall electric fan oven. You’ll also find four burners in three sizes, plus a triple-ring wok burner and a powerful grill. A large porthole door on the main oven makes it easy to check on food without opening the oven door, and Rangemaster’s unique Handyrack is included to make tending to roasts a pleasure. With flexibility at the core, this range cooker is available in Dual Fuel, Natural Gas, Ceramic or Induction.




Smeg Marc Newson Collection The Marc Newson for Smeg range combines Smeg’s philosophy, technology with style, with the extraordinary creativity of the world-famous Australian designer. The range, including ovens, gas hobs and induction hobs is characterized by a distinctive use of colour and by surfaces in enamel, stainless steel or glass. The pyrolitic FP610 ovens are available in a stunning array of colours, from monochromatic stainless steel, black and white glass finishes to bright shades of blue, yellow and green, while the equally striking gas hobs – available in the same finishes – are instantly practical with vertical flame five burners and strong cast iron pan stands.

Zanussi ZOB580X single multifunction oven Finished in fingerprint proof stainless steel, this stylish single oven offers a wide selection of cooking functions so the user can choose the best oven setting to suit all cooking needs. One of the highlights is Zanussi’s Thermaflow® fan cooking, which ensures even cooking everywhere in the oven. It also saves time and energy too because it heats up quickly and cooks at lower temperatures. It is packed with great features that make it easy and enjoyable to use, including catalytic liners and a programmable oven timer with minute minder for extra convenience. This ‘A ‘rated model is the perfect choice for the busy cook who wants time to enjoy life too!

Other products nominated in Cooking:    

Neff Flexinduction Hob Neff Steam Oven Miele DGC5080XL Combi Steam Oven Belling Built-in Collection

REFRIGERATION CATEGORY Gorenje Retro Collection Beko Four-Door Fridge Freezer GNE114610X Beko’s A’ rated four-door fridge freezer, the GNE114610X, features modern fingerprint proof stainless steel doors and a massive storage capacity of 21.5 cu.ft. This frost-free fridge freezer has a ‘Flexi Zone’ compartment which can be quickly and easily changed between a fridge, chiller, wine cooler compartment and a freezer, simply by pressing a button on the digital LCD touch control. The double width fridge includes blue light protection technology to prolong the life of fresh fruit and vegetables. It also has two large salad crisper drawers as well as two chiller zone compartments, perfect for keeping meat and fish fresh.

Rangemaster DxD four door refrigeration

Gorenje’s Retro refrigeration range offers the discerning consumer the full package – stunning, eye-catching design, advanced cooling technology and superior functionality. The range has proved incredibly popular as consumers look beyond the traditional white fridge. With a wide selection of colours, from funky Raspberry Pink to chic and stylish Burgundy, it is the ideal way to introduce coloured appliances into any home. With models in the range boasting a market leading ‘A++’ or ‘A+’ class energy rating, they all have excellent thermal insulation and improved door sealing with a state-ofthe-art cooling system and refrigeration electronics designed to minimise energy consumption. All models in the retro collection also come with a free 5-year parts and labour guarantee.

A benchmark in ergonomic design, the four-door DxD fridge freezer offers spatially efficient food storage and a host of clever cooling innovations, stylishly contained within sleek, modern aesthetics. Available in Stainless Steel, Black and Cream, this unit complements Rangemaster’s range cookers for a true kitchen statement. Features include an impressive 557 litre net capacity with an A-rating for energy efficiency and four star freezer (*/***), internal digital temperature controls, humidity control, electronic ‘door open’ alarm and spillproof shelving to name a few.



Other products nominated in Refrigeration:  Samsung RL38 Fridge/Freezer  Whirlpool Nova Side-by-Side Range

DISHWASHING CATEGORY AEG ProClean dishwasher The AEG ProClean F99000MP dishwasher combines superior cleaning with the largest loadable space in the market. Thanks to a revolutionary wash system with a high speed rotating satellite arm, this model delivers the best wash results to every corner of the dishwasher! And inside you get 10 litres more space than an average dishwasher – so you can load more - even awkward shaped and outsized dishes. Silent and efficient too! At just 39 decibels it is so quiet you can’t hear it running! And it only uses 0.99 kWh of energy and 10 litres of water.

