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APRIL 2011






TV GETS CONNECTED “Smart TV”, opening up the world of internet connectivity to the more familiar medium of the domestic TV set, is being seen as the next big step. George Cole assesses what’s available, what’s to come and what the opportunities are for retailers


“Powerful and effective with very good filter efficiency” Trisha Schofield, Head of Testing, Good Housekeeping Institute

SEBO Airbelt D Designed to give you more SEBO owners will testify that vacuum cleaners simply don’t come any better.


The new SEBO Airbelt D is the latest addition to the range and is truly exceptional in its performance and features.

John Reddington on Features and Benefits

Working in collaboration with Achim Heine, Professor of Design and member of the German Design Council, SEBO have created a


striking new cylinder cleaner which dynamically combines form and function. Innovative features like the 15.5m reach and ErgoGrip handle make cleaning easier and more effective. And there is an added bonus

GfK facts & figures on TV & Home Networking

– it looks good too. Behind the understated, stylish exterior lies a powerhouse of performance. For example, the new SEBO Turbofan motor uses the latest turbine technology to generate incredible suction.


A technologically advanced cone shaped hose further boosts suction power, giving the highest levels of cleaning performance.

Alan Bennett on second hand sales opportunities

Sound good so far? Find out how the new SEBO Airbelt D has been designed to make life easier, by going to to download the brochure.

The SEBO Airbelt D More capacity, more cleaning range, more performance.




15.5m cleaning range Extra range, extra convenience

6l bag capacity Extra long life bags

i-Power Integrated power control

Focus on the Built-In and Freestanding appliances that are driving this feature-rich market, and the Small Appliances that complement the modern “heart of the home”

THE KNOWLEDGE Induction pioneers De Dietrich on the huge potential of this category-changing technology

SEBO The Floorcare Professionals For our complete range please call 01494 465533 or visit The SEBO range includes the X Series Uprights, Felix Uprights and K Series Cylinders. Made In Germany

Flair for repair A great customer experience doesn’t just come down to fantastic products. At Domestic & General we understand how excellent after-sales care will improve customer loyalty to your brand. And with a 94% post-repair satisfaction rate, we’re expert at giving our customers and our partners something to smile about.



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Industry comment and a 2-minute interview with Vincent Berry, marketing director of Groupe SEB UK Ltd.

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GE can’t be beaten on quality, WE can’t be Being able to offer brand new brands to our customers gets us very excited, but we want you to share the excitement too, so here goes... We guarantee that there’s absolutely no way we’ll be beaten on price for GE products. How’s that to get your business pulse going?

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APRIL 2011

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Marlinda Conway Editor in Chief


APRIL 2011



pril is the cruellest month…” Spring is traditionally the time to look forward with renewed hope and vigour, but many businesses in this industry have taken such a battering over the past couple of years that it is difficult to see very far into the future with any degree of confidence. The actual “green shoots” of April appear to some – especially those retailers who have lost their businesses to recession over the past year, or who are currently struggling to keep afloat – to be cruelly mocking the somewhat withered and sickly state of the economy. But with so much depending on the private sector, and retail being the largest UK private sector employer with sales approaching £300 billion annually, this is not the time for those still standing to give in to despair. To its credit, the industry is attacking the new product launch season with enthusiasm, investment, an appearance of confidence – and, not least, some very exciting technological and aesthetic advances in brown and white goods. Consumers may lack confidence, but, on the upside, washing machines, refrigerators, cookers and TVs are not “optional” items in UK homes and all need replacing regularly. Retailers can at least be certain that in virtually every case, the replacements their customers come to buy will represent better performance and better value than the items being replaced. If there is difficulty in looking forward, there may be comfort and encouragement in looking back, if only to get some perspective on the longerterm picture and see that history can sometimes supply clues to the future. Fred Round, about to retire as chief executive of retra, wrote his final retra column for this magazine in the April 2005 issue. Some of the things he had to say six years ago by way of farewell to this industry have an uncannily prophetic ring. He wrote that, while he was not predicting a cataclysmic event in the near future, there were: “some danger signs that we would be foolish to ignore. For example, who would have thought 2 or 3 years ago that the plasma and LCD products that were seen as the next great profit opportunity for the consumer electronics industry would experience something like a 50% drop in retail prices within a 12 month period?” Who, indeed, would have thought? And who’s thinking, right now, that the relentless downward price spiral of brown goods technologies has to stop somewhere? Who’s thinking that a TV with better performance, more reliability, a bigger screen and better looks shouldn’t really cost 25% less than the retail price of the old model it’s replacing? Fred also wrote in that same piece, with a foresight that Nostradamus would have been proud of: “The future of our industry in the UK will be determined partly by decisions made on the other side of the world, although these will be heavily influenced by actions taken here at home by a whole range of people including manufacturers, multiple and national retailers, independent dealers, internet traders, broadcasters and, of course, the Government. We must not see ourselves as powerless to resist those changes that will have an unwelcome effect on our industry, but first it seems we must collectively decide what kind of industry we want to have.” Plus ça change…

Terry Heath Editorial & Publishing Director

Will Dobson Creative Director

James McIntosh Consumer Consultant

Lynne Henry Communications Officer, GfK Marketing Services

George Cole Consumer Electronics Consultant

Graham Southern Advertising Sales

Average net circulation for the 12 issues distributed between Jan-Dec 2008 is 6,228

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A spectacular union!

DAB/FM RDS digital radio with up to 120 hours battery life • DAB/FM wavebands • Up to 120 hours battery life • FM RDS station name display • One touch instant access to favourite station • Unlimited presets • Stereo line in socket for iPod/MP3 playback





Armour forecasts losses for F/Y to August 2011

The March of destiny Further evidence of the struggle facing UK retailers emerged during March as the British Retail Consortium reported retail sales values down 1.9% against a 6.6% rise in the same month last year – the worst fall in 16 years. Consumers’ underlying uncertainty about jobs and incomes, as well as the later Easter holidays, hit both food and non-food sales, with big-ticket purchases for the home suffering most. BRC Director General Stephen Robertson said “this year’s later Easter is a factor but this fall goes way beyond anything that can be explained by that alone. This is strong evidence of the pressure customers and traders are under.” A separate report released by the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) showed that Britain’s housing market is also feeling the effects of the weak economy. 23% more chartered surveyors reported a fall rather than a rise in property prices, most recording declines of up to 2%. RICS spokesperson Ian Perry

Sharp announces changes to UK and EU management

 Read the full story at


APRIL 2011

Paul Molyneux, Managing Director of Sharp UK, has been appointed COO and Deputy Group General Manager of Europe Group, and Vice President of Sharp Electronics European Group (SEEG). His replacement as Managing Director and President of Sharp UK will be Paul Hide, current Operations Director and Director HE Division of Sharp UK. Hide has been with Sharp for five years and previous to his current role was Sharp UK’s Marketing Director.




commented that “overall recovery for the national housing market is still some way off.” In a surprise result, CPI inflation in the month of March dipped 0.4% to 4% on the month prior, but economists warned that although the figure was better than expected, it is still likely to rise again this year and the small drop should not be taken as a sign that inflation is falling. Overall shop price inflation, meanwhile, remained well below the wider Consumer Price Index, slowing from 2.7% in February to 2.4% in March, according to the BRC. Non-food inflation showed a marginal drop of 0.1% as deflation in electrical goods continued its downward spiral. Mike Watkins, Senior Manager, Retailer Services, Nielsen, said: “It’s good to see the pace of retail price increases slow a little. However, it’s too soon to say that the worst is behind us as retail sales have weakened across both food and non-food in recent weeks as shoppers react to falling disposable income.” Former Asda Chairman Andy Bond, however, took a stronger stance in predicting the immediate future for retail. At the recent Retail London Conference he told delegates that the retail recession was still ahead. “You’re kidding yourself if you think the worst is over,” he said, adding that 2011 and 2012 are going to be “very tough.” Bond’s assertions followed a slew of profit warnings from major high street names, including Dixons, who reported profits for the financial year to 30 April 2011 would be at the lower end of market forecasts. The electricals Group blamed deterioration in consumer confidence, particularly in the UK & Ireland, as a major factor.

Armour Group has announced that it expects to report a loss for the full year to 31 August 2011 due to sluggish demand in the UK market, which accounts for 60% of total Group sales. In its latest trading statement, Armour said conditions in its core UK retail channels have deteriorated significantly over the last six weeks, and it expects the CE market will continue to be slow for the remainder of this year and “weak conditions may persist well into 2012.” Appropriate actions to mitigate the impact on the Group’s financial performance have been taken.  Read the full story at

Kesa boss most overpaid executive in FTSE 250 Thierry Falque-Pierrotin, Chief Executive of Comet parent Kesa Electricals, is reportedly the most overpaid boss in the FTSE 250. A report by pay specialist Inbucon showed that, based on the Group’s market value and turnover, the CE made £352,000 more than he should have last year. At the end of January Kesa Electricals posted a drop of 4% in like-for-like sales for the period 1 November 2010 to 18 January 2011 and cautioned that adjusted profit before tax was expected to be towards the lower end of market expectations. Sales at Comet fell 7.3% during the period.

Silverfleet Capital offloads TJ Hughes

Preliminary data indicates Samsung Q1 operating profits down by 34%

Discount department store chain TJ Hughes has been refinanced and sold to its management in a secondary buyout backed by UK private equity house Endless LLP. The move comes several months after private equity backers Silverfleet Capital put a halt to the £70 million sale process it started in 2010, attributing the decision to “market conditions”.  Read the full article at

Samsung Electronics has issued a preliminary earnings guidance statement for the 3 months to 31 March 2011, indicating an estimated operating profit between 2.7 trillion Korean Won ($2.5 billion) and 3.1 trillion Korean Won – some 34% lower than the KRW4.41 trillion posted a year earlier. “Weakening demand and falling prices” for LCD TVs and screens was cited as a factor.


LG: “Best in class at the ‘moment of truth’” LG Electronics, at its recent trade event in the West Midlands Belfry hotel, delivered the result of a cohesive strategy to lift its white goods business into the premium sector and keep its retail channels on side both in CE and MDA to produce a strong performance, in a market which Commercial Director Andy Mackay conceded was “tough going”. Mackay remarked that the industry was still seeing the lasting effect of the credit crunch, yet LG’s status has escalated. It is the fastest growing brand in the independent retail sector; the fastest growing in the UK & Ireland, and the global No.1 in washing machines. Research has shown that LG is seen as a reliable brand, Mackay revealed, and “43% of UK consumers recognise the company’s ‘Life is Good’ slogan.” In the MDA sector, David Harris, General Manager for white goods, confidently announced LG’s benchmarking of the top German brands and revealed that in the

premium end of the washing machine market (>£550) it holds a 17.5% share. As for the ‘super premium’ sector, “we’re chasing Miele,” he added. LG’s value share of the >£800 category has risen to 25.6%. In refrigeration, LG exited the entry level sideby-side market in Q1 2008 and is now considered a “strong premium brand”, with innovations such as the energy-saving Linear Compressor. According to Harris, the brand holds a 17.4% share of the cooling market and 5% of the >£1,100 sector. Daryl Street, Sales Director for Home Entertainment, added to the success story with highlights from the CE sector, where LG has proved to be a formidable player “despite a challenging environment.” While the overall CE market fell 7.3% in 2010, the company continued to prosper and gain share, and its goal is to become “the No.1 home electronics brand by 2014.”

