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Bachelor of Arts in

Women and Gender Studies

Women and Gend

Bachelor of Arts, Major R

the degree The B.A. in women and gender studies offers a comprehensive program of study that empowers students to make a difference in the world. Students learn to challenge conventional wisdom about gender and learn new ways of viewing the world through the study of: • • • • • • •

culture economics film history literature politics science

Women and Gender Studies provides students with an intensive interdisciplinary liberal arts education that enables them to write well, think critically, and analyze problems effectively. Students take a variety of courses, including a capstone seminar requiring original research and writing, and an internship that helps them prepare for life after college. Original undergraduate research is encouraged and some courses involve students in studying community problems and formulating solutions. Second language requirement: Yes Minimum math requirement: MAT 142 - College Mathematics

der Studies


core courses WST 100 or WST 300 Women/Contemporary Society WST 380 Gender, Race and Class WST 498 Pro-Seminar

theory and practice WST 377 History of American Feminist Thought or WST 378 Global Feminist Theory WST 484 Internship

selected elective & related courses WST 191 WST 220 WST 294 WST 294 WST 300 WST 331 WST 340 WST 364 WST 365 WST 370 WST 373 WST 375 WST 390 WST 394 WST 394 WST 394 WST 394 WST 394 WST 421 WST 430 WST 447 WST 485

All About Feminism Gender, Media, and Culture Global Perspective on Women Disability Justice and Advocacy Women and Gender in Contemporary Society Asian Pacific American Genders Gender, Science, and Technology Unruly Voices Women’s International Health Chronicling Women’s Lives Latina/Chicana Issues Women and Social Change Women and Religions Desperate Housewives: Gender, Family, and Pop Culture Harry Potter: Gender, Race, and Class Women, Power, and Leadership Religion, Sex, Power, Eroticism Gender and Performance Girlhood and Adolescence Gender on the Borderlands Gender, Culture & Development Women, Gender, and Leadership

career opportunities The interdisciplinary women and gender studies program prepares students for many different career opportunities upon graduation.

• • • • •

consulting and counseling law entrepreneurship public relations work with nonprofit organizations and agencies serving women and girls • policy and government

Our majors are also well prepared for graduate and law school and have been admitted to prestigious programs. School of Social Transformation College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Arizona State University Wilson Hall 125 | P.O. Box 876403 Tempe, AZ 85287-6403 Phone: 480-965-4096 | Fax: 480-965-9199 Schedule your advising appointment by calling 480-965-7682

Women and Gender Studies Undergraduate Degree  

Required courses and career opportunities

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