 Whirlpool Art Refrigeration  LG Non-plumbed Water & Ice Fridge/Freezer

HOME LAUNDRY & GARMENT CARE CATEGORY AEG Sensidry T59850 Tumble Dryer AEG’s most Energy Efficient tumble dryer ever, the AEG Sensidry uses 40% less energy than an ‘A’ rated dryer The Sensidry T59850 features the very latest heat pump technology for unrivalled energy efficiency. This model consumes 40% less energy than the minimum requirement for A-rated categorisation, which means it costs just 19 pence to dry a full load (7kg). That’s less than the cost of a second class stamp! In addition, energy consumption is adapted to every load, thanks to humidity sensors which detect moisture levels and reduce energy consumption accordingly by altering drying time. The AEG Sensidry T59850 has also been awarded the “Woolmark Silver Care” by the Woolmark Company.

Other products nominated in Dishwashing:  Bosch Exxcel Aquastar  Whirlpool ADP7955  Siemens SN26M230GB

MDA RANGES CATEGORY Indesit Nero Collection Nero is a collection of sleek, sexy design-focused appliances from Indesit in a chic, modern, high gloss black finish, creating a graphic silhouette for your home. Nero merges style with feature packed products to re-invent your kitchen. Add just one of the items from the collection to make a statement feature in your kitchen, or the entire range for a standout sleek shine. Inspire your kitchen makeover with the Indesit Nero Collection for a designer look that oozes personality yet retains the affordable prices you would expect from Indesit. Nero has its very own website at

Beko 9Kg Excellence washing machine, WMB91242L Beko’s WMB91242L is the fastest 9kg washing machine in the market; a full 9kg load in only 39 minutes, 14 minute ‘Super Fast’ programme for 2kg load and unique ‘Daily Quick’ wash. With A++ energy rating, the 9kg Excellence machine will also save 20% in energy costs compared to an A rated model and the new Eco Clean programme will save over 60% in energy costs compared to a standard synthetic 40 programme. It has 16 main wash programmes such as mixed fabrics, dark care and baby & toddler programmes. Other features include: extra large chrome porthole door; interactive LCD display; and time delay. It is available in both a white and black finish.

Other products nominated in MDA Ranges:  Whirlpool Green Generation  Whirlpool Glamour Range



Hotpoint Aquarius 6kg washing machine

Indesit Prime washing machines

Hotpoint Aquarius 6kg washing machines are ideal for couples or smaller households. They have LED displays for easy operation and all the basic programmes you need, including energy saving Eco Cycles developed in partnership with Ariel. They also carry the ‘Eco Tech’ symbol which is Hotpoint’s guarantee of lower energy combined with higher performance. The machines come in polar white or graphite with spin speeds of 1200, 1400 or 1600 rpm. The triple A rated 1600 rpm machine (WML560) is recommended by the Energy Saving Trust and has also been awarded a Which? Best Buy.

Available with 8kg and 9kg loads, Indesit Prime washing machines incorporate a ‘Smart Technology’ weight sensor that detects laundry weight and sets the optimal level of consumption by adjusting the quantity of water, energy and wash time based on the load. Designed with active types in mind, Prime machines have specialist programmes for outdoor wear and sports shoes/trainers as well as a 15-minute express wash programme that’s great when you’re in a hurry. They’re also recommended by the Energy Saving Trust, offering water and energy savings of up to 60% and reducing wash times by up to 50%. Visit

Other products nominated in Home Laundry & Garment Care:       

LG 7Kg Direct Drive Washing Machine Samsung Air Refresh 7Kg Washing Machine Bosch Logixx 8 Washing Machines Bosch Ecologixx Condenser Tumble Dryer Siemens WT46E389GB (iQ300) Condenser Tumble Dryer Siemens WM14P360GB (iQ300) Washing Machine Whirlpool AWOE 8760 8Kg Washing Machine

FLOORCARE CATEGORY AEG Ultraone cylinder cleaner

AEG Ergorapido

The AEG Ultraone is designed for pin-point manoeuvrability, its ergonomic looped handle, soft wheels and front spinning castor and bumpers move it effortlessly across the floor, while the beautifully articulated cleaning head never leaves the floor ensuring very best cleaning results.