Electrolux pops up with new dining experience Electrolux has launched a travelling dining concept that will see pop-up restaurants placed on a series of landmark sites across Europe during 2011. Two Electrolux “Cube” restaurants are to travel across the region to be sited on top of monuments, buildings and water platforms, commencing with a placement on the Parc du Cinquantenaire in Brussels (pictured).

See for the stories behind the news…  3,500 UK high streets under threat Retailers battle to save £300bn “bricks and mortar” business, says retail consultancy

 Dixons Retail issues profit statement Year to 30 April 2011 profits will be at lower end of market forecasts

 Best Buy on schedule for next UK store openings

Street spoke of the importance of educating consumers, commenting that “people are buying technology-loaded products but don’t understand what they can do.” While the focus for LG this year will be on the brand’s unique Cinema 3D™ and Smart TV, support will be provided by way of a total investment of £6m in marketing campaigns, and substantial in-store backing. Retail Marketing Director Belinda Widgery, outlining LG’s support for retailers, said the key areas will be on displays, merchandising and “a big focus to ensure store staff are fully trained.” The aim, she said, is to be “the best in class at the ‘moment of truth’.”

Hail the launch of “the world’s fastest washing machine” Readers of a number of national newspapers couldn’t have failed to have noticed the coverage given to “the world’s fastest washing machine”. The Russell Hobbs appliance has a “super rapid” 12 minute programme, which is claimed to save the average family a massive 212,415 gallons of water – enough to fill almost 17 average-sized swimming pools – and 2 years 4 months of an average adult’s lifetime, compared with the current average 90 minute wash cycle. The machine comes in two capacities – 7kg and 9kg with 1200rpm spin speed – and is exclusive to Asda, where it is selling at prices starting from £247. Nicky Cox, Asda’s home essentials customer planner, said it is currently “the speediest in the land.” Claims for the appliance are that it can reduce energy consumption by 30% and water usage by 15%.

Bristol and Hayes stores will open next month

 Job Safe guarantee aims to get people shopping The logo that means “if you lose your job within a year, you will get your money back AND you get to keep your TV”

 Government to ease small firm red tape burden Three-year moratorium on new regulation for UK’s smaller businesses

 Majority of drivers happy with in-car digital radio New research highlights high satisfaction levels

 Samsung invests in Digital Appliance Academy Birmingham Metropolitan College houses new learning centre

 Electrical retailer Bennetts bought out of administration Hughes Electrical saves 6 stores and 100 jobs

Chinese investor acquires majority stake in Vivanco Gruppe AG China-based Ningbo Ship Group has acquired a 66.67% stake in Vivanco Gruppe AG following several months of negotiations. The Ship Group has four manufacturing plants in China, mainly producing cables, A&V leads and computer accessories, and an annual turnover of €200 million. It has been a supplier to Vivanco for a number of years. Vivanco said in a statement that no fundamental restructuring or changes are planned and it will continue to drive the European operation from its headquarters in Ahrensburg.

APRIL 2011

Corporate identity receives a “modern twist”


 New chapter for Homespares as business evolves



DAD’s first Trade Show in new customdesigned premises ADRIAN GILLMAN ADDRESSES A TRADE AUDIENCE

For many of Gloucestershire-based Domestic Appliance Distributors’ customers, DAD’s Trade Show in March was their first opportunity to get a good look at the new, custom-designed warehouse, offices and total transport facilities complex near Tewkesbury in Gloucestershire. The new premises, in use since January but with their “official” opening on 25th March, are only 11 miles from DAD’s previous HQ in Gloucester, but a world away in terms of warehousing capacity, access to road networks and capacity for further expansion. Managing director Adrian Gillman explained that, ever since he opened his first 5,000 sq. ft., warehouse in Bristol Road, Gloucester in 1992, DAD has

had a recurring “problem” of expanding the business and outgrowing successive premises. But this time, he says, “this is it. We have a purpose-designed site with 8½ acres of land and we won’t need to move ever again.” The site houses all the back-office and administrative facilities for the business, refuelling and maintenance for the 24 DAD-owned and liveried trucks, 120,000 sq ft of warehousing with room for expansion, plus that land if required for further building. “I have my sons John and Lee working in the business alongside my nephew Richard,” says Adrian, “and this is something I can pass on when I retire for the benefit of the next generation.”

DAD distributes a wide range of MDA brands including Neff, Gorenje, Beko, Indesit, Smeg and Whirlpool, as well as its own Iceking refrigeration brand and brown goods from LG and Sharp. It is a measure of the importance of DAD that representatives from Indesit, Beko and Gorenje took the opportunity to give individual presentations at the Trade Show and thank the distributor for its ongoing support and service. “Nobody can predict exactly what direction the industry will take in the future,” said Adrian, ”but we are in a strong position to go on giving service and creating working relationships with our trade partners.”

Big Red Sales hosts TV accessory event Coworth Park in Ascot was the venue for a twoday event to unveil new TV accessory products for the 2011 season to an invited list of UK retailers. 54 retailers, including independents, rental companies, national and regional multiples and department stores attended over the two days. Vogel’s exhibited its latest Thin Series range of wall mounts, TV furniture brand Off The Wall showed nine new TV furniture stands – including two products designed exclusively for Sony TVs – and OEM brand Yorim, No. 1 in Europe for budget stands, promoted a new range of stands at prices and margins very rare in today’s TV accessory market. John Reddington, Director of Big Red Sales, said: “We were very pleased with the attendance to our two events, which shows that retailers appreciate the importance of attachment sales and are willing to travel to see market-leading brands that can provide a positive contribution to their businesses.” Following the Coworth Park event, BRSL announced it is to handle sales of Bandridge and Profigold cable ranges into UK independents and multiples. The

appointment will create a dedicated nationwide team of experienced accessory specialists providing regular visits, new product information and cable category support. Bandridge is to introduce a new streamlined ordering and delivery system which will offer the best possible availability of cables and connections for all stores. CCO Robert Nidjam said: “The BRSL team is the perfect fit for Bandridge and its retailers in the UK. It’s well organised, well managed and has a formidable reputation within the UK industry.”

Vogel’s Products has won a Red Dot Product Design Award for its THIN 345 wall mount.


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Gorenje is re-running a promotion offering a free 5-year warranty on washing machine models WA72145 and WA72145BK and condenser dryers D72325 and D72325BK. Smeg has partnered with MCD (Merchant City Distributors) to handle its distribution in Scotland.

Welcome to the brand new:

  

Bosch is offering up to £100 cash back on its most energy efficient laundry and cooling appliances until 30 June and £70 back on selected Logixx and Exxcel dishwashers until May 31st 2011. The two separate promotions are supported by media campaigns.

New Weekly Offers Downloadable Special Offer Sheets Downloadable Shop Floor Specials

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The Bosch Styline kettle has been awarded a Which? Best Buy.


GDHA has gained a Which? Best Buy for its Belling FSE60i double oven cooker with induction hob, and recognition for two of its New World appliances: the NW90DO electric built-in double oven was selected as the ‘ultimate budget oven’ and the NWGHU60 four zone built-in gas hob the ‘hob of choice’. Philips has announced a new partnership between its Consumer Lighting business and Inman and Co (Electrical) Ltd to supply and service UK independent retailers. AEG’s Neue Kollektion has won six iF Design Awards in 2011’s ‘Household/Living’ appliance category. Awards were received for the Competence MaxiKlasse® built-in/ under product range 60 H-design; Compact product range 38 H-design; MaxiSense Bridge hobs product range (HK654300XB, HK653320FB, HK654400XB); CrystalLine hobs product range.

Linsar UK is offering a free 5-year guarantee on its range of LED and LCD TVs. The warranty is applicable to products purchased through retail outlets only. Models with integrated DVD players now hold a 2-year guarantee on the DVD player.

Whirlpool accuses LG and Samsung of “dumping”

The Neff Series 3 single oven B45E42 with SlideAway door was elected the GHI’s ‘Single Oven Choice’ in the publication’s annual Buy the Best oven feature. The brand has also won a ‘Best of the Best’ Red Dot Design Award for its newly introduced D39M55 extractor hood.

Whirlpool Corporation has filed petitions with the US Commerce Department and International Trade Commission accusing LG and Samsung of predatory pricing in the US market. Antidumping and countervailing duty petitions have been lodged against bottom-mount refrigerators from South Korea and an antidumping petition filed against the same product from Mexico. Whirlpool said in its petition that both Samsung and LG belong to Korean ‘Chaebols’ and it believes that, taken together, the two companies control 80% or more of a well-protected South Korean market for appliances, using the profits on sales in the closed domain as well as Korean government subsidies to finance their aggressive push into the US and other export markets. It also noted the firms’“tactic” of offering large, feature-rich French Door and other bottom mount refrigerators at “dumped” prices. LG is reported to have said that Whirlpool’s claims were “unfounded”, adding that “this is an example of the inability of a domestic manufacturer to keep up technologically.”

Rangemaster has become the first cooker company to be approved and recommended by the Energy Saving Trust. The accreditation extends across the entire collection of the brand’s dual fuel and induction range cookers. Chinese brand Haier has received an iF Communication Design Award 2011 for its new 3D LED M300 series of connected TVs. The range was judged in the Product User Interface category.

Beko celebrates 21 years in the UK with 2011 Range Launch At a 3-day event, Beko celebrated its 21st anniversary of trading in the UK and unveiled its 2011 Ranges with new designs to represent “a refined personality” for the brand across refrigeration, home laundry and cooking. His Excellency Ünal Çeviköz, Turkey’s Ambassador to the United Kingdom, delivered a keynote address in which he said Beko was “a success story of Turkey,” and that he was “honoured to be at the 21st anniversary of Beko in the UK.” Beko’s UK MD Ragip Balcioglu said that Beko, “one of the top ten brands in the world, and the fastest-growing white goods brands in the UK,” had proven itself over 21 years in the UK to be “a brand for all economic situations,” providing profitable opportunities during difficult economic times as well as in more prosperous periods. The theme for the Beko 21 Collection was, he said, “Real Products for

Real People”, and promised “more energy efficiency, more choice for retailers and consumers, more quality through benchmark engineering standards, and more design to create a subtle, simple look that reflects the brand’s identity.” The dramatic unveiling of “Beko Square” – a series of roomsets showcasing the new ranges in real-life situations – gave dealers the opportunity to experience the products at first hand. New cooling and freezing products include some A+ energy rated freestanding and built-in models; the home laundry range has been extended and includes 6kg to 9kg capacities and more sophisticated programming options; in cooking, there is a completely new collection of 60cm freestanding cookers, updated 50cm models and additions to the new built-in oven range including the OIM25503X with “nano” cleaning technology, 12 cooking functions and a market-leading A+++ energy rating.

