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you have any feedback on the English Language Arts (reading and writing) sub-skills now included on the report card? If you answered yes to above please comment There should be extra help for children in 4-6 to allow for them to increase their writing ability.

The new rating structure leaves me unclear as to my student's progress and placement within the various categories

Find it hard to understand I feel the system is very confusing to understand for parents and kids.

"I would like to see a rubric included that addresses my child's proficiency in a particular genre of writing as well as the end of year goal." I like having the break down of sub-skills - it shows me specific areas where my child needs extra help or support.

More specifics than needed. The sub-skills grades make it much easier to understand my child's strengths and weaknesses.

There is too much information included. As a parent, we need an overview of what the child is doing. For the most part, unless there is a concern by a teacher in a specific area (which should have been previously communicated anyway), parents are not

looking for the level of detail that is on the report card. A report card is meant to be a snapshot of a child's performance over a set period of time. Even as a parent with an extensive education (MBA), I do not require the level of detail contained on the report cards but will instead have a discussion with the teacher(s) about any concerns. If a teacher feels further detail is needed, that is what the Comments section is meant for. Truthfully, I did not even thoroughly read the full section of ELA, and I discussed this issue with the teachers at the time of the first conference. Since the first report card, I have yet to fully examine that section - it is just way too long. My child has multiple P marks, but there is no narrative to explain. There seems to be no solid grade in this subject. I find it hard to follow and really understand how they are doing. Don't like all the sub-catergories - too complicated. Would prefer a simpler format. Would prefer letter grades of A, B, C, ... in Reading and Writing. I like the new format as it gives me a better understanding of what is being graded and what areas need more focus.

It is simply too much information to comprehend.

There are areas not addressed in the class that are graded. A student can have all excellent grades and then lower marks as those areas are not taught yet. This was not explained until I asked questions. It leaves nothing that can be done to improve until that area is addressed in class. I find the new format confusing. While I understand separating reading & writing, there are to many items under each group. It is broken down into too many sub categories. I liked the old report card better. My Wife & I like the breakdown, & if we have ant questions we consult with the teacher, for more specfics. Good distinction made of 2 completely different subsets. Much better to have it broken down...allows for more detail and commenting

Too much information that seems to sound like it's been copied many times. I like the new format. Though it is still hard to understand exactly how the grade reflects your child's writing - we see the writing at home and think it is not that good but the child gets an A so it is tough to judge overall. There is zero writing homework for ELA. We don't see any progress or anything coming home at all. Who knows what the teachers are teaching?

For Kindergarten, in particular, the report card does NOT address my son's abilities. Unless there narrative is read, there is NO way to know that he is well above grade level in this area.

The levels indicated on the report card are difficult to understand. For example: if they receive a M is the first quarter, does that mean they are meeting the standard for that skill for that grade or for the quarter. I would assume expectations change as the year progresses but in my initial conference with the teacher I asked this question and was confused by the response. Overall the detail makes it much more subjective rather than objective. Having clear cut goals/expectations is much clearer than when comparing to overtly subjective ratings. It seems that we've gotten away from reading and are focusing more on writing. Can you give us a clearer understanding of how writing is graded? Compared to the other sections of the report card, the ELA section seems more substantial, and complex for parents. There are way too many subtopics. Kids should be grades on reading ability and comprehension skills. Teachers should simply comment on areas ofconcern. Same with writing, too many subtopicas as well.

There are comments under the titles Stage of Reading Dev and Applies Sound Spelling that would be more helpful if there was a list of possible Comments to look at or if the comments there were explained more. Stage 4 under sound spelling isn't something that I know about, for example.

Judging from what other parents are saying the comments were on their child's report card, it seems as though our 5th grade ELA teacher has used the exact phrases for many student. This doesn't seem right!

"I really like how it reads this year, you can really see what area uyour child might need help. " a lot of categories, wonder how teachers have time to teach when they are grading based on so many individual categories. I am not a teacher so I don't know how difficult this is. Seems like some of this could be combined if it makes it more efficient.

The use of Exceeds Expectations, Meets Expectations, Below Expectations seems too general. What happened to letter grades?

With regard to the writing progress reports, information is misleading. With no category for "not making progress", the report appears to suggest all kids always make some progress. Knowing that this is not always the case, parents and teachers need to know when a child isn't making progress so that changes can be requested. Also, I would prefer to know what that progress includes specifically. The report as is provides very little information to parents and in my opinion, is really almost useless. I hate to write that, but it really is true. If it is not helpful, it is really just a waste of the teachers' time.

Do you have any other comments?