The AEG Ergorapido, as well as its designer looks, features a strong motor, excellent air flow and a cyclonic system for optimum cleaning performance. It is incredibly light at only 2.4kg and is very easy to manoeuvre.

Independent tests* show that it out-performs leading competitors for air flow and dust pick-up on all surfaces, including hard floors and deep pile carpets. AEG Ultraone has been specifically engineered for ultra quiet performance, just 72dB. The 12 metre action radius of the AEG Ultraone means you can do more cleaning with a lot less effort and the unique AeroPro 3-in-one brush, crevice and upholstery tool means you always have exactly what you need to hand. The addition of features such as the AeroPro motorized nozzle system results in carpets that are, quite literally, groomed to perfection.

The double-jointed flexible floor nozzle enables you to whizz around furniture with a light twist of the handle. The Ergorapido uses bagless, cyclonic technology for optimum results and features a patented dust cup and filter that are very easy to remove and clean. The handheld unit is easily released by popping the button on the side and is ideal for car interiors, crumbs on sofas or spills on the work surface. Operated by a rechargeable 12V battery, the Ergorapido has two power settings and can run for up to 20 minutes. This stunning rechargeable 2 in 1 (stick and handheld) cordless cleaner comes in an array of stunning colours and is the perfect solution for quick clean-ups around the house.

*SLG Pruf- und Zertifierungs GmbH, Nov 2008


Panasonic Eco-Max Range The new Eco-Max vacuum cleaner range from Panasonic now includes two bagless upright vacuum cleaners, MC-UL596 and MC-UL594 that generate an impressive 350 air watts from only 1500 watt input power, which means the new Eco-Max Motor operates at 194% better efficiency than a conventional motor. Also offering impressive performance is the MC-UL592 which generates 300 air watts from only 1400 watt input power. Panasonic continuously strives to develop products that offer excellent performance yet are also energy efficient, and this is why the new Eco-Max Motor incorporates Panasonic’s patented 3D Inducer Fan, which generates superb suction power, better energy efficiency and dynamic air stream for excellent cleaning.


CONSUMER ELECTRONICS CATEGORY Roberts Classic 996 and Classic 997 analogue radios

SEBO Airbelt D The latest addition to the iconic SEBO range, the Airbelt D delivers truly exceptional performance and features. Working in collaboration with Achim Heine, professor of design and member of the German Design Council, SEBO has created a striking new cylinder cleaner which dynamically combines form and function. Innovative features such as the 15.5m reach and ErgoGrip handle make cleaning easier and more effective. Behind the understated, stylish exterior lies a powerhouse of performance. The new SEBO Turbofan motor uses the latest turbine technology to generate powerful suction. The cone-shaped hose further boosts suction power, giving the highest levels of cleaning performance.

Designed for consumers who specifically seek analogue-only models, the Classic 996 and 997 are stylish, compact, modern portables with a user-friendly, intuitive dial tuning system and angled top for clear view and easy operation. The high specification Classic 996 includes LED power indicator, DC input socket and headphone socket, and the 4x LR6 AA-size battery power source provides long playing life. The 997, based on the same style, offers a step up to a larger model with enhanced sound clarity, station indicators and tone control and 4xLR14 C-size batteries for long life on the move. These radios are an excellent proposition for independents catering for the large audience of consumers who like their radio to be analogue, and appreciate modern style, function and ease of use at a very attractive price (Classic 996 RRP £20; Classic 997 RRP £30).

Other products nominated in Floorcare:  Miele S5 Cylinder Cleaner  Dyson Ball DC24 Stowaway Upright Cleaner

SMALL APPLIANCES CATEGORY KitchenAid Artisan Stand Mixer The KitchenAid Artisan Mixer is a versatile and stylish addition to any modern kitchen, and its ability to facilitate cooking creativity has earned it a reputation as “the ultimate cooking tool.” Its distinctive smooth, rounded design and wide choice of colours add a touch of class to the kitchen worktop, and the good looks are supported by the established KitchenAid virtues of robust, high quality build, ease of use and cleaning, large capacity (4.83L) ergonomic bowl, and the efficient, durable direct drive technology that achieves fast, thorough mixing and silent operation. The total concept, allied to the KitchenAid reputation, has created an appliance with very strong consumer appeal.