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TEL: 0844 854 6715

Domestic Appliance Distributors, Henry John House, Northway Lane, Ashchurch, Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, GL20 8JH


George Cole ” George Cole pinpoints hotspots in the world of consumer electronics. E-mail:


he news that Lord (Alan) Sugar

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consumer electronics customers are not

executive chairman of YouView

so forgiving. YouView’s delay has inevitably led to questions about its viability. Tony

The good news for supporters of 3DTV

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Glover, author of a Business Insights

is that Sony is planning to offer 3DTV

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report, “The Future of Connected TV,” says:

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The fact that the launch date for YouView

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this month’s TV and Home Networking

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feature shows, television, the internet and

roll-out problems. Two years is a long time

The bad news is that the BBC is lukewarm

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offer. On paper, YouView looks a winner

been bypassed by other technologies and

The BBC says that uncertainty over the

– all the terrestrial TV catch-up services

services by 2012.” Glover adds that “there

3DTV market means that it won’t make

will be available under a single platform,

is a major issue in the continued delay

any commitment to 3DTV until next

along with other online content and the

of the launch of the project, which could

year. In these tough financial times, it’s

Freeview service. Imagine a set-top box

render it obsolete. In addition, having so

understandable that the BBC is being

or a TV that offers BBC iPlayer, ITV Player

many major players involved could lead to

cautious when it comes to committing

4OD and more on tap.

disagreements and the inability to forge a

to a new and expensive technology, but

clear business strategy and stick to it.”

the BBC’s decision is a blow to 3DTV

APRIL 2011

technical problems have delayed YouView’s



(the broadcast and broadband service

But as I reported in a previous column,



YouView has been caught between

launch. Rumours suggest it will be touch-

the proverbial rock and a hard place:

and-go as to whether YouView launches in

if it launched this year with a clunky

time for the 2012 Olympics. As I previously

offering, it was likely to fail; but if it waits,

noted, YouView was right to delay if its

competitors could snatch its market. Who

technology wasn’t ready. In the computer

knows – perhaps the next series of The

world, it’s not unknown for companies to

Apprentice will include a task which asks

ship products that are still being developed,

the competitors to save a fledgling TV and

and PC users seem quite prepared to put

internet service?


YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT YOU’VE GOT TILL IT’S GONE You don’t need me to tell you how much

Records stores near Piccadilly Circus.

people would come into his store and ask

the internet has transformed the high street.

Today, only one HMV remains on Oxford

him to demonstrate several cameras, before

I can remember a time when I would pop

Street, and Berwick Street has lost almost all

brazenly informing him that they were off to

into London for the day and do a tour of

of its music stores.

buy their chosen camera online. I wonder

the West End music stores – the two big

On Radio 4, there was an item about an

where all those customers will go if, one day,

HMVs in Oxford Street, Virgin Megastore

independent camera dealer in Tottenham

they can’t find expert, independent advice on

near Tottenham Court Road, loads of

Court Road who had had to close

the high street? To paraphrase Oscar Wilde,

independent record stores along Berwick

thanks to high rents and online retailers

many consumers appear to know the price

Street, and then onto HMV, Virgin and Tower

undercutting him. The dealer noted how

of everything and the value of nothing.


Features & Benefits John Reddington’s regular column this month focuses on the sales relevance of Features and Benefits, why they’re not the same thing, and how a good sales person can improve their performance by turning dry, technical jargon into a set of compelling reasons to buy. JOHN REDDINGTON

And your point is…?

Driving analogy During J R Associates training sessions I often, as a way of focusing on the “Features and Benefits” issues, introduce a subject that appears to be close to the hearts of the majority of sales people: Cars! I ask them to name the car they would buy if they won the lottery. Bentley, Ferrari and Aston Martin are brand names that always get mentioned. I then ask them to list some of the features, and within seconds I get answers including: “V8 engine”; Hand-stitched leather interior”; “High performance”; “20-inch alloy wheels”; “Four wheel drive.” But when I go on to ask them to qualify these features with a benefit, a lot of trainees begin to come unstuck. It takes some prompting before they get their minds around identifying the benefit that the feature delivers. Then we’ll start to get to the point with statements like: “A V8 engine means power in reserve to achieve smooth, instant acceleration, and that can be every bit as important for safety as ABS braking”. Or: “Hand stitched leather gives that sumptuous smell and feel of quality and luxury every time you get in the car. It enhances driving pleasure and goes on reinforcing the feeling that you’ve made a great buying decision.”

Know your customer I’m sure you see where I’m coming from with these simple examples, and it is a good exercise to look at the spec of the products you sell and to go through, in your mind, the ways that their features can be presented as appealing benefits. Don’t assume your customers know as much about your products as you do, or that they all care as much about the same features and benefits. Ask questions:  “Do you have an iPod, sir? This clock radio has an iPod dock that gives great sound….”  “Do you have a mix of hard floors and carpets at home? This vacuum cleaner has self-adjusting brushes so you can move smoothly from one type of surface to another with perfect results…”  “Are you putting this TV on a stand or have you considered wall mounting?”  “Do you live in a hard water area? This machine has a self-cleaning filter and adjustable water softening facility to protect the machine and the environment, use less detergent and save you money…”

There are of course many more examples, and The salesman might as well have been talking you should always be aware of the need to adapt your Mandarin. The dealer looked dazed and confused (with approach to suit individual customers: Male or female; apologies to Led Zep) to say the least. He had no idea at Young or elderly; living with a family or single. What are all what any of these acronyms meant, his mind drifted the benefits that they will most off the discussion and we left after a while without value? But always remember to writing any business. approach your customers with a Customers – whether retailers or smile and a greeting. It makes such consumers - buy on the basis of both features a difference. AND benefits. It is the mixture of both that Next month we will focus on makes the difference. What the salesman could AICDA. Have you entered the quiz have added after every feature were the words in the last issue? There’s another “which means that ...” For example: chance to win a £100 voucher “This model features OTR which means that it courtesy of Vogel’s this month (see ASTON MARTIN: AN OBJECT has a One Touch Record feature. No more fiddling box below). OF DESIRE, BUT WHAT ARE with record and play buttons together. It also Good selling! THE BENEFITS? WANT A BENTLEY? WHY WOULD YOU has an interesting new feature, LP PDC. It’s Long Play, and Programme Delivery Control automatically records your chosen programme even if there is a time WIN a £100 High Street Shopping Voucher or channel shift. So no more missed recordings.” This example happens to be based on old video We all know what sales aids are, they are almost the same whether you’re technology. It actually happened and I remember it a retailer or a manufacturer, and they all begin with the same letter of the vividly, but the principle is just as relevant – perhaps alphabet. How many can you think of? To enter simply write your list and email even more so – in these days of rapid technological your answer to: advances across both brown and white goods.

APRIL 2011


his is a phrase I had drummed into me during my initial training with the Mars Group. It has stayed with me for all the years following. I like to start these articles with a true story that points up the subject matter - though I do, sometimes, have to change the names to protect the innocent (and the guilty!) I remember clearly a scenario in Tottenham Court Road some time in the eighties. I’d been assigned by my client, a supplier, to assess his field sales force’s technical selling abilities, and I was accompanying a young, enthusiastic salesman, keen to show off his prowess, on his store visits. Entering the store in Tottenham Court Road he went through the standard acknowledgement and welcome procedures, then wasted no time in opening his sales presenter and beginning his “pitch.” It happened to be on an exciting new video model. “I have for you today,” he began, ”a new model VSG 878 which is packed with features. It has Nicam, Video +, LP PDC, OTR, IHQ and special video heads incorporating GX4.”

This is why, at Alphason, I tried to ensure that the model numbers actually meant something to the instore sales people. An “AD 105s” stood for A – Alphason: D – D-shaped glass: 105 - it was 105cm wide: and s for silver finish.


“Features are Fine... but Benefits are Better.”

Motor car images courtesy of the photoforsale collection:


LG Cinema3D™ Smart TV range LG is to launch a new range of LED TVs featuring the brand’s unique Cinema 3D™ and Smart TV technology, with screen sizes from 32” to 55”. Products are supplied with seven pairs of 3D glasses. Model ref: LW550T features: 

LED plus with Spot Control

Full HD 1080p / Freeview HD

TruMotion 100Hz

DivX HD Plus

Wireless AV Link

Magic Motion Remote Ready

01753 491 500

Loewe Art 46 LED TV The latest addition to Loewe’s Art Series is the new 46 LED, offering the largest screen in the range and, in addition to high gloss black and chrome silver finishes, a smart new mocha option. The new model has an extensive list of features, including the capability to stream from a computer and the provision of access to online content. 

Dolby Digital Plus / Integrated AC3 and DTS

2 x 20W stereo power plus 40W for low frequency range

MediaText-ready (videotext) / MediaHome multimedia portal

Integrated hard disk recorder DR+ (250 GB)

01294 315 0000

Indesit ‘Start ICD661’ tabletop dishwasher Amongst the new collection of energy-efficient dishwashers from Indesit is the A-rated tabletop Start ICD661, measuring H45cm x W55cm x D40cm. 

6-place settings

8.5-litre water consumption

6 programmes include Eco, Speed 35 and delicates

08000 921 922


APRIL 2011

AEG CrystalLine modular hobs


AEG’s new CrystalLine modular hobs, part of the recently launched Neue Kollektion, have interactive DirektTouch controls with temperature settings adjusted via a finely tuned slider. LED readouts display the status of the zones and burners. Expected selling prices start at £499.00, rising to £1399.00 for this collection of modules: 

Paired single + triple zone radiant

Paired maxi induction (bridge creates one large cooking area)

Induction wok

Teppan yaki grill

Double gas burner

Gas wok burner with stand

08445 610 561


De Dietrich DOS1045X 45cm multifunction oven

Vax Mach Air Force vacuum cleaner

The new 36-litre DOS1045X multifunction oven with Pyroclean technology and 3 steam functions is the latest addition to De Dietrich’s Compact 45 collection. The A-rated appliance benefits from 11 oven functions in Expert mode and 15 pre-programmed recipes via its Cooking Guide option. The product also incorporates three Pyroclean cycles.

A new arrival in the Mach range of vacuum cleaners, the Mach Air Force, is claimed to be the “most powerful multi-cyclonic upright vacuum cleaner in the world”. The appliance, billed as the new “big brother” of the Mach Air, offers double the dust capacity and 50% more suction power and is designed for bigger, busier homes. Mach Air Force is priced at £199.99 for the Pet edition and £229.99 for the Total Homes edition. 

3-litre capacity / Suction power: 300 air watts

10-metre power cord / Pet hair removal tool

Extra-long stretch hose reaches to top of staircase

Antibacterial H12 HEPA filter

0844 412 8455

Digital touch controls / Animated and illuminated display

Bread option proves and cooks automatically

Accessories: rotisserie, grill trivet, full-width lissium baking tray

020 8994 9970

Kenwood kMix Boutique Breakfast Collection Kenwood has boosted its kMix range of products with the introduction of the new Boutique Breakfast Collection. The new range comes in magenta, blue, orange, green and yellow, adding five vibrant colours to the existing kMix breakfast shades of Raspberry, Peppercorn and Almond. 02392 392 333

kMix Boutique coffee maker: One-touch controls / ThermoGen™ heating / Optitemp™ heat plate

kMix Boutique toaster: Variable browning / Peek & View™ facility / Polished steel pastry warmer / toast rack

kMix Boutique kettle: Soft touch, Sure Grip™ handle / Water window / removable, washable water filter

Fujifilm FinePix XP30 digital camera The new Fujifilm FinePix XP30 camera, a “rugged snapper” with built-in GPS functionality, is freeze-proof to minus 10°C; waterproof to 5 metres; shockproof to 1.5 metres; sand and dustproof. The XP30 will also document travel, based on GEO Tagging, so locations will be logged as users shoot and displayed either as longitude and latitude coordinates or by place name. The camera has an embedded list of around half a million places of interest worldwide.

5x wide-angle zoom lens / 14 megapixel resolution

HD movie capture: 720p at 30 frames per sec.

