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PRIMARY CARE Helps manage day-to-day clinical and business operations in an intuitive and seamless manner.

Rushmore Primary Care solutions are an all-inclusive suite of offerings that help small to medium sized medical practices manage day-to-day clinical and business operations in an intuitive and seamless manner. The suite offers users the ability to capture patient demographics, schedule appointments, maintain comprehensive patient electronic health records, maintain a real time updated list of payors, perform billing, eligibility and claims tasks, manage outpatient/ retail pharmacy,includingprocurement/inventory workflows, enabling e-prescribing workflows. It includes extensive reporting and analytical reporting capabilities. RUSHMORE’s Primary Care suite is suitable for deployment at general practices, specialist offices, ambulatory care settings, both in public and private environments. The Primary Care Suite includes offerings as follows: • Patient Care • Appointments & Scheduling • Decision Support Enabled Computerized Provider Order Entry • Order Entry and Results Reporting • Electronic Medical Records • Outpatient/ Retail Pharmacy • Revenue Cycle: Payor, Billing, Claims & Receivables Management • Materials Management • Clinical & Business Intelligence

PATIENT CARE Eliminates the need for multiple logons and data re-entry at various levels.



PATIENT DEMOGRAPHICS (eMPI) provide the foundation upon which the entire care and management of a patient is built. eMPI is system-indexed, allowing for controlled permissions and sharing with non-RUSHMORE modules. It supports multi-lingual data maintenance and enables ease of merges with other databases.eMPI can be created and managed locally, within a specific facility, regionally or nationally, matching medical data repository requirements. eMPIcollects and provides patient demographics, next of kin, health insurance, and employer information. Information stored within the eMPIis available on a permissions basis to all modules and authorized personnel. Authorized access to its data eliminates the need for multiple logons and data re-entry at various levels within the providers’ facility, thereby reducing or eliminating the occurrence of unintended errors due to human intervention.

The flexibility of our Patient Registration Module allows information to be collected according to the needs of RUSHMORE’s client. This front office module is ideally suited to capture and maintain comprehensive patient data. Patient Registration can be done on a temporary basis, or it can become a part of the Master Patient Index. Single point of data entry assures confidentiality by avoiding duplication of efforts throughout the facility. Appropriate permission levels are therefore more easily managed centrally, securing patient data and providing the basis to satisfy healthcare regulatory requirements. Proper patient registration provides the basis for streamlining all aspects of patient care within a comprehensive electronic environment.

APPOINTMENTS & SCHEDULING Managing patient appointments while ensuring that the organizations’ resources are optimally utilized can be a complex and challenging combination of tasks.. Critical business components like physicians’ schedules, equipment usage time, treatment rooms, operating room availability and many other scarce resources require appropriate and effective management to optimally provide patient care and limit waste. The Appointment & Scheduling module provides the ideal tool to effectively achieve this objective. Scheduling one-time, repeat or sequential and interdependent appointments or split schedules are simplified whenever and wherever they arise. Ease of use facilitates more professional attention to patient care. Operators easily manage patient waiting time, tracking status, changing dates, cancellations, sending reminders, electronically distributing schedules and a host of other configurable features and functionalities that enable physicians’ offices and hospitals to efficiently manage their operations.

DECISION SUPPORT & PATIENT SAFETY ENABLED COMPUTERIZED PROVIDER ORDER ENTRY (CPOE) An ease-of-use interface provides a holistic and longitudinal view of the patient.

CPOE module permits providers to place all orders and medical instructions from one convenient location. CPOE order destinations include laboratory, radiology, medication and other services offered within the hospital, all within the framework of recognized and approved clinical guidelines consistent with health standards/decision supports databases and broad spectrum care & safety features. As part of a seamless system integrated with all other departments, CPOE is able to send orders instantaneously to the respective departments and views are available within the appropriate modules in the department. The provider is enabled with an ease-of-use interface that provides a holistic and longitudinal view of the patient RUSHMORE’s robust rules and logic engine interfaces with preloaded clinical/medicinal databases or online links to provide appropriate Decision Support at all levels of care:

Consultation, Diagnostics, Planning, Orders, Pharmacy, Treatment and Care Provision. Dose range checks alert with different severity levels, therapeutic duplications, drug-to-drug interactions,and drug to allergy alerts exemplify theextensive safety features enabled throughout the care provision environment. Pre-treatment alerts based on diagnostics orders/results are available. Hyperlinks with appropriate reference links can also be enabled for added Decision Support needs. All new, additions, modifications and deletions to orders, cycles, protocols, vitals or any other records are tagged and tracked by powerful logs and audit trails enabling an uncompromising level of detail,ensuring optimal patient care and safety. Status checks and complete profile views are enabled at all levels of care provision to ensure a well-informed care environment.