Sony Alpha Nex-5/Nex-3 Digital Cameras Sony has put a great deal of resource into the development of its digital imaging ranges, both DSLR and digital compact, and the NEX-3 and NEX-5 represent an outstanding fusion of the latest feature-rich, easy-to-use generation of compact models with the professional quality and lens interchangeability of an up-to-the-minute DSLR. The NEX-5 was launched as the word’s smallest interchangeable-lens digital camera, and delivers creativity with ease of use, plus Sony features such as Sweep Panorama and AVCHD. These are outstanding cameras with compelling consumer appeal.

Humax FOXSAT-HDR The FOXSAT-HDR burst onto the digital TV UK market, offering the ultimate way to watch and record over 140 freesat digital TV and radio channels, with subscription-free access to the very best HD content from the BBC and ITV. The first freesat+ digital TV recorder to launch in the UK, the high specification FOXSAT-HDR is packed with advanced features and recording functionality to put freesat fans firmly in control of their viewing. Plus there’s access to on-demand services such as BBC iPlayer. With unprecedented consumer demand and rave reviews from home entertainment enthusiasts, the FOXSAT-HDR has enabled independent electrical retailers across the UK to benefit from high volume sales, with strong margins.

Other products nominated in Small Appliances:    

Bosch Tassimo Coffee Maker De’Longhi Icona Coffee Maker Krups XP402040 Espresso Coffee Machine Tefal ActiFry



CONSUMER ELECTRONICS CATEGORY CONT. Sony Bravia LED HD 3D-ready TV range Sony’s BRAVIA TV ranges have established a powerful presence in the market, and have continued to innovate year-on-year to deliver fresh features and technologies at the leading edge of TV design. The BRAVIA LED HD 3D-ready TVs give consumers an aspirational level of performance, and the advent of 3D has been a further challenge to which Sony has risen with characteristic expertise, advancing the cause of 3D as a mainstream domestic TV proposition.


Other products nominated in Consumer Electronics:  LG 42LX6900 3D-ready TV  Panasonic Viera TX-P42GT20B 3D-ready Plasma TV  PURE Evoke digital radio family  Sharp Aquos LED backlight HD TV Range  S&C Modus TV Support Range  Samsung LE46C750 3D-ready TV  Technisat HDFS Receiver  Vogel’s THIN Series Wallmounts

Hotpoint Quadrio fridge freezer At 70cm wide, the Hotpoint Quadrio 4-door fridge freezer (FF4D) offers a style statement that appeals to consumers and can fit in more kitchens than a side-by-side. The clever configuration of 2 doors to the fridge and 2 pull-out freezer drawers is not only stylish, it can help save energy too, as consumers can open just one fridge door or one freezer drawer at a time, meaning less warm air gets in or cold air escapes. Quadrio is available in fingerprint resistant stainless steel, high gloss black and a stunning matt Gun Metal finish.

Haier 3D Fridge/Freezer Haier (the World’s No.1 White Goods Brand*) introduced the UK’s first three door combi refrigerator with the launch of the AFL631 series in 2009. Its ergonomic design has been rewarded with the prestigious Plus X and Red Dot Design Awards as well as receiving the “IFA Usability Park 2010 Audience Choice Award.” This A+ energy efficient model features two spacious freezer drawers on smooth-running telescopic rails which allows for ease of storage and cleaning. Further quality features include full LED lighting, foldable wine rack and full electronic controls with LED display. This fridge freezer encompasses design, quality and innovation; all elements that symbolise what Haier stands for in the UK. *Euromonitor 2010

The Stoves BuiltIn Collection Last year leading British cooking appliance manufacturer Stoves unveiled its new builtin collection of ovens and hobs after moving production back to its UK base. The new collection, consisting of 9 single and double ovens and 13 hobs, is available in a choice of black or stainless steel finishes. The portfolio of new stylish ovens includes 60cm, 70cm and 90cm heights with the same aesthetic applied to both the gas and electric models. The collection consists of fanned and multifunction, with all electric ovens ‘A’ rated for energy efficiency and all Other nominations in the Design Category: gas appliances fully FSD compliant. Other features  Britannia Fournelle Range Cooker Collection include telescopic shelves,  De’Longhi Brillante Kettle & Toaster programmable timers and  Dyson Air Multiplier Fan halogen flood lights that provide up to 36% more  Miele Combination Steam Oven light from 20% less energy.  Neff Inline Dishwasher Range