Conventional 640 x 480 pixel definition

Available in 5 colours: black, silver, orange, blue and green

0844 553 2322

product of the month      Refrigeration specialist Lec has incorporated a number of stylish features into its new and largest capacity fridge freezer. The TF6020W is a 60cm, A+ rated, frost free combi which offers an impressive 292 litres of cooling and freezing capacity within its 1.96m frame. Available in white with silver grip handles, the new model boasts a blue on black LCD control panel on the outer fridge door, LED lighting within the fridge and high quality opaque furniture.

 For further information visit

The 211-litre capacity fridge has four shelves, twin salad drawers and a cooling fan, while the 81-litre auto defrost freezer compartment has three drawers, an ice shelf and pizza box storage within the door skin. David Garden, commercial manager for Lec, says: “In recent months we have seen a trend towards consumers opting for larger capacity models and believe the TF6020W fits the bill perfectly. In terms of innovation, the introduction of the LED control panel and improved internal lighting are also a first for Lec, and are features that we expect to appeal to the more style conscious customer.”


Lec TF6020 frost free fridge freezer

APRIL 2011

Lec unveils stylish large capacity combi



the world through a flat panel Accessing the services, information, entertainment, products and social networks available on the internet has always been a computer-based activity. That is changing as “Smart TV” is increasingly bringing the online world through the more familiar medium of the TV set. George Cole looks at the progress of connectivity in the home, and asks how the future may look


he line between broadcast TV and the online world used to be sharp, but today it’s most definitely fuzzy around the edges. Many people are watching TV programmes and films from websites such as YouTube, Apple iTunes and BBC iPlayer on PCs and from devices with home networking features - such as

BDV-E380 Blu-ray home theatre system), plus a Netbox, the SMP-N100. All Sony’s network products allow users to browse sites such as YouTube and BBC iPlayer, as well as stream movies as part of a LOVEFiLM subscription. Sony’s Qriocity music and video service is also on all Bravia TVs, Blu-ray Players and home theatre systems.

“…the potential to completely change the way people enjoy entertainment in the home”


APRIL 2011



TVs, set-top boxes and Blu-ray players. It’s a new, wider world of connectivity, and as TV manufacturer LG says, “Smart TV is just one step towards the complete connected lifestyle of the future, with content being available wherever and whenever consumers want it, and holds the potential to completely change the way people enjoy entertainment in the home.” All the major consumer electronics manufacturers offer home networking products in their current line-up, and it’s a feature that is rapidly penetrating their mainstream ranges. Sony has launched a range of network connected products which are Bravia Internet Video enabled. These include all of the company’s 2011 Bravia TV range and Blu-ray players (including the

Gateways to the internet Humax offers networking facilities on its Freeview and Freesat HD digital receivers and set-top boxes, the HDR-Fox T2 and HD-Fox T2 (Freeview) and the Foxsat-HDR and Foxsat-HD (Freesat). The Humax TV Portal is available on the HDR-Fox T2 and will also soon be on the HD-Fox T2. The Humax TV portal is a gateway to a range of catch-up and on-demand TV programmes, and internet TV services including BBC iPlayer, Sky Player, YouTube, Flickr and Wikipedia. The HDR-Fox T2 can be connected to a home broadband connection by either hardwire, powerline or wireless dongle, and connected to devices, such as a PC, smartphone or a set-top box. Users can also access photos or videos on a PC and view them on a TV.

Almost all Samsung devices (such as TV, phone and Blu-ray player) can be connected to each another, using various networking technologies. The Samsung Smart TV platform is available on TVs and Blu-ray players, and offers services from BBC iPlayer, Lovefilm, YouTube, PictureBox and, as well as access to Twitter and Facebook. Other services include, Skype and Google Maps, with more applications promised. “Your Video” is a search and recommendation video engine based on the user’s viewing habits. A built-in web browser allows consumers to access the web through their TV. Philips offers a range of networked products, including all of its mid- and top-level TVs, all Blu-ray players, plus streaming hi-fi systems and connected music players. The majority of the company’s 2011 range of TVs and Blu-ray players will offer SmartTV functionality. Smart TV allows a Philips set to communicate with Wi-Fi-enabled gadgets such as phones, tablets and laptops, and display content on the TV screen. Viewers can also control the set using iPhone or Android apps or a wireless keyboard, while Philips’ NetTV platform offers web access. LG ‘s bespoke Smart TV platform, which was unveiled at CES in January, provides access to catch up TV, hundreds of customisable apps, rental and subscription movie services, music services and internet radio channels, online video services , and the ability to browse the web through an easy to navigate user interface. LG Smart TV is available on a range of LG’s new LED, LCD and plasma HD TVs, and also on a number of AV product ranges, such as the BD670 Blu-ray player and the HX996TS home cinema system. For consumers not looking to purchase a new television just yet,

Humax, your digital switchover partner The award-winning range of Humax set-top boxes and recorders for Freeview and Freesat is designed to enable you to meet consumer demand and generate high volume sales. With high definition (HD) and on-demand content, advanced recording features and interactive services, there is a box to suit any TV viewer’s needs. Humax Trade: Working with you to grow your business Set up for the independent electrical retailer, Humax Trade is here to help you purchase, market and increase your sales of Humax’s digital TV products.

210x297_HDR_FOX T2_retailer.indd 1

Become a Humax Trade member to enjoy exclusive benefits: • Free next day delivery • After sales support, with a dedicated Humax account manager • Point of sale material and product collateral • Incentives and loyalty schemes • Two year warranty across the product range • Limited edition products To place your order, visit

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LINSAR introduces 5 year guarantee on all TVs British company Linsar UK is promoting product quality with a 5-year guarantee. The Dorset-based TV supplier is offering a free 5-year guarantee on its full range of LED and LCD products. The warranty is applicable to all Linsar TVs purchased through retail outlets only. Models with integrated DVD players now hold a 2-year guarantee on the player itself. “Due to the high reliability and low returns rates on all our TVs, this powerful consumer benefit is further proof of our commitment to quality and to the independent electrical retailer,” commented Linsar Director Barry Kick. Customers can register for their extended guarantee on Linsar’s web site, or dealers may register on their behalf at the time of purchase.

but who want to enjoy Smart TV technology, LG has also introduced the Smart TV Upgrader (ST600). The ST600 allows any television with an HDMI input to access the Smart TV platform.

Panasonic’s high definition recorders like the DMR-BS880EBK and DMR-BWT700EB, and Blu-ray players, like the DMP-BDT110 and DMPBDT310EB, offer Panasonic’s Viera Cast portal and Skype (on 2011 models), as well as video services such as ace trax, You Tube, euronews, and online services like Twitter. BBC iPlayer is available on Freesat+HD models. Toshiba’s 2011 RL Series includes BBC iPlayer and YouTube, and the company recently previewed a service called Toshiba Places, an internet TV platform that will offer access to a range of content, including catch up TV. Toshiba Places can be accessed on a range of devices, including TVs, tablets and PCs. Nearly all home networking services offer a mix of free and paid for content, and companies generally offer a variety of ways of connecting devices up to a broadband service including wired, wireless and powerline systems. Many products also support the Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) standard, which is designed to make it easier to connect a wide range of devices to each other, and transfer content (music, images, and video) between them. “DLNA and device networking technologies are an increasingly important feature for consumers. As consumers are using more and more digital media products, and storing more content around the house (and away from home), the ability to share this content easily across a range of devices is a genuine benefit,” says Toshiba’s Zanoni.


APRIL 2011

Sharing across devices



Competition and consolidation

Blu-Ray products. Our new Blu-ray products will provide additional network services.” Glenn Consumers certainly don’t lack choice when it Zanoni, Toshiba’s product marketing manager, comes to portals, services and platforms, but adds: “It’s certainly possible to support a range can the home networking market continue to of portals and platforms, but the sustainability support a wide range of proprietary options, of these will come down to the ability of or will there have to be some consolidation to the portals themselves to stay up-to-date help the market grow? with new content and technologies. We are Graham North, commercial director of confident that the multi-screen/cloud content Humax, says “the range of proprietary portals based concept that Toshiba Places is built is still growing and will probably continue to around can help it remain relevant.” expand for some time. There will always be a place for a portal, provided it is offering key content that the consumer requires. If a strong platform evolves that is available across most CE devices, then this will start to dominate the market, SONY’S SMPN100A NETBOX reducing competition.” “Philips’ NetTV platform – also adopted by “The goal of our SmartTV platform,” says LG, Sharp and Loewe - is an open platform built “is to provide additional entertainment choices around open standards, meaning it’s very easy for to the consumer, and to fulfil that mission we anyone to develop services for the TVs,” says Tom offer content supported by a variety of business Henderson, Philips’ trade marketing manager,TV. models.” So there will be the opportunity to “We believe that it is this approach rather than access both free and paid-for services. proprietary portals that will ultimately have the most appeal for content producers, consumers Retailers under pressure and other hardware manufacturers. For home The message seems to be that many networking to take off, devices need to easily companies believe that consolidation is a speak to each other, so the industry needs to desirable outcome, but at the same time, ensure cross platform compatibility.” there’s little sign of any one being prepared to Edd Uzzell, Sony’s propositions and give up their platform and support another. It service manager, says “Bravia Internet Video means that retailers will continue to have their is an incredibly easy platform to develop for. work cut out when it comes to explaining the Furthermore, being a global platform, partners various home networking options on offer. can build one service and switch it on in as The home networking market received many countries as they like, meaning it scales a blow when YouView - the new platform incredibly well.” David Preece, Panasonic’s supported by the BBC, ITV, Channel 4, BT and home AV marketing category head, says: others – delayed its launch until next year. “Connected TV will be the main feature for our YouView combines Freeview with online catch-up and video on-demand services, allowing users to access services such as BBC iPlayer, ITV Player, 4oD, Demand 5 and more, through a single set-top box. Reaction to YouView’s delay is mixed. Panasonic’s Preece says “YouView is one potential platform for combining traditional broadcast content with IP services. Given that hardware manufacturers







are all now striving to grow their on-line content offerings, there will be other choices with rich content availability by the time of YouView’s launch. The target of ‘seamless integration’ is a good one; however, the delay may ultimately cause marketability issues. This is likely to cause issues with economies of scale for YouView devices and therefore could threaten positive growth.” Samsung’s Petersen is unconcerned about YouView’s delay: “Samsung has been focused on its own platform for a long time now and we have a fantastic proposition that is built into our TVs and on the market right now.”

The near future So what next for the TV and home networking market? Humax’s North thinks that “digital recording is already becoming mainstream in many UK households. It is likely that consumers viewing on-demand and catch-up services via an internet connection will become the norm in a few years’ time. Consuming TV content outside the broadcasting schedule will become a mainstream activity.” For Philips’ Henderson, “integration is next for the market; consumers want to control and stream [content] from a range of devices from different manufacturers, and will look for integration with their smart phone. Philips already has an iPhone app that turns the phone into a remote control for compatible TVs. It also gives consumers the ability to view images from their handset on their TV, and this feature will be widened in 2011 to include Android phones.” Toshiba’s Zanoni forecasts that “TV and home networking will see continued growth with regard to interactivity, and a transition toward on-demand and personalised content.”