ELECTRONIC HEALTH RECORDS RUSHMORE’s EHR module provides an all-encompassing comprehensive view of a patient’s current status and history. It is a central repository created with the patient as the focal point. Demographics, diagnosis, allergies, vital statistics, chief complaints, next-of-kin, and insurance coverage information all complement medications, laboratory and radiology information within a single longitudinal view presented to the care provider in user-friendly interfaces. Patients’ complete historical encounters, inpatient and/or outpatient, together with full details of all historical data is available at the finger tips of the provider; enabling care to be rendered in a safe and informed manner. Interoperability of the system allows it to share data readily, while remaining cognizant of appropriate permission limitations. It allows simultaneous multi-provider access.

OUTPATIENT / RETAIL PHARMACY Allowing for operational effi cacy and optimal profi tability.

OP Pharmacy, Point of Sales, Billing, Patient Education, Inventory Retail Pharmacy System provides a comprehensive automated environment for a pharmacy unit that acts as a point of care or point of sale. The pharmacy can be internal to a medical facility, doubling as an outpatient pharmacy, or it can be a stand-alone retail unit making its own purchases, maintaining inventory and dispensing medications to paying customers or covered patients with prescriptions from affiliated medical facilities. It contains comprehensive features to manage inventory, billing, sales, and MIS.

REVENUE CYCLE Payor Management, Billing, Claims & Receivables Management Financial stability remains the focus of management in ensuring that the organization remains focused on mission. Financial common sense, sustained by sound revenue and receivables management, hold the keys to long term viability of the institution.The full revenue cycle includes complex, mundane and extremely challenging processes and procedures. The revenue cycle work environment is organized, controlled and above all automated, allowing for operational efficacy and optimal profitability. Setting pricing mechanisms, managing patient care flows, ensuring comprehensive charge capture, clinical and administrative documentation, coding, provider payables, claims management, denials resolution and financial integration are among the processes that can derail organizational focus if standards, controls and automation is lacking.Revenue Cycle solutions and technologies built with Rushmore’s sophisticated in-house Rules Engine and Application Configuration Tools help define and build complex rules, conditions and sophisticated business process flows with ease and simplicity and a disciplined approach.

MATERIALS MANAGEMENT Provide a sense of security and control that management can depend upon.

Rushmore’s Materials Management suite enables streamlining and standardization of requisition, procurement and inventory activities. The modules presents management with a birds’ eye view provided the stipulated measures and processes are adhered to by its buyers and inventory managers. The suite operates within a seamlessly integrated environment with other modules. From internal requisitions, purchasing, supplier management, payment to inventory controls all operate within a single platform enabling the organization to have a firm grip on one of the most working capital intensive business activity areas of the facility. Comprehensively automated processes within the suite provide a sense of security and control that management can depend upon. Buying activities more often than not require stringent controls that will ensure adherence to policies and procedural norms. It also allows flexibility to define most any policy, process or procedure the financial team deems appropriate to manage the purchasing and inventory control environment.

REPORTING, CLINICAL & BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE Primary Care can be consumed by immense data requirements, which continually grow, posing challenges to assimilation, management, storage and analysis. The enriched information gathered within this environment serves to fulfill various needs: enhanced care, clinical research, claims, regulatory reporting, registries, disease management and enhanced care. The system is built in with an intuitive MIS Engine and Reporting Tools that serve to provide required information and intelligence to users when, how and where they require these data. Timed report deliveries to the desktop/printer, extraction of information from saved favorites, and user-definable parametric reports are easily exported to Office, XML, PDF and other media. These flexible features enable the extensive use of the enriched domain information within a wide continuum of in-house organizational and external demands.

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Rushmore primary care datasheet  
Rushmore primary care datasheet  

Patient Care; Appointments & Scheduling; Decision Support Enabled Computerized Provider Order Entry; Order Entry and Results Reporting; Ele...