"Has age appropriate social skills. Is creating an appropriate circle of friends." "I would hope that if any of the above work/study skills were a concern that the teacher would contact us and not wait until the report card. I like the fact that there are progress reports sent home and report cards 4x a year." I think there needs to be space for comments from Music/Art/PE teachers. A grade doesn't say much and if there has been a change in grade further explanation would be appreciated. I think the report card is a good comprehensive tool ... it is thorough and concise and helps us as parents understand the focus of our child. And especially pulling out the strengths and the areas of improvement. Nice. Thanks, I feel that since Art, Music, etc (the special areas) are required classes for the entire school year at the elementary level, then there should be a grade for each separate quarter. Perhaps adding a category, like: Shows enthusiasm for Learning? Some of the above seem to say the same thing... I believe the range is too broad (exceeds/meeting/etc.) If my child is meeting grade level expectation are they just barely meeting with a "C" or meeting with an "A" Find a way to use the grades so there can be a merit roll and honor roll. I really don't think the grading system for an elementary school report card needs to be this complicated. I think the children should be able to read and understand the grades they receive and earn and they don't with this system.

It would be nice to have the report card available on line and have more transparency as to how student are evaluated. I feel the more specific information given to parents, the better for the children. My husband and I greatly appreciate all the extra time and effort the teachers must put in to complete the report cards.

It could be helpful to parents to know the reading level their child is at. This could allow parents to help thei rchildren choose appropriate books for reading homework or even family reading. It is nice to have teacher comments, unfortunately they seem quite generic and I wonder why they bother if they aren't going to be more specific to the student they are evaluating. Is there any way to note the comparison between the student's ability and their performance? I know it's more work for teachers but I would like to know these things on a quarterly basis. We get that feedback in the P/T meeting but more info is usually better. Behavior, conduct, and work/study skills should be addressed in the teacher's comments because it is important to understand the type of learner each child is relative to their achievement. However, behavior and conduct should not be "graded" because they are subjective. All of these areas should be included but, perhaps, only if there is an issue.

I think the district needs to be sensitive to those students who have special needs and that are mainstreamed into the general classroom. I see listens attentively and displays self-control more as a behavioral skill rather than a work skill and should not be assessed on a report card. The focus on the report card should be on whether the student can demonstrate their comprehension of the subject matter, understanding how they learn and the best way for them to learn, and on developing beginning critical thinking skills. After all, these are skills that students will need to possess beyond the high school years. The week before we received the report card, I was speaking with my child's teacher, and I was asking specific questions about how my daughter is doing and how she compares to her peers. The teacher told me that I would be getting the report card and that there would be information in the report card. I was really disgusted to receive the report card and read a report on what they had studied in school. I know very well what they studied in school. i also know what grades she has received on her tests. What I want to know is how is my daughter doing, how does she compare with her peers, what progress has she made? And the report card doesn't do that. I don't think this is a fault of the report card form. Maybe this is just an issue with my child's teacher, but I hope that teachers are encouraged to personalize the report cards and discuss progress or even lack of progress. Just make it personal, because I am just as clueless after reading the report card as I was before reading it. I think the report cards are fine.

"I hope the Reading and Writing sections will be simplified with fewer sub-skills and grades assigned with letters A, B, C... This current report card is too complicated and lengthy." "I think all of those study skills are valuable to know if they are being completed in the classroom and not just at home. Overall I like the new format and I think it is much more comprehensive" Overall, I think the report card works. "Some of the study skills are redundant. For example: If they are listening attentively, aren't they doing the other things? How do they demonstrate respect-by working cooperatively? We are so pleased to be in this school! "I don't believe students should be graded on cursive writing until junior high. I would like to see a grade on computer skills, possibly keyboarding for grades 5 and 6. " No

The more information you can fit on a report card, the better. It is so hard to get a true picture of what your child does well and what they need to work on. The more specific it is, the easier it is to identify and address those areas with the children. Keep up the good work!

I like the fact that all grades are now the same, but our report cards have waaaay to much information. The teacher should communicate with the parents earlier if there is an issue. Don't wait until the report card to hit home. Overall, I think this report card is more comprehensive than those used in the past.