Sony’s Uzzell says that his company’s new range of TV and networked enabled devices means that “we will continue to add new content partners, services and features to our online proposition, making Bravia Internet TV one of the most compelling IPTV services in the UK.” Panasonic’s Preece predicts much change for the home networking market. “Further explosion of networked TV will happen alongside the availability of high speed fibre broadband,” he says. “This will lead to improved availability of HD and 3D content via the internet, which will sit alongside broadcast offerings. Further networking possibilities will also emerge, where online apps can provide network capabilities with other domestic devices (such as healthcare apps), making the TV a central access point for the control and interaction with many devices in the home.”

Samsung 2011 Plasma Range in Stock Now £790.70



• 51” Plasma Screen • Ultra Slim Plasma TV • 600hz Subfield Motion • 3D (with 2D/3D Conversion) • Smart TV • Wi-Fi Built-in • Allshare • Freeview HD • Freesat HD




• 51” Plasma Screen • 600hz Subfield Motion • 3D (with 2D/3D Conversion) • 4 HDMI • AllShare • Freeview HD


• 43” Plasma Screen • 600hz Subfield Motion • HD Ready 3D • 2D/3D Conversion • 4 HDMI • Clear Image Panel • USB 2.0 Movie


• 51” Plasma Screen • 600hz Subfield Motion • 4 HDMI • Clear Image Panel • USB 2.0 Movie



• 51” Plasma Screen • 600hz Subfield Motion • HD Ready 3D • 2D/3D Conversion • 4 HDMI

Call for Volume Prices

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Visit: Email: Fax: 01494 768668 Images are not representative of the actual product - Prices are Trade Only and Exclude VAT & Delivery


Internet TV:

Smart Connections?

Growth from Knowledge

“Smart” TV has clearly emerged as one of the most important front runners in the development of the next generation of in-home TV-based entertainment and communication systems. Access to the world of services, products, entertainment, information and social networks available on the internet, with the TV in the home at the centre of the system, has a powerful appeal to consumers who are increasingly responsive to the possibilities of the internet. Nigel Catlow, GfK Business Group Director, Consumer Electronics, outlines the current situation and the prospects for connected TV as the next driver of TV sales in the UK


sales volumes have been declining in the UK for most months since the World Cup. As more than 43 Million Flat TVs have been sold here in the last 7 years, many households have already got at least one which is relatively new. Hence we move to a Flat TV market that is very much replacement led. This puts more emphasis on larger and more sophisticated product, as second time around main room Flat TV buyers “upsize” and “upfeature”.

Connectivity a “key feature and requirement” It is clear already that the capability of connecting to the internet will be a key feature and requirement. The percentage of such Consumer Electronics devices being sold is increasing rapidly. In the fourth quarter of 2010, we already see three quarters of Blu-ray players can connect. Whilst TVs and Set Top Boxes are way behind this, percentage growth there is also rapid. So far, only around 3 million C.E. internet connectable devices have been sold, though the growth curve is steep and other elements such as Games Consoles and cable/satellite boxes are developing this capability further.


APRIL 2011

Welcome added value


For TV, it is apparent that, on large screens, this feature will become standard very soon and a condition of sale. This is not happening so far on smaller screens, though this may only be a question of time and of lowering

the cost of implementation. What is not clear, of course, is how many of these devices are actively connected, as many consumers tend to separate “active” connected behaviour from the more “passive activity” of TV viewing. For retailers, these technological features are welcome since they bring some opportunity to add value, provided the features can be demonstrated well. Also, even if the consumer has a relatively new screen they may be persuaded to invest in a connected peripheral.

 For further information please contact Nigel Catlow, GfK Business Group Director, Consumer Electronics on +44 870 603 8109 or email GfK. Growth from Knowledge



Selling second-hand equipment It’s worthwhile checking manufacturers’

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Freeview HD box or an HDMI expander.

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Do the speakers or cabinet rattle? Some

SD set-top boxes, factory refurbished,

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are available in quantity on eBay at £15

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Test and repair The most vital operation on any used

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The Sale of Goods Act applies to second-

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covered in my column on page 25 of the

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components such as electrolytic capacitors,

May 2009 issue. Sometimes the zapper is too

requirements are watered down somewhat

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the latter with small-screen LCD TVs and

replacements are cheaply available from

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Equipment which is defective may be

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Reset all menu functions to the factory default or centre settings, and on any sort of

even then I have happily got a set-top

A return-to-base guarantee of three or

by the low prices generally involved – unlike those in the motor industry!

APRIL 2011


t is generally accepted that



Alan Bennett shows how to boost your sales turnover with ‘pre-loved’ equipment



” He likes to be inspired by reading great lives, and although his preference is for French traditional cuisine and he has a thing for wine from his native Burgundy, he sees himself in the role of an American gangster nicknamed “Noodles.” This is Vincent Berry, the passionate, entrepreneurial marketing director of Groupe SEB UK Ltd. Why did you choose to work in the electrical industry? I was attracted by the outstanding flow of daily life innovations within Groupe SEB products under the following brands: Tefal, Krups, Rowenta, All Clad

What surprises you? What amazes me is how fast my two sons are learning and growing up

Who in the industry would you like to spend time with? With James Dyson, to be inspired

You have been offered a leading role in a film of your choice, what character would you like to play? Robert De Niro’s role in Once Upon a Time in America

What makes you laugh? An outstanding product demonstrator selling a truly useless product What was the greatest turning point in your life? When my first child was born seven years ago Hobbies? I love reading autobiographies of inspiring figures (Andre Agassi “Open” was the last amazing one)

What’s your greatest achievement? My two lovely boys

What’s your greatest regret? I hate even the idea of regretting anything

What’s your favourite quote? Always move faster than you think you need to

How do you think others see you? I would hope the same as I see myself What’s your pet hate? German red wine!!! APRIL 2011

Any particular fetishes? Burgundy wine (I was born there)

What sort of music do you like? French rock music

How would you describe yourself? Passionate about innovation, entrepreneur, motivated by tough challenges


Is there anything about yourself that you would like to change? My weight (15kg less would be good): I should use a Tefal Actifry even more !!!

What’s the worst lie you’ve ever told? I never lie

What historic figure do you identify with most? Charles De Gaulle for his independent spirit


What’s your favourite cuisine? The French basic traditional cuisine

Any bad habits? Working late hours (this is when I am at my most efficient…) If you weren’t in your present position, what job would you choose to do? A marketing role within the e-business sector Favourite TV programme? Masterchef (how I would love to be)

Who has been the greatest influence in your life? My father Name your poison Sweet dishes What do you daydream about? Having more fun Favourite holiday destination? Dubai – I lived there for two and a half years and enjoy going back there during the winter months What’s the worst thing that’s ever happened to you? The death of my father. You are never ready for it What’s the best kind of punishment….? Restarting a project from scratch …and who deserves it? Anyone who has been misled (including myself )

Where do you see yourself in five years’ time? Anywhere in the world working on great new challenges within Groupe SEB What’s your greatest fear? Losing any member of my family Who do you most admire? My mother and father. They had to bring up five energetic kids and they made it great! What’s your favourite piece of kit? My Blackberry (I could not live without it) What motto do you live by? Enjoy every little moment in life, have fun! (or run away) Life is…. …too short to bother, let’s focus on essentials in life. 

Independent electrical retailer:

“My bank’s small business adviser has gone on holiday for three weeks. His last piece of advice to me before he left was to “take a rigorous look at your cost structure and be ruthless about cutting out any unnecessary expenditure.” I guess he’ll be round when he gets back so I can admire his tan while he checks I’m not overstocking on tea bags for the staff room.”

Brown goods manufacturer:

“It’s been hard for retail, but 2011 will be the hardest year yet.”

APRIL 2011



performance The built-in market in the UK is still behind freestanding in terms of volume and value, but the signs are that built-in appliances are achieving good overall growth in a difficult environment. While freestanding cooking declined 1.46% in volume in 2010 compared to 2009, built-in was 2.9% up in volume to 628,000 units, and a satisfying 9.14% up in value to more than £229 million, in the year to December 2010 (GfK figures)



uilt-In has always claimed to be the more vibrant, more innovative and more stylish cousin of the freestanding category, and during these challenging times when home owners are tending to stay put and squeeze as much style, performance, efficiency and value as they can out of improving the “heart of the home,” manufacturers of built-in kitchen appliances are confident that built-in, which took a severe knock when the housing market collapsed, is now gathering more and more consumer appeal.

Technology that works As Richard Walker, sales and marketing director of De Dietrich Kitchen Appliances (De Dietrich and Fagor brands), remarks: “The built-in appliance market has seen a positive explosion of technological advances over the past three years. Across the board, brands have been developing some really interesting concepts and in terms of oven technology, the big stories have been the introduction of varying levels of intelligence VIBRANT COLOUR FROM SMEG’S MARC NEWSON RANGE


Retailers who keep a close eye on trends in built-in cooking will know that this year’s ranges are about performance, capacity and ease of use dressed in clean, linear and highly integrated styles, where the use of colour and a combination of materials can create a “total” look of thought-through design values in the kitchen. Customers still, to a large extent, “buy with their eyes,” and retailers certainly have plenty to sell on that score. But in these straitened times, an emotional response to appearance has to be justified by convincing technology behind the looks that will deliver high performance, versatility and user-friendliness. On this count, current built-in ranges are as powerful in relevant technology as they are in looks.

and steam functions. For hobs, zoneless induction has entered the mainstream market, and a greater range of modular sizes and designs has been introduced.” Baumatic Built-in marketing manager Rita Balestrazzi notes: “Technology that helps the user save time and is simple to use is leading the way, with the market for intelligent appliances growing rapidly and consumers willing to pay that little bit extra for them.” And Hotpoint brand manager Iain Starkey is convinced that while “design, price and brand reputation are important factors in consumers’ choice, they are increasingly – and especially as new technology gets less expensive – looking more and more towards smart appliances that are easy to use, practical and energy efficient. Intelligent solutions that take the guesswork out of preparing a meal are increasing in popularity, especially now that people are choosing to entertain more at home rather than going out for dinner.” Joan Fraser, product development and training manager at Smeg, believes “the market for kitchen appliances is still evolving, both in technology advances and fashion changes. There will always be room for radical new ideas in the built-in market.” She cites Smeg’s Marc Newson collection introduced this year, in which bold design in accompanied by technological refinements, and the Smeg Linea Elite range with the larger 68-litre capacity. For Hoover, capacity, energy efficiency and flexibility are important elements, and the 75-litre Prodige oven claims 20% better than “A” energy rating, plus a dividable cavity that can operate at two


“The built-in appliance market has seen a positive explosion of technological advances over the past three years”

Consistent design This quest for consistency in design to produce the aligned, aesthetically integrated built-in look that consumers favour has been a major driver in built-in development. As Steve Dickson, commercial manager for Stoves and Belling, asserts: “In built-in, image is everything and aesthetics continue to dominate the purchasing decision.” Appliances are embraced by designers, he says, “because of their ability to create seamless, integrated spaces which maximise the square footage available. The consumer’s increasing desire for multi-cavity cooking has driven the trend for the creation of banks of complementary appliances, combinations of single ovens, microwaves and accessories such as coffee makers and warming drawers to create a stylish linear result.” Smeg’s Joan Fraser says “the trend for builtin appliances to create streamlined kitchens has increased,” and reinforces the idea that “banking” of appliances is a growing trend. “Now, consumers can integrate their favourite cooking methods, built into their kitchen. Not only have built-in ranges developed to include combi-microwaves, compact steam ovens and coffee machines,” but there are also available décor panels and hydraulic doors that match oven ranges, such as Smeg’s PMO series, “enabling you to incorporate any small freestanding item such as a microwave or sound system and stylishly conceal it behind the door, creating a fluid built-in effect.” Amica’s Simon Freear says that “designer banking of single built-in ovens in twos and fours remains a must-have in new kitchens and those with a coherent design line are favoured for an ‘integrated’, coordinated effect.” And at Gorenje, marketing manager Ruth Ferguson, while acknowledging that “glamorous ovens that are true pieces of design will become even more popular,” and that “many want their oven to stand out as a centrepiece for the kitchen” – citing Gorenje’s bold Karim Rashid range – also asserts that “some consumers may prefer a seamless appearance, with

matching aesthetic across all appliances.” Gorenje’s Pure built-in cooking range, with a black glass and stainless steel theme that extends into other appliances such as hobs, hoods and dishwashers, is a case in point. On the matter of alignment, Whirlpool product marketing manger built-in, Dalia Haddad, is clear: “There is a trend to more stylish built-in appliances led by open-plan kitchen living. The European handle-less kitchen furniture trend has certainly affected the design of the oven.” Whirlpool’s Glamour range, featuring black mirrored glass, is cited as an example of seamless blending, and Haddad is also insistent that “in terms of styling it is essential that cooking appliances, and especially built-in ovens, have perfect alignment. The Fusion Range – which has more visible controls than the Glamour – has matching control panels, and handles and door shut lines align.” For Les Wicks, head of product and buying at Beko, “the trend for open plan living is boosting the demand for more aesthetically pleasing appliances, and our experience shows that consumers are now looking for sleeker designs incorporating clean lines and large windows.”