 Pure Evoke Marshall Digital Radio



Sony Bravia Monolithic Design With its Monolithic Design, Sony has brought to domestic TV an integrated, fully thought through concept that has an elegance and modernity to match the 21st century advances in technology, making the TV as striking a design object when it’s off as when it’s on. This “On/Off Presence” uses and enhances technologies such as super-slim Edge LED, and incorporates concealed touch sensitive controls, luxury materials and a seamless bezelless design to present an ultra-modern, minimalist look.


– A category to honour idea, concepts and initiatives which, while not strictly “products,” have contributed significantly to the industry.

Beko/Blomberg – a strong commercial initiative for Independents Blomberg launched into the UK market in April 2010 with a very strong independent proposition. In a three-year deal with CIH, Blomberg agreed to sell its high spec products to CIH customers exclusively during this time. In addition, the brand introduced an extended three year warranty for CIH retailers to offer to their shoppers. To support this activity Blomberg created specific eye-catching POS for retailers and ran a competition at the 2010 CIH show for one of its customers to win a branded Blomberg van. Beko also has a strong proposition for independent retailers with its commitment to offering high quality, affordable products packed with practical functions to meet the needs of their consumers.

BCG’s “Big Challenge” Charity Initiative GDHA – Commitment to British Manufacture Just over 12 months ago Glen Dimplex Home Appliances pledged to manufacture as many of its products as possible in the UK and has since taken every opportunity to fulfil this promise. After a full review of its portfolio GDHA transferred the production of a wide range of products across its Stoves, Belling and New World brands back to the UK, most notably the new Stoves builtin collection. This ongoing commitment to Made in Britain has resulted in 90% of its cooking products now being produced at its Merseyside base and has created vast improvements in product quality. And to further underline the commitment to homegrown innovation all new cooking products launched in 2010 – a grand total of 332 across the brands – were also Made in Britain.

In July 2010, BCG undertook the challenge of helping Action for Children update kitchen and bathroom equipment within 15 of its children’s homes here in the UK. This ‘Big Challenge’ ran in association with BCG’s 2010 “Big Tour” programme, with a five-month campaign culminating in a charity gala dinner, “The Essential Night Out” at the final Big Tour venue on the 18th of November. Every business within the kitchen and bathroom industry was encouraged to make a donation, and the whole industry, including the top media publications, got behind it to achieve a resounding success. To date, the Big Challenge has collected a huge range of appliances from leading manufacturers of MDA, kitchens & bathrooms and furniture, including 75 kitchen appliances from donors such as GDHA, Baumatic, Rangemaster and Hotpoint. Eleven of the Action for Children homes received their requested appliances in January. Three out of the five kitchens are being installed in the month of February. One kitchen is being installed in April and the outstanding towards the summer in line with a huge renovation at The Spires Action for Children home in Abingdon. Chris Honer, BCG’s MD commented: “I am truly astounded by the response this challenge has harvested, and completely amazed by the kindness and support we have been confronted with. I am also extremely proud to work with and know so many compassionate people, and I am so proud that BCG has been instrumental in doing something truly good for these children. Thank you to each and every person that has helped make this difference.”

Other nominations in the Special Awards category:  BSH Customer Service



VOTING FORM Simply tick the box next to as many products as you judge to be “Products of the Year” OR go to and use the online voting form.

