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WHO WE ARE Established in 1997 30,000 corporate clients 65 of Fortune 500 5 million consumers Pioneer in reward & incentive industry Bringing new innovations to market


As connected as we are now, there is still a disconnect between people and the companies that attempt to reach them. Huffington Post, The Human Connection in a Digital World. Danny Chan, 02/25/2014

Only 30% of consumers are satisfied with the level of emotional connectivity available through digital communications

Celebrate & motivate your employees and customers in the areas of engagement, wellness and sales.

PERSONALIZATION INCREASES THE LEVEL OF CONNECTIVITY Nearly 80% of America feels more deeply connected to someone when they receive a message that includes personal photos, video, or music versus a standard email or text. 70% of Americans felt that it would be more meaningful to receive a digital gift card versus a traditional plastic gift card if the digital gift card came with digital personalization. Consumers would send an average of 50% more gift cards annually if personalization were offered.

PERSONAL & MEANINGFUL Wrap the reward with warm and personal communications using ground-breaking, patented technologies in text, photos, music, voice, videos, and mobile interactivity.

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When a gift card is sent with our unique digital greeting card it creates 57% more loyalty in employees.

Animated digital greeting cards or physical greeting cards with personalization. Add photos, video, sounds and a custom message to deliver your gift card.



Micro-gifting makes up 26% of all gifts. Perfect for a token of appreciation.


Badge on front spins to show value on back.

Celebration • Recognition • Appreciation

Recognition and reward through peer-to-peer or manager-to-employee badges and Gift Token™ mirco-gifts.


Photobooks improve emotional connection by 58% over current email delivery, making them the perfect solution for team building.

Animated digital photobook with personalization. Fill your book with photos and your custom sentiment to deliver your gift card.



Music messages improve emotional connection by 284% with Milennials. (Compared to Facebook Wall Post)

Add music from leading artists to photos. Let the lyrics do the talking with your favorite photos to deliver your gift card. *Custom Song Library per Project



Digital gift cards become 60% more meaningful when sent with an animation.

Custom digital animation personalized with the company name and the name of the recipient throughout the experience.



70% of consumers report digital personalization drives more interest in sending digital gifts.

Haptic technology uses interaction with the user’s mobile device to physically retrieve their gift. Examples include being able to title a glass of beer back and virtually drink the beer to retrieve your eGift.

REWARDS THEY CHOOSE GC partners with more than 200 of the leading national brands. Pick the merchants that align with your company values and let your employees or customers make the final choice.

REDEMPTION EXPERIENCE Redemption is simple. The employee logs on to the site with their reward and selects a gift card. The gift card is then sent via email or mail for the employee to redeem.

SEAMLESS INTEGRATION Simple integration into any HRIS, wellness or other platforms to provide a reward portal where employees expect it.

BIG IMPACT We collect feedback directly from your employees or customers to continually improve and enhance your offering.

PERSONALIZED SUPPORT & CUSTOMER SERVICE Strong corporate support and excellent customer service create a seamless experience for everyone. Services include: • Initial setup of the client-branded certificate • Corporate support to assist with order placement • Customer service for recipient inquiries • Certificate delivery • Gift card award delivery/shipping • Cancel and reissue of lost or stolen certificates • Online access to reporting for payroll, taxation and easy excel export for data analysis

FULFILLMENT ‘In-house’ at GC’s corporate HQ in Omaha, Nebraska. Centrally located in Omaha leading to shorter in-transit time. • Digital/Physical Greeting: emailed (or mailed) to participants on the same-day of order placement; next business day if order placed after 1 pm CST • e-Gift cards: issued same-day of GC reward redemption or next business day • Physical gift cards: mailed same-day of GC reward redemption via USPS • Option for GC to fulfill physical and e-gift cards directly to company or company’s recipients

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