Understanding the potential There is no doubt that built-in cooking manufacturers from the premium brands to the value and entry-level models have committed a lot of resource to putting userrelevant technology into their products, and each has its array of features and benefits – often with individual, exclusive or patented names for the technologies – which consumers are bombarded with and retailers need to be able to explain in more or less detail. As well as sophisticated pre-programmed “intelligent” systems, combinations of top, bottom and fan heat and a huge choice of configurations and fuel options in hobs, steam cooking, for example, has gained ground in consumer understanding. De Dietrich has recently added steam functions to its Compact

Stoves Unveils New Built-In Collection Leading cooking appliance manufacturer Stoves has unveiled its new built-in collection of ovens and hobs and has moved production from Europe back to its Merseyside base. The new portfolio, consisting of nine single and double ovens and 13 hobs, is available in a choice of black or stainless steel finishes. The portfolio of ovens includes 600mm, 700mm and 900mm heights with the same aesthetic applied to both the gas and electric models. The collection consists of fanned and multifunction, with all electric ovens A rated for energy efficiency and all gas appliances fully FSD compliant.

Within the collection Stoves has launched a stunning selection of 600mm and 700mm wide hobs. Amongst the most innovative of the products is the SEH600i13AMP - an electric ceramic induction hob with touch controls. It comes complete with a 13 AMP plug, which means that no hard wiring is required when fitting and makes it an ideal product for the replacement market. Every product in the new built-in collection will be labelled Made In Britain and will be manufactured at Stoves’ Prescot base. 0844 248 4149


different settings at the same time, all housed in a standard built-in unit. The dividable cavity is also seen in pioneering Samsung models, and in Hotpoint’s A-rated Openspace. And AEG’s MaxiKlasse ovens, part of the extensive new Neue Kollektion unveiled this season, are offering “larger capacity inside with standard built-in dimensions outside,” according to Sophie Davidson, local product manager, built-in food preparation, Electrolux Major Appliances. Along with the larger capacity and new technologies such as the even-cooking ThermiC°Air system, “the important element of the Neue Kollektion,” adds Davidson, “is the design alignment across all product categories, giving a consistent design in the kitchen.”


66327_Neff_Trade_GetConnected_SLIDEAWAY_297x420.indd 2-3

The Neff SlideAwayÂŽ door does exactly what its name suggests. When you open the oven, it slides smoothly away into the compartment below in an effortlessly light action. Which means your customers can baste and turn food without having to lean over a hot oven door. So they can give even the trickiest of dishes all the pampering they deserve. To ďŹ nd out more about working with Neff, or if you would like to request further information on our latest products, please call 01908 328352.


15/10/2010 11:16


“Steam in particular is here to stay with a steady and increasing following”




45 collection of ovens, and, says Richard Walker, “dedicated steam ovens, once regarded as specialist appliances, have firmly entered the mainstream.” Bosch features a new compact steam oven in the Exxcel HMT85DL53B. Baumatic includes the BCS460SS steam oven in its Premium-line collection. Amica’s Simon Freear says “steam as one of a bank is desirable for many consumers looking to retain nutrients from carefully chosen, in season, locally grown or reared produce.” Whirlpool’s Dalia Haddad is convinced “steam in particular is here to stay with a steady and increasing following.” Steam is clearly a coming cooking option that deserves closer attention. Oven cleaning has also been addressed by manufacturers, with pyrolytic or other cleaning technologies fast becoming a standard feature. The pyrolytic cleaning function is making the transition from high-end exclusivity to affordable entry level, and can now be found in “affordable” models such as the Zanussi ZYB460X. There is a great deal more to built-in cooking than a good-looking oven and a hob to match. This may be why manufacturers are putting more emphasis on dealer training as cooking appliances become more sophisticated. BSH, for instance, home of the Neff, Siemens and Bosch brands, has invested strongly in new, state-of-the-art training facilities for each one of the brands at Milton Keynes, where dealers can not only see appliances in kitchen settings but also gain hands-on experience of the innovative technologies – such as AquaAssist cooking and FlexInduction hobs – behind the built-in beauty (see full report in last month’s GC Magazine).

Inducing more sales Hobs have developed into a whole new, exciting technology for the built-in market, with domino and other modular hob configurations and choices of different fuels allowing more flexibility and creativity than ever before in the built-in kitchen environment. It is perhaps in induction cooking that the greatest strides have been made in refining the design and catching the imagination of the consumer. The nature of the technology means that an induction hob can bring a minimalist, uncluttered, easy-to-clean element of design to the built-in environment, while at the same time offering the most precisely controllable and energy-efficient means of hob cooking. Induction is finally taking off in the conservative UK market, with a category-busting 26.8% increase in sales volume and a 24.8% uplift in sales value in the year to 31 December 2010. Induction deserves advocates who can explain – and demonstrate – that it is “electric-fuelled hob cooking, but not as we know it,” with all of the benefits and none of the traditionally perceived drawbacks of electric-powered hobs. Again, this is a technology that has taken its time to make its mark in the conservative UK cooking market, but the breakthrough appears to be happening now. As Richard Walker of induction pioneers De Dietrich says, “sales of induction hobs are outpacing all other types of hob, and are now one of the fastest growing categories in major appliances.” As the introduction of “zoneless” and flexible induction hobs – such as De Dietrich’s Continuum series and Neff and Siemens’ FlexInduction models – has progressed in the premium brands, induction has become an affordable, accessible technology in the mass market and “value” brands. The democratisation of this very important cooking breakthrough means that every retailer needs to be familiar with its benefits.

AEG MaxiKlasse™ ovens: Perfect cooking in every corner The new MaxiKlasse™ovens from AEG not only offer extra-large capacity inside and standard dimensions outside – they also cook food more evenly and efficiently thanks to the new ThermiC°Air system. MaxiKlasse™ ovens in AEG’s Neue Kollektion offer more control, more efficiency and more capacity – and the new ThermiC°Air system circulates the hot air evenly throughout the interior, which means that the food will cook evenly at any of the oven’s five shelf positions.

More capacity in a standard niche MaxiKlasse ovens are also bigger on the inside while still fitting into a standard space. The 74-litre cavity is 4.5 cm taller and 4.2 cm wider than standard internal dimensions and the MaxiTray™ is 20% larger than a standard tray – the largest on the market.With more space in the oven, more food can be cooked at one go, offering even more control and further savings in energy and time. Pictured: AEG MaxiKlasse BP7304151m Pyroluxe® multifunction oven, with A - 20% energy rating Trade Sale Number 08445 610561

Replacement potential Finally, it should be remembered that – as many manufacturers are at pains to emphasise – the built-in replacement market is gaining ground in the UK as householders staying put refresh the “heart of the home” with the latest in cooking appliances that will slot into an existing built-in format.  THE BOLD STATEMENT OF GORENJE’S KARIM RASHID

The Platinum collection combines innovative technology and stunning aesthetics with environmental credentials. One day all kitchens will perform this well.


Pioneering induction sponsored by

De Dietrich, the pioneer of the domestic induction hob, has been at the forefront of induction technology since it originally introduced the concept in the 1980s. In sales terms, induction is one of the fastest growing categories in the domestic appliance marketplace. Over the past 25 years, De Dietrich has continued to add more superior specifications to its

induction collection and in May 2011 at KBB London the brand will unveil the unique and revolutionary ‘Piano’: the most advanced, fully zoneless induction hob ever brought to market. In this edition of The Knowledge, De Dietrich explains the features and benefits of its zoneless induction hob technology and outlines the support the brand offers to retail partners.

ZONELESS INNOVATIONS De Dietrich was the first brand to bring zoneless induction technology to market, with the launch of the ‘Continuum’ hob in 2007. Currently, the brand’s collection features four models with Continuum zones; one of which is a unique zoneless dual Continuum induction hob and another a modular version. Continuum zones are the largest and most powerful available. Measuring 40cm in depth, a zone can accommodate multiple cookware at different heat levels or a large pan at one temperature level, delivering the ultimate in cooking flexibility.

Many De Dietrich Continuum zones incorporate a unique Power Tracker to ensure that the pan’s temperature remains constant wherever it is re-sited. An Elapsed Time Indicator displays the amount of time the pan has been heating on the hob, so cooking times can always be monitored. All De Dietrich Continuum induction hobs feature touch controls, 15 power levels and include ten safety features as standard: Anti-overflow; Anti-overheat; Residual Heat indicators; Auto-safety shut off; Automatic pan detection; Small object detection; Child lock; Control lock; Cleaning lock; Electronic power monitor.



Key Selling Points


De Dietrich: · Pioneer of induction technology. · The first appliance brand to introduce zoneless induction. · The widest range of zoneless induction hobs available today. · Continuum zones are the largest and most powerful induction zones available. · De Dietrich offers peace of mind with the largest number of safety features available.

De Dietrich offers a superb FREE saucepan set with the purchase of any induction hob from the 2011 collection. Terms and Conditions apply. Please contact your De Dietrich Area Sales Manager for more information and point of sale material.


DTi1049X 93cm Induction Hob with Continuum Zone Hob Features: · 1 Continuum zone and 3 induction zones · Boost function on all zones · Touch control · 15 power levels per zone · Programmable memory function · 3 programmable direct access levels · Start control · Digital displays · 4 programmable 99 minute timers · Independent minute minder · Elapsed time · Power tracker · 10 Safety features

4/5 Induction Zones including Continuum · Left: 40 x 21.5cm / 4.6kW with booster · Centre: 28cm / 4.6kW with booster · Back Right: 16cm / 2.2kW with booster · Front Right: 23cm / 3.2kW with booster

Dimensions (mm): Built-in: H 59 x W 900 x D 490

DTi1089V 93cm Slimline Induction Hob with Continuum Zone Hob Features: 3/4 Induction Zones including Continuum · 1 Continuum zone and · · · · · · · · · · · ·

2 induction zones Boost function on all zones Touch control 15 power levels per zone Programmable memory function 3 programmable direct access levels Start control Digital displays 3 programmable 99 minute timers Independent minute minder Elapsed time Power tracker 10 Safety features

· Left: 41 x 23cm / 4.6kW with booster · Centre: 16cm / 2.2kW with booster · Right: 23cm / 3.2kW with booster

Dimensions (mm): Built-in: H 64 x W 900 x D 410

How Training Can Benefit You and Your Customers Retailer Training: De Dietrich offers bespoke training packages for its retail partners at its Basingstoke Showroom and Training Centre or, alternatively, at retailers’ premises. Product and sales training are offered both in theory and practical applications, and always relate to products sold by retailers. For more information about booking a training seminar, please contact your Area Sales Manager.