COOKING               

Baumatic P632BS multifunction built-in oven Beko OIM22500XP built-in pyrolytic oven Belling built-in collection Belling Gourmet range cooker Candy U-SEE oven De Dietrich Compact 45 steam oven Electrolux EOB63100X multifunction oven Hotpoint NewStyle cooking collection Leisure 90 range cooker Miele DGC5080XL combination steam oven Neff Flexinduction hob Neff steam oven Rangemaster Professional 90 range cooker Smeg Mark Newson collection Zanussi ZOB580X single oven

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POST the completed form to: GC Awards 2011, Greyfriar Cottage, Winchester Road, Chawton, Alton, Hants GU34 1SB OR VOTE ONLINE at:




Beko 4-door fridge freezer Gorenje Retro collection LG non-plumbed water & ice fridge freezer Rangemaster DXD910 side-by-side fridge freezer  Samsung RL38 fridge freezer  Whirlpool Art refrigeration  Whirlpool Nova side-by-side range

    

   


AEG-Electrolux ProClean range Bosch Exxcel Aquastar Siemens SN26M230GB Whirlpool ADP7955

MDA RANGES  Indesit Nero collection  Whirlpool Glamour Range  Whirlpool Green Generation

HOME LAUNDRY & GARMENT CARE AEG-Electrolux Sensidry condenser dryer Beko 9kg Excellence washing machine Bosch Ecologixx condenser tumble dryer Bosch Logixx 8 washing machines Hotpoint Aquarius 6kg washing machine Indesit Prime washing machines LG 7kg Direct Drive washing machine Samsung Air Refresh 7kg washing machine Siemens WM14P360GB (iQ300) washing machine  Siemens WT46E389GB (iQ300) condenser tumble dryer  Whirlpool AWOE 8760 8kg washing machine         

FLOORCARE      

AEG Ergorapido handheld cleaner AEG Ultraone cylinder cleaner Dyson Ball DC24 Stowaway upright cleaner Miele S5 cylinder cleaner Panasonic ECO MAX range Sebo AIRBELT D cylinder cleaner

Bosch Tassimo coffee machine De'Longhi Icona coffee maker KitchenAid Artisan stand mixer Krups XP402040 espresso coffee machine Tefal ActiFry

CONSUMER ELECTRONICS  Humax Foxsat-HDR (freesat+ HD recorder)  LG 42LX6900 3D-ready TV  Panasonic Viera TX-P42GT20B 3D-ready Plasma TV  PURE Evoke digital radio family  Roberts Classic analogue radio  S&C Modus TV support range  Samsung LE46C750 3D-ready TV  Sharp Aquos LED backlight HD TV range  Sony Alpha Nex-5/Nex-3 cameras  Sony Bravia LED HD 3D-ready TV range  Technisat HDFS receiver  Vogel's THIN Series wallmounts

THE DESIGN AWARDS          

Britannia Fournelle range cooker collection De'Longhi Brillante kettle & toaster Dyson Air Multiplier fan Haier 3D fridge freezer Hotpoint Quadrio fridge freezer Miele combination steam oven Neff InLine dishwasher range PURE Evoke Marshall digital radio Sony Bravia Monolithic TVs Stoves built-in collection

SPECIAL AWARDS  BCG - The "Big Challenge"  Beko/Blomberg - strong commercial proposition for independents  BSH Customer Service  GDHA - commitment to British manufacture

“Powerful and effective with very good filter efficiency” Trisha Schofield, Head of Testing, Good Housekeeping Institute

SEBO Airbelt D Designed to give you more SEBO owners will testify that vacuum cleaners simply don’t come any better. The new SEBO Airbelt D is the latest addition to the range and is truly exceptional in its performance and features. Working in collaboration with Achim Heine, Professor of Design and member of the German Design Council, SEBO have created a striking new cylinder cleaner which dynamically combines form and function. Innovative features like the 15.5m reach and ErgoGrip handle make cleaning easier and more effective. And there is an added bonus – it looks good too. Behind the understated, stylish exterior lies a powerhouse of performance. For example, the new SEBO Turbofan motor uses the latest turbine technology to generate incredible suction. A technologically advanced cone shaped hose further boosts suction power, giving the highest levels of cleaning performance. Sound good so far? Find out how the new SEBO Airbelt D has been designed to make life easier, by going to to download the brochure.

The SEBO Airbelt D More capacity, more cleaning range, more performance.

15.5m cleaning range Extra range, extra convenience

6l bag capacity Extra long life bags

i-Power Integrated power control

SEBO The Floorcare Professionals For our complete range please call 01494 465533 or visit The SEBO range includes the X Series Uprights, Felix Uprights and K Series Cylinders. Made In Germany

A NEW YEAR - A NEW HOW S E D A R T .D D.A 011 26th March 2

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Plus many, many mation For more infor

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