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According to GfK, gym memberships were on an all-time high in 2016 with one in seven UK adults owning one, and this number has recorded an increase every year since 2008. Health & fitness trackers such as Fitbit and smart watches have seen impressive growth since launch – wearables recorded a year-on-year growth rate of 80% in 2016 – and major apps focusing on health and fitness saw an average increase of around 200% last year. It all paints a positive picture for retailers prepared to capitalise on these trends. Jessica Kelly, Category Consumer Manager for Worktop Cooking & Microwaves at Morphy Richards, points out the “lucrative opportunities” for retailers in the small kitchen appliance sector, particularly those who can explain the technologies that provide customers with quick and easy methods to maintain a healthier lifestyle. Health-conscious consumers have driven growth in the juicers and blenders sectors, and the trend for ‘clean living’ has brought about new categories such as Dehydrators for preparing dried snacks from fruit and vegetables, and Spiralizers for making vegetable spaghetti.


According to Kelly, Spiralizers achieved a 33% share of the chopper category in 2016, and this shows no sign of slowing down in the year ahead. “Increased popularity is predicted through the growing awareness of foods that can be used with the appliance and the development of more convenient and powerful versions of products. The appeal of non-carbohydrate foods that are tasty and varied will

VISICOOK HALOGEN OVEN VisiCook has refreshed its Halogen Oven model for 2017. The HaloChef complements the category leader, AirChef, with benefits continuing to include low energy use, faster cooking and better tasting meat joints. Accessories now include a Health Pan for fat-free cooking, and the packaging has been completely refreshed to give an eye-catching and informative retail encounter. Tony Goldenfeld from VisiCook comments: “Our halogen ovens have always been well received and recognised for the quality and backup we give. We’re proud of the packaging and retail POS refresh and are sure our partners will continue to benefit from the strong interest in this category.” RRP: £69.99. Contact VisiCook on 0121 693 1959 |

“Our new range of Beko American-style fridge freezers is packed with impressive new technology that helps consumers keep food fresh for up to 30 days” SALAH SUN, BUILT-IN COOKING PRODUCT MANAGER AT BEKO PLC

continue to drive sales of spiralizers.” Kelly maintains that the growing number of nutritional cooking shows and vloggers providing healthy recipes that demonstrate the use of kitchen appliances is encouraging consumers to purchase a wider range of goods. “These media are raising awareness of what is available on the market, as well as inspiring consumers to vary their cooking and eating habits.” She highlights Soup Makers as an area of value growth, up 10.2%, and Slow Cookers, whose value has risen by 8.9%. “Soup makers are forecast to continue as an in-demand kitchen appliance, as they provide consumers with a simple way of creating home cooked, affordable meals from scratch whilst requiring little input from the user. Slow cooking is also incredibly popular with those looking for easy healthy cooking solutions.”


Preparing meals from scratch using fresh ingredients tends to be uppermost in the mind of those following healthy eating regimes, but keeping foodstuffs in tiptop condition prior to cooking is of equal importance – nutritional values deplete quickly if produce is not stored in the correct environment, so cooling is another domestic appliance category that retailers can use to tap into the growing army of health enthusiasts. Caple’s Shipway remarks that cooling appliances continue to improve in response to demand for attributes that will help preserve food for longer. “Features have evolved to include threedimensional air circulation which will cool everything evenly and move the cool air around the compartment to maintain a consistent temperature throughout, helping to preserve food. A full air-cooled double refrigeration cycle will keep food fresher for longer as this means that the fridge and freezer temperatures are independently controlled. Super-freeze and -cool functions enable food to reach optimum temperature fast, which helps it to last longer.”

SALTER NUTRIVORTEX 1200 The new Salter NutriVortex marks the arrival of the next generation in nutritional blenders. With 1200W ultra-charged power, the NutriVortex offers a faster and more effective way of extracting nutrients, meaning that delicious drinks can be made even smoother and quicker than ever. It features new and revolutionary vortex technology generated through the signature ‘Storm’ cups, further enhancing nutrient extraction, performance and taste. The unique multipurpose and professional blade ensures high quality performance and enables maximum vitamin and nutrient release. Designed for a large variety of functions including extraction, hybrid chopping, cutting, grinding and crushing. Versatile and compact, the NutriVortex is perfect for those on the go too. | | 0161 934 2283



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