Customer Events: De Dietrich offers sales and training support at your customer events, with cookery and appliance demonstrations. The benefits of this support are that your customers can witness De Dietrich appliances in action and have all questions answered by our representatives. To find out more about holding a customer event with De Dietrich, please contact your Area Sales Manager. De Dietrich has created special postcard invitations for customer events, so all you have to do is add the details of the event and send them to your prospective customers and client database.

THE FUTURE OF INDUCTION TECHNOLOGY ‘As a brand renowned for technological firsts, we are proud of the part we have played in bringing induction technology to the wider UK audience. Our research and development teams work tirelessly to improve and innovate in this sector and over the coming months we look forward to launching new and exciting technologies that will represent the future of induction. To find out more, please visit us at Stand A80 at KBB London.’ Richard Walker sales and marketing director, De Dietrich Kitchen Appliances

Hob Features: · 2 Flexible Continuum zones – fully zoneless · Boost function on all zones · Touch control · 15 power levels per zone · Programmable memory function · 3 programmable direct access levels · Start control · Digital displays · 4 programmable 99 minute timers · Independent minute minder · Elapsed time · Power tracker · 10 Safety features

2 Continuum Cooking Zones · Left: 40 x 23cm / 4.6kW with booster · Right: 40 x 23cm / 4.6kW with booster · Maximum 7.2kW connected load

Dimensions (mm): Built-in: H 64 x W 560 x D 490

DTi1041X Modular 38cm Continuum Zone Hob Features: · 1 Flexible Continuum zone – fully zoneless · Boost function · Touch control · 15 power levels per zone · 3 programmable direct access levels · Digital displays · Programmable 99 minute timer · Memory Function · Elapsed time · 10 Safety features

1 Continuum Cooking Zone · Central Zone: 40 x 30cm / 4.6kW

Dimensions (mm): Built-in: H 59 x W 340 x D 490

Knowledge and Know-how De Dietrich and Fagor appliance FAGOR iF64R 4 ZONE ‘INTRODUCTION brands are owned by the TO INDUCTION’ MODEL Mondragon Corporation (MCC); the largest co-operative company in the world and the fifth largest electrical manufacturer in Europe. By combining each brand’s independent strengths in specific product sectors means that when you are selling a Fagor induction hob, you are selling the quality, knowledge and know-how of De Dietrich; the brand that pioneered the domestic induction hob. Fagor features two induction hobs in its collection: the four zone iF-64R and the 5 zone iF-900BS.

Contact Details: For more information about stocking De Dietrich or Fagor kitchen appliances, please contact your Area Sales Manager or De Dietrich / Fagor Trade Sales: 01256 308 067


DTi1053X 65cm Zoneless Dual Continuum Induction Hob




“Colour really comes to the fore with range cookers, more so than with any other kitchen appliance”

Still standing


Volumes in the freestanding cooking sector may have fallen, but with average price showing significant rises the category has remained in the black through arduous times. GC looks at what held this side of the cooking market up as the UK economy stumbled through yet another annus horribilis




hen GC produced its annual Cooking Supplement in April 2010, Rangemaster Marketing Manager Holly Johnson remarked that the prospects for the year would be hard to predict. Volumes in the first quarter had fallen by 4.25% but value showed significant gains, growing by 6.7% due to a hike in average price, which then stood at 11.41%. But at the end of the year the picture looked distinctly different. It wasn’t that momentum had slowed dramatically in the following 9-month period – overall volume declined marginally further to 4.4% – it was that the growth in average price fell from its doubledigit high to 6.11%. Consequently, the sector produced a more modest value rise of 1.4% in total, to arrive at £378.5 million. According to GfK, the freestanding cooking market in 2010 was held up by sales of electric appliances; sales of gas and mixed fuel cookers having fallen well below power at -11% in volume and -4.24% in value (gas) and -24.93% in volume and -21.99% in value (mixed fuel). Average prices within all sectors expanded well, though, with gas showing 7.6% growth, to £392, mixed fuel 3.92%, to £943, and electric rising 7.53% to £439 and commanding around 58% of the total value of the market.

Staying power Despite what may appear a somewhat erratic performance in 2010, it has to be said that the freestanding sector is holding up well, given the climate, and as Jon Brennan, Commercial Manager for New World, points out, freestanding cooking appliances

continue to outsell built-in products, largely due to a “still sluggish” property market. Brennan comments that freestanding appliances are generally less expensive than built-in, which is a draw for today’s cash-strapped consumer, and “they also require simpler initial installation and are easier to change in the future, so they hold a lot of appeal for those who have chosen to improve rather than move and who want to update their kitchens.” Baumatic Marketing Manager Rita Balestrazzi reasons that freestanding cooking continues to hold its own partly because the replacement market is buoyant, but it is also down to the fact that appliances such as range cookers have been brought “bang up to date” in terms of offering the same technology as their built-in counterparts. “However,” she says, “with the built-in market hot on its heels, there is work to be done on the part of manufacturers to ensure new innovations in freestanding cooking appliances are continually brought to market in order to keep this side of their business booming. “Not only do appliances have to win consumers over on an aesthetic level, they also need to keep one step ahead in terms of the technology and time-saving benefits they can offer.”

Freestanding Vs Built-in Weighing up the benefits of freestanding and built-in appliances, Smeg UK Product Development and Training Manager Joan Fraser says that while built-in products are perfect for smaller kitchens or minimalist designs, freestanding appliances can make a bold style-statement. “Consumers are now faced with more choice in built-in, and many ranges are designed to co-ordinate with freestanding products, making it easy for people to mix and match.” Fraser qualifies her comment by pointing out that consumers will often buy a freestanding range cooker with a matching built-in coffee machine and warming drawer.

Contemporary or Traditional? When it comes to creating a focal point for the kitchen, there’s nothing like a range cooker to create a stunning look and feel at the heart of the home, asserts Hotpoint Brand Manager Iain Starkey. “It’s a versatile appliance that looks equally at home in a country kitchen and in a modern built-in kitchen, sitting easily with the clean lines provided by integrated appliances. In fact, kitchen makeover magazines are increasingly mixing contemporary appliances with traditional country kitchen units, showing that, when it comes to range cookers, anything goes.” Supporting the argument for the more traditional look in the kitchen, New World’s Brennan says that his

Love Sales. Love Leisure. Teflon coated griddle and detachable splash back

Stylish chrome knobs and handles

Large capacity top oven and grill

Fully opening side door with handyrack tray

‘A’ rated fully programmable main oven with LED timer

Fantastic build quality. Innovation and design. Affordable and reliable – the Leisure Range 60 practically sells itself. Tel: 0845 600 4916

BEKO-0125 Leisuretr2011_A4_AW1.indd 1

15/02/2011 15:05


Technology Comes Through


own brand’s investigations have found that vintageinspired appliances are becoming popular again. “We recently conducted some consumer research which found that 39% of people still prefer a more traditional look to their appliances and 18% would choose a retro/ vintage theme for their ‘ultimate’ kitchen,” he reveals.

Rising colour Contemporary or traditional, both design styles will always be accentuated by the use of colour, whether the pastel shades associated with the 50s; the brazen primary colours (and hues thereof) characteristic of the 60s; the autumnal greens, browns and oranges of the 70s; or the more classic, yet simple, white; subtle, yet dynamic, stainless steel, or the avant-garde expression of black. Hotpoint’s Starkey observes that stainless steel is always a popular finish for freestanding cookers but, as in the built-in market, a major trend towards black appliances is emerging. “But colour really comes to the fore with range cookers, more so than with any other kitchen appliance,” he adds. Looking ahead, Starkey expects the growing popularity of black appliances to continue along with increasing availability of “statement colours” such as red and gloss white. Rangemaster marketing executive Polly Beech agrees: “Bold colours in the kitchen have experienced a rise lately, which can be seen from recent sales figures, and this is set to continue.”

The rising average price of range cookers, at 7.15% up on the year prior to an £1,079 per unit, could be said to bear out Rita Balestrazzi’s earlier comment that appliances have been brought “bang up to date” in terms of technology. Evidence of this is provided by Rangemaster, for whom technology and innovation is “always at the forefront.” According to Polly Beech, the brand has in the past year introduced larger cavities and pyrolytic cleaning, and she predicts that induction will continue to blossom as the technology becomes more widespread and the demand for eco-friendly appliances is spurred on by rising utility costs. Smeg’s Joan Fraser also highlights pyrolytic cleaning as a growth area in freestanding, describing it as a “dream feature” for cooking enthusiasts who are choreshy. And, as Rangemaster has done, the Italian brand, too, has taken the route of introducing products with larger cavities. Frazer identifies this as a design trend for 2011 and informs us that from this month, all of Smeg’s freestanding cookers will be available with bigger cavities, giving consumers the additional choices of 60and 68-litre sizes. Pyrolytic cleaning will also become available on all of the brand’s freestanding appliances.

are A or AA rated for energy and incorporate an easy to use, programmable timer and Hotpoint’s Intelligent Cooking System, which recommends the optimum shelf position, temperature and cooking time. “Ultima’s unique ‘One Touch’ automatic programmes ensure cakes and breads are cooked to perfection at the touch of a button and the ‘Smart Chef’ function automatically controls the oven for perfectly cooked roast meats and fish,” adds Starkey. One particular model in the Ultima range, the HUE62, also features Hotpoint’s ‘Solarglo’ multi-zone ceramic hob, which takes just five seconds to heat up and provides three-way flexibility: it can be used as a single zone, a double zone for large pans, or a triple zone for fish kettles or griddles.

Clever Cooking

Know your stuff

Advances in intelligent cooking technologies traditionally seen in the built-in sector – for example: fully automatic, sensor controlled functions that set all cooking parameters and monitor the process; automatic cooking programmes and preprogrammed recipes – have started to filter through to the freestanding sector, so products have become more sophisticated, easier to use, quicker to cook with and, subsequently, more energy efficient. The style of built-in appliances has also been adopted by the freestanding sector, which now features products with attributes such as cleaner lines, electronic touch-control, large viewing windows and a wider choice of hobs. An example of this change is provided by Iain Starkey, who highlights the Hotpoint Ultima freestanding cookers. A range in which all main ovens

With technology increasing in the freestanding cooking sector, Beko, who claims the position of market leader, says it is absolutely vital that retail staff fully understand the latest advances and can communicate them in a concise and easily understood manner. “Appliances are bought so infrequently by consumers that even features which have been around for some time are worth explaining,” says Les Wicks, Head of Product and Buying. Beko expects the market to remain tough throughout 2011 and, as such, it believes that independent retailers will need to be able to demonstrate to consumers the value for money that freestanding cooking appliances can offer. “This will ensure that customers really appreciate the differences between products, and hopefully,” says Wicks, “it will encourage them to spend a bit more to obtain the latest technology.”


