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JUNE 2013


DESIGNER PRODUCTS Good design is a powerful attribute, but it takes innovation and collaboration to create products that stand out from the crowd, with style, performance and relevance to consumers’ needs

A professional performance Give your customers the red carpet treatment! SEBO professional uprights have been world leaders for many years due to their outstanding German build quality, design excellence and superb performance. SEBO domestic vacuum cleaners are built to the same high standards: That is why they routinely come top in reliability and customer satisfaction surveys and that is why, when you sell a SEBO, you can sell with confidence

CUSTOM INSTALLATION As CE margins contract and sales channels broaden, a growing number of independent electrical retailers are looking beyond the shop floor and moving into custom installation. George Cole offers some advice from those involved in the sector

PERSONALLY SPEAKING Big Red Sales’ John Reddington has more to say. Part 2 of his frank interview

FROM THE BENCH Is there a way back from today’s crisis in town-centre retailing? Alan Bennett fears not

BACKCHAT A 2-minute interview with Groupe SEB UK’s Claire Charpenet

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