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that the Co-op saw sales increase by 3.9% as consumers heeded the retailer’s call for a ‘little and often’ approach to shopping. Consumers have been visiting the Co-op’s stores more frequently, especially for fresh food and own label products, the researcher said. The announcement that Sainsbury’s was to scale back on multi-buy promotions didn’t dampen its Easter performance either, as the retailer continued to lead the big four with a sales increase of 1.2%. Spend on deals which require consumers to buy two or more items together fell by 73%, with shoppers instead purchasing a price-cut promotional item or opting to pay the full price.

now has to cope with extra fresh produce as well as additional frozen items. As a result, both the refrigerator and freezer are vital in the home and consumers are looking for cooling appliances that offer maximum capacity for both.” Britannia Managing Director Chris Honer also observes consumers opting for larger capacity. He attributes this to lifestyles becoming increasingly busy and people shopping less often. “Therefore,” he says, “cooling systems are expected to be sophisticated and ultimately preserve the texture, colour and freshness of produce for longer.”

Scenario two: UK consumers prefer to shop in bulk, taking advantage of multi-buys where possible to save money, and stocking up with convenience foods such as ready meals to save time spent shopping and cooking, thus releasing more time to spend with family and friends. In support of the bulk/convenience-food shopper theory, a report from business intelligence provider Key Note predicted market value growth of 15.7% for the ready meals sector between 2015 and 2019, much of the uplift attributable to the growing demand for convenience, which the researcher said is driven by fast-paced lifestyles as consumers increasingly prioritise quick and easy meal solutions. In February this year, research company Kantar also reported growth in ready meals, stating that the frozen category gained £18.4 million over the past year, with value up 2.8% on a volume rise of 1.3%


“70/30 combis might still be the preferred model type of choice, but 50/50 split fridge freezers are rapidly gaining market share”

70/30 OR 50/50 SPLIT?

It’s a confusing world for retailers trying to match cooling products to consumers’ needs. Kantar data shows that Britons consumed frozen food (all types) on 220.8 million fewer occasions over the past year, a decline of 2.3%, but Key Note’s market update for all frozen food types predicts value growth of 6.6% between 2015 and 2019. So to absorb too much of the hype about a “health-crazed” nation, consumed by our 5-a-day (excuse the pun), may lead us all up the garden path. Balance is the key, particularly when it comes to which cooling appliances to stock. Darren Peake, Category Manager for Refrigeration at Indesit, believes many consumers make the most of multi-buy discounts as well as cooking food in bulk to freeze for consumption at a later date. “This,” he says, “has increased pressure on the household’s cooling appliance, which

The trend is very much for larger Americanstyle fridge freezers that can store more food for longer, maintains Smeg UK product manager Lucy King. “This is especially perfect for large families or anyone

who enjoys throwing dinner parties and entertaining. However, big doesn’t need to mean bloated when it comes to energy wastage. Consumers can still opt for large pro-style designs that come with a range of eco-friendly settings to ensure they save energy and money.” But Jennifer Spragg, Senior Brand Manager at Whirlpool, cautions that American-style fridge freezers, although providing a statement piece for the kitchen and a larger amount of storage space than a traditional combi model, are not as big internally as consumers may initially think. “A side-by-side fridge freezer is 900mm wide, meaning that the width of the fridge and freezer can be no more than 450mm each. This can sometimes be a problem, particularly when storing large/wider items such as pizzas or big joints and poultry in the narrow freezer compartment.” She also points out that, being wider, and occasionally deeper than standard models, American-style appliances exceed the standard 600mm kitchen cupboard size, so fitting them into an existing kitchen can be problematic. “A tall European-sized fridge and matching freezer can fit neatly

AMICA GLASS COOLING COLLECTION Pitched at style-conscious consumers, the new glass cooling range from Amica offers a choice of colour, interesting design and value-added functions. The new fridge freezers are available in high-gloss Black and high-gloss pure White, and feature an LCD information display on the fridge door. The options of 60:40 split three-drawer freezer or 50:50 split four-drawer freezer, and a fridge section with clever storage options such as the Fresh Zone, a wine rack and in-door balconies, will appeal to anyone interested in great looks and performance and seeking a combination of style and practicality. The appliances have an A+ rating so are economical to run. They are also frost free and offer intelligent electronic control. 185cm(H) x 60cm(W) x 67cm(D).



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