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POWERFUL, SMART AND CHIC – VITAMIX® ASCENT™ SERIES BLENDERS The Vitamix Ascent Series had its European preview at Ambiente 2017. This new blender line boasts reimagined design, premium engineering and multiple container sizes for the ultimate high-performance blending experience. It combines state-of-the-art design with power and precision, along with intuitive controls that elevate the blending experience. There is also a family of interchangeable self-detect containers, earning the Ascent a permanent place on the kitchen counter.

on the consumer’s agenda.” Therefore, she says, people are willing to trade up for this benefit. “Wi-Fi enabled appliances such as Home Connect [available on Bosch and Siemens fridge freezers] are becoming increasingly popular and are of particular interest to younger consumers, suggesting that technological developments are a part of the market that is poised for growth.” Steve Macdonald, Marketing Director of Hoover Candy UK’s Freestanding Division, is broadly in agreement. “As more people are cooking with fresh ingredients we have seen food preservation technology creep up the buying agenda. Therefore, appliances that control factors such as humidity and can avoid the historical pitfalls of coolers, such as frost building at the rear of refrigerators, will appeal to health-conscious customers.” Macdonald sees a “big opportunity” for connected appliances, and for retailers to demonstrate their worth. “Having the ability to control, manage and monitor your cooling appliance is pivotal in maintaining the nutritional density of food. This is where appliances like our Hoover Wizard Wi-Fi-enabled HF 18XK WIFI fridge freezer really come into their own. Controllable via an app downloaded to smartphone or tablet, the Wizard model notifies users if they’ve left the fridge door open and enables them to adjust the temperature should they need to.”

Vitamix Ascent Series blenders will come in a variety of high-end finishes – including metallic finish options on some models – and will be available from September 2017 at selected Vitamix retailers. For more information visit

“The advanced technology in Gorenje IonAir circulates negatively charged ions throughout the refrigerator, destroying up to 95 per cent of all bacteria, mould and odours” STUART BENSON, SALES DIRECTOR, GORENJE UK

Liebherr’s BioFresh drawers provide the “perfect” conditions for maintaining the freshness, flavour, nutrients and texture of food

“Technology permeates through our everyday lives and this includes healthy eating. There are now apps that help people count calories or check the sugar content of foodstuffs. In the wider fitness sphere, we are seeing wearable technology gaining in popularity. Consumers have become accustomed to using technology to monitor and improve health and this familiarity creates demand in other areas of their life, none more so than in kitchen appliances.”


Owain Harrison, UK head of sales and marketing Hoover Candy Baumatic (Built-in), believes that smart appliances have the most potential for increasing consumer confidence in the kitchen and creating healthy master-chefs out of everyday household cooks. “Firstly,” he says, “because of the familiarity of the technology and convenience of remote operation, and secondly because the functionality of smart appliances can help educate consumers on how to cook certain dishes. MARCH 2017 GET CONNECTED


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