Play free dragon tiger game at gclub to get unlimited credits

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Play​ ​free​ ​Dragon​ ​Tiger​ ​game​ ​at​ ​GClub​ ​to Get​ ​Unlimited​ ​Credits

If you want to enjoy great free slots games and other online casino games, then get ready for tons of entertainment at GClub. Our casino is themed free of cost slots with tons of great bonuses and quick jackpots. Dragon Tiger game represents the fight between the robust forces of ‘Yin’ and 'Yang.’ The Yang is the Dragon while Tiger is the Yin. Dragon Tiger is also known as casino war, or war of bets in it’s the European Union. It is an Asian casino game that was initially played in Cambodia, Thailand. It is gradually becoming popular in many casinos worldwide, and the players love it due to its simplicity, pace, and superiority. Dragon Tiger is a two-card version of favorite game Baccarat.

How​ ​to​ ​play​ ​Dragon​ ​Tiger?​ ​(Rules) In this game the player draw extra cards. Dragon Tiger is similar to the game of casino war. The dealer will distribute two cards one for the Banker (Dragon) and another one for​ ​the​ ​Player​ ​(Tiger).

No extra cards are drawn in this game and the player bets on the result of these cards rather than playing against the dealer. Dragon Tiger game deals with eight decks out of a regular deck of 52 cards. No wild cards used in the game play, and it only deals from a blackjack holding 5 or 8 Decks. The player has to select which hand either Tiger or Dragon​ ​will​ ​get​ ​the​ ​highest​ ​card.

Betting The player can place bets o n one of the three results, i.e., Tiger win, Dragon win or a Tie. In some case, you can place multiple bets. If your answer is correct for the two positions,​ ​then​ ​you’ll​ ​receive​ ​50%​ ​of​ ​your​ ​bet​ ​instantly. Live Dragon Tiger has no variation but the game is quite suitable if you are not completely ready to play baccarat, so it is a good start. Our casino offers a mobile version of Live Dragon Tiger game so that you can play it when you are waiting for the bus​ ​or​ ​at​ ​the​ ​beach. GClub online casino ​offers you to play Live Dragon Tiger game in real time. If you’re interested in playing this game, then register GClub today. Call us at 02-026-9390, 02-026-9391​ ​or​ ​contact​ ​us​ ​via​ ​Line​ ​id:​ ​@​ ​bacc1688. Source:​

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