New Look for Stoves Sterling

32 0844 248 4149

Leading cooking appliance brand Stoves has unveiled a new look for one of its most popular contemporary range cookers. The 1000 and 1100mm Stoves Sterling models have been reconfigured to offer even more cooking capacity with the addition of a separate grill. Available in dual fuel, gas or electric variants, the new Sterling offers consumers even more cooking flexibility. As well as a sleek new look, the Sterling offers a main multifunction electric oven with nine functions, an electric grill, a slow cooker and a programmable main oven. The dual fuel Sterling 1000DFT and 1100DFT have a one piece hob with seven burners, including a 3.5kW wok burner, and the 1100E electric model includes an electric hob with four induction zones, two ceramic zones and one warming zone. The Sterling range cooker has an impressive AA energy rating and is available in black and stainless steel. Through the Flavours range customers can also choose the Sterling in Jalapeno or white.


The UK market for small kitchen appliances is shaped by a number of factors, not least the move towards premium products providing, for consumers, high style and performance coupled with reliability and longevity and, for retailers, decent margins. GC communicates the merits of this growing market


The value of little gems… F

igures supplied by GfK for the SKA market comprise a broad and diverse range of categories. With ‘irons’ – the only appliance not applicable to the cooking sector – stripped out, the overall average product price in the calendar year of 2010 rose 8.53% to £22.64. Total volume increased by a modest 1.04% to 25.95 million units, while value pushed 9.63% ahead to reach £535.85 million. Of the categories that produced hefty double-digit value growth, three in particular – food prep, kitchen scales (a number of which are now electronic) and hot beverage machines – suggest that home cooking and entertaining is the flavour of the day.

Quality entertainment John Smethurst, Commercial Director for Cuisinart, notes a trend in consumers moving toward quality items that help them produce restaurant-style food in the comfort of their own home. He says this can be seen in the growth and ownership of domestic filter coffee and espresso machines to replicate the café environment and in the increased performance of the food preparation category, including liquidisers/blenders, which he maintains has seen growth from innovation in

the form of the Soup Maker – a Cuisinart creation that incorporates a heating element in a traditional blender product, giving users the facility to sauté, cook and blend soup in just 20 minutes. “Home cooking both for the family and as a means of entertainment is on the rise,” Smethurst adds, and with this has come “a return to traditional methods of cooking.” He highlights the use of slow cookers as timesaving products that can deliver a gourmet result using even the cheapest cuts of meat. Smethurst also points out that people are looking for quality and brand assurance. “Consumers need to be confident that they are spending wisely, and Cuisinart’s extended guarantees of 3, 5 or even 20 years across excellently engineered, high-performance products help retailers instill this confidence.”

Preppies In food preparation products – an area where value growth rose 17.21% in 2010 to £106.73 million – Bosch also cites quality as influencing the purchase decision. “Purchasers of these appliances are more exacting. They want to know and feel that the product is made from quality materials and is multifunctional.”

Gone are the days when consumers needed multiple appliances, each fulfilling a lone task, says the German brand. “A Bosch food processor or food mixer can mix, blend, whisk, knead, chop, shred, and, press juice.” Evaluating growth in the food prep sector, Bosch believes one of the major factors to be the prominence of celebrity chefs encouraging people to prepare and cook meals from scratch. “The message has been one of developing healthier eating habits, knowing exactly what goes into food, as well as focusing on economy.”

Health and wealth The small kitchen appliance market was for a number of years driven by ‘health’ trends. But one product area in particular whose reputation was built on health and nutrition has experienced a dramatic fall from grace: according to GfK, sales of food steamers fell 32.08% in volume and 23.95% in value in 2010. The good news for the category is that average price received a boost of almost 12%. Tefal, the brand considered by some as the pioneer of the food steamer, pushed the boundaries of the health product trend when it incorporated a fryer within its ‘Nutritious & Delicious’ range of products –

Philips Airfryer The new Philips airfryer is a revolution in home cooking that “fries” a variety of tasty, healthy meals – from the best-tasting chips to chicken nuggets, meat and tempura prawns – in next to no time in a low-fat environment. The airfryer’s secret is its patented Rapid Air Technology, which combines fast-circulating hot air with a grill function to create delicious chips with up to 80% less fat. Philips airfryer also comes top on taste for even the most discerning chip lovers. In a test conducted amongst fried-food fans, two-thirds preferred the crispy texture and taste of airfryer fries over those produced in an appliance from another leading brand. The airfryer requires just 3 minutes to heat up and prepares a batch of crispy chips in just 12 minutes. It also does away with the odour that traditional frying creates. Philips airfryer comes complete with a recipe book, and additional recipes can be found on Philips MyKitchen – www. – a website that encourages consumers to cook healthy, nutritional and tasty meals and provides a host of culinary tricks and handy time-saving tips.

Additional product features include:  In-built Timer – preset cooking times of up to 30 mins  Adjustable Temperature Control – cooks food at steady rate up to 200°C  Integrated Air Filter – diffuses cooking smells  Food Separator Accessory – lets you “fry” multiple foods at once  Removable, dishwasher-safe parts and non-stick surfaces  60-day complete satisfaction money-back guarantee Contact 0800 331 6015 or visit for further information.


The best-tasting chips, super quick, without the oil slick



Kenwood launches new Excellence bread maker KENWOOD, the small kitchen appliances expert, has launched a new compact bread maker – the BM366. A key selling point of the brand’s new bread makers is the innovative ECO bake programme which produces an optimum loaf in 85 minutes, reducing the time and energy spent baking. The new model features a fan assisted baking system, 15 hour delay timer, easily removable twist and lock pan, one hour keep warm function and a clear LCD display with programme status for monitoring the progress. The BM366 can be used to make three loaf sizes: 500g, 750g and 1kg. The BM366 comes with a brushed stainless steel finish which will not only prevent finger marks but will also appeal to style-conscious consumers. In addition, the BM366 features an internal oven light

and convenient viewing window, allowing consumers to watch the bread making process. Penny Jones, Kenwood Brand Manager, says: “Kenwood bread makers are continuing to perform well in the category, with last year’s value sales showing an increase of 5.9%. And with a combination of innovative design and functionality, the new BM366 is certainly true to Kenwood form. Its sleek, compact design and timesaving features are a perfect fit for modern or traditional homes”.

the Tefal ActiFry uses just a spoonful of oil to cook 1kg of golden, crispy chips. According to Marina Wong, Product Manager for Electrical Cooking at Tefal parent Groupe SEB UK, “ActiFry has consistently been the UK’s top selling fryer.” Perhaps such that it has contributed to the lift in value in the fryers’ category; while volume declined by 2.15% in 2010, value rose 5.42% to almost £38 million – Tefal’s two ActiFry models hold RSPs of £199.99 and £229.99.

Kettles, and their longstanding companions, toasters, which registered a decline of 2.67% in volume and an uplift of 8.47% in value, are said by Bosch to have benefited both from the escalation of “tech-savvy” consumers and those choosing to revamp their kitchens by introducing new colours and designs. However, despite the growth in availability of colourful appliances, Bosch is keen to point out that products finished in traditional stainless steel, black or white remain the best sellers.


After-dinner wakeup call


Of all the small appliance categories one product in particular has continued to stand up well, outperforming all others in terms of rising value. It is, of course, the coffee machine, classed under Hot Beverage Makers in GfK figures and showing a value lift of almost 24%, to £60 million. The average price of product rose 21.05% to £70. According to Bosch, the coffee market is split into four different areas: instant, filter coffee makers, on-demand machines (pod) and fully automatic espresso machines, and technology is continuously evolving. “With each development our focus is on ease of use and top performance for our customers. For example, the push-button operation and clever ‘T-disc’ barcode system on our Tassimo machines is the type of innovation customers appreciate to give them a wide variety of drinks – from espresso, latte macchiato and cappuccino to teas and hot chocolates – always at the correct temperature.”

Tea and toast Kettles – the SKA staple – although not dominating in percentage volume and value rises (up 0.4% and 7.68% respectively), certainly does govern the market in ‘real’ terms. In 2010, the 8.95 million products sold produced a turnover of £172 million.

Prices and Stockist Details: Contact your local sales manager for more information on the exciting new breadmaker range and other products in the Kenwood range.

Tempting the palette While Bosch’s experience is that the grand majority of consumers still play it safe with traditional colours, premium brand KitchenAid expects to see sales “soar” in 2011 with the launch of a ‘Magical Metallic’ palette of hues comprising Electric Blue, Black Storm and Candy Apple. KitchenAid’s Artisan® mixer is an iconic product both for serious cooks and design-conscious consumers and the Magical Metallic versions will be on the market in May this year. Marketing Manager Giorgio Baroffio says “it’s not just the colours that are new, KitchenAid has also launched the new Flex Edge Beater which makes time spent preparing food even more enjoyable.” The flexible edge sweeps the sides of the bowl so the end result is “perfectly mixed ingredients with no spatula required.” And, “judging by the response to our latest colour introductions and the new Flex  THE COMPACT NESPRESSO KRUPS PIXIE COMES IN ELECTRIC TITANIUM, INDIGO AND RED FINISHES

Kenwood Ltd, New Lane, Havant, Hampshire PO9 2NH Telephone: +44 0239 239 2392 Fax: +44 239 239 2125 Kenwood BM260 – RRP £99.99 Kenwood BM366 – RRP £119.99

Edge Beater, I’m confident we’re on the right course,” Baroffio adds. There was a time when commentators said the SKA market had little left in it by way of innovation, but still it continues to evolve and thrive. Even the relatively new category of ‘fun cooking’ appliances continues to put on weight, at a healthy £25.5 million in value and 1.4 million in volume. Yes, SKA products do go in and out of fashion as fast as clothing does, but last year’s clobber could be this year’s chic – subject to colour, of course!

The McIntosh Angle James McIntosh, GC’s Consumer Consultant, with some points to ponder….  Do your customers need another labour-saving SKA device? During the sales conversation, enquire about their cooking requirements and methods. Products may well be ‘multifunctional’, but by understanding customers’ needs and how they cook, perhaps you can sell more single function appliances.  Frying tends to have negative connotations, but manufacturers like those mentioned above have invested in producing great results for this traditional cooking method with innovative appliances offering a healthier, yet tasty alternative. Know how these appliances work: with knowledge comes authority, and authority breeds customer confidence.  In a crowded marketplace with a diverse range of brands, products, designs and finishes, is a manufacturer’s warranty more important to your customer than the features and benefits that will make the cooking experience easier and more enjoyable?

Our best performing breadmaker saves time and energy

500g 750g 1kg Loaf Size

Internal Light

The BM366 Excellence is Kenwood’s best performing breadmaker to date. The fan assisted baking system combines 11 programme settings allowing the user to create a variety of home-made food; from premium white and speciality breads, to cake and jam. Created to save time and energy, the Excellence breadmaker features the new eco bake programme. Eco bake produces an Optimum loaf in just 85 minutes with a Premium white loaf taking just over 3 hours. A full colour recipe book with over 25 recipes is provided in pack including Sundried Tomato Bread, Croissants, Marmalade Cake, Pizza Dough and Naan Bread.

Contact your local sales manager for more information on the exciting new breadmaker range and other products in the Kenwood range. Kenwood Ltd, New Lane, Havant, Hampshire PO9 2NH Telephone: +44 0239 239 2392 Fax: +44 239 239 2125

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