Thank you for asking for feedback! NOTE>>> I WAS FORCED TO CHOOSE AN ANSWER TO THE LAST QUESTION, BUT.....I don't believe ANY of these should be included as a grade on a report card. Each child learns/works in different ways... and what is appropriate and effective for one child might not work at all for another. These topics can/should be addressed in a narrative IF they are noteworthy. I found the report cards easy to read and understand The comments are sometimes hard to understand Yes the new report is too long. Plus I think it must of took the teachers a while to fill them out. You have to keep referring back codes for each catergory. I say go back to grades and then have the teachers put comments in to cover the catergories above that each child needs help in. I am active in my kids school work and I was annoyed with this report card I can't image a parent that is not involved with their kids. I have a feeling alot of parents didn't take the time to review these report cards. These would be a summary based not on the class but a mixture of all their teachers. Outliers where needs improvement would hit the detail in a comment section. In discussing the new report card with teachers, it seems that the ones we spoke with are unhappy with them and as a parent it does not convey what I would want to know. If kids aren't doing homework, the parents should know way before the end of a13 week marking period. It's an important study skill for elementary students. My son has made great gains in 4th grade thanks to his wonderful teacher, Mrs. Wagner, at Southgate!!! Thank You!!! "I don't like how the letter grade such as (A) means that the child gets an E for excellent in effort. I was told by a teacher that if you get a (B) you automatically get a good in effort. Well, what if the child gets an A but does not put any effort into getting that grade and it just comes easy to them, why should they get an A in effort if they clearly did not put effort in by studying, participation, etc. And if a child works really really hard but only gets a B but deserves an E for excellent, but because of the rules gets good in effort but clearly worked really hard and put an enormous amount of effort in they should be able to work towards an (E).

Also, teachers' should include more comments in all areas. Let's think about it, parents don't have much contact with their childs teacher unless they are not doing well academically or misbehaving. But what about the children who do not require that extra conference or any phone calls or meetings. Its always nice to know how the children are doing and a few more comments would be a nice way to feel part of the childs growth and development at school. It also makes the children feel good when their teacher writes positive remarks about them. "

More direct personal comments from the teachers would be a nice feature overall on the report card, as frequent parent teacher conferences, are not easily implemented. "Has initiative - doesn't wait to be asked/told. Is not easily distracted. Would like comments from ""extras"" teachers. They must keep track of each child, which helps them make their decision about grades. It seems it is usually more of a behavior issue and it would help parents when reviewing report cards with children. " "The ones I excluded were not work/study skills. Handwriting grades are antiquated! There is no reason to have to have the same report card for grades 1-6. They should be differentiated and grade appropriate Please let the teachers spend their time teaching and reduce the paperwork involved with these report cards. They are too much." I like the new report cards.

It is much more in depth than the report cards that just lists out the content areas and has a grade next to each. I appreciate the detailed assessment. I appreciate the additional explanations provided.


"I would love all the above skills noted on my son. It would be helpful as a parent to know where he needs improvement and what I can do to support him. Regardless of his grades the above skills are what will get him through his academic years. Our son teacher did an awesome job this year with the increased class size at LR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Overall, I am happy with the report card. Thank you for requesting parental feedback. I like the new report card layout. Report cards should not be so labor intensive for the teachers. They need time to focus on teaching the kids. "self control and works cooperatively should cover respect for others if student is completing homework , quality work in a timely mannor than not sure we need to grade them on organizational tools and routines. I love that the students are taught to be organized, but at some point they need to figure out what works for them. I think that will help them more in the long run than specifing tools and routines to follow, and being critiqued on them."

"Do not judge students on competing social skills. My example is that if the child works well with other children, don't penalize the child for not working well independently. If the child works well independently, don't penalize the child for not working well in a team. Everyone has a niche. Everyone is different. Also, keep your opinions out of the report card. For example, ""Listens attentively"", is the perception of the teacher with the student is paying attention. Not every child can look at the teacher all day long, giving the teacher the impression the child is paying attention. Some children doodle and some children understand the concept and then start day dreaming. In both cases the teacher may think the child in not listening attentivily. Just grade the childern on measurable metrics and leave the childrens personality traits out of the report cards. If the child has pesonality problems that effect the ability of the child and others to learn, don't save that information for a progress report. Deal with it immediately. But in the end, you will just move the underachivers through the school system anyway." "I find the new report card wonderful. It has concise comments that I can share with my children, both good and bad. It is one more way in which the teacher and the parents can work together to help our children. Thank you. I checked completes homework as the questionaire does not allow the user to complete without choosing one. Most of the items on the list are already included within the teachers comments, so I do not feel the need to choose any."

I think the new format is informative and it is helpful to have the areas broken down into specific categories.

Please do not send the IOWA test scored on the last day of the school. If you have it earlier then send ir earlier. Like to have feedback on the above noted - let's me know how they are doing in school socially also Overall - like the report card


This is the comments from the report card survey